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The self-proclaimed kingdom that doesn’t recognise Germany

  • 9 December 2022
Kingdom sign
Image caption, The so-called Kingdom of Germany is a self-proclaimed state, complete with its own monarch

By Jenny Hill

BBC Berlin correspondent

In the depths of the countryside in eastern Germany, there’s an invisible border.

The turrets of an imposing castle loom out of the treetops. A sign on its front door solemnly informs the visitor that they’ve entered – in effect – a new country.

The “Königreich Deutschland” (Kingdom of Germany) is a self-proclaimed independent state – complete with its own self-appointed king.

Peter the First, as he prefers to be known, receives us in a rather gloomy wood-panelled hall.

It’s about a decade since his coronation – there was a ceremony, complete with orb and sceptre – and the foundation of his so-called kingdom, which mints its own money, prints its own ID cards and has its own flag.

He’s what’s known in Germany as a “Reichsbürger” (Citizen of the Reich), one of an estimated 21,000 people who are defined by the country’s intelligence agencies as conspiracy theorists who don’t recognise the legitimacy of the post-war German state.

They’ve risen to prominence this week, with the arrest of 25 people in raids on Reichsbürger suspected of plotting to storm the German parliament building, the Reichstag, in a violent overthrow of the government.

King Peter says he has no such violent intentions.

But he does believe the German state to be “destructive and sick”.

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Britain, Again. Guilty as Charged.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember Lord Pirbright?  He was the man who brought the world its first Concentration Camp during the Boer War in Africa.  He was rewarded instead of being hung, so that just encouraged more of it. 

Yes, Concentration Camps were a British invention, not German. 

Adolph Hitler merely borrowed Pirbright’s original concept and employed it some decades later in Germany, Poland, and elsewhere.  The only difference is that the German camps were more efficient and overall, much cleaner. The Nazis offered latrines and sometimes, bedding, to their prisoners.  

Besides being the first Concentration Camps, the camps established during the Boer War boasted another “first”.  Pirbright experimented on his Dutch and African prisoners, injecting them with various substances in the name of medical science.  

Pirbright was a loathsome elitist and proponent of racial purity,  He also championed “eugenics” — the purported science of breeding better human stock, similar to breeding AKC dogs, and generally, treating people like animals.  

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Pirbright Institute’s fingerprints are all over the origins of the present disastrous genocide. 

Despite their efforts being already outlawed when they began them, these criminals contrived to evade every form of law you can think of, every standard of decency that is customary, and imposed upon their El-ite Peers, (that is, Canaanite members of the Saturnine Brotherhood) who are not very bright, but are very evil and lacking a conscience, to support the mRNA “vaccine” pseudo-scientific medical profiteering scheme, for the sake of money.  Profits.  Just like Henry Kissinger said. 

There isn’t an actual scientist or mathematician among them, but it hardly matters, because they have been able to hire whores with credentials to lie for them and shift the data and misinterpret the data and tweak it however they liked. For a price. 

What they liked, what they have always liked, is the death and dismemberment of “inferiors” for profit.  By war, by disease, by injection — it hardly matters how, so long as people die and they profit from it.

I think it is now irrefutably proven who the inferiors among us really are, and despite their money, they are mentally inferior, morally inferior, and emotionally inferior in every way. 

Here’s one of them, Dr. Mylo Canderian of Pibright UK, under contract with the World Economic Forum and Pfizer, who should already be shoveling coal in Hell.  Take a good look at the Monster under the bed: 

Wouldn’t that give you nightmares, if you found it lurking in your closet?

Dr. Canderian openly claims that even if the mRNA experiment should fail to have the desired effect of reducing the world population by 90%, the poisons (prions, graphene, polyethylene glycol, CF clotting factors, heartworms and other goodies) injected along with it, will kill everyone who took the jab by 2030.  He more or less gleefully guarantees it. 

So, Vaxxed Folks, and Unvaxxed Friends and Family alike, you’ve got nothing to lose by getting organized in vast numbers and bringing all of them to justice, even if its rough justice.  

After all, they want to destroy the inferior and the weak-minded among us, don’t they?  And they have already proven who they are. They insist that the population needs to be culled, so why not begin with them? 

The original Lord Pirbright was the intellectual grandfather of a new generation of pundits like Margaret Sanger, who founded “Planned Parenthood” under the banner of social progress, and who secretly aimed at killing Negroes. 

She succeeded.  The disproportionate preponderance of abortions in this country and around the world are performed on black women.  

She only succeeded because she hid her agenda. Planned parenthood as a concept is preferrable to unplanned parenthood, but like everything else these monsters do, it was used as a “good” storefront to hide the evil agenda behind it. 

Just like the Roman Catholic Church has been used as a storefront, just as the United Nations Organization is being used as a storefront for the UN CORPORATION.  

To say that these Perpetrators are twisted would be an understatement, yet they have been rewarded by governments and left to spread their dangerous quasi-scientific lies for 130 years, without being recognized as criminals and sociopaths. So they have flourished, largely unobserved, like a giant weed hidden behind a rhubarb plant. 

Besides Sanger’s work, which has resulted in the death of millions upon millions of aborted babies, mostly black, brown, and Catholic babies, just as she planned, we have all suffered the idiocy of The Population Bomb, a 1968 book co-authored by Paul and Anne Ehrlich, two more of these cretins, living on the public dole at Stanford. 

Despite having advanced university degrees, neither Paul nor Anne Ehrlich can do math.  According to the Ehrlichs the Earth is a puny place that can’t support the billions of people now more or less successfully living upon it, and though they offer no strong proof of their premise, they nonetheless projected the idea that we would all be dead or eating dirt and straw by sometime in the 1980s. 

Obviously, Mother Nature proved them wrong, but that did not stop them. 

The Ehrlichs continued telling their Big Lie just the same, and bored rich people seeking a disaster to milk, have listened to them. Their nonsense has been used to fuel the whole depopulation agenda and resulted in the genocide of millions of people already.  

No doubt there is a special place in Hell reserved for them, among “all the Liars”.

Other murderous quasi-scientific boondoggles promoted by these cretins include fluoridation of the water, iron supplements, bleaching flour, GMO vegetables that produce their own pesticides (which we then consume along with the vegetable), patent medicines, depletion of atmospheric oxygen (and misrepresenting the results, increase of carbon dioxide, as the problem), Stone Age waste management, metered power grids, Global Cooling Hysteria and Global Warming Hysteria, both, and so much more. 

They are the sons and daughters of the Father of All Lies, and the descendants of Cain— the Canaanites.  It was with good cause that the True God told the Hebrews to destroy them.  They worship idols as a Death Cult and practice cannibalism and drug use and human sacrifice as part of their religion.  Any questions?  Imagine the fellow in the photograph above eating your daughter. 

All the nastiness in the world comes, originally, from Britain; it is always at the bottom of the dogpile, without exception, and here it is, again.  With or without being egged on by Rome, with or without various accomplices including the French, the Germans, the Israelis, and the traitor Tories in America— one thing remains the same: Britain as the instigator.


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Urgent: Think About Money — As a Subject, Not a Goal

By Anna Von Reitz

In the Article(s) about Joe’s Hamburger Shop, I took everyone through a typical transaction everyone can relate to— a customer presents a “Federal Reserve Note” I.O.U. to Joe, and Joe gives him a hamburger in return. Joe now holds an I.O.U. “good for” a specific amount of “credit”. 

The “bill” — literally, the physical “Bill of Exchange”, was “discharged” by the payment of the hamburger.  This is called a “Zero Sum Transaction”.  

The debt note was discharged by the hamburger (credit).  There is no net debt or credit left.  

What should happen –in theory– is for the “bill” to be returned to the Federal Reserve and accounted for, but the bookkeeping would be inconvenient for the schemers and printing costs would cut into profits.  So, instead, the discharged “bill” becomes Joe’s “proof of credit” when he goes to the grocery store to buy buns and pickles. 

And on and on it goes, as we constantly “pass the buck”. 

Do you notice anything else odd about this system?  

Essentially, you borrow a hamburger.  All these debt-credit systems do is “profit by borrowing”,  Nobody actually pays for anything, ever, unless they barter.  

Some people profit fairly and without violence, and some take the other route, but at the end of the day, the books have to balance. Why? 

Because the whole system is functioning based on Zero Sum Transactions. No ultimate gain or loss is possible in the absence of theft or coercion. 

Unfortunately, we have suffered plenty of theft and coercion. 

Theft occurs in the form of inflation (a hidden tax), unremunerated taxation and seizures by confiscation, undisclosed (and non-consensual) securitization and monetization of assets, counterfeiting, false claims (like the ridiculous “National Debt” and equally ridiculous “interest” owed on the non-existent debt), and numerous other injustices and means of chiseling employed to cheat or defraud.  

Unremunerated taxation includes taxing anyone for anything that they receive no benefit from — like taxing Joe Average American to pay off college debts for strangers, or snow removal in Amarillo, or the defense spending of entire European countries.  

Coercion includes things like the Internal Revenue Service/IRS both presuming foreign citizenship obligations on Americans and forcing them — yes, at gun point — to pay “Federal Income Taxes” when they literally have no Federal Income to tax, and haven’t knowingly adopted any form of Federal citizenship.  

You may wonder how we and the rest of the world got into such a mess? 

It started in the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War — and the dilemma arose because of the Constitutions. 

The Constitutions require the Federal Government to operate on credit.  

The States are only allowed to operate on gold and silver. 

Obviously, those who commandeered our government under the pretense of an undisclosed military protectorate could not pay themselves with assets belonging to us, so how to raise abundant credit?  

Answer: they assumed trusteeship over our assets, borrowed against our assets, and helped themselves to the resulting credit— even though the credit belongs to us, too.  

Later, they would bring outrageous claims to the effect that our assets were “abandoned” and that our government was in “interregnum”, “missing” and “presumed lost” —- all of which we have stoutly rebutted and counterclaimed, but suffice it to say, while the cats slept, the mice played. A lot. 

Still later, they began counterfeiting the debt notes on a vast scale, which resulted in equally vast inflation and money laundering operations of all kinds, that fueled all sorts of illicit criminal activity and made it harder for Grandma to buy a Laz-E-Girl recliner.  

In a few days, weeks at most, there will be an announcement by the “United States Treasury” — actually, the International Monetary Fund, which has been functioning as the “United States Treasury” since 1924, that Federal Reserve Notes will no longer be honored.  

They may or may not be honest enough to tell you why — that these “notes” have been counterfeited to the point where they are no longer viable representations of debt or credit. 

Even though all this has been ongoing for decades right in front of all the regulatory agency noses here and abroad, everyone benefiting from this “system” kept mum.  And they have done nothing sufficient  to prepare for a transition from FRNs. 

There have been numerous smooth transitions between forms of currency, such as the transition from “Silver Certificates” and the current form of “Federal Reserve Note” which occurred in the 1970’s.  The new currency was introduced in exchange for the Silver Certificates and gradually removed from circulation to reduce the debt burden on the banks. 

This time, there will be no exchange, because of all the counterfeiting and Odious Debt that the Perpetrators allowed to accrue. 

The new so-called United States Treasury Notes that are proposed as gold-backed replacement currency by the IMF are not printed and available in sufficient quantity to do any kind of smooth transition, and since the IMF is unable and unwilling to own up to its culpability, nobody will be able to buy USTNs with FRNs. 

Read that: the military scrip you have been using as money for decades will be officially worthless.  It really always was monopoly money and now everyone will get a chance to see that they were basically stealing credit that belonged to the American people and using it “as” money, ever since the so-called Civil War. 

The roots of this current debacle were founded, as usual, in England, in 1882 with the Bills of Exchange Act, which considers a Bill of Exchange –a category of commercial paper including Promissory Notes— to be the “same as cash”.  

This was the foundational basis of the use of “Notes” in lieu of cash and the entire credit bonanza being made available for government spending instead of being returned to the people it belonged to. 

Only the Sovereign or, in our case, Sovereign People, can issue Bills of Exchange, and obviously, England would be at a disadvantage with only one Queen to issue IBOEs if millions of Americans were enabled to issue IBOE’s, so the Perps gratuitously “redefined” us as government employees and dependents in order to deprive us of: (1) control of our assets, (2) the benefit of our own credit, and (3) our ability to issue IBOE’s. 

Now, they want to switch things around so that when we, the Sovereign People, issue IBOE’s as a means of exchange, they only pay out 10% to us and keep the 90% for the banks.  

That is, if I as a member of the Sovereign People issue an International Bill of Exchange in the amount of say, $2,000,000.00, the banks will credit me with $200,000.00 and keep the rest. 

If all of this sounds like lunacy, it is. 

Individual people should not be going around writing International Bills of Exchange based on the resources of their country without any Fiduciary Office or responsibility or accountability attached to their actions.  

Look at what 515 piglets in Congress and the Executive Branch and so-called Judicial Branch have managed to spend “for” us?  

None of these people have or accept any Fiduciary responsibility and as they occupy no Public Office should clearly not have any right to control our assets or abuse our credit.  

Someone finally noticed.  We did. 


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South Africans are Awakening – Unity First

He is one 100% correct; the Kingdoms and Tribal Authorities must expatriate their states as set out on the Emancipation page and set up their own express trusts at customary law as set out on the express trusts page; and all future agreements made with RSA INC. or corporations must be done at customary law jurisdiction;

Every contract must have a jurisdiction clause; this is what we have been teaching the kingdoms and it seems to be sinking in now; this gives us hope.

Trademarks, Trade Marks, Copyrights, and Patents

By Anna Von Reitz

Apparently, some people are following a practice of putting a Trademark Notice, that is, a small superscript “TM” after their signatures.  This should not be done unless for some reason that person is actually using their name as a trademark in the context of whatever they are signing. 

As an aside, Please Note that in the international jurisdiction of the sea while conducting international trade, it’s called a “trademark” and when conducting international trade on the land, it’s called a “trade mark”.  

There are two international jurisdictions of the sea — Admiralty and Maritime (Commerce) — and both use the word “trademark”. 

It wasn’t always like this.  Prior to 1881, there was no provision for incorporated businesses operating as commercial corporations to use trademarks.  That legislation allowing commercial corporations (involved in commerce not “trade”) to use “trademarks” muddied the water, so that you can no longer tell if a “trademark” is being used in international trade or in commerce.  

It also creates the problem of “granting assumption” that when you show a “trademark” notice, you might be operating in EITHER trade or commerce, and that can give the attorneys a hook to misidentify you and deliberately misinterpret what you are trying to accomplish.  

A trademark is used as a unique sign or symbol associated with a business.  Logos are trademarks.  Brands are trademarks.  Unique signage can be used as a trademark.  And yes, it is possible to use a name as a symbol and therefore, as a trademark — both as a commercial (public) trademark and as a private trademark. 

Example of a signature being used as a public (commercial) trademark — the familiar “Eddie Bauer” signature that appears on all “Eddie Bauer” products. 

Example of a signature being used as a private (international trade) trademark — my husband’s uniquely styled “Artist Signature” which is nothing like his day-to-day signature serves as a private trademark on all his work.  

Back in 1881 when this conundrum of using “trademarks” in commerce began, a stylistic convention was adopted to sort things out.  The same convention applies to copyrights as well. 

If you are acting in a private business capacity and you handwrite the copyright notice (the small letter “c” in a circle) or the trademark notice (the small “TM” superscript) it is evidence that you are operating in international trade. 

If you use a machine printed copyright notice or trademark notice the result is ambiguous and subject to interpretation, but the use of a machine (typewriter/computer keyboard) to create the image gives weight to the presumption that you are operating in a commercial capacity. 

So, if you are going to use a copyright notice as a living American serving notice of your property interest in your autograph or signature, it’s advisable to handwrite it.  

And if for some reason (artists and designers commonly do this) you have a special signature that you use as an identifying mark for your products, go ahead and handwrite the superscript “TM” after your handwritten copyright notice— otherwise, if you are not using your “trademark signature” as an actual trademark, don’t issue a trademark notice.  

You can get in trouble doing so, and you can also provide the ravening wolves an excuse to presume that you are operating in commerce as a Municipal THING, unless you are careful about the context and know the law well enough to clarify your use of a “special signature” as part of your “trade”.  

Trademarks give you “defensible rights” — meaning that you have to assert and defend your ownership of that particular trademark by being able to show that it is special and unique, and that you have been using it more than seven (7) years in international trade, or, if you actually are operating in commerce, have registered it in commerce. 

I have a special circumstance in that I inherited a name as a perfected “trade mark” that was recorded and also registered as a  “trademark” in 1855, prior to all the confusion.  Nobody should pattern their use of a trademarked name after me, because different laws and assumptions apply to my rather unique situation.  

Patents in this country have been “reissued” as “registered patents” and are always numbered; when they come from the Land Patent records they come as properties registered by the British Crown and held in trust.  This is obviously not where any American wants their land acquisitions to remain.  You can obtain the registered patent record and/or number and publish your interest in it and then record your interest in that patent, which returns it to the land jurisdiction and makes you, not the British Monarch, the owner.  

Ron Gibson has developed a complete, exhaustive, and correct — and in my opinion — an unassailable process, for people to reclaim and properly reinstate their patent rights, so long as you are recognizable as an American to begin with.  

Strange but true, only Americans claiming their birthright political status, can actually own land in this country — but you cannot just assume that your patent rights will be honored. You have to take action and inform the authorities and publish your actual interest in the property, or the King’s men continue to interpret everything in favor of the King and under the King’s Law. 


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Clarity about NESARA

By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s be real clear about Anna and her personal history with NESARA.  

I grew up with General Roy Schwasinger at the dinner table.  My Mother was a loyal assistant working with the National Farmers Organization (NFO) in Wisconsin and Minnesota, trying to organize the multi-state awareness and participation necessary to bring relief to the farmers (this started out as “the Farm Union Cases” for a reason, folks) and put an end to the attack on family farms by big government and agribusiness corporations. 

For me, this whole subject was a daily conversation throughout Junior High School and High School and it continued on throughout college.  There are probably damned few people in this country who were at Ground Zero of NESARA like I was.  My Mother called me multiple times in 1979 and 1980 when the long court battle settled, and I can tell you for a fact that the Supreme Court wussed out. 

They basically said, yeah, you are right.  Unfortunately, the entities at fault are all bankrupt and other than standing in line with all the other bankruptcy creditors, there is really nothing you or we can do about this.  

They lied.  They could have removed the “corporate veil” and let us stand as the Priority Creditors, but they didn’t suggest that and at the time, we were too ignorant to pursue it.  

A lone Congressman, from one of the Midwestern States (maybe Wisconsin, maybe Ohio? I don’t remember his name after more than forty years) proposed NESARA as remedy due the farmers and he got laughed out of the Beltway.  No surprises there.  

The “Congress” responsible for the crimes and sins and errors was in charge of the purse-strings, after all, and they would rather spend our money on things like Vietnam and paying Dow Chemical for Agent Orange and more napalm.  Forget about justice for American farmers and workers in general.  

Much later, during the Clinton Administration, there were unconfirmed rumors that some special forces guys took matters into their own hands and held Clinton captive until he signed an Executive Order to force remedy owed under NESARA, but there was nothing convincing to suggest that that ever happened, and if William Jefferson was coerced at gunpoint to do it (as the reports themselves alleged) then his signature would be under duress and worthless for enforcement purposes. 

Now, as you or anyone else can see for themselves, the NESARA legislation has been stone dead in Congress since the 1990’s, when some of the Rats decided to tinker with it — not to pass it, oh, no, but to tinker with it, so that if it was revisited in the future, it would be pre-twisted around into something of advantage to the Rats instead of the farmers and other victims of this evil, out-of-control, criminal “System” the Vermin have going for themselves. 

So what stands on the books as “NESARA” isn’t even NESARA any more, and only God knows what “GESARA” is, either, and whether or not it’s good or bad. 

Now the military is putting out all sorts of “Hero Specials” congratulating themselves based on those very few and far between real life heroes like General Schwasinger and General Smedley Butler who actually tried to address at least some of the crap, and that’s all well and good for the shirt-tail riders who weren’t there patting Schwasinger on the shoulder and giving him a cup of coffee like my Mom — and, anyway, I am not interested in blaming the military.  

Perhaps the military blames itself for not doing more, but the plain fact is that they were dependent on the political pukes for funding, so there you have it, the whole story, in a nutshell, from the days of Lincoln until now. 

If NESARA is finally going to be funded and all this hideous Bushwah straightened out, I’ll bring flowers to Schwasinger’s grave and my Mother’s, and I will be solemnly glad to see them vindicated, albeit, long after their deaths.  But until I see it and see the good that they suffered for made reality, I remain skeptical and cautious and watchful.  

I have every reason to believe that the people behind this whole situation were treasonous, self-interested, white-collar criminals back in the 1860’s, and I see no reason to think that their great-grandsons and great-granddaughters fell far from the tree.  Instead of mindlessly supporting something “called” NESARA, let’s stop and take a real good look at what they are selling and why, and what “NESARA” in this present iteration, actually means?  

The NESARA General Schwasinger fought for and which that lone Congressman proposed, was profoundly good; but as I say, it was tweaked later on by the forces of evil in DC, and it now bears a lot of review before anyone starts dancing.  


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Illegal Constitutions — Example, Australia

By Anna Von Reitz

We have been taught to defend and venerate and protect our Constitutions. 

All over the world, it’s the same. 

But what, exactly, is a “Constitution”?    

A Constitution is a debt agreement, and a debt agreement can exist in any General Jurisdiction. 

So what does that mean? 

A Constitution is an agreement wherein one party agrees to provide goods and/or services and another party agrees to pay for the goods and/or services.  

Within the international land jurisdiction where our original Federal Constitutions exist, Constitutions take the form of Common Law Contracts and are undertaken between competent sovereign governments called “Principals”. Constitutions are more binding than Treaties, hence, the Supremacy Clause and the familiar phrase, “Supreme Law of the Land”. 

Within the international jurisdiction of the sea, Constitutions take the form of corporate charters undertaken by sovereign governments acting as contractors providing government services.  This is a substantially different and lesser kind of “Constitution”, even though it is still technically a debt agreement.  

The 1787 Federal Constitution known as “The Constitution for the united States of America” is more binding than any Treaty ending a war, but the 1868 document called “The Constitution of the United States of America” is a corporate charter for a governmental services subcontractor– a different kind of “constitution” under a different form and jurisdiction of the law. 

One Constitution is on the land, and the other “Constitution” is on the sea, but both are debt agreements. 

Most people have never known or been told the difference.  They haven’t been made aware of the difference between land treaties and sea treaties, either.  

This has resulted in no end of confusion and no end of abuses and criminality, both. 

Whereas a land jurisdiction Constitution is fixed and difficult to undermine, a sea jurisdiction “Constitution” is inherently mutable, based on nothing more than a private corporation charter.  A land Constitution is lawful, but a sea Constitution is legal — different rules and forms of law are involved. 

When a sea jurisdiction “Constitution” is secretly substituted for a land jurisdiction Constitution, the guarantees owed to people under the land jurisdiction Constitution disappear; both the form of law and its General Jurisdiction everyone is operating under changes, and the perpetrators responsible don’t say a word. 

This is what has happened in our country and in countries throughout the world.  Let’s take Australia as an example. 

Australia, meaning the organic land and soil we think of as “Australia”  was bobbling along doing fine as a country, but it was also defined as a British Commonwealth Nation.  

A country is different from a nation.  A country has land and soil, rocks, trees, and air space and maritime coastal waters.  A nation is composed of the people living within the borders of that country.  

The British Commonwealth as a whole suffered many setbacks in the 19th century and had many investment expenses as well, which resulted in the member “Nations” being impoverished and in debt to each other and to other non-Commonwealth nations throughout the world. 

Most of these Nations were in debt to The United States and when they failed to make their payments, this resulted in the bankruptcy of the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as The United States of America, Inc. (1868 to 1907) and a domino-effect collapse, which led to The Great White Fleet which sailed the seas from December 1907 to 1909. 

The Great White Fleet basically sailed around the world collecting debts and imposing new sea jurisdiction “Constitutions” on the bankrupt governmental services companies in Australia and elsewhere.  

As a result, a new, foreign, and so far as the Australian People were concerned, unauthorized,  governmental services corporation came into power as a Successor administering their day to day government services under a new sea jurisdiction “Constitution”.  

Australia, Inc. was born — backwards, under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, but born nonetheless.  

The Constitutional Monarchy that Australia and the People of Australia were guaranteed –and the Constitution defining it– was still there on paper, but it was, in practical terms, set aside without a whisper, and without notification to the People of Australia.  

The sea jurisdiction “Constitution” of Australia, Inc., became the “functional law” for the corporation’s employees, and they gratuitously presumed their rules and codes and obligations on everyone else. 

Instead of functioning as a country populated by a nation of free people, Australia started functioning as a foreign commercial corporation dominating a land mass, and everyone living there was “presumed to be” an employee or a dependent of that foreign governmental services corporation, and therefore, not owed any constitutional guarantees. 

That’s how the Australian people’s identity was redefined and their constitutional guarantees were evaded and their lawful government overturned — all without firing a shot and without anyone but a few schemers knowing what was going on. 

The same thing happened in America in the years immediately after the so-called Civil War, and the creeping cancer of Corporatism proceeded from there. 

After the Second World War another shake-up and redistribution of debt took place and Australia, Inc., farmed out its civilian service obligations to AUSTRALIA, INC. 

The clueless Australian people were “redefined” again as Municipal Corporation franchisees, all without their knowledge or agreement, and another sea jurisdiction “Constitution” was imposed on them, creating another layer of corporate legal chicanery separating them from their actual Constitution and its guarantees. 

The corporations got away with this, because nobody knew what was going on.  They and the conspirators responsible adopted a “cloak of secrecy” and only Mikey, Joey, Donnie, and Alfie knew what was going on and how they were working this fraud against the people of Australia and garnering wealth and coercive power for themselves. 

They have built up more piles of Odious Debt since WWII and been caught at it, so they have responded by trying to kill and/or maim their Employers who are in fact their Priority Creditors. 

We have responded by demanding the liquidation of all these guilty corporations, the return of their debts as credit owed to their victims, the punishment of all their officers, board members, and if appropriate, their shareholders — and stiff damages to be paid by the Principals for every life lost or disabled. 

It turns out that we, the living people, the Employers of these organizations which have no natural right to exist, the Customers of their services, their Priority Creditors, and the source of all value in the economic system they plunder, were not being highly valued ourselves.  

We were viewed as expendable human resources by these ignorant cretins, who have been dancing around like two year-olds with a hammer, banging on their own toes, and then wondering why their fourth quarter earnings are in the tank and screaming wah-wah-wah and laying off thousands of employees, which just makes everything worse. 

They are having fun.  They think that they created this world and they have the right to destroy it, but in fact, we created this world and we  created the corporations.  We provided for their form and their charters and their bankruptcy protection and we can gut them, too. 

So, a change of management is in order, and they have planned for that, too, a plan that leaves the same unpleasant criminal elements at the helm after they have manufactured a dire economic and social collapse.  

This is what they THINK they are going to get away with: destroy everything, destroy the economies, destroy the social structure, destroy the family, destroy the soil, pollute the water, kill most of the people, and after they have done all this damage, they propose to step up and say, “See, you people are incompetent and can’t manage anything yourselves.  We are here to save you.” 

And sadly, unless the rest of us get busy, they might even get away with it. 

Getting back to Australia, see the latest round of their “Federal” plan:, the “Australian Federal Relations Architecture” 

which defines the structure of Australia’s New Enslavement System projected by “Federal” Authority, which has about as much actual authority as Federal Express. 

This entire problem is taking place, jointly, in the jurisdiction of the Air, and the jurisdiction of the Sea.  It involves mental constructs — corporations and companies that have no natural right to exist, preying upon the people they are supposed to serve.  It could be described as a grudge match between the British Crown Corporation and the Vatican, a final power struggle between the Red Dragon and the White Dragon. 

And neither of them come from China. 

Along the way, they’ve prepared all these narratives and distractions — Joe Biden has a few of approximately eighteen billion pages of paper attached to Top Secret or National Security documents in his basement.  Oh, my. What color of toenail polish is Michele Obama wearing today?  Inflation, stock markets, border crisis, food shortages, death and diseases, ecological disasters, all of it engineered to scare and distract. 

There’s a core of people on this planet — a core that isn’t scared, isn’t fooled and is keeping score.  That core group of people is growing.  

Remember that when they scream and shout and gin up one of their emergencies, it’s there to distract you.  It’s there to draw your attention away from what they are actually doing, so that you won’t see their actual crime.

When they report ugly, threatening, nasty news — that’s your signal to sit back and deeply contemplate the beauty of the natural world, the harmony of creation, and know that you are safe and part of it all forever.

When they create death and disease, know that your Father has the cure. 

When they encourage hate and distrust, that’s your signal to love. 

It’s your game and your planet, not theirs.   All the lies in Satan’s long history can’t overcome one solid truth. 


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Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court – Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti

By Anna Von Reitz

Comes now the lawful Government of The United States in international jurisdiction, The United States of America, our Federation of Organic States of the Union, seeking action and redress to be provided by the Holy See and His Holiness, Pope Francis. 

Under Ecclesiastical Law it is the singular responsibility of the Pope to liquidate corporations that have engaged in unlawful activities; we can now say with certainty that thousands of Municipal and British Territorial corporations have profited themselves by the murder and maiming of the General Public in this country and throughout the world. They have done this in flagrant disregard for both health and life.

The guilty parties include the present iterations of the United States of America, Inc., a British Crown Corporation doing business under various names and through various incorporated subcontractors and agents, including the Department of Justice, Inc., the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Inc., the Central Intelligence Agency, Inc., the Department of Defense, Inc., the White House Office, Inc., National Security Council, Inc., and their State-of-State franchise organizations, numerous pharmaceutical corporations including Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., numerous communications and news organizations including the BBC, Inc., Reuters, Inc., Associated Press, Inc., ABC, Inc., NBC, Inc., CBS, Inc., Fox News, Inc., The New York Times, Inc., The Washington Post, Inc., and innumerable other newspapers, radio stations, and television outlets, along with thousands of hospitals, clinics, and individual Uniformed Officers who profited from administering “covered countermeasures”. The insurance industry was also profited by the large number of deaths inflicted on the elderly population of this country. Hospitals and individual health providers received kick-backs amounting to millions of dollars “per head” for those diagnosed with and dying from “Covid 19”. 

The Municipal Counterparts of all of these British Crown Corporations similarly benefited themselves from lies, pretended authorities, coercive acts and demands undertaken under color of law, and cancellation of debt resulting from the death of millions of Americans including, thus far, over 118,000 youths under the age of 25.  

According to some credible life expectancy projections, only 1 in 40,000 recipients of these injections will be alive seven years from the date they received this “vaccination”.  

The perpetrators purposefully and with malice aforethought changed the definition of “vaccine” in order to misrepresent what they were doing as a “vaccination” and to further misrepresent the nature of the material they were injecting into the bodies of their victims.  

A genetic pattern obtained from SARS virus and then genetically manipulated to form a unique lipid protein capsule used to deliver mRNA payloads and other foreign genetic materials at the cellular level, was the only faint association with any infectious disease at all, but it was used as a smokescreen to make it appear that a pandemic of an infectious disease was involved in this murderous– and lucrative– hoax. 

The actual products injected included: (1) parasites including freshwater hydras and eggs of an exotic Middle Eastern heartworm common to sheep in that region; (2) poisons including salts of aluminum and mercury and graphene oxides; (3) so-called “smart” hydrogels containing luciferase and other exotic photo-sensitive compounds and self-assembling “smart” nanotechnologies that respond to electromagnetic signals and share artificial intelligence information at a biological level. 

The ultimate goals of this program, above and beyond the death of the vast majority of recipients within seven years, appear to involve the secretive deployment of technology designed to collect information about the victims and their biological functions, to interfere with those functions, to coercively control the “subjects” in this experiment, to reduce the fertility of the participants to about 30% viability of offspring, and to track and surveil the victims so as to study the process of their deaths and the maiming effects of the various parasites, poisons, and foreign genetic materials that have been deployed throughout the General Public by means of criminal fraud.  

There has also been an effort on the part of the guilty corporations including Black Rock, Inc. and its various iterations and franchises and subsidiaries, and Vanguard, Inc., and the Department of Defense, et alia, to claim ownership interest in the “test subjects” who “volunteered” — in response to what appeared to be “government mandates”.  The logic for this appears to be that by accepting a snippet of undisclosed genetically engineered material that was patented by the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, the victims thereby became genetically modified organisms (GMOs) owned by the patent holders. 

Our Public Law already stands against any such cellular property interest claims advanced against living men and women. 

This entire murder-for-profit scheme has been the brainchild of William H. “Bill” Gates, Jr. and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has operated in cooperation with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, INC., aka, WHO, INC., and NATO, INC., DOD, INC., and the World Economic Forum (WEF) Inc., and the WORLD BANK, INC., which benefited itself by selling “Pandemic Bonds” as a rigged bet, in a situation in which no actual infectious disease, per se, was present. 

These above facts are all now “public knowledge” as they have been published as patents by the US and EU Patent Offices and published in scientific journals, and exhaustively reviewed and analyzed by Doctors David E. Martin and Karen Kingston and others, and there are no contrary findings, which results in this “no contest” claim for damages and action liquidating the offending corporations. 

Prior to these crimes against humanity actually being undertaken, we served Public International Notice to the Principals responsible for the existence of these corporations that we would charge one (1) Trillion dollars per American killed or maimed by any such attack, and we locked in the exchange “dollar value” as of the day of the Notice.  We are losing 7,500 Americans per day to death or permanent disability, and are exercising our pre-established lien in the amount of $232,500 Trillion USD for the month of December 2022. 

This commercial lien and resulting debt will continue to accrue and collect 4% compound interest per annum against the Principals and all British Crown and Municipal affiliates until and unless the damage done is remediated with effective and substantial cures for the victims and appropriate compensation being paid to them and their families. 

In addition — and the reason that this claim appears before the Vatican Chancery Court — we, the living people of The United States, have been injured physically, mentally, emotionally, and materially by these self-interested corporations acting under color of law. Millions of us have been killed already and more continue to die; millions more have been maimed and now suffer debilitating injuries which result in permanent disabilities and the need for extensive medical care. 

As we have been killed and maimed by corporations, we demand the death of these corporations in turn.  There is no doubt that they have engaged in unlawful activities that have resulted in the death and misery of millions of people and that they have done this for profit and coercive power. We do not accept their “offer” (COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act of the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act | Federal Trade Commission ( of our own money and credit being dispensed to us by the perpetrators as any true consideration, remedy or cure. 

The only appropriate and necessary cure is: (1) the complete liquidation of all these offending corporations; (2) the sale of their corporate assets for the benefit of the victims and their survivors; (3) the removal of the corporate veil to allow prosecution of the offending officers and board members; (4) the establishment of a Injury Reparations Fund administered directly by our Fiduciary Office; (5) and for the lesser offenders who received kick-backs, the return of all kick-back funds to the Injury Reparations Fund, plus a stiff fine for going along and benefiting themselves from criminal activities. 

It is entirely appropriate that the Vatican Chancery Court rule in favor of the victims and that the Holy See and the Pope be imposed upon to liquidate all these offending corporations and hold all the administrators and corporate officers responsible for their premeditated murders, attempts to enslave living men and women as Genetically Modified Organisms owned under patents, and long term injuries to those who have been disabled. 

This is all public knowledge now, and uncontested. 

Please proceed with all due alacrity to deliver the requested relief to the victims of this unholy scheme to pillage and destroy the only value that gives value to anything else: the living energy, health, and consciousness of the True God incarnate in us all.  

Claim made by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

                           The United States of America

                          Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                           The United States of America

Claim published on this 19th day of January in the year of 2023. 


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Job Post – Do you wish to help co-create our new alternative South Africa?

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This new team will assist people by offering the following services;

  • Discharging Debts – Bills of Exchange
  • Setting up of Express Trusts as a land vehicle
  • Land Emancipation
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Join us as we co-create our bright & abundant future, together!

With gratitude,
SA Jural General Committee

The Future Belongs To Sovereign Nations

By Robert Ingraham
January 13, 2023

Page 1 of the Constitution in its encasement in the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom at the US National Archives.

“Strong, sovereign nations allow individuals to flourish in the fullness of the life intended by God.”

            —President Donald Trump, United Nations, Sept. 19, 2017

In January of 2023, we find ourselves in a world that is changing with bewildering speed. Nothing is standing still.  The War in Ukraine escalates.  The global economic crisis worsens.  Unprecedented political and social upheavals erupt everywhere.  In Washington, DC the new Congress is meeting to debate solutions for the economic and social ills ravaging America.  The entire world seems poised on the brink of the unknown.

Within these cascading events, at the highest level of policy-making, a debate is now taking place about the future of the world and the nations and peoples within it.  A great deal of attention focuses on the ongoing collapse of what some call the “American Empire.”  Some of the pronouncements are predictable.  Eager leftists are salivating about the demise of what they call “U.S. economic and military hegemony,” also called the “unipolar world.”  What is now being discussed, almost everywhere, is that American power is crumbling and we are now entering a new strategic era of a “multi-polar” world, where no single nation will be able to dictate economic and military terms world-wide.

The problem with this analysis is that the entire discussion of a “Unipolar” versus “Multi-polar” world is fraudulent and rigged.  You are being presented with a make-believe picture of two opposing scenarios, neither of which is legitimate. Worse, the most important issue confronting mankind, the indispensable key to future human progress and happiness, is never mentioned.  I am speaking of National Sovereignty.

National and Human Sovereignty

Sovereignty is widely misunderstood.  Any valid notion of sovereignty starts from a recognition that the true concept of sovereignty begins with Genesis 1 and the United States Declaration of Independence.  God created Man in His own Image; distinguished Man from all other creatures; and bestowed upon Man creative dominion over the entire earth.  The Declaration of Independence asserts that all men and women are created with Inalienable Rights to exercise the noetic powers given by the Creator, and announces the birth of a sovereign Republic based upon the sovereign rights and powers of the individual citizen.  National Sovereignty flows from this recognition of the sovereign creative individual.  All competing definitions of sovereignty are drivel.

All human progress—from the ancient beginnings of our species—has been the product of creative discoveries accomplished by human individuals.  Such acts of creation are always the product of individual human minds.  What the Declaration of Independence and George Washington’s later U.S. Constitution accomplished was to establish a Republic coherent in principle with the sacredness and creative potential within each individual citizen.  The government of our Republic is charged with protecting the Future of the nation.  Through Representatives and a President elected by the people, the government acts to secure the future by fostering a culture of scientific human advancement.  Each life is sacred.  The creative spark of creativity which lies as a potential within each citizen, is nurtured.  The government exists for the People, because it recognizes the true nature of the human identity.  Conversely, the creative accomplishments of the People—think of Edison, Westinghouse, the Wright Brothers and many others—then ensure that the Republic will endure and our civilization will advance.

In a sovereign Republic, no outside power—be it a foreign nation, a private financial cartel or a corrupted intelligence community—is allowed to usurp the power of government to prevent elected officials from honoring their Constitutional obligations on behalf of the people.  Such attempted sabotage is un-Constitutional at best, treason at worst.  Thus, drug trafficking is a national crime that the Republic can not allow.   A government which tolerates the mass drug addiction of millions of its youth has surrendered all claims to sovereignty.

Sovereignty, Foreign Relations and the Financial Oligarchy

A commitment to these Constitutional principles must define our relationships with other nations.  The Republic of Washington and Lincoln does not seek power or prosperity to the detriment of other peoples.  America’s destiny is to be the Beacon of Hope to mankind.  Yes, we defend our sovereignty and sometimes this requires confrontational negotiations, but we also do not carry out drone attacks or impose ruinous economic sanctions against nations with whom we are not at (Constitutionally-declared) war.  We seek partners, not enemies.

America’s historic foreign policy outlook was defined by George Washington in his Farewell Address, and was later best expressed by John Quincy Adams in his call for a “Community of Principle” among perfectly sovereign nations.  We operate from the outlook of truthful principles about the Republic and the human individual.  We seek cooperation with other nations based on those principles.  We honor those principles both at home and abroad. 

Today, however, the key threat to our national sovereignty does not involve our relations with other nations, but rather the surrender of our sovereignty to private oligarchical financial interests.  Since the 1990s what has come into existence is a global financial/corporate octopus of enormous power—outside the control of any government.  This financial oligarchy has waged war against the people of every nation—including the people of the United States—for the last 30 years.  They have destroyed our energy grid, our water grid, our farms, and our manufacturing base.  Their agenda will kill billions.  The individual citizen is powerless—as an individual—to defeat such an enemy, but our sovereign government does have that power, if it chooses to use it on behalf of the people.

This financial oligarchy now controls our mainstream news media, much of our intelligence community and most of our higher educational institutions.  They operate through a multitude of foundations and non-profit organizations to control all policy discussions.  With the arrogance of Ozymandias they assert their power to control the nation’s destiny.

The Oligarchy’s Definition of a Multi-Polar World

Much of the talk of a multi-polar world ignores the existence of this anti-human financial oligarchy, this new version of the British Empire.  Instead, the focus is axiomatically anti-American.  It starts from the lie that it has been the “American Empire” which has imposed murderous economic policies throughout the world.  It refuses to admit the glaringly obvious reality that the United States itself has been a victim—and from the standpoint of the oligarchy the primary intended victim—of this global financial regime.  Within the imperial oligarchy, the weakening and destruction of American economic sovereignty and productive power has been a long-recognized prerequisite to carry out a radical revolution in world affairs.

If one examines the transcripts of speeches delivered at the annual summits of the World Economic Forum over the recent several years, the proposal for a “multi-polar world” is endorsed again and again and again, by speaker after speaker after speaker.  It is a key component of Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset.”  Why is the WEF pushing this?  Only a complete fool would posit that the WEF and the extensive network of private oligarchs and elites associated with it, are “communists” or agents of China.  The elites who gather at Davos are an entirely different breed of animals.

Take a look at the next summit of the WEF—titled “Cooperation in a Fragmented World”—which will take place later this month at Davos.  According to the WEF website, the meeting will bring together 2,700 leaders from 130 countries including 52 heads of state.  The majority of participants will be from the Private Sector, including 1,500 business leaders, among whom will be 600 of the world’s top CEOs.  Leading bankers and financiers will also attend, as well as more than 125 leaders of major universities, research institutions, and think tanks. 

The shared commitment of this crowd is that American sovereignty and power must be diminished, if not obliterated, making possible rule of the world by a PRIVATE cartel of banks, financial institutions and mega-corporations.  It is they, the imperial elite, who will set policy—on the green agenda (the COP conferences), banking & finance, and world trade.  Individual nations with their chimerical “sovereignty” will obey the diktats handed down to them.  What is envisioned is a privately owned-and-run imperial system.  This is Klaus Schwab’s notion of a “multi-polar” world, one in which all nations will supposedly be represented, but none will possess true sovereignty.

The Central Banks will remain untouched.  The private financiers and their “shadow banking” operations will remain untouched.  The mega-corporations who owe allegiance to no nation will remain untouched.  Once American power is broken, these oligarchical entities will become even more powerful.

At the same time, the aspirations of these oligarchical ghouls are not simply economic or financial.  Under the green agenda, the trans-genderism and the drug legalizations—all supported by the media outlets of the oligarchy— the moral and philosophical principles of human civilization will be extinguished.  That is the plan.

The Fight in the United States

A revelatory glimpse into the nature of National Sovereignty has now become possible through the recent publication of the Twitter Files and the accompanying discussion of the relationship between the Intelligence Agencies (FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc.), the mainstream media and the Silicon Valley tech companies in their joint effort to exterminate free speech and control all political discourse within the United States.  Ask yourself:  What is going on here?  This is not an assault by a foreign nation against the American people.  It is coming from the trans-Atlantic ruling elites, backed by the New York Times and other mouthpieces for the oligarchy.

We are at a very dangerous moment.  Certain recent developments, such as the decision in the House of Representatives to establish a select Committee to investigate the intelligence agencies, the recent breakthrough in fusion energy and the successful Artemis mission to the Moon, are all very promising, but if we are to navigate our way successfully through this crisis, the first requirement both for the American People and for struggling nations throughout the world, is to recognize our common enemy.  The enemy is a private financial empire, just as the British and Dutch East India Companies were private financial empires.  Just as the British-created Central Banking System is a private financial empire.

Recognize also that the Principles which created our Republic, which often lie dormant and unrecognized, can be revived and brought back to life as Abraham Lincoln proved.  The United States Constitution provides for our Republic awesome powers to defend the people, to develop the nation and to provide for the future.  Our newly-elected members of Congress have taken an Oath to uphold that Constitution.  It is our job, as citizens, to see that they honor that Oath.

Last Monday, I Told You the Bad News:

By Anna Von Reitz

The Department of Defense and the unelected National Security Council have been in charge of the whole mRNA injection campaign — as shown by patents, government contracts, executive orders, and Congressional acts. 

And, according to the DOD’s own research, the seven year survival rate of this mRNA “therapy” is 1:40,000.  

I also told you that the members of Congress exempted themselves from these injections and exempted their families and their staff members and their families and also members of other favored groups including employees and officers of the Big Pharma corporations and members of the Church of Scientology. 

They have, in effect, killed 200 Million Americans without firing a shot, by hiding behind “Uniformed Officers” conscripted under Title 37, and used these “irregular forces” in a Mercenary Conflict they are merely calling a “war”. 

Now, Japan has raised the alarm, too.  

Kyoto University Professor Emeritus Masanaro Fukishima: 

“People are already doing research all over the world,” Fukushima told health ministers during a conference earlier this month. “Japan’s prestige is at stake. You have vaccinated so many people. And yet, only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who are leading members of the vaccine campaign have been vaccinated. Is this a joke?”

Similar to Congress, the Japanese officials exempted themselves, too.

This is a “smoking gun” that reveals that the members of these organizations, the U.S. Congress and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, knew what they were doing and avoided death and disability for themselves and their families, even as they mandated it for others.  

An examination of policy-making bodies throughout the world reveals the same thing. They knew they were murdering their own people, protected themselves, and did it anyway. 

At this point we should all realize that this has been promulgated by a Corporatist Death Cult that has had a worldwide reach into the top echelons of government, in at least the 31 countries that former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara unjustly favored and rewarded for their willingness to act as proxy states of the Cabal running Washington, DC (1966). 

McNamara was a crook. Pure and simple.  He withheld benefits that should have been freely shared with the other nations of the world, but refused because they would not relinquish their sovereignty to the growing cabalistic monopoly created by the “city states” government that was secretly establishing itself and usurping against the national governments mandated by law and custom. 

It is now our job to put an end to this “breakaway civilization” of nutcases and psychopaths attempting to take over the world via “independent international city-states” such as the US, UN, DC, VC, IC and OTTAWA pox-marking the landscape of other nations. 

These small “enclaves” are established without full disclosure or authority and used as “free trade zones” for smuggling and allowed “self-rule” instead of being held responsible to the Public Law.  

These pirates actually think that they can create new entities by arbitrarily redefining what words mean— for example, they believe that calling a rose a “helip” creates a new flower.  Or calling encapsulated mRNA  a “vaccine” makes it into a vaccine.  Or calling a man a “person” makes him into a corporation.  

They think that changing a street name creates a new property. 

They think that naming themselves after their enemies gives them power over their enemies (until the enemy wakes up and charges them with identity theft).  

Nobody who makes profit from war or death or disease can be trusted. No corporation that makes profit from war or death or disease can be trusted.  All of these persons and entities must be strictly regulated and held in non-profit status from now on.  They must also be prevented from making political contributions. 

Come on, folks, let’s get it together.  There’s a way to shut down the spike protein and the people responsible for this. Let each man go into his own country and declare his own law:


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