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Pennymac Forgeries Produce Some New Law

Brilliant; noted; thank you; in peace

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Pennymac tried to outwit the court system, succeeding at the trial level and then failing on appeal. The simple fact is that it is a rare instance where a party can lose a lawsuit based upon a forged instrument. The court will (and should) always find a way to deny such relief.

see sanabria-v-pennymac-mortgage-investment-trust-holdings-i-llc

Simple case. Closing attorney still had copy of the note — 5 pages. Pennymac sued on a 6 page note. Defendants denied that the note was real and denied they signed the document upon which Pennymac was relying. Pennymac said that Florida statutes required Defendants to file a cause of action to get rid of a forged document. The trial court agreed. The appellate court said no, the authenticity of the document and the signature is put in play once it is apparent to all that this the gravamen of the defense.

Florida Statutes 673.308.1 reads…

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Deutsche Bank Plunge Sparks Talk of “Lehman Moment”

The redemption of the people will finally happen when Babylon falls for the last time; and, nothing short of a debt jubilee and set-off will balance the books again; and, to this they cannot and will not concede; it is their arrogance that will be their downfall; just as in the time of Isaiah; history repeats itself; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, September 27, 2016
World Socialist Web Site 27 September 2016

Shares in Deutsche Bank plunged yesterday in the wake of reports in a German news magazine that Chancellor Angela Merkel had ruled out assistance to the bank following the imposition by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) of a $14 billion fine over its dealings in the sub-prime mortgage market leading up to the financial crisis of 2008.

On Friday Focus, a weekly magazine based in Munich, reported that Merkel had categorically stated the government would not step in, citing unidentified government officials and that the chancellor had made her views known in discussions with the bank’s CEO, John Cryan.

Deutsche Bank shares plunged 7 percent, falling to their lowest level since 1983 despite a statement by Cryan that the bank had not sought government assistance in its negotiations with the DoJ. Shares in…

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Indigenous Woman Protests Poor Housing Conditions On First Nations

When one researches the deception then governments are supposed to provide the people with ‘services’ for using their names to trade on the stockmarkets as “assets”; Yet, unbeknownst to most people, use people’s names to profiteer off of them; it’s called personage; and, now they do not even bother providing the services they promised as this case highlights; imperial capitalism and corporate greed is now eating itself by the tail; take heed to the Hopi prophecy and get out of Babylon, dear people; do it now; it is falling; in peace


Alma Kakikepinace is camping outdoors on Sagkeeng First Nation on a hunger strike. She hopes band officials come through and provide her with adequate housing. (Supplied by Diane Maytwayashing) Alma Kakikepinace is camping outdoors on Sagkeeng First Nation on a hunger strike. She hopes band officials come through and provide her with adequate housing. (Supplied by Diane Maytwayashing)

After years without water, Alma Kakikepinace camps out in Sagkeeng First Nation hunger strike

CBC NewsPosted: Sep 25, 201

“Until I die.”

That’s how long an Indigenous woman says she is committed to going without food while living out of a makeshift camp in protest of poor housing conditions on First Nations in Canada.

Alma Kakikepinace’s health isn’t in great shape. The 53-year-old lives with physical pain, muscle cramps and vision problems associated with diabetes, and yet she is determined to go hungry and live in chilly outdoor conditions on Sagkeeng First Nation to prove a point.

“She’s taking a stand. This isn’t tolerable,” her close friend Robert Peters said. “She’s not alone.”

Four years ago, Kakikepinace, who works as…

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Celebrating the One Percent: Is Inequality Really Good for the Economy?

“The state is that great legal fiction where everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else; the !% get the 99% to aspire to their level in the pyramid scheme; a greedy gamble all are willing to make; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, September 21, 2016
CounterPunch 20 September 2016

To paraphrase Mark Twain, everyone complains about inequality, but nobody does anything about it.

What they do is to use “inequality” as a takeoff point to project their own views on how to make society more prosperous and at the same time more equal. These views largely depend on whether they view the One Percent as innovative, smart and creative, making wealth by helping the rest of society – or whether, as the great classical economists wrote, the wealthiest layer of the population consist ofrentiers, making their income and wealth off the 99 Percent as idle landlords, monopolists and predatory bankers.

Economic statistics show fairly worldwide trends in inequality. After peaking in the 1920s, the reforms of the Great Depression helped make income distribution more equitable and stable until 1980. [1]

Then, in the wake of…

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What Is BRICS Member India Really Up To?

BRIC is in disarray; the S is still playing the Washington Consensus; hence, no overt attack on us by the U.S.; in peace

Counter Information


By Pepe Escobar

Jonathan Cook is a Nazareth- based journalist and winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism – See more at:

September 21, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “RT” – You may have never heard of LEMOA. In Global South terms, LEMOA (Logistics Exchange Memorandum Agreement) is quite a big thing, signed in late August by Indian Defense Minister Mohan Parrikar and Pentagon supremo Ash Carter.

As Carter spun it four months before the signing, LEMOA rules that US forces “may” be deployed to India under special circumstances. Essentially, Delhi will allow Washington to refuel and keep contingents and equipment in Indian bases – but only in case of war.

In theory, India is not offering the US any permanent military base. Yet considering the Pentagon’s track record that may of course change in a flash.

No wonder Indian nationalists were outraged…

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REBEL YELL: What is the Dakota Access Pipeline Project & Why should we care? – By Katie Medlock

Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere; in peace


Source –

“…Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell reminded viewers that the US is a nation “founded on genocide” and theft of Native people. He said, “And so we face the prospect next month of the descendants of the first people to ever set foot on that land being arrested by the descendants of the invaders who seized that land, arrested for trespassing”:

(What is the Dakota Access Pipeline project? We explain…- By Katie Medlock)

Dominating the headlines this past week has been coverage of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the ensuing protests by both Native American tribes and environmental groups who oppose the construction and operation of the project. The pipeline developers promise economic benefits and a reduced dependence on foreign energy, while native tribes, in particular, the Standing Rock Sioux, lambast the project for the threat it poses to sacred land and their drinking water supply

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Corporate Suppression of Direct Democracy Fuels Fight for Community Rights

Brilliant, thank you; direct democracy is the answer; representative democracy is mob rule; download a Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th edition to see how semantic deceit is used to garner a semblance of consent under the colour of law;
The courts and the banksters are the “bar” to our social and economic freedom and justice; in peace

Rise Up Times

Across the country, corporations and government officials are working together to protect corporate interests and block local communities from exercising our rights to direct democracy.

By Kai Huschke  Truthout | Op-Ed  September 6, 2016

The Right To The City Alliance marches with the larger Climate Justice Alliance during the People's Climate March in Manhattan, NY, on September 21, 2014.The Right To The City Alliance marches with the larger Climate Justice Alliance during the People’s Climate March in Manhattan, New York, on September 21, 2014. (Photo: Alan Greig / Flickr)

On July 1, 2016, in Tacoma, Washington, a corporate-government alliance succeeded in pushing a single judge to deny local residents’ right to vote on a duly qualified ballot initiative that would have empowered the people of Tacoma to decide whether large corporate water projects would be allowed in their community. Perhaps not surprisingly, it was that same corporate-government alliance that had welcomed a proposal from Northwest Innovation Works to build the world’s largest methanol plant in Tacoma — a plant that would have…

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Imagine A World Nurturing Self Governance:

Thanks Ron; it’s difficult to find a post lately that does not revolve around U.S. politics; in peace

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BANKING CARTEL: Central Bank Digital Currencies, A Revolution in Banking? – By Ellen Brown

The power of banking must be in the hands of the people where it rightly belongs; in peace


Source –

“…The actual creation of money is orchestrated by private banks today. Nearly 97% of the money supply is created by banks when they make loans, as the Bank of England acknowledged in a bombshell report in 2014″:

(Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Revolution in Banking? – By Ellen Brown)

Several central banks, including the Bank of England, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve, are exploring the concept of issuing their own digital currencies, using the blockchain technology developed for Bitcoin. Skeptical commentators suspect that their primary goal is to eliminate cash, setting us up for negative interest rates (we pay the bank to hold our deposits rather than the reverse).

But Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, puts a more positive spin on it. He says Central Bank Digital Currencies could supplant the money now created by…

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The Shady History of Big Sugar

We are a society of addicts; notice how everyone enjoys their line of sugar; in peace

Stop Making Sense

David Singerman writes for The New York Times:

On Monday, an article in JAMA Internal Medicine reported that in the 1960s, the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to publish a study blaming fat and cholesterol for coronary heart disease while largely exculpating sugar. This study, published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in 1967, helped set the agenda for decades of public health policy designed to steer Americans into low-fat foods, which increased carbohydrate consumption and exacerbated our obesity epidemic.

This revelation rightly reminds us to view industry-funded nutrition science with skepticism and to continue to demand transparency in scientific research. But ending Big Sugar’s hold on the American diet will require a broader understanding of the various ways in which the industry, for 150 years, has shaped government policy in order to fuel our sugar addiction.


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Abolish Police & the State – The Ideas That Will Replace Them

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In Her Words

By Joshua Scott Hotchkin

Accountability Is Futile
The Police State Is Slavery – Abolition, Not Reform, Is the Only Solution

In this article I will discuss the emerging paradigms that will replace these institutions while granting the individual more freedoms and liberties than the state while also increasing social harmony among individuals and as a whole for humanity. We can break these down into two categories, ideology and technology.


Rights- Many believe that governments and their enforcement agencies are necessary to protect our ‘rights’. The assumption that we have rights and that they need protected becomes the justification for the existence of these institutions. But we must ask ourselves, what is a right? Do these rights exist external to human ideas about them? If so, where do they come from? How? Why? What is the ontological source of an objective ‘right’?

The idea of rights is merely a human…

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REALPOLITIK: Spices, Colonization and the East India Companies


Source –

“…Nathaniel’s Nutmeg is about the conquest of the the Banda Islands in the East Indies (aka the “Spice Islands”), the enslavement of the indigenous Bandanese and the ferocious 17th century wars between Holland and Britain over the nutmeg monopoly -Shipping nutmeg overland resulted in a 60,000 percent mark-up – after Turkish traders and Venetian middlemen took their cut. This price gouging was the main impetus driving Europeans determination to find a sea route to the “Spice Islands” :

(Nathaniel’s Nutmeg: How One Man’s Courage Changed the Course of History – By Giles Milton,1999)

Book Review

Nathaniel’s Nutmeg is about the conquest of the the Banda Islands in the East Indies (aka the “Spice Islands”), the enslavement of the indigenous Bandanese and the ferocious 17th century wars between Holland and Britain over the nutmeg monopoly. Milton’s book is derived mainly from original journals, diaries and letters of…

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Lawful Money Redemption

People, this is not true; all money is fiat; it is imaginary;only legal fictions such as ‘persons’, ‘governments’, banks’ etc. get to use imaginary money; these institutions have duties and obligations to be ‘debtors’, to have their property confiscated etc.; and, they operate under ‘law-of-the-sea’ jurisdiction; their tender is called ‘legal’ tender;
Now, under ‘law-of-the-land’ [un-enacted law] which relates to ‘people’, not ‘persons’ the ONLY lawful tender is gold or peoples’ labour;
The fiat money system is fraudulent; you know that; therefore, playing the fraudulent fiat Ponzi scheme is ADDING TO THE FRAUD:
The longer we play with the fraudsters, the longer our woes and misery continues;
Right now, there is NO law; our rights are being trampled; in the absence of law, the maxim rules:
Fraud lies hid in general expressions.
Gross negligence is equivalent to fraud.
He is not deceived who knows himself to be deceived.
He who does not prevent what he can, seems to commit the thing.
He who does not prevent what he can prevent, is viewed as assenting.
He who does not forbid what he can forbid, seems to assent.
He who does not forbid, when he might forbid, commands.
He who does not repel a wrong when he can, induces it.
It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.
Once a fraud, always a fraud.
Out of fraud no action arises. Cowper, 343; Broom’s Max. 349.
Right and fraud never dwell together. 10 Coke, 45a. Applied to the title of a statute. Id.; Best, Ev. p. 250, § 205.
That which has been invalid from the beginning cannot be validated by fraud.
What otherwise is good and just, if it be sought by force and fraud, becomes bad and unjust.

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Most people don’t realize that your general indorsement of a check deposited in a bank, is your BOND, constituting acceptance of a PRIVATE CREDIT, thus making you and everything you own, a COLLATERAL behind the federal (national) debt. On the other hand, indorsing the check with a demand for lawful money, makes the deposit into lawful money.
So you see, by a GENERAL indorsement of your paychecks, you’re BONDING FRNs with everything you own. I.e. you’re adding yourself and your property to the “full faith and credit of United States” which backs the Federal Reserve Notes. And since it’s the Federal Reserve which lends those FRNs to Congress, the FedRes now has the FIRST LIEN against all your property. I.e. you didn’t pay with REAL money for your property, you’ve only DISCHARGED debts with FRNs, so you DON’T have the full title to it. It’s all…

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