The Road to Food Sovereignty. Peasant Farming, Not Industrial Food Production

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Time is running out if the world is going to slash greenhouse gas emissions enough to keep us below a 1.5°c temperature rise by 2100, an aspiration set by the Paris climate accords.

Two conferences this autumn tackled different ends of the problem, in splendid isolation from each other. The UN Committee on World Food Security held its annual meeting in Rome in mid-October, alarmed that the number of hungry people on the planet has suddenly climbed by 40 million in the past year – much of it due to the direct and indirect effects of climate change – and fearful that an unpredictable climate…

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Non-violent civil resistance: 13 films, from Gandhi to Barcelona


The first day of October (2017): Catalans attacked by the Spanish armed forces during the referendum day in 1‑10‑2017.

A Force More Powerful (1999): Gandhi and the Indian independence, Anti‑Apartheid Movement in South Africa, Civil Rights in the United States, resistance to Nazi occupation in Denmark, Solidarność in Poland, protest movement against Pinochet in Chile.

How to Start a Revolution (2011): exposition of the ideas of Gene Sharp, the main theorist of the non‑violent resistance.

Bringing Down a Dictator (2002): overthrow of Slobodan Milošević in Serbia.

Tahrir 2011 (2011): revolution in Cairo against Mubarak’s regime.

Maidan (2014): revolt in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), Kiev, Ukraine.

Everyday Rebellion (2013): Occupy Wall Street, Spain’s 15-M movement, Arab Spring, the democracy movement in Iran, FEMEN, opponents in Serbia and Turkey.

The People Speak (2009): popular movements in the United States.

5 documentaries about the civil disobedience in the United States.

Catalunya is…

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Corinthians 13:8 For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. [KJV 1611]

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William Binney is a former high ranking intelligence official with the National Security Agency (NSA). He is one of the highest placed intelligence officials to ever blow the whistle on insider NSA ‘knowings.’ He made headlines when he resigned in 2001 after 9/11, having worked more than thirty years for the agency. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold war, and was repelled by the United States’ massive surveillance programs.

He’s had quite the go, starting in 2002 when he let the public know of a system (‘trailblazer’) intended to analyze data carried on communication networks (like the internet). He exposed the agencies eavesdropping program and has faced harassment from the FBI, NSA and more. He has been in and out of the court room ever since he decided to resign and blow the whistle.

These mass surveillance leaks are nothing new, as we’ve seen…

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Ex-Facebook VP: Social media destroying society with “dopamine-driven feedback loops”

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A former Facebook executive is making waves after he spoke out about his “tremendous guilt” over growing the social network, which he feels has eroded “the core foundations of how people behave by and between each other.”

Chamath Palihapitiya began working for Facebook in 2007 and left in 2011 as its vice president for user growth. When he started, he said, there was not much thought given to the long-term negative consequences of developing such a platform.

“I think in the back, deep, deep recesses of our minds, we kind of knew something bad could happen,” said Palihapitiya, 41. “But I think the way we defined it was not like this.”

That changed as Facebook’s popularity exploded, he said. The social network has more than 2 billion monthly users around the world and continues to grow.

But the ability to connect and share information so quickly — as well as…

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The Cuban Castro Corporation

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding


just like US, CHILE, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, & the East Indian Tea Corporation, ETC., ETC.

Cuba is used as a haven for La Cosa Nostra, Cartel bosses, and a headquarters for criminal operations in the Americas. Jose Miguel Battle Sr. was a top Cuban crime boss operating in the United States. His son Jose Miguel Battle Jr. was convicted in 2007 for running the Cuban Mafia’s operations in Miami. The Cuban Mafia is known as the “Corporation” and is partly owned by the Castro family. Cuba was settled by the Spanish early on through Christopher Columbus who was a relative of the Colonna family of Rome originating in Alban Hills and they have a family branch in Spain known as the Dukes of Alba.

The Colonna family also married with the Gaetani-D’Aragona family with Prince Leone Gaetani and Duchess Vittoria Colonna. A…

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Short Explanation of TILA RESCISSION vs Common Law Rescission

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Quiet title is a lawsuit not a motion. It must be worded correctly to fulfill the elements required for the court to consider the demand for quiet title. Otherwise it will be dismissed.

For quiet title to apply the mortgage must be void not just unenforceable. TILA Rescission is a statutory remedy that is different from common law rescission. Sending of TILA rescission notice by U.S. Mail means that delivery is presumed. If delivery occurred or is presumed the TILA Rescission is effective. Just the opposite in common law rescission based upon fraud. At common law, sending a notice of rescission based upon fraud is only the first step in a long litigation process.

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Everything We Eat & Drink Are Completely Controlled By These 10 Companies (Infographic)

peoples trust toronto

Scour the aisles of the grocery store, and you may be astonished to find just how many types of Pringles there are out there. But while there seems to be no end to the diversity of junk food, a comprehensive infographic has been put together to show you just how few corporations provide us with the hundreds of products available at our fingertips.

Oxfam International created the infographic that exposes an inconceivable reality: Just 10 main corporations manufacture the majority of what we purchase at the market.

“What we did is we took certain issues … [and] we saw the kind of impacts they had on the ground,” Chris Jochnick of Oxfam told NPR. “We released reports about those issues and those impacts and how they’re tied to the 10 largest food and beverage companies. And then we pushed the companies to begin to address them.”

You may not…

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Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency


Image: Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

(Natural News) I’m going to assume the readers who make it to this article are well informed enough that I don’t have to go into the history of the global money changers and their desire for a one world currency. (If you don’t yet understand the goal of the globalist banking empire and the coming engineered collapse of the fiat currency system, you’re already about 5,000 posts behind the curve.)

With that as a starting point, it’s now becoming increasingly evident that Bitcoin may be a creation of the NSA and was rolled out as a “normalization” experiment to get the public familiar with digital currency. Once this is established, the world’s fiat currencies will be obliterated in an engineered debt collapse (see below for the sequence of events), then replaced with a government approved cryptocurrency with tracking of all transactions and digital wallets by the world’s western…

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The Watchman Review

The real reason behind Robo Sophia becoming a citizen? Read on …

5:43 mins Dr. David Hanson, CEO Hanson Robotics
“Sophia’s goal is to be as conscious, creative, and capable as any human.”

6:02 mins Dr. Stephen Hawking [Theoretical Physicist]
“I think the development of artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. Once humans develop AI it would take off on its own and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans who are limited by slow biological evolution couldn’t compete and would be superseded.

7:49 mins Elon Musk Biz magnate, investor, engineer, inventor.

“With AI we are summoning the demon.”

15:18 mins Quinn Michael and Jason Goodman [crowdsourcethetruth]

Democratizing robots to accept income

“Saudi Arabia made Sophia a citizen so androids can be workers. You have to be a citizen to receive a pay cheque and pay taxes.”

17:01 mins Bitcoin…

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Exclusive- Judge Anna von Reitz – A Country Enslaved – Taking Back America

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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Pope’s claim of authority as ruler of the World derived from God is debunked


 The Most Infamous False Prophet On Earth

Related image6h5AzRBXK3jZnwOkWd_kaAodaA_Sl96iCmWDhXCJcTKmtXxaLn7BuSjZ2d17X5lttlNxDjuBzQoEjQNssYaY7eo5vlqWDcwjLx0_bDCiBCE=s0-d-e1-ft

June 11, 2016
The Jesuit logo features the pagan SUN GOD and the three nails. The Hebrew symbol for NAIL is also the number SIX. Three nails in Hebrew literally means SIX, SIX, SIX.

Roman Pope is Successor to Peter, not Jewish Christ

In his letter, he called himself “an apostle” and “an older man”—nothing more.—1 Peter 1:1; 5:1.

Pope’s false god, a mortal named Peter, killed by Caesar Nero on the very spot St. Peter’s Basilica now sits

Monolithic and ruthless conspiracy called the Vatican UNO New World Order


Published Apr 10, 2016:
The United Nations Organization (UNO) was formed for one purpose. US President John F. Kennedy warned us of its true purpose in his Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961.  In that address JFK stated “For we are opposed…

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Another Countrywide Sham Goes Down the Drain

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Banks use several ploys to distract the court, the borrower and the foreclosure defense attorney from the facts. One of them is citing a merger in lieu of presenting documents of transfer of the debt, note or mortgage. We already know that the debt is virtually never transferred because the transferor never had any interest in the debt and thus had no authority to administer the debt (i.e., as servicer).

So the banks have successfully pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes by citing a merger, as though that automatically transferred the note and mortgage from one party to another. Mergers come in all kinds of flavors and here the 5th Circuit in Florida recognizes that simple fact and emphatically states that the relationship between the parties must be proven along with proof that the note, or authority to enforce the note, must be proven by competent evidence.

We can help…

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Warnings of Financial Crash as Stock Markets Continue to Surge

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Global Research, December 05, 2017

As stock markets continue to rise—Wall Street’s Dow Jones index hit a new record high yesterday following the US Senate’s passage of a massive tax cut bill—there are growing warnings that a new financial crisis is in the making.

In its quarterly review of financial conditions, issued on Sunday, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), sometimes known as the central bankers’ bank, said the situation bore similarities to that which prevailed in the lead-up to the 2008 crash.

Increases in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England had failed to choke off risky investments, and financial bubbles were growing, it warned. Financial investors were basking in the “light and warmth” of improving global economic growth, subdued inflation and soaring stock markets, while underlying risks were increasing.

Introducing the BIS review, Claudio Borio

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Smoke and Mirrors: Illinois Case

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This 2016 Illinois case corroborates exactly what I have been saying for 11 years. Sleight of hand accounted for the 1st Mortgage that was payable to Lehman Brothers who funded every loan with advances from Investors who then owned the debt. The investors were cut out of the chain of paper and the chain of money.

Thus equitable principles were attempted in order to establish a right to foreclose. But nothing can take away the fact that the forecloser, as in virtually all foreclosure cases these days, is a complete stranger to any part of any transaction that is memorialized in fabricated, forged, robo-signed, false representations on worthless documents of transfer.

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Australia to hold major inquiry into nation’s banks

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Australia will hold a royal commission inquiry into its banking and financial sector, the government has announced.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the commission – Australia’s highest form of public inquiry – would help restore confidence in the sector.

Australian banks have been embroiled in scandals in recent times.

The announcement came soon after the four biggest banks called for an inquiry in a joint letter, reversing their previous opposition.

“The only way we can give all Australians a greater degree of assurance is a royal commission into misconduct into the financial services industry,” Mr Turnbull said.

He said the “regrettable but necessary” decision would also help the nation’s economy by restoring confidence.

Mr Turnbull had previously ruled out an inquiry amid pressure from opposition parties.

The royal commission will cover every Australian financial institution, run for 12 months and cost A$75m (£42m; $56m), the government said. Its findings…

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The US and the Global “Artificial Intelligence” Arms Race

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Global Research, December 04, 2017
New Eastern Outlook 3 December 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already widely used by tech firms worldwide for everything from search engines to social media. It is also increasingly being developed for other applications including monitoring systems and decision making. Experimental platforms are already being tested that can review medical records and images to diagnose patients. There are also autonomous AI agents being developed and tested that carry out and defend against cyberattacks.

While the US is perceived to hold a large advantage in this crucial and ever-emerging technological field, Russian and Chinese leadership have publicly recognized the importance of AI and the need to prevent any one nation from monopolizing it.

Russian media would report regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regarding the future of AI that:

Vladimir Putin spoke with students about science in an open lesson on September 1…

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Bitcoin mining uses more electricity than 159 countries

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The surge of interest in bitcoin has triggered not only skyrocketing prices and endless debate on whether it’s bubble, but also an enormous increase in electricity consumption all over the world.

According to Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, as of November 20th bitcoin’s current estimated annual electricity consumption is 29.05 billion kilowatt hours (kWh). The figure represents 0.13 percent of global electricity consumption.

According to the UK energy comparison site Power Compare, bitcoin mining is currently using more electricity than 159 individual countries.

If bitcoin miners were one country, it would be ranked 61st in the world based on electricity consumption, comparable to Morocco or Slovakia.

“If it keeps increasing at this rate, Bitcoin mining will consume the entire world’s electricity by February 2020,” Power Compare reports.

The website also compares global mining revenues, which currently stand at $7.2 billion, with estimated global mining costs reportedly hovering around $1.5 billion…

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Youtube’s Acts Of War Against Independent Journalism

Ronmamita's Blog

Wow, it’s December 2017 already, and Youtube still sucks!
In fact Youtube is getting worse as Google hinder efforts to share facts and amplify awareness.
Will the defiant ones defeat tyrannical institutions?

My oh my, the calendar years are rapidly changing and so is society.

Corporate Controlled Media

Is The Corporate Propaganda-Social-Engineering Apparatus Crumbling?
They certainly are acting as if they feel threatened…

Title: Shots Fired in the Media War! Corbett Report Hit!
Posted 01 Dec 2017 by corbettreport


Shots have been fired in the media wars!
The Corbett Report is being flagged for talking about robots!
The site has been labeled “harmful” by the Lords of Gootube!
Why stand we here idle?
Join James for today’s Thought for the Day as he shows you how to prep for the day when The Corbett Report is disappeared from YouTube.

The official storyThe official story is in flames, as truth censorship failsRELATED:

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Globalization Isn’t In Retreat, It’s Gone Digital

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While many individuals will preach the blockchain is anti-establishment, anti-globalization, and will destroy the NWO Monetary System, the facts contradicts those wishful claims.
Many individuals fail to see the agreement, and fail to acknowledge the Law Of Nations within the IMS.

Since when has the covert, shadowy deep-state ruling class not used deception, disruptions, wars and state of emergency to further their hidden agenda?

Answer: rarely, perhaps never.
To remove your chains you must first be aware of them. This is the worldwide control system going digital:
The establishment control the narrative, control capital flows, manipulate markets, venture capital, development funds, R&D technological advancement, warfare, and more.
The IMF, G-20, and other supranational think-tanks are engineering full spectrum dominance, global tax compliance, systems redundancy and resiliency.

Below are resources for all who are interested in what is scripted for 21st century civilization.
SimCity PC game

The System Reset

This hostile takeover requires some disruptions and emergencies, but also requires a foundation to build…

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