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and I thought it was only us; we have been running free since we started; took our colour away, now this; I use the reblog button below the post;
And to thin we breaking bread with letter agencies …

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My main news blog is being tinkered with again. The “Re-blog” function has completely disappeared from my main news blog site: I’ve checked the WP “sharing” settings and it’s clicked as “on” – but…. the functional link to reblog a page or post at the top of my blog header has completely disappeared.

Anyone?  Running a search in WP “help” yields no information on why this has happened.

Here is a screen capture:


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Life May Have Spread Through the Galaxy Like a Plague


If panspermia interests you then read the works of Lyle Watson and Francis Crick;

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The panspermia theory was brought forward in the early 1960s, and it has been vilified and rejected by countless “scientists”. Now it is accepted as the most probable theory of how life was seeded through the universe.

Moral: Don’t be waiting for the ivory towers residents to comprehend the truth until the truth smacks them in the face. Lou

If alien life is distributed in a pattern that mirrors epidemics, it could be strong support for the theory of panspermia

Source: Life May Have Spread Through the Galaxy Like a Plague | Science | Smithsonian

 If alien life is distributed in a pattern that mirrors epidemics, it could be strong support for the theory of panspermia

Does this look infected? (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA)
August 27, 2015
Finding alien life, be it microbes or Vulcans, would revolutionize our understanding of our place in the universe, not only because…

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VOODOO ECONOMICS: Make No Mistake, You Are an American Debt Slave – By Christina Sarich

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Source –

“It is the debtor that is ruined by hard times.- Rutherford B. Hayes

 – You are a debt slave. Don’t believe it? 43% of all American families spend more than they earn each year. According to the Federal Reserve, and I’ll describe the fictional premise upon which they stand momentarily, the average American household is at least $75,000 in debt. Overall, consumer debt in America has increased by a whopping 1700% since 1971. Approximately two-thirds of all American students graduate from college with student loan debt. But what of this debt? Is it real anyway?

“The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. They always did. They always will… They will have the same effect here as elsewhere, if we do not, by (the power of) government, keep them in their proper spheres.”

– Governor Morris, co-author of the U.S. Constitution in…

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Arnie Asks: And what about American Sovereigns not affiliated with any specific church?

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On Aug 26, 2015, at 8:47 PM, Anna Von Fritz <> wrote:

This is under the temporal role of the Holy See, not the Sacred offices as I stressed in my comment.

Two hats. Two roles. One role is secular and administrative. One is religious.

Anyone of any religion can be a sovereign, but the Holy See in its temporal role defines what a sovereign is and also the rights and duties of a sovereign. Thus in the most abstract sense all sovereigns occupy an office created and defined by the Church.

It is in applying the duties of a sovereign that the power of the office lies– the exact opposite of what people expect.

Your rights as a sovereign are secondary and dependent upon the duties. If you don’t do the duties you can’t claim the rights, but if you do the duties nobody can obstruct or complain about…

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REBEL YELL: “Don’t Owe, Won’t Pay”, Everything You’ve Been Told About Debt Is Wrong – By Charles Eisenstein

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– The legitimacy of a given social order rests on the legitimacy of its debts. Even in ancient times this was so. In traditional cultures, debt in a broad sense—gifts to be reciprocated, memories of help rendered, obligations not yet fulfilled—was a glue that held society together. Everybody at one time or another owed something to someone else. Repayment of debt was inseparable from the meeting of social obligations; it resonated with the principles of fairness and gratitude.

The moral associations of making good on one’s debts are still with us today, informing the logic of austerity as well as the legal code. A good country, or a good person, is supposed to make every effort to repay debts. Accordingly, if a country like Jamaica or Greece, or a municipality like Baltimore or Detroit, has insufficient revenue to make its debt payments, it is morally compelled to…

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WHOA! British Official Warning Public: Stock up on food, water, canned goods & cash – enough to survive 1 month – Banks may CLOSE(Stock meltdown)

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Investment Watch


The “Independent” Newspaper in London has published a stunning story today that an aid to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is warning the public to:
1) Have cash money in your possession as banks may close and credit cards may not work

2) Have plenty of canned Goods and water to survive ONE MONTH in your house.

3) Agree with your family on a meeting place in case communications go down and you have to leave ! ! ! !

Folks here in the USA should take this advice RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait. If you wait and other folks don’t, they will strip the stores bare before you ever get there.

It’s not just him saying it though:

The former special adviser added that financial levers, such as cutting interest rates and Quantitative Easing (QE), which the Government was able to use in 2008, are no longer…

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“Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream” Anniversary of the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact on August 27, 1928

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David Swanson explains the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact.


Outlawing War As An Instrument of National Policy
Veterans for Peace Chapter 27

In 1928 U.S. Secretary of State Frank Kellogg and French Minister of Foreign Affairs Aristide Briand proposed that all nations join them in signing a pact outlawing war as an instrument of national policy and called upon all signatories to settle their disputes by peaceful means.

On August 27, 1928, fifteen nations signed the pact at Paris. Later, an additional forty-seven nations followed suit, so the pact was eventually signed by most of the established nations in the world. The U.S. Senate ratified the agreement by a vote of 85–1. The lone dissenter refused to sign only because he felt the pact did not go far enough to assure the end of war. This law, the Kellogg-Briand Pact, is still in effect today both nationally and internationally…

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Denver Police Arrest “Jury Nullification” Activist for Passing Out Informational Pamphlets from

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From Liberty Blitzkrieg, by Michael Krieger, Aug 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.06.59 PM

Most of you will be familiar with the concept of jury nullification. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are not. This is precisely why Mark Iannicelli set up a “Jury Info” booth outside the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver. In a nutshell, jury nullification is the idea that jurors can “can ignore the law and follow their conscience when they believe the law would dictate a miscarriage of justice.” In other words, jurors have the right to judge the law as well as the facts. As you will see in the video at the end, this concept has centuries of precedence in these United States behind it.

When you recognize the vast power that such a concept holds, you recogni

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Dawie Roodt’s Open Letter to South Africa After Being Attacked

dawie roodt hospitalAfter surviving a brutal home invasion, Efficient Group’s chief economist, Dawie Roodt, has published an open letter to all South Africa about his feelings on the country and the current state of our affairs.

A letter to my fellow South Africans – all of them
– By Dawie Roodt (originally posted on Facebook)

We all have our fears and the fear of personal injury must rank right up there for most of us – certainly for me. The greatest fear for me is to be confronted by my two paramount fears at the same time: the fear of personal injury and the fear of injury to my loved ones. My greatest fear is not the possible injury as such, it is the fear of having to choose between these two fears. If it should ever happen, will I fear more for my own life or will I fear more for the lives of my loved ones?
I found out.

Two weeks ago I was working in my study at home. My wife was bathing the two-year-old twins and our eldest daughter was on her way home from university. It was about half past seven on a cold winter’s evening.
My daughter appeared in the door of my study with me hardly noticing and instead of the normal ‘hallo pappa’ she just said ‘pappa’. The strange tone of her voice made me look up. Next to her was a young man – young, her age – subtly showing me the revolver in his hand. There were three. They waited in the garage for her.

My daughter looked at me for some kind of guidance – my beautiful clever little girl – I saw her. And for a moment I also saw the future of this country standing next to her: young, poor, uneducated, unemployable and violent: the flotsam and jetsam of a failed society.
Our ordeal had begun.

Not much happened initially. We were told to be quiet, we were tied up, gagged and blindfolded. We were good hostages. Once we were immobilised they took turns unhurriedly exploring our home, gathering the easy pickings: cell phones, laptops – that kind of thing. Now and again they would ask for ‘’the guns’’, ‘’the money’’ and ‘’the safe’’. Gradually these questions became more frequent and more intense. ‘’We will ask the babies were the money is!’’

It was going to be a long night …

The power went off, startling them. The questioning became more urgent, ‘’where’s the money?’’. The threats became more explicit, the pushing around more forceful. My moment had come, I had to choose my fear.
I convinced the one with the knife that I had money in my car if he would only allow me to show him. Eventually I was led outside. He battled to open the garage door. I heard the babies cry.

I succeeded in getting my hands loose. Standing there, hands loose, but held behind my back. My moment was now, choose your fear this instant and then live with it! The right moment shows itself. I attack him, I hit him, I hold onto him as he tries to escape, I fight for what is mine – I choose the greater fear.

He whimpered as he tried to escape my grip, slashing my arm, cutting through muscles and sinews and scoring a wide wound on my head. He escaped from my clutches, but not from his fear. He ran screaming from a wounded man; I will be his nemesis from now on. But I chose and conquered the greater fear.

I do not share this because I am a hero. A hero would have acted sooner, more successfully, more precisely, more accurately. I share this because I made a choice and I know we must make a choice. For the moment to choose our fear is now, for the sake of our country. I urge you to choose your fear.

Many fears lay ahead for me that night. Some fears I chose, some were chosen for me. I ran for help. My neighbours immediately reacted to my alarm. I ran back, over the wall again, over the bridge again, up the veranda stairs just to collapse at our front door as I saw my family. I had been saved, but my body was running out of blood!

My daughter was a hero, getting me to hospital in her car. Our gardener, also a hero, protected and helped where he could. Our neighbours took in my family. I was driven to hospital lying in my own blood and falling in and out of consciousness. The hospital staff were absolutely amazing. The emergency process worked like a dream. Well-oiled gears, competent hands, kind eyes.

I thought to myself, ‘’why would any government even think of changing this to the way the state provides medical support?’’. ‘’Why don’t they rather change the state’s medical system to what I have experienced?” I know I do not want to be part of the NHI. I now know it will be just another disaster! Just like Eskom, SAA or PetroSA and so many more.

More fears and pain; a catheter, a woman – a black woman as it happens – washing me gently, in all my humble nakedness. But I was saved and so was my family. A few days in ICU, a few hours in theatre, many units of blood and absolutely overwhelming support from all South Africa, then I was back home. Thank you! Thank you! Baie dankie! Nkosi!
Rehabilitation should take up to a year, they say.

Day two at home and the process of getting our lives together again, starts. Cell phones: ‘’You have to come in personally sir, that’s the law, it’s for your own protection’! Hours later, reams of forms of paper and still the government licensed, oligopolistic cell phone institution can’t get us connected. More forms, ‘for your protection sir’. With all of these laws and regulations supposedly designed to protect us, why is it so hard to get our stolen phones back?

I dread the prospect of facing the creaking bureaucracy, of getting new drivers’ licences. I know the wait that will follow, the incompetence, the not-so-subtle hints of bribes, the arrogance of the ‘’civil service’’.

All my friends ask me: ‘’will you leave?’’ At first I didn’t know, but now I do. I will not go! I will choose the greater fear. That night I saw evil, but I also saw so much more that is good in this country: my neighbours, my friends, business partners, the hospital, everybody – everybody! – were just amazing. How can I leave my people, my people that I owe my life to? If we weigh the good against the bad, the good would be many times more than the bad in the country. All we need to do is know that we have more good than evil. It makes it easier when you choose your fear.

As an economist I know what the numbers tell us, but now I can also feel it in my bones, quite literally. I can see how this country is slowly deteriorating, how our institutions are held in contempt with only a few left standing intact, how our state owned enterprises are destroyed by incompetence, with a massive effect on the economy. I can see how corruption, nepotism, cronyism, incompetence and inferior leadership is leading this country into economic stagnation, unemployment, poverty, chaos and the eventual inevitability: the cesspit of a failed state, from where even those cancerous cells that created this environment can’t escape.

That evening I accepted being robbed, beaten, slashed, and even more, just like I have accepted our country being beaten and robbed. But then, that evening, I reached a threshold, some edge, where I refused to be treated like this anymore. I believe my action changed the future of my family for the better. We can also decide to do the same with the future of our country; I urge you!

Please: I am not advocating violence. I don’t even know if attacking an intruder is the right thing to do. But if I was able to choose my greater fear, I do know I can change the future of my family and my country, but we must do it together!

I don’t fear anymore, I’ve seen my fellow countrymen in action. I have seen their competence, their compassion and their care. I have seen and I have experienced their efficiency, their output, their spirit. I know I can trust them.

This is what must happen: forget about the NDP, NDR, IPAP and other abbreviations that are in any event not implemented. Three steps are all that is required.

• Start a process where all civil servants (SOE’s included) are required to reapply for their jobs. And henceforth only employ on merit, not by virtue of contacts, favours, social requirements or nepotism.
• Establish a world class skills development system (education) immediately to support a growing and thriving economy.
• Remove all obstacles to employment. Do not ‘’create jobs’’ but stop preventing willing people from creating their own jobs.

Don’t tell me it’s not possible, it has been done before. However, a very first step would be for all of us to hold our political leaders in office accountable for doing what is required. Political leaders who will choose their own greater fear.

Let us stand up. Let us walk together. Let us mobilise and refuse to do crime, be intimidated, bribe, and support corrupt leaders. Let’s oppose those cancerous cells!

Let us choose the greater fear for we are South Africans!


Judge Anna: An American Lutheran Defends Pope Francis— and Why

Well said Judge Anna,

there is good and evil in every one of us and unless we come to acceptance of ourselves and realize that where your rights end, mine begins, we will remain divided within ourselves and therefore in society too;

We are currently filing our case “We, the People” of Southern Africa v. REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA INC. with the ITNJ and we intend to ask Judge Anna to testify on issues of the Vatican in order to establish verified truth and not the hearsay dros that crosses our desks daily; in peace


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v. The act of forced conscription into the British navy. Used most commonly in the 19th century, as a means of crewing warships. Also known as “impressment”, it was a royally sanctioned activity that started with King Edward I.

Since most men were reluctant to join the navy due to low pay and the requirement of lifetime service, groups of ‘press-gangs’ would go around pubs on the coast of Britain, kidnapping men and forcing them into lifetime service. Anyone found in possession of the “King’s shilling” was thought to be a loyal subject, and thus a candidate for the royal navy.

The press-gangs would travel to various pubs, and drop shillings into the beer mugs of hapless victims. When the victim got to the bottom of their beer, they would find the king’s shilling, and the press-gang waiting for them outside to drag them off. Fancier pubs invented the…

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Over 40 States Forming Free Trade Zones While Rome Burns

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Over 40 States Forming Free Trade Zones While Rome Burns | Towards Emancipation.

Aug 25, 2015


While the Roman Empire of the West still reeling on what hit them yesterday and a week before, over 40 states including China, Thailand, Indonesia and even Cambodia are signing free trade agreements with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union.

This, of course, is in line with the planned revival of the ancient Silk Road which saw the peaceful and vibrant economic exchange between nations of peaceful disposition.

Going Global: 40 States Interested in Free Trade Zone With Eurasian Union

KUALA LUMPUR (Sputnik) – The Eurasian Economic Union, which comprises Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia, is an international organization, which aims to achieve the free flow of goods and services between its member countries.

Vietnam signed a free trade deal with the bloc in May. India and Egypt are among…

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Researchers sample Great Pacific Garbage Patch before clean-up begins

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Boyan Slat, cleanup system inventorVice Media/Manuel Freudt

Researchers returned on Sunday from mapping and sampling a massive swirling cluster of trash floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, as the Dutch-borne crew works to refine a clean-up strategy it will roll out globally.

The crew of the Ocean Cleanup, backed by volunteers in sailboats, ventured to areas of the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, a swirling mass of human-linked debris spanning hundreds of miles of open sea where plastic outnumbers organisms by factors in the hundreds.

The debris, concentrated by circular, clockwise ocean currents within an oblong-shaped “convergence zone”, lies near the Hawaiian Islands, about midway between Japan and the U.S. West Coast. The trash ranges from microscopic pieces of plastic to large chunks.

Working for about a month, the group collected samples as small as a grain of sand and as large as discarded fishing nets…

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