This page is for we, the people on the land of Southern Africa who are facing litigation or receiving demands from banks and financial services providers. First, our non-disclaimer:

No Disclaimer: Without any prejudice, there is no disclaimer on these pages as each people is unique and so too is every perception and interpretation of everything that people experience. The responsibility is our own as to how on how we use educate ourselves and use information. Anyone reading these pages is wise enough to follow their own counsel and acknowledges this by reading further and or using this information. No-one can tell you what to do. The choice is yours and yours alone.

The four agreements are: never make assumptions; always do your best; take nothing personally; be impeccable with your word.


Brief history of RSA:

A brief reminder – Most people do not know that the will of the people was established in the  1955 Freedom Charter and set out in the 1994 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework!  Since 1994, in the new constitutional era,  some of we, the peoples’ rights are now enshrined in the Bill of Rights  as the supreme law of the land; and, any contrary conduct or laws that is un-constitutional is null & void. Many people have not even bothered to read the Bill of Rights; see:

Know your rights:

Know the true concepts and nature of law: 


If this is all new to you, the FAQs page provides brief outlines as to the Giftoftruth pages; see:  


Introduction to evictions, foreclosures & repossessions:

RSA is making little headway in addressing or tackling the foreclosure, eviction and ‘bad debt’ pandemic. Read more on foreclosure fraud at:

Banking is operating very different to public perception. Banks create money out of thin air and it is merely an IOU… read more at:

The world is controlled by 1%  and ruling from behind mega-corporations while enslaving the 99% while predatory capitalism destroys the environment and society; read more at:

More and more experts in their different field are speaking out:

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The people are being plundered by unscrupulous privately owned foreign corporations with  foreign, private interests in many different ways such as asset forfeiture, ‘bad debt’ claims, evictions, foreclosures as well as devalued currency, directly or indirectly. The courts are ignoring the facts and turning a blind eye to controversy and, instead stick to a procedural ‘business as usual’ approach.

This is piracy is causing huge damage to people on a daily basis and the motional, psychological and physical welfare of society as a whole.

Now, this is certainly not going to end unless we, the people do something about it.

The law does not protect those that slumber on their rights.


Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa – (UZA):

To this end the Unified Common-law Grand Jury of Southern Africa, hereinafter UZA was established as a people’s court of conscience in November of 2013. The purpose for its establishment, amongst others is:

  • return to rule of law; and,
  • invoke natural law and natural justice jurisdiction; and,
  • an investigation into the payment system in the form of a TRC; and,
  • the development of community courts to fulfil section 34 of the Bill of Rights; and,
  • community banks and exchanges as remedy against corporate plunder;
  • holding referendums:

Participation of the people, by the people, for the people. This is what “the people shall govern” means. Read more at:


UZA v. Constitutional Court of South Africa:

Since 1995 the courts of South Africa have failed in their constitutional obligations to develop common law and customary law community courts to fulfil section 34 of the Bill of Rights. UZA brought this matter to the attention of some High Courts as well as the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Do date they have failed in their duties and constitutional obligations.

A currently on-going international case has been filed on behalf of we, the people of Southern Africa end of 2015 in the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) to this end. The UZA v. Constitutional Court of South Africa case information and background is posted at:

We recommend that all people unite in one judicial action. Refer to the ITNJ Treaty and Constitution at:

The herein documentation is in support of the UZA actions. Please notify us at when you are making use of our documentation.

in order to add your case to the roll?

Next, add your case details, please?!        CLICK O HERE! 


Are you being harassed for ‘bad debt’ by phone?

If your case is not yet in a court and you get harassed by debt-collectors via phone or sms then just ask them to put their claim into writing and send them your email. Most of them won’t harass you any further as they are bounty-hunters and not authorised by the service providers you have an outstanding agreement with.

There is NO need to get into an argument; once you have their email address you can start by asking them questions:

2016.02.26 LETTER banks-fsps template

If you know the Bank, Financial Services Provider or ‘Debt Collector’ and it is a serious matter:

2016.02.26 NOTICE bank-fsp loan template


Thomas Jefferson - Educate and inform

Are you being threatened by Lawyers?

The following documents are when your dispute is NOT yet in court. There are now cases where lawyers are  attempting to auction houses without even a court case.

2016.02.29 NOTICE attorneys template


2016 How to file UZA documents


Is your case filed in an RSA court?

2015.10.03 How to File RSA Court Documents

2016.03.09 AFFIDAVIT SMJ foreclosures template

2016.03.09 NOTICE OF MOTION foreclosures template

2016.03.09 DECLARATION OF RIGHTS template

If you are born on the land of Southern Africa:


If you are acting on behalf of someone else then they need to give you power of attorney:

2015.10.01 Power of Attorney template

Do you have to appear in court?

2015.10.03 Court Appearance Notes


Educational material:  

Affidavits: It’s all about Affidavits! Download and read before proceeding:

Annexure – On Affidavits

The four corners

7 Demands for Discovery

Court hearing responses

Courts by contract

A Must Read from one pissed off judge

Fraud on the Court as a Basis for Dismissal with Prejudice or Default: An Old Remedy Has New Teeth

by John T. Kolinski; The Florida Bar Journal; February, 2004 Volume LXXVIII, No. 2; Page 16

Read full text at:!OpenDocument&Highlight=0,disability*




RSA Courts:

Jurisdiction of Regional Courts

Rule of law

Summons response

The Courts in South Africa


Foreclosures – Educational material:

The following 2 Affidavits may be used as evidence in any RSA foreclosure case:

Affidavit confirming securitization by expert

Affidavit of Windeed Searches

Here are sanitized examples of current mainstream documents:

Take note: these documents do not waiver right to “recognition as a person”, the first thing to do in court; very NB:

Answering Affidavit example

Discovery Notice sanitized

Sanitized Answering Affidavit 25 5 2013

Securitisation additional arguments


Examples from a RSA foreclosure case:

Don’t expect to win. When one has had experience in the courts as to how the game is one realises that they cannot allow a precedent against the corrupt and fraudulent financial system. However, the following ought to win in a fair trial. In this case the banks proceeded on a draft ruling that had NO court stamp; the homeowners were forced to continue paying the ‘loan’:


2015.04.08 FOUNDING AFFIDAVIT template

2015.04.08 NOTICE OF MOTION template

The opposing attorneys or courts will more than likely question one’s standing to self-represent; do a POA anyway and file it at the outset even if not required; 

2015.04.27 ANSWERING AFFIDAVIT template

2015 Power of Attorney in Fact template

We are enemies in the field as per the Trading with the Enemy Act, 1916 so we always send a declaration of peace; 

2015 Peace Declaration template

Now, the opposing attorney will need to provide POA and authorization from the bank; we do this because we want to know who is holding the pirate flag? The crew always bail and leave the captain to walk the gangplank.

2015.06.10 Answering Affidavit sanitized

They did provide the necessary authorization; now we have the names of those party to the action; we will counter-claim once we set them down; they still have not provided the original mortgage and note and related accounting; it’s still irregular and opposition cannot proceed; check. Now we notice them the second time:        

2015.08.04 NOTICE sanitized

015.09.01 APPLICATION sanitized


South African Police Services

Are you being harassed? The SAPS made an oath to serve and protect the people. Educate and inform them and hold them to their duties when filing a complaint with the SAPS.

2016.30.01 SAPS NOTICE harrassment template


2016 National People’s Referendum:

Support the people’s class action:

We need 50 000 names by April 2016 to make positive changes!!!

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  1. Bro Tom, in using the letter and notice to the bank I need to know who must affirm it. Also I need to know if I must sign it

  2. I requested a true bill from all my creditors and they have not responded. I also forwarded promissory notes them, but they either don’t reply or informed me they do not accept it. What is the next step?

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