Message to Southern Africa Churches

To all Southern African Churches, for those with eyes and ears it is clear that we are now entering the last days spoken of by the Prophets, Jesus and the Apostles; and, of The Great War foretold by John.

And, so naturally the battle lines are being drawn for the last and final time between the forces of good vs evil; peace vs war; we the people vs New World Order; Christians vs Mystery Babylon, Church vs Synagogue of Satan; God vs Satan; poor vs rich; we the people vs corporate governments; truth vs lies;

Now, truth as a valid statement is sovereign; and, the truth is that we have no lawful government. RSA Inc. is merely a foreign, privately-owned, corporate services provider fronting as “government”, the Federal Reserve System is a fiat currency Ponzi Scheme, COURTS OF SA are CROWN administrators and all are merely part and parcel of the one world government ruled by the western empires of the major nations from behind global corporations, UN agencies, merchant banks, governments and Vatican State with the Pope as “Head of Church and State” – Mystery Babylon; and, these are all noting more than organised criminal syndicates; and, together they have corrupted and bankrupted every good system of governance and set on destroying the earth; and, as a result the serpent has eaten itself by its tail and Mystery Babylon is now already busy falling right in front of our eyes.

Now, the truth is that no man can serve two masters and you are in fact and in truth part and parcel of Mystery Babylon if:

When you see ALL CAPITAL LETTERS you know it’s a corporation and your Church is in fact a registered corporation and in their “company” so you must declare yourselves under God’s Law and not Man’s Law, de-register your Church and place your assets into God’s Express Trust and record it as of old;

Your Ecclesia must also declare them and their families under God’s Law: de-register from the IEC Voter’s Roll, do the Emancipation process, and reclaim their legal names and all businesses and assets into the Church Express Trust; deny the beast from profiting off of you and from funding it’s armies set on destroying the churches, the people and earth.

So, of necessity you must get out of Babylon my children; and, as Moses did you must command Pharaoh to set your people free and you must lead your people out of Egypt and, we must begin building the alternative – the New Earth – alternative systems of self-governance: barter, exchange, trade, people’s courts, banks etc.

We challenge you to join God’s Peaceful Army, to raise God’s Standard and join us on the side of Good so that we can know who to rely on in taking back South Africa from the forces of evil.

Know your rights; educate and inform yourself at

In peace, brother-thomas

SA Jural Assembly

A people’s court of conscience

Kindly send this to your church leaders and share it far and wide on social media;

36 Principles for Peace Warriors

No matter if you are a peace warrior, civil rights or social media activist for peaceful change the 36 principles used in ancient Chinese warfare can also be used peacefully in this war on we the people by greedy corporate warmongers who are out to destroy us.

Many involve deception and may be used in changing minds; deception is the best weapon when the alternative is harmful conflict. Education is the most powerful weapon we the peaceful can use t bring about change.

Group 1: Stratagems When Commanding Superiority

  1. Fool the Sky to Cross the Sea
  2. Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao
  3. Kill With a Borrowed Knife
  4. Relax While the Enemy Exhausts Himself
  5. Loot a Burning House
  6. Make a Feint to the East While Attacking in the West

Group 2: Stratagems for Confrontation

  1. Create Something Out Of Nothing
  2. Pretend to Take One Path While Sneaking Down Another
  3. Watch the Fires Burning Across the River
  4. Hide a Knife in a Smile
  5. Sacrifice a Plum Tree to Save a Peach Tree
  6. Take the Opportunity to Pilfer a Goat

Group 3: Stratagems for Attack

  1. Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake
  2. Raise a Corpse From the Dead
  3. Lure the Tiger Out of the Mountains
  4. Snag the Enemy by Letting Him Off the Hook
  5. Cast a Brick to Attract Jade
  6. Capture the Ringleader to Catch the Bandits

Group 4: Stratagems for Confused Situations

  1. Remove the Firewood from Under the Cauldron
  2. Fish in Troubled Waters
  3. Slough Off the Cicada’s Shell
  4. Shut The Door to Catch the Thief
  5. Befriend a Distant State While Attacking a Neighbor
  6. Obtain Safe Passage to Conquer the Kingdom of Guo

Group 5: Stratagems for Gaining Ground

  1. Replace the Beams and Pillars with Rotten Timber
  2. Point at the Mulberry and Curse the Locust
  3. Play Dumb While Remaining Smart
  4. Pull Down the Ladder After the Ascent
  5. Deck the Tree with Bogus Blossoms
  6. Make the Host and the Guest Exchange Places

Group 6: Stratagems for Desperate Straits

  1. Use a Woman to Ensnare a Man
  2. Fling Open the Gates to the Empty City
  3. Let the Enemy’s Own Spies Sow Discord in the Enemy Camp
  4. Inflict Injury on Oneself in Order to Win the Enemy’s Trust
  5. Chain Together the Enemy’s Warships
  6. Run Away


South Africa in the Hands of the Global Elites?

by Anthea Pollock October 5, 2021

After a recently circulated “leaked” document went viral on social media, many South Africans are questioning why The Republic of South Africa is registered as a corporation with the Securities Exchange Commission in the United States. Furthermore, this document listed billionaires Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer as chief executives. This raises a question: Have the supposed “conspiracy theorists” in South Africa been right all along? The South African Republic corporation registration number, CIK#0000932419, was released by Bulawayo and Zimbabwe’s premier online news resource, Buluwayo24, on September 16, 2020. The corporation is also registered twice under the Queen of England (Commonwealth) as a corporation in Washington, D.C. — 0000932419. Afrikaans newspaper Die Burger wrote an article back in 2013 exposing the fact. 

At the time, it seems only Afrikaans news publications such as Die Burger picked up on this. It seems the mainstream English media chose to ignore it. 

At this time, President Cyril Ramaphosa is being targeted for what many believe is the result of not declaring a state of emergency in July — and for not successfully rolling out mandatory COVID-19 vaccines. The masses are being led to believe that Adriaan Fondse, who heads up World Martial Authority, is taking back our country from the New World Order without considering that he chairs the Pan-African Oversight Committee that is part of the African Union. It seems that Justice Mogoeng may have been responsible for the recent WhatsApp audio in which he warned about the global elite behind Cyril Ramaphosa. 

Read the full article here:

For a further explanation also read:

The Real Order & Hierarchy of Laws

Jurisdiction  the boundaries and limits of laws; and, the authority, capacity, power or right to act and decide; no court below has any authority over a court above. Maxim – The order of things is confounded if every one preserves not his jurisdiction.

Divine Law the teachings of your belief/religion; your beliefs are private; separation of church and state; ethics, morals & values.

Natural Law laws of nature, law of nations, by reason/experience, ethics, morals and values; Law of Peace – superior to Law of War, self-defence is only as a last resort; councils of wise elders, natural law & natural justice tribunals;

Common Law of we the people, Customary Law, Tribal Law, living law, means moral sentiment of the local community; changes in time & place; common law can operate in any jurisdiction;

Trade international land jurisdiction, old law merchant – lex mercatum – market law, free trade zone – free ships make free goods.

States indigenous kingdoms, nations, peoples, (re)publican, organic, un-incorporated, by authority of and owned by the people;

THE GREAT FICTIONAL DIVIDE – the perfect crime of conversion – a mirror of Life above converted into the DEAD legal fiction underworld below – “the swamp” – R.I.P. – fact and (re)ality trumps fiction!

The following are in fact all acting as legal fictions employing semantic deceit under colour of law. Fraud vitiates a contract; now that we know, it’s all null and void.

VATICAN PAPAL BAALS(BULLS)-CANONS-STATUTE OF ROME; Pope claims to be head of all churches & states – one world government, new world order, mystery babylon;

INTERNATIONAL LAW LAW OF WAR of the major empires – UN NATIONS; of taking “prize”, “custom” and feudal “fees”; and, who now claim superiority over and “ownership” of all other nations contrary to the original law of nations; and, think national sovereignty is “outmoded”;


COMMERCE new LEX MERCATORIA – LAW MERCHANT – UCC, what the NWO bankster merchants use, bankrupt, debt based, along with the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme; sea rules;

CORPORATIONS Corporate services providers fronting as “GOVERNMENT”, CONSTITUTIONS, CODES, STATUTES, ACTS, RULES; Applies ONLY to contracts between corporate legal fictions;

Now, ask yourself: Why would you want to exist as a dead “person” in the swamp when you could live as a living sovereign people in (re)ality? Arise Lazarus; it’s time to get back from the dead to the living. Claim your living sovereign status that always has been yours. In peace.

Begin at:

The Perfect Crime – Quasi Trust Conversion

The following is a good example of how the banks, courts and government convert you from a creditor into a debtor. There are of course many different ways of explaining this so it’s good to get a few different perspectives. Anna von Reitz, G. Edward Griffin, Kurt Kallenbach, David Straight, Dean Clifford, Robert Menaurd, Bibi Bacchus, Judge Andrew Napolitano are all good teachers, each in their own way;

SA Public warning regarding ICTWP case

SA Jural Assembly was expressly told by the ICTWP founder this morning to back out of the ICTWP case and to tell the SA public and supporting activists to also stay away from the International Tribunal for World Peace case and not to meddle in it in any way, whatsoever, hence, we have now backed off from this..

This applies to the SA World Martial Authority, New World Alliances, Swissindo and other people. Stay away. We have been told that Interpol is already investigating this case. Now, we do not know anything and we do not want to know anything. The investigation has absolutely nothing to do with SA Jural Assembly, whatsoever. We just happened to blow the whistle at the same time to warn the public after receiving complaints regarding certain groups.

Therefore, we hereby notify you the South African people publicly that SA Jural Assembly is withdrawing from any and all further communication with ICTWP, WMA, NWA, Swissindo and anyone else associated with any of these groups. Period.

 People, these are deep state underworld affairs “where even angels fear to tread” as we were told. You have been warned. We refuse to speak about this matter any further. We do not know anything. So, let’s be safe and move on.

Our mission is to build the new earth and alternative society, starting with the people’s courts and self-governance based on principles of good ethics, morals and values and with a solid foundation. The people shall govern.

Govern yourself accordingly. In peace – SA Jural Assembly

Beware of False Prophets

As if we don’t already have our hands full with the cabal trying to take power from the ANC and recapture RSA Inc. right in front of our noses, we have false prophets parading in public and misleading the people and causing confusion.

Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. (Matt.7:15); anyone with common sense, eyes and ears can easily recognize them by their pagan and Babylonian symbols and ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

The SA SWIISSINDO lot mean well but they lend their ears to their own false prophets; they have been misled into believing some fake Indonesian king is going to give them $ 6000 and millions are buying into it, sitting and waiting and begging like slaves for a fiction; and, they have no contracts in place, nothing; Indonesia is the capital of money bill scams from fake treasuries; it is so sad to see that some have given up their jobs, their homes and life just sitting and waiting; some have waited for 8 years now; and, they cannot see that they are in fact complicit in fraud against you the people.

And, they have even joined the Luciferians in desperation and out of ignorance. We are not saying who it is; it’s up to you to research the people you are dealing with: just look for the Luciferian Order of the Black Sun list and on facebook and see who is “No. 79”;

Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heauen, O Lucifer, sonne of the morning? how art thou cut downe to the ground, which didst weaken the nations?

Fanie Fondse is flashing documents around of which we have proved that most of his claims are patently false; the SWISSINDO lot even admitted it; he has been ordered by ICTWP to clean up his mess; and, those false documents are full of Illuminati symbols and the NWO.

The jury is still out on the ICTWP- INTERNATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR WORLD PEACE; we are investigating and will report in due course; there is seemingly good work there but, Fanie is messing it up with claims that lack actual factual proof. And, they are also being infiltrated by the Luciferians; and, we cannot sit at the same table as those that worship the father of lies;

WORLD MARTIAL AUTHORITY are full of Jesuit and Baal symbols; the 8 point star of baal; the Jesuit Seal; Latin inscriptions; UCC which is the bankrupted Law Merchant the NWO Babylonian merchants use; and, WMA has also been infiltrated by the Luciferians. They are handing out “get out of jail free” vouchers, which is in fact fraud, on you the people; somebody must open a case against this lot;

NEW WORLD ALLIANCES is New World Order and also infiltrated by the Luciferians.

South African History is littered with illuminati and freemason symbols and numerology; it is them that always sell us down the river; read Volksverraad or in English Sell Out

And, now some good meaning people want us to sit around the table negotiating with satans who want to be-devil the people? Meng jou met die semels dan vreet die varke jou op.

The battle lines are being drawn for the last time and final time in this Great Holy War between right vs wrong; good vs evil; life vs death; naturalists vs transhumanists; new earth vs mystery babylon; and, you must choose!!!

We will raise a peaceful army of the One True Creator of everything and nothing else; we will root out evil once and for all; and, lay a solid foundation for the new earth; join us or fight us; but, know this: we will win!!! The good will prevail; but, you the faithful and diligent must be willing to learn and to take action;

Matt. 7:13 Enter you in at the straight gate, for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in there at: 14 Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way which leads to  life, and few there be that find it.

Public Notice To SWISSINDO

Dear South African people, there has been a lot of confusion sown by some groups that is misleading you the public and there is an agenda afoot to discredit a process underway intended to free us all from slavery once and for all. Once this mess is cleared up we will report what is really going down. Know that SA Jural Assembly is looking out for you and will make sure no secrets are kept from you. No Luciferian, New World Order or Cabal agenda or any other scams will be tolerated. We intend to root out the evil once and for all. Feel free to ask any questions at the bottom of the page because you have the right to know the truth. This affects everyone. Share it far and wide.

To:       Anthea, Joy, Norman, Neelu and others acting on behalf of SWISSINDO

To:       Fanie Fondse ICTWP


From:  brother-thomas, peacemaker

            SA Jural Assembly

Date:   2021/10/19

Case No.: SAJurA-CIA-SI 2021/10/20

Public communication for all jurisdictions

Dear Madams and Sirs, in peace

Public Notice to SWISSINDO

Notice to agent is notice to principal.

Notice to principal is notice to agent.

Kindly Take Notice That this is a public matter and all communications from here on forth will be posted in public as it affects all South Africans and the people have the right to know who or what they are contracting with as well as what the terms and conditions of said contract are and in order to satisfy all elements required in a contract. Caveat emptor – buyer beware. A full investigation is now underway in this case and your offer to fully co-operate is duly accepted in this regard.

He who contracts, knows, or ought to know, the quality of the person with whom he contracts, otherwise he is not excusable.

Take Further Notice That complaints have been made by the public such as being threatened after exposing this scam on social media. Now, SARB and National Treasury and investigative journalists and many others in the know have publicly declared this as a scam; so it remains a scam until the contrary is proven by providing all necessary information requested herein in accordance with the promotion of access to information, full disclosure and transparency.

We have now twice asked you questions and have received neither satisfactory answers to our questions nor any documentation as requested.

Note that even after it is proved to be valid in fact then it still needs to be determined if this is a New World Order scheme in which case we intend to block it at any and all costs because it is intended to defraud the people once again and to convert the people from being the lawful creditors, owed trillions by the New World Order cabal and others, into debtors by means of bad faith, bad motive, bondage, cheat, colorable transaction, concealment, conversion, false pretenses, fraud, graft, gross misconduct, misdescription, misrepresentation, mischaracterization, impersonation, semantic deceit under colour of law, slavery, trespass, usury, quasi trusts, unconscionable contract and bargain and misuse of the original Law Merchant, to name but a few.

Now, the document by Fanie Fondse namely Affidavit – State Capture by SARB & Banks – Theft of Gold February 2020 mentions amongst others:

ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP, White Spiritual Boy Accounts which are linked to SWISSINDO, Sansaimon B Muri who is linked to White Spiritual Boy Accounts and whose many alias corporations are in fact default corporations, meaning no long active: Business company SANSAIMON B. MURI FOUNDATION LTD. is a legal entity registered under the law of State Nevada. Company is located in the register with the Company number E0550182013-4 and with the national number of State Nevada NV20131666640. This legal entity was firstly registered on 14th November 2013 under the legal form of Domestic Corporation. Its registered agent is PERRY & SPANN with the seat at 1701 W. CHARLESTON #200, LAS VEGAS, 89102, NV licensed as Noncommercial Registered Agent. Current company’s status is Default.

And, Mr Sam Murey/Muri claims to represent the Majapahit Kingdom which according to Wikipedia ceased to exist 500 years ago.


Registration No. / Unique Entity Number: 200205606Z
MAJESTIC RESEARCH SERVICES ASIA PTE. LIMITED (the “Company”) is a Private Company Limited by Shares, incorporated on 28 June 2002 (Friday) in Singapore. The address of the Company’s registered office is at the MANULIFE CENTRE building. The Company current operating status is live and has been operating for 19 years. The Company’s principal activity is market research and public opinion polling with management consultancy services (general) as the secondary activity.

Kindly enlighten us what is the relationship between all the above-named companies and Kingdom/s are? In order for there to be a meeting of the minds and to see the picture?

Then there is the New World Order cabal represented by HM King Anthony S. Martin who even Neelu admitted in the video is a double for Ferdinand E. Marcos a controversial figure in the underworld of commercial paper gold fraud, Committee of 300, World Bank Group, HM Queen Elizabeth Windsor II, BIS and all the usual suspects. So, if HM Anthony S. Martin is fake then the document in Fanie Fondse’s Affidavit is also fake.

And, if the NWO is indeed involved then it is merely another money-laundering scam to convert their fiat currency into value-backed currency and to keep the gold in the process which rightfully belongs to the people. A bait and switch scam.

Now, the International Constitutional Tribunal for World Peace is seemingly doing good work and is busy with a case which is completely separate from all of the above-mentioned; however, their good work is being smeared by the addition of the above-named Spiritual White Boy scam to their work and SWISSINDO gold is being confused with South African gold and these glaring errors needs to be publicly corrected.

Further, the ITCWP have formally stated yesterday the 19th of October 2021 that they have absolutely no part in SWISSINDO Spiritual White Boy, yet Fanie Fondse has ignorantly added the two separate events together making it seem to be one case  and thereby confusing the public and even SA Jural Assembly;

So, Fanie Fondse is obligated to remove all mention of the above-named from the ICTWP case as he was instructed to do by Thinus on Sunday and to make a public statement in this regard because this affects everyone and is confusing to say the least.

Furthermore, this also obligates Fanie Fondse to re-file the case in order to remove all errors and frauds from the ICTWP case; and, once everything is cleared we will retract our Public Notice to ICTWP.

Furthermore, Henry McCarter recused himself on the 14th of October from all SWISSINDO involvement and is back with the ICTWP.

Take Further Notice That we would kindly also like to know how “Sir” Larry Swart “No. 79” fits into this picture? Who does he represent? The TEMPLE CROWN? Or some other Temple perhaps? “O, son of the morning”? Your response of “get off the clouds” in this matter is evasive and un-cooperative to say the least. There are further questions we have for Larry which we will deal with separately to this matter because it cannot tarnish the names of the good people here.

However, kindly do tell us what the involvement of WORLD MARTIAL AUTHORITY and NEW WORLD ALLIANCES in all this is? Are they a part of SwissIndo or not? And, to also please provide all necessary information in this regard as well as financial records for all monies solicited from South Africans

Furthermore, we kindly ask that the above-addressed SWISSINDO representatives  answer our questions by beginning with providing certified copies of the bonds and contracts being offered along with the terms and conditions thereof as well as all company and foundation registration details, bonds, insurances, commercial paper, chain of title, security certificates, negotiable instruments, clearing house details, accounts to be used and the names and contact details of the M1 fiduciaries and principals as is prudently required in Contract Law, Company Law and in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code, Bills of Exchange Acts and Law Merchant in order to be able to do business on our shores?

Faith must be kept; the simplicity of the law of nations must prevail.

The fact is that from 2013 until now, and after many questions not a single piece of factual evidence has been provided by SWISSINDO.

Kindly Take Final Notice That you have 5 business days to respond under UCC or to cease and desist under colour of law once and for all. You are meddling in South African affairs and misleading the people. And, failure to comply may result in further action. And, everything you do or say can and may be used as evidence in this case.


There are cabal efforts afoot to discredit ICTWP and to again subvert the South African people’s claims as the lawful and rightful creditors, priority claimants and owners of the South African Republic as was done in 1994 and we intend to see full justice and restoral done for the SA people in the correct manner no matter the cost. The people shall govern.

In the meantime, kindly cease and desist in any and all further SWISSINDO related activity on African soil until the case is fully resolved. We intend to get to the bottom of this and we reserve the right to decide under what jurisdiction to have this case investigated and or prosecuted to the fullest extent of that law, if need be.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

In peace, brother-thomas, peacemaker.

SA Jural Assembly

A people’s court of conscience

Forty Aces and a Mule — Swissindo and Bondage in America

By Anna Von Reitz
First, I want a “Red Alert” to everyone that Cindy Kay Currier has a bunko record as long as my arm and many different aliases. One of my readers (a retired private investigator) got interested enough to delve into her background and boy, what an eye-opener that was! She’s an honest-to-goodness professional crook.
Buyer beware!
Very unscrupulous parties are at work in America, trying to do to us what they did to the freed plantations slaves after the Civil War.
They are trying to re-enslave us almost at the moment that we break free.
Look carefully at the UN-SWISSINDO paperwork. What do you see? Do the words “Human Obligation Bonds” jump out at you? They should.
A bond is a promise. There are many, many kinds of bonds. A “human obligation bond” means that you are agreeing that you are a “human” — legally meaning: “monster, animal, color of a man” — basically, that you are not a man or woman, but “something like”— and that you are being obligated.
In this case, if you sign up for the Swissindo “giveaway”, you are in fact being obligated to donate your estate — name, copyrights, labor, land, estate in sum total— for the benefit of UN–SWISSINDO in exchange for the pittance $1200 a month they agree to provide.
Not really “free money” is it? Especially since they never inform you about what you are giving up “in exchange”. No, they don’t come out and tell you that your estate is worth millions, if not billions, and that you are giving it to them for a bowl of porridge.
The Dutch East India slave traders were the ancestors of the Swissindo bankers today. They made their money on slavery then and they are still making their money off of slavery now, even though it has been outlawed since 1926. How do they do that? By getting you to sign paperwork you don’t understand.
After the Civil War there was a similar program. Freed plantation slaves were offered “forty acres of good land and a mule” which sounded pretty good to most of them. So they signed up and they started farming their little plots and building small homes and barns and little communities. All was well until the “obligation” part of the unseen bond kicked in. The new landowners couldn’t pay all the taxes they were obligated to pay. The government came back in and took everything, but the bond didn’t change.
Most of the former slaves were re-enslaved within three years, only this time the new owner was The United States of America, Inc.
If you sign up for the UN-SWISSINDO bonds, you and everything that is rightfully yours will be owned by two foreign corporations, and you will be stuck with a “lifetime residual lease income” of $1200 a month on an estate that is worth anywhere from a few million to a few billion.
Wake up, America.
Start demanding your due— your real due.
Start complaining about these foreign corporations operating on your shores to bilk the unsuspecting public. This is an international law enforcement issue. The UN-SWISSINDO operation needs to be recognized for what it is, and it and all similar scams promoting slavery and undisclosed “donation” of assets need to be shut down as organized crime syndicates.
See this article and over 600 others on Anna’s website
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Warning About Swissindo and Any Similar Offers

By Anna Von Reitz;

Commerce works by implied contracts. If you “accept” these offers, you don’t know what you are “granting” in exchange. Oh, there’s a lot of hype and feel good crappola, but nothing specific, is there?
So these vermin are left to define the “contract” you entered with them by accepting these payments from them. Remember, all contracts have to be “equitable”—- so what are you giving up in “equitable exchange”?
Example — you go to a restaurant and order dinner. They bring the food. Are you expected to pay for it? Yes. Will they call the cops and try to intercept you if you try to leave without paying? Yes. Did you enter into an “implied contract” with them by ordering the food? Yes, you did.
Same thing here— there is a hidden quid pro quo. You are getting this money and that caps what you can ever ask or expect to get back—–and here’s the kicker—– you don’t know what these vermin owe you.
You might rush to get that six million, and then find out that because you did that, you were “presumed” to sign away your right to have six trillion. Or, that you were “presumed” to “voluntarily donate” all the rest of what you were owed to “Swissindo”— whatever to hell that really is, and whoever controls and owns it.
Wake up and grow up, because these kinds of “offers” are going to be very common and very attractive and a lot of people will be dumb enough to fall right in line and set themselves up for perdition.
Anna Von Reitz
See this article and over 600 others on Anna’s website
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The “UN”, Swamp Draining, and Today’s Situation Report

Anna Von Reitz is an American common law justice and one of the most knowledgeable people that we know of; this is what she has to say about SWISSINDO:

“There are in this world approximately a hundred stunningly large Historic Trusts. Many of these Historic Trusts stem from the days of the Spanish Conquistadors, when vast fortunes were made and for the most part, kept, in family trusts. These so-called Spanish Trusts have moved with their owners all over the world, so that there are heirs of Spanish gold in China, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Middle East, Turkey, England, the United States and Canada that I know of.

Other Historic Trusts started out as Royal Grants of land or gold or as similar Public Grants. The SwissIndo Trust is only one of these many huge Historic Trusts. So, what you are referencing as “UN-SWISSINDO” is a Joint Venture between the privately owned Vichy French Commercial Corporation calling itself the “UN Corporation” and the SWISSINDO Corporation spun off the Historic Trust of the same name. As such UN-SWISSINDO is a commercial mercenary organization wedded to a corporation funded by a Historic Trust, both of which are basically under the control of FRANCE and the Bank of France, that is, Jacob Rothschild, and his Vichy
French turned Swiss friends, and the same group of bloodline families that sponsored the IMF. The “UN-SWISSINDO Initiative” is also being supported behind the scenes by the British Crown Corporation.

Same old crap, different day. The UN “Peacekeeping” Mercenaries are being paid by the SWISSINDO Historic Trust and together they promote the Nazified vision of the New World Order which is also largely supported by the Roman Catholic Church under the domination of the Jesuit Order founded by yet another Spanish Soldier and Heir of the Spanish Conquest, Ignatius Loyola, whose mad dream was create a worldwide Christian government by force of arms.”

Read the full text here:

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Worst to come? Riots ‘only the first phase’ of plot to destablise SA – report

Heads up people, looks like it’s not just we the people wanting to take our country back; we have competition…

According to the latest intelligence reports filed within the ANC, the plot to destabilise the country and overthrow the government is now in full swing – and some sources claim that this operation doesn’t simply start and end with riots.

Are riots ‘only the beginning’ for South Africa?

Several unnamed representatives of the party, who spoke to the Mail & Guardian, made it clear that the riots were simply ‘phase one’ of a long term goal, which would end with Jacob Zuma leaving prison and Cyril Ramaphosa’s current administration being booted from power. One NEC insider said that the instigators had access to ‘heavy machinery’.

Read further at:

SA United Peoples Front proposal

This is a working document and all constructive input is welcomed; let us know if your people support this initiative? Spread it far and wide on social media; then let’s do it;

United Peoples Front SA – A Proposal

Our Mission – The People shall govern! To unite all groups under one banner.

Our Creator created we, the people; and, we created government; now, the only reason for government is to protect our rights. However, the created (the government) now claims to rule over we the creator and claims to be “god”; it’s time to restore the order of things and to end economic apartheid, criminal government and debt slavery. History is repeating itself…

Remember the 1950’s Defiance Campaign against apartheid?

Remember the 1955 Freedom Charter? Declaring that:

“South Africa belongs to all who live in it… and that no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the People;” and that “The people shall govern!”

Is government today based on the will of the people?

No, banks, courts and government are criminal; our public servants hijacked our Republic and now claim to own it and claim they rule over we the people;

the criminals are protected and exploiting we the people, the lawful owners, creditors and first claimants of South Africa; genoeg is genoeg!!!

Does government have our authority? NO!!!

Remember the 1994 Reconstruction & Development policy framework? We expressly declared direct self-governance not a representative government, developing the common law, customary law and people’s courts, oversight committees; local self-governance; nationalizing everything back to the state; and we own the state; in fact we are the living state; government promised handover by 1999; but, we got lazy and fell asleep; now we are back in 1950;

It is the same banks, courts, laws and government as in the apartheid era;

How can we expect anything different? Now, we have to do it all over again; this time it does not have to take us 40 years; 

Remember the United Democratic Front?

We propose the United People’s Front. History repeats itself; a non-political front to unite all activists, churches, communities, independent states, kingdoms, non-consenters, non-compliers, militias, peacekeepers, people’s courts, stokvels, tribal authorities and everyone else demanding CHANGE!! RIGHT NOW!!!

Defiance Campaign – Mass Action

  • Boycott the covid dompas; boycott covid dompas companies;
  • Boycott voting; take your name off the voter’s roll; we are firing them;
  • Boycott colonial politics; it divides people; it allows foreign interference;
  • Boycott banks; draw lots of cash; don’t open new accounts; support alternative initiatives such as or
  • Stop paying accounts and start asking lots of questions; drown them in paper;
  • Demand the original bills; they sell it as money and then double bill you;
  • Boycott courts; use arbitrators, tribal authorities or jural assemblies;
  • Boycott foreign chain stores; buy from local people businesses;
  • Boycott municipalities; support or start local private service providers;
  • Support growers, farmers & local markets; buy direct;

Mobilize Your Community

  • Stop evictions, foreclosures, land claims, repossessions; it’s fraud;
  • Demand your sheriff protect the people or fire him and deputize your own;
  • Notify Police & Army they work for you not corporate government; and must protect you;
  • Establish a local militia, marshals and peacekeepers to protect the people;
  • Establish people’s courts and use your tribal authorities to hold the criminals accountable;
  • Churches must declare themselves under God’s Law not man’s;

Start building an alternative society that makes the old one useless;

Plan To Take South Africa Back

We have a plan to take South Africa back in as little as 6 months; BUT, it will more than likely take 4 years; it all depends on you; we need experts for: a banking committee, oversight committees, 12 justices (wise elders; one from each SA nation); please do email us;

  • We can restore we the people’s power; equal share in the national wealth; end unemployment; uplifting the poor; a basic income for all; fund people’s projects; focus on environmental rehabilitation, pollution clean ups, food security, sustainability, local production, community development; skills training, education on rights and self-governance;
  • Review and complete the Reconstruction & Development policy framework;
  • Reclaim all assets of RSA Inc. into a South African Public Express Trust; a un-incorporated national land trust at common law; and, the people are the equal shareholders and will appoint their trustees by referendum; no BAR members or high ranking RSA Inc. officials will ever be permitted;
  • Copyright claim and all SA and RSA registered names and bill anyone using them;
  • Each SA nation or self-identifying community is already declaring themselves a free and independent state; see: ; each with its own common law and or customary law and people’s courts; the common and customary laws must be updated and brought in line with a common bill of rights and present moral sentiments of the local community;  
  •  Each state will have its own sub-trust within the National Trust and manage their own affairs without any outside interference;
  • Re-purpose SARB, SARS & National Treasury; Zero V.A.T.; zero Income Tax;
  • Debt Jubilee: an end to evictions, foreclosures, repossessions; full settlement of all South Africa’s debts;
  • Ban all licences and registrations for people and small businesses; alcohol, firearms, tobacco, cannabis, private vehicles etc. unless restricted by the unanimous decision of a jury in a common law court or by a tribal authority after agreement of the local people;
  • Free Trade Zone; Lift all trade restrictions on private, local and proudly South African companies; lift all trade restrictions with the same companies abroad;
  • Impose Anti-Trust Laws against multi-national corporations; capture illicit tax flows into offshore tax havens for development;
  • Repurpose harmful companies into nature and people friendly ones;
  • Ban harmful technology and or change it to be in harmony;
  • Ban harmful medical practices and develop the most natural ones;
  • Ban all indoctrination education; change the entire education system, process, material and methods; foremost, to teach the young good ethics, morals and values; what law is and what their natural rights are;
  • De-militarize the SA Defence Force; ban all gun licences; the right to bear arms is a natural right; fund and train local and national marshals, militias and peacekeepers for civil defence;
  • Free allodial land for all; reclaim all military lands; reclaim the estimated 400 000 farms back from government for the people; fund farming communities and de-centralize the cities;
  • A Truth & Restoral Commission by, for and of the people this time to investigate all the gold, minerals, resources, artefacts and heritage stolen from us since the first South African Republic. It is thousands of trillions…

The faster you take action and join us the faster we can save ourselves and build the new earth right here, right now; if, we don’t our society will collapse;

Educate and inform yourself and follow the website for the latest updates:

Groups that support this campaign and volunteers are welcome to email us at:

In peace

Sa Jural Assembly

A people’s court of conscience

UPF Flag

The flag represents from top down: light blue = sky; green = life; dark blue = seas and fresh water; brown = earth; this is our Life and what we depend on; it’s our heritage from our Creator, each by their own private belief in their Creator.

Feel free to do a better logo;

R41 380 513 104 000 000: The mind boggling amount Tokyo Sexwale claims was stolen

“Over the years, National Treasury and the SARB have received many such requests for, or promises, of billions (and now trillions) of rands or dollars, and from experience regard these as simply scams. Any claim that such funds are meant for deserving causes such as Covid-19 relief, social grants or grants for free education are simply empty promises, to secure the interest of the potential victim,” Treasury and SARB said..

The Treasury and the Reserve Bank had previously received correspondence from Sexwale and many others alleging that billions of rands have been stolen from a fund that has been referred to as the ‘White Spiritual Boy Trust’ and which was set up by a foreign donor.

Subsequent investigations by the SARB confirmed that it had no record of the existence of the said fund and it had advised Sexwale in writing that, given the SARB’s experience and knowledge of this and other similar matters, it could only conclude that the alleged fund was a scam.

Read again: “to secure the interest of the potential victim”; when enough “interest” is “secured” then you the gullible people give the fake commercial paper value; someone will slip it through because money bill fraud is the biggest scam in town and they will claim it from your Strawman account; and, it’s fake debt money as a “loan” at 4% interest when you are in fact the creditor already owed all this; we will never be able to pay it back after blowing it on trinkets made in China; this is merely to obfuscate the gold that was stolen from we the people. There is only one way out of this mess. And, it must be done right.

Is the cabal moving in on South Africa

If, you are able to follow the thread of the previous 3 posts and you listen to the following speech a picture starts developing; first, that the ANC is obviously not paying the cabal their dues; secondly, the cabal think we the people are stupid enough for the bigger criminals to take power from the smaller criminals right in front of our noses; and, throwing peanuts at us will placate us again; further, our informants are telling us that they are already buying up SA heritage sites (with money stolen from us) to pull in and build their villas and to continue their colonial lifestyles on our shores; not on our watch; they have no idea what’s coming…

Oh, and by the way, at least 60 of the Cape DA Political Party are freemasons…