Apartheid is alive and well in the 21st Century

Economic apartheid (segregation) is alive and well in the 21st Century, people. It is time to wake up to the facts.

Our South African grandparents rejected a system of apartheid with the 1952 Defiance Campaign and expressed their will in the 1955 Freedom Charter. They paved a highway of freedom for us with the blood of our martyrs.

The United Democratic Front was a non-political movement representing hundreds of assemblies, committees and unions. The people began governing themselves with their own peace-keepers, people’s courts and local economy. It was the people united as the UDF that staged a revolution and brought the system of apartheid to its knees; Black, Indian, Khoi, San, White and others alike.

Unfortunately, most of our grandparents were not aware that they were in fact fighting against the economic apartheid institutions and system of the New World Order. The apartheid government was merely a puppet of the NWO, no different to the puppet government of today. And, both the ANC and NP and others were involved in the 1994 sell out.

Our greatest mistake was not to continue with the UDF and not continuing to develop self-governance and not overseeing the post 1994 reconstruction and development.

Our second greatest mistake was to hand the reins over to a political entity whose leaders were groomed in Cambridge, Oxford, Tuskegee – Atlanta and in other secret societies to sell us down the river AGAIN in 1994.

In 1994, we the Southern African people were supposed to have had our “independence” meaning free from outside influence but, no declaration of independence was made. Instead, we were saddled with the same old system of apartheid: the same old Rothschild banks, the same old Crown Courts, the same old Roman, Dutch and English imperialist sea laws for ships at sea, the same old structures of “representative” government, the same old colonialist Anglo-American corporations all still interfering from outside.

And, we expected change? Einstein said that insanity is using the same methods that created the problem in the first place and expecting change. We are insane. The very structures must change and radical change is required as set out in the 1994 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework AND MUST BE REVIEWED by we the people, not government.

Today, the real apartheid is still the papal bulls, bills of laden, birth certificates and modern day slavery of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Today, the real apartheid is the 500 years of ongoing pillage, plunder, piracy and slavery by the western empires to build their empires that represent the major nations of today.

Today, the real apartheid is the UN major nations pillaging, plundering, raping and stealing Africa blind; and, using some of the loot to provide just enough social security for their citizens so that they are comfortable enough not to protest against the ongoing 500 years of African piracy.

Today, the real apartheid is the 1% that own 80% of the world’s wealth while 3.5 billion people barely live on a dollar a day.

Today, the real apartheid is the BAR legal system engaging in piracy (barratry) by selling justice for money.

Today, the real apartheid is the Criminal Federal Banking Cartel running the biggest global Ponzi debt scheme history will ever record. Declaring “austerity” to the masses and “plenty” to the few while, conjuring fiat paper and digital entries out of thin air.

Today, the real apartheid is the foreign corporations in Africa stealing our gold, diamonds and valuable resources and giving us debt in return with interest by a formula which we can never pay back in a million years.

Today, the real apartheid is the 75% of corporate taxes that is illicitly siphoned off into offshore tax havens instead of into our own African treasury coffers.

And, then the world points fingers at us because we Africans are lazy and “cannot get it together” when the truth is that we have been traumatized to a degree that none of you from the developed nations can ever imagine because you are in a very privileged position. What your war veterans have experienced for a year or two, half the Africans have experienced for most of their lives…

Today, the real apartheid is half of Africa waking up hungry every morning with not enough energy to even look for a job and the hopelessness of most likely not finding one even if they tried.

When the real truth is that when Africa soon claims back all the wealth stolen by the Western Empires and Developed Nations from Africa then we Africans will be the billionaires of the earth and the shoe will be on the other foot: the western nations will then be poor and won’t be able to pay us back and will have to borrow from us.

Don’t worry, tula tula batho, Africa is the mother of the earth and as children of the mother we will forgive you for your sins after you have repented, apologized, shown remorse, given back what was unfairly taken and stop interfering; we will not punish you as your punitive system punishes slaves, we will apply African restorative justice principles as long as the harm and loss stops and you give back what you stole and stop interfering and allow us to do it our way; we will share our wealth with you after we have helped all our poor, first; we will give you the law of peace and not the law of war that you used to hold us for ransom the last 500 years by trespass with force and fraud.

But, most importantly, if any foreigners wish to trade with Africa or live on Africa they will do so by our customs, rules, terms & conditions and not theirs. In peace; God bless Afrika.

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