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Bobby Jindal: ‘America Didn’t Create Religious Liberty. Religious Liberty Created America.’


Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) singled out President Obama as an impediment to economic growth and a threat to Americans’ freedom.

“This president has tried to trample on our Second Amendment rights, now he’s going after our First Amendment rights,” Jindal said in an exclusive interview with The Foundry. “I think that’s a very dangerous thing.”

Days after the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in two religious liberty cases challenging an Obamacare mandate, Jindal said he found the government’s actions troubling.

“America didn’t create religious liberty. Religious liberty created America,” he said. “It’s very dangerous for the federal government to presume they know better.”

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Spontaneous Evolution and Natural Law

Ronmamita's Blog

Fractional Reserve Banking system of global control Fractional Reserve Banking system of global control

As we witness and experience the transition from the Age of Empires, Hegemony, international institutions of control, and centralization of authority, I see the dinosaur institutions (Too Big To Fail and “G-SIFI”) dying out.
That fear based meme of control and exploitation is no longer serving our collective needs nor well-being with their crafted economic cycles of “Booms & Busts”, wars, and master/slave like system of control.
That script is from History and that repetitive drama and tragedy must be abandoned.

We, the aware People on Earth, have gone off script and are writing Ourstories.
We are discussing Heartistic engineering, crafts, arts, and acknowledging what we can do is limited only by our creative imagination and efforts.
People are networking and sharing collaborative efforts with open source information sharing paradigm.

Universal Law, also known as Natural Law, trumps all others.

Personal sovereignty is…

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It’s Time to Hang the Elected Traitors in Washington with Their Own Legislation

Socialism is not the Answer


Freedom Outpost

In US. vs. Castleman, decided March 28, 2014, the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Bill of Rights is no longer “Declaratory and Restrictive Clauses.” They are judicially now perceived as “privileges.” A “privilege” can be revoked for the slightest of legislative causes, but a “Right” that is “Forever Inviolate” We the People no longer have.

Before its ratification, it was insisted upon that a Preamble be written thereto. (Please notice that the “bill” is singular; not plural!) The Preamble states:


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Killing Your STRAWMAN – The Path To Freedom


Be sure and check out Part 2 of “Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man’s Chronicle”


Disclaimer: Upon further review, I have now found people who have been sovereign for some time – some completely sovereign with complete detachment from their “STRAWMAN” and SS#, and some using this in between state of sovereign ability for protection and bond issues pertaining to their “STRAWMAN”. I hope to interview these folks soon. I would also highly recommend these two sites for further evidence that indeed, the United States is in bankruptcy, via The Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent, and H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933.

Also, this is a good video to send to friends and family who are curious:

I am now certain that this…

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SOUTH AFRICA – DURBAN – ETHEKWINI – RED ALERT: CORRUPT AND BRUTAL UMZ [aka Priority Zone and Others] Abduct Homeless Activist Siya Gumede! – Please Help! Please Share!

Uhuru Movement NEWS
Sunday 30th March 2014

EThekwini Municipality: “Destroy The Poor, Murder The Homeless NOW!”

Homeless Uhuru Movement activists are persecuted every single day for being Poor, Wise, United, And Courageous. They were warned that this weekend the terror will escalate to Marikana Thekwini and after May 7th there will be genocide. Sirens are going off all over sick Durban.

1.5 hours ago, our members were beaten up by SAPS & Enforce Security, both of whom YOU pay! One of our victims is 7 months pregnant, thinking she could rest her head, back and feet for one night! She could even miscarry!

One of our members was stabbed 3 times last week – SAPS refuses to open the case, interview the victim, or arrest the culprit! Instead, they help Urban Management Zone [Who Hate Poor People!] to trap and arrest one of our most dedicated activists, Siya Gumede. They let the mob who beat him get away but they haven’t taken him to hospital!

Two weeks ago, an Urban Management Zone security thug assaulted me in public. On Saturday the 15th, an Enforce security thug attacked one of our members and myself, again, in public. For protesting about brutality and corruption! Human Rights Day is a JOKE!

Is this Freedom? Or is this DemoNcracy? Is this what people lived, died, live, and die for? Are YOU outraged? SHOUT South Africa! STAND UP WORLD! We are planning a united and diverse campaign of awareness and action! Masisukume!Ethekwini Municipality,

We are informed 45 minutes ago that employees [we pay] harassed and abducted one of our Homeless Activists. They have Siya Sadam Gumede at some “jail”. I tried to phone him, but the call was cut. Sound like pre-94 Apartheid?


Except now, its clearer that the REAL Apart-Hate Is Economic! Note well that our Members and our People are our family. Should Siya not be released from captivity immediately, with your apologies, without insult or injury; there are consequences. We have had enough.


When Injustice Is Law, Resistance Is Duty
Shabnam Palesa Mohamed
[Activist. Journalist. Rights Attorney
Public Speaker. Child Abuse Survivor]

Editor: rEvolution News Global

CEO: Stand UP! Foundation – Activism Empowerment Organisation
Founder: rEvolution South Afrika – R.S.A – Activism Socio-Political Party
Member: UhUrU Movement Coalition – Don’t Vote! Boycott, Referendum, Decentralise
Phone: 031 301 2046/082 325 4136
Twitter: @ShabnamPalesaMo
Facebook: Shabnam Palesa Mohamed
Stand UP! Foundation
rEvolution South Africa – RSA
UhUrU Coalition [Page And Event]
Stand UP’s Divisions Include:
# Feminista Revolution Academy
# Face2Face Media Marketing Events
# CSI SA – Crisis Support & Investigation SA

# FAMREC – Fatima Meer Rights Empowerment Centre