Notice & Demand Regarding the Expropriation Bill

Private and Public Communication for All Jurisdictions; Notice to agent is notice to principal; Notice to principal is notice to agent.

Be Pleased To Take Notice That on behalf of all South African people a Notice & Demand Regarding the Proposed Expropriation Bill has been served on the Land Claims Court, Constitutional Court, CEO (“President”) of RSA INC. and Minister of Justice by SA Jural Committee and SA Jural Assembly via private mail as to why the proposed Expropriation Bill is both illegal (according to their rules) and unlawful at common law and customary law.

All affected parties can download the document at:


Affected parties wishing to dispute the claims made herein or make their own counter-claims must respond within twenty one (21) days excluding the day of original service of this Notice & Demand Regarding the Expropriation Bill:

c/o marius theart

Postnet 244, Private Bag X13,

Brackenfell, (7561)

Responses must be written under affirmation and upon the pains and penalty of perjury; and is subject to the de jure jurisdiction of SA Jural Assembly and or other recognised people’s courts.

Failure to record a de jure dispute against the claims made herein will result in an automatic default judgment securing forevermore all rights herein claimed and barring the bringing of charges under statutory rules against any SAR nationals for exercising their sovereignty, freedoms, natural unalienable rights and duties.

Note: A Non-Response to this Notice expresses non-objection and tacit agreement to the claims made herein. Silence is consent; By Order.

Govern yourselves accordingly; In peace.

By: SA Jural Committee and SA Jural Assembly