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Strike at the roots of evil

There are exponentially growing numbers of people waking up to the global deceits and frauds of the One World Government aka New World Order aka Old World Order aka Mystery Babylon. The Vatican, Crown, Elite Banksters, UN/IMF, BIS, The Hague, Federal Reserve and Global Corporations et al.

However, most activists are still trying to use the existing structures to try and free themselves from corruption, tyranny and modern day slavery; the very structures that have enslaved themselves in the first place. In order to overcome the “BEAST” we need to get as many people on the same page, first. Educating and informing the whole mass of humanity is the only sure reliance of our freedoms. 

The facts are as follows:

We have no lawful government, merely corporate service providers fronting as “government”. And they work for the New World Order [NWO] and their agendas, NOT YOU. Our actual government is vacant – we the people are the lawful government and it is we who have to reconstruct our organic states and fill the positions of what we consider is lawful government. Each community will declare their own un-incorporated kingdom, micro-nation, state or republic and their own laws. The Jural Assemblies and Customary Law Councils are the first step to free and independent States. From there everything else flows.

We have no lawful courts or judges – the only lawful courts are common law courts and jural assemblies wherein the people are the judges.

What we think of as “law” by the BAR legal system is merely the rules of commerce between corporations. It does not apply to living people. Law is the moral sentiment of your local community and it will differ from place to place. No-one may impose their laws on another community. Period.

We have no lawful banks – the banking system is one giant Ponzi scheme. Banks create money out of thin air. All currency is debt-based. In this way they steal our valuable resources in exchange for debt – which we can never pay back according to formulas of the Federal Reserve System. The whole world is operating under rehabilitation revolving bankruptcy rules. It’s time to liquidate your corporate government and write off all debts with a debt jubilee and restore private property taken. Start from scratch.

The power of banking and lawmaking must be restored back into the hands of the people where it rightfully belongs. And, it is up to us to do it.

Taxes are odious and illegitimate – none of your taxes go towards servicing your community. It all goes to paying barely the interest on the fake debts our countries and people are labored with by the aforementioned white-collar criminals. .

We have no lawful government departments – these are all corporate franchises and they are in fact money bill vendors – they sell all the original utility bills issued to you for huge profits and then double charge you to pay out of your pocket. In some cases we unknowingly pay up to 20 times for the same service.

The first trespass against you is the birth certificate – when your birth was registered it created a corporation and you became property of the corporation that created it. That’s why you have no rights when you consent to your legal name.

Politics was designed by the same architects of the NWO to divide nations while their corporations plunder our accounts, public trusts and resources.

Luckily, all the deceits and frauds were created by legal fictions under law-of-the-sea jurisdiction. We have to correct our political status and revenue our legal names, companies, biological offspring to the land jurisdiction. We must get our local jural assemblies up and running and hold the perpetrators accountable as equals and peers, no matter their titles and status but, no witch hunts and no vengeance. It must be lawful. Preferably according to principles of restorative justice.

Citizens, humans, persons, civilians etc. are legal fictions – they have no rights, so no point in trying to claim “human rights”. We are people, sovereigns with unalienable Creator-given rights which no-one can take away. We need to remember who we are.

There are lawful remedies for all of the above wrongs. Everything begins and ends with the local common law or customary law – nothing to do with English Common Law which is admiralty law.

We must set the system down and do it properly. We must strike at the roots of the evil system, not the branches as most still are.  The common law court rulings will set the precedents for future cases.

Then, we must also realize that the world is bankrupt, kaput – the pirates have gotten away with all of our gold, diamonds, silver, valuables. The coffers are empty. We will have to start building alternatives to banking, savings, pensions, self-governance and so forth. There are many models out there that work.

And, we must be wise as serpents – there are many trolls out there working for the NWO agenda that will infiltrate our groups and discredit our work. So, FIRST do background checks on the groups you follow. May the force be with you…

The Common Law Explained

The common law of any nation, state or self-determining community has nothing to do with the Common Law of England which is not “common law” but, a mix of admiralty (naval military law of the sea) and common law (law of the land) also known as “Equity Law”. The true common law of England was oral and unwritten and held by the druids until the 1500s when Papal Roman Law was introduced by William the Conqueror.

The system of Common Law is based on the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) and Jesus the Nazarene and is the Law of the Land. It is largely unwritten and remains un-enacted. It is the law that is common to each local community. It is developed and written as precedents are set by the rulings of the jurors who are the judges.

If we want to live under this system of law, we have to form a jural assembly for our community, fill the vacant judicial offices, and live accordingly. Since 1994, South Africa was meant to develop community courts using common law and customary law — the law of the land. Then the first order of business is to update the common and or customary law to a system of equality regardless of gender, race and beliefs.

We are free to accept, amend, and reject laws as every jury sees fit. That is why Jury Nullification is built into this whole process. ANY law passed by ANY legislative body in the Common Law System can be nullified by 12 honest people sitting as a jury. Such a jury can rewrite a law they find unfair or reject one they find unjust.

Jury nullification is where the average people called to jury duty get to enforce their will on the entire system. Also, the justice (judge) serves the people, he does not tell them what to do. He doesn’t interpret the law, the jury does that. He listens to the arguments along with the jury, maintains fair rules of evidence and argument, asks questions, but at the end of the day, the jury unanimously make their own decision and the justice executes their sentence.

Of course, in order for this system to work properly the jury needs to be properly educated and a jury of “peers” be used, meaning that a dispute involving a plumber be heard by a jury who know about plumbing and so forth.

There is no appeal from a jury trial unless substantial new evidence comes to light that will alter the ruling. The jury interprets the law and what they decide becomes the law.

At Common Law:

nobody can be summoned to a court without a presentment from a Grand Jury;

everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty;

there has to be an actual real living injured party — someone has to come forward and accuse you of causing them harm or loss; there is no such thing as a “victimless crime”.

The only exception is in the case of murder or a disabling injury whereby the injured party cannot speak for themselves.

The Justices are not graduates of any Law School and cannot be members of the Bar legal system, rather, they are respected members of their community who are trusted to make fair decisions and to shepherd courtroom proceedings so as to guarantee a fair trial; the real judges are the people sitting as jurors and make all the decisions. This is the system that we are heir to once we clearly decide to adopt our birthright status as sovereigns.

COURTS OF SOUTH AFRICA are NOT COURTS, they are “administrative tribunals” and they have no judges, merely “executive administrators”. They are corporate nisi prius contract courts administrated by hired corporate jurists. Acts, codes, regulations and statutes is NOT LAW but, merely the rules of commerce between corporate legal fictions. A legal fiction is imaginary and does not exist in reality. And, theirs is law-of-the-sea jurisdiction whereas common law is law-of-the-land jurisdiction and deals with real people and their real property and rights. These are two contra-distinct law systems and jurisdictions.

Now, these sea courts are foreign and work for the foreign British Temple Crown, Vatican, Washington DC, UN and their Corporations providing “services” on our land. Their job is to protect the Corporations while they plunder our resources and wealth. In these courts they purposefully misrepresent living people as legal persons, employees, assets or property of their Corporations. This is the reason why living people get no justice in these sea courts on our soil.

Only the common law courts by, for and of the people can pierce the corporate veil and hold banksters, government officials, pirates and privateers accountable for causing harm or loss. This is why it is so very important to establish jural assemblies.

Lastly, common law can become very restrictive if the people use it as a weapon for vengeance and punishment. Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye only makes the world blind.” Hence, South African Jural Assembly is adopting Restorative Justice Principles which is peculiar to African Justice Philosophy. We are Africans, after all.

The true heroes

The true heroes in this global struggle for the freedom of mankind from the shackles of total enslavement are the ones blowing the whistle and educating their friends and neighbours; the ones posting educational information on social media; even the ones within the corrupt system doing the right thing; the ones peacefully standing up and confronting corrupt officials with the mighty pen. There are hundreds of thousands of unsung heroes that have come before us. And, if it wasn’t for them we would still be living in the dark ages of our enslavement.

However, there are still too many people who adopt a “wait and see” attitude and are waiting for a “hero” to stand up and do it for them. This is a big mistake, the longer we wait the harder it will be to turn this ship around and time is running out. It is 2 seconds to midnight, people. See the writing on the wall.

It seems to be the general nature of mankind to only rally when there is a crisis of survival. Luckily, this global plandemic has nudged almost everyone to start questioning the status quo and hopefully they will be looking for answers in the right places.

Now, we are no heroes; we are merely being driven by that little inner voice to stand up for what is right. We are merely piecing together what truth-seekers before us have uncovered so as to lay a foundation for the new earth. We are not “doing it for you”. You need to use it or lose it.

In this game of life there are no spectators. So, get onto the field and do your bit, no matter how small you feel your part may be, even if it is only a donation to your “hero” of choice. However, our freedom lies in educating the masses, so do your bit.

For the true truth-seekers this journey is a lifelong dedication because they realize that the extinction of natural man and a natural way of life is at stake. And, even when freedom from slavery has been established it will have to be constantly guarded and nurtured. Life is a journey and not a destination.

So, get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Freedom lies in our hearts but, it must do more than just lie there.

No Lawful RSA Government

The South African Defiance Campaign from the 1950s, the 1955 Freedom Charter and the struggle against apartheid paved a highway of freedom for ALL people of South Africa. The 1990 Reconstruction & Development Policy Framework was a working document representing the will of the people. The post-1994 Reconstruction was meant to have community courts and customary courts free from the Bar, direct representation meaning “the people shall govern”, oversight committees to ensure the Reconstruction and to restore the people as shareholders of the Republics assets.

HOWEVER, in 1994 our people were sold down the river for corporate interests. We were asleep at the wheel during the handover. Instead, we ended up with “representatives” who are secretly working for foreign corporate interests. The last 26 years has seen the corporatization of our Government departments to the point where we no longer have a lawful government.

SOUTH AFRICA, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and all Agencies, Departments and Franchises are for-profit CORPORATIONS in the business of providing “services” to we the people and purely for the benefit of foreign shareholders. No different to OK BAZAARS and PEP STORES. And, when a “government” becomes a corporation it loses its “sovereignty” and is to be treated as any other corporation.

The CONSTITUTION is merely a CORPORATE Charter for how RSA Inc. Employees must act when providing “services”. The CON-stitution does not apply to sovereign people — we were not a party to it. It only applies to RSA Inc. Franchises and employees. So, you can choose to act as an “employee” of RSA Inc. or you can be the “employer” that you actually are.

To be the “employer” you need to wake up and take action. The pen is mightier than the sword. Remove yourself from the Voter’s Roll and then Emancipate and declare your political status and Re-convey your Trade Name from the sea jurisdiction back to the Land and Soil jurisdiction out of reach of pirates and salvage merchants on the high seas…

Once you have done this you are eligible to join the Southern Africa Jural Assembly. Then, and only then can we complete the “Reconstruction” as it was meant to be.

Violence reaching new heights in South Africa


Yes, folks; things are not getting better they are definitely getting worse;

The first wave are already emigrating [again]; everyone wants to sell, but no-one is buying; and, the cabal are making a mint from refugees playing musical chairs;

The story is much the same around our little earth-dome-ship-prison-planet; darkness and evil are escalating; and, these are merely all signs that were are in the last days; resident evil knows its time is short for this last time of times; sadly, the time of sorrows and tribulation is now here and upon us; its now clear for all to see; there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide; as Jim Morrison said: “No-one here gets out alive…”;

Nevertheless, we look forward to a new earth and heavens wherein dwells righteousness; be awake; be aware; be diligent; in peace, bt

Video: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Condemns US Led Air Strikes, “White Helmets are A Fake Organization”

Counter Information

Global Research, April 18, 2018
Dmitry Zolotarev 15 April 2018

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters stood up against war propaganda and media disinformation, condemning the US-NATO bombing of Syria following the alleged chemical attack in Douma.

According to Waters,

“The White Helmets are a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for the jihadists and terrorists…”

Watch the video below.

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D.I.Y. The Change We Seek Shall Be Created By Us

Ronmamita's Blog

The solution is do it yourself.
TakeThe Next Step.

The strong arm tactics used by google, youtube, and twitter may bring a giant backlash. The opportunity for alternative social platforms and search engines that respect individuals’ privacy, and free speech on a level playing field for all is here.

Rather than beg institutions, put your passionate efforts into doing what you want done, be gameful and like the gamer smile FTW.

What each of us do matters, and is worth a lot, with the potential to change everything. ~Ron

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Discovery in Foreclosure Actions

Livinglies's Weblog

Discovery is more complex than lay people realize. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in court. Our paralegal, Connie Lasco, saw the problems and forwarded the request for service to me for comment.

Here is an example of my comments to one homeowner who is defending her home pro se. She is asking us to do a motion to compel — based upon her filing of a request for production.

We do provide those services. But there were certain prerequisites that were unknown to her. My response should assist lawyers and pro se litigants in considering the discovery demands and the the usual “answers” from the banks and servicers.

Let us help you plan your discovery requests and defense narrative:

954-451-1230 or 202-838-6345. Ask for a Consult.

Purchase now Neil Garfield’s Mastering Discovery and Evidence in Foreclosure Defense webinar including 3.5 hours of lecture…

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Why Void Assignments are Void Not Voidable

Livinglies's Weblog


In the wake of the California Supreme Court’s decision in Yvanova and its progeny, the legal community has accepted the unacceptable (and the ridiculous). The bottom line of the decision is that a void assignment can be the basis for a lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure but it cannot be the basis of a defense to the foreclosure itself.  Thus you can sue for the illegal and fraudulent use of a fabricated instrument reciting a transfer of ownership of a note and/or mortgage, but you can’t stop the illegal foreclosure which is based on the same fraudulent instruments.

In order to reach this conclusion the court was required to twist legal reasoning beyond common sense logic. The court held that a void assignment could be ratified; and since it could be ratified, the assignment was not void but voidable. Somehow the court also…

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Brazil: Rivers of Blood Peace Is War, Security Is Hazardous, and Citizens Are the Targets of the State


In 2016, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached in a legal coup d’état. On March 14, 2018, City Council member Marielle Franco was murdered in downtown Rio de Janeiro, likely by the police or their colleagues in the paramilitary cartels. Yesterday, a judge ordered the imprisonment of Lula da Silva, the most popular candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Rather than understanding these as interruptions of Brazilian democracy, we have to recognize them as the functioning of a system in which the forces that purport to provide security are themselves the greatest source of danger.

The army on the streets of Rio de Janeiro after the decree of occupation.

The Execution of Marielle Franco

On March 14, City Council member Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes were shot and killed in downtown Rio de Janeiro as they were leaving a gathering of black women from a variety of social…

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Dear white genocide believers

The Cost of a "Born-free"

Dear white genocide believers
If you think there’s a genocide going on against white people in South Africa, and it is within your power, I really do suggest you leave. No one has the time or patience to entertain your delusions. We have bigger problems as a country.
Should you leave? Yes. Should you be given priority over actual refugees whose lives are actually under threat? Hell to the mother effing no. But, yeah.. Go!
Are farm attacks real? Yes, of course and it’s horrific that people get robbed or murdered but crime is not a white farmer problem. In fact white South Africans are statistically the safest demographic.
“While white South Africans account for nearly 9% of the population they account for just 1.8% of murder victims.”
The attacks are not motivated by race, they are motivated by poverty and criminality. In these attacks black farm workers…

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The Struggle Against Illegitimate Public and Private Debt Which Are at the Core of the Capitalist System

Counter Information

Global Research, April 07, 2018
CADTM 6 April 2018

The seventh CADTM South Asia regional workshop started in Colombo (Sri Lanka) on April 6, 2018, with participants coming from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Japan, Belgium and France. Below is the general introduction by Éric Toussaint, spokesperson for the CADTM international network.

What we are fighting is a capitalist system that destroys nature.

We have to fight a capitalist system which, within the two centuries since the so-called Industrial Revolution, has accumulated enough greenhouse gases to trigger climate change.

It sees nature merely as resources to be extracted, exploited and traded for maximal profit.

A capitalist system that confines the inhabitants of many countries to producing raw material to be exported at the lowest possible price.

A system that drives people to produce food they will not eat and to eat food they have…

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Russian Exodus from the West

Counter Information

Global Research, March 30, 2018

By now the West – the US, Canada, Australia and the super-puppets of Europe, overall more than 25 countries – has expelled more than 130 Russian diplomats. All as punishment for Russia’s alleged nerve gas poisoning of a former Russian / MI6 double-agent, Sergei Skripal (66) and his daughter Yulia (33), who was visiting her father from Moscow.

Sergei Skripal lived in the UK for the last seven years, ever since President Putin lifted his prison sentence in 2010 in a spy swap with the UK. The pair, father and daughter, was allegedly discovered on 4 March slumped on a park bench in Salisbury, England, not far from Sergei’s home. Apparently traces of the same nerve agent were found at the Skripal home’s door. 

Russia in the meantime has started in a tit-for-tat move expelling western diplomats – in a first…

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