United People’s Front

United People’s Front is for all Southern African communities, coalitions, nations, republics and states to unite as one to achieve we the people’s Vision:– Behold a New Earth – People Sovereignty – The people shall govern!

United in our diversity – The Rainbow Nations – Hope and Abundance for all; no elite, no poor, a strong middle class; peace and safety; restore the natural order of things.

Vision – An alternative society – The people shall govern!

Building a new alternative model for society that is truly the vision of we the people; simply put, no-one wants to be controlled or governed by anybody else; the people shall self-govern to the fullest extent; and an end to centralized government;

Fulfilling the 1955 Freedom Charter and adopting a new 2022 People’s Freedom Declaration;

Every coalition reviewing and adding to a new 2022 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework and the implementation thereof;  

A non-political publican form of direct-self-governance by, for and of the people wherein sovereignty is vested in the people (singular) and every nation state is free and independent and self-governing while sharing in the national wealth via the South African Republic Trust; united in our diversity; by mutual trade agreements and treaties;

National and (later on) local committees in every aspect of society for alternative: agriculture & food security, arts & culture, banking & BETS, communications, communities, education, environmental, health, housing, information & marketing, legal, municipal, news & media, peacekeeping and self-defence, people’s courts, projects, transport and other committees; volunteers with expertise are welcome to contact sajuralassembly@gmail.com to begin or join the relevant committee; we need all hands on deck;

Restore the power of banking back to the people where it lawfully belongs; an alternative independent people’s banking, BETS – barter, exchange, trade and savings co-op system with an asset-backed lawful money.  

Restore the power of lawmaking back to the people with superior jurisdiction jural assemblies and people’s courts with the power to nullify any unlawful bill, order or legislation; developing the common law, customary law and natural law;

Foreclose and liquidate the bankrupt SA Inc. and RSA Inc. and re-claim all assets and credit for the lawful claimants and shareholders – namely, we the people; end corporations and commerce; instead, operate as trustees in trade using express trusts as the vehicles for trade; holding those who profited as sureties for the debts;

Apply principles of restorative justice in all cases – the victims must be identified, the harm & loss must end, full restoral be made, remorse shown and checks & balances be put in place so it can never happen again; transgressors to be blacklisted from taking part in any and all UPF and future SAR governance;

A Truth & Restoral Commission by, for and of the people to do a full forensic investigation and audit on all illicit capital flows and all fraudulent, unlawful confiscation, piracy & theft of all gold, minerals and resources going back to 1898 and beyond so as to establish South Africa’s credit with the major nations, western empires, their corporations, agencies and agents; and, in order to balance the books and discharge all South Africa’s international debts; and, enter into new trade agreements.

Nationalizing all mines into the SAR Trust(c) for the benefit of the people and future generations; every nation state will elect a trustee to sit on the SART board; an end to harmful mining practices; research & development in sustainable alternatives;

The eviction of all UN and foreign troops from Southern Africa which are in fact interfering with our independence while engaging in corporate piracy, theft and trafficking contrary to the original law of nations; see the Reports page;

An end to all corporate and mining plunder; full liability rests with multi-nationals past and present for environmental rehabilitation; anti-trust laws; capture of all illicit capital flows into offshore havens for development;

An end to the destruction of the environment; re-purposing of all harmful companies into beneficial ones; to make subsidies available for the transition; education in sustainable farming practices;

Most important – an end to poverty and un-employment once and for all; more equity, better wages and pensions, fair sharing, no more poor or homeless, no more super-rich, only a strong middle class; land for all;

A more natural way of life; an end to harmful technology; and end to hopelessness – rehabilitation of society and the environment as a whole;

A 2022 SA People’s National Referendum to fulfill this vision;

The UPF – United People’s Front needs a logo; feel free to design a logo and email your proposal to sajuralassembly@gmail.com

Plan To Take Back South Africa

We the people can take South Africa back in as little as 6 months and end our pain and misery once and for all; BUT, it all depends on you; this will take mass action;

  • We can restore we the people’s power; equal share in the national wealth; end unemployment; uplifting the poor; a basic income for all; fund people’s projects; focus on environmental rehabilitation, pollution clean ups, food security, sustainability, local production, community development; skills training, education on rights and self-governance;
  • Review and complete the 2022 Reconstruction & Development Programme Policy Framework;
  • Reclaim all assets of RSA Inc. into a South African Public Express Trust; a un-incorporated national land trust at common law; and, the people are the equal shareholders and will appoint their trustees by referendum; no BAR members or high ranking RSA Inc. officials will ever be permitted;
  • Copyright claim and all SA and RSA registered names and bill anyone using them;
  • Each SA nation or self-identifying community is already declaring themselves a free and independent state; see: https://zarboervolk.net/ ; each with its own common law and or customary law and people’s courts; the common and customary laws must be updated and brought in line with a common bill of rights and present moral sentiments of the local community;  
  •  Each state will have its own sub-trust within the National Trust and manage their own affairs without any outside interference;
  • Re-purpose SARB, SARS & National Treasury; Zero V.A.T.; zero Income Tax;
  • Debt Jubilee: an end to evictions, foreclosures, repossessions; full settlement of all South Africa’s debts;
  • Ban all licences and registrations for people and small businesses; alcohol, firearms, tobacco, cannabis, private vehicles etc. unless restricted by the unanimous decision of a jury in a common law court or by a tribal authority after agreement of the local people;
  • Free Trade Zone; Lift all trade restrictions on private, local and proudly South African companies; lift all trade restrictions with the same companies abroad;
  • Impose Anti-Trust Laws against multi-national corporations; capture illicit tax flows into offshore tax havens for development;
  • Repurpose harmful companies into nature and people friendly ones;
  • Ban harmful technology and or change it to be in harmony;
  • Ban harmful medical practices and develop the most natural ones;
  • Ban all indoctrination education; change the entire education system, process, material and methods; foremost, to teach the young good ethics, morals and values; what law is and what their natural rights are;
  • De-militarize the SANDF and SA Army; void gun licences; the right to bear arms is a natural right; fund and train local and national marshals, militias and peacekeepers for peacekeeping and civil defence;
  • Free allodial land for all; reclaim all military lands; reclaim the estimated 400 000 farms back from government for the people; fund farming communities and de-centralize the cities;
  • A Truth & Restoral Commission by, for and of the people this time to investigate all the gold, minerals, resources, artefacts and heritage stolen from us since the first South African Republic. It is thousands of trillions…

The faster you take action and join us the faster we can save ourselves and build the new earth right here, right now; if, we don’t our society will collapse;

Educate and inform yourself and follow this website for the latest updates as we progress: all input is welcome; this is by, for and of the people; https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/

Groups that support this campaign and volunteers are welcome to email us at: sajuralassembly@giftoftruth

SA People’s National Referendum 2022


On the Question of Politics

UPF SA Committees

Every community will have their own assemblies and committees; of self-governance; right now we are developing the national committees to pioneer and begin the transition;

If, you have the skills and wish to volunteer to get the people’s government underway then please email us at sajuralassembly@gmail.com to put you in touch with the relevant committee;

Banking, Finance & Treasury Committee – the power of banking restored to the people where it rightfully belongs; to build an alternative value-backed, full reserve, lawful money banking system completely opposite and separate to the Federal Reserve System; and, interfacing with alternative banks such as the Global Family Bank by the American States Assemblies initiated by Anna Von Reitz and the alternative Russian value-backed system;

Peacekeeping and Self-Defence – to activate, deputize and enlist people’s liberation armies, militias, peacekeepers, provost marshals and self-defence units in peacekeeping and self-defence by the law of necessity for self-preservation; Maxim – necessity overrules all law; this is the line in the sand, dear people; make no mistake we are under siege and being invaded in this WWIII;

SA People’s National Referendum – to collect, count, file and record referendum documents; the declaration of the sovereign makes the law. The referendum is an emancipation process; and authorises the foreclosing of RSA Inc. and establishing the people’s government;

People’s Courts – educating the public on how to hold fair and impartial hearings in people’s courts; developing the common law, customary law and natural law; putting the power of lawmaking back in the hands of the people where it lawfully belongs;

Southern African Tribunal for Natural Law & Justice – a council of wise elders representative of all SA nation states; our Supreme Court on issues of morals, ethics and values; the RSA Inc. Constitution is an absolute despotism and will be dissolved along with RSA Inc.

Education Committee – alternative models of education suitable for future self-governors, away from modern day slavery indoctrination; the education committee has had their first online meeting;

Agricultural & Food Security Committee – a transition to alternative sustainable, eco-friendly farming methods; bio-dynamic, nature-farming, permaculture, quantum farming, small-scale farming and rural and urban food gardens;

Environmental – the biosphere is collapsing due to predatory capitalism; once we have restored our South African Republic Trust then we have to save the environment; focus must be on environmental rehabilitation projects; proper recycling of plastics and 100% of all waste; bring an end to dumpsites;

Health – natural health and healing; alternatives to big pharma;

Energy – research and development of alternative energy, complete independence from the grid, off-grid living, castor oil and ethanol production for home, farming and businesses and so on;

Transport – independent direct courier and transport services; direct from home industry, small businesses and farms to communities and so on;

IT & Communications – we urgently require more volunteers in this field;

Marketing & Media – permanent website and Apps for all future SA Referendums and decisions for every community, town, suburb, district, state and national decisions; this will be the platform from which the people govern; editing and publishing of videos on social media;


Arts & Culture – if we don’t know our past we don’t know our future; the return and restoral of all artefacts and heritage taken from SA; custodianship of heritage sites to the rightful heirs;

Needs Assessment & Poverty Elimination – poverty, like modern day slavery and economic apartheid is man-made and can be undone by the actions of we the people;

Production & Manufacture – to be truly independent and secure from global collapse we must ween ourselves from imports as much as possible;

Project Management

Resource Management

Social Support & Mental Health


Think Tanks – unaffiliated people’s think tanks for remedies for society problems;


As well as any other committees that may be required for the people’s government;

Recordings of UPF Meetings

UPF Bitchute Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/i3Onpp1qK5Q6/