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Video playlist of interest… “The Hawaiian Kingdom Exists”

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This playlist, from which three videos were posted yesterday, may be used as an educational tool for those wishing to get some insight into the real history of “the overthrow” (attempted, not actual), and the subsequent cover-up of what really happened.

Of particular interest is the last video in this series, a 1934 newsreel which tells the story that the Hawaiians wanted to be annexed by the US, how the Queen voluntarily turned her Kingdom over to the US, and how happy the people were to now be part of the “great” USA.

Lie 1… Lie 2… Lie 3… and a few more thrown in for good measure.

Note that in that video you see none of the tears people have shed over the past 121 years, of which there were many, for what happened to their Kingdom, and their Queen.

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Ferguson is just another Exmple of the Revolutionary Formula

The Rio Norte Line

AGENDAS: The Role of Violence in the Revolutionary’s Plan

I want to ask you to think back over the past few years.  Try to remember how many times you have seen organized violence employed on a massive scale.  I am going to ask you to reject the media’s claim that it has been ‘spontaneous.’  It hasn’t.  It is well known that it was all planned: from Occupy Wall Street to the Arab Spring.  All of it was ‘organized’ by violent revolutionaries, and the violence is used as part of their formula for toppling governments.  This is because the model works.  It was how Russia fell to Lenin, and how Hitler tried to take over Germany — the first time.  The idea is, if you can create enough hatred within society, then cause it to just break out into social unrest, then others will ‘stand up’ and the existing government…

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ForbiddenKnowledgeTV 11-20-14… “It’s Official, Russia Has Banned All GMO Products!” (and Dahboo77, too)

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medvedev_of_russia_video_snip_1This is great news. Again, Russia sets the example for the planet. The “corporation USA” will never get this, but the people, along with the soon-to-return of-by-for-the-people US, will.


It’s Official, Russia Has Banned All GMO Products!

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV, Alexandra Bruce, November 20, 2014

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently announced that Russia will no longer import GMO products, stating that the nation has enough space, and enough resources to produce organic food.

Russia has been considering joining the long list (and continually growing) of anti-GMO countries for quite some time now. It does so after a group of Russian scientists urged the government to consider at least a 10-year moratorium on GMOs to thoroughly study their influence on human health.

“It is necessary to ban GMOs, to impose moratorium (on) it for 10 years. While GMOs will be prohibited, we can plan experiments, tests, or maybe even new methods…

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Pope Urges World Leaders To Rein In Greed, Feed The Hungry

On the 11th of July, 2013, Pope Francesco has issued the highest legal instrument on criminal matters which we have already filed on the High Court of Cape Town and which we are filing on our Constitutional Court of South Africa; we are demanding an Independent Commission of Inquiry at Common Law; we will be notifying the Pope to involve the Apostolic Nuncio of South Africa; in peace

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Mario Kenny ™


In Speaker of the House John Boehner’s civil action against President Obama, Boehner will be required to prove his case “on the balance of probabilities,” under the standing law doctrine, which the Supreme Court has restricted the Congress from being a plaintiff with ‘standing.’

The President did not make permanent changes to the law of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, they were administrative changes, as is normal procedure for all laws passed by the Congress.

The President used the legality of Article II of the Constitution to strengthen laws via executive orders, to make appointments via recess powers, to implement changes to immigration laws, which are not subject to judicial review, and utilized other authorities given to the President in Article II.

Under the “standing” doctrine of the Constitution, or “locus standi”, a plaintiff bringing a suit in a…

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