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historical video footage from the people’s court inside the commercial court, not the best quality (turn up the volume) since filming has do be done covertly, remember these high courts are property of the crown empire, it is all about commerce and money, all ‘judges’ are agents for the banks; we’re trying to get the transcripts free of charge, this is another farce, that ‘public’ records can only be obtained by paying a private company (appointed by another dodgy tender process) a hefty fee (the transcripts for these proceedings would be R2000-3000) and prohibiting people to make their own recordings; in fact these days, with all the electronic gadgetry, one should just go to the recording wo/man after the hearing, plug in an USB device and take it home…

Message from brother thomas: “While everyone who is within range of a mind control device such as internet, smart phone technology or other, is on pause… (yes you are on pause, look around you);
those people that cannot afford babylon technology, are peacefully reclaiming what is their’s; you certainly are missing out on all the fun…

Over the next few days we are uniting communities in the cape, especially those facing evictions, to bring their flag and support the call for community independence as per common, customary or tribal law as long it is in the spirit of the bill of rights (most of it, some parts are un-acceptable)

The courts are in a shambles: refering to the pinned post, acting judge john riley over-ruled the registrar’s okay for the release of 1 set of audio copies of the court case between proudly manenberg and consol; he acted as trustee, beneficiary and administrator in this matter;
The judge ignored the motu proprio served in court which is the highest legal instrument; the opposing advocate admitted to the Vatican in an email to us on friday evening; they are just digging themselves deeper, we will be notifying franscisus that his house is in anarchy and this is what happens when a church, aristocrachy, monarchy, state or government becomes a law-breaker and becomes a law unto themselves;

We have met up with a group of law lecturers who are also defending people against foreclosures and we are joining hands; one of them worked closely with the national treasury and we have had long conversations regarding bills of exchange;

There is lots happening in reality; just not here; if you want it here then start giving freely and you will receive freely; it is disgusting that there is over 2750 leeches on this page and none of you have even bothered to ask how you can give; if each one of you contributed r50 month, we would have already settled all debts of this country and be rolling out projects, yet you indulge yourselves: ubuntu has spent over 900 000 on their election campaign when they know it’s a scam and that it conflicts with common law subject matter jurisdiction; ubuntu now belong to the crown; how much did new era spend if it wasn’t for a handfull of visionaries amongst you, who kept this flame alive, it would have been snuffed because the majority indulge themselves; sies vir julle!!! “1

The BBC is Using Anti-Terror Surveillance to Find Tax Dodgers

The name of the game is to keep your eyes on the ball and never see what the other players do in plain sight without being observed or stopped. 0.3% of the world population rule all the rest! It is time the majority vote them out. To do that we must unite in our common goal efforts. Yet we see how the majority turn into cannibals destroying each other while the cabal laugh their heads off and stay in power.

This is how the Sovereign People Peacefully declare Common Law jurisdiction and change the forum in a commercial high court

This is a first in SA, the first of many to come! We commend you BT for the orderly fashion in which you claimed the court for the People and changed the forum. This is the way to declare a court of record with Common Law jurisdiction in a peaceful and orderly fashion. Look and learn, together we will get this down to a fine art to re-forum any court to a Common Law court of record and gain widespread respect for the Love, Compassion, Fairness and Respect such a court will demand and uphold for the people by the people!

The new ‘internet’ Magna Carta Charter/ Bill of Rights – Must read!!

” By 2014, after much tribulation, Sir Tim Bernes-Lee (the British inventor/ King of the fifth domain) revealed how he had adopted this new paradigm and charter: calling on the World Wide Web to crowd-source a new ‘internet’ Magna Carta Charter/ Bill of Rights. The Queen also began work on revising the original to produce a Magna Carta Charter II, which is now in draft. The unprecedented success of the Trust’s first charter become increasingly evident, when the velocity of the economic opportunity it unveiled, was fully realized. ” Get all the action from and down load the document too!

David Cameron to abstain in Palestine statehood vote, a Genetic Psychopath

This guy is the meanest of them all.


This leader like most is clearly a Genetic Psychopath, his abstention bears the hall marks of a mentally deranged person dressed up really well.

Meanwhile his colleagues in the Conservative Friends of Israel are going around threatening ministers in a bid to get them to vote in favour of apartheid, as are the Labour and Liberal Friends of Israel. Ministers should be banned from aligning themselves with foreign nations, they should also remember that they were elected to serve the population of the UK, not the government of a rogue state bent on genocide.

Another thing I just thought of, if he’s abstaining it probably means that he’s confident of a “NO” vote. He’d hardly be abstaining if he thought his masters would lose out.

a Genetic Psychopath a Genetic Psychopath

David Cameron is to abstain in a parliamentary vote on recognising Palestine as a state, the UK prime minister’s spokesman has said.

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