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SA People’s National Referendum 2022

Is Government based on the will of we the people?

If no, then make your declaration;

if, yes then just carry on as you are and lose everything;

Note that RSA Inc. is bankrupt and the UN are attempting to lay claim to all private and public assets and property … and we are saying hang on a minute…

Everyone completing this Referendum must say the declaration and understand it and then fill in the form and sign it before two witnesses.

Referendum Coordinators will answer any questions.

Referendum Inquiries:

South African Republic Trust Declaration

I, the undersigned hereby declare by my own free will that I am a living wo/man aged 21 years or older and of sound mind and a South African and therefore one of we the people and say that I am a sovereign creditor, first claimant, equal shareholder and beneficiary of the South African Republic Trust and will elect my own trustees;

I am not a corporate citizen of REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA INCORPORATED;

My legal Name and Estate is my private property and not an asset of RSA Inc.;

My private property cannot be claimed in any RSA Inc. bankruptcy;

I am not a surety for any RSA Inc. debts, those who profited are;

I wish for my share of all assets of RSA Inc. and all public assets to be claimed and held in the South African Republic Trust for my benefit and for my heirs.

I wish for my name to be removed from the IEC Voter’s Roll; politics only divides us;

I give the coordinators power of attorney to remove my name from the IEC Voter’s Roll and to add me as a beneficiary of the South African Republic Trust instead;

I support the new SA People’s Freedom Declaration 2022 on 22 June at Kliptown and to remember the 1955 Freedom Charter and honour the struggle activists.

I support the 2022 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework and people’s courts, people’s banks, direct self-governance, free and independent communities.

I wish to directly self-govern and not be governed by someone else.

The people shall govern.

Declared this day before two witnesses.

SAJurA - the declaration of people makes law - 2022

Take Action

Either, complete the SA People’s Referendum at:

Or, download the SA People’s Referendum Document: SA REFERENDUM UPF – 2022.01

Feel free to put your coalition’s logo on the document; just make sure it stays 6 pages;

Carry it with you wherever you go; once you have 100 people who made their claims then email the Referendum Committee for the address to post it to at:

The people shall soon govern!!!

SA Jural Assembly Month-end Report

While most of the world is protesting their corporate governments, we Southern Africans as the UPF – United People’s Front are putting our corporate services providers fronting as “government” on Notice; and, building our vision of an alternate society – the people shall govern!


In truth, only slaves protest, petition and beg by doing “submissions for applications of registration’’ while sovereign people command, declare and wish;

Maxim – The decree of the sovereign makes law.

Download a Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition to de-construct the deceitful legalese Dog-Latin we speak;

It was only because of the mass actions of the people filing documents against government departments that the 2nd of December lockdown and martial law did not happen; both the SAPS and SANDF Offices confirmed to us that “books” (not documents) were filed against them;

And, RSA INC. is bankrupt; and, many government departments are vacant; buildings are empty; and, United People’s Front is filling the vacuum until our key committees are ready to oversee the changes for the people’s Reconstruction & Development Programme – direct self-governance as it was meant to be since 1994;  

Even the Constitutional Court does not have a Registrar since we put the Concourt Justices on preliminary trial in 2016 and Martie Stander resigned; they are waiting for us to bring our Justices and to effect our Cease & Desist Orders and Extra-ordinary Remedies such as a Debt Jubilee to save our Republic(s);

The SA People’s National Referendum is now underway; it is the first lawful declaration the people are making since the 1955 Freedom Charter; not only is it an emancipation, expatriation and redemption process but, it establishes the people as the equal and lawful beneficiaries, claimants and shareholders of the South African Republic assets, land, resources and wealth in a Trust; see:

Maxim – Everything is dissolved by the same means by which it is put together, — destroyed by the same means by which it is established.

Now, RSA INC. is bankrupt; the UN and it’s patsies are here to make false claims of abandonment as secondary claimants and to then take over and “administrate” us, forever under their one world government, the New World Order; however, we the people are the first priority claimants and challenging their fake claims and we have our own agendas and plans and vision of an alternative society;

And, those RSA public servants who benefited from the piracy and plunder of our Republic(s) will be held as sureties for all the debts and NOT we the people!

At some point we will have a TRC – Truth & Restoral Commission by, for and of the people to amongst others, investigate the theft of our bullion, monies and mineral wealth since 1898;

While some South African coalitions are still fighting the old system, we the awake and informed people for the UPF are building an alternative society and parallel economy and restoring Southern Africa as it was meant to be since 1994 – the people shall govern; our process is the culmination of the work of all the freedom pioneers who came before us;

It is encouraging to see that every week now there are more experts from other groups coming on board; there is no-one else out there with real remedies; one has to understand what rights are and where they come from, what law is and jurisdiction, how money is created to be able to free oneself;

Any form of people’s government MUST flow from its people’s courts; that is key; when the power of lawmaking and banking is firmly back in the hands of we the people where it lawfully and rightfully belongs, then we win;

We need an alternative to fix the problems created by the system; insanity is trying to use the same crooked, broken, bankrupt system to try fix what cannot be made straight;

The quicker we take part in the Referendum, the quicker we take part in the UPF Committees, the quicker we will be free from the shackles of the New World Order;

We are not here to “convince” coalitions, educated nitwits or naysayers; those who realize that their coalition “leaders” have no remedy will come on board soon enough;

In peace, bt

Dr. David Martin & Jovan Hutton Pulitzer | COVID-19 Shots Are Bio-Weapons | Election Fraud Exposed

Rumble — Dr. Dave Martin, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Ian Smith, Podcaster Jeff Dornick, Firefighter John Knox, the co-founder of The Gents Place (Men’s Grooming) Lauren Davis, the Iowa Mama Bears & Doctor Paul Thomas join to discuss:

The COVID-19 shots are actually bio-weapon injections.
What is actually inside the COVID-19 vaccines?
Why people marvel at evil because of it’s scale.
The COVID-19 shots are a forced introduction of a new religion.
Election Fraud 101
Medical Fraud 101
The fight against the mask mandates

Connect the Dots, Follow the Interactive Timeline & Discover the Truth About The Great Reset / Fourth Industrial Revolution / Rockefeller Plan
Today At:

CIA Cells Within CIA Cells

By Anna Von Reitz

Please Note “United States Patent” Rota et al. Patent Number US 7,220852 B1, dated May 22, 2007, which created a US Patent on Coronavirus Isolated from Humans. The Assignee was “The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Washington, DC (US).”

Please understand that this Assignee is a “representative” of the British United States presuming to act for us, the unincorporated United States of America, without any authority to do so. Beneficiaries included:

Twentieth Century-Fox

Pirnie, Lee & Company

Hua Nan Motors

China Factors

Swan, Culbertson, & Fritz

National Aniline and Chemical Company

American Engineering Corporation

Gallop & CompanyAmerican Asiatic Underwriters

Wallace Harper and Company

Cathay Oil CompanyAnker B. Henningsen

William Hunt and Company

Hongkong Bottlers

All Federal Incorporations circe 1947-49.

Please also understand that, as this patent makes clear, China was the ultimate assignee.

Perhaps it would help to know in the midst of this whirling madness, that LBJ transferred 234,000 metric tons of our gold to Barclays Bank in Singapore, shortly after JFK was murdered.

And that would make sense out of the $1,200,,000,000 loan (and Second Amended and Restated Credit Agreement dated June 30, 2021 to Pacificorp and the Initial Lenders JPMORGAN CHASE N.A. as Administrative Agent and LC Issuing Banks:

That is: Citibank, N.A, U.S. Bank National Association, Barclays Bank PLC, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation as Joint Lead Arrangers and Joint Bookrunners.

And Wells Fargo, N.A., MUFG Union Bank, N.A., Mizuho Bank. Ltd., Citibank, N.A., U.S. Bank National Association. Barclays Bank, PLC, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and Bank of Montreal as Syndication Agents….

And Royal Bank of Canada and The Bank of Nova Scotia, TD Bank N.A., PNC Bank National Association, and Bank of America, N.A. as the Documentation Agents.

This establishes the provenance, the motivations, the roles, the actors, and the beneficiaries.Now all we need to do is find out who gave the order?


See this article and over 3400 others on Anna’s website here:

Bad news: people trust their elites less

Ngaire Woods, founding dean of the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, at The Great Narrative: A call to action, a meeting jointly organised by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Excerpt from the closing panel discussion streamed live on Friday the 12th of November 2021. English subtitles. Quote: “The good news is the elites across the world trust each other more and more, so we can come together and design and do beautiful things together. The bad news is that in every single country they were polling, the majority of people trusted their elite less. So, we can lead, but if people aren’t following, we’re not going to get to where we want to go.” Source:…

SAJurA Comment: sorry for you, dear elites, once all debts are settled in this global Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme you will be broke again and we will have a strong middle class;

Sir Josiah Stamp: “Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.”

We the people have our own agenda and vision of an alternative society – United People’s Front SA


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer and member of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Dr. Fuellmich has published many articles and books on banking law, medical law, and private international law and has taught as a professor and lecturer in Germany and Estonia.

UPF SA Meeting with AngloAmerican Vaccine Committee

Today at 3pm a zoom meeting was held between Kath for the Yes Movement, Advocate Sabelo Sibanda, brother-thomas for SA Jural Assembly together as the United People’s Front with a lawyer of the AngloAmerican Vaccine (gene therapy) Committee;

The meeting was an informal discussion to understand the people’s concerns and to advise on the process.

The lawyer stated that AngloAmerican has no mandatory vaccination (gene therapy) policy; that a consultation process is underway with all interested stakeholders and submissions close on the 11th of February; the outcome will be presented by the AngloAmerican Vaccine (gene therapy) Committee to all relevant government departments;

In fact, AngloAmerican have no records of which staff are vaccinated (gene therapied) or not;

Therefore, no AngloAmerican company or mine or staff may discriminate against any employees in the workplace whatsoever;

Kindly report any and all gene therapy discrimination by AngloAmerican officials to Kath at

The people shall govern;

in peace, bt

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Take Action – let your voice be heard; take part in the SA People’s National Referendum:

Feel free to invite your coalition to join the United People’s Front;

The people shall (soon) govern! The faster you take action, the faster it will happen;

UPF SA Banking Committee Meeting 02 Held 24th Jan 2022

We the people from Southern Africa are building our vision of an alternative society – the people shall govern!

This talk is about the first SA People’s Freedom Silver Sovereign coins as an investment and as money;

Read more about the SA United People’s Front at:

Some of the United People’s Front Coalitions are:

Pro-choice supporters:

UPF Bitchute Channel

Feel free to invite your coalition to join the United People’s Front;

The people shall (soon) govern! The faster you take action, the faster it will happen;

In peace, bt

We Are Being Warned That A Horrifying STOCK MARKET CRASH Which Could Wipe Out Trillions Has Now Begun

by Michael Snyder

What would our country look like if an epic market crash suddenly wiped out 35 trillion dollars in financial wealth?  You may not want to think about something so horrible, but we are being warned that it could soon happen.  Stock prices have been falling for three weeks in a row, and last week was the worst week for U.S. stocks in a really, really long time.  The S&P 500 is now down more than 8 percent from the peak of the market, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq is already in correction territory.  At this point, the Nasdaq is off to its worst beginning to a year in decades, and many are extremely concerned about what is coming next.  In fact, Bank of America is warning that all hell breaks loose if the Nasdaq closes below 14,000.

Hopefully that won’t happen this week.

But it might.

Last week, one of the most respected names in the financial world made headlines all over the globe when he warned that the stock market crash which has now begun will end the “superbubble” that Wall Street has been enjoying for so many years…

Jeremy Grantham, the famed investor who for decades has been calling market bubbles, said the historic collapse in stocks he predicted a year ago is underway and even intervention by the Federal Reserve can’t prevent an eventual plunge of almost 50%.

In a note posted Thursday, Grantham, the co-founder of Boston asset manager GMO, describes U.S. stocks as being in a “super bubble,” only the fourth of the past century. And just as they did in the crash of 1929, the dot-com bust of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2008, he’s certain this bubble will burst, sending indexes back to statistical norms and possibly further.

According to Grantham, there have been five other “superbubbles” and they have all ended badly

He noted that US stocks have experienced two such “superbubbles” before: 1929, a market fall that led to the Great Depression, and again in 2000, when the dot-com bubble burst. He also said the US housing market was a “superbubble” in 2006 and that the 1989 Japanese stock and housing markets were both “superbubbles.”

“All five of these superbubbles corrected all the way back to trend with much greater and longer pain than average,” Grantham wrote.

We should give some credit to the “geniuses” at the Federal Reserve for keeping the party going for as long as they have, but by inflating this bubble to such an absurd size they have set the stage for a meltdown that will be unparalleled in our entire history.

Read more at:

Even Gerald Celente and other whistleblower economists are saying the same thing;


Celente reckons this will be way worse than the 1929 crash so take note; turn your fiat currency into something tangible: seeds, gardening tools, shade-cloth, irrigation equipment, hand tools etc.

Added to this is our failing SA energy grid; we are doing our best to trimtab this ship but are still at the mercy of the banksters until we are in control; all hands on deck is required from you the people;

The Plandemic is Phase 1; the Financial Collapse is Phase 2 – a controlled demolition towards totalitarianism; Phase 3 is an Environmental Disaster; the aim is: martial law to override all law; to get rid of the middle class; privately-owned land grabs;

However, they underestimate we the people…

The remedy is the United People’s Front: building an alternative society; the people shall govern;

The Covid Deception Is a Power Grab

By Paul Craig Roberts

January 24, 2022

In a recent interview with Geopolitics & Empire, Hrvoje Moric asked me if there was an explanation for the uniformity of countries’ Covid policies with even the “free world” shutting down civil liberties with tyrannical lockdowns, mask, vaccine, and passport mandates, and falsified pandemic and death data. I said it looked very much like a conspiracy but that I did not understand how such a far-flung conspiracy could have been organized and wondered if it was simply stupidity and lemmings following lemmings over the cliff. If I had read prior to the interview Kees Van Der Pijl’s new book, States of Emergency (Clarity Press, 2022, I would have had a better answer.

Kees Van Der Pijl, an author of distinction, writes that the global ruling class or oligarchy used Covid-19 to seize power by declaring a state of global emergency. He explains that the Information Technology revolution by creating a global information and communication system was ushering in a social transformation inimical to the oligarchy’s hegemony over society. In order to stop this transformation, the global elite used lockdowns, mandates, censorship and controlled narratives to seize control over populations.

Van Der Pijl makes a cogent argument. He shows that the “pandemic” is a political emergency, not a medical one. Its purpose was to suppress populations and transition to an authoritarian state and social structure. The elites’ abandonment of class compromise resulted in populist movements against elite control. To prevent a revolutionary force from emerging, a “Covid crisis” was used to advance authoritarianism and override objections from the people and from independent medical scientists. The orchestrated “pandemic” provided perfect cover for establishing a surveillance society on the basis of medical emergency without having to use overt violence.

Read more at:

Chaos will prevail until 2026? – Dr. A. Fursov

Chaos will prevail until 2026? – Dr. A. Fursov. **Please note I am more active on Telegram: ** IF you’re short on time – go to @63:00 for the #1 thing to do as we transition between systems.
This was a fascinating hour-long lecture by Fursov – and the translation was crowdfunded by my wonderful Patroen-ers (, and Telegram dwellers! Fursov is a historian and Director of the Russian Research Institute at the Moscow Humanities University.
@6:00 – Santa Fe conference by the NSA, what developmental scenario will the global community choose?
@7:45 – Sustainable energy is a farce
@8:15 – There is no overpopulation problem, but the only natural depopulation is occurring in Europe.
@13:00 – Are Western leaders handpicked from vetted yes-men?
@15:00 – ‘Building back better’ – A caste system not a class system
@16:30 – A race to the bottom? Why Capitalists are destroying Capitalism as a system.
@17:00 – Marxism & Leninism; why has the epitome of Russian history been dropped from Russian universities?
@28:00 – WWI & WWII as mechanisms to keep Capitalism flourishing.
@34:00 – Intentional slowdown – lack of cultural/ technological progress after the ’60s.
@35:00 – The birth of ‘ecology ideology’.
@40:00 – Disintegration of the USSR, final lease of life for Capitalism.
@46:00 – Trump the ‘black swan’
@51:00 – System of post-Capitalism; middle class is the target!
@56:00 – Schwab, the new Bolshevik? The size of the resistance will decide our success.
@59:00 – Traditional values under attack of post-Capitalist society.
@62:00 – Time is of the essence; plan will fail if Russia/China/US pullout.
@63:00 – Education, community, family; key things to ride this out!

Nuremberg Trial 2.0 – Evil is not presumed

While we fully support the prosecution of those responsible for committing crimes against the people by means of the Plandemic, true justice is seeking reconciliation and restitution and not retribution;

Take the Nuremberg Trial 2.0 for example, which is “praying” for the death penalty of the key Plandemic agents;

Now, “his-storically” Rome declared itself the ruling Roman Empire of the West with the Bishop of Rome as head of Church and State; and which is transliterated back to Babylon, Egypt and Sumeria; this is Mystery Babylon; read The Two Babylons by Rev. Alexander Hyslop in 1953;

And, the Ancient Roman Temples were the courts where all manner of ritual sacrifice, mutilations, rape and other abominations were fomented in the name of the “Deity” (and still ongoing behind closed doors and in secret chambers)

And, the papal baals (bulls) form the “bedrock” of the Old World Order, now the New World Order under which we are bondservants and modern day slaves; they even claim to own and be the “cure for souls”… And, this is what the Rome Statute is founded upon – semantic deceit under color of law;

So now, we want to take the henchmen of the real satans, hiding behind the corporate veil, to the temples of satan and to have them tried under satanic laws so as to have them sacrificed by the laws of satan while we gleefully look on;

Meantime, Pope Francis absolved himself by washing his hands, like Pontius Pilatus did, by issuing a Motu Proprio on the 11th of July 2013 whereby he effectively stripped all corporations and governments of immunity from prosecution; when in fact Rome is the Principal of this evil system in the first place;

Ask yourself, will their blood then not be on our hands?

What does this make us then if we condone it?

What happened to “Thou shalt not kill.”? Exo. 20:13;

Is Love not the only law to obey? Matt. 12:36-40; Rom. 13:8; Gal. 5:13;

If, Love fails does all laws then not also fail? Matt. 12:40;

Is executing the servants of evil going to stop the evil system?

Is this not merely striking at the branches and not at the root of evil?

What about the victims? Does this provide them with any real remedy?

The reasonable answer to all these questions is no, dear people; we will be undoing Divine Law, if we do partake;

It is a well-established principle of law that – If ever the law of God and man are at variance, the former are to be obeyed in derogation of the later. [Acts 5:29]

The legal process is man’s law and baal’s law; the 1893 Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica, a dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature / The R.S Peale 9th 1893 defines the word “LEGAL” in 5 words: “The undoing of God’s Law.” Say no more;

And, unlike the punitive BAR Baal legal system which is for slaves, African Justice Philosophy is founded on Restorative Justice Principles: – in a Truth & Restoral Tribunal wherein any and all concerned take part, the victims are identified; the harm and loss must cease; full restitution must be made to the victims; and, remorse must be shown; this is true justice;

Then of course, if the people unanimously agree that the criminals must have all their assets seized, be monitored 24/7 and have no privacy throughout their lives then so be it; the decree of the sovereign makes law;

The biggest punishment for these criminals will be to live with the humiliation of losing all their assets and wearing ankle-trackers; death is the easy way out for them; they do not fear it; they falsely believe that they will rule in the underworld;

Finally, there is a well-established principle of law that says – Evil is not presumed;

But, the evil is here because we allowed it: by abandoning good ethics, morals and values; by taking the money and remaining silent; by being selfish and only looking out for me, myself, I; by chasing a fiction called money; by giving in to the seven deadly sins…

Therefore, it is my humble opinion that IF the Nuremberg Trial 2.0 does succeed in its intentions then it will be a travesty for mankind on all levels and planes of existence; on a spiritual level it will be a global ritual satanic sacrifice and through ignorance and revenge we will be complicit; and, we will merely fall deeper into darkness instead of heralding in the light of love, peace, truth, justice and restoration for the new earth wherein dwells righteousness;

Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting, get understanding.

As a result, we Southern Africans cannot and do not condone it in the least;

In peace, bt  

Objection to Evil

Sunday, January 23, 2022

By Anna Von Reitz

Evil only survives on our own failure to object to it.

It only thrives, when we ignore it and acquiesce to its existence.

And then it comes out to play and it gets worse, and worse, and worse— until people wake up and take action against it.

So far we have discovered that a lot of what we have been told about history is wrong, that our government has been usurped upon in gross breach of trust by our supposed Allies, and that a group of madman elitists want to kill off the vast majority of mankind, enslave the rest, and rule “forever” as kings over the rest of us.

As if that wasn’t all bad enough, we find that the same Source has corrupted religion, too, and misrepresented and tweaked the narrative of Christianity into Baal Worship, instead.

The word “apocalypse” basically means “revealing” — when a bright light is shown in the dark corners and the curtains used to hide these things are thrown back. Having been one of those who has done the job of digging up the past and smelling out the bones, I have to say, even I am aghast.

Faced with the sheer mass of such manifest and abundant evil let loose to rampage all over the world, the indoctrination into evil of our young people by fraternities and other secret “societies” and cults, the impulse is to shake one’s head and think: “How could we ever let it come to this?”

But we’ve let it “come to this” and worse, before. This is a cyclic phenomenon. Can we learn from our mistakes?

The core value, the only imperative, is that we must learn to recognize evil for what it is, and we must object to it with all our might and determination.

As we pause a moment to take in the world that our negligence has created, take a deep breath and say, “I am responsible. It all comes down to me.”

Say it and mean it, and carry through. If you don’t object, you are an accomplice to it.

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SAJurA Comment: Maxim – Evil is not presumed.

The Dis-unity of Unity Groups

As someone mentioned Friday night in a UPF SA meeting with a “Unity” group, the word is becoming a swear word; little does he know that it IS in fact a swear word; if, we truly want to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery then we need to innerstand that “in the beginning was the word”; everything begins and ends with the word;

It is with words that we have been enslaved and it is with words that we are setting ourselves free; it is a well-established principle of law that:- Nothing is so natural as to dissolve anything in the way in which it was bound together; therefore the obligation of words is taken away by words; the obligation of mere consent is dissolved by the contrary consent.

Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition defines “Unity” as:

UNITY. In the law of estates. The peculiar characteristic of an estate held by several in joint tenancy, and which is fourfold, viz., unity of interest, unity of title, unity of time, and unity of possession. In other words, joint tenants have one and the same interest, accruing by one and the same conveyance, commencing at one and the same time, and held by one and the same undivided possession. 2 Bl. Comm. 180.

Now, tenancy is a feudal term for serfs under the British Crown when that is exactly what the “Unity” groups want to free themselves from – complete de-colonization;

Next, this particular Unity group also use the word “City” which is defined as: “a municipal corporation”; when these are in fact bankrupt and we are in the process of dissolving all municipal corporations and restoring communities, towns and villages all operating as express trusts at common or customary law; the very thing the “Unity” groups actually want, but it will take them a few years to realize this without our help;

The same with the UDF; read

So, there is a lawful and unlawful way to do things; and, through ignorance we end up right back where we started in this labyrinth of words unless we know or are shown the way;

Can you already begin to see why you need us and not we need you?

When Colonel Edward Mandell House laid out the plan of the enslavement of mankind to US President Woodrow Wilson, he said that only one in a million could figure it out; so, in South Africa that is only about 55 people; and, we probably know all of them because these were the ones already awake in 2012; and, some were born awake;

More than half of the 55 just quietly freed themselves and carried on with their lives; while the late Johan Joubert and Stephen Goodson educated as many as they could;

So, you can already see that there are only a few jan’s and bt’s around who are able to guide the masses through the labyrinth of the underworld back to life and the living; and, while there are now many “messiah’s” standing on their soapboxes, mostly for ego and fame and fortune and some to deceive their “followers”, like the Kevin Annett’s of this world, we are reluctant because we might be seen as doing the same; “meng you met die semels dan vreet die varke jou op.”

We are not looking for followers; we want you to lead and self-govern yourself; what drives us is freedom from slavery; to educate and inform you so that you can free yourselves; to lay a solid foundation upon which you can build your vision of an alternative society; so that every self-identifying community and nation can directly govern themselves without any outside interference; we have our own lives to get back to;      

And, the first thing you need to be lawful is your people’s courts; to develop your common and or customary laws; that is your foundation; from the people’s courts flow your own “self-government”; and, your people’s court is your regulator in your society;

Now, we have Unity groups that want us to sit in endless discussions with them when they should be coming to us for education on how to free themselves; and, to use the processes which the experts of our time collectively have spent hundreds of thousands of hours studying and formulating; once, the foundations are laid, we have no interest in how each community governs itself; then we can also get on with our own lives which we have put on hold in order to help others;

Our policy is not to approach coalitions; those that come to us are the ones who are awake enough to realize that this is the way to freedom; and, that there is in fact no other way; straight is the gate and narrow is the way and few shall go therein…

Already, the “followers” of these dis-unity groups are waking up to the fact that their “leaders” have no clear or real remedies on the way forward and are migrating over to the United People’s Front who have a clear vision and plan of action and are acting on it; the people shall govern;

Without malice aforethought, In peace, bt