This is how it is meant to be — We the living souls aka people stand on the land jurisdiction of the Southern Africa land and we are the Lawful Heirs, Entitlement Holders, First Copyright Holders, Priority Claimants and Beneficiaries of all estates, Estates, ESTATES, public transmitting utilities held in our given names and the equal shareholders of the wealth of our country.

HOWEVER, in the fraudulent  1910 Bankruptcy of the UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA INCORPORATED the BANK OF ENGLAND, CITY OF LONDON, H.M. THE CROWN and HOLY SEE made false claims of abandonment and fake claims as Secondary Creditors and defrauding our ancestors, the Priority Creditors in the process. Upon settlement of the bankruptcy, the secondary creditors knowingly received gold and other assets belonging to the Priority Creditors— who are and who have always been we the “free independent sovereign people living on the land Southern Africa” and our unincorporated South Africa Union, now South African Republic.

The gold reserves contained in the Global Debt Facility and other accounts administered by the World Bank-IBRD and International Monetary Fund-IMF known as the “Infinity Accounts” were obtained mostly as a result of illegal confiscations of privately held gold and other minerals belonging to the people of Southern Africa, followed by the identity theft of our Names and Estates, falsification of our political status records and fiduciary trust fraud.

The gold and other assets such as credit and titles to land together with reasonable interest is owed as an inheritance to the living people and their unincorporated organic states from which the gold and mineral wealth was obtained.

There is no Constitutional authority allowing for any officials or agents to receive assets in behalf of the living people and their unincorporated states. Also, there is no agreement by the lawful beneficiaries allowing the World Bank/IBRD/IMF to use our gold to pay for, buy back, or otherwise collateralize credit, Federal Reserve Notes, South African Rands, or any other fiat private bank script.

Also, false claims of Abandonment were made to benefit the Secondary Creditors upon debts that Rhodes, Milner, Rothschild and everyone else associated with the World Bank has cause to know are fraudulent and have been fraudulent ever since 1828 with the first Bar court rulings.

Further, there is no such thing as a lawful government. The insolvent RSA INC. is run by the IMF as an agency of the UN Corporation These agencies believe that the purchase of a bankrupt governmental services corporation entitles them to tell our Generals what to do when in fact it is the people who comprise the actual government of the un-incorporated organic South African Republic.

Fact trumps fiction. The principal trumps the agent. The landlord trumps the representative. The creator trumps the created.

We, the free sovereign and independent people are the government of the South Africa Republic; all governmental services corporations and public servants engaged in providing such services are at best agents in our employ similar to an Estate Manager or Operations Overseer. Let the record show that we have never been bankrupt or insolvent and haven’t gone to war.

It should also be abundantly apparent that the mismanagement, odious debts, and criminal acts perpetuated by our hirelings in no way reflect upon us and constitutes no valid claim against us nor any valid claim against our assets public or private. These governmental services corporations and the banks responsible for running them are separate entities responsible for their own business decisions; their only business with respect to us is to faithfully provide explicitly described and enumerated “essential government services”.

Despite the Geneva Conventions which outlawed slavery and peonage worldwide in 1926, and the Kellog-Briand Pact which outlawed war in 1928, a fraud scheme using deceptively similar names to promote false claims against and control over the people was executed via the creation of Foreign Situs Trusts that were named after living people, presumed to be doing business under names of identical style, e.g., “Mary Jane Doe” and registered as “MARY JANE DOE”, as a franchise of the bankrupt governmental services corporations.

These civilly dead and bankrupted personas were then systematically used to promote personage, barratry, conversion, mis-characterization, misrepresentation and other deceits and frauds against the living victims and used to remove them from their birthright status on the land to a foreign international status in the jurisdiction of the sea — effectively press-ganging people and their assets in contravention of international law standing since the Napoleonic Era.

Claims and charges made against “MARY JANE DOE” a Foreign Situs Trust owned and operated by the “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, INC.” franchise are unidentifiable from any similar claims and charges made against a living woman lawfully using the name “Mary Jane Doe” . Left unaware of this deceit and fraud, hundreds of millions of people pay debts they never owe. The Foreign Situs Trusts were used as siphons to suck the substance from their labour and their resources under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit and used to set up the institutionalized fraud scheme known as the “Federal Reserve System”.

The Federal Reserve System seized upon the names, labor, private assets and public assets of every country and holds its citizens as “presumed sureties” supposedly standing good for the bankrupted governmental services corporation doing business as the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, INC and other franchises. The banks used these assets as collateral to back the debts of the bankrupt service company.

This fraud scheme has involved both bankruptcy and probate fraud on a massive scale and has been carried out by private business enterprises such as members of the Bar legal system, central banks, national treasury, receiver of revenue services, municipalities, traffic department, you name it; almost every “services provider” that bills you. Those bills are money in disguise. They trade the original money bills on for many times the value on the bills in the fractional reserve banking system. At every level it is multiplied up by ten times. More on money bill fraud later.

These undeclared foreign agents have operated under colour of law for decades. The Bar Members use law-of-the-sea on our land and in open violation of international law, being way beyond the 200 nautical mile limit for sovereign states, dis-allowing their presence on our soil. These Bar Associations have misrepresented themselves as harmless professional service organizations while operating private bill collection agencies disguised as public courts — all without licence, proper identification or consent.

The Revenue Services has operated in a similarly lawless and clandestine manner. Employees have misrepresented themselves as part of our lawful government when in fact they have been totally independent private bill collectors operating as privateers on our shores and routinely committing fraud and inland piracy against nationals.

The IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES INC., RSA INC. and its franchises took up the active business of providing governmental services without consent, knowledge, or permission of the victims of this fraud scheme, and began charging their fees against the victim’s aggregate collateral, too. They and their agencies then also sent bills to the living people, giving the false impression that the living people were responsible for payment of corporate franchise debts. The truth is that the entire payment system is PRE-PAID. There is no debt. They have already been paid by trading on the original money bills they issued.

Together, the colluding bank-run governmental services corporations—one bankrupt, one active— were effectively double-dipping. Charges against the Republic of South Africa Inc. and its bogus franchises were charged off against our Public Treasury National Revenue Fund while current charges were sent to the living people using the same given name.

The IMF used the same basic method of fraud as the Federal Reserve System. Instead of Foreign Situs Trusts named after living South Africans, the IMF set up Cestui Que Vie Trusts, and set up the same cozy arrangement for itself; using institutionalized personage and barratry as a means of emptying peoples’ pockets and placing false claims against peoples’ assets.

Millions of innocent South Africans, who are the Employers and Benefactors of these bank-run governmental services corporations, are paying bogus account statements and tax bills owed by equally bogus corporate franchises — which are in fact the responsibility of the banks and the governmental services corporations that created them. When the people get wise and refuse to pay, these same criminally mismanaged organizations use racketeering and armed extortion and false legal processes to ensure compliance.

All concerned are responsible for bringing a halt to this criminality and fraud which has led to the de facto enslavement of South Africans, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Europeans, Japanese, and others around the world.

The World Bank/IBRD/IMF cannot avoid culpability in this matter, so long as these institutions retain any Southern African assets received as a result of institutionalized fraud the World Bank/IBRD/ IMF are accomplices to it and they remain subject to liquidation as criminal organizations in possession of stolen property, operating in violation of their charters.

The sum total of all this fraud and legal chicanery is: that we are owed all our assets back free and clear of lien, claim or encumbrance — both private and public assets — without further obfuscation, delay or denial.


An audit of our property received under false claim of abandonment, all gold confiscated from living Africans, all land titles and deeds held under Color of Law, all copyrights, patents, deeds, registrations, certificates, bonds, and similar instruments, plus interest and acquisitions being held by the World Bank/IBRD/IMF must be turned over to our appointed Fiduciary Deputy General and our International Agent.

All gold secured by our General is to be used as collateral backing our actual money in gold species. No “dollar for rand” exchange rate will be honored with respect to Federal Reserve Notes or United States Treasury Notes or any other private fiat script.

We are reclaiming our own property both public and private which was improperly involved in the private bankruptcies of governmental services corporations which had no authority to take any such action or make any such claims against their employers and their employer’s assets. This is what the private emancipation process is about. The good news is that there is no statute of limitations on fraud.

Please first read the Private Emancipation Steps carefully. If, you have any questions post them at the bottom of this page so others can learn. Don’t call or email us please.

Private Emancipation Steps – 2021.02

1. Recording Cover Sheet – 2020.104. Act of Expatriation – 2020.10

2. Deed of Reconveyance – 2020.10

3. Certificate of Assumed Name – 2020.10

4. Act of Expatriation – 2020.10

5. Cancellation of POA – 2020.10

6. Claim of Life & Estate – 2020.10

7. Baby Deed of Land Recording – 2020.10

8. Proof of Service – 2020.10

The next step is to begin defending yourself from corporate raiders wanting to seize your children, property or force vaccinations on you;

So, download, complete and print the Private Property Notice; laminate it or print it on corex or other weatherproof manner and attach it to your gate;

Private Property Notice – 2021.07

Create a family flag and place it into your notices;

If, you have a home or farm we recommend you consider establishing a family trust; read the Express Trusts page;

If, you have any questions please post them on this page.

26 thoughts on “Emancipation

  1. I was born in Kitwe, Zambia.. but birth was registered in SA only (not Zambia – it was an accidental birth while mother was in Zambia). Do I list myself as a State National belonging to the transvaal (where my parents resided when I was born?)

  2. I was born in the 1950’s in Pretoria, SA. Do we have to acquire an original birth certificate to complete the process of proof of life to gain sovereign status? I was told all documents from the 1950’s has been destroyed?

  3. In the case of Claremont Western Cape) Post Office been permanently closed as indicated online, do I use the nearest jurisdictional Post Office (Kenilworth) in addressing the postmaster claiming my living state?

  4. What happens if you’ve bought property, obviously as a ‘corporation’ now you are a sovereign dp you still own the property?

    1. Hi Claudette, it is the opposite; as a ‘corporation’ the ‘person’ is property of the Crown; as a sovereign people you now lawfully own your car and home and biological offspring; hope this helps, bt

  5. Hello,

    Can you advise on the following:

    In the ‘Baby Deed’ it mentions ‘born to family…’ and then later on refers to ‘And married at common law land jurisdiction.’

    What does one put when parents are not married? born to family…mother or father’s surname?

    Would I delete the ‘And married at common law land jurisdiction.’

  6. in the ‘Act of Repatriation’ form it refers to ‘the land of his birth, Western Cape…’

    I was born in England, am a SA permanent resident with ID, not a citizen – can I put in England as land of birth in this case and does this need to correlate all through other documents..?

    1. Hi Patrick, its best not to have “dual citizenship”; declare yourself a South African and notify England too; File a set of certified copies with the Master and Treasury of England.

      1. okay thanks; I’m going to need more clarification on this; I am a UK citizen, and SA resident for 20 years; not a dual citizen; am I able to file for emancipation in SA given these circumstances as opposed to applying for SA citizenship?

  7. Patrick, ask yourself are you ever going back to the UK? After all, it’s a police state;
    In reality you are living on Southern African soil and they are using your UN-abridged birth certificate to make claims against your strawman. So, do the emancipation process and file it here in SA and in the UK. Find out who the treasurer of the UK treasury is and the Master of the High/Supreme Court in the UK. There is already a UK common law court. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi, it is me again, I am going thru this process, so in the certificate of assumed name I see ‘Private Banker, UCC-1-201, 1-308:’ what is the south african equivalent for this?

    1. Hi Petra, that is the Uniform Commercial Code which is used in the U.S.A. and in South Africa; but, no need to learn any of that; it is all a fraud anyways;

      In South Africa it is simplified in the Bills of Exchange Act 56 of 2000; On the Bills of Exchange page you can learn how to discharge debts against your own NAME ESTATE Trust held in the National Revenue Fund;

      Will update the Express Trust page shortly to compliment the emancipation process.

      1. Hi, OK thank you, I have read the bills of exchange act, I am yet to put it to work. So in the assumed name certificate should I leave it as is?

  9. The recording cover sheet – what district should one put there? Where you reside or the district where one was born?

  10. Acknowledgment, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance

    Permanent Domicile, is this where one resides or place of birth?

  11. Certificate of Assumed Name Notice
    Is this the post office where you reside even though it’s a different location to where you were born?

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