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Renouncing U.S. Citizenship Cost: $0; $450, Now $2350, But Officially Inflation doesn’t exist

Renounce your citizenship slavery; be a conscientious objector.
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Everyone is targeted

No Inflation Friday: 422% increase in price to leave the Land of the Free

by Simon Black on August 29, 2014

In fact, renouncing US citizenship was free of charge until a couple of years ago. Then, overnight, the State Departmente imposed a $450 fee.

Yesterday they increased it once again– to $2,350. That’s a 422% increase.
In its explanation, the State Department whined that the costs of processing renunciations had simply become too high.

It’s curious that a government which denies inflation even exists would complain about the consequences of it. -Simon Black

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Taxation without consideration

The only way to keep the Ponzi scheme going is to keep raising taxes on Everyone

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Coca-Cola buys stake in Monster Beverage

Trick or treat? Without prejudice, every corporation soda goes towards the extermination of the people or the planet. On a fractional reserve banking system, your $1 soda tax invoice is sold to your reserve bank for $10 to stock markets = $100 to world bank $1000.00. Every soda can fund at least a small drone .
Ask yourself this: “How many drones are the people funding daily on this planet.?”
Know this: This madness will only stop if you stop it: Be a conscientious objector, drinking soda is guaranteed to kill.

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