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Strike at the roots of evil

There are exponentially growing numbers of people waking up to the global deceits and frauds of the One World Government aka New World Order aka Old World Order aka Mystery Babylon. The Vatican, Crown, Elite Banksters, UN/IMF, BIS, The Hague, Federal Reserve and Global Corporations et al.

However, most activists are still trying to use the existing structures to try and free themselves from corruption, tyranny and modern day slavery; the very structures that have enslaved themselves in the first place. In order to overcome the “BEAST” we need to get as many people on the same page, first. Educating and informing the whole mass of humanity is the only sure reliance of our freedoms. 

The facts are as follows:

We have no lawful government, merely corporate service providers fronting as “government”. And they work for the New World Order [NWO] and their agendas, NOT YOU. Our actual government is vacant – we the people are the lawful government and it is we who have to reconstruct our organic states and fill the positions of what we consider is lawful government. Each community will declare their own un-incorporated kingdom, micro-nation, state or republic and their own laws. The Jural Assemblies and Customary Law Councils are the first step to free and independent States. From there everything else flows.

We have no lawful courts or judges – the only lawful courts are common law courts and jural assemblies wherein the people are the judges.

What we think of as “law” by the BAR legal system is merely the rules of commerce between corporations. It does not apply to living people. Law is the moral sentiment of your local community and it will differ from place to place. No-one may impose their laws on another community. Period.

We have no lawful banks – the banking system is one giant Ponzi scheme. Banks create money out of thin air. All currency is debt-based. In this way they steal our valuable resources in exchange for debt – which we can never pay back according to formulas of the Federal Reserve System. The whole world is operating under rehabilitation revolving bankruptcy rules. It’s time to liquidate your corporate government and write off all debts with a debt jubilee and restore private property taken. Start from scratch.

The power of banking and lawmaking must be restored back into the hands of the people where it rightfully belongs. And, it is up to us to do it.

Taxes are odious and illegitimate – none of your taxes go towards servicing your community. It all goes to paying barely the interest on the fake debts our countries and people are labored with by the aforementioned white-collar criminals. .

We have no lawful government departments – these are all corporate franchises and they are in fact money bill vendors – they sell all the original utility bills issued to you for huge profits and then double charge you to pay out of your pocket. In some cases we unknowingly pay up to 20 times for the same service.

The first trespass against you is the birth certificate – when your birth was registered it created a corporation and you became property of the corporation that created it. That’s why you have no rights when you consent to your legal name.

Politics was designed by the same architects of the NWO to divide nations while their corporations plunder our accounts, public trusts and resources.

Luckily, all the deceits and frauds were created by legal fictions under law-of-the-sea jurisdiction. We have to correct our political status and revenue our legal names, companies, biological offspring to the land jurisdiction. We must get our local jural assemblies up and running and hold the perpetrators accountable as equals and peers, no matter their titles and status but, no witch hunts and no vengeance. It must be lawful. Preferably according to principles of restorative justice.

Citizens, humans, persons, civilians etc. are legal fictions – they have no rights, so no point in trying to claim “human rights”. We are people, sovereigns with unalienable Creator-given rights which no-one can take away. We need to remember who we are.

There are lawful remedies for all of the above wrongs. Everything begins and ends with the local common law or customary law – nothing to do with English Common Law which is admiralty law.

We must set the system down and do it properly. We must strike at the roots of the evil system, not the branches as most still are.  The common law court rulings will set the precedents for future cases.

Then, we must also realize that the world is bankrupt, kaput – the pirates have gotten away with all of our gold, diamonds, silver, valuables. The coffers are empty. We will have to start building alternatives to banking, savings, pensions, self-governance and so forth. There are many models out there that work.

And, we must be wise as serpents – there are many trolls out there working for the NWO agenda that will infiltrate our groups and discredit our work. So, FIRST do background checks on the groups you follow. May the force be with you…

Restorative Justice

The time is drawing near when enough people will be awake and aware of the deceits and frauds of corporate banks, corporations fronting as “government” and their courts such as the plundering of national public trusts, private property, natural resources and modern day debt slavery, to name but a few.

And, when enough people realize that common law courts and jural assemblies are the only lawful remedy to stop the key pirates of the high seas from invading and plundering the people and their countries and hold the perps accountable for treasonable crimes, their first reaction will be of anger and wanting vengeance.

This will be a mistake. We are going to have to rise above this or we will find ourselves back in a venal and oppressive system and not much different from the one we are turning away from.

True justice is seeking reconciliation and not retribution. What this means is to apply principles of restorative justice such as was used in the Truth & Reconciliation Commission against the previous apartheid regime.

The victims need to be identified, the harm must stop, the losses must be restored free and clear of all debt and encumbrances and the accused must confess, apologise and show remorse and then, of course, be prohibited from holding any public office again.

To punish and imprison people like animals does not rehabilitate them. It merely burdens society. Criminality is mostly a sign that something is wrong with society. Rehabilitating people and community service is most likely the best remedy for a just and lawful society.

However, if we want to be the change we wish to see then we are going to have to be less corrupt, more moral, more ethical and lead by example. We have become corrupt because our governments are corrupt. Ask yourself, how can we judge people in positions of power when we would have done the same as them, if given the chance?

Bastiat said it best when he said: “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”

This will have to change if we are going to govern ourselves. Otherwise, we may as well give up and continue living in the swamp.