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Earthquake destroys highway near US-Mexico border

The Extinction Protocol

December 31, 2013MEXICOAn unusually large number of high-profile earthquakes sprung up across the globe over the weekend, causing extensive damage to a roadway in Mexico and leaving residents shaken in southern Europe, Egypt and the U.S. Saturday, an earthquake near the Mexico – U.S. border collapsed chunks of this 300-yard stretch of highway. “The road is about 60 miles south of Tijuana. It passes over geological fault. The earthquake ranged in magnitude from 1.3 to 4.3.” There were surprisingly no injuries, but one truck driver hauling 36 tons of cement had to wait hours before being pulled to safety. Also Saturday, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake reportedly hit the Mediterranean Sea, shaking nearby Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt. That was followed by a 4.9 magnitude earthquake nearly 1,500 miles away around Naples, Italy early Sunday morning. Residents reportedly slept in their cars in fear of aftershocks that might…

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13 Year Old Invents Fibonacci Solar Panel Design

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[This is a fabulous discovery using nature’s own pattern to enhance the collection of solar energy. This is the real, conscious scientific process at work. Inspiring. – Zen]

“What do trees know that we don’t? 13-year-old inventor Aidan realized that trees use a mathematical formula to gather sunlight in crowded forests. Then he wondered why we don’t collect solar energy in the same way.”

Here’s another clip about Aiden’s work:


[Hat tip: Q – tx!]

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Fundamentals For Changing The World



Moving into 2014 I thought it relevant to bring some thoughts on how each of us might participate in our lives in a way that enhances our expression from wholeness.  Something that is now vitally important to the changing world that we inhabit.

The fundamentals below could also be said to be relevant for exposing and evolving our unique expression without fear in each moment of this gift of life we have been given.  For what is life if not the most precious gift possible that needs to be shared fully and extravagantly with the world in service and love.

My comments are below the quotes from Gandhi.

Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World:

1. Change
You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is…

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Volgograd blasts: Second suicide bomb hits Russian city

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At least 14 people have been killed in a suicide bombing on a trolleybus in the Russian city of Volgograd, investigators say.

The blast comes a day after 17 people died in another suicide attack at the central station in the city.

Security has been tightened at railway stations and airports across Russia.

Moscow is concerned that militants could be ramping up violence in the run-up to the 2014 winter Olympic Games in the city of Sochi in February.

The Olympics venue is close to Russia’s volatile north Caucasus region, and the BBC’s Moscow correspondent Daniel Sandford says it was always risky staging the Games so near to the troubled republics of Chechnya and Dagestan.

These bombs have been a brutal reminder of that, he says.

In a statement, Russia’s foreign ministry did not blame any particular group but called for international solidarity in the fight against “an insidious…

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“The Globalization of California” conference in LA

The PPJ Gazette

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To Register for the West Coast Globalization Conference on January 12th in Los Angeles contact:

American Freedom Alliance office at 310-444-3085

Featured Speakers: 

  • Patrick Wood,
  • Debbie Baccigalupi,
  • Heather Gass,
  • Michael Shaw,
  • Matt Grocott,
  • Mike Munzing

Website with location is:

The hotel is at the 405 and Sunset Blvd. It will be a good venue

Admission is $60 for the whole day conference


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Global Warming: Ten Facts and Ten Myths on Climate Change

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Originally published by GR in 2009
Ten facts about climate change

1.     Climate has always changed, and it always will. The assumption that prior to the industrial revolution the Earth had a “stable” climate is simply wrong. The only sensible…

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Soy Causes Insulin Resistance And a Reduction In Hormones Involved In Regulating Blood Sugar and Fat Levels

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More bad news for soy lovers as the legume continues to be linked to negative health effects. A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism supports previous evidence that soy isoflavones detrimentally affect gene expression of a hormone influencing insulin-resistence and body fat levels.


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Meet The Minimum-Wage Homeless Who Are “Cleaning Up” Fukushima (For The Yakuza)

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We’re an easy target for recruiters,” one homeless man explains. “We turn up here with all our bags, wheeling them around and we’re easy to spot. They say to us, are you looking for work? Are you hungry? And if we haven’t eaten, they offer to find us a job.” As Reuters exposes, 3 years after the earthquake and tsunami that caused the meltdown at Fukushima’s nuclear facility, Northern Japanese homeless are willing to accept minimum wage (from yakuza-based entities) for one of the most undesirable jobs in the industrialized world: working on the $35 billion, taxpayer-funded effort to clean up radioactive fallout across an area of northern Japan larger than Hong Kong.



Via Reuters,

Seiji Sasa hits the train station in this northern Japanese city before dawn most mornings to prowl for homeless men.


He isn’t a social worker. He’s a recruiter. The…

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VETERANS FIGHTING BACK ! Las Vegas, NV – A lawsuit set to be heard on June 23, 2014 before the 8th District Court, Clark County could be a deciding factor on whether veterans’ disability can be used to satisfy a civil judgment. The civil lawsuit was filed by a high profile family attorney against several […]

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The Seeds Of Suicide: How Monsanto Destroys Farming

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Control over seed is the first link in the food chain because seed is the source of life. When a corporation controls seed, it controls life, especially the life of farmers.

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Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and the Toxification of America

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As a multitude of hazardous wireless technologies are deployed in homes, schools and workplaces, government officials and industry representatives continue to insist on their safety despite growing evidence to the contrary.

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Yellen Draghi Carney Wrecking Ball Cometh … Prepare

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Draghi’s ECB and Carney’s BoE have put in place plans for bail-ins and deposit confiscation. Yellen’s Fed is quiet allowing the FDIC to do the controversial bail-in ‘dirty work’ by stealth. Bail-ins cometh … Prepare ……



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Billion-Dollar-a-Year Program to Deceive Public About Global Warming Is Exposed

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

By Eric Zuesse (about the author)
December 30, 2013A December 2013 academic article has documented how billionaires have made suckers of millions of people, to cause them to believe that global warming is a mere hoax, and to think that the oil companies’ line on this matter is honest.

This research, by Robert J. Brulle, was published in a leading climatological journal, Climate Change, and it reports that a small number of aristocrats have collectively spent, on average, a billion dollars a year, in order to fool the American public into thinking that climate change isn’t happening, and that, even if it is, it’s not caused by burning fossil fuels. These aristocrats control fossil fuels corporations, such as Koch Industries, and ExxonMobil, but their money for this mass-deception campaign is laundered through far-right-wing foundations they control, to think-tanks they control, which, in turn, buy professors to provide…

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Americans React To End Of Jobless Benefits: “I Just Don’t Know What To Do, Except Pray”

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"It's going to put my family and me out on the streets," is a perspective shared by many of the 1.3 million Americans about to lose their emergency unemployment claims. The program, started during the recession, was intended to help jobless people after they exhausted state benefits, typically lasting six months. House Republicans resisted continuing the benefits without budget cuts elsewhere to cover the cost. As Bloomberg reports, opponents say the extended benefits discourage the unemployed from accepting jobs and that the program should be curtailed, given the recovery in the nation’s labor market.

Via Bloomberg,

It lacks compassion for the victims of the recession and, economically, it’s shooting ourselves in the foot,” said Lawrence Mishel, the president of the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, which backs policies that help low-income workers. “The timing is very premature. The evidence is that people who want…

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Egypt Arrests Al-Jazeera Journalists After Alleged Muslim Brotherhood Meetings


Egyptian police arrested four journalists working for the broadcaster Al-Jazeera in Cairo on Sunday evening. The interior ministry alleged that the journalists had held illegal meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood, which was officially labeled by the interim cabinet as a terrorist group on Dec. 25, reports the BBC. It also accused the Al-Jazeera journalists of broadcasting news that were “damaging national security.”

The reporters in custody are correspondent Peter Greste, producers Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed and cameraman Mohamed Fawzy.

The army ousted the former Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi in July. Since then there have been clashes between pro-Morsi protesters and security forces.

Conditions have also reportedly deteriorated for journalists since Morsi’s removal, say human rights groups. New York-based Advocacy-group the Committee to Protect Journalists issued a report on Monday stating that Egypt was one of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists to work in. Al-Jazeera…

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Humanitarian crisis in the making in CAR