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CORPRO-FASCISM: ‘Le Cercle’, Bilderberg, the Vatican-Rockefeller Alliance and a ‘Migration’ Crisis – By F. William Engdahl

Thanks for another insightful post; another piece of the puzzle project; the truth is freeing us from the mind-prison;


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“…Retinger’s European Bilderberg networks linked the extreme right-wing European anti-communist networks—including the Vatican of Pius XII, of Opus Dei, of the Franco government in Spain, of Portugal’s General Spinola and numerous other right-wing European anti-communist networks—to the triumphant American elites around the powerful Rockefeller group, through the networks and person of David Rockefeller. It was a power marriage that was to have a profound effect on the development of postwar European society and politics”:

(Vatican, Bilderberg and a ‘Migration’ Crisis – By F. William Engdahl)

The annual meeting of the secretive Bilderberg Group took place this year in Dresden, Germany from June 9-12. Notable is their terminology in an official press release announcing topics for discussion. Point three (not necessarily in terms of importance) is curiously titled “Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision, unity.” Curious is the choice of the word “migration” for the EU refugee…

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99% PROOF: A Healthier Democracy Starts Right Where You Live

The purpose of the Peoples Earth Council is to answer questions such as jurisdiction and enforceability of rights; only together we can find remedy;


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“…The fundamental, timely message of We the People—that meaningful action to reassert control of our health, quality of life, and democracy must be rooted in our local communities—resonates. “Right where we live,” CELDF’s Ben Price says, “is where we need to have democracy the most”:

(A Healthier Democracy Starts Right Where You Live – )

The documentary “We the People 2.0” looks at why the rights of neighborhoods and cities are essential to building a better world.

Earlier this summer, all the households in my town received a letter from our natural gas utility informing us that our gas meters would be upgraded to “Advanced Meters.” I knew that communities in Northern California had organized against the installation of similar devices, known as smart meters, due to health concerns regarding electromagnetic radiation. To opt out we would have to pay an initial fee…

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The Only Adult in the Room…. Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 4

Well said; right now, there is not a single lawful government on this earth of ours; there is no lawful court on the land other than the common-law juries that are not bar members; the rest is law-of-the-sea on the land, way beyond its 3 nautical mile jurisdiction; ask any judge to prove up their jurisdiction; do it 3 times, if in court for the record; make sure you record the priceless response; there is absolutely no “apparent” authority, nor jurisdiction; it is all assumed and presumed semantic deceit under color-of-law; all void transactions having no parity with the tangible; we could go on and on;

There is no lawful government; we live in a lawless society of rampant piracy and profiteering using force of law; in the celebrated words of Justice Brandeis in Olmstead vs United States:
“If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law, it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

The law of necessity for self-preservation dictates that it is time to stand up against tyranny;

Maxim – Necessity overcomes law; it derides the fetters of laws. Hob. 144.

Maine Republic Email Alert

12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz
Have you listened to the arguments and accusations about purported Russian spying and hacking –supposedly to interfere in the US elections?
I have taught school all my life.  Even as a teenager, I taught Church School.
I’ve taught grade school, middle school and high school students and as a TA in college, I have taught adults, too.  One of the things that teaching forces you to do, is to learn.
Ironically, you can’t teach anyone else anything without learning things yourself. You are just learning different things than your students.
They are learning to spell or to write coherent sentences or unravel the meaning of statistics or discovering the evidence of electrical current or learning the names of stars.
You are learning how people think and how they react to new information and being tasked to answer questions nobody in your text…

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Appeal for financial Help . . .

Nice one, David; you have our full support; we do talks on the law and your rights which can pay your way; just don’t charge $1 000 for a PAG course as those common-law Baptist capitalists are; good luck, bt

Maine Republic Email Alert

  Publisher David E. Robinson wishes to open an Office outside of his home.

Please show that you care. Donate to the Maine Republic Free State office fund:

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Foreigners are Dumping US Treasurys as Never Before

The whores of Babylon are already bewailing their fake Ponzi scheme for the last time in history, people; it was foretold and it is happening right now; and, we are the witnesses of this last time spoken about;

Soon, we will see the abomination of desolation [nuclear war] spoken about; our history is pre-scripted; sadly, the prophecies will be fulfilled;

It is a terrifying time for those who do not realise that our battle is not of the flesh, but of the spirit; and, who have no belief in life hereafter; soon, all souls will be freed from this matrix trilogy, this soul trap, this underworld; and, soul groups will go back home from whence they came; oh, what joy;

Be alert, be awake and be watchful; many are being deceived; even the elect; A word to the wise is sufficient; in peace

CONTROLLED DEMOLITION: The Federal Reserve And The Destruction Of The American Dream – By Danielle DiMartino Booth

The greatest tyrannies are perpetuated in the name of the noblest causes – Thomas Paine


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“…The tie that binds the generations comes down to one word: debt. That’s where the Federal Reserve has inflicted the greatest damage. Set aside for a minute U.S. sovereign and corporate debt. While they’re mammoth challenges for tomorrow’s policymakers, it is household debt that has torn at the fabric of our culture and fueled the fury”:

(The Federal Reserve And The Destruction Of The American Dream – By Danielle DiMartino Booth)

“Government is a just execution of the laws, which were instituted by the people for their people’s preservation: but if the people’s implements, to whom they have trusted the execution of those laws, or any power for their preservation, should convert such execution to their destruction, have they not the right to resume the power they once delegated, and to punish their servants who have abused it?”

—John Wilkes, The North Briton, October 19, 1762

No truer…

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The Old World Order, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Two

Bad things happen to good people when they do nothing; when they say nothing…

Maine Republic Email Alert

By Anna Von Reitz

Our actual government is in tatters.  It is hanging on by a ragged thread.  It exists mostly at the township and county levels and even those bulwarks are being undermined and downplayed and “enclosed” legally by “Councils of County Governments”.
If we don’t wake to hell up and tend to our own knitting—- there won’t be any knitting to tend, no Republic left.  Our enemies will claim that there are no actual American state nationals left.  They will point at all the bogus paper records and say—- all these people are United States Citizens or citizens of the United States….. there’s nobody left.  All the American state nationals are dead…..their governments, the actual sovereign states and their land jurisdiction governments like the Wisconsin state and the Wisconsin State are no longer populated, no longer funded, no longer staffed by anyone.
And then they will claim that…

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Cousin Bubba — Call-Out to Serious Historical Researchers

Yes, it is all fake; and, by assumed and presumed authority; we live in a cult of personality wherein the fiction rules the tangible; and, this non-entity is hell bent on destroying the tangible; this, dear people is the very core and essence of Satanism;

And, if we are to unmask the beast then we must by necessity unite in one single action; the world does not only revolve around America; in peace

Maine Republic Email Alert

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I have groups of serious historical researchers working with me from all over the world, now, and that’s great— but this morning we are all being called upon to consider a question of such gravity that it requires asking for even more help from more people, indeed, for everyone on the planet to get involved to whatever extent is practical.
Here is what has surfaced over the past few years of prodding and poking at the BEAST— the Belgian Electronic Asset System.  To begin getting a handle on this, read the following reprint of a Lexology news blurb from three and a half years ago:
Belgium June 6, 2013
On Thursday 30 May, the Belgian Parliament approved the overhaul of the Belgian legislation on security interests in movable assets
Under the new legislation, an electronic National Pledge Register will be…

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United Nations does not represent the people. So then what is the mission? CONTROL?

Arnie, the 7 major nations need the UN as a front for their old world order; their global agenda is clear:

The 1992 Earth Charter – from a UNA Environment and Development Conference – To provide broad public debate and support for the United Nations Earth Summit ’92 – Midwest Public Hearing on ENVIRONMENT AND Development – House of Chambers, State Capital, Des Moiners, lowa, September 1991:

“We are the living sponsors of the great Cecil Rhodes will of 1877, in which Rhodes devoted his fortune to: “The extension of the British rule throughout the world…. The colonization by British subjects of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates, the islands of Cyprus and Cansia, the whole of South America, the islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire…”

We stand with Lord Milner’s Credo. We too, are “British Race Patriots” and our patriotism is “the speech, the tradition, the principles, the aspirations of the British Race.” Do you fear to take this stand, at the very now, is to be pulled down by the billions of Lilliputians of lesser race who care little or nothing for the Anglo-Saxon system?

Therefor the following policy must be implemented:
A. The security council of the U.N. led by the Anglo- Saxon Major Nation powers, will decree that henceforth, the security Council will inform all nations that its sufferance on population has ended, that all nations have quotas for Reduction on a yearly basis, which will be enforced by the Security Council by selective or total embargo of credit, items of trade including food and medicine, or by military force, when required.

B. The Security Council of the U.N will inform all Nations that outmoded notions of national sovereignty will be discarded at that the Security Council has complete legal, military, and economic jurisdiction in any region in the world and that this will be enforced by the Major Nations of the Security Council.

C. The Security Council of the U.N will take possession of all natural resources, including the watersheds and great forests, to be used and preserved for the good of the Major Nations of the Security Council.

D. The Security Council of the U.N will explain that not all races and people are equal, nor should they be. Those races proven superior by superior achievements ought to rule the lesser race, caring for them on sufferance that they cooperate with the Security Council. Decision making, including banking, trade, currency rates, and economic development plans, will be made in stewardship by the Major Nations.

E. All of the above constitute the New World Order, in Which Order, all nations; regions and race will cooperate with the decisions of the Major Nations of the Security Council.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate that action delayed could well be fatal. All could be lost if mere opposition by minor races is tolerated and the unfortunate vacillations of our closest comrades is cause for our hesitations. Open declaration of intent followed by decisive force is the final solution. This must be done before any shock hits our financial markets, tarnishing our credibility and perhaps diminishing our force.

Arnie, to void the UN and its Charters we need a Peoples Earth Council, a Peoples Freedom Charter and Declaration on the rights of Peoples; see

Tell Anna that America is only a small part of the earth; her processes are only for America; at the current rate of 14 people per day signing on for tax rebates is totally ineffectual; what about the Americas? Africa Eurasia? The Islands? We must do it once and for all; she must put her money where her mouth is and get on board; thank you, Arnie; in peace

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

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Italy – A Staged Referendum, Another Parliamentary Coup in the Making

Is it not time the 99% hold their own referendum? As to who should be making decisions for the people? Is it not time for a Peoples Earth Council?

Counter Information

Global Research, December 09, 2016

Mr. Matteo Renzi, Italy’s Prime Minister, from the center-left Democratic Party (PD), just resigned after losing his initiated Constitutional Referendum. He knew that the referendum would not pass. He made it look like a ’vote of (non)-confidence’ in himself.

Whether the Referendum is good or bad for Italy is a side issue. It has much larger implications. Although it is not directly visible, the Referendum has to do with preventing an ITALEXIT – exit from the euro, and exit from the European Union and possibly questioning Italy’s role in NATO. 

It has been used to dupe people into believing that they are actually voting democratically for a Constitutional Reform that would take power away from the Senate, reducing it from 315 to 100 seats and transferring much of its power (representing Italy’s Regions), to the National Assembly (representing the people). It is…

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Blood Diamonds: More than One Fifth of Diamonds Sold Worldwide are Funding Bloodshed and Violence

Blood diamonds are the perfect gift for Christmas; why do we say this? Because “Christmas” it is an ancient pagan time of human blood sacrifice which continues to this day; humanity is being controlled by these evil satanic rituals year after year;

Ask yourself, does Christmas have anything to do with the teachings of the Nazarenes? No, brothers and sisters, Christmas and Easter have nothing to do with the teachings of Iesus the Nazarene and the apostles; even if it was for his memory, we got the dates wrong; the satanic Christian church of rome overlaid its serpentine religious dates and its “Christ”. Jupiter, when it slaughters people on the altars of baal-peor in their inner temples;

These are dark times when our energy gets added to the secret human sacrifices made by the kings, merchants and priests who still worship ancient alien gods today; so, when humanity celebrates Christmas, we mourn for those who will be disappeared and slain on the altars of baal;

Subconsciously, we know this deep in our hearts; that is why in these false celebrations when we are with family and supposed to be happy we feel melancholy inside; we know its all wrong, yet we do as the Jones’ do;

Now, ask yourself what would a revolutionary such as Iesus do or say about this perversion?
The man that overturned the tables of the moneylenders?
The man who rebuked the Pharisees and lawyers?
The man that overthrew a hierarchical system? that even today, still falsely claims to have the keys to heaven and of souls; but, it is in truth the synagogue of satan; and, the antichrist sits on its seat of satan;

Despicable; while the poor mind-controlled masses will be celebrating while we mourn the millions upon millions that have been sacrificed; woe unto you scribes and Pharisees; you whited sepulchres; your time has come; selah

This is why blood diamonds are such a perfect gift, people; in a dark nd evil way; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, December 09, 2016

Nobody wants to give, or receive, a present tarnished by bloodshed and violence, but this Christmas, many people will end up with  blood on their hands.

Over one-fifth of diamonds on the global market in value terms are a significant source of funding for regimes guilty of the most grievous human rights violations.  If these diamonds were funding rebel groups they would, rightly, be considered blood diamonds and banned. But these blood diamonds evade all regulation, are labelled conflict-free and masquerade as ethical diamonds.

Successful fraudsters tell barefaced lies that are so audacious their victims cannot begin to believe or even suspect that anything is awry. This is precisely how the jewellery industry has conned the public and mainstream media into believing the trade in blood diamonds has ended even though the industry continues to launder $billions of blood diamonds every year.

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Judge Anna: International Notice Back to “The United States of America Government” — And All Other Pretenders

We, the people are our own worst enemy; and, the earth revolves around Amerika; what about the rest of earth? See Peoples Earth Council; in peace

Angel 4 Light


Published December 7, 2016

Anna von Reitz – International Notice Back to “The United States of America Government” — And All Other Pretenders

By Judge Anna von Reitz

Among all the garbage that regularly comes across my desk, I have recently received this: International Notice to Vatican City in the matter of Vatican City subject: “Anna Hapsburg”, aka “Anna Von Reitz”

Not only was I born and raised in America (Wisconsin), my Father was born and raised in Illinois. Any attempt to misrepresent or mischaracterize me as a foreigner or a citizen or agent of any foreign country is nothing but a Big, Fat Lie.

The words “United States of America” are not protected by any copyright or trademark, so any fool can claim to be or to represent the “United States of America”— and that is what this group of expatriates in Costa Rica is attempting to…

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abaThembu Royal Kingdom versus RSA INC. – The Standing Rock of Southern Africa

Take note of this dispute, people; it is earmarked as the first case for the Peoples Earth Council; this case is intended to set a precedent for indigenous peoples as well as communities seeking self-determination; and, to make it binding and lawful; it means taking a united action; it is chaos out there; everyone is distracted; one arrow, one life; spread the word; get involved; let’s get it done; in peace