Monthly Archives: April 2013

People of Africa Rejoice

People of the World Rejoice!

We are Free!

We have Always been Free!

We never realised that in order to be Free, we just had to Be Free!

It has been realised by the Collective Consciousness!

You might not feel it, then Imagine it!

You might deny it, Hooray You have taken the first step!

Focus Your energy on the Remedies, not the how’s and why’s.

There is always a Remedy within Natural Law.

The ego is the shackles from Freedom, nothing else.

Our power is in the heart, not the mind.

The mind dwells in tomorrow and yesterday, The heart is in harmony with the now.

When we focus on being in the moment, we are in Our Power.

Still the mind to be in Your Power: this is the Remedy for this Reality.

When we doubt, we hold back the change that we all Be and Do.

We are all United, One People, One Soul, holding hands with All Creation, Above, Around and Below.

When You experience the Illusion of Fear or Grief,

join Us in holding hands in Peace and Unconditional Love as One.

The New Earth is Here. It always has been. The New Sun has already risen. There is no war, no famine, no slavery and The Earth is still pure.

When we purify our minds again, we will see the New Earth.

All You have to do is breathe.