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Amazing New Paste Heals Cavities Without Drilling!

We are starting with the coconut oil right away, thank you; infuse the coconut oil with mineral rich and healing herbs by placing some fresh leaves in the oil for a few days; the fact that this new dental paste cannot touch the skin clearly indicates it’s not wholly natural; or, it’s probably with purpose of control; if we cannot make it at home then it will be controlled to profit off of us, anyways; and then they will give it a shelf life so that we have to come back, anyways; anything corporations touch, turns to “sold”; then we are back to square one; we must put the power back in the hands of the people; blessings

2012 The Awakening

Amazing New Paste Heals Cavities Without Drilling

An incredible breakthrough treatment for tooth decay is set to be unveiled shortly: A team of researchers in Japan led by Kazue Yamagishi, D.M.D. have come up with a special paste that regenerates the tooth enamel, causing teeth to self-repair. This is an astonishing discovery.

Did you know that 60% of dental therapy is said to be a retreatment of teeth that have already been treated? This is because dental filling materials such as resin or metal alloy are totally different from a tooth in composition and structure, and those differences cause tooth decay at the point where the two materials make contact.

Remineralization of teeth is a subject plagued by controversy, with “orthodox” dental theory holding that once teeth are decayed, there is simply no going back. But has this ever struck you as strange?…

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Jeez. What ever happened to the ‘free world’??

What happened was humanity sold it’s soul for at least one or more of the 7 deadly sins; unless we can return to ME (morals & ethics), we will remain lost, without faith and in hopelessness; many have already embarked on this journey of the return to innocence; be blessed


Source: Sovereign Man

On August 12, 1961, Walter Ulbricht, the Chairman of the State Council in East Germany, signed an order to close the border and begin building a wall around East Berlin.

It happened quickly. Soldiers began tearing up the roads leading into West Berlin almost immediately and actually stood with weapons at the border with orders to shoot anyone who tried to cross.

Before long there were barbed-wire fences. Then concrete walls. Then dogs. Guard towers. And even anti-tank obstacles.

Of course, the East German government told people that the wall was for their protection, ostensibly to keep out rapists and thieves.

They said that there were too many foreigners coming in to East Berlin who unfairly bought up state-subsidized goods.

They also warned people of the looming threat of fascist invaders, and even went as far as to call the wall an “Anti-fascist protective rampart”.

As a…

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The gnostic warriors have awoken… history repeats; this time is the last time; playing for keeps, they occupy earth:)

We Occupy Earth

_2015.11.29_06h46m17s_068_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.29_05h58m06s_020_ A Truth Soldier_2015.11.29_06h31m12s_052_ A Truth Soldier

THE SECRET OF THE CATHARS – Conspiracy History Occult Documentary

In the 1960s a group of people from Bath recounted their dreams to a local psychiatrist. These dreams suggested that they were experiencing flashbacks to former lives as members of a 12th century religious sect from France. Could a group of ordinary West Country folk really have been possessed by the victims of a medieval genocide?

part 32, The Cathar Castles of France, who is the real heretic, the Albigensian Crusade TrueHistory

Is heretic the one that burns at the stake or the one who lights up the fire?

The Cathars of France, Catharism, Pop Bogomil, who are the real heretics, the Albigensian Crusade’s true face, Bogomilism

Languedoc-Roussillon, château cathare

unknown French History documentary, Languedoc-Roussillon

user message sent to me

“The Cathars did not believe Jesus died on the cross, the cross is called ‘la croix Occitane’ later miscalled la…

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Harrison Koehli, 11-27-15… “The Struggle for Hearts and Minds: Putin Continues to Call NATO’s Bluff”

When one sticks to the truth as Putin does, then there is no need for “public relations” which is really just damage control for lies; in peace

Kauilapele's Blog

sott.net_logo_2I found this a very revealing portrait of how Russia/Putin/et al. are winning the hearts and minds of the planet. By assuming the friendship of their opponents (partners in contrast), they allow those opponents to expose themselves for who and what they are.

To me, this is identical to what the Mauna a Wākea protectors have been doing. Kapu Aloha is the theme, and as a result of that, the State/County/Fed Gov, continually expose the treachery of their actions and intent.

The “opponent” is dissolving itself. And Russia is seeing to it that it continues.

“It looks like France really is allying with Russia, to the extent it is able — something the U.S. has refused to do. Putin said he and Hollande “are looking at this kind of cooperation as concrete and practical input towards forming a broad anti-terrorist coalition, a broad anti-terrorist front under the auspices of the…

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Georgia the NGO Heaven Which is Hell for Everyone Else

Thanks for highlighting the activities of these dreaded NGO’s; we feel that not even exposure is given in this regard; blessings


From New Eastern Outlook, by Henry Kamens

tavdacvaNotwithstanding the failed coup plot in Georgia, the real news here these days is a story which will probably slip under the radar: a new NGO is in the making. The one thing this country doesn’t need is another NGO – especially one funded by the same people who fund the others.

We are told that this new organisation will be led by Andro Barnovi. Where have we heard that name before? He is associated with a group of reactionaries who are dead set, according to locals, on destroying the country and ruining the lives of many ordinary people. The first targets ate likely to be those wise and unfortunate persons who know why the provocateurs and bought-and-paid-for media arrived in their villages, close to the dividing line between Georgia proper and South Ossetia, last summer.

The wise and unfortunate villagers have…

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The Historic Alliance of Jewish and Gentile Elites

In order to “heal to divisions of the past” we are going to have to lance these boils and squeeze out the puss for true healing to begin; not even Babylon’s make-up can hide the repugnant blemishes no more; if one scratches deeper into these ancient religions that believe in satan, they all go back to Zoroaster and the bloodlines of the Sumerian king Sargon (in Europe it’s Argon) sounds similar to “Dragon”; and, there we find all the archetypes of “fallen angels” aka demons aka ancient aliens, djinn, evil spirits still tripping humanity up, the gods and goddesses, messiah, antichrist and all deities from all Eurasian religion;

We are already on the New Earth in the Truth Age (the word “New Age” has just too many negative connotations, already) and we are going to have to find inner peace, to manifest outer peace and then seek truth and reconciliation with these oppressors, albeit in an International Tribunal for Natural Justice; and, then we can finally let the dead bury the dead, forget about Yesterday’s God and Deities and focus on Tomorrow’s God (read Eckhart Tolle for Tomorrow’s God) instead; in peace; be blessed

Thanks for a great post; adding it to the collection 🙂



(left, Samuel Oppenheimer, Court Jew and banker 1630-1703)Throughout history, elite Jews have allied with the aristocracyto control and exploit the masses.The same pattern is evident in the New World Order where theestablishment sponsors false flag terror as a pretext to enslave society. We suffer from cognitive dissonance. Their politicians and media tell us

The Real Cause of “Anti Semitism”
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
(Revised from Oct 25, 2003)

My Polish Jewish mother, born in 1919, remembered visiting her grandfather’s “estate” as a child and riding in a big horse drawn carriage.

This memory jarred with my impression that Jews in Poland were persecuted and poor. Most, like my father’s family, were poor. But my mother’s memory reveals that other Jews were part of the ruling class.

Israel Shahak’s book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion; The Weight of 3000 Years” (1994) suggests that the social pattern developed over centuries may…

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Activism and Turkey Dinner w/ Family; “I Don’t Want to Know & I Don’t Care”

Wow, you certainly have the experience to spread the truth; there are more and more of these type of conversations going on every year around family tables; and, it is growing exponentially; you are lucky that your family is at least still inviting you:); we had to call it a day with ours many years ago… our family works for “government” and we cannot be seen to be related;

We activists all have our ‘family-get-together’ stories to tell; Unfortunately, family are the very people who we have history with and therefore the first to reject our notions, outright; “a prophet is not recognised by their family or community”; it’s a fact, so do not even try; it just rubs them up the wrong way; the best we can do in these situations is to come to acceptance of that which is and to lead by example; be blessed

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

( ~ Ed. I’m sure many of you experience the same difficulties with family trying to educate, alert and inform.   We must be heard and we must not fail to rally all towards a common goal to halt Geoengineering.  It is not about you and I, it is about our chidren’s very uncertain future and that of all sentient Life.)
Earth is under siege from countless factors. Unimaginable and irreparable damage has been done, there is no going back in any time frame that matters. We are now in a battle to preserve what is left of our planet’s life support systems.
The greatest single leap we can make in the right direction is to expose and halt climate engineering. The natural resources that industrialized/militarized society has relied on to sustain itself are waning at blinding speed.
Rapidly escalating global conflict is directly connected to the increasing scarcity. Global economic, environmental…

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Woody: a 7-minute book report with Rich Scheben. An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

Great work from Judge Anna & co; blessings

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

“You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

Patriot Woody submits for your review…

Here is a 7-minute book report audio file with Rich Scheben, about Judge Anna Von Reitzinger’s book “You Know Something Is Wrong When”

I highly recommend this book as a foundational wake-up syllabus for concerned, responsible people.  They’ve been lying to us since the removal of the original 13th amendment.

If not us, WHO?

Open with your preferred player.

Audio Player

Best Book !

Voila_Capture 2015-06-30_10-46-02_AM

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Boyle tells #Cameron ‘Don’t bomb #Syria’ as 25,000 prepare to protest at #DowningSt!

Yes, killing is very old school and passe; it’s like corporal punishment and detention; only good for illuminati wannabees… very outmoded and very pointless; there is no way to peace; peace is the way – Mahatma

| truthaholics

Frankie Boyle tells David Cameron ‘don’t bomb Syria’ as 25,000 prepare to protest at Downing Street ~ DAN BLOOM, THE MIRROR, 26 NOV 2015.

The outspoken comic is one of 23 people who have signed a letter begging the PM to block air strikes – with Jeremy Corbyn opposing bombing too.

Mounting protest: Frankie Boyle is among those writing to the PM ahead of a march on Westminster.

Frankie Boyle has joined musicians, writers, union chiefs and politicians telling David Cameron not to bomb Syria as 25,000 protesters prepare to march on Westminster.

The outspoken comic is one of 23 people who signed a letter begging the Prime Minister to block air strikes tonight after he warned Britain is under ‘armed attack’.

Others include former Roxy Music star Brian Eno, Green MP Caroline Lucas, writer John Pilger and comedian Jeremy Hardy.

Their missive to Number 10 condemns the ‘rush to bomb’…

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Sweden King Carl XVI Gustaf (Who Resides In 1430-Room Palace) Proposes Banning Bathtubs To Protect Climate!

Banning the monarchies and re-distributing their wealth is great for preventing climate change! Just think how many refugees can live in a 1430 room palace? Down with hierarchy! in peace


From No Tricks Zone, by P Gosselin

The online German-language FOCUS magazine here has an article on Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf’s latest idea to curb emissions of fossil fuels in order to rescue the climate: ban bathtubs!

Hat-tip DirkH

According to FOCUS, The King’s idea was reported this weekend in the Svenska Dagbladet, but has been met with a fair amount of backlash in the social media, with some Swedish citizens demanding the King first start by stopping his private jet travel and the many other royal excesses the King appears to enjoy, like his tax-payer financed residence shown below:

Swedish palace The 1430-room Swedish Royal Palace in Stockholm, home to King Carl XVI Gustaf. Photo: Brorsson, CC BY-SA 3.0

FOCUS reports that before his interview with the Swedish daily, the King mentioned that he had been forced to use a bathtub instead of a shower at the place he…

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Black Friday-Day of the Zombies

The further we move from natural law, the less the chances of survival of our natural future generations; in peace

The silent ecocide

adbustsers_90_consumerzombie_SConsumer zombie- Artist Aeryn James Davies, Ravanna

Governments have built values around material wealth, not ecological wealth and the only way to save ourselves and the planet is by putting financial value on ecological wealth, as it is usually invisible or an abstract concept, in terms of human understanding of how much work and production goes on in nature, that we pay no attention to, let alone the way in which what we do affects the mechanisms of nature or ecosystems. Our anthropogenic impact, the effects of how we live, has deeply affected nature to a level where environmental scientists or ecologists have no time to measure our impact efficiently on each ecosystem or species that is being affected, though the signs that are appearing, point to warning signals for the future of all species on this unique planet.

The environmental crisis is a crisis of human understanding, the…

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Israeli Amos-5 satellite disappearance plunges much of Africa into darkness

Better get the mind-control tech up quickly before we have some incoming thoughts of our own…

Follow The Money



An Israeli satellite that provides telecoms and TV service to much of Africa, Amos-5, has mysteriously disappeared from Earth’s orbit, sparking fears that it was struck by space debris rendering it space junk itself.

The company that produced the satellite, Spacecom, has been frantically attempting to re-connect with the satellite after it stopped responding on 21 November with no explanation as to why it stopped, with all systems appearing to be functioning normally prior to its disappearance.

According to Space News, the company has said as of 23 November that it is tracking the satellite’s orbit but has been unable to contact it with “no information on the nature of the incident” and a genuine possibility that it could be silenced forever.

The last incident that threatened the function of the satellite occurred back in 2013 when its battery charger malfunctioned, which was eventually solved, but Spacecom has…

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After A Decade In Jail For Raising The Morning Star Flag, Political Prisoner ‘Filep Karma’ Freed


Jubilant crowds celebrate the release of prominent Papuan political prisoner Filep Karma Jubilant crowds celebrate the release of prominent Papuan political prisoner Filep Karma.

By Red Power Media, Staff

A high-profile West Papuan dissident leader has been released from prison after more than a decade behind bars for raising a flag.

Political prisoner Filep Karma walked free from jail in Papua, Indonesia last week, after spending 15 years in prison — charged with treason — for raising the banned West Papuan independence flag.

According to a Survival International article, Karma, 56, was arrested in 2004 after leading a peaceful demonstration in West Papua, calling for independence from Indonesia and raising the “Morning Star flag.”

He was named by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience. His detention was condemned as “arbitrary” by the United Nations.

In August this year when the government of Indonesia offered him a pardon in exchange for admission of guilt.

Amnesty International wrote, Karma refused because he felt it would…

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Vatican leaks scandal: Five go on trial in Holy See

Avrice… and Merchants in the Temple… very telling; in peace

Follow The Money


Five people, including two investigative journalists and a Spanish priest, have gone on trial in the Vatican over the leaking and publication of secret documents.

The journalists, who recently published books about financial waste and wrongdoing at the Vatican, accused the Holy See of attacking press freedom.

If convicted, all five could be jailed for up to eight years.

The Vatican says the writers tried to put pressure on its staff.

Spanish priest Msgr Angelo Lucio Vallejo Balda and public relations expert Francesca Chaouqui were part of a special reform commission set up by Pope Francis to tackle the Vatican’s financial holdings and propose reforms to improve cash flow to the poor.

The priest’s secretary Nicola Maio has also been accused.

The journalists, Emiliano Fittipaldi and Gianluigi Nuzzi, bitterly criticised the Vatican’s decision to put them on trial for publishing their books, Avarice and Merchants in the Temple.


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New York Times Discovers Courts Have Been Privatized – 20 Years Too Late

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

By Pam Martens
Thanks to D. 

November 4, 2015 

Scales of JusticeThe New York Times has just completed a three-part investigative series on the evisceration across America of the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of a right to a jury trial under the Seventh Amendment, which mandates: “In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.”

Just as corporate prisons and corporate charter schools are proliferating across the American landscape with attendant horror stories, the doors to the Nation’s taxpayer funded courts have been largely closed to the average citizen. Consumers of everything from credit cards to phone service to nursing homes cannot obtain the product or service without…

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The Fed Mafia Panics, as the World Dances on a Knife’s Edge

“Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks” – Warren Buffet


Source: The Wealth Watchman

Can you Feel it?

We’re now getting headline after headline of tension: tension between superpowers, tension in economic data, and tension in the markets.  Since the financial crisis, for the last 7 years, the Fed has been a regular “MacGyver”, holding the global financial ponzi together with crazy glue and baling wire.  They’ve pulled off some big stick saves, but it seems that gravity and inertia have finally caught up with them.

For over the weekend, the very nervous American and world markets received this surprise announcement:

Advanced Notice of a Meeting under Expedited Procedures

Yes, they’ve called a surprise, unscheduled meeting at the Federal Reserve, which is making the markets very, very queasy.  What’s the purpose of the meeting?  Well, it appears they’ve given us the low-down on what will be discussed:

Matter(s) Considered
1. Review and determination by the Board of Governors of the advance…

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Is this world out of control? Say what is right… what is wrong… Do I know this world at all?…

Is this world out of control
Say what is right what is wrong
Do I know this world at all
I think I do but then I don’t

I’m confused by what I see, I try to understand
But it makes no sense at all
I’m confused by what I feel, I thought that our love
Was something that is real

Does anyone know the truth we’re looking for
Can’t find it anymore
Does anyone know how to make me feel
For something that is real

So many things that I recall
When we were young just flying high
Can we turn our fate at all
I wish we could say, don’t you cry

I’m confused by what I hear, girl, it seems to me
We’re losing after all
I’m confused by what I feel, I thought that our love
Was something that is real

Does anyone know the truth we’re looking for
Can’t find it anymore
Does anyone know how to make me feel
For something that is real

Another day has just begun
Life goes on, there’s no return
How can I trust anyone
When honesty is such a dirty word

Does anyone know the truth we’re looking for
Can’t find it anymore
Does anyone know how to make me feel
For something that is real

Does anyone know the truth we’re looking for
Can’t find it anymore
Does anyone know how to make me feel
For something that is real

Thomas Deegan UPDATE, from Phil Hudok

The first thing to do is waiver one’s right to ‘recognition as a person’; when Thomas claimed to be the beneficiary that was when he granted her jurisdiction and she then immediately issued the fine;

The State created the ALL CAPS NAME so ABANDON IT in a case like this; declare it civilly dead; the only safe way in the sea amongst the leviathan and the sea monsters and the grottos of Neptune is act dead; that’s what we did; we abandoned our ‘person’, bank accounts, business, everything, living on alms now, repented our sins, got baptised in the wilderness as Jesus the Nazarene was; have a baptism card; and now the courts have accepted us as “brother thomas” and it’s a precedent; they tried to arrest us before and they had to let us go, meaning me, myself, “I”; we are a duality, not an ‘I’; we use the word ‘we’; I is just the ego, no heart…

Only a religious man still has any safety in the law of the sea military courts of admiralty where citizens are conquered legal fictions under occupation:

CIVILITER MORTUUS. Civilly dead; dead in the view of the law. The condition of one who has lost his civil rights and capacities, and is accounted dead in law. Rasor v. Rasor, 173 S.C. 365, 175 S.E. 545.

DEATH. The cessation of life; the ceasing to exist; defined by physicians as a total stoppage of the circulation of the blood, and a cessation of the animal and vital functions consequent thereon, such as respiration, pulsation, etc.
This is “natural death,” in contradistinction to “civil death,” and, also, to “violent death,” See those titles, infra.
Civil death. The state of a person who, though possessing natural life, has lost all his civil rights, and as to them, is considered as dead. Quick v. Western Ry. of Alabama, 207 Ala. 376, 92 So, 608, 609.
At common law, the extinction of civil rights and relations, so that the property of a person declared civilly dead passes to his heirs as if dead in fact. Holmes v. King, 216 Ala. 412, 113 So. 274, 276.

The “civil death” spoken of In the books, is of two kinds : (1) Where there is a total extinction of the civil rights and relations of the party, so that he can neither take nor hold property, and his heirs succeed to his estate in the same manner as if he were really dead, or the estate is forfeited to the crown. (2) Where there is an incapacity to hold property, or to sue in the king’s courts, attended with forfeiture of the estate to the crown.
Of the first kind, are the cases of monks professed, and abjuration of the realm; all the other cases are of the second kind.
Strictly speaking, there but two cases of civil death; those of a monk professed, and an abjuration of the realm. In re Erskine, C.C.A.Ind., 1 F.2d 149, 152. See, generally,
Chit.Crim.Law 723; Co.Litt. §§ 133, 199, note; Littleton § 200; 1 Bl.Comm. 132; Avery v. Everett, 110 N.Y. 317, 18 N.E. 148, 1 L.R.A. 264; In re Donnelly’s Estate, 125 Cal. 417, 58 P. 61, 73 Am.St.Rep. 62.
In New York a person sentenced to imprisonment is thereafter deemed civilly dead under Penal Law § 511. See Platner v. Sherwood, 6 Johns.Ch., N.Y., 118; Troup v.
Wood, 4 Johns.Ch., N.Y., 228, 260

EXTRA LEGEM POSITUS EST CIVILITER MORTUUS. Co. Litt. 130. He who is placed out of the law is civilly dead. A bankrupt is, as it were, civilly dead. International Bank v. Sherman, 101 U.S. 406, 25 L.Ed. 866.

INTESTABLE. One who has not testamentary capacity; e. g., an infant, lunatic, or person civilly dead.


RELIGIOUS MEN. Such as entered into some monastery or convent. In old English deeds, the vendee was often restrained from aliening to “Jews or religious men” lest the lands should fall into mortmain. Religious men were civilly dead. Blount.

CONSCIENCE, RIGHT OF. As used in some constitutional provisions, this phrase is equivalent to religious liberty or freedom of conscience. Com. v. Lesher, 17 Serg. & R. (Pa.) 155; State v. Cummings, 36 Mo. 263.

Liberty of Conscience
Liberty for each individual to decide for himself what is to him religious. Gobitis v. Minersville School Dist., D.C.Pa., 21 F.Supp. 581, 584. See, also, Religious Liberty, as defined below.

Religious Liberty
Freedom from dictation, constraint, or control in matters affecting the conscience, religious beliefs, and the practice of religion; freedom to entertain and express any or no system of religious opinions, and to engage in or refrain from any form of religious observance or public or private religious worship, not inconsistent with the peace and good order of society and the general welfare.
See Frazee’s Case, 63 Mich, 396, 30 N.W. 72, 6 Am.St.Rep. 310; State v. White, 64 N.H. 48, 5 A. 828.

The body of a freeman does not admit of valuation.

LIBERUM EST CUIQUE APUD SE EXPLORARE AN EXPEDIAT SIBI CONSILIUM. Every one is free to ascertain for himself whether a recommendation is advantageous to his interest. Upton v. Vail, 6 Johns. (N.Y.) 181, 184, 5 Am.Dec. 210.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

I’ve been sitting on this info about Thomas, but since his hearing will not come until December 11th, I have not rushed ahead with it. There has been so much else going on!  ~J

On October 5, 2015, Thomas David House of Deegan appeared in Wood County Magistrate Court. This is the raw footage of that hearing. You will hear Thomas confront Magistrate Waters with very pertinent questions that are the foundation of the case that Thomas, Gene Stalnaker and I took to the West Virginia Supreme Court to which the court, the legislature and the governor are in default and dishonor. How can a defendant in court take a corporate BAR attorney or “REPRESENT THEMSELVES” thereby entering Bizarro fiction world where you have no “NO” God given rights? You don’t represent yourself when you are yourself.  Will the “just us” corporate system allow Thomas to DEFEND HIMSELF? …

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China in Africa: Agriculture Co-operation to Make Bread Basket Economy

So, now Bono and cohorts want to destroy our heirloom and the soil? Think again; we have our own vision for ourselves thank you; blessings


CCTV Africa

Seventy percent of the world’s uncultivated arable land is in Africa. And that land is seen as a possible solution to feed the globe’s growing population. But Africa’s agriculture has been declining steadily since the 70’s, and if this continent is to become the world’s bread basket, it will need some help.

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Fractional-Reserve Banking is Pure Fraud, Part I – Jeff Nielson | Sprott Money

Thank you for the recap; blessings


Source: Sprott Money

This is a commentary which should never have needed to be written. What is euphemistically called “fractional-reserve banking” is obvious fraud, and obvious crime. By its very definition; it transforms the banking sector of an economy into a leveraged Ponzi-scheme, and as with all Ponzi-schemes, there is no possible “happy ending” here.

Mathematically-based principles are often illustrated best through use of an extreme, numerical example. We have no need to construct any hypothetical extremes, however, when we already have real-life insanity, in our current monetary/regulatory framework.

Here it is important to note that in order to conceal the fraud, crime, and insanity of our present system to the greatest degree possible, the bankers hide their dirty deeds within their own convoluted jargon. Thus presenting “fractional-reserve banking” to readers requires some brief investment of time in definition of terms, starting with this term, itself.

Fractional-reserve banking evolved literally…

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