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Allodial Land Explained

When we awaken from corporate fictional slavery back to reality then we view everything through a different lens.

According to the 3 Major religions — Christianity, Islam and Judaism — All the Earth is allodial by its very nature, as are the fruits of the Earth. We cannot “own” the earth but, merely have custodianship over the land we live and work on; and, our duty is to look after it for future generations, not to pillage and plunder it. We did not create the abundance upon the Earth, but only enjoy its rewards.

Leviticus 25:23 The land will not be sold forever; for the land is Mine; for you are strangers and sojourners with me.

Under customary law the land is allodial. Customary tenure systems vest land in the tribe, group or community, with individuals, in theory, enjoying only user rights. A basic tenet of traditional African customary tenure is that land belongs to the ancestors, the present generation and the generation yet unborn (Ollennu, 1962; Abdul-jalil, 2006). Land was granted by The Creator to our ancestors in trust. As children we are beneficiaries, as adults we are trustees and as elders we are donors.

Thus, land is more than an economic asset; it has cultural and social values intimately connected to people’s identities, statuses and social networks (Jul-Larsen and Mvula, 2009). In modern times, some traditional authorities have taken advantage of their entrenched position to enrich themselves.

Under customary law, all members of the community, village or family have an equal right to the land. The Chief or administrator of the village or head of family has charge of the land and is only loosely called the custodian (owner). He is in in essence a trustee and as such holds the land in trust for the use of the community or family.

With regard to land ownership and rights, there are three interrelated categories of rights in customary law:

1) collective ownership – the idea of community or group-based ownership;

2) individual ownership – that there is no individual right of ownership but that the individual does have rights, such as use and enjoyment, under the communal land ownership; and

3) common ownership – where the land is subject to common use. (Akrofi, 2013)

Instead, we blindly followed the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian notions of land “ownership” and have now pillaged and plundered it into the 6th extinction under consent of papal Rome and British Crown.

Regarding Southern Africa, the ancestors of the Black tribes supposedly paid tribute to the ancestors of the San, Khoi and other clans that were here when they arrived. The ancestors of the Indian, White and other settlers in turn paid tribute to the tribes before them.

Sadly, it does not seem that everyone was honored properly in this process. Instead, the Vatican fraudulently claimed Southern Africa using false words and it is still being administrated by the British Crown. So, South African title deeds are merely right of use under feudal tenancy. If, you “own land” you will see that your title deed describes you as “TENANT” and of course the Crown is the “owner”. Allodial title is the opposite of feudal tenancy, so it is the remedy.

Now, all their laws and treaties and vain janglings are all merely semantic deceit under color of law and all is merely imaginary legal fictions:

“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” S.C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54)

Further, if your land has been mortgaged in the past then the bank has sold the original title deed to an unknown third party so you have no lawful right anyways. At least 85% of all original title deeds are gone. No contract no case/standing.

So, what you paid for in fact when you thought you bought land was not land but, merely a defective piece of paper which only gave you right of use by permission of the Vatican until the Crown or UN decides to kick you out and take it away.

Further, because the fractional reserve banking system is a ponzi scheme you did not in fact buy the property with real money, but merely made an IOU.

And, most importantly, you bought it on behalf of your legal personality which is property of RSA Inc., Crown & Vatican franchises.

Maxim: The foundation being removed, the superstructure falls.

So, the only way to remedy this mess if you have a home or farm is to:

  1. Remove yourself from the voter’s roll;
  2. Do the emancipation process;
  3. File an Allodial Land Patent on the existing title deed at the Deeds Office;.
  4. File a Common Law Express Trust;

As a trustee in commerce it puts you on equal footing with the Master of the High Court who acts as trustee until you begin doing it yourself.

We will be updating the Express Trust and Emancipation pages over the next week. And, we have a team that can assist to help you to complete and or file the trust. If, you cannot afford their rates then the best is to do it yourself.

Soon, the first allodial case precedent will be established by a Southern African tribal authority.

On the New Earth that is busy unfolding we the people will govern ourselves. We won’t need many representatives. People will no longer buy land. Anyone wishing to build a home on a piece of unused municipal, public or state land will merely inform the local community, tribal authority or people’s committee, post a few public notices and in the local newspaper and if no-one objects you fence your land and build a home. Of course, the local community would have common agreements regarding lawful local rates, services, taxes, tributes and so forth that everyone agrees and abides by. And, there will be a land office where records are kept.

How it rolls out and develops is up to you, the people. We, the assembled are merely laying the foundations and framework for the reconstruction; your job will be in the development thereof.

The Afrikaner prophet Seer van Rensburg said: “It is only now that the future of Azania on the one hand, and the Boer Republics on the other hand, is beginning to get on course. But the new government may probably not be what many people had in mind. (from “Words of a Prophet” by Adriaan Snyman, page 203)

In peace.

RSA Private Property Notice

Insert a Peace Flag Insert your family or state flag here

Foreign State Private Property Notice

notice to agent is notice to principal. notice to principal is notice to agent.

  1. Kindly take notice that this is the private property of an un-incorporated de jure foreign state in relation to the de facto corporate REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, agencies and laws.
  2. That this land is allodial and common law of the place applies.
  3. That the people living on this land are sovereigns with natural unalienable rights and have no accountability to any legal fiction state or entity except before a jury of their peers.
  4. That no legalese or legal fictions will be entertained, ever.
  5. That no foreign jurisdictions will be entered into, ever.
  6. That no foreign contracts will be entertained without first an application and then the prior written consent of the trustees.
  7. That all offers to contract must be made by phone to: insert phone number or in writing and emailed to: insert email address under private liability and under penalty of perjury.
  8. That entering the land without prior written consent may be regarded as an unlawful invasion under international law of nations and may be repelled with equal force, if necessary.
  9. That this is neutral territory – free ships make free goods.
  10. Take final notice that a violation of this notice may also perpetuate a lien under private and commercial liability.

Govern yourself accordingly. By order.

By: ……………………..……………………. (autograph and seal)

Then complete the A4 Notice; print it; laminate or corex it; attached it to your front gate.

SA Jural Assembly Report

From the last few weeks of chaos in South Africa it is clear that there is a concerted effort by the New World Order to “capture” Southern Africa. Thankfully the people are now wide awake and aware. It is becoming clear that the globalists are trying to spark civil wars between the people and their governments and then declare martial law and bring in the U.N. troops and then loot what is left. However, the truth is that they are losing control hence the attacks on the people.

Not on our watch! We are preparing to notify the U.N. to stay out otherwise, we will see it as an invasion and have the lawful right to confiscate their equipment and use it to defend ourselves against them. We will do it lawfully according to international law of war. However, we will apply the superior law of peace. When the time comes you the people will be informed and will know what to do. We will give them a good hiding if they try their stunts here.

In the meantime start prepping in earnest. Keep petrol to head for a safe haven. Have dry food packed and stored for at least 3 months. If, you are in hotspot you must be able to leave within an hour’s notice. Make sure you have lots of non-gmo seeds. Start arranging an evacuation plan with your family. If, your plan is to head to the countryside then pre-arrange and invest now with that community. You don’t want to arrive with nothing and end up a burden. You will be turned away.

It’s up to every community to have a self-defence plan and to organize their own militias. Our Defence Force and Police are useless. It will be up to the “ou manne” to save the day. Luckily, we have at least a million war veterans scattered across Southern Africa who have the know-how to organize. The best is not to work nationally because then we will be infiltrated. May sure you thoroughly screen anyone joining your groups. Be diligent. Know your enemy and know yourself.

The first free and independent SA common law communities and republics are finally underway. The teething problems are in the few among the volunteers trying to lord and master over the people instead of acting as public servants who have given up their rights to serve their sovereign people. And, in failing to screen and keep out infiltrators.

The first free and independent kingdoms are now gaining traction. The first tribal authorities are re-asserting their superior land jurisdiction with case precedents to restore African allodial land custodianship. When done all kingdoms and major churches will follow suit. Then we will have a new non-political majority and fire the useless crooks stealing our assets and land.

The first people’s common law courts are underway but, there is much education to be done before they can function properly. We will direct all cases between people for arbitration. To protect the people against the corporate raiders we will be filing liens on the Vatican and its global corporate franchises as well as on COURTS OF SA and BAR.

A private registered indemnity bond will be filed on the National Treasury to settle all the people’s debts and to make insurance claims against the bankrupt RSA Inc. Later, to liquidate and foreclose RSA Inc., discharge its debts, declare a debt jubilee and reclaim the 170 000 tons of gold and the rest of our loot stolen from the pirates the last 120 years.

Right now, we have accounting, tax and trust experts coming on board who will soon be able to help the public in mass to discharge any and all service delivery bills, debts, loans, taxes and hopefully even mortgages. Stay tuned for updates. Things are about to get very interesting. This method of payment starts deflating the bubble of debt created by the fractional reserve system.

After 10 years of stumbling around in the dark we can now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for Southern Africa. We can confidently say that in 3 years the reconstruction will be complete. Then the people will complete the development by direct self-governance as it was meant to be since 1994. How it works will be up to the people to decide and roll out. We are merely putting the structures in place so that no-one will ever be able to lord over anyone else again. Never again. The people shall govern.  

In the meantime remove yourself from the voter’s roll; go to the Voter’s De-registration page. Then do the Emancipation process. And, if you have any skills then please do volunteer to help in any way. We will point you in the right direction if, you are unsure. Post your questions at the bottom of the relevant page.

Peace to us all.