The following  educational manuals by whistle-blowers are highly recommended by us as background to the truth on the law and your rights, commerce and redemption;

Common Law Manuals – South Africa

ancient precedents and established principles in law and old authority definitions; learn what some legal words originally mean in contrast to what we assume:

2015.12 Nomocracy ver III – UZA

The 2013 SA Guide to Sovereignty & Commerce is very outdated but still worth a read:

The Giftoftruth – SA guide to Sovereignty & Commerce

The following is the best explanation to date:

Living In The Private

International Redemption Manuals

Court Survival Guide – F.R.P

The Global Sovereigns Handbook by Johnny Liberty


How I clobbered every Bureaucratic Cash-confiscatory Agency known to Man Elizabeth Mary Croft


The_Errant_Sovereigns_Handbook vol. 2 Augustus Blackstone

What manner of person are you

Who Is You

Woe Unto You Lawyers

Commercial Law Manuals

Foreclosure Defence Handbook by Vince Kahn, great for comprehending commerce and UCC.

What does A4V mean  explains how bills of exchange work and are settled;

Uniform Law for Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes

Banks-Lie-Ebook by Chris Fields from Australia and how he got his property back;

ModernMoneyMechanics by the Federal Reserve Bank;

Fruit From a Poisonous Tree by Mel Stamper

South African Manuals

1955 Freedom Charter a Declaration of we, the people of Southern Africa 

Stephen Mitford Goodson – Inside the South African Reserve Bank_ Its Origins and Secrets Exposed

HIGH TREASON – by Gunter Schickelgruber

SA GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY by Mel Ve, investigative journalist

Argument from Illusions into Reality by Alec McGregor of the family Cairns

VOLKSVERRAAD the history behind the history of SA by Advocate P.J Pretorius

FOLK TREASON – Chapter 5 a translation of Chapter 5 from Volksverraad

SELL-OUT ‘Volksverraad’ (Adv P.J. Pretorius, 1996) the English Version


21 thoughts on “Manuals

  1. i am loving all the help i am receiving thru these pages and you lovely people. thank you…lets get our lives back !!
    in Peace marc

  2. Brother can you please load uncle Angus Blackstone’s first book to our stock of manuals too. Here is a link to copy and past in a new tab address bar of your internet explorer to get it in the mean time!


    1. Hi Ben,
      loaded volume 2 as well. What is news in SA? Am offline mostly. we are working on our campaign, but support is few when it comes to rolling up the sleeves 🙂

      in peace

    1. The Giftoftruth SA Guide to Sovereignty & Commerce is a South African version; it needs an update: this contribution has been made possible by others gracious donations; freely give and freely we will receive; in peace, bt

  3. I am a willing bondservant of my CREATOR a Trustee in Commerce utilizing my gift of life given to me coupled with my free will I live that my FATHER WILL be Done Here on Earth as it is in Heaven

  4. Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Republic ..I’m new here but not new to the process. I’m looking to fast track my documents here in the states. I know most of the manuals as applied to the U.S. I need claiming the NAME and Estate templates that are clean and unlocked (certain formatting cells in the Template I have are locked and jumbled). Anybody got a clean version? Thanks and bless you all for your stellar work. It rocks!!

  5. Good day, where can i find info regarding the conditional acceptance of traffic fines and any other path/remedy and any other info on traffic fines

  6. Hi, thank you for all the work and the documents, I am busy going thru court survival and I see it mentions vehicle survival and citation refusal where would I found them please, thank you so much. God bless

  7. HI, thanks for the response, I am busy going thru and equipping myself so I saw an started going thru the court survival doc and saw

    ” 2. If you have successfully followed the guidelines in the Vehicle Survival Kit and/or the
    Citation Refusal Kit, you may not need a Court Survival Kit, by virtue of not having to appear in
    court on some phony traffic charge.”

    so I am wondering where to find vehicle survival kit and Citation Refusal Kit.

    1. Hi,, thank you, I will check RGH, I’ve been to the website I’ll check around some more.
      Thanks again

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