Worldwide Noncompliance To Stop World War:

Great post Ron; agreed: Now; immediately: we the people must take our countries back.

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Libya, Syria, Iran and who is next? Libya, Syria, Iran and who is next?

War Is BIG Business!
Search news about the governments and note the lack of diplomacy to stop the current wars.
As the wars in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere has continued over the years, now it is difficult to hear a call to end any of those military campaigns. Rather we hear of more strategic military activities drawing in Turkey, China, Russia, and other nations to join joint military operations.
The above are the exact ingredients required to escalate world war.

Book Cover for Pawns In The Game
Many have noted the evidence for concluding that this world war is about reforming the international monetary system.
Some individuals think one faction wish to remain with the current U.S. Dollar dominating the monetary system, while another faction is in opposition to the U.S. Dollar dominance has succeeded in forming the international monetary reform consensus.
Interestingly, all the Western nations are…

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PwC faces record $5.5bn lawsuit..failure to detect a fraud that resulted in a bank collapse during the global financial crisis of 2008-2009

Follow The Money


The big-four audit firm PwC is being sued for $5.5 billion over its failure to detect a fraud that resulted in a bank collapse during the global financial crisis of 2008-2009. This is the biggest lawsuit in PwC history.

The complainant is Taylor, Bean & Whitaker (TBW), which was a top-10 wholesale mortgage lending firm. The trustees of the company are accusing PwC of negligence in their audits of TBW’s lender, Colonial Bank.

In an agreement between the top management of the borrower and the bank, starting from 2002, TBW chairman Lee Farkas sent mortgage data to Colonial Bank for fake loans or those the company had already committed or sold to other investors. By the end of 2007, the scheme had helped the bank accumulate about $1.5 billion in fake or impaired loans.

Colonial collapsed in 2009, becoming the sixth-largest US bank failure in history. Despite this, PwC…

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Texas State Gold Depository Another Step Closer To Reality

Fedexit; in peace


Source: Activist Post, by Mike Maharrey

The creation of a state gold depository in Texas represents a power shift away from the federal government to the state, and it provides a blueprint that could ultimately end the Fed. The depository inched closer to reality last month when Texas officials formally called for businesses to submit their plans for building the facility.

Gov. Greg Abbot signed legislation creating the state gold bullion and precious metal depository in June of 2015. The facility will not only provide a secure place for individuals, business, cities, counties, government agencies and even other countries to to store gold and other precious metals, the law also creates a mechanism to facilitate the everyday use of gold and silver in business transactions. In short, a person will be able to deposit gold or silver – and pay other people through electronic means or checks – in sound money.

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Why A Name Change is Vital

While this may be one possible remedy, our experience is that courts merely change the rules of application, registration or submission; the three terms that grant the ptw ‘jurisdiction’ in the first place;

In Southern Africa we saved a family property by filing a common law express trust and within 3 months the rules were changed and one now has to first complete application forms (so they can screen reclaimants); as soon as there is too much movement in the name change department they will merely change the rules;

We say that our focus must be on placing the power of banking and rulemaking back into the hands of we, the people where it belongs; to ensure remedies we need constitutionally valid community courts without bar interference; the pivot of society is it’s lawmakers; the fraudulent bar legal system is the very problem with every law passed that promotes predatory capitalism and current order; in peace

in peace

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172a3-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

It is apparent that a lot of people are confused about the name change issue.
All you are doing is a perfectly routine adult name change.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing hard.  No arcane procedures.  No Voo-Doo.  Nothing.  Just a plain old name change in state magistrate level court.
You are changing the “style” of your name from all capital letters like this: JOHN MICHAEL DOE to upper and lower case form like this: John Michael Doe.
Why are you doing this?  The only explanation to the court is that you want your name to be expressed in its grammatically correct form.  JOHN MICHAEL DOE is not a proper name in English.  Period.
There isn’t a judge on the planet competent to argue otherwise.
In fact, if he or she attempts to argue it, you pull out your sturdy copy of

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One World Governance and the Council on Foreign Relations.“We Shall have World Government… by Conquest or Consent.”

Another piece of the puzzle project; in peace

Satu Insan - Malaysia

Global Research

By Joachim Hagopian

121632New World Order propaganda rules and shapes the world. And there’s no more powerful propagator of propaganda that rules and shapes US global hegemony, world events and major geopolitical developments than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). On its own website, the CFR describes itself as “an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.”Two weeks ago the powerful organization celebrated its 95thanniversary since it’s been the most influential force dictating US foreign policy throughout the 20th century chauvinistically called “the American century” right into the present 21st aptly called the New World Order century. The CFR is financed by highly endowed, tax exempt Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations.

The Bilderberg and CFR’s chosen member to become America’s next presidential puppet – Hillary Clinton – made no bones about whom she takes her NW Orders from:

I [Hillary Clinton] am delighted to be here in…

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Botswana’s War on Its Indigenous People: Shooting Kalahari Bushmen from Helicopters…

Democracy is a predatory capitalistic wolf in sheep’s clothing and sadly driven by an Anglo-Saxon agenda; globally, there is an all out move to destroy indigenous peoples to get at their resources, lands and water; screw equality and sharing; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, August 19, 2016
The Ecologist 16 August 2016

Botswana’s war on its indigenous population, the Bushmen of the Kalahari, has reached a new pitch, writes LEWIS EVANS. No longer content to arrest and intimidate them as they engage in subsistence hunting on their own land, the state has begun to shoot them from aircraft. These illegal, genocidal acts must stop!

Botswana police scour the Kalahari, looking for people hunting with spears to intimidate and arrest. Planes with heat sensors fly over the Bushmen’s lands looking out for ‘poachers’ – in reality Bushmen hunting antelope for food.

In a healthy democracy, people are not shot at from helicopters for collecting food. They are certainly not then arrested, stripped bare and beaten while in custody without facing trial.

Nor are people banned from their legitimate livelihoods, or persecuted on false pretenses.

Bushmen have hunted at subsistence levels in the Kalahari for millennia. Photo: Survival International.

Bushmen have hunted at subsistence levels…

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Where Is The IMF’s Gold? 

Yes, where is the gold that belongs to the people? in peace


From Investment Research Dynamics

In mid-2009, the IMF announced that it was going to sell a portion of its gold.  It ended up selling 403 tonnes of its then-reported 3218 tonnes of gold.  Back then the original announcement made it sound like the IMF was trying to push down the price of gold with a big sale announcement, as the price of gold went parabolic after the 2008 de facto collapse of the financial system.   The excuse for the gold sale was to “shore up” IMF finances.  However, historically, the IMF has sold off portions of its gold holdings as a policy to reduce gold’s role in the global fiat currency system.

At the time, India and China jointly delivered a research paper which suggested that, if the IMF were interested, the two countries would be interested in buying all of the IMF’s gold. The IMF limited its sale…

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The “Hatred of Life”: The World System which is Threatening All of Us

We are at a crossroads between life and death; technology hates life and destroys life and is opposed to the natural world; in peace

Counter Information

In this civilization, true democracy is impossible.

Global Research, August 16, 2016

I only have a few minutes to convince you of the usefulness of a new term; a term that will help us understand the dangerous times we are living in as well as the related struggles on a deeper level, that is, from the roots.

The time for lighthearted jokes and uncertainties is over. The “storm” predicted by the Zapatistas is approaching faster than expected. Our confusion needs to end.

The world system that is threatening all of us is based on a strange phenomenon I was only recently able to fully grasp, namely a “hatred of life”. (2) This hatred has indeed become a system, society, global civilization. It is embodied in all of modern civilization’s institutions: in economics as much as in politics, in science as much as in gender relations…

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WITH CRIMINAL INTENT: WikiLeaks Reveals Rothschild Billion Dollar Money Laundering Plot in Africa* – By Baxter Dmitry

Of course we, the people can refute the government’s claim to assets; government is a legal fiction having no parity with the tangible; it was merely created to hold ALL assets in trust for it’s people; not claim to have a life of it’s own; in peace


Source –

“…The classified cable from the Public Library of US Diplomacy published by WikiLeaks exposes Rothschild Bank “advising” a “secret and corrupt” billion dollar transaction in order to create a “massive money laundering scheme” in Senegal and crash the struggling nation’s economy”:

(Rothschild Billion Dollar Money Laundering Plot in Africa* – By Baxter Dmitry)

A newly discovered Wikileaks cable shows that the Rothschilds were involved in a billion dollar money laundering scheme in Africa.

The classified cable from the Public Library of U.S. Diplomacy published by WikiLeaks exposes Rothschild Bank “advising” a “secret and corrupt” billion dollar transaction in order to create a “massive money laundering scheme” in Senegal and crash the struggling nation’s economy.

The secretive Rothchilds are rarely in the news and never publicly rebuked by governments, however the classified cable discovered by Your News Wire reveals that a…

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KILL THE MESSENGER: Dr. Sebi, Renowned Holistic Doctor, Dies in Police Custody in Honduras

There is a clear and all-out attack on wayseers; on we, the people, our futures, our way of life; this is a quiet war on us; we are required to remember, stand up and fill the shoes of our fallen brothers and sisters in peaceful arms; in peace


Source –

“…A pathologist, biochemist and herbalist who adopted the “African approach” to health care, Dr. Sebi came to the U.S. from Honduras with a lofty goal: to help heal humanity of some of the most deadly diseases to afflict mankind. According to his website, Sebi “spent decades studying plants in North South and Central America, Africa and the Caribbean” and created a line of natural disease-combating “cell food compounds used for inter-cellular cleansing and cellular revitalization”. For nearly 30 years, he reversed a range of ‘incurable’ ailments with this treatment plan”:

(Dr. Sebi, Renowned Holistic Doctor, Dies in Police Custody in Honduras)

“When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.” – African proverb

In the wake of more than 50 holistic doctors dying in questionable circumstances over the last year, Dr. Sebi — known as the man who developed an all-natural cure for AIDS, cancer, diabetes…

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Oregon ‘Rain Man’ Fined, Sent To Jail For Collecting Rainwater in Oregon

It’s time we realised that the common ingredient in the denial of justice is the bar legal system; who gave it authority to interfere with juries? in peace

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Intro to Gary Harringtom’s 30 day sentence for capturing rainwater in Oregon.

Dominic Notter legal advisor / friend of Gary / Concerned citizen talks about the case and some of the issues with the State of Oregon.

Dominic says that The only reason the jury found Gary guilty was because they were disallowed to hear the evidence, by the judge who felt that the evidence “might unduly prejudice the jury against the State.”

This is what happened in the trial of the Publisher of this newsletter in his filings against the IRS for unfair trade practices —- his evidence was also disallowed by the judge, who felt that the evidence “might unduly prejudice the jury against the State”  —- meaning, or course, against the State and the IRS.

So much for contemporary jury trials today.

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The Market’s Narrative Ponzi

Yes, there are only so many people to swindle before a Ponzi goes pear shaped…. in peace


From, by Mark St.Cyr

Just as there’s a scheme to pay old investors with new investors money (aka a Ponzi.) There’s another part of the scheme that rarely gets talked about: i.e.,The narrative that fuels the scheme to begin with.

Much like the original structure which involves money, this too needs an ever-growing amount of gullible, willing participants. However, the currency here is narrative.

And just like any Ponzi scheme once you lose the narrative – you’ve lost everything. One can not survive without the other. Yet, it is the narrative more often than not that is needed to drive the scheme ever higher. Without it, the scheme implodes via its own weight. The narrative regardless of how outlandish, bizarre, or full of nothing but outright lies must be maintained and vociferously defended by those who are already caught in the scheme.

In my view the reason why…

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Barclays agrees to pay $100M to 44 states over claims it manipulated interest rate

And, Barclays is also a manager of corporate South Africa; and, we trust them? to control our wealth? to manipulate our currency? to hold the people ransom? in peace

Follow The Money


For the second time in the last four years, British bank Barclays PLC has agreed to pay out a large sum of money to settle accusations it manipulated a major benchmark interest rate in London.

Barclays agreed Monday to pay $100 million to nearly every U.S. state, which brought a lawsuit against the bank claiming it unlawfully manipulated the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR), which is used to set prices in consumer transactions, for years during the 2000s.

According to the 44 plaintiff states in the suit, the bank and employees artificially manipulated Libor prices with agreements that defrauded government agencies and nonprofits out of millions of dollars, The New York Times reported.

The accusations said Barclays’ motive was to improve the appearances of the bank’s fiscal health during the financial crisis — at the expense of the government and nonprofits.

Barclays, the first bank to settle the…

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Toward A More Complete Understanding

Am so glad she gets what it takes to be the change; in peace

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4f522-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

It is important for everyone to understand that we are engaged in a process— a learning and fact-finding and research and legal process that is ongoing.  Every day we learn more.  Every day we connect dots that we didn’t know about before.
This necessarily gives the impression of two steps forward and one step back, because that is what it is.  It’s a process of discovery.  We don’t have a road map.  We are obliged to go down many rabbit holes to find out where they go and if they connect and precisely how they connect. 
In most cases the path isn’t just complex.  It has been deliberately obscured to make it difficult and even nigh-unto impossible to unravel.  There are cinch points in this process that resemble a tangled ball of yarn or a knotted necklace chain.  It takes time, diligence, knowledge…

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The Once and Future Story — And One Simple Correction

Brilliant explanation as usual by the only lawful judge on earth, thus far; thank you; in peace

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The Pope, in his Sacred Office, offers salvation, redemption, and forgiveness, but in his Secular Office as Roman Pontiff, he acts as the Snake, offering the “apple”—- now called “social benefits” —-and as usual with Satan, the deal wasn’t fully or honestly disclosed. Nobody said a word about the “civil death” that would result.

So, your Mother— still reeling from childbirth, clueless, trusting, signed the paperwork selling you into slavery and making you a ward of the state and leaving the rats free to assume that your Father, though named, didn’t claim you as a son and that she, herself, your Mother, was just an “Informant” talking about what?

Some baby she found on her doorstep?

What this is, is an attempted return to feudalism, where everyone owes everything to the Church and the King.

And if it is a blatant lie and a fraud, what do Pope Francis…

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“Poorer Than Your Parents?” New Study Shows 81% Of Americans Worse Off Than In 2005

Thanks for the info; in peace

Livinglies's Weblog

The McKinsey study Poorer than Their Parents? offers a new perspective on income inequality over the period 2005-2014.

Based on market income from wages and capital, the study shows 81% of US citizens are worse off now than a decade ago. In France the figure is 63%, Italy 97%, and Sweden 20%.

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Global Implications of the Local Governmental Elections in South Africa

Eish, we are in trouble; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, August 09, 2016

African National Congress remains dominate party over two decades after democratic transformation

Perhaps the most observed local elections in decades were held in the Republic of South Africa on August 3.

In final results of this poll the ruling African National Congress (ANC) gained 54 percent of the vote to the opposition party the Democratic Alliance (DA) 26 percent. In actual percentages the ANC won twice as many votes as the DA and many more times as the putative ultra-left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which garnered approximately eight percent.

With 100% of results transmitted, the official breakdown from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is follows:

Africa National Congress (ANC)

Councils won = 175

Seats = 5,124

Votes = over 16 million (53.91% support)

Democratic Alliance (DA)

Councils won = 23

Seats = 1,729

Votes = over 8 million (26.89% support)

Economic Freedom…

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Youtube – Word on the Street is … there’s a Class-Action against the Banks – WhiteRabbitTrust

Einstein said we cannot use the same methodology to solve problem that caused the problem in the first place; the bar legal system is the problem; it is a private secret society that works for the same bankers; with millions of protests by homeowners in foreclosure cases and not a single precedent against the banksters; the bar system is the problem; in the way of justice and the rule of law; no matter which way we swing it, the law of the sea is for ‘persons’ legal fictions and NOT for people rights; there can be no real remedy there; time for people referendums for a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and repossessions and a full investigation into the fraudulent financial system; the people shall govern; in peace

Alternativeaction Blog

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People Choose Free Candy Bar over Free 10 oz Silver Bar (Worth $200) in Social Experiment – YouTube

It only proves that we are now a society of addicts; sugar being the primary lure; when last have you gone without sugar for 3 months? that means avoiding any item with even a touch of sugar; try it, you will feel a difference within a week; addiction brings with it un-natural feelings; 95% of people are living un-naturally and discordant; no wonder the world seems so upside down; and, the ptw know this; in peace


Mark Dice

Media analyst Mark Dice offers random people their choice of a Hershey chocolate bar or a 10 oz silver bar (Worth $200) in a one of a kind social experiment. You have to see what happened next!

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