SA Jural Assembly

SAJurA Mission Statement

The Southern Africa Jural Assembly is dedicated to the restoration of a complete and fully operational land and soil jurisdiction state and district common law and customary law court system by, for and of the people and serving the Southern Africa people and their free and independent self-determining states, free from corporate RSA Inc. Agencies and Courts, the preservation of the National Trust, the enforcement of the Public Law, the upholding of the Constitutions or Covenants and or Bill of Rights of the free and independent unincorporated states, the re-population of our land and soil jurisdiction, the filling of vacated Public Offices, the reclamation of our material and intellectual public and private assets and protecting the people from RSA Inc. Agencies overreaching their limited legal fiction jurisdictions.

To these ends we, the living people of Southern Africa, have called the eligible people, nationals and electors to assemble and to serve as Jurors and Officers, and we have established the process and procedure to qualify Jurors and others competent to hold State and Public Office. We do this peacefully and without ill will in the exercise of our unlimited unincorporated powers and capacities.

General Procedures of People’s Courts

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