The Holy Bible is a historical account of good versus evil; it leaves us with relevant stories that reveals the origins of an evil system which plagues us even today; without it, we would never have known where to look, nor how to defeat it;

The Holy Bible is also the very Foundation of today’s Western legal system upon which hangs all its rules; therefore, one may quote liberally from it as a lawful defence; we have summarised topics into text documents to make it easy to use;

Feel free to download the text documents  below; experience the Bible in from a whole new perspective;

Unlike other religions, the Bible is not only for Protestant Christians; anyone may make use of it; having the conviction and the faith is a bonus; and, hopefully reading it will plant the seed…


Before we continue, we wish to thank ÇÇarpus for making the Holy Bible  KJV 1611 available on pdf; without your effort these works would not be possible; feel free to download a pdf version:

The first English Bible was the 1611 King James Version;  In those days olde English was “spell”ed a little different; one might find it a bit difficult at first;  the very basic differences between English 2016 and 1611 are that:

  • there was no “J” then;  “I” was what is today the “J”;
  • “U” and “V” was swopped in some cases;
  • words ending in “S” had an extra “SE” on the end;
  • words ending in “Y” today, ended  in “ie” then;
  • also, “you” was “ye”; etc.

What does the Bible have to do with law?”

The Old Testament is the history and origins for Christianity, Islam and Judaism;

And, the kings, merchants and priesthoods in power today claim their (false) “authority” and “divine right” from ancient bloodlines of the Old Testament; 

Rome falsely claimed to be “CHURCH” and “STATE” with authority from “Juw-Peter” when in truth the Apostle never was in Rome; but, this story we will tell later;

It was under the reign of King James I, known as “The Keeper of The Faith” that the first English Bible was written because the papacy wanted to keep the people in darkness and ignorance; see on-king-iames-i-kjv

Further, all western courts hold people to their word by making them foreswear themselves upon the Holy Bible; when Iesus and the Apostles speak against fore-swearing oneself; see on-oath-swear-kjv

And, therefore all laws of all courts of the western world hang on the Laws of Moses and the Prophets and the Saints; see on-law-kjv


And, the Laws of Moses and the Prophets hang upon the law of Love;

MATT. 12-36 Master which is the greatest commandment

Even one of the “old authorities” on the Laws of England, Sir William Blackstone wrote in his commentaries:

“No enactment of man can be considered law unless it conforms to the law of God.”

“The Bible has always been regarded as part of the Common Law of England.”

“Upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, depend all human laws.” – William Blackstone; Of the Study, Nature and Extent of the Laws of England;


Maxims are principles of law; conclusions of reason; 

The law of God and the law of the land are all one; and both preserve and favour the common and public good of the land. Keilw. 191.


Also find important educational material on what Law is at:

Southern Africa: On this day, seventy five percent [75%] of all people living on the land of Southern Africa are protestant Christians who believe that Jesus the Nazarene walked the earth, redeemed them and set them free; see on-redemption-kjv

Lawful Defence:

The best lawful defence is the Holy Bible; feel free to download the following text documents: 






























Our Observations:

The Bible is a historical account of the kings, merchants and priesthoods of the lands around the Mediterranean;

The most important theme is between the Law-of-Peace and the Law-of-War; And, what it reveals is that the law-of-war was subject to the law-of-peace;

However, after a few thousand years of plundering and warring, despite numerous warning by the Prophets of not upholding the laws, Iesus the Nazarene, as a priest of the Order of Melchizedek finally superseded and abolished the Aaronical Levitical Order once and for all; thereby, re-establishing the law-of-peace as supreme; and the law-of-war as abolished; see on-melchizedek-kjv

Further the Books of Moses and the Prophets aka “Old Testament” warns of straying from a good system for the ceremonies, customs, laws and rituals of an evil system; referred to by John the Baptist as “mystery babylon”;

And, The Preacher, son of David tells us that: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be: and that which is done, is that which shall be done; and there is no new thing under the sun…” see on-the-preacher-kjv

Since the time of Iesus, the hierarchical imperial feudal system of the kings, merchants and priests of the Mediterranean and Europe is merely a continuance of the same biblical ceremonies, customs, rituals and laws; with all kings claiming “divine right of kings” from biblical lineages; see on-king-kjv

And, the Vatican claiming authority as “godhead” over the earth from St. Peter [not to be confused with the apostle peter];

And, the merchant bankers of today is a continuance of the Phoenicians of Tyre;

  • The Vatican claims the highest jurisdiction – the title of law-of-the-air,    
  • The kings of the major nations of Europe claim title to law-of-the-land;
  • The law merchant is law-of-the-sea, a uniform commercial code that touches all continents, oceans, lakes and rivers;

Now, it is a feudal system of lords and masters, subjects and bondservants; and, uses law-of-war and force of law to achieve its aims; starting in the 1400s, under authority of the papacy, the nations of the compass set out to plunder Africa, the Americas and beyond, planting stone crosses thereby claiming the lands for their Catholic monarchs; see

And, every country has their own sad story to tell; Southern Africa was given special treatment as we are the gold-basket of imperial capitalism; see

The Bible also speaks out against counting people as capital, capite meaning by the head; this is what a census is;  see on-census-count-kjv


Welcome to our religious fellowship and ministry. We are a First Amendment, not-for-profit, unincorporated, unregistered, non-privileged, non-denominational religious fellowship and ministry. Our Mission is to honor, to love, and to obey our Lord and God by teaching, reading, learning, and obeying His Holy Law and Word, putting Him first, and loving our neighbor by keeping the government as our servant and His steward for truth and justice.  As described in Heb. 4:12 and like Jesus in Rev. 1:16, we seek to use the word and law of God as a sharp sword to expose and cut off corruption wherever it is found, and ESPECIALLY in government.  His word and law is also our armor and shield as we combat the corruption as described in Eph. 6:11-20 and Psalm 91.  See the following for authorities on why we, and especially Christians, must learn law:

Authorities on why we must PERSONALLY learn, follow, and enforce man’s law and God’s law

Read more at:

Missing Bible Books

Brice Watson Shares Her Intel On The Missing Bible Books


The ethical and moral evidence reveals that the current western “Christian” legal system is contrary to its own sacred book in every respect;

The banking system of today is an alter ego of the very same banking system whose tables Ie-sus the Nazarene overturned;

The Roman Law crucified Iesus then; and, today is still crucifying the people;

Only, today it dominates the world and, still enforces its discriminatory and retributive rules; all the while hiding behind the cult of personality that has persisted since the written word began;

The definition of the word “legal” from the 1893 Encyclopedia says it all:

Definition of LEGAL: “THE UNDOING OF GOD’S LAW.” 1893 Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, and general literature / The R. S. Peale 9th Encyclopedia Britannica.

We cannot serve two masters; either we serve the 1% fomenting an evil system; or, we serve the people, the 99% in which case we honour the real temple, the real church, the real public, the re-public; and, we can no longer remain silent; we must speak out;

The truth is already being shouted from the rooftops’ as the old world new world order crumbles and mystery Babylon falls, while the new earth rises;

Selah. In peace

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