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The Psychological Depths of “The Cancer Stage of Capitalism”, Healing Our Collective Sickness

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Review of Prof. John McMurtry’s Book

Global Research, February 27, 2017

In these uncertain, crazy, polarizing and scary times we live in, one thing I think everyone can agree on is this: if viewed as a single macro-organism, humanity has fallen ill. There has been a sickness—a type of madness—existing deep within the soul of humanity that for many years has been infecting the global body politic that, instead of continuing to hide in the shadows, is now becoming glaringly and undeniably obvious. Current political events are the manifestation of a deeper process that has been brewing in the cauldron of the collective unconscious of humanity for many years, maybe even from the beginning of our appearance on this planet.

With the ascension of Donald Trump onto the highest throne of political power on planet earth, some of us might feel that the sickness is finally going…

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One of the best kept secrets in the world

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12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

This is a beautifully succinct presentation about the fraud being perpetuated by the private banks against Canadians. Just substitute “Federal Reserve” for “Bank of Canada” and all the same truths apply. That we have been so stupidly trusting for so many years in the face of such obvious self-service and evil is indeed stunning.

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Amish Farmer Faces 68 Years in Prison for Making Natural Product

These sea courts on the land are committing barratry and personage and numerous actionable frauds;

NO CORPORATE JURISDICTION OVER THE NATURAL MAN – Supreme Court of the United States 1795 – “Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” S.C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

It said ‘Chickweed Salve’ up top, then on down said ‘Cures Cancer,’ she explained.  “Which for some people it did, but he can’t say that. So he changed it to say ‘Healing Chickweed,’ but they said no you can’t say healing. So now it just says ‘Original Chickweed.'”

“I mean do you go to jail because you’ve messed up a label on a product?” asked Moody.  “I thought you went to jail because you did something bad. I mean he mislabeled something? I doubt he knew any better.”

Girod has been making the product for over 20 years and sold it in small convenience stores.

The Lexington Herald Leader reports, “The grand jury indicted Samuel A. Girod on a dozen charges, including conspiracy, distributing misbranded drugs and threatening a witness to try to keep business documents away from the grand jury. The witness-tampering charge, the most serious, carries a…

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Justice and “Social Justice” Are Two Very Different Things

Talk of educated nitwits that cannot make the distinction between law-of-the-land and law-of-the-sea; two contra-distinct jurisdictions;

And, the argument of commerce falls flat when banksters print money out of thin air, money is an IOU, a credit is a debt, and a workman is no longer worthy of his hire; in peace

Maxim – Fraud lurks in generalities. Tray. Lat. Max. 162.


Justice and "Social Justice" Are Two Very Different ThingsSocial Justice ‘Warriors’

Recently, Harvard political theorist Danielle Allen wrote in the Washington Post of “The most important phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance” — “with liberty and justice for all.”

Allen recognized that justice required “equality before the law” and that freedom exists “only when it is for everyone.” But she confused democracy — defined as progressives “build[ing] a distributed majority across the country, as is needed for electoral college victory” — with liberty, which is very different. Similarly, she replaced the traditional meaning of justice (“giving each his own,” according to Cicero) with a version of “social justice” inconsistent with it. And her two primary examples of rights — “rights” to education and health care — were inconsistent with both liberty for all and justice for all.

Americans cannot have both liberty and this type of social justice — under whose aegis one can assert rights to be provided education and…

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It’s Your Land, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 33

Maxim – Nothing is so natural as to dissolve anything in the way in which it was bound together; therefore the obligation of words is taken away by words; the obligation of mere consent is dissolved by the contrary consent. Dig. 50, 17, 35; Broom, Max. 887.

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12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

I usually talk about America, but today, let’s talk about Britain where all this duplicitous wordplay and fraud began. I suggest this because something about the oddity of the British names makes the fraud more visible to my eyes and I suspect the same will be true for other Americans.

First, a note about British land and sovereignty nomenclature for Americans from Graham Phillips, British journalist, researcher, historian, and author, quoted from The Lost Tomb of King Arthur—

“Strictly speaking, the term Britain refers just to England and Wales; it derives from Britannia, the Latin name of the province established by the Romans, which covered the parts of the British Isles they occupied.”

And, “Great Britain” which includes Scotland, did not exist as a single nation until 1707, while the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” did not come into existence until 1801, after…

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Selected Articles: Humanity on Brink of Extinction, Syria: Fake US “Counter-terrorism”, Trump: Deep State Coup d’Etat

It is time that we, the people unite and un-vote the political system and vote in direct democracy; all countries and their constitutions are based on fraud; we must wipe the slate clean and start fresh;

Then force governments and the G7 to dismantle nuclear armaments; necessity overrides the fetters of law; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, February 22, 2017

The Cliff of Nuclear Annihilation: Humanity is on the Brink of Extinction! Thirty Seconds to Midnight

By Regis TremblayHelen CaldicottRay McGovernDavid VineChris Hedges, and Colonel Ann Wright, February 20 2017

Filmmaker Regis Tremblay states what few others dare to say. Humanity is on the brink of extinction! Nuclear power is not safe. 48 of America’s nuclear power plants are leaking and there is no way to get rid of nuclear waste. America’s reckless provocations of both Russia and China, two nuclear-armed countries, risk a nuclear holocaust from which no one survives. Climate change and global warming, if not mitigated immediately, will end the human experiment on earth sooner rather than later.


The “Counter-terrorism” Campaign in Syria is Fake. “Dark State” Manipulations Serve as Barriers to Peace

By Mark Taliano, February 19 2017


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VOODOO ECONOMICS: Michael Pento, James Rickards & Gerald Celente on surviving the coming financial superstorm

Thank you, RP, it’s time for final prepping; in peace


Source –

“…It is 100% known, in other words, that the Ponzi scheme of central banks, fiat currency and runaway global debt will come to a catastrophic end. The only unknowns are the exact nature and timing of the “tipping point” event that will push it over the edge. No one can accurately predict that timing, but geopolitical forces increasingly point to a high likelihood of it cratering during Donald Trump’s first term as President“:

(Pay attention to these three financial experts if you want to survive the coming financial superstorm: Michael Pento, James Rickards and Gerald Celente)

I’m on the record with an all-out warning that a horrific “financial apocalypse” is coming during President Trump’s first term (see my mini-documentary videos below). As a laboratory scientist, I’ve long had a natural gift for mathematics, and I can assure you that the mathematics of today’s global debt…

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WITH CRIMINAL INTENT: Spain Sets Massive Precedent, Charges Its Central Bankers in Court – By Claire Bernish

It is not enough; ONLY a full investigation into the entire banking system AND the colluding of the BAR legal system before a Truth & Reconciliation Commission WITH public participation will serve justice; in peace


Source –

– “The six central bankers and one financial regulator stand accused of authorizing the public launch of Bankia in 2011 despite repeated warnings from the Bank of Spain’s own team of inspectors that the banking group was ‘unviable”:

(Spain Sets Massive Precedent – Charges Its Central Bankers in Court – By Claire Bernish)

First, Iceland, and now Spain has taken on the Big Bankers responsible for financial calamity, as the country’s highest national court charged the former head of Spain’s central bank, a market regulator, and five other banking officials over a failed bank leading to the loss of millions of euros for smaller investors.

This, of course, markedly departs from the mammoth taxpayer giveaway — commonly referred to as the bailout — approved by the U.S. government ostensively to “save” the Big Banks and, albeit unstated, allow the enormous institutions to continue bilking customers…

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How the Trump Regime Was Manufactured by a War Inside the Deep State

It is time we realise that it is by our authority that government exists; only we the people can save ourselves; Southern Africa has already experienced the overthrow of an oppressive regime; we do not trust our leaders; period; yes, we were sold down the river in 1994, but we have awoken and will peacefully and quickly re-direct it back on the freedom path;
Amerika, on the other hand, still trust their leaders and they are being played; even the so-called “awake” alternative media waste 80% of their time on “what who did next” instead of, what are we doing about it? in peace

Stop Making Sense

Nafeez Ahmed writes for Insurge Intelligence:

[…] One approach to framing the Trump movement comes from Jordan Greenhall, who sees it as a conservative (“Red Religion”) Insurgency against the liberal (“Blue Church”) Globalist establishment (the “Deep State”). Greenhall suggests, essentially, that Trump is leading a nationalist coup against corporate neoliberal globalization using new tactics of “collective intelligence” by which to outsmart and outspeed his liberal establishment opponents.

But at best this is an extremely partial picture.

In reality, Trump has ushered in something far more dangerous:

The Trump regime is not operating outside the Deep State, but mobilizing elements within it to dominate and strengthen it for a new mission.

The Trump regime is not acting to overturn the establishment, but to consolidate it against a perceived crisis of a wider transnational Deep System.

The Trump regime is not a conservative insurgency against the liberal establishment, but an act…

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JUSTINIAN-DECEPTION: (HIDDEN-FOREIGN-TEXT-KNOWN-AS DOG-LATIN) Mother of all Deceptions: The Concept of Modern Day Slavery

Beautiful, thanks; the more it is explained the easier it is to get; in peace

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4f522-judge2banna  Introduction by Anna von Reitz

Many years ago I started wondering about the all capital letters names employed by the military.  I noticed that all names in the military were written in all capitals: LIEUTENANT RODNEY KNOX, for example, as were all the stenciled words plastered on packing crates and vehicles belonging to the US ARMY.  I even tasked my poor Father about it, and he mumbled, “When you are in the military, you are a slave, and all that you have as property does not belong to you.”
This cryptic reply made no particular sense to me, nor did the idea that those putting their lives at risk to defend us would suffer the status of slaves?  He was busy and the sun was hot and the road before us was dusty from the wheels of the endless military convoy passing by on the old US HIGHWAY 12.  I noted…

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Houk v. PennyMAC CORP. | FL 2DCA – PennyMac failed to meet its burden of showing the nonexistence of a genuine issue of material fact regarding its entitlement to enforce the lost note.

Thank you, Neil; educate and inform the whole mass of the people as they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty; Jefferson; in peace

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Hat tip to


LANE A. HOUK, Appellant,

Case No. 2D15-2583.District Court of Appeal of Florida, Second District.Opinion filed February 10, 2017.Appeal from the Circuit Court for Lee County; Thomas S. Reese, Senior Judge.

Mark P. Stopa of Stopa Law Firm, Tampa, for Appellant.

Nancy M. Wallace of Akerman LLP, Tallahassee; William P. Heller and Marc J. Gottlieb of Akerman LLP, Fort Lauderdale; and Kathryn B. Hoeck of Akerman LLP, Orlando, for Appellee, PennyMac Corp.

No appearance for remaining Appellees.


Lane A. Houk challenges a final summary judgment of foreclosure entered in favor of PennyMac Corp., an entity that was substituted as the party plaintiff in place of CitiMortgage, Inc., during the pendency of the litigation in the circuit court…

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Why Not the ITCCS — An Answer to Pamjit’

Yes, finally someone with some common sense; we are first-hand witness to the fakery of Mr Annett; he is a fraud; and, we have many other witnesses;

He is highly intelligent; he had the Canadian Indian case in the bag; then he “bungled” it; his sole motive was to destroy customary and common law, not develop it; Canada, Ireland, Holland, Southern Africa;

His fake arrest warrants on the pope merely bought them all time; but, then we busted him, but no-one paid attention until Alfred got the whiff;

Thanks Kevin for strengthening our resolve; in peace

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 Sorry it has taken a while to get through my email roster and reply to your plea regarding Kevin Annett and his work.

I became suspicious of Kevin and his motives when, about three years after he broke the story about genocide at Indian Residential Schools in Canada, he still hadn’t come up with any hard evidence to back up all that he was saying and he inexplicably changed his attack from a logical complaint against ALL the various churches and groups that had allegedly participated in these atrocities to a single-minded concentration on the Roman Catholic Church.

Surely, my own complaints about and to the Roman Catholic Church stand as testimony to my own dissatisfaction with their operations, and particularly that of the office of the Roman Pontiff, so that nobody need wonder where I stand on criticizing the church which allows this…

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The fraud of it all: UN Organizations Controlling your local public officers by deception.