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The truth has come out finally and conclusively, by Judge Anna von Reitz

Another well written explanation, thanks; in peace

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We hope to soon have The Puzzle Project up and running– a national level

fact-finding mission in support of Public Interest Litigation before the

World Court and the UN Trust Committees.

This work only suffers from the common ailment— we all face a
LARGE fraud and its attendant criminality which has taken root in so many
countries and in so many sectors of society that it is natural to see
the “tree” — the so-called judicial system in the U.S. — without
grasping the larger picture.

The problem isn’t just the judicial system running hopelessly amok.

It’s the fact that all so-called “governments” are actually nothing but
privately owned and operated “governmental services corporations”
being run by international banking cartels that have operated under
conditions of secrecy and deceit to co-opt lawful government and
instigate a vast web of fraud and criminality throughout the world.It’s not just the Federal United States. It’s the “government” of…

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Well said; thank you

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They call SOVEREIGNS: Enemy of the State Combatants, Anti-Government, and even Terrorists.  Who are these persons that hate the sovereigns?  They are the CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA, CDC, IRS, NSA, THE FED, AND EVEN THE LOCAL SHERIFF DEPARTMENTS AND POLICE DEPARTMENTS OF EVERY STATE, COUNTY, and CITY ACROSS AMERICA! Yes, I said sheriffs despite the current movement by some sheriffs that LIE to the PEOPLE and state that they are “CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFFS!”  Before you claim that you are a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF or before you as an individual claim that your Local or County Sheriff is a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF ask yourself, or them, directly FIVE QUESTIONS:



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Smart Power and “The Human Rights Industrial Complex”

An eye-opener into the ‘behind-the-curtains’ of funding, thank you; in peace

Rise Up Times

One difficult aspect in analyzing this struggle for ‘perception management’ is that most human rights and aid organizations are staffed and run by good, hard-working and extremely well-educated individuals, many of whom carry out their roles with an altruistic heart and with the best of intentions. For the most part, many remain unaware or uninterested in who actually funds their organisations…

Human rights in the West: does the reality live up to the rhetoric? On the surface, the cultural narrative seems innocent enough: billionaire philanthropists, political luminaries and transnational corporations, along with legions of staff and volunteers – all working together in the name of social justice, forging a better, fairer and more accountable world.

The story reads well on…

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From Albrecht to Monsanto: A System Not Run for the Public Good Can Never Serve the Public Good

Having someone else controlling public services is never fair or equitable; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, May 29, 2016

The following extract is from the 2011 lecture ‘Healthy Soils, Healthy People’ by Professor John Ikerd. The lecture discussed the legacy of renowned agronomist William Albrecht, who died in 1974.

We have justified the demise of family farms, decay of rural communities, pollution of the rural environment, and degradation of soil health as being necessary to provide food security for the nation. These justifications are no longer valid or acceptable… an agriculture driven by economics failed to provide for the health of the soil or the health of people. The problems we are facing today are the consequence of too many people, including scientists, pursuing their narrow self-interests without considering the consequence of their actions on the rest of society and the future of humanity… the pursuit of individual, impersonal self-interests – not the long run interests of society or…

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Cristina Sirca’s parting letter to Pope Francis

Perfectly stated, thank you; the truth shall indeed set us free in these times;

¶¶ The Gospel according to John, verse III, 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For every one that does evil, hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21 But he that does truth, comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

Time for Popey to decide; no more fence-sitting and no more plausible deniability; in peace

NY Applies Simple Rule on Statute of Limitations

We believe that its because of the pressure from judicial activists such as yourselves which helps people to place the spotlight on the judicial system thereby encouraging judges to act according to their oaths and the rule of law; and, not to rule by law; in peace

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“The issue really boils down to the question of whether we are going to apply simple direct rules that favor nobody in particular (blind justice — remember that?) or if the Courts are going to create monumental complexity and uncertainty under their past “Theory of Everything,” to wit: let the banks keep coming back until they win. This theory obviously ignores completely the doctrine of Finality and further construes due process in a way that will come back to bite the courts.”

So we have a very simple case with a very simple conclusion on the issue of statute of limitations. The premise is simple — what you do, in a legal sense, always matters if it is relevant. There is nothing more relevant than an alleged lender sending a notice of delinquency followed by a notice of acceleration informing the “borrower” that their debt is now due…

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May 10th US Debt Transmittal Letter, by Anna von Riezinger

Another simple explanation of the world we really live in, sans blinkers; in peace

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Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o  Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska
Postal Extension Code 99652

May 10, 2016

Ban Ki-Moon
United Nations Secretary General
United Nations Secretariat
New York, NY 10017

John Forbes Kerry
United States Secretary of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

I am forwarding the content of the following synopsis so that you are fully informed:
In the interest of expediting mutual understanding I have organized the key information:

1. The “United States” that has been causing all the trouble is only “the territories and District of Columbia”. Those “United States” known as the United States of America (Minor) have committed fraud against these United States (Major) and the entire rest of the world.

2. As a result, the United States Major has still not come to the table with regard to the eminent changes in the financial system.

3. The United States…

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Imperialism’s Junior Partners

A bit about the circus down south; thank you; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, May 26, 2016
Jacobin 25 May 2016

The response to the Brazilian coup shows that the BRICS powers are not a real alternative to US imperialism.

On May 12, Brazil’s democratic government, led by the Workers’ Party (PT), was the victim of a coup. What will the other BRICS countries (Russia, India, China, and South Africa) do?

Will they stand by as the reactionaries who took power in Brasilia pivot closer to Western powers, glad to warm Dilma Rousseff’s seat at the BRICS summit in Goa, India in five months’ time?

Here in South Africa, few expect Jacob Zuma’s African National Congress (ANC) government to react constructively on the international stage. Making waves isn’t likely at a time when Standard & Poors and Fitch are on a South Africa visit, deciding whether to downgrade the country’s credit rating to “junk” status…

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2016 G7 Summit In Japan

Thanks Ron; seems that BRICS is supposed to be the remedy for the Gang of 7; however, South Africa seems to be batting for both sides via Washington and Hong Kong; throwing just enough peanuts around while stealing 50 tons of gold per annum; H.L. Mencken hit the nail on the head when he stated: “Democracy is the art and science of the circus ruling from the monkey cage.” in peace

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Organized Crime as Religion, Governments, and BanksI discuss the G7 less often than the IMF, and G20, because the Gang of 7 (G7) is a gang consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States that cloak their objectives and decisions more effectively than the G20 or IMF.

However the G7 are meeting in Japan (May 26-27) and the rumors are interesting as Russia is blacklisted as the gang was once renamed the G8 with Russia.
If there is a imaginary dividing line among the empires, then the G7 is the popular candidate for such a layer of hierarchy, in that the G7 could be the representation of the West Power Bloc with an apparent hold of the reigns of the world hegemony. With puppets, monarchs, and hidden influences, the puzzle picture is shrouded in deception and secrecy for public uncertainty.

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Gieseke-The “Creditor” consists of the Investors not Servicer

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2685802_orig The Illusion of Creditor

Gieseke Remand Order 5 20 16 from 9th Circuit (3)

“As it stands, the “creditor” consists of all investors in all trusts created by each investment bank. But nobody is acting as if that is true.”


And for those who thought they could get away with lying and cheating forever, let me say this: anyone can get away with almost anything — at first. But eventually if you keep doing it you are going to pay the price. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal) has made it clear that it will routinely reverse any decision that involves the trial court accepting void assignments or in which the court rules that the borrower has no standing to raise the issue of ownership and standing based upon…

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Conference Settlement, by Anna von Reitz

This sounds promising; we must find remedy and set precedent against personage and barratry; thanks for re-blogging; in peace

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  Anna von Reitz

To All:

I have been missing for a week and a half while hosting and attending and mopping up after a major conference here in Alaska.  The attendees — both those physically present and those chiming in via teleconference were all experts in either Common Law or Admiralty Law or in some cases, both, and they all had both real world experience and specific specialties to share. Best of all, everyone present was present for the right reasons, so we didn’t have to deal with any egos or pandering in our pursuit of truth and remedy. We all just came to the table and worked like madmen (and madwomen) for a week.  
The weather was glorious, the company inspired.  The results are still filtering out— with some being immediate and apparent, and others being spurred along to the next step. The discussions covered the…

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Imperialism and Capitalism: Rethinking an Intimate Relationship

Insightful, thank you

Counter Information

Global Research, May 24, 2016
Global Research 16 December 2015


This article was first published by Global Research in December 2015

The literature on imperialism suffers from a fundamental confusion about the relationship between capitalism and imperialism. The aim of this paper is to remove this confusion. The paper is organised in three parts.

In Part I we state our own position of the capitalism-imperialism relation. In part II we discuss some major points at issue in the Marxist debate on imperialism. And in Part III we review the changing forms that imperialism has taken in Latin America in the course of the capitalist development process.

The main focus of the paper is on the form taken by imperialism in the current conjuncture of capitalist development, namely extractive capitalism. This conjuncture is characterised by the demise of neoliberalism as an economic model…

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GUERRILLA GARDENING: One Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres (Archive)

Thank you; a practical remedy to eliminate poverty and health; in peace


Source  –

“…South Central Los Angeles, home of the driv-thru & the drive-by. Funny thing is- the drive-thru’s are killing more people then drive-by’s – Ron Finley Guerrilla  Gardener in South Central L.A.”:

(Growing Power’ Produces 1 MILLION Pounds of Food on 3 Acres of Land – By: Nidhi Goyal)

Can you imagine producing 1 MILLION pounds of food, 10,000 fish, and 500 yards of compost on just three acres of land?

‘Growing Power,’ an urban agriculture organization headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, does just that.

the drive-bys.” - Ron Finley, guerilla gardener in South Central LA ...

Milwaukee is very cold and the growing season is very limited. However, ‘Growing Power’ grows food year-round with the help of its ultra-efficient greenhouse system. The farm grows a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and also farms tilapia and perch.

Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA

Will Allen, a former professional basketball player, is the founder of Growing Power. He was awarded the MacArthur Foundation $500,000 “Genius Grant” for…

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We’re in the Eye of a Global Financial Hurricane

Interesting times, this fall of Babylon; in peace

Satu Insan - Malaysia


Charles Hugh Smith

The only “growth” we’re experiencing are the financial cancers of systemic risk and financialization’s soaring wealth/income inequality.

The Keynesian gods have failed, and as a result we’re in the eye of a global financial hurricane.

The Keynesian god of growth has failed.

The Keynesian god of borrowing from the future to fund today’s consumption has failed.

The Keynesian god of monetary stimulus / financialization has failed.

Every major central bank and state worships these Keynesian idols:

1. Growth. (Never mind the cost or what kind of growth–all growth is good, even the financial equivalent of aggressive cancer).

2. Borrowing from the future to fund today’s keg party, worthless college diploma, particle board bookcase, stock buy-back, etc. (oops, I mean “investment”)–a.k.a. deficit spending which is a polite way of saying this unsavory truth: stealing from our children and grandchildren to fund our lifestyles today.

3. Monetary stimulus…

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Washington’s Financial Currency War on China: The Eclipsing of the US Dollar by the Yuan

Tick tock; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, May 22, 2016
Strategic Culture Foundation 30 August 2015

First published by Global Research in August 2015

The Chinese are in the process of displacing the monopoly of the US dollar. They are dropping their US Treasury bonds, stockpiling gold reserves, and opening regional distribution banks for their own national currency. This will give them easier access to capital markets and insulate them from financial manipulation by Washington and Wall Street.

Fearing the eclipsing of the US dollar and the Bretton Woods system by a rival financial architecture the US response has been an attempt to damage the Chinese markets and increase the value of China’s currency. China has responded through regulations in the market and then quantitative easing of its currency to maintain the low prices of Chinese manufactured goods and exports.

Beijing’s quantitative easing is a reaction or response to the financial…

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