1. When South Africans have woken up (yawn) and then after much mulling around get up and stand up then we too can do this for Southern Africa and free ourselves within a month. But, first we must have a strategy for what comes after that…

  2. more than a dozen other groups, initiatives or self-styled courts have done that or similar stunts in the last decade alone, i.e. foreclosed all corporations, banks, governments, courts, issued warrant of arrests for bush, obama, the queen or the pope… it’s all nice and well on paper or some youtube channel, you can declare a whole lot, but if you cannot put it into actions, you look like a desktop warrior with a virtual army… or, same on the other side of the spectrum, the courts can issue an order to repossess my house to the sheriff, but if the sheriff never arrives at the house and/or has some agents in uniforms, to do the dirty work for him, that order can float around until the house falls apart…

    besides, there is nothing to get from any government, 193 countries are highly indebted, i.e. their national debt is 3 to 10 times their budget… the government also isn’t responsible for this, nor is the crown, the vatican, the rothschilds, morgans or the committee of 300… if you want to hold anyone accountable or drag into a peoples’ court, it’s these guys :

    • House of Orsini – Domenico Napoleone Orsini
    • House of Chigi – Mario Chigi
    • House of Colonna – Marcantonio Colonna
    • House of Medici – Ottaviano de’ Medici
    • House of Gaetani – Bonifacio Gaetani
    • House of Pamphili – Jonathan Doria Pamphilj
    • House of Este – Lorenz Este
    • House of Aldobrandini – Giovanni Aldobrandini
    • House of Pallavicini – Maria Camilla Pallavicini
    • House of Savoy – Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia
    • House of Ruspoli – Francesco Ruspoli
    • House of Torlonia – Giovanni Torlonia
    • House of Borghese – Scipione Borghese
    • House of Massimo – Fabrizio Massimo
    • House of Sacchetti – Urbano Sacchetti
    • House of Farnese – Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro
    • House of Borromeo – Vitaliano Borromeo
    • House of Barberini – Urbano Barberini
    • House of Fuggar – Hubertus Fugger-Babenhausen
    • House of Giustiniani – Girolamo de Massa
    • House of Foscari – Lorenzo de Medici-Tornaquinci-Foscari
    • House of Odescalchi – Carlo Odescalchi
    • House of Corsini – Filippo Corsini
    • House of Crescenzi – Domenico Crescenzi
    • House of Borja – Francisco de Borja Soto
    • House of Breakspeare – Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti II
    • House of Sforza – Ascanio Sforza
    • House of Somaglia
    • House of Conti

    good luck finding them, online or in reality, never mind detaining any of them…

    1. Hi jan, yes agreed; that is why we are teaching the people how to discharge debts and re-venue the cases to our jurisdiction; Karl did it successfully 2 weeks ago and vacated the regional court. We are getting it down pat now. Soon, we will have a team of experts discharging debts and work it until there is a remedy.

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