What does “emancipation” mean? Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition defines “emancipation” as: 

EMANCIPATION. The act by which one who was unfree, or under the power and control of another, is rendered free, or set at liberty and made his own master. Town of Plainville v. Town of Milford, 119 Conn. 380, 177 A. 138, 140. Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition.

Right now, we are under power and control of corporations fronting as lawful “government” which are merely franchises and subdivisions of the UN CORP one world government fomented by the global elites operating from behind the corporate veil and using us as modern day slaves;

The process has also been described as “redemption” and “expatriation”; first and foremost it is to “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” as Bob Marley sang in Redemption Song; here in 528Hz


If one has any questions regarding words or phrases then download a Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition for the best legal definitions;


The process used to declare you as South Africans in possession of your non-political birthright status has been adapted from fifty years of study and work done by thousands of Americans, especially Anna Von Reitz, and from the efforts of our own South African pioneers, Johan Joubert, Stephen Goodson, Nick Milaris and others.

The process and paperwork used is dictated by International Law as well as The Law of War and Occupation, The Geneva Conventions, and International Public Records Law. Refer to: http://annavonreitz.com/notmyprocess.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

For a detailed explanation and answers to frequently asked questions download and read the following:

Emancipation FAQs – 2022.06.10

Cestui Que Vie Trust – Your birth certificate is a slave contract with Rome


Emancipation Steps

Please first read the Private Emancipation Steps carefully. If, you have any questions then kindly post them at the bottom of this page so others can learn. Don’t call or email us please.

Make sure you remove your name from the IEC voter’s roll; go to https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/voter-deregistration/ 

1. Private Emancipation Steps – 2022.05.25

1. Recording Cover Sheet – High Court – 2022.07.16

1. Recording Cover Sheet – SARS – 2022.07.16

1. Recording Cover Sheet – Treasury – 2022.07.16

2. Deed of Reconveyance – 2022.05.25

3. Certificate of Assumed Name – 2022.05.25

4. Act of Expatriation – 2022.05.25

5. Cancellation of POA – 2022.05.25

6. Claim of Life and Estate – 2022.05.25

7. Mandatory Notice – 2022.05.25

8. Baby Deed of Land Recording – 2022.08.03

The next step is to begin defending yourself from corporate raiders wanting to seize your children, property or force vaccinations on you; see Covid Notices below;

So, download, complete and print the Private Property Notice; laminate it or print it on corex or other weatherproof manner and attach it to your gate;

SAR Private Property Notice – 2022.05.24

Create a family flag and place it into your notices;

If, you have a home or farm we recommend you consider establishing a family trust; read the Express Trusts page;


SAR State Expatriation

The following are the Founding Document templates for the Indigenous States and Free Republics to expatriate from RSA Inc. back to the organic unincorporated South African Republic and SAR Express Trust: each State will review and make their own amendments as they see fit; note that this has not happened yet;

1. SAR Declaration of Intent – 2022.05.13

2. SAR Declaration of Independence – 2022.04.28

3. SAR Bill of Rights – 2022.04.28

4. SAR Settlement Covenant – 2022.05.15

5. SAR Sovereign Letters Patent – 2022.04.28

6. Declaration of Law 1 – 2022.04.28

7. Declaration of Allodial Land 2 – 2022.04.28

8. SAR International Peace Proclamation – 2022.04.18

9. Statement of Probable Cause – 2022.04.28


National Recording Office

Feel free to make use of our National Recording Office to record any and all documents; and, to direct you  to common law experts in Accounting, Taxes, Trusts and filings;

Contact us at sajuralassembly@gmail.com for help;


Public Notices to RSA Inc.

To all COURTS OF SA: Mandamus to COURTS OF SA – 2021.10.12

Public Notice & Order to IEC – 2021.11.04

Notice to the President of RSA Inc.- 2021.11.07

SA Cease & Desist Order to the UN – 2021.11.23

Notice & Order to the SANDF – 2021.12.07

Notice & Order to SAPS – 2021.12.13

Notice & Cease & Desist Order to World Bank & SA National Treasury – 2022.02.01

Notice & Order to WHO & SA Health – 2022.02.11

Notice & Order to WHO & SA Health – 2022.02.11


Covid Notices

Download and keep the following Notice handy when unwanted pirates try to con-tract you:

Notice of Understanding & Claim of Right & Intent – 2021.08.09

Notice of Non-Consent – 2021.12.16

Conditional Acceptance of COVID Vaccine Injection

Notice regarding Covid 2021.09.01

Conditional Acceptance Re Vaccination 2021.09.03

Notice of Dismissal Magistrate’s Court Template – 2022.02.06


SAPS Notices

A Notice to stop SAPS harassing the homeless:

SAPS Bill of Rights Notice – 2021.10.08

Exercising your rights:

SAPS Bill of Rights Notice 2 – 2021.10.10


If, you have any further questions ask in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this page.



Donations for SA Jural Assembly can be made to:

Global Reboot NPO

Account Details – Mercantile Bank
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 1051095603
Branch Name: George
Branch Code: 450105

Reference – SA Jural Assembly

Kindly notify us when a donation has been made at sajuralassembly@gmail.com

125 thoughts on “Emancipation

  1. Thanks.
    1) are you aware of anyone getting a reply from government once they’ve sent their emancipation documents?
    2) once I’ve sent my emancipation documents as per templates I got from giftoftruth, does it mean ; I now have copyright over my name?
    3) is a simple sign on my gate saying “private property ” enough to help people inner stand, that they’re leaving the corporate into the private by entering “my ” land?

    1. Hi Kav,
      1) on occasion the Master has tried to palm the emancipation documents off onto their lawyers to return it to the sender; in that case tell them to send it back to the Master; otherwise they will never engage because they have then contracted;
      2) yes, you now own your name and can vacate the Master, Minister of Finance or SARS Commissioner from assuming “trusteeship”;
      3) best to put up this one: https://giftoftruth.files.wordpress.com/2022/05/sar-private-property-notice-2022.05.24.doc
      next the best is to join the common law classes to improve your learning; next class on emancipation is saturday the 8th October;

  2. By the way, if I have emancipated, and now witnessing the Emancipation document of another people, on (Full Names) space, do put my names is all small letters or with first Capital letter? John Sam Doe / john sam doe / or my new self-given sovereign common man name: boitumelo chiloane wa` mmolotsi (matching the one on my autograph)?

      1. Thank you.

        Can a people having not emancipated endorse a bill through Bills of Exchange? Or only emancipated people can?

        I have previously asked about this. Why can’t we a specific Emancipation Notice addressed to maybe the Minster or the SAPS Commissioner for us to keep together with the others. My reason is that the SAPS and Metro Police are the most problematic and the most likely to bother us out there. They are the most ignorant, arrogant and stupid agents of this system we are likely to encounter the most. We need more protection from SAPS and Metro Police out there. They think they own us and let’s be real here, they pose the most danger with the stupid power they think they have over us… Please consider just one page additional Notice to SAPS for Emancipation…


  3. Thank you for considering the SAPS Emancipation Notice, it is very critical.

    But you forgot to answer about whether only the emancipated can endorse a Bill or not. Thank you.

    1. Ayone can indorse a bill; it is Law Merchant; the problem is the whole system is being collapsed and re-venued again since 2015; we are seeing the not-so-great reset unfolding; in two weeks we will do a class on BOE so do join;

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