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These Clowns Are Dragging Us Into War


These Clowns Are Dragging Us Into War

In 8 weeks, on October 26, there are – supposed to be – parliamentary elections in Ukraine. What’s that going to look like? Who’s going to vote? In the presidential elections a few months ago, most of east Ukraine did not vote. How many different ways are there to define democracy and still remain credible?

In an interview today on Russian Channel 1, Vladimir Putin commented on the upcoming elections: “All the participants in the electoral race will want to show how cool they are; Everyone will want to show they are strongmen or strongwomen, and as the political struggle sharpens it is hard to expect anyone to seek a peaceful resolution and not a military one.” That would seem to be an accurate prediction.

The EU yesterday (in yet another definition of democracy) picked…

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The Nanny State Is Chemically Castrating Our Children’s Brains


Source: The Common Sense Show, by Dave Hodges

Bill Gates, the biggest purveyor of vaccines. Government should not be in the business of mandating personal choices and government should never be allowed to legislate choices which should be reserved for parents with regard to their children’s health and welfare. The parents are sovereign over the welfare of their children, not the nanny state.

In the name of increasing the corporate bottom line, the government watchdog industries of the DEA and FDA, as well as the office of the President, have become the willing lap dogs for Big Pharma and this unholy alliance is serving to endanger our children.

Big Pharma has gone to great lengths to increase sales to the youth of America either through chemically castrating our children’s brains or by producing drugs with very serious side effects which serve to seriously degrade both the brain and the body. Our children are being systematically destroyed by the…

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Keeping Corporate Lawyers Silent Can Shelter Wrongdoing

2012 The Awakening

Note: Over the years, corporations have built a secure legal fortress, a virtually impenetrable invisible wall around company’s to hide criminal conduct and protect CEO’s and middle management from being held accountable for crimes against humanity and the environment. Now, we’re finally beginning to see cracks appear in the fortress walls and it’s only a matter of time before enough people wake up and take action against the injustices inherent the corporate legal system. Also the OPPT’s UCC filings on 12/24/12 which foreclosed on the global corporate structure will eventually become a big tool in taking corporations down that are causing harm to the planet, impose on the free will individual and enslave the population to a life of indentured servitude. One of the reasons for the corporate foreclosure are laws like attorney client privilege that allows criminal conduct to continue without public knowledge or recourse.

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