What does “emancipation” mean? Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition defines “emancipation” as: 

EMANCIPATION. The act by which one who was unfree, or under the power and control of another, is rendered free, or set at liberty and made his own master. Town of Plainville v. Town of Milford, 119 Conn. 380, 177 A. 138, 140. Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition.

Right now, we are under power and control of corporations fronting as lawful “government” which are merely franchises and subdivisions of the UN CORP one world government fomented by the global elites operating from behind the corporate veil and using us as modern day slaves;

The process has also been described as “redemption” and “expatriation”; first and foremost it is to “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” as Bob Marley sang in Redemption Song; here in 528Hz


If one has any questions regarding words or phrases then download a Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition for the best legal definitions;


The process used to declare you as South Africans in possession of your non-political birthright status has been adapted from fifty years of study and work done by thousands of Americans, especially Anna Von Reitz, and from the efforts of our own South African pioneers, Johan Joubert, Stephen Goodson, Nick Milaris and others.

The process and paperwork used is dictated by International Law as well as The Law of War and Occupation, The Geneva Conventions, and International Public Records Law. Refer to: http://annavonreitz.com/notmyprocess.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

For a detailed explanation and answers to frequently asked questions download and read the following:

Emancipation FAQs – 2022.06.10

Cestui Que Vie Trust – Your birth certificate is a slave contract with Rome


Birth Certificate Explained

Emancipation Steps

Please first read the Private Emancipation Steps carefully. If, you have any questions then kindly post them at the bottom of this page so others can learn. Don’t call or email us please.

Make sure you remove your name from the IEC voter’s roll; go to https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/voter-deregistration/ 

1. Private Emancipation Steps – 2022.05.25

1. Recording Cover Sheet – High Court – 2022.07.16

1. Recording Cover Sheet – SARS – 2022.07.16

1. Recording Cover Sheet – Treasury – 2022.07.16

2. Deed of Reconveyance – 2022.05.25

3. Certificate of Assumed Name – 2022.05.25

4. Act of Expatriation – 2022.05.25

5. Cancellation of POA – 2022.05.25

6. Claim of Life and Estate – 2022.05.25

7. Mandatory Notice – 2022.05.25

8. Baby Deed of Land Recording – 2023.02.14

The next step is to begin defending yourself from corporate raiders wanting to seize your children, property or force vaccinations on you; see Covid Notices below;

So, download, complete and print the Private Property Notice; laminate it or print it on corex or other weatherproof manner and attach it to your gate;

Private Property Notice – 2022.11.23

Create a family flag and place it into your notices; in case you are wondering about the black and white flag on the Private Property Notice:

Civilian Property Emblem – In the Case of Martial Law Intensifying

Thursday, October 26, 2017; from Anna Von Reitz;

Instruction to Safely Identify Your Home and Property in the Case of Martial Law Intensifying.

Take a rigid piece of material– wood, metal, foam core, etc. and make a sign — a rectangle 5 inches tall by ten inches wide.

Draw a diagonal line from the top right to the left bottom corner so that there now appear to be two triangles inscribed, one above the other.

Color the top triangle black and the bottom triangle white.

Civilian Flag

Firmly attach this emblem to your house, your gates, and display in the front and rear windows of your car, boat, etc., to warn the military that you are a civilian “vessel” and that they will be trespassing on civilian property if they enter in upon your land, auto, home, etc. and will be acting against international law.

Field Manual 27-10/1956

Section 4, 45 and 46

Source: http://www.paulstramer.net/2017/10/civilian-property-emblem-in-case-of.html

If, you have a home or farm we recommend you consider establishing a family trust; read the Express Trusts page;


SAR State Expatriation

The following are the Founding Document templates for the Indigenous States and Free Republics to expatriate from RSA Inc. back to the organic unincorporated South African Republic and SAR Express Trust: each State will review and make their own amendments as they see fit; note that this has not happened yet; the few attempts at setting up republics have failed because of leaders behaving badly.

1. SAR Declaration of Intent – 2022.05.13

2. SAR Declaration of Independence – 2022.04.28

3. SAR Bill of Rights – 2022.04.28

4. SAR Settlement Covenant – 2022.05.15

5. SAR Sovereign Letters Patent – 2022.04.28

6. Declaration of Law 1 – 2022.04.28

7. Declaration of Allodial Land 2 – 2022.04.28

8. SAR International Peace Proclamation – 2022.04.18

9. Statement of Probable Cause – 2022.04.28


National Recording Office

Feel free to make use of our National Recording Office to record any and all documents; and, to direct you  to common law experts in Accounting, Taxes, Trusts and filings;

Contact info@sajuralassembly.co.za for help;


Public Notices to RSA Inc.

To all COURTS OF SA: Mandamus to COURTS OF SA – 2021.10.12

Public Notice & Order to IEC – 2021.11.04

Notice to the President of RSA Inc.- 2021.11.07

SA Cease & Desist Order to the UN – 2021.11.23

Notice & Order to the SANDF – 2021.12.07

Notice & Order to SAPS – 2021.12.13

Notice & Cease & Desist Order to World Bank & SA National Treasury – 2022.02.01

Notice & Order to WHO & SA Health – 2022.02.11

Notice & Order to WHO & SA Health – 2022.02.11


Covid Notices

Download and keep the following Notice handy when unwanted pirates try to con-tract you:

Notice of Understanding & Claim of Right & Intent – 2021.08.09

Notice of Non-Consent – 2021.12.16

Conditional Acceptance of COVID Vaccine Injection

Notice regarding Covid 2021.09.01

Conditional Acceptance Re Vaccination 2021.09.03

Notice of Dismissal Magistrate’s Court Template – 2022.02.06


SAPS Notices

A Notice to stop SAPS harassing the homeless:

SAPS Bill of Rights Notice – 2021.10.08

Exercising your rights:

SAPS Bill of Rights Notice 2 – 2021.10.10


If, you have any further questions ask in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this page.



206 thoughts on “Emancipation

  1. Thanks.
    1) are you aware of anyone getting a reply from government once they’ve sent their emancipation documents?
    2) once I’ve sent my emancipation documents as per templates I got from giftoftruth, does it mean ; I now have copyright over my name?
    3) is a simple sign on my gate saying “private property ” enough to help people inner stand, that they’re leaving the corporate into the private by entering “my ” land?

    1. Hi Kav,
      1) on occasion the Master has tried to palm the emancipation documents off onto their lawyers to return it to the sender; in that case tell them to send it back to the Master; otherwise they will never engage because they have then contracted;
      2) yes, you now own your name and can vacate the Master, Minister of Finance or SARS Commissioner from assuming “trusteeship”;
      3) best to put up this one: https://giftoftruth.files.wordpress.com/2022/05/sar-private-property-notice-2022.05.24.doc
      next the best is to join the common law classes to improve your learning; next class on emancipation is saturday the 8th October;

      1. 1) are you aware of anyone getting a reply from government once they’ve sent their emancipation documents?
        2) once I’ve sent my emancipation documents as per templates I got from giftoftruth, does it mean ; I now have copyright over my name?
        3) is a simple sign on my gate saying “private property ” enough to help people inner stand, that they’re leaving the corporate into the private by entering “my ” land?

        I saw your replies to these queries.

        1) Not answered directly with a yes or a no. If one does not get the consent and signature of the master; does that not mean you have not been emancipated from slavery? As to my innerstanding one needs both consent and signage from the Master?
        2) How can one own your name and vacate the Master, Minister of Finance or SARS Commissioner from assuming “trusteeship” if there has been NO consent and signage of Master? Does this not now classify you as a “run away slave?
        3) Refer back to 1 (one) Also is South African Law not derived from that of Roman Law and Dutch Common law? To my innerstanding Common law is developed by our superior courts when they pass judgments modifying it. and to add to that; An Act overrules the common law (judge made law) if both apply in the same area. Often an Act adds to an area of the common law, and sometimes Parliament passes an Act that replaces an area of common law completely.

      2. Hi Rautenbach,
        1) you will never get a response from RSA INC. agencies; by their own rules silence is consent; An un-rebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce and as a judgement; download and read the Principles of Common Law (aka maxims on SA Jural Assembly page;
        2) Yes;
        3) Best to use our Private Property Notice – and keep your gates closed at all times;
        1) Maxim – The decree of the sovereign makes law;
        2) The above maxims answer this question;
        3) English or Dutch common law is in fact admiralty mercantile rules; think VOC charters; and RSA INC> common law is case law – judge made law; whereas our common law is merely the motal sentiment of the community as determined by a jury, other people’s forum or by referendum;
        Maxim – The decree of the sovereign makes law. Hope this helps.

  2. By the way, if I have emancipated, and now witnessing the Emancipation document of another people, on (Full Names) space, do put my names is all small letters or with first Capital letter? John Sam Doe / john sam doe / or my new self-given sovereign common man name: boitumelo chiloane wa` mmolotsi (matching the one on my autograph)?

      1. Thank you.

        Can a people having not emancipated endorse a bill through Bills of Exchange? Or only emancipated people can?

        I have previously asked about this. Why can’t we a specific Emancipation Notice addressed to maybe the Minster or the SAPS Commissioner for us to keep together with the others. My reason is that the SAPS and Metro Police are the most problematic and the most likely to bother us out there. They are the most ignorant, arrogant and stupid agents of this system we are likely to encounter the most. We need more protection from SAPS and Metro Police out there. They think they own us and let’s be real here, they pose the most danger with the stupid power they think they have over us… Please consider just one page additional Notice to SAPS for Emancipation…


  3. Thank you for considering the SAPS Emancipation Notice, it is very critical.

    But you forgot to answer about whether only the emancipated can endorse a Bill or not. Thank you.

    1. Ayone can indorse a bill; it is Law Merchant; the problem is the whole system is being collapsed and re-venued again since 2015; we are seeing the not-so-great reset unfolding; in two weeks we will do a class on BOE so do join;

  4. Good day,

    Questions on 8.-baby-deed-of-land-recording-2022.08.03:

    1. If me and my wife is busy emancipating, do both of us need to attach this document for each child or only one of us?

    2. Up until what age of the child do we need to do a deed of land recording for them, 21?

    3. I’ve read through your private emancipation steps document, but to me it’s not very clear. On form 8, where it asks for district, is that the town or local municipal district?

    4. Where it asks for foreign country, do we leave that out if the birth was in South Africa?

    Many thanks

    1. Read the instruction in the Emancipation Steps; it is a registered mail number; you buy 3 beforehand and use the number you allocate to either the Master of the High Court, SARS and National Treasury;

  5. QUESTION: i did my emancipation docs in 2021. With the new info now at my disposal, i fear i made a mistake. I used the all CAPS name in my ID which is in a previous married name and also clearly not my maiden name. This means i have only addressed some of the possible Cestui que vie trusts in previous versions of my name. In the case where a woman has been married more than once, should she mention ALL the versions of her name?

    1. Not to worry Esme it’s the intention that counts; it is rarely that you will need to use your emancipation documents in your defence;
      some of us volunteers carry them with us at all times;

  6. QUESTION: 1. In terms of an Express Trust, can one appoint someone who is not emancipated as a trustee or beneficiary?
    2. Can one transfer property owned by another trust, or in fact ownership of that entire trust, into the express trust?
    3. If we are not part of the “system”, why does the Express Trust still need to be submitted to the Master for a “registration” number to be issued?
    4. How long can we expect to wait for the new application to be processed by the Master? I hear there are huge backlogs…

    1. Hi Esme,
      the Express Trust page will be updated today;
      1) the new Trust Deed has a mini “emancipation” clause;
      2) Yes you can make any business or other Trust property of the Express Trust; this is another way of keeping your business on the land jurisdiction;
      3) Firstly, if you get dragged into their courts you have notified them beforehand; next, they have accepted the terms of your Trust; the Master is vacated as assumed trustee so they can no longer assume and presume what they want;
      4) The Master’s Office is on the ball; about 3 weeks;

  7. hi bt,
    i am busy with the emancipation process. have completed and printed 6 copies of each document. taken them to a public notary and a local police station. neither will sign as witness because of me wanting to autograph in red or blue ink. what are the alternatives or do i continue looking for a public notary who will sign it?
    also, the public notary picked up an error in the wording which says on all docs “…I, a witness, there being no public notary available was visited today…”
    can we change this to read “…I, a witness, being a public notary was visited today…”?
    thank you

    1. Caleb, if I understood the steps correct: you sign with witnesses, make the copies AND THEN you take all documents to a commissioner of oath to be certified as original copies. You and witnesses don’t have to sign at the commissioner. Make it sense?

  8. Good day,

    Emancipation Cover pages templates 01 to the HC, SARS and TREASURY:

    1. In the “Regarding….” sentence to HC and SARS after the name it reads: “Express Trust No.:” but in the sentence to TREASURY, it reads: “Contract Trust No.:”. Can we change this also to Express?

  9. Good day

    Do I understand correct that only parents and children over 21 years of age will need to do the emancipation process?

    1. it seems you were answered on February 7, 2023 at 8:55 am

      but yes, only adults 21 and over must do emancipation.

      1. O blind!!!!

        Yes, when I asked that question, I has just been thrown into the washing.

        In the first question I was referring to the deed of reconveyance form where you, as parent, only list your minor children and those over 21 must do the process separately.
        What I mean with my last question is that, once the parents do the process, including their minor children on the form, you don’t have to do the same process for the minor children as well. They get emancipated with the parents’ process.

        Thank you for helping.
        You know, the bad part is that I don’t like it when someone ask a question before searching for the answer. I Owe you one Caleb.

    1. Notices have been sent to Joe Phala, UN, WHO et al; look on the Emancipation page further down;
      Stay away from places where you will get jabbed; move to the country if you must; get out of Babylon my children…

  10. Thanks so much for all your help!
    1. Where can we register for your training courses? Would love to learn more.
    2. I see a question above with a request for a page to the Police also. Anything came of that?
    3. I have a corporate job and am the “breadwinner” in the family. I have bills to pay every month (i.e. life policies, car insurance, municipality, electricity) and obviously we still need to eat. How will emancipation affect corporate employment, because obviously there is a process of tax deduction every month, etc. which may now be complicated?
    4. I have the title deed of our townhouse. I see it is in my name CAPS. How would it work to ever sell it once I am emancipated?

    1. 1. contact info@sajuralassembly.co.za
      2. there are Notices for SAPS on the emancipation page; learn to write your own notices; quote the Bill of Rights and their SAPS Code of Ethics and Conduct.
      3. Unfortunately, you work for a tax withholding agent; so, there is no getting around that; do not risk your livelihood; considering working for yourself;
      4. Nothing changes in how you engage in commerce; the difference is you are now standing on the land and dealing at arm’s length in the commercial sea jurisdiction; it’s only when they are infringing your rights that you invoke your emancipation. The Notice of Understanding and Claim of Right is a good document to keep handy.

  11. Registered post via post office:

    Is there any other way to send AND receive emancipation documentation OTHER than the national post office?

    I went to our local post office to buy RD stickers and envelopes. The poor lady behind the counter had to use her private cell to call some other brancheS to do the costing: our post office’s electricity was off, not loadshedding, IT WAS CUT OFF by the municipality for not paying. I went to the municipality and theirs was also cut off for not paying. The lady at the post office said that there are some post offices without electricity for over a month now! I can’t even renew our post box, not even online!

    The problem is: if they can’t except/deliver registered envelopes, how long before the delivery of post became a problem as well.

    I’ve contacted PostNet, but their services regarding registered mail to a postal address, make also use of the national postal service.

    Is it advisable to open a box in maybe one of the bigger centra’s like George or uses a friend’s box there for instance?

      1. Isaac, you can deliver it by hand but then do a Proof of Delivery; however, the Postmaster is the intermediary between foreign jurisdictions; and proof you have paid the “shipping fees” (customs);

        Traditionally one would buy a stamp and stick it on the top right of the document and indorse it like a cheque; the value of the stamp determined the value of the goods you are shipping or conveyiancing;

        and you will quote the registered mail number as a reference if needed;

  12. Thankyou b-t, I understood it like that; the problem is they can’t do their job anymore! Just like you’ve said: part of their big plan.

    Not sure whether the documentation will reach its destination, or if I will ever receive their documentation. Well, there is only one way to find out and time will tell.

    1. Otherwise, email the documents once certified; this is legal practice in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act; save the email as proof; do it in front of two witnesses who can verify this if ever needed.

      Matthew 18:16 But if he will not hear you, then take with you one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word may be established.

      1. Thanks b-t

        I will do postal registered mail (send from a bigger post office than ours with my return postal address I will use a friend’s in the same area) and email.
        I will see if I can get hold of the appropriate email contact details for the different receivers: HC, SARS and Treasury.

  13. Hi. I am married in community of property and my spouse is still blissfully asleep and will think this is completely nuts. We have a young child. How does this affect the process? Notices to SARS etc, makes me scared. The programming runs deep. Is there a chance of getting in trouble for embarking on this process? As mentioned i have a young child, so do not want to do anything that can land me in trouble. Is there anyone that can help me with this process or at least check my completed forms? I have so far deregistered from the voters roll and downloaded all the forms, but it is all a bit daunting.

  14. Question re completing the Emancipation Docs – what
    is the correct name to use for District/State on my docs if I live in WCape and I am not part of a private State/Republic. Thanks!

  15. Hello, I am resident in South Africa, have a Swiss passport/ am Swiss and own property in Italy, where I often stay. How do I proceed, whom can I contact and where? Thanks

  16. Name changed – when completing the Emancipation docs and we list our names “together with all derivative names… with the CUSIP No…” should we add all our previous name formats under our previous married surname if we have reverted to our maiden name through home affairs docs?

  17. Could it be problematic if you remain on your Local Councillor’s email list in which he informs residents of the goings on in your area and you are emancipating? Deemed a federal citizen?

  18. The Emancipation Steps document indicates we should give the contents on our envelopes to SARS, Treasury and High Court. Is this necessary and a good idea? This could alert them to not collect our registered documents for emancipation.

      1. To courier by Postnet to Government Offices we will need to find their physical addresses and it costs R185-R245 from per A4 envelope. Postnet registered mail uses the local gvt post office so no quicker or more reliable but costs double (R100 v R47.80 at post office).

  19. Hi. Re. Express Trust Template.1)What is the difference in a beneficiary and a income beneficiary? 2) from 3.1 what are the donor gifts? 3) from 3.3 ” The beneficiaries her by accept the benefits of the trust” even if they haven’t autographed the trust document? 4) does all parties in 4.1 mean the donor plus 3 trustees? 5) from 6.5 do the trustees get payment or salaries? 6) does the document need to be autographed with the donor and 3 trustees all present? All questions include a please. Love your work and your vibe all you wonderful volunteers.kav

    1. Hi kav, an income beneficiary is one who only recieves benefits from trust income; however, a beneficiary may also be a trust capital beneficiary or a once off beneficiary;
      The donor gifts lawful money such as R500 or a gold or silver coin;
      beneficiaries just verbally agree; tthe trustees sign on their behalf as their “guardians”;
      the trustees can charge the trust reasonable fees for working for the trust; read Weiss’s Concise Handbook;
      If, the trustees and donor live far apart you will have to courier the trust deed to everyone to sign;
      Ensure that whatever you do it is before two witnesses;
      Hope this helps.

  20. Yes. Helped a lot! Thanks! New question. Is it under the section of Interpretation that I go into detail about what the beneficiaries get? Thanks again.

      1. Thanks a ton. Again. So appreciate it! I often lack data to connect onto the Tues teachings. So missed the one about being stoped by a cop.

        1)As a sovereign, do I have the right to make my own ID document?
        2) Do I HAVE to show id if stopped by a cop?
        Regarding making sa jural assembly a possible beneficiary or an in come beneficiary.
        3) How does one go about this?

  21. Another question.
    4)Why do we not have our own master of court, and our express trust documents can be validated by trust worthy fellow common lawites or lawlights ?
    5) If we do not go through the master of court, does this mean that the express trust is invalid?
    I know a normal will just needs 4 autographs to be legally valid, no need for any other legalities. Thanks so much for this informative platform. Love

  22. Aloha
    Thank you for this informative and educational site. It has provided such motivation to take action in the world as a free woman. I have been removed from the voters roll and completed my emancipation documents – thanks for the templates.
    On the top right hand corner is a space for a number – presumably a reference number. Is this a number I create as a tracking number for all my documents? Or is it something else needed here?
    In peace and love

  23. Hi caron. As far as I know, the only tracking number is the one you get once you’ve sent your registered mail. It used to be called a RD number. Now I think it is called a RC number. Ask at the post office when you send your emancipation documents via registered mail. I’m open to hearing from others regarding This, but this is the only reference number I know about. kav

  24. Sonia. There is so much more you can do as an emancipated being. The main thing for me as that i can see jesus’ solution to the whole injustice system that is so prevalent. I hope this helps.kav

  25. Hi there
    Can we sell our house once we are emancipated? We want to move but it will be a problem if we cant sell.

  26. Continued from March 29 above. I was at Ned bank enquiring about an account for an express trust. They said I needed all id documents of the trustees and all beneficiaries. I can innerstand the id for the trustees. Sounds difficult. 6) is an express trust valid without a bank account? (At the moment there are only assets and not fiat currency that go to the beneficiaries )

    I read in the template that a donor is also a beneficiary. 7) is this correct, that a donor is a beneficiary too? 8) is there still volunteers answering questions from 10 AM on Wednesdays, Please?

    1. Hi I requested the way forward if I have Weapons that are in the pew pew category . it was indicated to me that i will be put into contact with a gentleman that also emancipated with Pew Pew’s? How do emancipation impact the Pew Pew licensing and renewal. How does it impact my carrying the Pew Pew’s in SA Inc.

      1. Fritz. To my limited knowledge you don’t need any licence to carry an arm if you are emancipated. kav

      2. I don’t own pew pew’s, rather BANG BANG’s!

        Good question which I’m also awaiting an answer for.

        Kav, for some reason I cannot reply to your comment below.
        It’s one thing to make such statement, which I btw believe is the case, but it’s totally a different story when you get pulled over at a roadblock with one of these many arrogant agents running loose! Right there and then it’s a ticket to go STRAIGHT to jail, and if you pass GO, do not collect R200!

        Can brother thomas perhaps help us with the correct procedure/actions?

  27. Hi , having sent my emancipation documents by registered post , what would the procedure be in the unlikely event that any one of them is returned . Or if they they are returned by a lawyer to my P.O. Box acting for any one of the three recipients .

    1. Hi S anon, it’s most likely that they will return anything, let alone communication from a lawyer. Remember emancipation is a remedy to their “slavery”. They don’t like it if someone emancipate, but they can’t stop it. They might try to make it difficult, but also that is rare.
      Hope that set you at ease.

  28. S anon. Unlikely they’ll return them. If they do, then let’s look at it then. You’ve done your part. You can thus never loose your emancipation, ever. Maybe someone else would like to comment too. I trust you are at peace and rest.kav

    1. Kav , Thanks for the advice and reassurance . It has been a huge learning curve over 18 months to find out the truth and must admit have found it very daunting at times .

  29. S anon. Well done for getting this far. Lots of adventures await us all. I’m no expert yet, and hoping the outstanding questions will be answered soon. “The wicked shall soon be destroyed.”kav

    1. good morning all, just a question about Bills of Exchange. we are being harassed by SABC for payment of tv license. what they send you is a statement, without an invoice or even an invoice number on it. we responded by e-mail, asking for the invoice, twice. last response we received is that the account of R300 odd is being handed over to attorneys for collection. we unfortunately did not say, as should have been done, that we conditionally accept and would pay on receipt of the invoice. other than doing that, what else can we do to take this matter further without dishonour?

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