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When The People On Earth Are Free

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What type of games will be played when the People on Earth are Free?
Over the years I have searched for new games that reveal the shift of consciousness and awareness. I am still searching…
Perhaps some readers have found new games that exemplifies this awareness, if so please share those games with us.
I think that some past games from the early years of computing may have some elements of a post empire world with personal sovereignty written in the story line, but today games are mostly build a empire, destroy competitors, and be the ruler of everything meme.
The gameful exceptions are largely virtual-life (such as farming and sports games), puzzle, and card games.

I expect to see a massive population of new games that embodies the personal sovereignty and the emerging self-organizing collaborative meme embracing and nurturing freedom.
Imagining worlds without governments may be too difficult a…

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9th Circuit (Federal) Allows Quiet Title and Damages for Wrongful Filing of False Documents

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Hat Tip to Beth Findsen who is a good friend and a great lawyer in Scottsdale, Az and who provided this case to me this morning. I always recommend her in Arizona because her writing is spectacular and her courtroom experience invaluable.

This case needs to be analyzed further. Robert Hager (CONGRATULATIONS TO HAGER IN RENO, NV) et al has succeeded in getting at least a partial and significant victory over the MERS system, and voiding robosigned documents as being forged per se. I disagree that a note and mortgage, once split, can be reunified by mere execution of an instrument. They are avoiding the issue just like the “lost note” issue. The rules of evidence and pleading have always required great factual specificity on the path of transactions leading up to the point where the note was lost or transferred. This Court dodged that bullet for now. Without evidence…

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Scott Cundill: Off-The-Grid Business

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Many People on Earth are experimenting and offering alternatives to the current control meme seeking to exercise and nurture Freedom.
Scott Cundill is one of the freedom Loving People that is sharing his experiences in an effort to manifest freedom for all the People on Earth who want freedom.
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The Future of Money and Business – Part 1

By Scott Cundill

Welcome to a new world. A world where money does not exist and everyone lives in a Utopian society.

But not quite yet.

It will take time and an evolution of consciousness to get there. And, it will require us to open our minds to some important and startling facts about this thing called ‘money.’


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