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A Fiduciary Duty Fulfilled

By Anna Von Reitz

Among living people it sometimes happens that we are called upon to serve in a fiduciary capacity for others.  This can happen even if we don’t volunteer for the job. We can simply be standing there at a given time, faced with a particular circumstance, and boom!  

There you are, staring up at the sky, wondering — WT….? 

That’s what happened to me, so you had better believe that it can happen to you, too, and that in some regards, it has already happened to you.

Certain Public Duties “devolve” upon you, simply because of your political status and identity as — for example — an American or a Frenchman. 

Americans have a Public Duty to uphold the Public Law of this country, and in particular, to uphold the Federal Constitutions and enforce them.  We have a Public Duty to oppose crimes, such as genocide and murder, and to report them to the responsible authorities.  

In the case of some crimes, like treason, failure to report them to the responsible authorities (the President, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor,  or Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court) can have very dire consequences for one’s self — up to and including capital punishment. 

Public Duty is not something to be taken lightly, and while members of the General Public in this country do not owe the obligations of citizenship, we do owe the obligations of Public Duty. 

Fiduciary Duty, elected or unelected, is part of that Public Duty which we owe to ourselves and our countrymen.  

In 2011, an alarmed friend sent me a copy of a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing made by a man named Everton Rochas from San Jose, California. 

This fellow, Rochas, was claiming what appeared to be himself –but which were in fact, foreign commercial corporations named after him– and he was explicitly explaining which “Everton Rochas” was the creditor by describing himself in terms of having hands and feet. 

I read it, I thought about it — I was thirteen years into the Due Process that began in 1998, and halfway through the International Notice process.  I realized that what Mr. Rochas was doing was correct enough for himself, assuming that he had a non-statutory trust to dump the assets into like a purse, and the correct legal standing to do it. 

He had done something monumental.  He had correctly identified the incorporated debtors and claimed back his property assets and remedies and exemptions owed to him — and had done it using the Uniform Commercial Code process.  

It was at that moment that my Fiduciary Duty landed on my head. 

Oh, I could follow suit and do what Rochas had done, and save my own assets out of the bankruptcy slush piles resulting from the Federal Reserve System bankruptcy in 2009, but then, what about my countrymen?  

They’d be left disinherited, unrecognizable as Creditors, claimants without claims.  Their State Trusts would be vacated.  The other creditors of the Federal Reserve System could come in and pillage us for the debts of the “US, INC.” and “USA, Inc.” to their heart’s delight, while the actual “preferential creditors” would be mysteriously “absent”, “presumed lost at sea”.  

So I created and recorded a non-statutory trust agreement between me, myself, and I — a purse where I could deposit the assets as the “Authorized Representative” — and I claimed everything back for all Americans with hands and feet.  And I rolled it all over into the Public Trust of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and as a further firewall, into my private non-statutory trust. 

Shortly thereafter I published and recorded my Irrevocable Will so that nobody could claim that I died intestate and “offer” to administer my estate — including my non-statutory trust —  “for” me. 

All the claims that I subsequently entered on the UCC record automatically attached to my name and rolled into my non-statutory trust and into the Public Trust maintained by the Federation of States, where they remain whether or not the specific UCC claims expire.  The UCC claims were just a conduit delivering the cargo to its rightful and final resting place, back home in America. 

And then, I came home myself.  I claimed my Given Name, “Anna Maria Riezinger” back from the Third Judicial Court in Palmer, Alaska, and made my non-Municipal status official.  

Then, I re-conveyed my recouped Proper Name to the land and soil jurisdiction and recorded this action via the Territorial State of Alaska Land Recording Office in Palmer, Alaska — making my return to the land and soil official. 

I followed up by delivering a certified copy back to the Third Judicial Court, having copies date-stamped by the Clerk, and leaving a copy for inclusion with the court record of my name change from ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER to Anna Maria Riezinger. 

There is and can be no doubt that I returned myself to the land and soil of this country and that I was last seen headed due East with a horrible fixed grin and look of relief on my face.  

Neither the Pope nor the Queen nor the Lord Mayor can claim that I voluntarily adopted any citizenship obligation of theirs nor that I voluntarily chose to remain in any foreign jurisdiction under their control.  I am officially, on the Public Record of their own institutions, neither a Municipal citizen of the United States nor a Territorial U.S. Citizen. 

This conclusion is doubly guaranteed, because what appears to be my surname, “Riezinger” is in fact an international trademark and the intellectual property of my Great-Grandfather, established in 1855, well-before the entire boondoggle of the American Civil War.  No European Monarch has any claim on it. It is internationally recognized private property and anyone who uses it in vain is trespassing. 

In this, and in all other circumstances, I have been blessed by fate and fortune to be in the position I was in, to know the people and facts I have known, and to do the things I have done in the time frame and sequence that all these things have been accomplished, so that I could act freely and with lawful standing throughout, to accomplish the recoupment of American assets for Americans who would have otherwise lost not only their identities, but their inheritance.

There are those who say that these same Americans deserved to lose their intellectual and property assets, because they weren’t taking care of them and were not vigilantly guarding them and doing the work of self-governance.  

What can you say about people who sit on their rumps and don’t bring their own government into Session for over 150 years?  

You can begin by saying that they are the sovereigns of this country and if they wanted to take a very long nap, it’s their business and nobody else’s.  

And we can follow up by saying that the vast majority of Americans were deliberately and self-interestedly deceived in Breach of Trust by their own public employees, who have been misdirected by foreign Principals acting in Gross Breach of Trust, breach of international treaties, and breach of commercial service contracts, seeking to evade their contractual obligations and pillage their Employers for their own unjust enrichment. 

The road that I have traveled to get home again — and drag all the assets owed to this country and my countrymen with me — has been long and often veiled in impenetrable darkness.  There have been many times when I have wondered what to do and how to do it.  Each time, I have knocked on the door of Heaven, and been answered. 

On numerous occasions, I have tried to explain this whole circumstance to my countrymen — “Hey, brother, you were robbed, but it’s okay, I derailed the train and brought your stuff home.  All you have to do is claim it.” — and they stare at me, stunned.  

What?  I’ve been robbed?  My identity has been stolen?  By my own public employees?  Say what?  I have to declare what?  I have to record what?  

And I have had to struggle with the aftermath and develop the processes and means for millions of Americans to come home and claim back the assets they are heir to. 

All the groundwork has already been laid, all the processes worked out, and all anyone has to do, is come home. Declare and record your native birthright political status and thereby reclaim your inheritance.  

Go to: to learn more. 

In the process of straightening out our own mess, we discovered that much of the rest of the world is in the same exact circumstance, all victims of a planetary scale fraud scheme designed to establish a system of Corporate Feudalism  —by which a few enslave the many, just as they did during Colonialism. 

Putting an end to these world-mongering fraud schemes perpetuated by commercial corporations in the business of providing “governmental services” is a Public Duty of all people worldwide. 

The employees cannot be allowed to rule over the employers. 

Standing here on my flat little Great-Grandma feet facing the beginning of September 2022, I can safely say that I have done my Public Duty, including my unsought duty as Fiduciary for our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America.

As things stand, the American claims have been preserved, and the claims of many other nations are being brought forward.

Isn’t it time that you joined in and did your bit, too?  

Imagine a pile of mittens, and your mittens are in that pile somewhere.  You have to go dig around and find them and claim them as yours. That’s part of this process that I can’t do for you — something that only you can do for yourself. 

Go to and get started. 

I don’t know how much longer I will be here with you, so it is a matter of some urgency that you all learn the facts and pass on what I have shared with you this morning.  Everything I have referenced is a matter of record, preserved by the State of Alaska Land Recording Office, the State of Alaska UCC Unit, the State of Alaska Third Judicial Court at Palmer, Alaska, and the Winnebago County, Illinois, Recorder’s Office.   

My non-statutory trust will last until 2066; at some point between now and then, my Irrevocable Will will come into effect, in addition to the actions that are undertaken now, during my lifetime, to secure and distribute the assets in accordance with that Will— returning to each American all that naturally belongs to that American — this represents my grant to each and every one of you.   

By the time my non-statutory trust expires you must all return to the land and soil to claim and preserve your own property assets, including your intellectual property assets — your Good Names, your nationality, and your lawful government. You have forty-four years to take advantage of what I have done for you and your children.  The clock is ticking. 

Don’t take it for granted. It was the hand of God that put me in place, that inspired me to discern the patterns of the ensnaring web, and that allowed me to act in your favor.  You can’t expect that a competent Fiduciary will just appear out of nowhere again (Big Lake, Alaska, is pretty close to nowhere) to pull your chestnuts out of the fire.  

You must each take responsibility and exercise the rights and prerogatives you are heir to.  You must each learn how to defend and justify your position as the Lawful Inheritors of this great country. And you must self-govern.  

None of these things are easy.  All of them require attention and hard work.  

Just as the Public Duty to act as Fiduciary for The United States of America descended on me, your own share of that responsibility now rests upon you— the responsibility to reclaim and take charge of your own assets, both public and private—- and preserve those assets for future generations of Americans.

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Public International Notice Regarding Dual Citizenship / David Straight Process

By Anna Von Reitz

As an American, your States are your Nations.

As an American, you have an identity as a New Yorker, Washingtonian, Texan, or, like me, as a Wisconsinite.

Each American State is the equivalent of a small country, with all the rights and prerogatives of a small country.

These inherent sovereign rights of our States were somewhat changed early on in our country’s history because the Founders realized the value of working together to provide a mutual defense system, a common currency and postal service, and, in the end, eighteen enumerated services and functions that were identified and delegated to our Federal Subcontractors.

The “powers” of each of the individual states related to these functions were relinquished and combined and entrusted to the Federal Government.

That Government consisted of three separate Service Providers, one American, one British Territorial, and one Holy Roman Empire provider. As the American Subcontractor was never reconstructed after the Civil War, there are only two Federal Subcontractors still functioning.

In the absence of the American Subcontractor or any other Federal Subcontractor, the Delegation of Powers reverts to the Delegator — our Federation of States.

Absolutely all of the “enumerated powers” granted to the Federal Subcontractors exist in international and global jurisdictions that are foreign to the national jurisdiction of our States.

Thus, the Federal Government operates in and provides services in a foreign capacity, and Federal Employees, be they Americans or anyone else, are obligated to work in these foreign jurisdictions and obey the foreign laws that apply to them.

This presented a problem. How can Americans work in and under the demands of a foreign jurisdiction and be subject to its foreign laws and governments —-and still be protected under the Constitutions that apply to Americans?

Dual Federal Citizenship was born.

This political status allows a Federal Employee to claim citizenship or nationality from two (2) governments at the same time. And they get to choose which governments.

Thus, as a Federal Employee or Dependent, you could choose to adopt a Dual Citizenship that recognized you as a Texan and as a U.S. Citizen (British Territorial). Your status as a Texan would then enable you to claim the protections and guarantees of the Federal Constitution, and at the same time, obligate you to act as a faithful Subject of the Queen.

This is exactly the political status that David Straight is promoting. If you adopt Dual Federal Citizenship you can act as both an American State National (a Texan, for example) and as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen. This protects your constitutional guarantees as a Texan and also allows you to function as a British Subject, with whatever benefits that may imply.

There is just one problem with this. If everyone does it, there is nobody home running the State Government of Texas, and without Texas, the Constitutions are “vacated” and you are reduced to being a Territorial Subject of the Queen —- right back where we all were when the Colonists first took up arms.

Some of us have to bear the honor and the burden of being Americans and nothing but Americans. We have to protect and defend the Constitutions against all enemies both foreign and domestic by standing as Americans and upholding our end of the contract. Some of us have to renounce all other obligations to any other government and run our States of the Union as State Citizens, or the Constitutions collapse and are no longer contractually enforceable.

If one Party to a contract dies or otherwise is missing, the contract itself is subject to the remaining Party or Parties. This is called “The Last Man Standing Rule”. Thus, for the last 160 years while our American Government has been out of Session, our British and Municipal (Holy See) Subcontractors have been interpreting things however they liked.

You see the result.

Our public employees and their political parties have been doing whatever they like with the public assets and have contrived to lodge false claims of ownership and custodial interest against their employers and our assets, too.

Things began to unravel in 1998, when we appeared as The Last Man Standing on the American side of things.

We served Notice that the unincorporated Federation of States, our “Ship of State” in international affairs, is alive and well. Like Robinson Crusoe, we turned up at a most inconvenient moment in history and used the same “Last Man Standing Rule” to enforce the Federal Constitution for ourselves and our countrymen.

At the start, we had only two known verifiable native state citizens in each State of the Union standing with us. Less than 200 Americans reported for duty to serve the Federation in 1998, but those few had established proper lineage and standing and right to act in their capacity as State Electors.

Today, there are thousands of Americans standing as Americans on their land and soil, as the true inheritors of this country, operating their State Assemblies in original jurisdiction — and because they are doing this difficult job, millions of other Americans are still protected under the Federal Constitutions.

So when people ask me about David Straight and his process, all based on Federal Code found at 8 USC 1101 (21) (a), I have to go back through all of this and explain Federal Dual Citizenship, and explain the “legal terms” being used in this snippet of Federal Code:

Here is it, term by term:

8 USC 1101 (21) (a):

The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.

The links shown within the current 8 USC 1101 (21) above as found at Cornell University Law website define the terms:


(21) The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.


(3) The term “person” means an individual or an organization.


(31) The term “permanent” means a relationship of continuing or lasting nature, as distinguished from temporary, but a relationship may be permanent even though it is one that may be dissolved eventually at the instance either of the United States or of the individual, in accordance with law.


(36) The term “State” includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

For those familiar with Federal-Speak the meaning of 8 USC 1101 (21) (a) is now perfectly clear. For others, not so much. So let’s go deeper —

The very fact that this citation is found in Federal Code means that it is meant to apply to Federal Persons, not Americans operating as members of the General Public. That is a given.

Second, throughout Federal Code, the word “person” is defined as a corporation whether an individual corporation or an organization like General Motors Company. Again, this applies only to such Federal “persons” and not to living people.

Third, the general representation of the word “state” can mean any kind of state — so we have to look at the specific meaning of “state” attached to this legislation and we find that, as expected, it applies to the unauthorized Territorial “States” —- all 57 of them, which are in fact Confederate States-of-States, none of which have standing as actual States.

Remember when President Obama referred to “all fifty-seven States” and people were aghast?

This is part of the confusion and deception that arises when the Federal Employees refer to “States-of-States” as [Confederate] “States” and count their [Confederate} “State” franchise corporations as if they were actual States of the Union.

So now you can see that David Straight’s process and this definition apply to Federal Persons, not to the American People, and that those following his advice do not recoup their birthright political status. They adopt a Dual political status as American State Nationals – U.S. Citizens instead.

There is nothing “wrong” with that status, but it is what it is, and people choosing it deserve to know what the pros and cons of such a political status are.

Yes, as American State Nationals, you do recoup your Constitutional protections, as long as the rest of us hold the line and populate the States and run the actual State Governments for you, but on the downside, you are also presumed to be loyal British Subjects and to serve as collateral for the Queen’s Government and to be obligated to obey the Queen’s laws and pay the Queen’s taxes.

In other words, you place yourself right back under the British Thumb when you follow David Straight’s process. You can do that, and nobody has any right to object — but you should at least know that up front and not believe that you are recouping your unencumbered birthright, instead.

Dual political status provisions, meant to allow Americans to serve in the Federal Government without loss of their Constitutional protections, have been so far warped and exploited that many members of the U.S. Congress now claim to be Dual Citizens of entirely different countries, subjecting themselves, for example, as citizens of Greece and Ireland, while serving as U.S. Congressmen.

This is obviously not why Federal Dual Citizenship exists and should not be allowed.

Dual political status invites conflicts of interest. No man can serve two Masters. Thus those who serve in the Federal Government, be it as a Territorial (military) or Municipal (civil service) employee, are forever caught between two worlds, or even possibly, three worlds, and obligated to serve all comers.

Our public employees have been famously referred to as “political whores” because they are under this unintended and unnatural obligation, and most of them do not know that in the absence of declaring and recording their chosen political status, they are presumed to be acting as both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States — and as such, have no Constitutional guarantees at all.

Seen from the perspective of many Federal Employees, David Straight’s process is a great improvement, as it restores their Constitutional Guarantees, but for Joe American it falls far short of providing his birthright guarantees, freedoms, and property rights.

This Notice is being issued as an International Notice because each and every State of the Union is being addressed along with all foreign Confederate States-of-States and all foreign governments worldwide.

This Notice provides information regarding continuing mischief by Officers of the Queen’s Government and those serving as elected officers of British Crown Corporations involved in this overall fraud scheme — all designed to trick Americans into accepting Federal Dual Citizenship or Federal Dual Political Status without full disclosure of the resulting contractual obligations.

We are informed that “millions” of Americans have “signed up” and adopted the Dual Political Status of American State National – U.S. Citizen, without full disclosure, and that under this circumstance, a protest must be lodged with the international community.

There is exactly one unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776, and that Federation representing the physically-defined States of the Union, is calling upon all Governments and Nations to recognize the predatory activities of commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, seeking to defraud people and unjustly enrich themselves by promoting undisclosed contracts, misrepresenting themselves and exercising unauthorized powers under color of law.

We specifically protest the practice of “conferring” or presuming citizenship obligations on people, issuing Executive Orders pertaining to corporate service providers as if they applied to the General Public, usurping upon the responsibilities allocated to our American Federal Service Provider by unauthorized Federal Personnel and their Agency Subcontractors, deceptive contracting processes, and misrepresenting the limitations of the powers entrusted to our Federal Subcontractors overall.

Notice issued by:

The United States of America (Unincorporated)

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

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 By Anna Von Reitz

I have explained several times that the name “America” is an English bastardization of the name of the “Armoricans”— a French Celtic tribe that has lived on the Southwestern Coast of Normandy since time forgot.  

They live there still. 

Renown sailors and adventurers, they have been pillars of the French Navy and Merchant Fleet from the beginning of modern history— and that means since French developed as a language. 

They are the ones with the Continental ties to The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and yes, the German Merchant Lords of Wettin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and of course, the French Lords of Normandy itself. 

The Armoricans are the ones that established the fur trade and lumber trade with the Native American tribes at a time in prehistory when population pressure was denuding most of Europe and decimating Europe’s population of fur-bearing animals. 

This all began thousands, not hundreds of years ago, in Megalithic times.  

As a result, Europeans called the raw and distant land where these trade goods came from “Armorica” after the “Armoricans” who traded there in a market protected by treaties that only the Armoricans had. 

You can see their name echoed in a different way in the name of the Native American tribe, the Mohicans, as in The Last of the Mohicans. 

These “Native Americans” occasionally had children as white-skinned as any maid of Flanders, and their bloodlines still run deep into the Northern States and across Southern Canada. 

The Armorican Treaties with the Native tribes were cemented by marriage, thus giving the Kingdom of Normandy its basis for a claim to North America.  

This is also the basis of the famous French Fur Trade they glance over in English history books and which was also contested during the French and Indian War just prior to The American Revolution (1756). 

Can anyone find an official Treaty of Versailles ending The French and Indian War?  There’s a good research project left unassigned. 

If not, this would serve to “negatively substantiate” my surmise that what we call “The French and Indian War” was another Mercenary Conflict separate from the actual wars then-ongoing with Frederick the Great and later, Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe. 

I am reiterating this to show you how the history of France and Continental European nations have been connected to this country far more extensively and intimately than the current generations of Americans have been led to believe. 

Investments of blood and money have tied America and Europe together for centuries before full scale colonization began— and we must understand that the English and Dutch colonial activities violated marital “sacred” treaties that the French, especially the Normans, had with the Native tribes for centuries before 1492. 

And, yes, there is a reason that America is called America. 

The Roman practice of creating a war, then enslaving and indoctrinating their victims through “education” so that they forget who they are and where they came from, has been going on here for a very long time.  Such a rootless and clueless group of people can much more easily be conquered and integrated into the Fourth Roman Empire —- otherwise known as the Fourth Reich. Or “the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.  

That sounds so much better than “Insane Asylum Four”.  

We have reached the point in this process where most of the people reading this have never seen two separate volumes, one entitled “American History” and the other entitled “United States History”—— clearly demonstrating that these are two separate subjects. 

But it is crucial to our survival as a country and to the survival of many other countries that we all wake up and remember who we are and our whole national history— not just whatever the would-be Slave Masters pay to put in front of our noses in “schools for the public”. 

Wake up, now. Don’t wait another hour. 

On September 20th the Federal Reserve will make a Fatal Decision, by September 30th, the Pope will have his wagons circled and all liquid forms of wealth will be collected into the Vatican Bank, by mid-October the stock market will shudder, stall, and then cease to function as a stock market, all commerce and trade will be impacted, supply lines cut, sources of basic commodities shut down, factories idled, and the last surpluses sold out. 

Massive unemployment will be the result at the same time as inflation skyrockets to unimaginable heights. Think of Weimar Germany.  That is what “they” have planned for us. 

If these monsters succeed, millions will be “sacrificed” to their Money God. 

But instead of standing around listening to their BS and excuses, and instead of accepting their new version of Hitler, I suggest that all the people of the world put a stop to it before it gets going again. 

Arrest Jerome Powell and the members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors before September 20th.  Follow up by arresting all the Board Members of all Central Banks and the Board Members of all the corporations that are members of the World Economic Forum. 

Issue new National Currencies that cannot be subject to surveillance and which are the property of nations, not governments. 

Go Icelandic and pay for everything with cash. 

They will try to confiscate or invalidate cash because those Federal Reserve Notes  are physical evidence of their gross debt to you.  Instead, hold them accountable and never be silent again.  

Save yourselves, save your countries, and put these insane people  away where they can’t hurt themselves or harm anyone else again. And if they try to sell you any Hitler-like “Savior” —- learn from the past. 

You must be your own saviors and not believe anything these wretched liars tell you. 

Just remember that these same people told you that America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian mapmaker. 


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Updating The Informer….

By Anna Von Reitz

A little knowledge is dangerous, this “Oldie But Goodie” for example:

It was compiled by The Informer back in the day, probably twenty years ago, before he or anyone else had completely untangled the maze of similar names being used for dissimilar entities.

Throughout this referenced expose he leaves it to the reader to discern that “the United States” and “the US” he is talking about is a corporation eligible to receive bankruptcy protection, not our country, The United States.

Countries have sovereign immunity and are not eligible to go bankrupt. Bankruptcy is a privilege extended to corporations chartered by a sovereign government. The expense of their bankruptcy is then paid off by the people of that country.

When citing “the US” and “the United States” he is referring throughout to the Municipal Theocracy being run as a corporation. THAT is the entity that has been bankrupted, together with other similar entities, which have been bankrupted repeatedly by the Municipal Government as part of the Great Fraud Scheme.

This ongoing cycle of bankruptcies is how they safely unloaded all of their debts on the unsuspecting Americans. Technically, the only ones responsible for paying these debts are the actual Municipal citizens, what the Territorial Fourteenth Amendment calls “citizens of the United States”, but by coercion and “legal supposition” the rats contrived to redefine all of us as “citizens of the United States” so that we would be responsible for their spending.

This “supposition” or “presumption” that we were stateless because our American Government wasn’t in Session, is what allowed them to make these outrageous claims of control over us and our property assets; as we have stood up our American Government again, via the assembling of our State Assemblies, they— and the rest of the world — are faced with their criminal Breach of Trust, Fraud, and Usurpation against their Treaty Partners and Allies.

They also have to face the literal mountains of Odious Debt that they have amassed as a result of these criminal activities on our shores.

Also, The Informer in the referenced article, is supposing that the Reader knows the difference between “US” and “U.S.” Most people still don’t know that “US” means Municipal Government while “U.S.” indicates the British Territorial Government—- two completely separate forms of government (Theocracy v. Democracy, both of which are different from our American Government) and completely different entities.

Wherever The Informer is talking about the CFR, that is, Council on Foreign Relations, he is talking about the Municipal Government and in particular the Municipal Corporation. The CFR is how they administered the Municipal Corporation as they were preparing to go Full Monty and try to mount a Municipal World Government under the auspices of the United Nations.

The United Nations is being used as another storefront for the UN CORP, which proposes to use the United Nations Organization as a storefront for its activities in exactly the same way that the Roman Catholic Church has been used as a storefront for the Roman Pontificate.

The United Nations is actually functioning as another “independent international city-state” — a Municipal Government — which has been given safe harbor by the City of New York, which also allows “NYC” another Municipal Government to exist within its confines.

If you are paying attention, you will see that they are setting up exactly the same situation that they had with the District Governments, with the British Territorial Government being housed in the District of Columbia, and the Municipal Government being housed within the confines of the Municipality of Washington, DC—- only instead of it being set up as an obviously separate entity, they are hiding it behind the facade of New York City which already had a separate identity as a City prior to al the Municipal double-speak and chicanery.

Now we have New York City and within New York City (like a set of Nesting Dolls) we have NYC and within NYC we have the UN Corporation ensconced in its separate independent international city-state, operating under its own sovereign immunity on our shores —- and all without the permission or knowledge of the actual State, New York, and its People.

Wherever The Informer is talking about “Executive Orders” know that these are administrative directives to the Territorial U.S. Government officers and their U.S. Citizens, and have no authority with respect to the General Public.

The General Public of this country desperately needs to know what does and does not apply to them in terms of law and in terms of obligations. For example, in this expose, The Informer says that we “must” have a Social Security Number —- but this only applies to Municipal citizens of the United States, not members of the General Public. He says that the Pope can alter any “law” of “the United States” — but again, he is talking about the Municipal Corporation and the Municipal Theocracy, not our country, not The United States.

He says we are slaves and don’t own anything —- but that’s only true if we are actually Municipal citizens of the United States, the Municipal Theocracy.

There are laws and there are Laws and there are LAWS and all of us need to be much better informed and aware of which laws apply to which population, and also aware of which population we ourselves belong to.

Because our own American Government didn’t immediately come back into Session after the Civil War, the rest of the world “presumed” that it “disappeared” in the wreckage caused by the Mercenary Conflict engendered on our shores by the British Monarch, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the then-Pope. They put it out to the rest of the world that we were “in Interregnum” because the Congress running the Federal Republic adjourned “sine die” and did not reappear five years later.

But that Congress was only running the Federal Republic, and the Federal Republic was only the American Subcontractor “created and hired” under the provisions of the original 1787 Federal Constitution.

The “missing Congress” wasn’t our Federation Congress in charge of our actual Federation of States — our so-called “Ship of State”. And this just underlines — again, the self-interested deceit of the British Government and its claim to “salvage rights” related to our “Ship of State”.

What they “salvaged” was a Subcontractor of our actual Government, which they illegally latched upon and hypothecated debt against for no justifiable reason.

The Popes, the Lord Mayors, and the British Monarchs all have cause to know that our actual Federation (not “Federal”) Congress never moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So how could they mistake the Federal Subcontractor operating the Federal Republic in Washington, DC, a foreign territory, for our actual American Government?

They couldn’t. They knew better. They didn’t care and they didn’t honor their contractual and moral obligations to their Employers, the States and People of this country. Instead, they unleashed gangs of thugs to terrorize, murder, and pillage the members of the actual American Congress, like my husband’s Great-Grand Uncle, Clintwood Belcher, who was set upon by a gang of Union thugs while carrying home the Great Seals from Washington, DC, branded a horse thief, forced to flee to the Frontier, and spent the rest of his life looking over his shoulder.

The actual members of the American Congress told their children and their families what went on between the Government in Pennsylvania and the insurrectionists in charge of the U.S. Army and the foreign politicians operating out of Washington, DC. It’s because of that that we were able to Summon the Federation of States back into Session even 160 years after these events.

The Pope, the Lord Mayor, and the King, were all betting that they had successfully dismembered the actual American Government and that we would never be able to summon our States of the Union back into Session, and if we did, they would merely pretend that we were “citizens” obligated to them, and therefore, lacking the necessary “standing” to take such an action.

All that began to fall apart back in 1998 when we woke up and started the earnest process of unraveling their pernicious little word games and peeling back the layers of actual Government versus Governmental Service Providers and their Agencies.

One of the unambiguous bits of information that The Informer brought forward is that all these “Agencies” — the FBI, FEMA, BATF, IRS, etc., — are not even part of the Federal Government. They are Subcontractors of our Subcontractors and have no authority related to the General Public and the property of the General Public, at all. They have no authority over you or your property assets.

U.S. v Strang, 254 US491 Lewis v. US, 680 F.2nd, 1239, are the two court cases that prove that the Agencies are not part of the Federal Government.

U.S. v Strang proves this with respect to the Territorial Government.

Lewis v. US proves this with respect to the Municipal Government.

In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court recently reaffirmed the ruling of the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v Shelby County almost a century ago in West Virginia v EPA handed down a few weeks ago— finding that a Congress has no ability to further delegate its legislative authorities to Administrative Agencies. This means that all the Administrative Codes and Statutes cannot be applied to members of the General Public — only to U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States.

This throws the Motor Vehicle Code, the Internal Revenue Code, and all similar codes out the window with respect to Joe Public.

The question is — are you volunteering to serve as a U.S. Citizen or Municipal citizen of the United States? Or, are you a member of the General Public?

Most Americans have been snookered into obeying “laws” that don’t apply to them, and under conditions of non-disclosure have done things that allow these foreign Subcontractors to suppose that you are one of them— so you have to reassert your standing as a simple member of the General Public.

We do this by declaring, recording, and publishing our chosen political status as Americans, and by notifying the Bureau of Consular Affairs in the United States Department of State of our political status choice, and by claiming our reversionary trust interest and exemptions provided as remedy to legalize these otherwise illegal activities on our shores.

Go to: to get started.


See this article and over 3700 others on Anna’s website here:

Comment: What was done to America was also done to South Africa and to every other country part of the central banking system; even on similar timelines; and, it’s all thanks to the Law Merchant which was grafted into the BAR legal system via the Inns of Staples and Westminster…

Read the Bills of Exchange page for further info;

SA people’s right to referendums

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why we do not have referendums in South Africa?

Would referendums not be a way to overturn unjust laws such as the Health Act Amendment?

Is the common law not the moral sentiment of the community?

So, how then do we determine the common law if not by jury or referendum?

1. WHAT is a referendum?

Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition defines a referendum as:

REFERENDUM. In international law. A communication sent by a diplomatic representative to his home government, in regard to matters presented to him which he is unable or unwilling to decide without further instructions.

In the modern constitutional law of Switzerland and elsewhere, a method of submitting an important legislative measure to a direct vote of the whole people. Pacific States Telephone & Telegraph Co. v. Oregon, 32 S.Ct. 224, 223 U.S.

118, 56 L.Ed. 377; Kiernan v. Portland, 32 Sup.Ct. 231, 223 U.S. 151, 56 L.Ed. 386;

Plebiscite; Initiative. Right reserved to the people to adopt or reject any act or measure which has been passed by a legislative body, and which, in most cases, would without action on the part of the electors become a law. Whitmore v. Carr, 2 Cal. App.2d 590, 38 P.2d 802, 803. City of Litchfield v. Hart, 306 Ill.App. 621, 29 N.E.2d 678, 679.

2. How does a referendum work?

Usually, the people draw up a petition to force government to hold a referendum on a particular legislative measure.

3. WHY are you people doing a referendum? Why is it important?

History repeats itself; the 1955 Freedom Charter paved the way for the 1994 Reconstruction &Development Programme Policy Framework which was the vision of an alternative society; but, we fell asleep at the wheel and slumbered on our right to referendums; now we are lost and without remedy.

Maxim – The law does not protect him who slumbers on his rights.

On referendums the RDP clearly states:

5.2.6 Democracy for ordinary citizens must not end with formal rights and periodic one-person, one-vote elections. Without undermining the authority and responsibilities of elected representative bodies (the national assembly, provincial legislatures, local government), the democratic order we envisage must foster a wide range of institutions of participatory democracy in partnership with civil society on the basis of informed and empowered citizens (e.g. the various sectoral forums like the National Economic Forum) and facilitate direct democracy (people’s forums, referenda where appropriate, and other consultation processes).

[emphasis added]

5.3.2 The Constitution must recognise the fundamental equality of men and women in marriage, employment and in society.

There should be a continuous review of all legislation to ensure that this clause in the Constitution is not undermined. These principles must override customary law. Consideration should be given to the implementation of a constitutional provision for the calling of a referendum in order to overturn unpopular laws, and to ensure that certain laws get passed.

[emphasis added]


The Constitution only allows the President, Parliament and Premiers to hold referendums. So they have the power to do what they want and the people have none. And, as we all know by now that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is why we are in the mess we are in.

The Constitution mentions “referendums” 3 times:

84 Powers and functions of President

(2) The President is responsible for—

(g) calling a national referendum in terms of an Act of Parliament;

127 Powers and functions of Premiers

(2) The Premier of a province is responsible for—

(f) calling a referendum in the province in accordance with national legislation.

Annexure B

1. Section 84 of the new Constitution is deemed to contain the following additional subsection:

(3) The President must consult the Executive Deputy Presidents—

(f) before calling a referendum; and

4. WHO is driving this referendum campaign? Under which banner /

team / organisation?

If, you can answer this question correctly you can win a Ferrari J

We can call it the People’s Referendum Initiative for example to keep it neutral. The Swiss called their referendum campaign the Sovereign Money Initiative. Read further on.

5. What is the issue being decided upon through this referendum?

So, our first referendum is to establish the right for the people to hold future referendums and in this way hold government accountable.

6. Does a referendum have to include a central specific question to

be put to participants? – If so what is the question?

Yes, each referendum is topic specific. Our first question is:

Is government based on the will of the people?

This echo’s the 1955 Freedom Charter: “…no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the people;”

7. Can you outline the sequential steps involved in the process?

Once we have enough people who signed the Referendum (500 000) then this will give us the authority to act; then we will take the matter to the Constitutional Court;

8. WHO is eligible to vote in this referendum?

Everyone who is a South African and eligible to vote. So, you must be sane and 21 years or older.

9. WHEN will there be enough submissions to submit? – is it a certain number of participants or a certain percentage of the population?

The Swiss had 110 00 participants in 2016 to unpeg the Swiss Franc from the U.S. Dollar so 500 000 seems a fair number for South Africa.

10. To whom / which body / organisation will you be submitting the referendum?

We are not submitting; we are commanding, declaring, and wishing; we are not taking no for an answer.

11. Are you working on any timeline / deadline?

No, because it could take 100 years for the people to wake up. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to bring about change.

12. In our referendum strategy.. what checks and balances are we putting it to place to ensure the integrity and to prove the integrity of the process?

Screening volunteers, making Agreements such as Codes of Conduct and Rules of Behaviour.

13. Can a referendum effect real change?

Of course; if, we had established the right of referendum in 1994 already we could easily prevent unlawful acts such as the draconian 2022 National Health Act Amendment we are now facing.

14. Are there any examples of such referendums bringing about real change?

Yes, in 2016 the Swiss Federal Chancellery was sent a petition with 110,955 Swiss signatures, demanding another national referendum. That referendum was spearheaded by activists from the Sovereign Money Initiative. The goal of the referendum is to ban the creation of money by private commercial banks and force a return to the use of actual, tangible money.

15. Is the government obliged to acknowledge and accept such a referendum?

Well, if they don’t then we must occupy constitutional hill and kick up a big stink because if the Swiss have the right as a constitutional democracy then so do we; this ought to drive people to take action then.

16. I heard that the SA govt does not have a clearly stipulated process in place to ensure that the stipulations of a successful people’s referendum are actually acted upon. Is this true? And if it is, do we have any strategy to address this / compel them to do so / drive the desired outcome stipulated by the referendum?

Yes you are right, they don’t but the way has already been paved for us leading up to 1994 and it is our duty to re-establish it properly.

17. Is a referendum in itself sufficient to bring about the desired change? if not, what are the other necessary elements?

If, the Constitutional Court won’t hear us then we assemble a customary law court of wise elders to compel the Constitutional Court Justices; we have already put the Concourt Justices on trial and they are waiting for us to appear with our Justices. It’s the people that need to wake up now and take action.

18. Do we foresee any loopholes or weak points in this referendum strategy that could possibly be exploited by those who would seek to nullify the referendum? And how can we mitigate such scenarios?

No, it’s impossible if we keep it neutral.

Ask yourself, how can anyone try to debunk the right of referendum?

There can be no hidden agenda behind it.

The referendum will be re-launched shortly to unite the people and let their voice be heard.

Why birth certificates were created – the beginning of our enslavement to the beast system.

Colonel House was an advisor to President Woodrow Wilson. As I like to say one of his “handlers”. They nicknamed him “Colonel” so it would give him a better looking resume and give him more gravitas with the general public. He never spent a day in the military. Here is some more information about the fake Colonel:

He was an American diplomat (crooked politician), and an adviser to President Woodrow Wilson. He was a highly influential back-stage politician in Texas before becoming a key supporter of the presidential bid of Wilson in 1912. He did not hold office but was an “executive agent”, and was Wilson’s chief adviser on European politics and diplomacy during World War I (1914–1918).

What he was, was a representative of the banking elite, a “Back stage politician”…need we know more? He was not elected but ran Washington from the shadows. This goes on even more now. This of course has also been done in many other countries not just here in the United States.
Source: Unknown

Also read:

Persons and Personage:

By Anna Von Reitz

This is a wonderful little excerpt about “persons” and “personage” — a crime of impersonating living people that was forwarded by a Reader and originally published here: as (Reader Post) Thinker2: Decoding the
Deception of the Capitalized Name.

Here is a succinct and complete list of all the common categories of “persons” there are.
This is handy when you are reading “chapter and verse” to a Court in rebuttal of their
presumptions—- “Let the record show that I am not a…..”
1. Corpse (a dead body / Grave Markers are capitalized—involuntary condition, servitude to
Death) aka “Natural Person”.
2. Convicted Criminal (involuntary servitude under force, peonage)
3. Prisoner of War (POW) (political involuntary servitude under force)
4. Slave (involuntary servitude under force) includes Wards of States, Paupers, Mental Incompetents and Minors not of age; please note that in the Territorial United States, Convicted Criminals are Slaves.
5. Armed Forces (Military / LEO Police)
6. Public Servant (Government Employees other than Military or Police.)
7. Corporation (a fictional Person in colorable law—Legal Persons as opposed to Lawful Persons, doing-business-as “John’s Autobody and Repair”, for example, —-could also be a Lawful Person standing under the Common Law mistaken for a Legal Person; this is how they got the Great Fraud started, by “mistaking” one for the other.)
8. Colorable Person (A person in legal fiction / colorable law, for example, “Aunt Jemima” or “Colonel Saunders” or “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, a “character” like “Atticus Finch” or nom de guerre like “Ishmael” or “Sneaky Pete” or a titled entity such as “Mister” or “Lord” or “Missus” or “President” or a Sign/Trademark like “JOHN DOE” or a Patented Invention Person like “Gumby” or “Bumblebee” or “The Terminator” or a Design Patent Person like “Diana von Furstenburg” or “Gloria Vanderbilt” or “Coco Chanel”.)
9. Commercial Licensee (Voluntary Surrendering Sovereignty for License)
10. Corporate Employee or Dependent (Voluntary Surrendering Sovereignty for Corporate Paycheck) for example, Marketing Manager, Public Relations Specialist, Editorial Consultant, Welfare Benefits Recipient, etc.
I will add:
11. Incorporated Persons — Franchises, Franchisees, Voters, Members and Officials of Religious and Fraternal Organizations and Political Parties, etc.When living men and women are “masked” as “Persons”, they are acting in “unnatural capacities” — except when they are acting as Lawful Persons engaged in trade.

If you look at the list you will see that several of these capacities as “Persons” are involuntary and therefore, “Legal” because the “Subject” is not able to choose otherwise: Corpses/Natural Persons (dead bodies), Convicted Criminals, Prisoners of War, and the various kinds of Slaves are not responsible for their actions.

Now that you see how these monsters have colluded to reduce all of us to the status of incompetent “Legal Persons” for their own enrichment and to exercise oppressive power over us, let’s examine a few examples:

Our young men subjected to the Draft during Vietnam are all innocent of any crimes they may have committed because their actions were “involuntary” by definition—but the members of the Draft Boards conscripting them were voluntary, so the Draft Boards are fully liable.
So are the corporations and the corporate officials behind the Draft Boards—fully liable for press-ganging, kidnapping, enslavement, murder, and a host of other loathsome crimes. LBJ should have been taken out and hung without a trial, just like any common cattle rustler in the Old West.

That’s a hard fact for most Americans to swallow, but it is nonetheless true.
Let’s look at another example:
All the military and police involved in the siege of the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas, are innocent because they were all “legally incompetent” and their actions were involuntary as a result; however, Janet Reno was fully liable every step of the way. So was the President. So was the Congress.

There are obviously terrible things hidden under the rug in Washington, DC, horrible pervasive
criminality, hypocrisy, and lawlessness cloaked under “color of law”. And 90% of it hinges on one white collar crime: personage taking place in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
Who is responsible? The Queen is fundamentally responsible as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waters. This crime occurs in her jurisdiction first and foremost and represents a fundamental crime of Breach of Trust resulting in crimes of State.

The Pope is also responsible as the Global Trustee and as the Roman Pontiff; these crimes have
occurred secondarily in the global jurisdiction of the air and in the Municipal Jurisdiction of Rome.

That is, the crimes of personage didn’t stop with the crimes occurring in the international jurisdiction of the sea; the Municipality of Washington, DC, and its government joined right in and nobody in the Catholic Hierarchy did jack-diddly to stop it until Benedict XVI.

So here we are, ten years later, and the Circle J Ranchero routine continues with everyone trying to avoid liability and gloss things over and keep attention focused on ridiculous inanities like Robert Mueller.
Who gives a fine flying one? Can I see a show of hands?
Personage is the Name of the Game.

Seating a new Emperor in Japan won’t stop it. Another US Election Boondoggle won’t change it. Boorish Sedwill won’t alter it and neither will Ms. May. Nothing political will change this
circumstance, because this is not a matter of politics.
This is crime. And all the lawyers reading this know it, too.

The only thing that will change this is millions of people waking up and taking action to save
themselves and their countries; a wholesale and mammoth push by the military and law
enforcement would help, some politicians with spines would help, but at the end of the day, it comes down to you and me, Jaimie.

It’s either get out and push, or the stockyards and ear tags. Your choice.
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South African activist stand up against draconian amendments

Advocate Sabelo Sibanda & World Council for Health lawyer & journalist Shabnam Palesa Mohamed join AM WakeUp to sound the alarm regarding the South African government’s attempt to force through legislation that mirrors the WHO pandemic treaty, which effectively cedes national sovereignty to all participating countries

The 2020-22 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”

Global Research E-Book, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Updated February 2022

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, August 13, 2022

Theme: Crimes against Humanity, Global Economy, Media Disinformation, Police State & Civil Rights, Science and Medicine

Latest Revision: July 6, 2022


The latest developments suggest that the COVID-19 narrative is crumbling amidst major protests worldwide. A mass movement against the COVID mandate is unfolding coast to coast across Canada in solidarity with cross-border truck drivers. Tens of thousands of people joined the truck drivers in Ottawa in February 2022.

All COVID mandates must be immediately suspended.  

The evidence is overwhelming.  

We are dealing with an exceedingly complex process. 

In the course of the last two and a half years starting in early January 2020, I have analyzed almost on a daily basis the timeline and evolution of the COVID crisis. 

From the very outset in January 2020, people were led to believe and accept the existence of a rapidly progressing and dangerous epidemic. That was a lie. 

In recent developments, economic analysts are now pointing to an unfolding global economic crisis marked by disruptions in supply lines, food  shortages, rising gasoline prices, etc. What they fail to comprehend is that this ongoing economic crisis has its roots in the fake COVID-19 pandemic. 

What is a stake is an engineered global economic crisis which commenced more than two and a half years ago in late January 2020 following a statement by President Trump calling for the closure of air travel with China.

In the course of February 2020, financial markets collapsed following a “warning” by the Director General of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros, pointing to the imminent threat of  the virus. Two weeks later the infamous March 11, 2020 lockdown was adopted. It consisted in confining the labour force and closing down economic activity in more than 190 member states of the United Nations, allegedly with a view to saving lives. 

When you confine the labour force of more than 190 countries the outcome is obvious: Worldwide economic and social chaos. 

Unprecedented in world history, the March 11 lockdown was an act of economic and social warfare directed in one fell swoop against 7.9 billion people. It was engineered by the financial establishment. It is ongoing. It is by far the most serious economic, social and political crisis in World history affecting all humanity. 

Very Summarized

1. The RT-PCR test is meaningless (now confirmed by the WHO and the CDC). The entire data base of so-called “COVID confirmed cases” is  totally invalid. These are the estimates which have been used to justify ALL the COVID-19 mandates since March 2020. The figures on COVID-19 related mortality are also invalid (See Chapter III). These are the fake “estimates” used to justify the violation of fundamental human rights.

2. SARS-CoV-2 is “similar to seasonal influenza” according to the CDC and the WHO. It is not a killer virus. (See Chapter III)

3. The economic and social impacts of the lockdowns are devastating: bankruptcies, unemployment, poverty and despair. The COVID-19 mandates are destroying people’s lives. (See Chapters IV and V)

4. The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have resulted in a worldwide upward trend in mortality and morbidity which is amply documented (See Chapter VIII). A confidential report by Pfizer made public under Freedom of Information (FOI) confirms that the COVID-19 jab is a “killer vaccine”. 

5. Recorded and registered for EU/UK/USA – Total of 69,053 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 10,997,126 injuries reported as at 3 April 2022.(only a small percentage of deaths and injuries are reported and recorded).

6. Pfizer has a criminal record with the US Department of Justice. (See Chapter VIII)

Read the rest of the overwhelming facts here:

Criminal Notice to RSA Inc. – Cease and Desist

Hat tip to Edgar Adams for taking on the corrupt and fraudulent RSA Inc.:


Mr. Edgar of the family Adams (1st applicant)
UCC 1-207 & UCC 1-308 & UCC 3-402
Private Attorney General
Court case: 10599/2020 Gauteng South High Court


And From:

2nd Applicants of court case 10599/2020
Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman (+-25 million Aboriginal descendants in South Africa)
The Aboriginal / Autonomous Indigenous Khoe and San peoples of South Africa and Southern Africa (called “Coloured Derogatory” people)
Court case: 10599/2020 Gauteng South High Court


Lt Gen Khehla John Sithole
SAPS National Commissioner

And To:

Lt Gen Francina Ntombenhle Vuma
SAPS Deputy National Commissioner: Asset & Legal Management:

And To:
Station Commander, Colonel Bezuidenhout
SAPS Mondeor Police Station

And To:

1.) The President of South Africa, Cyril Rampahosa (Republic of South Africa known as South African Government);

2.) National Treasury, Tito Mboweni;

3.) South African Revenue Services (SARS) Mr,Edward Kieswetter;

4.) South African Reserve Bank, (SARB), Mr. Lesetja Kganyago;

5.) Minister of Finance, Mr. Tito Mboweni;

6.) Standard Bank of South Africa;

7.) Nedbank of South Africa;

8.) Investec bank of South Africa;

9.) First National Bank (FNB) of South africa

10.) ABSA of South Africa

11.) British High Commissioner in SA to British Queen Elizabeth II;

12.) Archbishop of the Catholic Church, Buti Tlhagale representing the Pope Vatican

13.) Taxpaying Master – Gauteng South High Court;

14.) All judges from all sectors of courts;

15.) All advocates, attorneys and lawyers of the S.A. Judicial system;

16.) All Sheriff’s of the court of S.A.

17.) The 13 Bloodlines running the world including the Cabal;

18.) The Rothschild, Ruperts, Rockerfellers and all elite groups of the illuminati;

19.) Pope Vatican;

20.) British Queen Elizabeth II;

21.) United Nations, BIS, CCP, CFR, CIA, ICC, ICJ, IMF, LONDON, US, ROME, WHO
et al;

22.) SANDF;

23.) SADC;

24.) World Bank;

25.) All Central Banks and All Banks;

26.) All Presidents

27.) Parliament of SA;

28.) All Corporations & All Foreign Companies;

29.) All Corporate States;

30.) All Companies within South Africa & Southern Africa & in the world;

31.) All Nation States;

32.) All Political Parties;

33.) All Elites;

34.) All Courts;

35.) The SA Corporation (CIK #: 000932419) / Republic of SA Inc / SA Inc;

36.) Internal Revenue Services (IRS);

37.) All SAPS / All SADF

38.) All Municipalities / Provincial Government / National Government;



Princess Sabina Valerie Clarisse nee van Wyk
Royal Empire of King Moshesh 1 and direct linage of Letsie 1
Court case: D3053/2022 Kwazulu- Natal Division High court

Notice to Agent is notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is notice to Agent


DATE: 10 AUGUST 2022






Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

Attached herewith please find Criminal Notice to All – Cease and Desist dated 10 August 2022.

I also include all correspondence in relation to court case 10599/2020 on the reopening of court case together With the letter to Judge President dated 23 March 2022 in terms of terms of rule 60(b)(1) to (4) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure – Civil Class Action and Counterclaim to uphold 11 claims court case 10599/2020 (stamped by Gauteng South High Court Johannesburg) in notice of motion filed by Johannesburg High Court – Judge Vally loaded onto Caselines file Registry on 11 March 2022.

Failure to adhere to this Criminal Notice – Cease and Desist shall result in the Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman charging each and every one (guilty party) for Gross Dishonesty, Fraud, Gross Genocide and Crimes against Humanity by us in your courts and our Aboriginal Courts from the 11 August 2022.








Given that All her Majesty (British Monarch) proclamations, treaties, contracts and engagements were a sham and delusion, and the territory was never annexed at all (HANSARD UK Parliamentary document – Orange River Free State – source: HC Deb 09 May 1854 vol 133 cc49-8849), it therefore implies that the SA Government, SA Inc, SA Corporation or any Corporation including all SA Constitution, Acts, Laws, Legislation, Resolutions, Joint Resolutions, Codes, Proclamations, Rules, Orders etc. are a sham and delusion against the Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman including our territories and Aboriginal title.

The SA Corporation, SA Government and any Corporation can only exist through the powers of the British Monarch (Her Majesty) which according to HANSARD UK Parliamentary documents (in your own words) are thus null and void, fraudulent and has no legitimacy and no effect on the Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman forever.

You have been served and warned by the Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman!!!.

Trusting that the above is in order.

Kind regards

Edgar of the family Adams
UCC 1-207 & UCC 1-308 & UCC 3-402b
Private Attorney General
Court case: 10599/2020 Gauteng South High Court

No “Five Indigenous Nations”

By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, I am getting blow-back from “Native Groups” that claim they represent “Five Indigenous Nations” of Mankind. 

This is a lie. 

Or should I say, another lie? 

“Nations” are an arbitrary conceptualization that takes the truth of the individual being, and makes it part of something else, a group.  This is the First Unlawful Conversion — taking a unique being and trying to lump it in with all and any similar creations, based on external appearances such as race, language, etc. 

People sometimes try to accuse me of being “racist” but this is impossible, because I consider each and every one of us as a totally unique being.  I don’t see such groups or think of people in this way, so I don’t commit these mistakes — also known as sins. 

The whole idea of nations is illusory and incorrect.  All that exists is the individual — me and you, or as Martin Buber put it, “I and Thou”.  

Now that we dispensed with that silliness, let’s take on another one. 


Corporations are similarly imaginary. 

They don’t actually exist or have any validity in Nature. 

Go out in the forest and find me a corporation.  Go on, I double-dog dare you to find one sprouting out of the ground.  

Instead, they sprout out of our imaginations and our willingness to suspend belief and accept the existence of illusory concepts as if they were real. 

Here’s another example: time. 

Time doesn’t exist, either.  I could go on and on and on and on….. but I won’t.  I have stimulated your grey cells to look around and observe what actually is, versus what people subscribe to as part of their generalized mass delusion. 

The take-home message for humanity?  Our imagination is a great and powerful gift, but it can be a curse, if we do not learn to closely observe it, realize when we are using it, and have sense enough to bring ourselves back into alignment with what is actually true. 

A daydream can give rise to beautiful things and new inventions, but we still have to have presence of mind to realize the difference between fact and fiction. 

There are actually five different humanoid body types that have been developed here, and each one derives from a different reptilian brain-stem: turtle, snake, fish, lizard, and amphibian. 

In addition to the five so-called indigenous humanoid body types, there are approximately four thousand (4,000) seraphim or dragon brain-stem bodies alive on Earth.  They are not indigenous to Earth and derive from the Sirius B Star System.  Their brain-stem derives from still other reptilian ancestors that existed billions of years ago. 

So, in a sense, our bodies and especially our autonomic systems and basic brain functions are all “reptilian” in origin, and the only difference is what type of reptilian we are individually derived from.  

Doubt me?  Take out a strong magnifying glass and look at your scaly skin cells.  Yes, your skin cells are modified scales, just like the scales on a lizard, snake, fish….. 

These are not five “nations”.  These are five different body types, all derived from slightly different reptilian genetic code. Why can’t we just honor this? Accept it and move on…. 

We have been given great blessings  and gifts of consciousness and natural health and joy and creativity.  Our only job is to take care of this planet and each other.  Our only limit is our own ability and willingness to accept the truth, and our only challenge is to learn to tell the difference between what is real and what is unreal.  

As Clif High says, “Hello, Humans….”  

Realize that you are not your bodies and you not the names and labels other people have given you. You are a living breathing consciousness robed in flesh, each one utterly unique, the end result to date of your own process of becoming—-there is not now and never shall be anyone or anything exactly like you.  So celebrate the miracle of you and be glad. 

When, for convenience sake, or to organize ourselves to do work (hopefully all related to our actual job — that is, taking care of the planet and each other) — we create such mental constructs as time, nations, or corporations — be aware that these are just mental tools that help us organize things. They aren’t real and they are owed no particular respect. 


See this article and over 3700 others on Anna’s website here:

Declare, Record, and Publish

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please, all members of all State Assemblies — listen carefully.  

There are three functions involved in establishing your political status.  

First, you have to choose what your political status is from a roster of choices.  Each choice has advantages and disadvantages. 

Here are the choices: 

(a) American State National birthright political status; not a citizen of any kind. 

(b) American State Citizen, adult status choice to serve your State Government Assembly — must be over the age of 21. 

(c) U.S. Citizen, a British Territorial United States Citizen, subject of the British Monarch and/or employee of the USA, Inc., serving as an Indentured Servant of the British Crown.

(d) Municipal “citizen of the United States”, a subject of the Holy See and the Washington, DC, Municipal Government, serving as a slave to this foreign theocracy. 

(e) Foreign National — you are free to adopt the citizenship and nationality of other countries, such as Israel, Ireland, the Netherlands, and so on, according to their rules and regulations. 

Second, if you wish to be recognized as an American State National or American State Citizen you must record and publish your choice.  

There are four equally valid ways to record and publish your choice.  They are: 

(a) The Land Recording Office provided by your State Assembly, which is the usual means if you join your State Assembly immediately. 

(b) The Land Recording Service (LRS) provided by an independent subcontractor as a public international recording service. 

(c) State of State Land Recording Offices (where they still exist and if they will accept your action) and County Land Recording Offices.

(d) Self-Publication in local newspapers. 

You can and should also serve Notice to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, United States Department of State, to fully inform all Departments of the Government at once. 

I have recently been troubled, again, by members of Assemblies thinking that the way they recorded and published their documents is the only official or correct way to do it.  As you can see from the above, there are not only several different valid choices of political status, there are several acceptable ways of recording and publishing your political status.  One way is not any more official or proper than another.  

It should also be noted that as Americans you are free people.  You don’t have any allegiances or obligations owed to the government or any king at birth and you aren’t expected to adopt any such commitments until you reach the age of majority and decide whether or not to assist your State Assembly as a member — or not. 

You don’t have to join and participate in your State Assembly to be recognized as, for example, a Texan, a New Yorker, or a Minnesotan. 

Free means free.  

You inherit the blessings of this country by virtue of being born here or by immigrating and adopting a State of the Union as your permanent house and home.  Here, the government is obligated to serve you, you are not obligated to serve the government.  

That said, we certainly hope that you will join your State Assembly and support it and put up with the many confusions and personality clashes and frustrations that joining such an organization can involve.  

Please remember that we join our Assemblies in order to bring our American Government into Session and restore it to full function. 

We are not bringing the Assemblies into Session to wage any kind of war, seek any kind of vengeance, or make any new government — we are here to restore our own American Government to full function, and to do so lawfully and peacefully, and within the context of our contractual international treaties and guarantees. 

We are not in any kind of rebellion against our own government — we are simply bringing it into Session for the first time in many years.


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Two Ancient Forms of Law Causing Modern Havoc

By Anna Von Reitz

Recently I found myself writing an apologetic letter to a young woman who was confused about why she, a single Mother (and doing just fine, thank you!) should have to find a “Pater Familis” to act as Paternal Guardian for her children? 

I explained about the Roman Civil Law adopted by the Municipal United States Government.  

This is literally the law of Rome, more than two thousand years old, all scribed in Latin.  

Under Roman Civil Law, a woman can own property (such as her own children) only so long as there is a male head of household willing to claim those children as his responsibility.  Otherwise, the Municipal Government views her children as very valuable unclaimed property — presumed to be unwanted bastards — slaves, in other words.  

And they will claim the children of unprotected women as WARDS OF THE STATE.  

As a result, divorced women, actual unwed mothers, and widows with children all need to find trustworthy men to stand in the place of Pater Familis with respect to their children. This Paternal Guardian can be and if possible should be the Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, or other relative who is a man of good character and of age and otherwise able to support a family. 

In a pinch, a Godfather can serve, or even a family friend, but someone has to fill those empty shoes or the children are at risk under Municipal Law. 

It is this same antique form of law that allows slavery and peonage to exist in the modern world. 

For these and other reasons, Roman Civil Law should not exist in the modern world, but it does and it is still one of the most common forms of law on a planetary basis.  Go figure — and deal with this information.  

You are being mistaken and impersonated as a Municipal citizen of the United States, subject to Roman Civil Law.  

Yes, we can accuse the perpetrators of fraud and hope to prove it, but under Roman Civil Law, you are guilty until proven innocent —- and they get to set the standard of proof.  

So…. it’s best to know what you are up against and have your ducks in order to establish your standing and ownership interest in your property assets, and it is also best if you realize that under this ancient form of law, your children are property assets belonging to their parents until they reach the age of majority. 

Under Roman Civil Law, people can still be owned as property.  Minor children are property by definition — either of their parents/family — or the STATE. 

Slavery is wrong, we all know it’s wrong, and it has been outlawed worldwide since 1926, but nonetheless, under Roman Civil Law it persists locally and hasn’t been eradicated.  Until it is, and until other forms of law replace it, the Roman Civil Law poses a threat to anyone who can be ensnared. 

We are certainly not condoning any of this and don’t advocate it or naturally stand under Roman Civil Law at all —- nonetheless, it is the law of one of our Federal Subcontractors, and we have to be aware of it and ready to defend against it — first by denying their assumption that we are citizens of their version of “United States” and second, by being prepared to rebut their ownership claims under their own law. 

Having someone on the record to stand as Pater Familis is wise, as it discourages the Vermin from attacking you and your children in the first place.  They can’t assume that your children are “fatherless” and without support, the most common excuse they use to claim them and send their “agents” —- “Child Protective Services” — to seize upon your kids.  

This advice applies to people who have “married” under a civil marriage license as much as it does to actual unwed mothers and divorcees and widows —- get a separate claim, a Baby Record (sometimes called a Baby Deed) on the Public Record, with both a Father or Paternal Guardian and Mother on the record.  Such “civil marriages” do not establish official paternity and don’t have the lawful and legal standing of wedlock.  That is, you can be married and your husband is still not legally presumed to be the father of your children until he steps up and says so.  You also need to clearly establish the birthright political status of your child as an American State National for their sake.  

Don’t let anyone assume anything about your political status — declare it, and don’t let your children go undeclared, either. 

Admiralty Law is another ancient form of law that is legendarily prone to corruption, which is what led to the Admiralty Courts in Great Britain being dismembered and restricted in the mid-1700’s.  Only four subjects were left to the Admiralty Courts after this great restructuring — seaman’s wages, hypothecation of debt, maritime salvage claims, and bottomry bonds. 

Out of this meager remaining authority, the Admiralty Courts have managed to spread worldwide corruption on an unprecedented scale, by attaching “Special Admiralty Rules” to the Roman Civil Law already discussed and misapplying Admiralty Law on shore.  

The Perpetrators have “supposed” that, as we haven’t declared our own political status in public, they can use their own “discretion” to determine our identity and political status for us, and proceed however they please, using whatever form of law suits their purpose — which is to collect war reparations for the British King. 

From their perspective, we are “ships” — thanks to a presumed British Territorial “Citizenship” that accrues to British Territorial Persons at birth — and as such, we are subject to maritime (commercial) salvage as bankrupt franchises of prior government corporations.  So they seize upon our good names and estates and make false claims and false presumptions about us and our government, and there is nothing to prevent this headlong self-interested spate of lying, because we have been left completely in the dark and unable to object as a result. 

The entire British Territorial Internal Revenue Service scam rests upon their undisclosed use of the word “Taxpayer” as a legal term defined as a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service —- thus bringing the subject matter of the Admiralty Courts — seaman’s wages — to bear.  

They also speculate that the bankrupt franchise “Persons” that they operate “in our names” are subject to salvage and hypothecation of debt against the “wreck” — that is, the bankrupted British Territorial Person — and the Owners of that wreck, who are presumed to be the Americans these British Territorial franchise corporations are named after.  

Imagine that someone named an actual ship after you, the jolly HMS John Doe American?  

And then proceeded to wreck and bankrupt and salvage this ship?  Imagine that they have charged you for all this “service” they’ve done salvaging the wreck that they created?  Plus, they have seized upon the cargo this “ship” was carrying?  

Now you have an idea of what these criminals have been pulling on the clueless American General Public in their Admiralty Courts.  Technically, they have been addressing their own bankrupt corporate franchises, not addressing the similarly-named Americans at all.  And obviously, bankrupt British Territorial corporate franchises have no guarantees under The Constitution of the United States of America, so they have evaded their constitutional obligations to the Americans, too.  

This is why the Admiralty Courts were destroyed in the 1750’s, but unfortunately, the Brits saw an advantage in preserving this nasty little court concession for precisely these and similar fraud schemes —- and so these frauds of impersonation and unlawful conversion have continued and flourished even though they have been officially outlawed since 1702, and the British Government has deliberately continued to profit from these fraud and personage schemes with malice aforethought, as we see in the Naval Agency and Distributions Act of 1864. 

Both of these ancient forms of “Law” — the Roman Civil Law and the Admiralty Law — need to be torn asunder and  reformed on a worldwide basis, as both are being manipulated to promote criminal mischief and injustice on a worldwide scale. 

We should not be limited in this reform or coerced to substitute other repugnant forms of law such as Administrative Law intended to manage the internal affairs of corporations, or Sharia Law which is a codification enforcing Muslim religious mandates, or Noahide Law which is a simpler and even more Draconian form of Admiralty Law or Rules of Law which are intended to govern the courts.  

We need new law forms that are simple, easy to understand, and easy to obey for the common good.  There is no reason to entertain the insanity of over 80 million codes, regulations, and statutes, which nobody can rightly interpret, know, obey, enforce, or pay for. 

We, as a planetary community, must address the havoc and injustice that the application and misapplication of these ancient forms of law have caused.  We must additionally address the results of these misuses and abuses of law and make new choices and develop new forms of law to promote justice and honest administration of local government and business functions. 

I have stared this Beast in the face and thought long and hard about it, and can find no better standards than the most ancient of all laws on Earth — to honor our Creator, to honor freewill, to cause no harm, and to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. 

Avoiding harm to others would become profitable. Respecting the privacy and property rights of others would be normal.  And you wouldn’t need entire huge libraries to define and prove what is simply right or simply wrong.  All you would need is a jury of twelve people without profit motives and their heads screwed on.


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More Shoes Dropping

By Anna Von Reitz

The Illuminati who were smart enough to figure out that money was a scam (and they wanted in on it) and smart enough to figure out that conventional religion was another control racket, and also smart enough to realize that governments were just another “concession”— somehow failed to pass the final test.  

The Illuminati — the Illuminated Ones — insofar as the institutional fraud games were concerned, just went on to create more of the same themselves.  Oh, they called their indoctrination centers by other names, and they set up brotherhoods by other names, too, based on other premises, but it was still the same-old-same-old — baffle ’em with BS and “initiation” rites and compartmentalize knowledge so that nobody knows what the other hand is doing, except the men at the top.  

If they all knew what they were doing, they’d stop.  

The excuse that the conventional religions and institutions give for their predatory and dishonest behavior is the same excuse given by the Illuminati who are trying to destroy conventional governments and religions: without us, they all say, there would be chaos, there would be no organization to society, anarchy would reign supreme. 

In full view of the selfish, ugly, violent, egotistical world they have all created, what’s so bad about the Wild West?  Our ancestors survived it.  

A long rifle, six gun, pick, and shovel, carried by a faithful mule, got many a pilgrim through the worst of it.  As recently as 1911 when the Great Flood hit Black River Falls, Wisconsin, I have proof that people could survive; my Grandmother spent the whole winter in a horse barn with four small children, two horses, and a cat who caught her own suppers.  

It wasn’t pretty, and they nearly starved in the spring when their supplies ran out and the roads were still impassable —- but God sent an early crop of dandelions and Grandma made dandelion fritters with the last of the bacon grease and flour.  They were all still eating when the rescue party arrived in March.  

We can and we did survive without the government, without church services, and without money.  In our own lifetimes, the Federal Government has been shut down repeatedly for as long as 120 days at a stretch, and nobody but the government workers noticed.  

There is, as FDR, that old devil, noted —- nothing to fear but fear itself.  Pack your buckboard with a little common sense and get ready.  

Those who have been reading my articles for a long time know that I have repeatedly told everyone that the Plan was to move the base of Deep State Operations to China — the parasites knew it was getting too hot for comfort in “the US” and they needed a new base of operations for their criminal empire.  

Beginning with Ronald Reagan’s outreach to China and Nixon’s full blown cooperation, the move began.  The Petrodollar which benefited the crude oil producers in the Mideast, and the crude oil refineries in the US, placed the US as the pivot point of the new world economy that Ronnie and Tricky Dick created.  China needed oil and oil products — refined oil products. 

 All the while that the mainstream media was whining endlessly about oil shortages and excusing the skyrocketing prices, they neglected to mention that it was crude oil that was hard to find, because “the US” was producing and shipping out all the refined oil products it could make as fast as it could ship them.  

During the same exact years we were suffering oil embargos and paying $5 per gallon at the pump back when $5 still bought something, we were in fact exporting refined oil products to China and Europe at utterly unprecedented rates. 

We were among the Top Three oil exporting nations in the world for decades.  Who knew?  

To hear the mainstream media spin it, you’d think we were poor little old helpless America, horribly oil dependent, hardly able to buy a quart of oil.  And don’t throw me in that Briar Patch, yes, Boss, anything but that…. while we’ve been sitting on crude oil resources of our own that would make Midas blush. 

Mr. Trump’s “miracle” of oil independence was no miracle.  It was just common sense. 

Anyway, China was groomed like a prospective child bride dondled on Uncle Ernie’s knee, and the Chinese Communist Party went right along with the CIA sponsored scheme.  The CCP sold them the Chinese Central Bank, and then, they used that to buy the Central Bank of the Philippines.  Imagine that? 

And they used phony money to do it, too. 

Remember the Riyadi Scandal back in 2012?

Well, THEY gave the banks a license to create money out of thin air.  How long do you think it took them to employ that license to do things like buy out the Central Bank of China?  

It’s not a coincidence that Mr. Riyadi “only” had 700 tons of gold on reserve in Indonesia and claimed to have 750,000 tons.  That’s a reflection of his prospective gain based on fractional reserve banking and trading platform contracts, plus interest, generated from “blocking” those 700 tons of gold for ten years.  

Bless Lord James; he knew something horribly fishy was going on and he brought it forward — he just couldn’t put his finger on it as exactly as I have.  And Riyadi wasn’t exactly lying, either, which is why he didn’t wind up in jail.  He was only banking on a completely predictable outcome.  Anyone with 700 tons of gold they could afford to lay idle for ten years was guaranteed that outcome by Lloyds of London.  Riyadi knew it. 

How could Lord James not know it?  For the same reason that Pope Benedict XVI stared at us wide-eyed and said, “Nobody told me!” 

The CIA by various means, “one thing and another”, bought the Central Bank of China and then the Central Bank of the Philippines; when things got “difficult” in the late 1990s and early 2000’s,  they used False Flags and the U.S. Military to straighten things out — mainly, access to Iraqi oil, gold, and artifacts.  

They also obtained and began trading on our SKRs —- Safekeeping Receipts.  These are receipts that verify the existence of gold deposits in various banks around the world.  These particular deposits actually belong to The D’avila Family Trust and to The United States of America — our Federation of unincorporated States, but the CIA had a co-depositor in the woodpile. 

The Roman Catholic Church apparatus had the gold deposited by Severino Sta. Romano, a defrocked Roman Catholic Friar with a taste for booze and intrigue, but there was another hand in the mix — a CIA Handler named Giovanni Baptista (sometimes Babtista) Richello, and it was through Richello’s part as a Witness to the deposits, that the CIA gained access to the SKR’s. 

Just like Mr. Riyadi, they have been trading on our gold deposits and keeping the cream ever since, using the wealth to pay off other governments, fund Black Ops, and provide absolutely amazing retirement programs for themselves —- and it’s all been done “legally” —- if you buy into their legal presumptions, which we don’t. 

This past week, I have received word that Interpol and various other police and law enforcement organizations around the world have been sicced on the CIA and its clandestine commandeering of what they call “the Legacy Trust” or “Historic Trust” assets, and also on those bankers who collaborated with this scheme.  

All I can say is that it has been seventeen years since the CIA went totally rogue, and it’s about time for a worldwide Come to Jesus meeting.  Having foreign interests secretively buying out the Central Banks of entire countries (and using our money to do it, without our permission) undermines all forms of national sovereignty, and all forms of trade agreements, which of course, is what the Illuminati have been pushing since 1772.  No wonder they are coming out of the woodwork like carpenter ants on a holiday. 


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SA People’s Referendum Update

Greetings people, the SA People’s Referendum is back on track; see

To clarify, the Yesmovement is merely the referendum campaign now; Adv Thekiso has launched SASPM – South African Sovereign People’s Movement at

Since the Month End Report, SASPM and the SA Jural Committee have had a meeting and a referendum committee is now in place to administrate the referendum properly; there are 4 trustees who have the access codes and agreements will shortly be in place so as to avoid any and all disputes around the referendum; hat tip for their prompt action to make things right;

Now, we serve you the people; so as volunteers we give up some of our rights so as to be accountable to you; the time of unaccountable representatives and politics as we have seen with RSA Inc. agents is coming to an end soon;

In the New New South African Republic – SAR – the people are sovereign; we are all kings in our own right; and your private property cannot be violated; not even for the good of the whole community; only if you harm your neighbours or others then you give up that right;

Also, you have no accountability to the “STATE” or COURTS OF SA other than before a customary law council of elders or common law jury of your peers or by arbitration; RSA Inc. is NOT a lawful state; we the people are the living state and authority for whom servantment not government exists and acts;

Further, every community and tribe have the natural right to self-determination; and the original law of nations will be upheld; no-one gets left out; customary law and common law will be restored to their superior jurisdiction.

So, there will be many free and independent SAR States all cooperating in treaties and trade agreements; and the RSA Inc. cabal and UN/NWO stooges will find themselves out in the cold;

Of course, those tribes choosing to discriminate and be un-cooperative will have a hard time getting recognition and trade with others; and as Siener foretold, it will be a form of government that most did not have in mind;

For now, we need you to take action; to take part in the referendum which will give us the authority to act: to restrict RSA Inc., UN, WHO, NWO Agencies and their “COURTS”; to foreclose these bankrupt dummy corporations; to hold a Constitutional Convention; to restore people sovereignty

In closing, SA Jural Assembly is checking that everything is above board and serving your best interests; but we are not on social media at all; so, please report any and all bad behaviour by volunteers directly to us at so we can sort it out;

However, with that being said, also do not lend your ears out to hearsay either; verify the facts first; and treat others as you want them to treat you – with respect; my sincere apologies for behaving badly towards some of the volunteers;

The people shall govern;

in peace, bt

Game On

By Anna Von Reitz

Inflation lessens the perceived value of money or credit by making it more plentiful.  The more money or credit there is, the less people think it is worth, and the less it will buy.  This is the reason why a house that sold for $30,000.00 in 1974 now sells for $180,000.00, even though the house is older and is still the same house.  What happened?  

Fiat debt notes naturally self-destruct because nobody has any incentive to save them. Instead, we have incentive to get rid of them as quickly as possible.  This leads to an “ever-expanding” money supply and that leads to inflation —- and does so even if the incredibly unrealistic expansion theories of the Bretton Woods agreements could be realized. 

Pundits call it “inflationary creep” — over time, people press the limits of the pricing structure.  The apples that sold for seventy cents a pound in 1974, now sell for $4.60 a pound — same apples, but wildly inflated price.  “Everything costs more” and nobody knows why, but it’s inflationary creep caused by the devaluation of the fiat currency.  

Look at the present situation.  Does EXXON care if it sells a million gallons of gas at five bucks a gallon or half a million gallons at ten bucks a gallon?  It’s all the same to EXXON, and in fact, from their perspective, they’d prefer selling less product for more profit  than making their same profit by selling more gas at a lower price.  It’s just economics and plain to see, but at least half of America still thinks that Joe Biden is against Big Oil. 

Uh-huh, Honey, you just keep on sucking on that thar’ Blue Pill…. 

At some point, this loss of a currency’s buying power results in consumers no longer being able or willing to pay the higher prices, partially because their wages and salaries never keep up, and partially because at some point they start looking at the sticker price and thinking…. OMG!

Sales for apples (or cars or computers or houses) goes flat and stalls at that OMG Tipping Point, ,as people shake their heads and walk away — so the apple pies don’t get made, the car lots are over-supplied and then the supply of cars dries up as the manufacturers cut back to match the lower sales, same thing with houses, millions stand empty while the former inhabitants pour out onto the streets, evicted by banks that are cutting their own throats. 

The job market goes bust, too. 

The governments that caused the problem institute emergency measures using whatever excuses they can come up with and start handing money out to farmers not to produce crops and paying people to sit at home in front of their television sets, so suddenly there is no market, and no workers, and after this situation kills off all the small businesses, only the government controlled box stores are left.  And then, there’s no food.  Surprise, surprise. 

All the victims are now dependent on the government that caused the problem, but most of them don’t know that the government caused the problem, and the government is busy blaming a host of never-heard-of pathogens that either (a) don’t exist or (b) are being mass produced and distributed as a cover story.  

Blame it on God — as usual. 

These same idiots in suits will also amp up taxation, attempting to squeeze more and more property and credit and cash assets out of the victims.  Alarmed by all this and pushed to the mattresses by the inflation and stagnation and taxation, everyone will be trying to sell off at the same time, and as a result, the housing and commercial business markets will tank, tank, tank. 

Inflation and taxation will predictably kill any economy, no matter how robust.  

But remember — inflation of the currency also functions as a silent, insidious tax.  Whether you save your money or spend it, it is worth less and less in the marketplace everyday.  As a result, the inflation plus overt taxation increases to double or triple taxation, above and beyond what everyone is already suffering.  How many people can afford that?  Raise your hands? 

The dollars that my friend put into his IRA in 1986 were worth vastly more than the dollars he continues to sock away, and he recently called me to laugh at himself and tip his hat.  

I had just looked at a 1986 Monte Carlo SS in pristine shape, being sold for $16,500 — an increase in value of $1,500 over its original sales price back in 1986.  Think about it.  He was giggling hysterically into the phone and gasping and saying, “How did you know?  How did you know?” 

I refused to set up an IRA way back when and spent my money on my own investments. My rationale?  Pay the  taxes now, I said, because they will be higher later, and have the use of your money to make investments now in hopes of getting ahead of inflation and staying ahead of inflation as long as possible.  Besides, I said, by the time I am ready to retire, the Government will have added severe penalties for early withdrawals and will have added more years before you can withdraw funds from an IRA without penalty. 

Was I wrong? 

Did I have a crystal ball?  

No, I observed the Government at work and used my horse sense.  I had no doubt that IRA’s were just another means, like Federal Income Taxes,  to keep money out of the marketplace and put another stop-gap on the inexorable inflation of the fiat currency—- and I reasoned that everyone with an IRA would eventually pay for it.  Literally.   Fine enough for the Government, but of no help to Joe Average, as usual.  

I spent my money and spent it well a long time ago; this may seem unpatriotic, but from an individual standpoint, it was the only logical thing to do.  I could see the present situation coming like a freight train over thirty years ago.  Why didn’t everyone else?  

They were depending on Pundits.  Talking Heads.  Experts.  “My stock broker….”  “My banker…..”  and “My financial advisor…..” all took the place of common sense. People weren’t actually thinking and observing things for themselves, because their public school indoctrination trained them to rely on Authorities instead of their own ability to observe and reason through things.   My friend thinks I am a genius, but no, I’m not.  

When the House is betting on Blackjack, I’m playing Roulette.  When everyone is buying Tech Stocks, I’m buying Blue Chips. When Bitcoin and Digital Currencies are the rage on every BBC Anchor’s lips, I am headed full bore for cash and coins instead.  

It isn’t hard to see, if you teach yourself to look.  And when you do, you soon notice that you are being herded like sheep or goats. Each new fad, even Pet Rocks and Finger Spinners, have a dark side, a reason for being, that isn’t just silliness. “The Market” is testing you at all ages and stages of your life cycle, endlessly prodding to find out what amuses you, what comforts you, what scares you —- how much will you pay?  What attracts you visually?   How gullible are you?  What will you do next?  

And all this ceaseless analysis is motivated by the desire to control you and make more sales — and find new ways to profit off of you.  

So you want me to look into my crystal ball?  Really?  Okay, Aunt Mammy Whammy Big Swamp just put on her Economic Indicator Hat, and this is what I predict: 

The IMF and Federal Reserve still believe that we are all endemically stupid and trusting to a fault, and therefore, we will accept a Fed or “Treasury” — that is, IMF offering of “gold-backed” digital currency “notes” —- which would allow them to continue to pull the same old scam with even less investment and more profit for them.  

Those of us that already fully realize that “money” —-as a commodity, has been reduced to digits entered in a ledger — are not impressed. 

They will try their best to convince us that a picture of a hamburger is a hamburger. 

They will fail. 

No wonder they are all out in numbers, publicly praying to their Money God, Mammon.  

My advice?  Start using cash, cash, cash, for all your small transactions and trades  Use cash as much as possible and keep as much as possible on hand.  Buy it up, slap it down, throw handfuls up in the air and dance around as it falls around you like the falling leaves.  Rejoice. Keep those printing presses running and the banks sweating as we round our way into the fall season.  

If you are cringing and sitting on a pile of lifetime savings all painfully scraped together “for the future” — spend it.  Spend it now.  Take it out of the banks as cash.  The “future” is now, and everything you have saved is worth less and less and less by the hour.  Take that long planned trip to the far islands off Tahiti.  Make all the house repairs. Batten down the hatches. Buy the extra food and water. Indulge in good sheets and soft toilet paper.  Live large.  And use cash.  Lots of cash.  

The banks are afraid of bank runs, so gear up slowly —- don’t all run down the street and take everything out all at once.  Just start using cash more.  And next week, more cash.  And the week after, more cash.  Transfer things around.  Convert cash into money orders.  Remember that Postal Money Orders are NOT credit instruments.  They are money instruments.  You want cash that will last?  Buy Postal Money Orders.  

When they start touting all the benefits of “digital currency” —- ask yourself, what are the odds of Clif High and Grandma both being wrong? 

Wake up, people, the Game is On.  


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How Inflation Plus Taxation Equals a Housing Bust

 By Anna Von Reitz

A hundred and fifty years ago people didn’t use credit to buy things.  Transactions were “cash on the barrelhead”.  So, if you had a house, you worked for it, earned it, and then lived in it.  If you had children you fell in love, got married, and supported the children that resulted.  If you had food, you or someone quite close to you, raised it and brought it to market. 

There was a simplicity and logic to everything.

You didn’t use someone else’s money to buy your house and then pay them back with interest, which is a practice that developed after the civil war when “credit markets” opened up to “individuals”— that is, franchises of the government corporations. 

Under our Forefathers’ simple cash-based system, the banks and merchants were curtailed as to what they could sell you, because your own means limited the size and number of sales they could expect.  From the perspective of the banks and merchants,  “lack of credit” was seen as an obstacle standing between them and profit that they could otherwise make from selling stuff to you “on ticket”.  

Credit at that time was something that governments and banks dealt in and as a result, average people had very little contact with or understanding of credit and the commercial paper underwriting it, but if you read any version of Constitution, you will notice that the Federal Government contractors are obligated to function on credit, while the States of the Union are obligated to pay in silver or gold. 

Their preoccupation with credit arises from their inability to function on anything else. 

This original arrangement threw a sop to the banks and merchants, and stimulated the economy via government purchases on credit, but at the same time, this system presumed that the members of our Congress would be acting as Fiduciary Deputies bound by The Prudent Man Standard, which would naturally keep government spending in check and make the members of Congress accountable. 

In the system our Forefathers created, the government had the ability to borrow money and “exercise the nation’s credit” when needed, but the people held the purse-strings and decided what the money was spent on and how much was “extended” as credit for future repayment. As you can see, the government was placed in the permanent role of a debtor, because it could only operate on credit — and the government’s creditors were always the people underwriting it.   

Please also note that the government raises funds from you via taxation, service fees, and tariffs.  It sells you services, and to a limited degree sells you products (paper money and postage stamps and licenses, for example) and so, was in the same position as the other merchants and the banks.  Your lack of credit and your pesky members of Congress acting as Fiduciary Deputies limited their sales to you— and that limited their profits and spending, too.   

By the mid-1800’s the then-Queen and her advisors hit upon a scheme of “enfranchisement” which would vastly enrich the Queen and the amount of collateral she had access to borrow against, and all without Parliamentary oversight. All she had to do was create a corporation and encourage the British people to buy into it as franchisees— that is, get them to enfranchise themselves (and their property) voluntarily, and voila, she could borrow all she wanted based on their assets — their homes, their businesses, and their labor. 

In exchange, she would give them a vote as shareholders — but their vote wouldn’t count for much.  They could elect the members of Parliament, as usual, but the Parliament would only control the budgeted portion of the corporation receipts. The rest, the entire wealth of the nation and the commonwealth, would be the Queen’s to invest or not invest, in whatever opportunities appealed to her. 

Queen Victoria used this “new arrangement” to fund the conquest and subjugation of India.  And the British Public, including quite a few members of Parliament, were none the wiser.  

What, you may ask, does this have to do with a housing bust 150 years later?  

While the Queen and her Finance Ministers were busy purloining private assets to pay for their public debts and to finance a virulent new era of “public investment” using private assets as collateral for credit extended to the government — mostly bypassing Parliament —  the banks were busy introducing the victims of this con game to the concept of buying on credit.  

Even though the victims of this scheme had unwittingly lost the ownership of their land, bodies, homes, businesses, minds, and souls— they still had a portion of their labor and creativity that could be used as excess earnings pledged to pay off additional debts for consumer goods.   Soon the banks were offering a dizzying array of “consumer loans” and there were pawn shops, rent-to-own establishments, credit unions, insurance agents, real estate agents, and debt collection agencies in every small town. 

Stop a moment and think: less than a hundred years ago, these things didn’t exist in America, because consumer credit didn’t exist. 

As you can see, the government had transformed itself into a commercial corporation and begun operations as such using the people’s assets as collateral and all they gave the people in “equitable exchange” for their “investment” was a vote that the people were already owed.  All the privately owned assets of millions of people were quietly transferred to the Queen, including the value of the people’s lives, labor, and the products of their unions — ownership of their children.  

This modern day enslavement racket netted vast capital gains for the Queen at the expense of her Subjects, and she invested this wealth in war and expansion of the British Empire. When things got rocky and the banks began to balk at extending the Government still more money based on the same old assets,  all she had to do was come up with more new Subjects to voluntarily “invest” — that is, enfranchise themselves as voters —  and provide her with more new collateral. 

Britain’s enslavement funded India’s enslavement which funded the enslavement of America which funded the enslavement of the Middle East, the  Commonwealth, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines,  and finally, thanks to the investments in war, the entire bulk of western Europe. This was all based on collateral secretly purloined from people in Breach of Trust and enforced via hypothecation of debt. 

Soon, all the governments in all the occupied and subjugated countries were using the same mechanisms of “privatization” to enslave their people, too.  

At a certain point, circa 2005, the banks that glutted themselves by providing all this credit, got nervous and began feeling that they were over-extended. They placed false claims of “abandonment” on the remaining private money resources on deposit in their banks, and began an active program of self-reinvestment in the stock markets and currency markets to shore up the tottering mountain of so-called “public debt”. 

That is, they began buying their own stocks to make their stocks look valuable.

There’s just one little problem.  There is no public debt by definition.  The people of this world continued to pay for everything they received, as they received it. They simply weren’t credited for their equal contributions.  As slaves they weren’t owed credit for their labor and goods, but as slavery is both unlawful and illegal, some accommodation had to be made to paper-over this gross criminality. 

So “foreign estate accounts” were set up in our names in the form of generation skipping trusts, but we conveniently never receive any of the money or credit generated by these accounts.  The receipts pass on to our grandchildren, and in the meantime, form gigantic investment trusts used as Slush Funds and Sinking Funds by the rats and for the rats responsible for all this. 

Sound familiar?  Is there any difference between Queen Victoria investing in the conquest of India and Nancy Pelosi investing in the conquest of Ukraine?  

It’s your money, your assets, and your life being put at risk, but you aren’t getting anything out of it but the risks and taxes —- never the returns. 

Lately the banks are getting very restive.  Like the General Public, they are milling around like cattle in a feedlot.  The feeble efforts of the Federal Reserve to forestall inflation by hiking interest rates is doing nothing but further stalling the world economy and as the market for credit collapses, so does everything else. 

Next, in a further effort to control inflation, Joe Biden hires 87,000 new IRS Agents to collect new draconian income and asset taxes from the Municipal citizenry— and everyone else they can “mistake” as  Municipal citizens of the United States.  These vultures will be at your doors, collecting for the Creditors of the US CORPORATION, and you won’t even realize that you are the Preferential Creditors of the US CORPORATION.  

All the tax money they collect will be written off the books — withdrawn from circulation — and that will help curb inflation by reducing the amount of currency available in the marketplace, but don’t forget, in various places around the world, Mr. Obama’s printing presses are running night and day, counterfeiting “dollars” in your name.  It’s like trying to mop up a flooding river. 

You will also notice that it’s Good Ole Joe Q. Public paying the ticket for all this “adjustment” — whether via taxation or inflation, both things amount to a form of taxation that you are being forced to pay.  And in the end, what predictably results?  A housing bust. 

As the desperate government debtors and the banks supporting them grasp at straws, they will try to take refuge in their favorite investment —- war.  If that doesn’t work, or doesn’t work fast enough to kill off enough creditors, they will start evicting millions more people from their homes and businesses to collect on debts that the victims owe to themselves. 

Unfortunately for the victims of this fraud, their homes tend to be their largest lifetime investment, and with millions more homes repossessed by the banks to pay off government debt, the housing market will go bust at the same time that millions of people are left homeless, and at the same time that inflation and taxation and economic stagnation are combining to impoverish everyone worldwide, leaving factories idle, and hundreds of millions of people unemployed. 

All this insanity has been brought to you by Queen Victoria of England— a perfect storm fueled by odious debt and a grossly illegal British Enslavement Racket. 

There is a simple answer: end the British Territorial U.S. Military (Raj) occupation that has been used as the excuse to enforce Admiralty Law on dry land throughout the world, write off the actual debt against the actual credit, and discharge the Odious debts as they deserve. 


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Bombshell: DOJ Says JPM Execs Manipulated Gold

by VBL

Bombshell: The Key Word is “Executives”

Source: Bloomberg

Authored by GoldFix Substack

Closing arguments Thursday set the table for years of bank problems. It may be a very serious development. Implications are all laid out clearly in this 9 minute podcast  where the DOJ has finally turned its focus on one of the institutions  the US has protected for decades. Future implications are very large for bullion banks and executives everywhere. Listen: here.

One Minute Clip summarizing the situation…

Clip: Spoofing blame goes upstream — VBL (@VlanciPictures) August 1, 2022

Bank Executives Now On The Hook

In the segment we give serious context to the Bloomberg story out late last week on the case. It implies more problems for the bullion banks and their executives down the line.  Full 9 minute broadcast here

 Points discussed:

  • US DOJ Accuses JPM Bank of manipulation now
  • Rogue actors not only ones anymore
  • Sh*t flows upstream now
  • Unethical culture is the problem
  • What it means for Executives
  • Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein type of risk
  • Underlings rolling over on bosses
  • The many problems surrounding JPM metals
  • How banks/ funds react to fear
  • Comex death, Asian birth
  • Something is going on (Transparency bomb?) between comex drawdowns, JPM case, recategorizing Gold derivatives,and Basel 3
  • Related: Unlocked JPMorgan And Citi are 90% of The U.S. Gold Derivative Market


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The Cabal Ruling the World : South Africa Plays a Major Role

Thanks to Evan for sending all the links on this massive dump which are now also posted on the RSA Inc. page;

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SA Jural Assembly Month End Report

Hopefully this will be the last negative month end report and the last housecleaning issues will finally be sorted out this month. But, if you are looking for hopium then you are certainly in the wrong place because half the time the truth hurts.

Regarding the UPF – Right now, there is literally no United People’s Front left. All the original coalitions have either left because they have a different agenda or discredited themselves in some or other way. The egos are running rampant, dear people. This is the kind of behaviour one can expect when governments have abandoned all good ethics, morals and values; what follows generally is that the people do the same. All that is left standing is the SA Jural Committee (surprisingly) and SA Jural Assembly. We ain’t going anywhere until the job is done.

Regarding the Referendum – Adv Thekiso, who is running the yesmovement referendum, is refusing us access to the referendum details after many requests. So, we are putting that referendum on hold until he meets our demands. He launched the SA Sovereign People’s Movement at recently.

We strongly advise you to not support SASPM either until the referendum issue is resolved. After all, their code of conduct declares transparency and we demand nothing less. When we have volunteers for a referendum committee we will re-launch the referendum on a secure website that we control. However, there are just too few volunteers right now so please enlist so we can get it going asap.

Regarding the ZAR boervolk – Last month ZAR Volkshof issued a cease and desist order against SA Jural Assembly claiming that our referendum is a NWO cabal action so we resigned from assisting them as of immediate effect. The boervolk are divided into literally thousands of factions and the “bitterenders” among them are very unreasonable at the best of times.  They have much housecleaning and homework to do before we can help them again. However, we will keep them a place at the negotiating table with the SAR kingdoms and states but leave them till last because right now they will most likely sink the peaceful negotiations.

Then there have also been the trolls who “infiltrated” our groups to sow dissent and try to discredit us because they are just plain mean and bitter and bored with their lives. A few volunteers left because of this behaviour and it was almost the end of the jural committee too.

Also, key members had to deal with computer and phone hacking issues. Coincidently, the same trolls are affiliated to hacker groups too… And one troll, in particular, also recently spread the false rumor that someone had received a 10 year sentence for emancipating. At times it reads like a spy movie, yes.

We have been on this road for over a decade and have seen this kind of behaviour since the beginning – yawn. We warned the SA Jural Committee members on numerous occasions that they must screen people and groups because many have their own agendas; and they thought me paranoid. But, of course, they must also make their own experiences so they can learn and grow from it or fall apart because the path to freedom is a tough road. And, there is also no other way to do it; nothing, nada, niks. We strongly advise all volunteers to stay off all social media groups.

However, not all is gloom and doom. There are also good things on the horizon but we do not have permission to publish that until those involved agree. When the time comes SA Jural Assembly will be at the finishing line no matter who initiates it; we seem to be the only ones with a plan for the people, other than the NWO plan…

In closing, the system will collapse to a point where it will drive us all together and we will put our egos and differences aside. But, it is still going too good for too many. So, make sure you keep a healthy balance between prepping and taking action because we do not know to what extent it will collapse.

Nevertheless, we look forward to a new earth wherein righteousness dwells.

In peace, bt