Voter deregistration

By now everybody knows that REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is a foreign privately-owned corporation to benefit the 1% and to plunder the 99%.

Here is a Notice & Order to the Independent Electoral Commission that explains it:

Public Notice & Order to IEC – 2021.11.04

Now, ask yourself, why would you vote for a corporation when voting in fact gives a few people all your authority and power and permission to steal our public assets, plunder our accounts, loot our gold and valuable resources, bankrupt our Republic and use our military and police to protect the 1% criminals instead of protecting the 99% people?

And, this piracy by RSA Inc. is in fact threatening the very peace, safety and security of all South African people, as well as you and your loved ones, and our Republic.

CS Lewis - My dear wormwood

Be a Conscientious Objector – Unvote!!!

  1. See if your name is on the voter’s roll; go to the IEC web page to check your voter registration status at:
  2. If you are on the voter’s roll and wish to remove yourself then download print and complete the prescribed REC 6 APPLICATION FOR DE-REGISTRATION AS VOTER. Note that it has been removed from the IEC website to prevent you from doing so. Is this not fraudulent? Luckily we have a copy from 2013… Print and complete the document.
  3. Go to your local IEC office, quoting the following legislation if asked:

The Electoral Act 73 of 1998 states:

10 Applications for de-registration as a voter

  • A registered voter may apply for de-registration as a voter in the prescribed manner.
  • On receipt of an application for de-registration as a voter, the chief electoral officer must remove the applicant’s name from the voter’s roll.

This means Chief electoral officers are obligated to comply according to the above;

11 Amendments to voter’s roll by chief electoral officer

  • The electoral officer must-
  • Change the registration details of a voter, if the chief electoral officer is satisfied that the details reflected in the voter’s roll is incorrect or have changed; or
  • De-register a voter, if the chief electoral officer is satisfied that the voter does not qualify or no longer qualifies for registration.

Some people are reporting that their names are still on the roll even after having de-registered; then it’s time to send them a notice of their obligation to comply;

12 Notification by chief electoral officer

  • The chief electoral officer must notify, in the prescribed manner, a person-
  • Who has been de-registered as a voter in terms of section 11;

Demand to be notified that you have been de-registered in the prescribed manner; find out what the latest prescribed manner is? They are regularly changing the rules…

13 Appeal against decisions and steps of chief electoral officer

  • A person mentioned in section 12(1) who feels aggrieved by a decision or step taken by a chief electoral officer in terms of section 8, 9 or 11, may appeal to the Commission against that decision or step in the prescribed manner.
  • The Commission, in the prescribed manner, must consider and decide the appeal and notify the appellant and chief electoral officer of the decision.

Appeal your non-deregistration with the Commission; ask your local electoral office for the forms to appeal their inaction to remove your ‘person’ from the voter’s roll; give them a month and check again if you have been removed.

Objections and appeals:

Select your province at the following link then contact your provincial office to find out why you have not been removed from the Voter’s Roll.

Done the above and still not removed?

If you have already done the above steps and the IEC has still not removed you from the voter’s roll then kick up a fuss with the National Office:

National Office

Election House

Riverside Office Park

1303 Heuwel Avenue



National Office number: 012 622 5700 Email:

P/Bag X112




Next claim and expatriate your legal names and property and businesses out of RSA Inc.!!!

23 thoughts on “Voter deregistration

  1. I wish to directly self-govern and not be governed by someone else.

    The people shall govern.

  2. Please forward me a copy of the REC6 form so I can de-register myself off the voters role, thank you

      1. Please also ask them if they remove one’s name completely or just “ghost” it?
        Feel free to ask other questions on facebook too; such as: Does democracy then mean corporate governance? After all, RSA Inc. is a corporation and not a government; me would have a field day if on facebook but alas, am not on social media;

      2. The Voter Deregistration form requires a left thumb print “made in the presence of the registration officer” so how does it help to email the form if we have to go to an IEC office to do this anyway?

  3. The REC6 pdf document on this website is very unclear / poor print quality. Will it still be accepted by the IEC?

    1. Hi, apparently they finally do have a Voter De-registration document again; you might even find it on their website; even if, you write it on toilet paper they must accept it; kindly report please;

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