Express Trusts

So, now you have awoken to your sovereignty, you know what your inherent rights and natural unalienable rights are; you know the difference between sea and land jurisdiction; between fiction and fact;

That everything “registered” is merely sea contracts between legal fictions that do not apply to you:

“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” (C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54))

That you are standing under common law, customary law or natural law and not statutory rules which is not law;

That the land jurisdiction is vacant until you reclaim it; that all the original contracts made with you by banks, courts and government were sold on to third parties as securities – commercial paper for profit (more debt); no contract – no law or case;

That we are without a permanent banking system; that the Federal Reserve System is one big fiat currency debt-for-profit Ponzi scheme by converting your lawful money into odious debt and IOU’s which you can NEVER pay back with the fake commercial  “remedies” you get press-ganged into. Read the Banking and End the Fed pages.

That the only lawful remedy is to discharge these debts in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Acts and UCC – Uniform Commercial Code but you are denied these remedies.

HOWEVER, note that we have been operating under revolving, rehabilitation bankruptcy rules since the 1933 Bretton Woods Agreement and so it is both illegal and unlawful to use the UCC process. Read the Bills of Exchange page.

You also know that you are a creditor and priority claimant in this whole global fraud scheme of the NWO; And, that the 1% elite are in fact the biggest debtors in this global debt based fiat currency system.

Steps Towards Sovereignty - 2023.02.17

Download the PDF version for the above links:

Steps Towards Sovereignty – 2023.02.17


1. you have removed your name from the IEC voter’s roll;

2. You have done the Emancipation process;

3. You have put a Private Property Notice on your gate;

Private Property Notice – 2022.11.23

Create a family flag and place it into your notices; in case you are wondering about the black and white flag on the Private Property Notice:

Civilian Property Emblem – In the Case of Martial Law Intensifying

Thursday, October 26, 2017; from Anna Von Reitz;

Instruction to Safely Identify Your Home and Property in the Case of Martial Law Intensifying.

Take a rigid piece of material– wood, metal, foam core, etc. and make a sign — a rectangle 5 inches tall by ten inches wide.

Draw a diagonal line from the top right to the left bottom corner so that there now appear to be two triangles inscribed, one above the other.

Color the top triangle black and the bottom triangle white.

Civilian Flag

Firmly attach this emblem to your house, your gates, and display in the front and rear windows of your car, boat, etc., to warn the military that you are a civilian “vessel” and that they will be trespassing on civilian property if they enter in upon your land, auto, home, etc. and will be acting against international law.

Field Manual 27-10/1956

Section 4, 45 and 46


4. You ought to learn how to discharge corporate Bills of Exchange;

5. Learn about Common Law Express Trusts and how to start operating as trustees in commerce;


Express Trusts

So, now you have unbound all previous assumed and presumed contracts and made new ones under your terms. You are standing firmly on the land and dealing at arm’s length in the commercial sea jurisdiction no different to playing monopoly  with your trust piece on the board.

Your assets are now firmly in your control and you have secured and shielded your castle, your home, your land, your buildings and your family and or community from invasion by corporate pirates fronting as “government”. And, you have all the tools to keep the pirates at bay.

Do not slumber on your rights; learn how to deal with agents wanting to entrap you into contracts in their jurisdiction. learn how to shield yourself and your family so learn how to challenge jurisdiction.

Express Trusts under the common law is a superior and distinct mode of administration as distinguished from partnerships and contrasted with corporations. It is the best vehicle for un-incorporated voluntary associations, sovereigns, families and states. This is the remedy for the New Earth. Every corporation, state, estate are all express trusts in their origination.



Have fun while doing this; create your own family or community flag to flag your trust vessel otherwise the RSA Inc. ship may assume you are sailing under its flag; don’t use any existing heraldry; in fact, the older flags before the 16th century patriarchal feudal heraldries were simple and usually depicted the community or family’s trade such as a fish for fishermen, a tree for timbermen, a bow and arrow for bowyers and so forth. Stay away from any known ancient or modern symbols, its taboo. Keep it real. Put the peace flag from the Private Property Notice and your flag at the top of all your documents from here on.. Draw up what the common laws of your flag is. Involve the family. Turn it into a game, if you want.

Now, while embarking on this express trust journey you must know who you are in relation to the trust and what your duties are and how to effectively use your trust.

There are lawyers out there who are experts at piercing trusts in legal cases against sovereign people. And, in every case they are defeated by their own contradictions regarding their position in the trust.. One of these is an American called Carlton A. Weiss who wrote an article called Trustees in Commerce: A Way of Life; it’s a brilliant concise education for the sovereign on how to defend yourself, if needed.


Trustees in Commerce: A Way of Life – by Carlton A. Weiss.

Download Weiss’ Concise Trustee Handbook:

For a more comprehensive understanding then read Express Trusts under the Common Law by Alfred D. Chandler Esquire, 1912.


Common Law

Common law is simply the moral sentiment of the community. It is mostly unwritten and is expressed when necessary in the rulings of a jury or tribal authority or other forum which sets a precedent for future cases to draw on. Or, by referendums. All of which has not happened since 1994 because we were asleep at the wheel.; read the RDP summary on the Constitutional page.

The only difference is that our common law is the moral sentiment of South Africans; American  common law is different and so is English common law.

Roman Dutch and English COMMON LAW is merely merchant navy rules; Think VOC – Dutch East India Company; and Merchant Law was grafted into it. Read the What is Law page.

In Africa we are restoring the original allodial land jurisdiction which is opposite to feudal tenancy; and, we are applying principles of restorative justice as opposed to their system of punishing people.


Living an emancipated life

Now, everything belongs to the trust; the trust feeds and clothes and houses you in return for managing its affairs; you almost don’t need an identity document or driver’s licence because you are the authorised agent of the trust; you don’t need a bank account because you are using the trust’s account. Everything now gets addressed to the trust. And, this puts you on equal footing with RSA Inc. The Trust can import and export.

Further, from now on you will restrict your contracts with RSA Inc. agents and agencies to the bare minimum – every offer to contract is an invitation to be plundered; brother-thomas has no contract whatsoever but, that is on the extreme end of the scale;

In the common law express trust you will read that you will not mortgage your property or pledge or make loans against it – the banking system is a Ponzi scheme; you will end up paying through your nose; and, they have calculated that you will most likely fail along the way and lose your property…

And, because the land is allodial you cannot and will not sell it, nor will you allow any mining or prospecting or any other harmful practices on your land. Of course, you can sell your immovable property but the land is free; it is not immovable property.

Also, you will look at alternative service providers instead of municipal ones; or, begin providing services lacking or poor service delivery you can improve on in your area;

You will begin saving again to buy that special item instead of hauling out the plastic card;


Express Trust Steps

Download and carefully read the following before completion; ask any questions you may have below;

Common Law Express Trust Deed Template – 2023.02.17

List all Trust accounts, assets, capital, land and property:

Addendum 1 – Trust Property – 2023.02.15

Express Trusts Steps – 2023.03.14

If, you own a home or land or property then once you have received your Trust Number from the Master of the High Court  it is recommended that you file a Deed of Reconveyance (Counterdeed) at the Deeds Office to correct the defective Title Deed .

Deed of Reconveyance Template – 2023.02.01

And you “gazette” it; the common law way is to file a Notice in the Legal Notices section of a regional newspaper for 5 days.

Legal Notices for Trust and Deed – 2023.02.01

And  finally you do a Proof of Delivery:

Proof of Delivery – 2023.01.31

Now your paperwork is complete; you have taken pre-emptive action  and no RSA INC. agent can assume or presume anything about you or your property.

HOWEVER, do not rest on your laurels. There be pirates out there. They will keep trying to come at you. And, if you leave it up to the legal system it will cost you dearly.

Such as K who spent millions fighting over a cattle pathway until she learned to do it herself and fired her attorney.

Knowledge is power. Keep informing and educating yourself. learn how to write letters and defend your family and property. Once you are confident the fear goes away when you see how they run.

Lastly, consider all this work that has been done as a service to you. Someone has to freely give up their time and lives to help you and answer your questions. So, put yourselves in our shoes for a moment.

If you want the world to change then become a giver, not just a taker… so, kindly open your heart and make a donation.


Further Reading


A TRUSTEE’S HANDBOOK A. P. Loring Suffolk Bar 1907


Contact Details

If, you are doing it yourself then please ask your questions below so others can also learn;

or contact SA Jural Assembly

For professional help contact:

Marius Theart BAP(SA), GTP(SA), ACFE – Capstone Advise

Registered Accounting Officer, Tax Practitioner, Fraud Examiner, Commissioner of Oath Affirmation

Email –

Kindly consider make a donation so that we can keep developing and improving this work towards freedom:

192 thoughts on “Express Trusts

  1. Greetings and Peace to you all!

    May the Spririt of the Devine be upon you.

    I feel like Neo in the metrics at this point in my life and I just found my Mophius.

    I found this site 2 days back and I have been unable to stop reading.

    I want to show my gratitude to the creators and researchers of this life giving information.

    I am currently not employed but I will donate to your course when I can.

    I will share this with all I know in my sphere of influence.

    I just wanted to say thank you and I may have some questions with regards to trusts.

    Buy for now I am still reading. Thank so much.

    Madoda of the house Ganca

  2. Good day dear bt thank you so much for all your knowledge and imput into all this material. WOW
    A question I have done the process back to front
    1. i did the bills of exchange process (still on going)
    2 im doing the emancipation and express trust now (I have de registered from voters role)

    you will need it when you begin discharging debts as set out on the Bills of Exchange page so as to “pin the tail on the donkey”;
    came accross this gem in the trusts section:
    Did i overlook something in the Bills of Exchange ??? should I deliver the Bills of exchange process i did to the Courts ?

    appreciate your advice

    1. Hi, we are in the labyrinth right now to find a key-master that will help us save South Africa; then we have the first notary public learning as well as the first accounting officer;

      Once we have the process perfected then we will update it here; it could be a month or 6 as the keymasters serve the brotherhoods as you can well imagine; in the meantime learn the process because we will need many on board to help the public to discharge debts; blessings, bt

    1. Greetings J1, we are unfortunately too busy with national trusts right now; however, you can do it yourself and it is best to learn to govern yourself so download everything, read and learn and ask as you go; thank you.

  3. I do have loan from before i discovered giftoftruth. I have started with all forms and documents to print but regarding trust, as i dont have belongings now to safeguard as single mother, how do i go with the loan? Do i just stop paying and is there risk they trap me and jail… I cant take such risk so im asking in advance. Because my son then have to go where? Im never going to hand him to those evil. So yes i have to be very careful but im already battling and not finding work either so i rather pay my rent then their never ending loans. Please advise regarding safetly moving on

    1. Hi Dessi, please email us at to assist you;
      You cannot go to jail for not paying a loan; in fact the loan was already paid within 5 days from when you made the loan; they sold the original loan agreement on to a third party and claimed the money from your strawman account held in the national revenue fund and the treasury minister of finance is your banker; it’s all fraudulent so start by asking questions; such as 10 questions to ask your bank;

  4. I also am unable to open the downloads for the templet and steps document for the express trusts. Please advice what may be the reason they dont open.

  5. I have completed the Emancipation process, and sent by registered mail etc.

    I am now commencing on the Trust…

    I want to put my niece as a Trustee, but she has emancipated yet, can I?
    My daughter is turning 21 next month and she too hasn’t emancipated, I want to put her as a beneficiary of the Trust, can I?

    I have noticed the Trust Template uses small letters names, if the people I want to include haven’t emancipated, do I use their normal names?

    About the Trust Bank Account, how do I open it? I want to use the Trust to administer all my affairs.

    1. Good question, it is preferable that they emancipate even if it is at a later date;

      You can use lower case or Sentence Case for their names; just not ALL CAPS; good luck;

      1. Thank you for the reply. It has been helpful in my drafting of the Family Express Trust. I however before moving on have the following further questions:

        1. As already alluded, my only daughter is not yet 21. As a beneficiary of the Trust must she also sign the Trust Document in that capacity of beneficiary being not of age?

        2. I am setting up the Trust as a Generational Family Trust which will benefit other children in the broader extended families and have included an Addendum listing primary beneficiaries etc. Now, must they too sign the Trust Document? Won’t this make the document unnecessarily long with many signatures?

        3. I have identified and selected 3 other people to be co-trustees with me. Can’t only me and the other identified Trustees be the ones signing the Trust Document? I am the only donor.

        3. How do I Capitalize the Trust? Do I need to capitalize the Trust? How do I then achieve the primary purpose and objectives as set out by myself in the Trust Document if the Trust needs not Capitalization? My primary purpose and objectives for the Trust, over above the standard ones are: To pay for Tertiary Education etc, to assist listed beneficiaries with Entrepreneurial Support, Education & Funding, and lastly to ensure Health and General Wellness of the listed beneficiaries. Myself and my daughter are the primary beneficiaries with the rest of the listed beneficiaries being extended beneficiaries as outlined in the Addendum.

        4. I own shares in two International Co’s and intend to donate some of those interests for the Capitalization of the Trust. Can I do that? And how?

        5. I am a published author and also publishing other writers. Can I also donate my future Royalties from sales etc into this Trust? How?

        6. If no Capitalization is needed, will I therefore be able to pay for the objective of the Trust through the Bills of Exchange process linked to my Estate Trust currently held by this de facto’ CORPORATION GOVERNMENT?

        Lastly, how do I open a Bank Acc for this Express Trust? Can I do it with any of these FIAT Banks or must I wait for your developments regarding this matter?

      2. 3. You can invest proceeds of the trust; my advice would be to buy silver from dmxbullion in this looming federal reserve ponzi scheme crisis.

      3. 6. No, they are not going to effect payment in this re-organization bankruptcy we are going through; it is clear the UN is taking over on a municipal level and they have their own clearing house; aparently Pravin is going to work for them; he is mr bills of exchange; if you know him then please set up a meeting so we can discuss this with him; but go about it very quietly for your own safety; the national treasury is bankrupt;

      4. Nothing stops you from opening an account with the fiat banks; FNB will be the last bank to close because they are the managers for RSA Inc. but keep fiat to a minimum; slowky stockpile cash if you can and hide it under your mattress 🙂

  6. Good evening bt,I do have a house and still paying bond for it.What documents should I attach when creating a family Express Trust.

  7. Good evening bt,I do have a house and still paying bond for it.What documents should I attach when creating a family Express Trust?

  8. Hi bt, I get a message “video not available in this country”, what’s the video title, can I search for it elsewhere?

      1. Hi Mitch, it was of a British hairdresser who stood under her common law rights when agents tried to shut her shop down; will delete it; can’t remember if it was on bitchute or one of the alt sites; sorry.

  9. Hi, I would like some help with regards to dual citizenship.

    I was born in Germany and therefore have a German Birth Certificate but I grew up in South Africa and automatically became a South African Citizen when I turned 16.

    Do I emanicapate from South Africa or Germany or both?

    What happens to my residence permit for South Africa since I was not born here or is all of that irrelevant as a Sovereign Living individual? In other words, does the country of our birth have anything to do with creating Express Trust and the right to live on the land?

    1. Hi Petra, good question; at common law we occupy reality and deal with facts, not fiction; therefore, one cannot occupy more than once space in reality; wo/man can serve two masters…
      So, you must choose; either you are a German or South African, not both;
      A birth certificate is in fact merely a securities instrument that’s why when one relocates to another country you must transfer an un-abridged BC so that that country can use your Trade Name as collateral.
      So, it’s best do do away with one; hope this helps;

  10. Good Day, I notice on the Emancipation forms that only the married name of Mary Doe is in red. Am I also supposed to include my maiden name surname in the documents and how would that look like as an example?

    1. If I understand correct: If the template needs your maiden name, it will be shown in () bracket after your name (born deer) or (nee deer). Fill it in EXACTLY as in red example in template.

  11. Good Day, still so grateful for finding your website!
    Question: ok, so I did the emancipation process to the master of the high court and am deregistered from the voter roll. Now I need to get my two properties for which I have the registered title deeds, Reconveyanced, in order to re-venue it to the land.
    Is the only way to do that to have a Express Trust?
    Usually to transfer property from one party to another attorneys ask quite a big sum and then the title deed gets changed to show the new name. Are we doing two things at once with this Reconveyance template, to ask for the property to be transferred from your name to the Trusts name and also to re-venue it from the sea to the land where it will be safe from potential expropriators?
    I am not 100% clear on this. Please help.

    1. Hi Yolande, life is like a game of Monopoly; and you need a vehicle to move through the game; so, the three main vehicles used are Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts; now, all three are “sea” vessels except for express and testamentary trusts which are land vehicles; it does not cost a lot to reconvey a property to your trust;
      Feel free to join the weekly zoom classes and get your questions answered there in depth on how to do it; Contact

      Note: we are short on volunteers so sometimes you may have to wait for a response; otherwise jump in and help.

  12. Thanks again for everything your doing for your fellow humans.

    I have some more questions please:
    1. on your deed template, mary jane is donor and not Trustee. Can she also be Trustee?
    2. Could mary jane (the donor) also be a beneficiary on the Express Trust Deed?
    3. If some of the beneficiaries on the Trust Deed is a minor, how would one show that differently?
    4. I recall something (I may have heard wrong so please excuse my ignorance) about property to be purchased into the Express Trust with gold or silver which has real value (not fiat) ideally. Is that correct? If so, how would that the show with regards to purchase value on the new Title Deed to be issued by the property registration offices, if there is only a gold and not a monetary value associated with the purchase into the Express Trust’s name?
    5. Once I completed the Family Express Trust Deed, where do I send it to t9 register the Trust?
    6. With regards to Bill of exchange (settling debts with your strawman trust account), when can this happen? Can I assume if I sent in my emancipation forms that I am not emancipated and can start using this method to settle debts or is there another step in between necessary first?
    7. With regards to the letter to Min of Finance, I was thinking that my ancestors passed over without using their strawman trust funds. Since I am the only one in my family that were lost at sea now declared found, surely there should be a way to transfer their strawman account funds to mine also? If so, how do we claim that? (Process)

    1. 1 and 2. We do not wish to create alter egos; where one is donor, trustee and beneficiary; best is to keep it three separate people; naturally, as children we are beneficiaries, as adults trustees and as elders we are donors; so the Trust can give you maintenance, for example; or pay you for helping to run it;

      3. for a minor add “or the guardian of the beneficiary”;

      4. The donor merely makes a gift; gold and silver is real money; traditionally stamps were used to reconvey documents; however, do not look too deep down the rabbit hole Alice; everything has been pre-paid; you are the creditor; you are merely correcting their mistakes; no need to pay again; the donor’s gift is enough;

      5. File it with the Master of the High Court;

      6. You will first have to learn how to do Bills of Exchange; and what their limitations are; email to add you to the mailing list for BOE classes;

      7. Under a lawful government the public funds of the State Nationals automatically accrues to the public funds – the National Revenue Fund as Trust capital for state admin and maintenance etc.; your ancestors private funds they leave to you in a will;

  13. 8. And one more question, can there be only one trustee, or do there need to be more than one (i.e. mary jane is donor, only trustee and then the beneficiaries are seperate family members). Could that work?
    9. Can I include a clause in the Trust Deed that the Trustee/s can at any time if they agree on it change the Trust Deed. How would that work then?

    1. 9. A trust is an obligation by the Trustees to do the will of the Donor. And the purpose of the Trust is to benefit the beneficiaries; give the Trustees too much powers and the Trust could fail. Use your discretion.

  14. Thanks so much for clarifying on the above.

    Please confirm if I have the stwps right here.
    1. Complete Express Trust Deed as per Template amd only show donation of some silver or gold from Donor in the Trust Deed.
    2. Complete all the forms and the Deed as per the requirement on this website
    2. Pay the R250 and EFT it to the relevant bank account of the Master. Include proof of payments with docs in step 1.
    3. Post the Documents with registered post to the same Master of High Court address we used for emancipation letters. No cover letter necessary, only forms.
    4. Wait for the Master to let you know the Trust is registered? How will I know?
    5. Once the Trust is registered and there is a Trust number, arrange a meeting between the Trustees or Trustee and Donor, that needs to be Minuted per example shared tonight, that property will be boughts over from the Trustee for an amount of 1 silver coin into the Trust.
    6. Now what? Property now to be reconveyed? Registered under new name? What is the steps at this point to get the property officially into the Trust and what do we do with the minutes?

    1. Hi Yolande, believe it or not you are the first to do the process yourself; this is great because it gives us a chance to fill in the gaps;

      So, yes 1 to 6 is correct; however, we deem our money as lawful so you can use R100 note;

      There are e-forms to download and complete from the Master’s Office:

      The following e-forms need to be completed; The Master’s Office refer to them as J-forms

      You as Trustee/Founder will be required to fill in the following J-Form:

      The Trust’s auditor/accountant will be required to fill in the following J-Form:

      And complete a SWORN AFFIDAVIT BY INDEPENDENT TRUSTEE and have a commissioner of oaths affirmations certify it.

      The Trustees will be required to fill in the following J-Form:

      And the beneficiaries listed in the following J-Form:

      Notice in the Section “FOR OFFICE USE ONLY” the parts that are mandatory so make sure all those things are done.

      Will update the Express Trust Steps and an FAQs in the next day or three;

  15. To help others with deregistration as voters process, let me share my experience.
    It was so simple.
    I checked and saw I was registeted.
    Then I phoned the IEC in our area and asked to speak to the person doing deregistrations.
    They said he was on lunch, but took my number.
    Soon afterwards he phoned back.
    I asked for his email and he happily shared it.
    I took the form and only signed it. I scanned and emailed back.
    Within the next 20 minutes he emailed back with proof it was done.
    I checked to confirm myself and saw I was indeed not registeted anymore.
    It was really not a big deal.

    1. Hi Yolande, thank you for sharing this; apparently they now have new voter de-registration forms and it’s simple;

      This is only due to our actions after they tried to remove voter de-registration in 2016 and claim “one can only be removed upon death…” We informed them that it is proof of slavery;

  16. You mentioned something briefly also, that as an alternative to all of the steps mentioned above, in creating an Express Trust, and then buying my property into the Trust, I could simply transfer the property into my own name (because apparently even though it appears to be registered under my name, somehow the goverment still have claim over it even if it is not mortgaged). How would that then work? Seems like a much simpler process.

  17. Good Day, the more I think about this, the more I fail to see exactly why an Express Trust is necessary to safeguard your fixed property once one has already gone through the emancipation process?
    Because now your strawman is the Trust, and the Trust mos now belong to you, so if the property is on my name and I am emancipated it is surely the same as already having it redeemed from sea to land?
    To be double sure, surely one should be able to complete the reconveyance Deed on the current title deed number even if one do not have a Trust account,?
    Why is it necessary to first have an Express Trust before jumping to the Reconveyance step?

      1. Thank you. However the template provided to file a Notice in the Legal Notices section of a regional newspaper for 5 days is not really suitable for individuals. It had beeb prepared for Trusts. I will have to improvise it a little then. Hope I am not making a mess of it 😊

  18. Good day to all. Wow, Yolande thanks for asking all those questions, as i was going to have similar questions! 🙂 This is all daunting, and am also in the process of setting up our express trust set up too 🙂

    1) There are changes to the template from last year to the current one – which one is should i use?
    2) What does the “income beneficiary” specifically refer to in the index?
    2) For the submittal of this express trust to the High Court – is this the same paperwork of a Inter-Vivos trust (form J401)?
    3) If there is still a bond registered against property, how does this get shown in this trust and I assume this can be changed in the trust once it is 100% paid up (hopefully by Bills of Exchange)?
    4) Minors – how do i indicate in the expess trust that my child is my property?

    1. Hi Elanie,
      1) Always use the most recent template; check the dates;
      2) an income beneficiary gets a portion of the Trust’s monthly income;
      Capital beneficiaries get Trust Capital when that gets sols for example;
      Land beneficiaries have right to land;
      a beneficiary can be any or all of the above; specify, if necessary.
      2) Yes, read the earlier reply to Yolande;
      3) Forget about bonds for a moment; you do not owe anything; possession is nine-tenths of the law and the 10% is your paperwork; their paperwork is fake and fraudulent; you have to understand the fiat currency system we live under; it is a debt system of IOUs; no full settlement or payment of anything payment can be done; read the Bills of Exchange page, End the Fed page and Banking page then you will know. the truth; and the truth will set you free…

  19. Another question: The notice in a local newspaper (per template, improvised for individuals not Express Trust), that needs to be included for 5 days…does that mean then 5 weeks, if the town’s local newspaper only runs once a week? Why 5 days and not just once? What is the objective.

    1. Run it in a regional paper for 5 days; that is a commercial requirement and legal requirement; maybe one day when there is a common law dispute on the matter it could be 30 days as in the States;
      Don’t look too deep into the looking glass, Alice or you may end up like the mad hatter…. we want to simplify not complicate things;

  20. Hi, i’ve had a non interest baring account, under my fictitious name, for some time now.
    Have just received my Express Trust and would like to transfer it into the trust as the trust account.
    How do i do that pls.

    Thank you for all that you are doing for us….. For me actually.
    Warm regards

    1. Hi Zelma, you add it as an Addendum to your Trust and file the Addendum with a J417 Form at the Master’s Office; make sure to add the Addendum to the Index of the Trust too; so add that page too. Check the latest Trust and Addendum templates.

  21. Oh my goodness i forgot to ask, is it possible for both my children’s bank accounts to be transfer into our trust even though they are regular accounts?

      1. As per above I would also like get the link to the recorded zoom sessions
        by Karen.

    1. From Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition:
      ADDENDUM. A thing that is added or to be added; a list or section consisting of added material.
      Funny that “Annexure” is not a legal word, however:
      ANNEX. Derived from the Latin “annectere,”
      meaning to tie or bind to. To attach, and often, specifically, to subjoin. In re Annexation to City of Easton of Tract of Land in Williams Tp., Northampton County, 139 Pa.Super. 146, 11 A.2d 662, 664. To add to; to unite. The word expresses the idea of joining a smaller or subordinate thing with another, larger, or of higher importance.
      Waterbury Lumber & Coal Co. v. Osterchinsky, 87 Conn. 316, 87 A. 739, 740, Ann.Cas. 1916B, 613.
      To consolidate, as school districts. Evans v. Hurlburt, 117 Or. 274, 243 P. 553, 554.
      To make an integral part of something larger.
      It implies physical connection or physically joined to, yet physical connection may be dispensed with, and things may be annexed without being in actual contact, when
      reasonably practicable. Elliott Common School Dist. No. 48 v. County Board of School Trustees, Tex.Civ.App., 76 S. W.2d 786, 789.
      In the law relating to fixtures, the expression “annexed to the freehold” means fastened to or connected with it; mere juxtaposition, or the laying of an object, however heavy, on the freehold, does not amount to annexation. Merritt v. Judd, 14 Cal. 64.

      1. Does this imply that with an addendum one is adding to, including and absorbing into the existing entity and with annex ‘ing, that which is being annexed still operates with its own vision, autonomously from yet with the protection of that which it is annexed too?

        For example, my sons various banking accounts are being revenue into the Express Trust, he is on the fence about emancipating, but is part of, as trustee, of my family express trust, will that then rather be an annex than an addendum pls?

  22. QUESTION: My husband and I have a discretionary Trust via which we do business. Clearly we need to establish an Express Trust – am in the process of doing the paperwork. Can we “cede” ownership of this current Trust and the assets in it to the new Express Trust? In other words, can we make the Express Trust the owner of the existing Trust? Just looking for ways to keep things simple…. Thinking about it, there is an independent Trustee (a non-practising attorney) and an independent Donor who established the Trust for us – perhaps it is wise to rather get rid of that entire structure and transfer the asset (a motor vehicle) from the existing into the new Express Trust? Please advise

  23. Good Day,
    I have opened up an express trust in common law and also own a PTY which I have learnt I can sell my shares into the trust.
    Running as a PTY is now seeming completely out of line with our values and sovereign way of life.
    Is it possible to shut down the PTY and have our restaurant running completely in the trust?
    If so, how would I do this?
    Thank you

    1. Hi KC, kindly contact to add you to the express trust zoom classes to assist you with the practicalities of what you intend. There is a few ways to do it;

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