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PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Capitalism Is Not The Same As The Free Market

Great post, thank you; your compulsion to write is driven by spirit; and, it has a far-reaching effect as we are spirit made manifest; the physical act is merely the effect and spirit is the cause; you are the pebble, the ripple and the pond; just focusing on your faith even without action brings change; have faith; in peace


What’s in a word?  Well, often times…everything!  In this case, understanding what ‘Capitalism‘ really is, and more importantly, where the term came from, can reveal a startling revelation: that ‘Capitalism‘ is not the same things as the free market!

Now, this is not going to be a short post, nor will it be exhaustive or easy to digest.  And, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, I can almost guarantee this post will cause you some indigestion.  However, if you will stick with me, by the time I am done, I promise you will have plenty to consider and — just maybe — sound reason to change the way you understand a great deal of the propaganda in our current culture.

Let me start by proving that ‘Capitalism’ is not the same thing as the free market.  We will look at their…

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Brilliant, thank you; in peace

AntiCorruption Society


By David-William,
April 15, 2016

ABA - liberty and justiceConnecticut Attorney, Simeon E. Baldwin, invited a group of 100 Attorneys from 21 states and the District of Columbia to meet on the 21st day of August of 1878, at Saratoga Springs, New York, to organize the American B.A.R. Association. Most of the men were elite corporate lawyers.  Author Jethro K. Lieberman described early ABA membership: “You could become an invitee to membership if you were white, Protestant and native born, preferably with a British surname, and attended the elite law schools such as Harvard, Yale and Columbia; only then did you have a chance of prospering. Catholics, Jews, women and blacks were automatically excluded from membership. This exclusion was necessary to the elite bar’s sense of identity. Any fraternity is defined not only by whom it accepts but also by whom it excludes. The Association…

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Anna von Reitz: Our Forefathers CHOSE the system of Common Law! So what about you? What is your choice?

Another educational post thanks, Arnie; in peace

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Reference:  by default—A lawfully elected government replaces a de facto impostor!


On Apr 28, 2016, at 1:58 PM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:
Common Law v. Admiralty Law

Our Forefathers CHOSE the system of Common Law based on the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) as the Law of the Land and they chose men to serve as judges from among themselves in every county, state, and region.

If we want to live under that system of law, we have to do the same thing. CHOOSE to live under Common Law, form a jural assembly for our communities as brilliantly summarized by the Michigan Jural Assembly which has already had their Common Law System in place for decades, elect judges to fill the vacant judicial offices, and live accordingly.

This is the way this country was set up and so…

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The Sovereign is the Court of Record, not the CORPORATION

Thanks Arnie for educating we, the people; blessings

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foodforthought101blog commented on Anna von Reitz: Obviously, you have never considered the question of from where law comes…

Reference: Thank you Judge Anna…but doesn’t the law come from the sovereign people? Are not the sovereigns the ultimate …

I would like to add the following document relating to this issue, from information that I’ve assembled from many years of studying this Matrix.

The Sovereign is the Court of Record, not the CORPORATION. 04/28/2016
The Territory of Michigan was an Organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from June 30, 1805, until January 26, 1837, when the final extent of the territory was admitted to the Union as the State of Michigan. The Republic was set aside upon the acceptance of the United States Constitution which has now granted only the ‘Republican Form’ of government under the present CORPORATION which is managed by the JUDICIAL BRANCH of the ‘Bar’…

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PNG court declares Australian refugee detention camp illegal

The beast down under wakens…

Counter Information

By Mike Head
28 April 2016

In what amounts to an indictment of the Australian political establishment, the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the imprisonment of refugees in an Australian-controlled detention facility on PNG’s remote Manus Island was unconstitutional.

The unanimous decision by five judges of PNG’s highest court demonstrates that the detention at Manus not only violates international law, which recognises the right to seek asylum, but also flagrantly breaches the country’s constitution, which bans the unlawful deprivation of personal liberty.

Immediately, the verdict affects nearly 1,000 male detainees, including 482 UN-recognised refugees. Many have been imprisoned indefinitely since 2012 in the camp, which is located inside a World War II-era PNG naval base. More broadly, the ruling effectively exposes the illegal character of the bipartisan Australian policy of incarcerating asylum seekers on islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans—on Manus, Nauru and the…

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Common Law v. Admiralty Law, People v. Persons, by Anna von Reitz

Explained in an excellent fashion; this is essentially what the Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa (UZA) is; however, we go one step further and only apply principles of restorative justice and not the retributive common-law; true justice is seeking reconciliation and not retribution. in peace

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Our Forefathers CHOSE the system of Common Law based on the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) as the Law of the Land and they chose men to serve as judges from among themselves in every county, state, and region.
If we want to live under that system of law, we have to do the same thing. CHOOSE to live under Common Law, form a jural assembly for our communities as brilliantly summarized by the Michigan Jural Assembly which has already had their Common Law System in place for decades, elect judges to fill the vacant judicial offices, and live accordingly.
This is the way this country was set up and so far as I am concerned, the way it is still supposed to run.  Those who don’t want to accept that are outlaws.  Those who do are law abiding.  Simple as that.
We are free to accept…

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Jubilee Jolt: AGENDA 2030 Plans For Total Human Ensavement Now Rapidly Rolling Out

Well expressed; thank you, in peace

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The UN 2030 Agenda was announced last September, on the cusp of Jubilee 2016. In the past week, two additional agreements have come into further force. One was the formal signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The other involved signing 17 Goals to Transform Our World.

They even brought out the new pretty face of global tyranny, Leonardo DiCaprio, again at the UN, who was granted his coveted Oscar trinket in exchange for selling his soul and being the smooth talker who herds the sheeple into their cages.

Additionally, at the beginning of April, the UN launched a campaign, the Oceans Treaty, to take over the world’s seas at a single stroke. In a series of conferences, the UN set up a global timeline to designate as much as 30 percent of international waters as “no-go areas.” Part of the UN’s intention is to determine…

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Public support for UK junior doctors strike grows as government insists they must be “defeated”

With these numbers, the government does not stand a chance; in peace

Counter Information

By Robert Stevens
27 April 2016

Yesterday’s all-out strike of around 45,000 junior doctors in England was met with furious denunciations from the Conservative government and a hostile media. The strike continues today, from 8am to 5pm. These are the first stoppages in the nearly 70-year history of the National Health Service (NHS) to be held without emergency care being provided.

The strike was well supported, with picket lines set up at hospitals throughout England. Demonstrations were held in a number of towns and cities. When Tuesday’s strike finished at 5pm, thousands of doctors and their supporters marched through London from St Thomas’ Hospital to the Department of Health, where a rally took place. Among those marching with the doctors were delegations of teachers.

According to NHS England, 78 percent of doctors did not show up for work. At the Barts Health Trust, which runs Barts, the Royal London, Newham…

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VOODOO ECONOMICS: ‘High Contagion’, Bankster Corruption and the “Third Player” Hypothesis – By Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D

Maybe the fed is talking about themselves as the ‘third force’? 🙂


Source –

“…But then I also took issue with the major theories being offered for the Panama Papers, of which there are principally two: (1) The “West” did it, in all its variants – CIA, PEntagon, etc., and (2) The Russians did it. I  have taken the view that this is someone else entirely, and that the Panama Papers affair was really about sending messages to all the west’s financial elite; they are, so to speak, the “pink slip” that they are about to be “downsized”:

Mr V.K. sent this article along, and when you read it, I think you’ll see why he did. But the problem is, where to “file’ it, because its contents are so stunning. Here’s the article:

The Fed Sends a Frightening Letter to JPMorgan and Corporate Media Yawns

The crux of the problem, I suggest, is outlined by the following paragraphs:

  1. All the…

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Anna von Reitz: John Daresh – Excuse me…who?

Thanks for the humour; luckily UZA are paw-paws so this argument does not apply to us; only to apples and oranges he he; in peace

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On Apr 26, 2016, at 9:21 AM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:

John Dareshhas made his accusations with his so-called “Information” —all of which are unsubstantiated and untrue. Now, I will make mine.

Daresh doesn’t know anything about the American Common Law Court System that the Citizens Common Law GrandJuries aresupposed to be part of. He doesn’t evenknowhow the Common Law Grand Jury is supposed tointeract with the Federal Courts.And here’s the killing point— he doesn’t want to learn.

Wehave the facts and history and research and court cases to prove that what we are doing is correct—- and we have offered to share that information with NLA.

In return,Daresh spreads gossip and spews arcaneverbiage designed to impress the ignorant.

The result is that five years down the track the NLA is still out in left field, ineffective, and indeed, worse than useless— a problem and hindrance to actual…

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VOODOO ECONOMICS: ‘Killing the Host’, How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy – By Michael Hudson

Great find, thank you


Source –

The West Is Traveling The Road To Economic RuinBy Paul Craig Roberts:

Michael Hudson is the best economist in the world. Indeed, I could almost say that he is the only economist in the world. Almost all of the rest are neoliberals, who are not economists but shills for financial interests.

If you have not heard of Michael Hudson it merely shows the power of the Matrix. Hudson should have won several Nobel prizes in economics, but he will never get one.

Hudson did not intend to be an economist. At the University of Chicago, which had a leading economics faculty, Hudson studied music and cultural history. He went to New York City to work in publishing. He thought he could set out on his own when he was assigned rights to the writings and archives of George Lukacs and Leon Trotsky, but publishing…

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The Status Quo Has Failed and Is Beyond Reform

Satu Insan - Malaysia

Yet those who benefit from our status quo (or hope to benefit from it upon retirement) naturally deny it has failed, for the reason that it has yet to fail them personally.


John Hugh Smith

The truth is the usual menu of reforms can’t stop this failure, so we have to prepare ourselves for the radical transformations ahead.
That the status quo–the current pyramid of wealth and power dominated by the few at the top–has failed is self-evident, but we can’t bear to talk about it.This is not just the result of a corporate media that serves up a steady spew of pro-status quo propaganda–it is also the result of self-censorship and denial.
Why do we avoid talking about the failure of the status quo? We know it is beyond reform, and we’re afraid: afraid that the promises of financial security cannot be kept, afraid…

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This does not happen often enough; thank you

In Her Words

Legal, Permitted, and Arrested - Mises Wire

By Mark Thornton
(~slightly edited by queen)

‘Marijuana’ was “Legalized” (Satanic language), the owners were permitted and they asked the GubberNut to conduct a business inspection. Instead the POlice busted them and stole all their stuff!!

We may be winning the war against the “War on Drugs,” but we still have a long ways to go. The Washington Post reports ( on the Shattuck family who were not only arrested but all their possessions were stolen by “Code” enforcement based on the so-called ‘asset forfeiture’ law.

A self-described Michigan “soccer mom” who had “every belonging” taken from her family ( in a 2014 drug raid has been cleared of all criminal charges, 19 months after heavily armed “drug task force” members ransacked her home and her business. But in many ways, her ordeal is only beginning.

Ann Shattuck and her husband Dale, had…

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