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We are so asleep in Africa, we do not even know what the UCC is 🙂 and, those who do have not bothered to read it; thanks for some background education on it; in peace

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the Golden Rule of Mortgage Foreclosure: the Uniform Commercial Code forbids foreclosure of the mortgage unless the creditor possesses the properly-negotiated original promissory note. If this can’t be done the foreclosure must
stop. — Douglas Whaley, Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.
“By saying yes, the homeowner admits that the paper is original which it is not, he admits that it is his signature, which it is not, and he admits that the possession of the original note is unquestionable which is completely wrong because the actual original was “lost” many years earlier.” — Neil F Garfield


The problem with the great tidal wave of foreclosures has been that everyone (lawyers, judges and homeowners) have made great leaps of faith in accepting nonexistent…

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Crisis of Civilization – A Documentary About Global Crises

Thank you for the heads up; in peace

Infinite Shift

Released in 2011, The Crisis of Civilization (IMDB) is a documentary film directed by Dean Puckett and written by Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed. The latter also penned A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save It, a book that served as the primary source material.

The project takes a no-holds-barred approach to examining various sources of calamity, using research and scientific date to back up each point. While the message of the film may be too controversial for some, the thoughtful and seemingly unbiased nature of the reporting should also win over its fair share of devotees…

Source: Crisis of Civilization – A Documentary About Global Crises

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We Need a New, Beneficial Global Economy | The Mind Unleashed

As Bucky said, we must build a new model that makes the existing one obsolete; and, it only takes a few to trimtab this titanic we are currently on; in peace

Infinite Shift

A new model for a world that houses everyone, feeds everyone, clothes everyone and takes care of all the basic needs of everyone already exists. No this isn’t socialism or communism.

This model is called a resource-based economy. Remember, all systems, whether it be socialism, capitalism, communism or fascism, have all used the same financial and economic model in their political system. Money, that is, has been used as the enslavement tool.

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Africa Responds to Brexit: British Government, European Union, World Capitalist Markets in Disarray

Its really time to FEDexit; leave the federal reserve Ponzi scheme and unpeg our currencies like Switzerland did; that’s the real referendum looming; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, June 28, 2016
map-africa-400x228 (1)

A referendum on the future of the United Kingdom (UK) within the European Union (EU) divided both the ruling Conservative Party (CP) and its main rival, the Labor Party.

Results from the vote gave the Leave side a 52-48 percent profound victory that reversed the decision of 1973 when Britain entered the-then European Economic Community.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation on June 24 paving the way for Boris Johnson, the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), who led the political break with Downing Street, placing him in a position to succeed the incumbent when he steps down in the immediate future. On the Labor side of the aisle, Jeremy Corbyn, considered as a representative of a more leftwing trend within the party, is also under fire for taking the same position as the Conservatives supporting the Remain forces although in a…

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Brexit cost investors $2 trillion..the worst one day drop ever..China could be the biggest winner

How ironic when in fact the world is operating under foreclosure bankruptcy; a debit is a credit; money is merely an IOU; trading is rigged; and, as a result, a workman is no longer worthy of his hire; its all a scam to keep our attention from the remedy: a jubilee and reset; sooner or later the world will have to FEDEXIT: exit the federal reserve Ponzi scheme; in peace

U.S. INC. must concede .. bankrupt, insolvent, but forcing personage, what is the answer?

This case is most important as it educates the public as to just how far we have moved from people sovereignty towards state sovereignty; in peace

in peace

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Listen up people. This SHOULD BE THE MOST SHARED VIDEO ON THE NET … U.S. INC. must concede … bankrupt, insolvent, but forcing personage, what is the answer? … remove their reach to any trust names, period, end of subject.LOOKING TO THE MILITIAS.

Published on Aug 11, 2015
Because all branches of the government are incorporated as private, for profit corporations, three men petitioned the West Virginia State Government for a return to the rule of law thus honoring their oaths that they be government servants of, by, and for the people, not of, by, and for corporations.

Gene Stalnaker, Phil Hudok, and Thomas Deegan then filed legal action in the state supreme court of appeals. This is Thomas’s portion of the live streamed public address that was broadcasted from Thomas’s Parkersburg home on July 24, 2015.

Find out…

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Reply Regarding “Global Connection” Piece for Sandra

Yup, no et coming to save us; we are the et; so, get up, stand up; stand up for your rights; keeping in mind to do it peacefully; in peace

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4f522-judge2banna  Judgs Anna von Reitz

We are in the process of birthing a “new world”—- but it isn’t a world built of fantasies and lies about aliens from outer space any more than it is a fantasy built of lies about bloodline superiority and legal fiction entities.  

These people touting “Galactic” salvation don’t particularly like me, because I don’t fall in line and sing hymns to their fantasies and excuses any more than I follow along as a good little True Believer of the corporate matrix.  I do not intend to trade one “box” for another, thanks, and it is ironic that those offering such an option as the “Neu Republique” are the ones accusing me of trying to herd people back into a box based on the past. 
I do not propose belief in things that either never existed or that no longer do—including “the past”.  …

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The Brexit Vote. What Does it Mean? Hopefully, a Breakup of the EU and NATO, the Avoidance of World War III

Wise words, thank you;in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, June 24, 2016

The EU and NATO are evil institutions.  These two institutions are mechanisms created by Washington in order to destroy the sovereignty of European peoples.  These two institutions give Washington control over the Western world and serve both as cover and enabler of Washington’s aggression.  Without the EU and NATO, Washington could not force Europe and the UK into conflict with Russia, and Washington could not have destroyed seven Muslim countries in 15 years without being isolated as a hated war criminal government, no member of whom could have travelled abroad without being arrested and put on trial.

Clearly, the presstitute media lied about the polls in order to discourage the leave vote.  But it did not work.

The British people have always been the font of liberty.  It was the the historic achievements of the British that…

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Paper Trails, Rabbit Holes and Successors

Very pertinent issues raised regarding breach of trust law in foreclosures; thank you; in peace

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NO. 2015-P-1259
US Bank and the rest of the dozen or so mega banks and several “servicers” suffered a heavy blow today although it may take a while for the ruling to sink in. The case is US Bank (on behalf of an empty Trust) v Bolling and was decided yesterday by the Massachusetts Court of Appeals.
For ten years the banks and servicers have had us going down a rabbit hole that they had carefully prepared. By directing the attention of the Court, the homeowner and homeowners’ counsel to the PAPER TRAIL the banks and servicers were assured that in all uncontested cases they would get the foreclosure they wanted…

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23JUN16 – Jerry Day: 00 – The Law is for everyone—Equally!

Thanks Arnie; in peace

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

23JUN16 – Jerry Day: The Law is the Law – Index

With grateful acknowledgement for what I consider to be the most important, critical educational and impactful presentation of the de facto [law] fraud  hypocrisy…

A landmark work!  – arnie, just one of the people…an old one at that!

Jerry Day Productions
Serving Southern California
Phone contact for your Video Production & Photography services inquiry: 818.406.4653

Thank you  Jerry – I acted on your wonderful work.  Now everyone can express in which reality they chose to live!  Compliments of the Creator who provided us with free choice..just one of our unalienable rights.

23JUN16 – *** PUBLIC NOTICE*** : Arnie Rosner: Declaration of Civil Status

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“Prejudice” Element of Wrongful Foreclosure

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By Kevin Brodehl

If a property owner loses their property through a foreclosure sale initiated by someone who did not validly own the debt, has the property owner automatically suffered enough “prejudice” to pursue a claim for wrongful foreclosure?  Or does the property owner also need to show that it would have been able to avoid foreclosure by paying the debt to the true lender?

The California Supreme Court’s recent Yvanova decision (reviewed on Money and Dirt here: California Supreme Court:  Borrowers Have Standing to Allege Wrongful Foreclosure Based on Void Assignment of Note) only partially addressed the “prejudice” issue.  In Yvanova, the Supreme Court discussed prejudice, but only “in the sense of an injury sufficiently concrete and personal to provide standing,” not “as a possible element of the wrongful foreclosure tort.”  The Court held that the plaintiff in that case demonstrated sufficient prejudice — lost ownership…

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Mexico: police shoot dead 8 teachers; communique from the Zapatistas

Disobedience becomes a sacred duty when laws are unjust; as long as we do not breach the peace; in peace


At least eight people were killed in clashes in southern Mexico over last weekend when police and members of a teachers’ union faced off in violent confrontations. Violence erupted on Sunday when police dislodged protesters blocking a highway in the southern state of Oaxaca. The teachers from the radical National Coordinator of Education Workers, or CNTE, are opposed to the mandatory testing of teachers as part of Mexico’s education reform and are also protesting the arrest of union leaders on money laundering and other charges.The eight dead are Oscar Aguilar Ramírez, 25, Andrés Sanabria García, 23, Anselmo Cruz Aquino, 33, Yalit Jiménez Santiago, 28, Oscar Nicolás Santiago, Omar González Santiago, 22, Antonio Perez García, and Jesús Cadena Sánchez, 19. At least 45 others have been hospitalized with injuries, the majority gunshot wounds, and 22 have been disappeared.

epa05378037 Policemen clash with teachers during a protest against education reforms in the country, in the town of Hitzo, Oaxaca state, Mexico, 19 June 2016. At least six policemen were injured in clashes with protesting teachers who had blocked a road. According to media reports, 25 people were arrested. EPA/MARIO ARTURO MARTINEZ

Communique from the Zapatistas

To the peoples of the World:

Faced with…

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