Express Trusts

So, you know what your rights are and what law is; and, now you are seeking a way to protect your buildings, land, tenements and private property; now, as Judge Anna says, you already have a Trust; so, one can continue straight to the Emancipation page and just complete that redemption process;

However, South Africa is closer to English Common Law than American Common Law is to it; and, it is a principle of law that:

  • Everything is dissolved by the same means by which it is put together, — destroyed by the same means by which it is established.

So, a common law express trust makes sense; especially for communities and families declaring self-determination, self-governance and sovereignty;    

And, the Express Trust process also worked the one time that it was used to protect a widow, the late Aunty Karen, in a deceased estate from the banksters;

If, one is serious then do take the time to learn what express trusts are; sadly, this is a topic that the late Johan Joubert never got to; this page is in his memory; 



Before one can make use of this educational material one must be able to comprehend the difference between the ENACTED law-of-the-sea and the UN-ENACTED law-of-the-land; and, that the purpose of an express trust is to move property from the jurisdiction of the ‘sea’ back to the land jurisdiction;

Law-of-the-sea is merely commercial contracts between legal fictions; this enables ships on international waters to freely trade under neutral flags and flags of convenience even though they may be enemies;

And, un-enacted law-of-the-land is the common and customary law and lore of we, the people: maxims, proverbs, stories with morals, Holy Scriptures, Sacred Teachings;  and, so on, each local self-determining community according to their own and or adopted customs, lore and traditions;

For Southern Africa, the most important law-of-the-land is:

  • 1955 Freedom Charter;
  • 1994 Reconstruction & Development Programme Policy Framework;
  • Parts of the ORIGINAL Bill of Rights;


Over the last 500 years these sea laws have slowly, but steadily crept onto the lands of all countries under color of law, employing semantic deceit hidden in the definitions and legal jargon (Legalese)  as the tool to garner a semblance of consent; and, thereby establishing imperial sea courts and sea-rules on the land; and, law-of-the-land was almost abandoned, until now;

Thomas Jefferson said it best in the following quote:


So, in order to profit off of the people and their lands, the sea merchants created fictional paper copies of everything on the land – the people, their property, lands, minerals, resources, everything; it was all turned into proverbial cargo; and ceded to the imperial feudal system;

Then the imperialists got really brazen, they made treaties with the locals using false words to make the sea lords the “parents” and the locals the children and thereby “subject” to their new “parents” who enforced slavery rules on their “adopted” “children” and “punish” them when they do not abide by the feudal law-of-the-sea of the sea lords in their sea courts; and, which is in fact all just a diabolical front for military law under a state of permanent war; and, which is enforced by force of law;

To know what law really is then read the What Is Law? page;

Today, everyone is under the same yoke of bondage of this global imperial feudal system; and, everyone is paying “protection” fees such as customs, duties, fines, levies, taxes; because the 99% are “enemies-in-the-field”, conquered peoples; and, it is all just a front to plunder sovereign peoples; and, which all still ends up in the coffers of the same kings, merchants and priesthood that have waxed rich since the nations of the compass set sail during the infamous “Age of Discovery“, in truth an age of tyranny; 

For example, ‘government'[a corporation in disguise] cons your mother into “registering” [making you a ward of THE STATE; granting ownership to THE CROWN] a “berth” certificate, a bill of laden, a slave bond, a strawman trust account, a corporation, a ship in commerce using your Name, but in ALL CAPITALS, thereby creating a ‘person’ a legal fiction entity; this is done under licence of CITY OF LONDON, ROME and WASHINGTON D.C. the seat of the New World Order; according to the “sea lords”, a bill of laden is filed with the “harbour master” [Master of High/Supreme court of the sea – on our land] and after a number of years your ‘person’ is declared “missing at sea” [under cestui-qui-vie rules] and re-claimed as abandoned “wreckage” under maritime salvage laws;

Annexure – Ces tui Qui Trust

Then your strawman trust is claimed as “abandoned” and “re-venued” as an “asset” (aka insolvent “debtor”) into the RSA INC. National Re-venue Fund; where it is used as “collateral” to make fake “loans” from the IMF in a global Ponzi scheme known as the Federal Reserve Banking system;  

THEN, when you are of age, the birth certificate is the so-called pre-existing contract upon which all fraudulent claims are levied against you; by deceit you are deceitfully press-ganged into accepting that NAME as your own;

We live in a literal cult of personality wherein we all act as fictions with no rights so other fictions can dictate and enslave and rob the earth and 99% of it’s people; read:

with an IDENTITY document; and, now you as the living creditor is held as  surety for an insolvent debtor in a deceitful bait and switch scam; no different from finding peas under a cup; by their own rules this amounts to nothing less than barratry, piracy, personage, press-ganging and numerous treasonable actions;



Trusts – Anna von Reitz

What Judge Anna von Reitz has to say on trusts; the story of how we were sold down the river is much the same for every country; read, download and save the pdfs;


Full Court Press for The Historic Trusts – Anna von Reitz

The assets of the world are largely owned by Historic Trusts— vast holdings of … investments. Still others result from court settlements and land trust investments.


Introduction – Anna von Reitz

These wrongs have been visited upon us in the international jurisdiction of the sea as a result of gross breach of trust by our international Trustee in that …


Is this how the world is really run – Anna von Reitz

18 Jul 2014 … The United States Trust (1789) recognizing the Breach of Trust and the … Rule of Law, and to make correction for a grave Breach of Trust that …


Payment in Full Tendered for All Debts of the … – Anna von Reitz

Trust as well as The United States Trust 1779. We further authorize the settlement of any and all debts we may actually owe to other nations which may have …


Public Notice – Buyer beware – Anna von Reitz


The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of Trusts

The Ancient Language of Our Kind and the Web of Trusts. The ancient language you are heir to is mathematics. The letters (and the sounds we translate them …


The Misuse of Trusts – Anna von Reitz

Trusts have been used since Roman times as a means of transferring and preserving property. The word “trust” comes  …


The Role of the Trustee…Members of Congress – Anna von Reitz

14 Aug 2014 … As a result of the Revolutionary War, the Pope created a new National Trust out of the assets of all the former. Colonies. This new trust was …


Trust No-Thing by Anna von Reitz

So if you were stuck having to designate a trust or otherwise encumbered, you can just use your Upper and Lower Case Trade Name—–but all this gives rise to  …


Trusts or No Trusts – How they should work, and … – Anna von Reitz

By definition, a “trust” involves trusting someone or something to take …


What are Express Trusts?

In order to correct the presumption and to “re-venue” all property back onto the land, one requires a vehicle  on the land jurisdiction; an express trust is the wagon to cart your goods safely from the harbour and seashore as far inland as you can go; hear what an expert attorney has to say on the matter:

Annexure – Trustees in Commerce – A Way of Life

An express trust is a superior form and manner of commerce as opposed to corporations and partnerships; the best vehicle for self-determining peoples to protect their lands and maintain their autonomous jurisdiction; it’s all about jurisdiction; a very important 1910 report from an expert :


Express trusts are:

  • a shield against rogue corporations;
  • the proper form for republican forms of government [one wherein the people are sovereign] as governance is a trust relationship between the 99% and their public servants;
  • easily regulated by the appropriate anti-trust laws;
  • the perfect tool for sovereign communities seeking self-determination;

We were awoken to express trusts by the South African pioneer, the late Johan Joubert; and, even though we never met, he is with us in the spirit; thank you, Johan for showing us the way;


Express Trust Manual

This manual needs to be updated and merged with the Emancipation process;


The UZA manual on the framework for Express Trusts as opposed to CORPORATIONS or PARTNERSHIPS and as a vehicle to re-venue, re-purpose or re-claim private  property and or collateral of your family or community or country and to adapt to suit your needs;

NB: THIS IS NOT A UCC MONTETISING SCAM; this is your title, your armour against invasion;

GOTU – ExpressTrusts Manual V5


Giftoftruth Express Trust:

The Giftoftruth Express Trust was developed for Charitable purposes. Feel free to make use of these documents (but remove our banners, flags and seal) and make your own amendments; this is a universally adapted redemption process; however, specifically tailored for Southern Africa;

2015 GOTU Express Trust package template

As part of the package remember to print and add the financing statement:

2015 UCC Doc # 2013031779



Further Reading:

Annexure – The Nature of the Private Express Trust

Annexure – Definitions of Money and property held in Trust.


On Trusts – RSA Specific:


Treasury Regulations – for departments, constitutional institutions and public entities



If you have any questions please do post them in the comments box below and we will answer them in due course;

Sincerely, administrator – UZA

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