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2018.02.27 – UZA Report

Dear people, especially those living on the land of Southern Africa;

Without prejudice to the living; It is good to see that there is still a steady trickle of people going to and educating themselves as to what law is; what their rights are; and, what the remedies are to restore power back to the people;

Thanks to those promoting Giftoftruth; education is the most powerful weapon we the people can use to bring about change; about 100 people a day visit and occasionally there is a big spike over 1 000 visitors; now, that may not sound like much to you, but in an illiterate society where no-one reads anymore this is huge; and, it is nice to see new people making use of the Emancipation process; soon, the Express Trust will be simplified and a State Expatriation page opened; slowly but surely the Giftoftruth pages are being updated;

If, you really want to know more then follow the almost daily articles of Judge Anna von Reitz at: or do a word search on her website at:

The story for America, South Africa and Western countries is much the same since 1994;

Kindly take notice that the OPPT filings are now null and void since a jury has unanimously found HATJ guilty of fraud; maxim – fraud vitiates everything.

And, we have made a lot of reference to the OPPT filings; so, take those as struck from the record; years of good work flushed into the swamp along with all the other frauds; may this be a valuable lesson to us; especially to those who spend their time trying to find loopholes in a global Ponzi scheme we, in error, call a “money system”; instead, of learning what law is and then assembling community courts, councils, hearing, truth & reconciliation commissions or other forums to hold those accountable as equals for doing harm or causing loss; no matter their title; be they CON-stitutional Court Justice or CEO acting as President;

The 1% are people and as such are accountable as equals and peers before the 99%; and, where a unanimous ruling by all is binding and enforceable;

We must use natural law and natural justice as a restraint against tyranny; to pierce the corporate veil; to disregard all fictions of law and all legal fictions, but look to the truth alone; this is the only way to stop predatory capitalism dead in its tracks; by removing the mask of personality in capital crimes;

The Banksters and BAR are the two pillars that support the evil temple of a very evil old world new world order; now, the power of making law belongs to the people; and, so does the power to nullify the rules of Rome and London and the BAR;

And, the power of banking and money creation must be restored back into the hands of the people where it rightly belongs; then only can we will be free; then only can we end debt slavery and man-made poverty and un-employment; then only can we begin environmental and social rehabilitation projects; do off-grid sustainable living; each be a custodian over a piece of land we can call our castle;

It is an established principle of law that:

It is natural for a thing to be unbound in the same way in which it was bound.


CLCSA – Customary Law Council for Southern Africa

After 3 years of educating Indigenous Elders, especially the Khoi and San and Transkei Nations, a superior land jurisdiction Council seems to be coming together; corporate takeover of tribal land has begun;

Only Southern African common law and customary law has clean hands and has the jurisdiction to stop it; the BAR has null and voided itself by its own deceits;

Thanks to the efforts of the abaThembu Royal Kingdom of King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, not the RSA Inc. corporate “government” appointed one;

Over the next 3 months face to face meetings will be held with all interested Council members; weekly updates will only go out to those standing for CLCSA;

RSA Inc. is buying over greedy and power hungry leaders with fake “sweet deals” making our task difficult; and, it’s getting harder to find even a few ethical, good, honest, just, moral, principled, wise elders; at least this sorts the chaff from the wheat for us;

What the greedy do not realise is that they are selling their own children down the river along with the 99% for a global agenda that is set on destroying the earth and all its peoples;

If you do know of any wise Councilors please send us their contact details; we will invite and meet with all;


RGH Common Law Court

Thanks to jan and other jural activists from Republic of Good Hope, the South-Western Cape BAR legal system and ROAD TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT CORPORATION is tap-dancing around challenges to their jurisdiction regarding the right to travel freely in a private conveyance not registered with RTMC, a privately-owned corporation, without let or hinder when not engaging in commerce;

American police state tactics won’t work here; we have overturned an apartheid regime before; ad, its happening again;

Now, RTMC is a privately-owned corporation whose primary aim is to profit off the public for its shareholders; when the truth is that a Public entity – Road Traffic Department of which we the people are the shareholders, has been hijacked by private syndicates; the buildings, tenements and lands belong to us; the Traffic Department is meant to protect not exploit;

And, RTMC must restrict itself to commercial trucks and vehicles;

This is how Republic of South Africa and all countries are being corporatized and swallowed by the 1% while we the 99% were asleep at the wheel; luckily, there is no limitation on fraud; once we have a lawful Council then UZA will bring a case against RSA Inc. for the people; then, we re-venue it all back to the land jurisdiction, free from any debts or encumbrances;

Also, CON-stitutional Court – a federal administrative tribunal, is constantly being bombarded with un-comfortable cases where their jurisdiction is being challenged; the day is coming when those imposters are arrested and lawful Justices from the CLCSA take their place;

If, we are a Republic then the people are supreme, their district, kingdom or state is second and govern themselves; national government is last and only for providing services; However, do we need a national government if, every community can self-govern while sharing in the national wealth? The people shall govern; not just a few, but all; without malice aforethought,

By a man with no earthly estate or name and a court with no land;

Sincerely, in peace, UZA administrator




The Seeds Of Suicide: How Monsanto Destroys Farming

Counter Information

Global Research, February 27, 2018

This article was originally published in April 2013

Monsanto’s talk of ‘technology’ tries to hide its real objectives of control over seed where genetic engineering is a means to control seed,

“Monsanto is an agricultural company.

We apply innovation and technology to help farmers around the world produce more while conserving more.”

“Producing more, Conserving more, Improving farmers lives.”

These are the promises Monsanto India’s website makes, alongside pictures of smiling, prosperous farmers from the state of Maharashtra. This is a desperate attempt by Monsanto and its PR machinery to delink the epidemic of farmers’ suicides in India from the company’s growing control over cotton seed supply — 95 per cent of India’s cotton seed is now controlled by Monsanto.

Control over seed is the first link in the food chain because seed…

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‘Britain Would Collapse If It Tried to Pay Back the Money It Drained From India’

Counter Information

Britain drained more than 9 trillion pounds from India over 173 years, says economist Utsa Patnaik.

Global Research, February 26, 2018
Newsclick Report 22 February 2018

Britain would collapse if it tried to pay back the money it drained from India, eminent economist Utsa Patnaik said at a conference at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on Wednesday.

Delivering the inaugural lecture at the three-day Sam Moyo Memorial Conference on “Land and Labour Questions in the Global South”, Utsa Patnaik said that the estimated drain from India to Britain over the period from 1765 to 1938 was a whopping 9.184 trillion pounds, several times the size of the UK’s GDP today.

Patnaik, who is Professor Emerita at the Centre for Economic Studies and Planning (CESP), JNU, said that the policies followed by Britain during its colonial rule in India were so disastrous that per capita food grains availability…

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Time of Birth ??

Robb's Court of Record

A video looking at various documents commonly known as “birth certificates” (none of which actually use this term).. , actually entitled as “Certificate of Live Birth” or “Certified Copy of Record of Birth” …

3 of these “forms” are for the same individual … none of which is exactly the same as the others…. even though all 3 claim to be “Certificates of Live Birth”.

A close inspection of these documents evidences any number of errors of omissions of the “record” that need to be corrected … such as “TIME OF BIRTH” … or Mothers current legal name … or Birth file number … etc..

One “Style” of form actually says it is a valuable legal document …. and that any errors of omissions should be corrected within 30 days of “issue”.. (issue was a term used to describe births back in the day).. One of its errors is not…

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Britain Officially Prepares for War Against Russia

Rome, London and D.Cs days of hegemony are coming to and end; 26 March their Fed Ponzi banking system starts crumbling; soon, no-one will want to play with them; and, law of war is all they know and all they have left; and, these sore losers are going to try drag us all down with them; heaven help us all; in peace

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Britain Officially Prepares Now for War Against Russia

On Wednesday, February 21st, the UK’s Minister of Defence, Conservative Gavin Williamson, announced that the United Kingdom is changing its fundamental defence strategy from one that’s targeted against non-state terrorists (Al Qaeda, etc.), to one that’s targeted instead against three countries: Russia, China, and North Korea. He acknowledged that a massive increase in military spending will be needed for this, and that “savings” will have to be found in other areas of Government-spending, such as the health services, and in military spending against terrorism.

The headline in the London Times on February 22nd was “Russia ‘is a bigger threat to our security than terrorists’”. Their Defence Editor, Deborah Haynes. reported:

The threat to Britain from states such as Russia and North Korea is greater than that posed by terrorism, the defence secretary said yesterday, marking a significant shift in security policy.

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Media Owned By Warlords, Gov’t Owned By Big Money, Shock Doctrine

Rise Up Times

Lee Camp gives us a shortlist of major media networks who hire war profiteers to give us their take on foreign policy. Naomi Karavani explains why employees are able to steal workers’ wages and John F O’Donnell updates us on the privatization relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Published on Feb 23, 2018

Rise Up Times addition: The chart below shows that the “myth of the liberal media” is just that. Look at what the Republicans/Conservatives control. The chart below that shows how interlocking corporations populate the boards of the controlling mainstream corporate media.


Trump’s crackdown on AT&T-Time Warner is infuriating big media — to the benefit of Amazon, Netflix and others  February 5, 2018

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Capitalism as Obstacle to Equality and Democracy: the US Story

Counter Information

By Richard D. Wolff

February 23, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – The Cold War displaced the legacies of the New Deal. Time and Trump are now displacing Cold War legacies. Where capitalism was questioned and challenged in the 1930s and into the 1940s, doing that became taboo after 1948. Yet in the wake of the 2008 crash, critical thought about capitalism resumed. In particular one argument is gaining traction: capitalism is not the means to realize economic equality and democracy, it is rather the great obstacle to their realization.

The New Deal, forced on the FDR regime from below by a coalition of unionists (CIO) and the political left (two socialist parties and one communist party), reversed the traditional direction (to greater inequality) of income and wealth distributions in the US. They shifted toward greater equality. US history thus illustrates Thomas Piketty’s argument in his 2014 Capital in…

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PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Explaining Franklin’s Quote on Liberty and Safety


“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

— Benjamin Franklin, comments as a member of the delegation to the Crown

Most of us probably believe that this quote means something along the lines of:

If you give up your rights for a promise you will be kept safe, you don’t deserve rights or safety and you will loose both.

Some people claim that Franklin actually meant something close to the opposite of this, but it doesn’t matter.  No matter what Franklin originally intended, it is still true.  We know this because it is a Principle of Natural Law.

Our rights are God-given.  As such, we do not truly own them, we are just a steward of the Creator’s gift.  Furthermore, our rights are inherent and inalienable.  This means they are an inseparable part of ourselves.  You cannot give…

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It’s official: Woman who refused to accept foreclosure is keeping her house

Livinglies's Weblog

By Erica Bryant

Elizabeth McGriff got her house back.

She always believed in her right to 618 Cedarwood Terrace, which was lost in a foreclosure many called unjust. Now — after years of bank negotiations, eviction blockades, public rallies, acts of civil disobedience, prayer services, lockouts and a sustained “live-in” —  she has the deed.

And Take Back the Land, an organization that says housing should be a human right, has added another victory to its tally sheet.

“We have never lost a house,” said Ryan Acuff, of Take Back the Land. “Anybody who has followed our model of nonviolent action has always won.”

McGriff can’t talk about the deal she made with MidFirst Bank because of a nondisclosure agreement. Property records show she bought the three-bedroom house for a final $15,000 on Jan. 31. That’s much less than the $129,720.45…

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Statement of the Libyan National Popular Movement on the Seventh Anniversary of the February Conspiracy.

Journal of People

by Libyan National Popular Movement

Pambazuka News | February 21, 2018

Today comes the seventh year of the international conspiracy, in which obscurantist forces and Libyan agents participated in the war against Libya and its safe people, where innocent people were hurled to take part through the launching of false slogans by a media campaign carried out by excessive regional and international mass media machines.

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The UN wants an International ID number for all!

AntiCorruption Society


By AL Whitney © copyround 2018
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged.

ID2020 is a public-private partnership (non-profit org) dedicated to “solving the challenges of identity through technology”. It is sponsored by the globalist money machine known as the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Rockefellers have a long ugly history of establishing monopolies to control both industry and government – globally. In fact in David Rockefeller’s 2002 ‘memoirs’ he wrote:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

In 1991…

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Worlds War – Syria Set Up As The Combat Area

Satu Insan - Malaysia


All plans for the East-West showdown have been set up to take place on the Syria-Iraq line.

Worlds war over Syria: The West will experience a shattering defeat

  • İbrahim Karagül | yenisafak

The global power equilibrium, from the U.S. to Europe, the Middle East to South Asia, Russia to the Asia-Pacific area, has been overturned. No principle, opportunity, ideal, supranational value or regulation is in place or effective anymore. We are experiencing one of the sharpest twists in the history of humanity. We are experiencing the atmosphere prior to the world wars more than ever.

None of the small-scale debates, conflicts, crises, operations carried out through terror, financial fights, countries’ extraordinary defense preparations, the state’s efforts to strengthen the center power domain, abnormal power pursuits, determined and angry national integrity messages, intense efforts aimed at social solidarity are independent of one another.

  • A showdown never before seen in history…

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John Pilger: How the People of South Africa Were Misled and Can Rise Again

By Eric Ortiz

Journalist John Pilger traveled to South Africa in November and delivered a lecture in Cape Town in memory of anti-apartheid campaigner Abdulhay Ahmed Saloojee.

During his talk, Pilger asked why the struggle for freedom in South Africa has yet to be won, why a form of apartheid still rules and why this oppression has become a model for much of the world in the 21st century.

Watch the entire video above.

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South African President resigns after his party pressured him to step down amid corruption allegations

South Africa’s ruling party finally turns against Zuma

John Pilger: South Africa: 20 years of apartheid by another name


For the Love of Liberation: Let’s Stop Belittling Others and Start Organizing

Rise Up Times

We need people on each level to fight our battle. Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.   

By William C. Anderson, Truthout | Op-Ed  February 14, 2018   

(Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout)(Image: Lauren Walker / Truthout)

This story is the third in Truthout’s “Visions of 2018” series, in which activist leaders answer the question: “What would you like to see created, built, imagined or begun this year?” Each piece will focus on a bold idea for transformation, to give us fuel as the year moves forward.

As activists and artists, how do we motivate others? How do we mobilize people into sustainable movements? As we approach these questions in 2018, we would do well to remember that there’s more to…

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Livinglies's Weblog

The continuing bias in favor of the banks’ fraudulent scheme of mortgages and foreclosures gives rise now to a nutty theory. The logic seems so obvious to the courts and yet it is erroneous. In a nutshell the theory goes, if a homeowner eventually proves that the parties attempting to foreclose have nothing to do with the loan, then the homeowner is barred from receiving fees under the contract.

The fact that the foreclosing party represented and fought for status as a party with standing and was entirely dependent upon their ability to enforce contract (note and mortgage) means nothing to the courts. They want to set up whatever obstacles they can to valid defenses  showing the homeowner owes nothing to the parties who are foreclosing.

Let us help you plan your narrative and strategy: 202-838-6345. Ask for a Consult.

Register now for Neil Garfield’s Mastering Discovery and Evidence in…

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Don’t forget what’s happening the behind the scenes with the U.N.’s Agenda 2030

The PPJ Gazette


Although this article is older, it’s important to keep this in mind: since the United States is a member of the U.N., it must adhere to the U.N.’s rules or face stiff trade sanctions.  And we all know it’s all about the money…

Excerpts are below (read the entire articleHERE):

Agenda 2030 Translator: How to Read the UN’s New Sustainable Development Goals

by Aaron and Melissa Dykes

  • Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere
  • Translation: Centralized banks, IMF, World Bank, Fed to control all finances
  • Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Translation: GMO
  • Goal3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • Translation: Mass vaccination, Codex Alimentarius
  • Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
  • Translation: UN propaganda, brainwashing through compulsory education from cradle…

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