The actual organic South Africa(n) Republic (SAR) is in fact an un-incorporated National Public Trust and exists for the South African people who are the creditors, priority claimants and shareholders of the trust. As children we are beneficiaries, as adults we are trustees and as elders we are donors. SAR is also a land jurisdiction Trust.

In a republican form of de jure government the people are sovereign and not accountable to the fiction “STATE” except before a jury of their peers. Read

This is how it is meant to be and this is what the SA Jural Assembly is helping to restore for the people:

Since 1994, instead fulfilling the 1955 Freedom Charter and the 1994 RDP Policy Framework and a lawful government by, for and of the people meaning – the people shall govern – direct representation and local self-governance, nationalization of mines back to the people as the state, oversight committees, people’s courts, developing common law and customary law, amongst others, our people were sold down the river in favour of the Washington Consensus — corporate services providers fronting as “government” and run by oligarch “representatives” who work for a cabal of foreign and corporate shareholders and not for the people. We have been saying this since 2013.

Public Notice to the President of REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA INC

Why is South Africa registered as a private corporation | Owned by US

Republic Of South Africa

SEC CIK #0000932419

Republic Of South Africa is a . Republic Of South Africa is primarely in the business of foreign governments. For financial reporting, their fiscal year ends on December 31st. This page includes all SEC registration details as well as a list of all documents (S-1, Prospectus, Current Reports, 8-K, 10K, Annual Reports) filed by Republic Of South Africa.

South Africa in the Hands of the Global Elites?

by Anthea Pollock October 5, 2021

After a recently circulated “leaked” document went viral on social media, many South Africans are questioning why The Republic of South Africa is registered as a corporation with the Securities Exchange Commission in the United States. Furthermore, this document listed billionaires Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer as chief executives. This raises a question: Have the supposed “conspiracy theorists” in South Africa been right all along? The South African Republic corporation registration number, CIK#0000932419, was released by Bulawayo and Zimbabwe’s premier online news resource, Buluwayo24, on September 16, 2020. The corporation is also registered twice under the Queen of England (Commonwealth) as a corporation in Washington, D.C. — 0000932419. Afrikaans newspaper Die Burger wrote an article back in 2013 exposing the fact.    

Read further at:

SOUTH AFRICA, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and all derivatives thereof, hereinafter RSA Inc., are merely foreign, de facto CORPORATIONS providing “services” for-profit and not lawful government as was intended to be, since the 1994 Reconstruction. Read the 1994 RDP Policy Framework.

RSA Inc. is merely a part of an interlocking network of global CORPORATIONS controlled by the major nations through the UN/IMF, BIS, Federal Reserve System, Banking Cartels, IBA Bar legal system, The Hague and Alphabet Soup Agencies and the Principals are the British Crown, Temple Crown, and Vatican. Commonly known as the New World/Old World Order, One World Government, Mystery Babylon.

And, the CONSTITUTION OF REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is merely a CORPORATE charter with rules of how corporate agents, employees, agencies and franchises must act on OUR land when providing services. It does not apply to sovereign people. So, you can choose to live as a legal fiction “citizen”, “person”, “human” with no rights “lost at sea” OR you can live as a sovereign people with no accountability to the fiction RSA Inc. except before a jury of your peers. Your choice; If, you choose the latter then remove yourself from the IEC Voter’s Roll and do the Emancipation process.

When we look at company listings of RSA Inc. we find that they are private for-profit corporations for the benefit of foreign shareholders and not un-incorporated national public trusts meant to benefit the people. The trusts are still there and we need to reclaim them and record them and re-venue them back to the land jurisdiction.

The 2013 edition of the Corpus Juris Secundrum, CORPORATIONS Section, and Subsection 38 – 41 – the US Supreme Court stated that whenever the United States (a body public corporate) engages in commercial business it abandons its sovereign capacity and is to be treated as any other corporation. The same applies to every other country.

Therefore, RSA Inc. cannot claim to be a “sovereign state” as it does in the Preamble of the Constitution. And, only living people can be sovereign, not States. States are fictions, they do not occupy a space in reality.

“The words “sovereign state” are cabalistic words, not understood by the disciple of liberty, who has been instructed in our constitutional schools. It is our appropriate phrase when applied to an absolute despotism. The idea of sovereign power in the government of a republic is incompatible with the existence and foundation of civil liberty and the rights of property.” [Gaines v. Buford, 31 Ky. (1 Dana) 481, 501.]

So, RSA Inc. employees cannot engage in commercial business and still claim to be a lawful “government”. Their entire tax history will document that they are private, for-profit, corporations and not lawful public government entities. .

And, if they are not government then it means that the actual lawful government offices are vacant and then it is the duty of we the people to fill those offices and to govern ourselves so as to complete the 1994 “Reconstruction” so as to be according to the will of the people. And, the first step is to declare and set up your Jural Assemblies.

Evidence of Countries Registered as Corporations

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Almost ALL Countries are listed on the US STOCK EXCHANGE (SECURITIES EXCHANGE) Some are cleverly listed on other stock exchanges. Here are more results of many more countries listed as CORPORATIONS – this makes the people their stock and property. Our birth certificates are stock certificates being traded on the stock markets based on the sweat of our future labour.

It is time to snap out of our hypnotic state of ignorance and share this with everyone. The whole world is enslaved by those who run the corporations – the banking elite families. Only we can stop the continued chain of enslavement – our children have no future – they are property of the corporations and absolute slaves to the system – just like we are. How are you going to explain this to your children?

Read more at:

According to the International Constitutional Tribunal for World Peace which we have not confirmed yet:

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

One will discover on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission page ( that REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is a conformed company, a ‘state of incorporation’ trading on the Luxemborg Stock Exchange and managed by Joint Lead Managers: Barclays Capital, Citigroup; Co-Managers: Nedbank Capital, Rand Merchant Bank; B&D: Citigroup; and, governing law is New York.

Doing a search on REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA CIK#: 0000932419 on the internet page takes one to the following link:  


On doing a company search for RSA on the U.S. SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION webpage, we find REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is listed as a company: RSA Company number: 0000932419


Ask yourself, does this not place courts, government and we, the people at the mercy of foreign banksters and foreign interests?

Now, here is the crux of the matter:

According to Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition under the definition of CORPORATION:

A corporation can be an inhabitant only in the state of its incorporation. [Sperry Products v. Association of American Railroads, C.C.A.N.Y., 132 F.2d 408, 411; Vogel v. Crown Cork & Seal Co., D.C.Md., 36 F.Supp. 74, 75; International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers v. Tennessee Copper Co., D.C.Tenn., 31 F.Supp. 1015, 1017; Deutsch v. Times Pub. Corporation, D.C.N.Y., 33 F.Supp. 957, 958.]

Therefore, RSA INC., by definition, is NOT an “inhabitant” of Southern Africa but, a “foreigner” because it is registered in Delaware, U.S. and since 2015 has in fact been re-organized into the U.N.

Ask yourself, how can “foreign” corporations then be “managing” OUR Republic companies that lawfully belong to the people?

International Legal Citation

The Washington University Manual of International Legal Citation

For: SOUTH AFRICA (REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA) clearly states that our political system is a Republic, not a CORPORATION.


On doing a company search using the word ‘parliament’ in ‘United States’ at one will discover no less than 5 private companies trading as “Parliament of South Africa” in the U.S.

Ask yourself, are these not supposed to be public entities?

Will access to information such as tax record history not indicate that there is business being conducted for private gain that was meant for we the people, the shareholders and priority claimants of South Africa(n) Republic and not for foreign private shareholders of corporate RSA? Do your own research.

Now, it seems that RSA Inc. was “re-venued” along with all other corporate governments in 2015; Parliament of South Africa is now called “The Permanent Mission of South Africa to the United Nations”…

About the Permanent Mission of South Africa to the United Nations

South Africa at the United Nations

The United Nations, through its global membership and the wide mandate it enjoys through the member states in terms of its charter, is in the centre of the global system of governance. South Africa recognizes the need for social and economic development. The country expects the UN to advance the global development agenda by addressing underdevelopment and the eradication of poverty.

Our Comment: Notice the NWO Agenda words used?

 Dunn &

On doing a company search using the words “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” at

Under USA in the COUNTRY listing;

And, then under NEW YORK in the CITY listing;


It clearly states that each entity is a “private company” [of the UN] when these are supposed to be public entities.



On doing a company search using the words “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” at NYS DEPARTMENT OF STATE, DIVISION OF CORPORATIONS, STATE RECORDS AND UCC; 18 entities are listed;

It states: county – New York; jurisdiction – DELAWARE; this is where virtually all corporations are registered; under the CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY OF AMERICA 1907 in Delaware;


A further word search using any of the above names reveals more ‘private companies’ on


Here is a list of companies registered as “JUSTICE”; now, these are the backdoor clearinghouses for all commercial paper i.e. Bills of Exchange fraud…

TypeCompany NameAddressCityCountry

in truth, there is most likely a corporation for every entity we can think of;

Here is an interesting one:


One can even find “The Constitution” listed as a ‘private company’.


When and where was the agreement between U.S. and R.S.A?

In 1995 the FINANCIAL SERVICES BOARD and the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK, both private corporations with foreign interests, made agreements with the U.S. which created U.S. dollar and federal hegemony over RSA that strengthened the Washington Consensus and, in the words of Ronnie Kasrils, “sold our people down the river”;

The following COMMUNIQUE BETWEEN US SEC AND FSB OF RSA was the agreement;

Now, by their rules an agreement must be accompanied by an act; a ceremony to “seal the deal”;

 And, the following was the ACT that incorporated RSA into the federal system; and sold the people down the river:


This is a very proud day. The Communiques and Declarations we have signed are like the very first cables strung across a chasm in order to build a bridge. They are at once a great triumph, and a sign of greater things to come. I thank and congratulate those who contributed to this historic occasion, and I urge us all to build upon these vital links between our two nations.”

And, when one takes note of the words used and their legal implications, the message becomes clear;

Now, let’s take a look at what does the RSA treasury says?



…We endeavour to advance economic growth, broad-based empowerment, progressive realisation of human rights and the elimination of poverty

We promote transparency and effective financial management.”

[emphasis added]


If RSA foreign debts are growing, is the national treasury’s financial management effective?

How can there be transparency:

If, the financial system is one great big Ponzi scheme, as proven on the Banking page? Where banks create money out of thin air?

If, our LEGAL NAMES are “assets” of bankrupt RSA?

If, we the people are going to be held as sureties for RSA’s (fake) debts to the IMF? When RSA Inc. can’t afford to pay back the growing debt?    

It continues:


…Our people are our most valued assets.

… and we aim to mobilise the full potential of our people. [emphasis added]

Now, let’s look at what the real definition of “assets” is; from Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th edition, 1968:

ASSETS. The word, though more generally used to denote everything which comes to the representatives of a deceased person, yet is by no means confined to that use, but has come to signify everything which can be made available for the payment of debts, whether belonging to the estate of a deceased person or not. Hence we speak of the assets of a bank or other monied corporation, the assets of an insolvent debtor, and the assets of an individual or private copartnership; and we always use this word when we speak of the means which a party has, as compared with his liabilities or debts. Pelican v. Rock Falls, 81 Wis. 428, 51 N.W. 871.

A “deceased person”?

A “debtor”?

The “assets” of a “bank or other monied corporation”? Such as RSA INC?

An “insolvent debtor”?


But, that’s not all; since the (fraudulent) 1910 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA, it was placed under insolvency in 1916 and again in 1936 by the secondary claimants, the Vatican and Crown and their patsies, as a means to “administrate” and steal our gold and valuable resources.

And, to avoid liquidation and foreclosure of this revolving bankruptcy Ponzi scheme, after 40 years in 1951 were we “re-venued” into another insolvent entity, namely REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA;

And, to avoid another foreclosure, after 43 years were we “re-venued” yet again into another revolving insolvent bankrupt entity; this time RSA INC.

Since the 1910 Union of South Africa, we have no less than 17 insolvency related acts; and, for 7 years the Union was administrated by the Crown; and, the laws of the Union are still held in the British archives; a clue that we are still under “administration”; in fact, the 1993 interim constitution continues all colonial laws of the colonies all the way back from 1828 into the post ‘94 “CON”-situational era;

Insolvency Act, 1916

Insolvency Act, 1916, Amendment Act, 1926

Insolvency Act, 1936

Insolvency Law Amendment Act, 1943

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1965

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1972

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1980

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1983

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1984

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1987

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1989

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1991

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1993

Insolvency Amendment Act, 1995

Cross-Border Insolvency Act, 2000

Insolvency Amendment Act, 2002

Insolvency Second Amendment Act, 2002

Is it not time to foreclose and liquidate these insolvent bankrupt entities?

To audit every ounce of gold, silver, diamonds, platinum and all other resources taken without just compensation back to 1828?

To set-off the fraudulent and unlawful debts to the IMF? And Bill them, instead?

To complete the 1994 Republican Reconstruction according to the will of we the people?

And, is poverty being eliminated? Or, is it growing?


Oxfam Report – The greatest inequality in the world lies in the divide between extreme wealth and artificial man-made poverty; and, global financial inequality is rapidly growing as Oxfam reports: “The combined riches of 62 of the world’s most well-heeled individuals in 2015 equaled the wealth of 3.5 billion people — the bottom half of humanity — a new report about extreme global wealth inequality released showed. The findings, published by the poverty-fighting organization Oxfam, highlight the growing divide between those at either end of the income spectrum.

Since 2010, the wealth of the richest 62 people increased 44% to $1.76 trillion, the report found. Over the same period, the wealth of the world’s poorest half fell over a trillion dollars or 41%. Our economic system is heavily skewed in their (the wealthiest) favour, and arguably increasingly so,” Oxfam said. “Far from trickling down, income and wealth are instead being sucked upwards at an alarming rate.” Oxfam added: Rising inequality is a problem for all of us.”

[emphasis added]

Read more at:

Read more Reports on just how we are being robbed blind.


In the words of Mr. Pali Lehohla, Statistician-General of South Africa:  

“We need a jab and a different jab, a revolutionary jab if the poor have to believe that a different future is possible, a jab that the modern world accepts that slavery is regrettable and never again, that colonialism is regrettable and never again, that Neo colonialism is regrettable and never again, that racism and sexism are regrettable and never again, that dictatorships are regrettable and never again, that self-aggrandizement of capital is regrettable and never again.  Only when we commit to that in deed there is hope that the poor are not with always  going to be with us, that the gluttonous executive pay and privilege will disappear, that concentration will be replaced by equity and the rich too can successful go through the eye of the needle.  For that to happen we need a radical SDG implementation plan and action.  We need a theory informed and monitored Programme.  Finally while in god we may trust, all of us will need statistics to keep us on this narrow and radical path.”

From the URL link:

The Cabal Ruling the World : South Africa Plays a Major Role

Part 1

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Further Reading:

Open Letter to Johann Rupert

21 thoughts on “RSA INC.

    1. Hi Danie, sorry for the late reply. At the moment we are preparing for experts to help you to discharge things like taxes. However, the system is bankrupt so trying to claim money from a bankrupt entity is not lawful.

      Most importantly, you have a person but, you are a people. And, that person has also been bankrupted by RSA Inc. and IMF. The emancipation process is to protect your assets against any debts or surety-ship when the IMF forecloses on RSA Inc.

    1. Hi Danie, taxes are voluntary; you do not have to pay taxes; of course, if you work for an employer and they are a withholding agent you are snookered; however, if you work for yourself then de-register as a tax payer; submit a zero income tax form; discharge your tax bill as on the Bills of Exchange page; defer payment every year; deferral of debt is legal tender. Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you for sharing this truth with the people. I am just a normal woman I was looking at information from the usa and how the people are claiming money with a 1099a 1099b form United States Treasury and how they are able to zero their dept. It’s a hectic process because you have to first proof you are a living human being ext. I am sure you know what I’m talking about here.

        Can we in South-Africa also do the same? Surely there must be a way to get ourselfs out of this corrupt situation.

        Please if you have any information regarding this, can you please share this maybe here….


      2. Hi, the most important thing you can do right now is focus on the Referendum and United People’s Front;

        Financial freedom will follow; RSA Inc. is bankrupt so one cannot claim money from a bankrupt entity; don’t pay attention to the fools out there; if, you want to learn to discharge debts the read the Bills of Exchange page;

        Isaiah 52:3 For thus says the Lord, you have sold your selves for nothing: and you will be redeemed without money.

  1. After deregistration from IEC (myself and my children) , will we still be able to use all RSA INC. services like driver’s licence, banks, ID etc. Will we not be barred?

    1. How do you do this (deregistration)? Is it possible to open a bank account? Christ set me free … I am not a slave of the kingdom of darkness … do not want to be a slave of evil systems.

      1. Yes, business as usual only now you are in control if they try infringe upon you, your children or property; this is a redemption process;

  2. International Constitutional Tribunal for World Peace information is incorrect they got the info out of ULA document which is also incorrect.

    1. Yes, agreed; we do not recognize neither of them; just do a word search on giftoftruth using “ICTWP”; apparently Thinus Oosthuizen is writing the Suidlanders Constitution – in the land of the blind the one-eyed is king…

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