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Criminal Notice to RSA Inc. – Cease and Desist

Hat tip to Edgar Adams for taking on the corrupt and fraudulent RSA Inc.:


Mr. Edgar of the family Adams (1st applicant)
UCC 1-207 & UCC 1-308 & UCC 3-402
Private Attorney General
Court case: 10599/2020 Gauteng South High Court


And From:

2nd Applicants of court case 10599/2020
Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman (+-25 million Aboriginal descendants in South Africa)
The Aboriginal / Autonomous Indigenous Khoe and San peoples of South Africa and Southern Africa (called “Coloured Derogatory” people)
Court case: 10599/2020 Gauteng South High Court


Lt Gen Khehla John Sithole
SAPS National Commissioner

And To:

Lt Gen Francina Ntombenhle Vuma
SAPS Deputy National Commissioner: Asset & Legal Management:

And To:
Station Commander, Colonel Bezuidenhout
SAPS Mondeor Police Station

And To:

1.) The President of South Africa, Cyril Rampahosa (Republic of South Africa known as South African Government);

2.) National Treasury, Tito Mboweni;

3.) South African Revenue Services (SARS) Mr,Edward Kieswetter;

4.) South African Reserve Bank, (SARB), Mr. Lesetja Kganyago;

5.) Minister of Finance, Mr. Tito Mboweni;

6.) Standard Bank of South Africa;

7.) Nedbank of South Africa;

8.) Investec bank of South Africa;

9.) First National Bank (FNB) of South africa

10.) ABSA of South Africa

11.) British High Commissioner in SA to British Queen Elizabeth II;

12.) Archbishop of the Catholic Church, Buti Tlhagale representing the Pope Vatican

13.) Taxpaying Master – Gauteng South High Court;

14.) All judges from all sectors of courts;

15.) All advocates, attorneys and lawyers of the S.A. Judicial system;

16.) All Sheriff’s of the court of S.A.

17.) The 13 Bloodlines running the world including the Cabal;

18.) The Rothschild, Ruperts, Rockerfellers and all elite groups of the illuminati;

19.) Pope Vatican;

20.) British Queen Elizabeth II;

21.) United Nations, BIS, CCP, CFR, CIA, ICC, ICJ, IMF, LONDON, US, ROME, WHO
et al;

22.) SANDF;

23.) SADC;

24.) World Bank;

25.) All Central Banks and All Banks;

26.) All Presidents

27.) Parliament of SA;

28.) All Corporations & All Foreign Companies;

29.) All Corporate States;

30.) All Companies within South Africa & Southern Africa & in the world;

31.) All Nation States;

32.) All Political Parties;

33.) All Elites;

34.) All Courts;

35.) The SA Corporation (CIK #: 000932419) / Republic of SA Inc / SA Inc;

36.) Internal Revenue Services (IRS);

37.) All SAPS / All SADF

38.) All Municipalities / Provincial Government / National Government;



Princess Sabina Valerie Clarisse nee van Wyk
Royal Empire of King Moshesh 1 and direct linage of Letsie 1
Court case: D3053/2022 Kwazulu- Natal Division High court

Notice to Agent is notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is notice to Agent


DATE: 10 AUGUST 2022






Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

Attached herewith please find Criminal Notice to All – Cease and Desist dated 10 August 2022.

I also include all correspondence in relation to court case 10599/2020 on the reopening of court case together With the letter to Judge President dated 23 March 2022 in terms of terms of rule 60(b)(1) to (4) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure – Civil Class Action and Counterclaim to uphold 11 claims court case 10599/2020 (stamped by Gauteng South High Court Johannesburg) in notice of motion filed by Johannesburg High Court – Judge Vally loaded onto Caselines file Registry on 11 March 2022.

Failure to adhere to this Criminal Notice – Cease and Desist shall result in the Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman charging each and every one (guilty party) for Gross Dishonesty, Fraud, Gross Genocide and Crimes against Humanity by us in your courts and our Aboriginal Courts from the 11 August 2022.








Given that All her Majesty (British Monarch) proclamations, treaties, contracts and engagements were a sham and delusion, and the territory was never annexed at all (HANSARD UK Parliamentary document – Orange River Free State – source: HC Deb 09 May 1854 vol 133 cc49-8849), it therefore implies that the SA Government, SA Inc, SA Corporation or any Corporation including all SA Constitution, Acts, Laws, Legislation, Resolutions, Joint Resolutions, Codes, Proclamations, Rules, Orders etc. are a sham and delusion against the Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman including our territories and Aboriginal title.

The SA Corporation, SA Government and any Corporation can only exist through the powers of the British Monarch (Her Majesty) which according to HANSARD UK Parliamentary documents (in your own words) are thus null and void, fraudulent and has no legitimacy and no effect on the Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman forever.

You have been served and warned by the Sovereign Aboriginal National Living Freeman!!!.

Trusting that the above is in order.

Kind regards

Edgar of the family Adams
UCC 1-207 & UCC 1-308 & UCC 3-402b
Private Attorney General
Court case: 10599/2020 Gauteng South High Court

Declare, Record, and Publish

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please, all members of all State Assemblies — listen carefully.  

There are three functions involved in establishing your political status.  

First, you have to choose what your political status is from a roster of choices.  Each choice has advantages and disadvantages. 

Here are the choices: 

(a) American State National birthright political status; not a citizen of any kind. 

(b) American State Citizen, adult status choice to serve your State Government Assembly — must be over the age of 21. 

(c) U.S. Citizen, a British Territorial United States Citizen, subject of the British Monarch and/or employee of the USA, Inc., serving as an Indentured Servant of the British Crown.

(d) Municipal “citizen of the United States”, a subject of the Holy See and the Washington, DC, Municipal Government, serving as a slave to this foreign theocracy. 

(e) Foreign National — you are free to adopt the citizenship and nationality of other countries, such as Israel, Ireland, the Netherlands, and so on, according to their rules and regulations. 

Second, if you wish to be recognized as an American State National or American State Citizen you must record and publish your choice.  

There are four equally valid ways to record and publish your choice.  They are: 

(a) The Land Recording Office provided by your State Assembly, which is the usual means if you join your State Assembly immediately. 

(b) The Land Recording Service (LRS) provided by an independent subcontractor as a public international recording service. 

(c) State of State Land Recording Offices (where they still exist and if they will accept your action) and County Land Recording Offices.

(d) Self-Publication in local newspapers. 

You can and should also serve Notice to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, United States Department of State, to fully inform all Departments of the Government at once. 

I have recently been troubled, again, by members of Assemblies thinking that the way they recorded and published their documents is the only official or correct way to do it.  As you can see from the above, there are not only several different valid choices of political status, there are several acceptable ways of recording and publishing your political status.  One way is not any more official or proper than another.  

It should also be noted that as Americans you are free people.  You don’t have any allegiances or obligations owed to the government or any king at birth and you aren’t expected to adopt any such commitments until you reach the age of majority and decide whether or not to assist your State Assembly as a member — or not. 

You don’t have to join and participate in your State Assembly to be recognized as, for example, a Texan, a New Yorker, or a Minnesotan. 

Free means free.  

You inherit the blessings of this country by virtue of being born here or by immigrating and adopting a State of the Union as your permanent house and home.  Here, the government is obligated to serve you, you are not obligated to serve the government.  

That said, we certainly hope that you will join your State Assembly and support it and put up with the many confusions and personality clashes and frustrations that joining such an organization can involve.  

Please remember that we join our Assemblies in order to bring our American Government into Session and restore it to full function. 

We are not bringing the Assemblies into Session to wage any kind of war, seek any kind of vengeance, or make any new government — we are here to restore our own American Government to full function, and to do so lawfully and peacefully, and within the context of our contractual international treaties and guarantees. 

We are not in any kind of rebellion against our own government — we are simply bringing it into Session for the first time in many years.


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Two Ancient Forms of Law Causing Modern Havoc

By Anna Von Reitz

Recently I found myself writing an apologetic letter to a young woman who was confused about why she, a single Mother (and doing just fine, thank you!) should have to find a “Pater Familis” to act as Paternal Guardian for her children? 

I explained about the Roman Civil Law adopted by the Municipal United States Government.  

This is literally the law of Rome, more than two thousand years old, all scribed in Latin.  

Under Roman Civil Law, a woman can own property (such as her own children) only so long as there is a male head of household willing to claim those children as his responsibility.  Otherwise, the Municipal Government views her children as very valuable unclaimed property — presumed to be unwanted bastards — slaves, in other words.  

And they will claim the children of unprotected women as WARDS OF THE STATE.  

As a result, divorced women, actual unwed mothers, and widows with children all need to find trustworthy men to stand in the place of Pater Familis with respect to their children. This Paternal Guardian can be and if possible should be the Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, or other relative who is a man of good character and of age and otherwise able to support a family. 

In a pinch, a Godfather can serve, or even a family friend, but someone has to fill those empty shoes or the children are at risk under Municipal Law. 

It is this same antique form of law that allows slavery and peonage to exist in the modern world. 

For these and other reasons, Roman Civil Law should not exist in the modern world, but it does and it is still one of the most common forms of law on a planetary basis.  Go figure — and deal with this information.  

You are being mistaken and impersonated as a Municipal citizen of the United States, subject to Roman Civil Law.  

Yes, we can accuse the perpetrators of fraud and hope to prove it, but under Roman Civil Law, you are guilty until proven innocent —- and they get to set the standard of proof.  

So…. it’s best to know what you are up against and have your ducks in order to establish your standing and ownership interest in your property assets, and it is also best if you realize that under this ancient form of law, your children are property assets belonging to their parents until they reach the age of majority. 

Under Roman Civil Law, people can still be owned as property.  Minor children are property by definition — either of their parents/family — or the STATE. 

Slavery is wrong, we all know it’s wrong, and it has been outlawed worldwide since 1926, but nonetheless, under Roman Civil Law it persists locally and hasn’t been eradicated.  Until it is, and until other forms of law replace it, the Roman Civil Law poses a threat to anyone who can be ensnared. 

We are certainly not condoning any of this and don’t advocate it or naturally stand under Roman Civil Law at all —- nonetheless, it is the law of one of our Federal Subcontractors, and we have to be aware of it and ready to defend against it — first by denying their assumption that we are citizens of their version of “United States” and second, by being prepared to rebut their ownership claims under their own law. 

Having someone on the record to stand as Pater Familis is wise, as it discourages the Vermin from attacking you and your children in the first place.  They can’t assume that your children are “fatherless” and without support, the most common excuse they use to claim them and send their “agents” —- “Child Protective Services” — to seize upon your kids.  

This advice applies to people who have “married” under a civil marriage license as much as it does to actual unwed mothers and divorcees and widows —- get a separate claim, a Baby Record (sometimes called a Baby Deed) on the Public Record, with both a Father or Paternal Guardian and Mother on the record.  Such “civil marriages” do not establish official paternity and don’t have the lawful and legal standing of wedlock.  That is, you can be married and your husband is still not legally presumed to be the father of your children until he steps up and says so.  You also need to clearly establish the birthright political status of your child as an American State National for their sake.  

Don’t let anyone assume anything about your political status — declare it, and don’t let your children go undeclared, either. 

Admiralty Law is another ancient form of law that is legendarily prone to corruption, which is what led to the Admiralty Courts in Great Britain being dismembered and restricted in the mid-1700’s.  Only four subjects were left to the Admiralty Courts after this great restructuring — seaman’s wages, hypothecation of debt, maritime salvage claims, and bottomry bonds. 

Out of this meager remaining authority, the Admiralty Courts have managed to spread worldwide corruption on an unprecedented scale, by attaching “Special Admiralty Rules” to the Roman Civil Law already discussed and misapplying Admiralty Law on shore.  

The Perpetrators have “supposed” that, as we haven’t declared our own political status in public, they can use their own “discretion” to determine our identity and political status for us, and proceed however they please, using whatever form of law suits their purpose — which is to collect war reparations for the British King. 

From their perspective, we are “ships” — thanks to a presumed British Territorial “Citizenship” that accrues to British Territorial Persons at birth — and as such, we are subject to maritime (commercial) salvage as bankrupt franchises of prior government corporations.  So they seize upon our good names and estates and make false claims and false presumptions about us and our government, and there is nothing to prevent this headlong self-interested spate of lying, because we have been left completely in the dark and unable to object as a result. 

The entire British Territorial Internal Revenue Service scam rests upon their undisclosed use of the word “Taxpayer” as a legal term defined as a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service —- thus bringing the subject matter of the Admiralty Courts — seaman’s wages — to bear.  

They also speculate that the bankrupt franchise “Persons” that they operate “in our names” are subject to salvage and hypothecation of debt against the “wreck” — that is, the bankrupted British Territorial Person — and the Owners of that wreck, who are presumed to be the Americans these British Territorial franchise corporations are named after.  

Imagine that someone named an actual ship after you, the jolly HMS John Doe American?  

And then proceeded to wreck and bankrupt and salvage this ship?  Imagine that they have charged you for all this “service” they’ve done salvaging the wreck that they created?  Plus, they have seized upon the cargo this “ship” was carrying?  

Now you have an idea of what these criminals have been pulling on the clueless American General Public in their Admiralty Courts.  Technically, they have been addressing their own bankrupt corporate franchises, not addressing the similarly-named Americans at all.  And obviously, bankrupt British Territorial corporate franchises have no guarantees under The Constitution of the United States of America, so they have evaded their constitutional obligations to the Americans, too.  

This is why the Admiralty Courts were destroyed in the 1750’s, but unfortunately, the Brits saw an advantage in preserving this nasty little court concession for precisely these and similar fraud schemes —- and so these frauds of impersonation and unlawful conversion have continued and flourished even though they have been officially outlawed since 1702, and the British Government has deliberately continued to profit from these fraud and personage schemes with malice aforethought, as we see in the Naval Agency and Distributions Act of 1864. 

Both of these ancient forms of “Law” — the Roman Civil Law and the Admiralty Law — need to be torn asunder and  reformed on a worldwide basis, as both are being manipulated to promote criminal mischief and injustice on a worldwide scale. 

We should not be limited in this reform or coerced to substitute other repugnant forms of law such as Administrative Law intended to manage the internal affairs of corporations, or Sharia Law which is a codification enforcing Muslim religious mandates, or Noahide Law which is a simpler and even more Draconian form of Admiralty Law or Rules of Law which are intended to govern the courts.  

We need new law forms that are simple, easy to understand, and easy to obey for the common good.  There is no reason to entertain the insanity of over 80 million codes, regulations, and statutes, which nobody can rightly interpret, know, obey, enforce, or pay for. 

We, as a planetary community, must address the havoc and injustice that the application and misapplication of these ancient forms of law have caused.  We must additionally address the results of these misuses and abuses of law and make new choices and develop new forms of law to promote justice and honest administration of local government and business functions. 

I have stared this Beast in the face and thought long and hard about it, and can find no better standards than the most ancient of all laws on Earth — to honor our Creator, to honor freewill, to cause no harm, and to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. 

Avoiding harm to others would become profitable. Respecting the privacy and property rights of others would be normal.  And you wouldn’t need entire huge libraries to define and prove what is simply right or simply wrong.  All you would need is a jury of twelve people without profit motives and their heads screwed on.


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SA Jural Assembly Month End Report

Hopefully this will be the last negative month end report and the last housecleaning issues will finally be sorted out this month. But, if you are looking for hopium then you are certainly in the wrong place because half the time the truth hurts.

Regarding the UPF – Right now, there is literally no United People’s Front left. All the original coalitions have either left because they have a different agenda or discredited themselves in some or other way. The egos are running rampant, dear people. This is the kind of behaviour one can expect when governments have abandoned all good ethics, morals and values; what follows generally is that the people do the same. All that is left standing is the SA Jural Committee (surprisingly) and SA Jural Assembly. We ain’t going anywhere until the job is done.

Regarding the Referendum – Adv Thekiso, who is running the yesmovement referendum, is refusing us access to the referendum details after many requests. So, we are putting that referendum on hold until he meets our demands. He launched the SA Sovereign People’s Movement at recently.

We strongly advise you to not support SASPM either until the referendum issue is resolved. After all, their code of conduct declares transparency and we demand nothing less. When we have volunteers for a referendum committee we will re-launch the referendum on a secure website that we control. However, there are just too few volunteers right now so please enlist so we can get it going asap.

Regarding the ZAR boervolk – Last month ZAR Volkshof issued a cease and desist order against SA Jural Assembly claiming that our referendum is a NWO cabal action so we resigned from assisting them as of immediate effect. The boervolk are divided into literally thousands of factions and the “bitterenders” among them are very unreasonable at the best of times.  They have much housecleaning and homework to do before we can help them again. However, we will keep them a place at the negotiating table with the SAR kingdoms and states but leave them till last because right now they will most likely sink the peaceful negotiations.

Then there have also been the trolls who “infiltrated” our groups to sow dissent and try to discredit us because they are just plain mean and bitter and bored with their lives. A few volunteers left because of this behaviour and it was almost the end of the jural committee too.

Also, key members had to deal with computer and phone hacking issues. Coincidently, the same trolls are affiliated to hacker groups too… And one troll, in particular, also recently spread the false rumor that someone had received a 10 year sentence for emancipating. At times it reads like a spy movie, yes.

We have been on this road for over a decade and have seen this kind of behaviour since the beginning – yawn. We warned the SA Jural Committee members on numerous occasions that they must screen people and groups because many have their own agendas; and they thought me paranoid. But, of course, they must also make their own experiences so they can learn and grow from it or fall apart because the path to freedom is a tough road. And, there is also no other way to do it; nothing, nada, niks. We strongly advise all volunteers to stay off all social media groups.

However, not all is gloom and doom. There are also good things on the horizon but we do not have permission to publish that until those involved agree. When the time comes SA Jural Assembly will be at the finishing line no matter who initiates it; we seem to be the only ones with a plan for the people, other than the NWO plan…

In closing, the system will collapse to a point where it will drive us all together and we will put our egos and differences aside. But, it is still going too good for too many. So, make sure you keep a healthy balance between prepping and taking action because we do not know to what extent it will collapse.

Nevertheless, we look forward to a new earth wherein righteousness dwells.

In peace, bt

Regarding Emancipation “Fraud”

We received an email with the following concern:

“Is emancipation from human to man or woman legal?

My colleague has told me of a case of someone who completed the process only to be charged with fraud and handed a 10 year jail sentence?

What are your thoughts?

I have a nunber of people on my group followings giftoftruth emancipation process and was unaware that it could be fraudulent. 

I would appreciate your prompt response. “


Never lend your ears out to hearsay; don’t believe or trust what anyone out there says;

verify the facts for yourself;

it’s impossible to get into trouble for correcting your birthright status; it’s God-given;

if God gave you the right then they must file a charge against Him;

what a load of tripe; please ask whomever is spreading the hearsay to produce the case where this allegedly happened?

If, someone did indeed get arrested then it was most likely because he or she did in fact commit fraud and then perhaps tried to use the emancipation process to escape justice; but, fraud is fraud no matter which law you use; then it won’t work;

no, the legal beagles are terrified of emancipation; at worst they ignore you; they can never afford to open such a can of worms; they have a legal emancipation anyways – 21 is the coming of age and legally an emancipation from your parents; ours is the next level one from the state;

in fact, all government and court officials run when you start challenging their jurisdiction;

so, if there is such a case then someone must get the case number and uplift the files and get a copy of the court ruling to me; then we will take action; but, am very sure it is not true;

in peace, brother-thomas

Naval Agency and Distribution Act 1864 — Bingo!

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I described for everyone how the remaining four “subject matters” of the Admiralty Courts have been used to illegally and immorally come ashore and hypothecate debt against the hapless landlubbers who never needed nor asked for nor authorized any such assistance from Her Majesty’s Navy.

Some people immediately called me names and started pooh-poohing and saying, “Oh, that couldn’t be possible!”

So I went spelunking this morning, and here it is in black-and-white, the British law that Her Majesty’s Government and the Lords of the Admiralty have been employing to do their dirty work the entire time: The Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864.

The same pretenses of “needful assistance” have been used to commandeer America, Australia, Canada, and all the other old Commonwealth nations, in exactly the manner I have described for you in the past.

In America, the Bounders used the excuse that we were in need of their assistance on an “emergency basis” following the Civil War — and so, came ashore and started operating Admiralty Courts on the Land and “hypothecating” debt for this “service”.

In the rest of the world, it has been a hodge-podge of excuses.

The old Commonwealth countries were purportedly given their freedom to form new and independent governments, but the people were never given full disclosure nor any assistance to transition out of the Commonwealth Government to any new system of their choosing. After a period of years, the Queen’s Territorial (Military) Government came back in, using the excuse that no new government had been formed and they were taking charge in the interim.

In occupied Europe, they used the excuse that they were part of an occupation force engaged in peacekeeping and have simply outstayed their welcome and any viable excuse for being encamped in other nations and running their business “for” them.

It’s all British Bunko and it’s all been engineered by their endlessly corrupt Admiralty functions.

Even the $950 Trillion Dollars worth of “Life Force Value Annuities” that Prince Philip purloined is nothing but Bottomry Bonds by a different name.

Oh, and please note, that the “Agent” for all this is the “Secretary of State”.

Now, some people have asked — “How could you possibly come up with this information that fast? You only released the information about the Admiralty being implicated yesterday! Were you holding back?”

Nothing like that.

I simply knew that there had to be a kickback system involved to get people to go along with this and I knew that when large numbers of people are involved and it has quasi-naval overtones, the proper word for such a rewards system is “bounty”.

So I started by looking up the word “bounty” in various legal dictionaries and compendiums like American Jurisprudence and that then brought up a list of related British and American laws, and then….. I looked at the one that happened to be enacted in 1864, just in time for all their Breach of Trust and Malfeasance here in America.

And there it was. The Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, improperly and unjustifiably being “brought ashore” on our land and soil, together with their filthy Admiralty Courts disguised as (Military) District Courts.

They have been operating under Letters of Marque and Reprisal against the “Rebels” — strictly defined as armed insurrectionists in the Southern States and Municipal citizens of the United States — ever since, but, of course, they expanded their self-interested mercenary witch-hunt to include everyone, Allies and Enemies alike. Any American would do.

And they have prosecuted innocent people for six generations under False Legal Presumptions including the False Presumption of War.

They’ve done the same in the “former” (Ahem!) Commonwealth since the 1980s and the same in Hong Kong since the 1930’s and the same in Occupied Europe and Japan since the 1940’s.

So, now, Campers, what are we going to do about it? Shall we “fully inform” all their Secretaries of State that their services are no longer needed? Shall we apply economic sanctions against the Queen’s Government? Shall we repudiate all their False Claims in Commerce? Their bankruptcies? Their assumed contracts? Their hypothecation of debt against us and our birthright estates?

Shall we hold them —-and the Popes who also sat mum and benefited themselves—- accountable?

What punishment would be appropriate, besides letting the entire world know what venal, greedy, immoral little scumbags they really are?


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Oh, Let’s Go At It Again….

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I got a British historical diatribe in my “inbox” together with a request that I make a reply. For example, the writer claims that Pope Innocent “annulled” The Magna Carta, quite ignoring the fact that Pope Innocent had no such power to annul the words and acts of the Norman kings of Britain who held the land by conquest and force of arms, and who enforced The Magna Carta with no blessing from Pope Innocent required, for a thousand years and beyond.

The same writer would probably also claim that The War of Independence never happened or had no effect, and that the British King still has a right to rule here — when in fact the British were very soundly beaten and the King himself fully admitted that our land and soil were ours and that we are free men in possession of our sovereignty and guaranteed our republican form of government.

No, indeed, there has never been a quibble from the British Government or the Government of Westminster claiming to own an iota of The United States or The United States of America ever since The War of 1812. What they do claim to own and control is their version of “the” United States (Trading Company) and their version of “the” United States of America (Trading Company).

And we won’t quibble about that, because they’ve made a terrible lot of bad business decisions —as is typical of their entire history — and both their now-incorporated businesses formerly doing business as “the” United States, Incorporated, and “the” United States of America, Incorporated, are bankrupt.

One of the key bits of historical knowledge that British pundits are either unaware of, or choose to ignore, is that the Treaty of Paris 1783, like a all things dubbed “Treaty of Paris” in any other year, is a sea treaty, having nothing to do with land or soil ownership, and only concerning the business affairs of a commercial company interest in “the” United States of America (Trading Company).

This version of “United States of America” was the British owned portion of the original investment and trading company of the same name which existed before The War of Independence. The original United States of America (Trading Company) broke into two parts as a result of the war — creating one British-owned “United States of America” (Trading Company) and one American-owned “United States of America” (Trading Company.)

The same thing happened with “the” United States (Trading Company) which similarly broke apart as a result of the war into British and American components.

The confusion that this has caused over the last two centuries can hardly be estimated, but when British apologists say that the Crown Temple owns and controls “the” United States or “the” United States of America, either one, this is what they are talking about.

Our American version, The United States of America (Trading Company) never incorporated, and is still alive and well, as is The United States (Trading Company).

Wouldn’t it have been helpful, if they had bothered to add “Trading Company” or later, “Incorporated” to the names, so people could see what they were talking about?

And know that they were discussing the business affairs of four business entities, two British and two American, operating under very similar names?

The only difference is that following The War of Independence, the American versions started using the names “The United States” and “The United States of America”, while the Brits used “the” United States and “the” United States of America.

We contracted with the British version calling itself “the” United States of America to provide us with certain enumerated services and delegated the power to provide those services to them when we adopted “The Constitution of the United States of America” — see it now? We were contracting for services from the British Trading Company, which, much later, incorporated as a franchise of the British Crown Corporation.

So that is what British writers are talking about when they claim that the Crown (British Crown Corporation) owns and controls “the” United States (now a bankrupt governmental services provider) or says that it owns and controls “the” United States of America (now another bankrupt governmental services provider).

It doesn’t mean that our country is bankrupt. Sovereign entities can’t go bankrupt, and aren’t eligible for bankruptcy protection, so you can be sure that our States of the Union are not bankrupt by definition, and our unincorporated American versions of The United States and The United States of America aren’t bankrupt, either.

These bankruptcies involve the British Service Providers only, both of which are franchises of the British Crown Corporation, which the BCC has run into the ground while embezzling from the American People using a sophisticated personage and barratry scheme. The only silver lining to that cloud is that we have become their Preferential Creditors as a result and own every scrap of everything they ever claimed to own.

These are the facts and this is what happened — and while the British writers are correct in saying that the Crown owns and operates “the” United States and “the” United States of America — two British commercial corporations dba “the United States, Incorporated” and “the United States of America, Incorporated” —- the only inconvenience that presents for us, the Americans, who are their Preferential Creditors, is gearing up and providing our own services.

Beyond that, I would say that there is a common British misconception that rights come from Constitutions or are granted by the Queen or dictated by the British Crown Corporation —- none of which is true. Rights come to us from the hand of God, from Nature itself, and they are not the result of anyone’s devising. Rather than creating any rights, Constitutions are meant to safeguard them by limiting the powers assumed by governments and by providing written guarantees that those governments will not Trespass on the rights and prerogatives of their employers.

In the present case, the Rotters have sought to evade their constitutional obligations by secretively “redefining” their employers as employees, but that won’t stand the light of day, either.

Lastly, I would observe that there has always been an element of flim-flam in what the Temple Bar proposes to do, which is to “represent” the actual physical world on paper, and try to use rules and procedures and definitions to control these papers. It’s like creating a map of Georgia and pointing at it and saying that you “own” Georgia, when in fact, you own a map of Georgia.

That’s what these fellows are engaged in, and in my opinion, it’s delusional.

Public Records establishing claims to land and homes are certainly more durable and reproducible than grocery receipts, but if you think of it, they do the exact same thing: they prove — if they are correct — that you paid for something. The salient question always is — what did you pay for?

Broccoli, lettuce, dog food? Land, a land patent, or a land title?

Disturbingly, most people in this country (and elsewhere) own a land title and think that they own the land described by that title, but instead, by analogy, they only own a map of Georgia provided by the Temple Bar.

That’s why, as Fiduciary for The United States of America, I stepped forward and claimed all the United States Land Patents and cadastral surveys and copyrighted titles to land that have been created to “describe” our land and soil assets. I claimed them for The United States of America and I rolled them into my own trust as the Secured Party Creditor of all these corporations, and I published my Irrevocable Will granting every American the return of their portion of land and soil assets.

This had to be done to put a stop on the British Flim-Flam described above.

As an example — the British Crown Subcontractors literally paid people to wander around this country and make up fictitious land descriptions in a dazzling array of categories and organizational systems and all of them are “maps of Georgia” in one way or another.

We have Plat Maps and cadastral surveys, we have Townships and Sections, we have Lots and Blocks, we have Subdivisions, and then, we have Land Patents, and last, we have (mostly false) claims of “real estate” and “real estate descriptions” that include various copyrighted names and number systems, like “256 Sunnybrook Lane”.

Imagine the horror of an American “home owner” who discovers that he bought a tenant interest in a property that had already been mortgaged to the hilt by the Queen’s Government —even though they never had any rightful claim or ownership interest in the property — and even after he pays off all the Queen’s debts, he will still only hold a tenant’s interest in a “future lease purchase agreement”? And all he’s really got in “equitable exchange” for all his time, labor, love invested in his home, is ownership of a copyrighted title describing his house and land.

What if I decide to call his house and land “999 Horrorstruck House” and copyright that new “land description”? Will I then be the new owner of his house? You see how this works and where it leads.

Someone shows up and looks over the fence at your house and land, and they arbitrarily decide to call it, “40193 Happy Valley Lane” and they then match this description to a map description and they copyright this and claim to own your house and land based on their copyrighted description of it.

That’s what a “land title” is — someone else’s arbitrary description of your land, which they’ve copyrighted.

Anyone smell the manure under British boots yet?

Well, they may own their copyrighted description of your land, but they don’t own your land. The United States of America owns your land and your Fiduciary locked it in her trust and published her Irrevocable Will to make sure that everything ever used to “describe” your land is yours. All you have to do is come home and claim it.

Meanwhile, in reading the British screeds everyone is well-advised to take a jaundiced view. For example, when they claim that The Declaration of Independence is invalidated because it was signed by five “Esquires” of the Crown Temple — no, that’s not what it means at all.

There were actually three (3) Declarations of Independence published on the Fourth of July in 1776, and the Esquires signed as representatives of the International Jurisdiction of the Sea, just as members of the clergy signed as representatives of the Global Jurisdiction of the Air. This country declared its independence in all jurisdictions— air, land, and sea, and American representatives of each jurisdiction signed the documents in full agreement.

A final example, “all constitutional rights are dictated by the Crown Temple” — ??? No, there are no “constitutional rights” —that is, no “rights” conferred by any Constitution. There are only constitutional guarantees and those are not dictated by the Crown Temple. Those are dictated by the stipulations of the contract itself.

Take no wooden nickels. Never accept anything Brits say as gospel. And if you find yourself facing a dogpile, just stir it around a bit, and you will find the Brits at the bottom of it. Between their BS, omissions, and half-truths, you will eventually find the truth if you roll up your sleeves and look for it.


See this article and over 3700 others on Anna’s website here:

Comment: much the same has been done with South Africa and along a similar timeline; it’s time to wake up to over 500 years of colonial frauds and continued modern day debt slavery;

This Has Only Been “News” Since the 1890’s

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, it’s true that if you are an American, you don’t need a Driver’s License to travel on our public roads.  That’s the way it is, and the way it has always been.  The recent flurry of excitement over the U.S. Supreme Court’s put down of Administrative “Law” in Virginia v EPA misses the whole point.  

We, Americans, have never needed a license to travel around this country.  Ever.  That was decided over a century ago.  

Since the 1890’s and early 1900’s, this question has been decided by the Supreme Court and by multiple County, State, and Circuit Courts, always with the same result, which is nicely summed up by Jeffrey Phillips in this compendium of cases proving this point beyond any possible doubt: 

I am reposting his information for your convenience (below) so that you can literally see for yourselves how conclusively the issue of “needing or not needing a driver’s license” has been decided. This is by no means the first such compendium of actual court decisions in support of our freedom to travel and to use the public roads for private purposes without licenses.  Americans need no “permits” to go wherever we want to go without obstruction or interference from private law enforcement officers aka “patrolmen” arresting and detaining people over “code infractions” that don’t apply to the General Public — and never did.  

This is the absolute truth of the matter.  The only question is — are you an American?  A member of the General Public?  And are you using the roads for private, non-commercial purposes?  

Our law is simple.  If you haven’t injured anyone else or injured anyone else’s property, there is no crime and no issue to be adjudicated and no reason for any Highway Patrolman to stop you. 

The all-too typical situation of Patrolman Busybody stopping you because your left tail light is out and issuing you a $100 fine and “order” to get the tail light fixed, is in fact illegal, if you are Jane Doe on her way to pick her kids up from school, or John Doe on his way home from work. 

They have no authority to stop you, no authority to fine you, and the only plausible and allowable reason for them to interrupt your day at all, would be to politely inform you that your tail light is out — much as a friend might tell you the same, out of concern for your safety.  That’s all.  No “tickets” and no “citations” of Motor Vehicle Code should ever be involved in a traffic stop involving a non-commercial driver. 

Unfortunately, we have all been strong-armed into “registering” our automobiles as “motor vehicles” and as “public property” when they really aren’t.  This forced registration extortion is really at the heart of this debate — not licensing, which has been decided for over a hundred years.  It’s the forced registration of private cars and trucks that provides the Highway Patrol with the excuse to “presume” that you are engaged in commercial activities in the first place, even if you aren’t and even if that is perfectly obvious.  

In order to pull off their otherwise illegal registration demands, the Perpetrators had to offer remedy to private non-commercial drivers, and that remedy is Regulation Z of the Securities Laws adopted by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  You and your private car are actually exempt from registration requirements and you can claim that exemption as long as you are an American who is not employed by the Federal Government corporations. In many States including Alaska, you simply need to ask for “Z tags” or “Private Plates”.

No, you don’t need a license to travel from Point A to Point B for your own private reasons and you never did need a license to travel.  The entire idea behind licensing is rooted in the fact that some people drive as a profession and make their living off of the use of public roads, and some people drive very large and potentially dangerous loads on the public roads — the origin of Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs) — as a business.  The courts make a distinction between private use — Grandma going to the grocery store — and ABC Trucking, Inc. doing a double-decker long haul via semi-trailer truck from Georgia to Nevada.  

And we think that is reasonable.  What’s not reasonable is forced registration of our private trucks and cars and obstruction when we claim our Regulation Z remedy.  What’s not reasonable is when we have to defend ourselves against Highway Patrolmen threatening us with bodily harm over broken tail lights.  What’s not reasonable is when we are being “mistaken” accidentally-on-purpose as foreigners in our own country.  And what’s really not reasonable is when our ability to travel freely is being impeded or prevented by rules, codes, regulations, ordinances, mandates, and statutes that don’t apply to us, because someone thinks that they have the right to redefine “interstate commerce”.  

Read on for a nice fat list of court citations that absolutely and definitively deal with the issue of whether or not we need a driver’s license when we travel for private purposes — and the answer is “No!” just as it has been since the 1890’s.  But be aware that the greater fish to be fried is the imposition of forced and largely false registration of private cars as “motor vehicles” and obstruction of our access to our Regulation Z exemptions.  


Thompson v.Smith, 154 SE 579, 11 American Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, section 329, page 1135 “The right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, in the ordinary course of life and business, is a common right which he has under the right to enjoy life and liberty, to acquire and possess property, and to pursue happiness and safety. It includes the right, in so doing, to use the ordinary and usual conveyances of the day, and under the existing modes of travel, includes the right to drive a horse drawn carriage or wagon thereon or to operate an automobile thereon, for the usual and ordinary purpose of life and business.” –

Thompson vs. Smith, supra.; Teche Lines vs. Danforth, Miss., 12 S.2d 784 “… the right of the citizen to drive on a public street with freedom from police interference… is a fundamental constitutional right” -White, 97 Cal.App.3d.141, 158 Cal.Rptr. 562, 566-67 (1979) “citizens have a right to drive upon the public streets of the District of Columbia or any other city absent a constitutionally sound reason for limiting their access.”

Caneisha Mills v. D.C. 2009 “The use of the automobile as a necessary adjunct to the earning of a livelihood in modern life requires us in the interest of realism to conclude that the RIGHT to use an automobile on the public highways partakes of the nature of a liberty within the meaning of the Constitutional guarantees. . .”

Berberian v. Lussier (1958) 139 A2d 869, 872, See also: Schecter v. Killingsworth, 380 P.2d 136, 140; 93 Ariz. 273 (1963). “The right to operate a motor vehicle [an automobile] upon the public streets and highways is not a mere privilege. It is a right of liberty, the enjoyment of which is protected by the guarantees of the federal and state constitutions.”

Adams v. City of Pocatello, 416 P.2d 46, 48; 91 Idaho 99 (1966). “A traveler has an equal right to employ an automobile as a means of transportation and to occupy the public highways with other vehicles in common use.”

Campbell v. Walker, 78 Atl. 601, 603, 2 Boyce (Del.) 41. “The owner of an automobile has the same right as the owner of other vehicles to use the highway,* * * A traveler on foot has the same right to the use of the public highways as an automobile or any other vehicle.”

Simeone v. Lindsay, 65 Atl. 778, 779; Hannigan v. Wright, 63 Atl. 234, 236. “The RIGHT of the citizen to DRIVE on the public street with freedom from police interference, unless he is engaged in suspicious conduct associated in some manner with criminality is a FUNDAMENTAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT which must be protected by the courts.” People v. Horton 14 Cal. App. 3rd 667 (1971) “The right to make use of an automobile as a vehicle of travel long the highways of the state, is no longer an open question. The owners thereof have the same rights in the roads and streets as the drivers of horses or those riding a bicycle or traveling in some other vehicle.”

House v. Cramer, 112 N.W. 3; 134 Iowa 374; Farnsworth v. Tampa Electric Co. 57 So. 233, 237, 62 Fla. 166. “The automobile may be used with safety to others users of the highway, and in its proper use upon the highways there is an equal right with the users of other vehicles properly upon the highways. The law recognizes such right of use upon general principles.

Brinkman v Pacholike, 84 N.E. 762, 764, 41 Ind. App. 662, 666. “The law does not denounce motor carriages, as such, on public ways. They have an equal right with other vehicles in common use to occupy the streets and roads. It is improper to say that the driver of the horse has rights in the roads superior to the driver of the automobile. Both have the right to use the easement.”

Indiana Springs Co. v. Brown, 165 Ind. 465, 468. U.S. Supreme Court says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Highways/Streets No License Is Necessary Copy and Share Freely 2 2 “A highway is a public way open and free to any one who has occasion to pass along it on foot or with any kind of vehicle.” Schlesinger v. City of Atlanta, 129 S.E. 861, 867, 161 Ga. 148, 159;

Holland v. Shackelford, 137 S.E. 2d 298, 304, 220 Ga. 104; Stavola v. Palmer, 73 A.2d 831, 838, 136 Conn. 670 “There can be no question of the right of automobile owners to occupy and use the public streets of cities, or highways in the rural districts.” Liebrecht v. Crandall, 126 N.W. 69, 110 Minn. 454, 456 “The word ‘automobile’ connotes a pleasure vehicle designed for the transportation of persons on highways.”

-American Mutual Liability Ins. Co., vs. Chaput, 60 A.2d 118, 120; 95 NH 200 Motor Vehicle: 18 USC Part 1 Chapter 2 section 31 definitions: “(6) Motor vehicle. – The term “motor vehicle” means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the highways…” 10) The term “used for commercial purposes” means the carriage of persons or property for any fare, fee, rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit. “A motor vehicle or automobile for hire is a motor vehicle, other than an automobile stage, used for the transportation of persons for which remuneration is received.”

-International Motor Transit Co. vs. Seattle, 251 P. 120 The term ‘motor vehicle’ is different and broader than the word ‘automobile.’”

-City of Dayton vs. DeBrosse, 23 NE.2d 647, 650; 62 Ohio App. 232 “Thus self-driven vehicles are classified according to the use to which they are put rather than according to the means by which they are propelled” – Ex Parte Hoffert, 148 NW 20 ”

The Supreme Court, in Arthur v. Morgan, 112 U.S. 495, 5 S.Ct. 241, 28 L.Ed. 825, held that carriages were properly classified as household effects, and we see no reason that automobiles should not be similarly disposed of.”

Hillhouse v United States, 152 F. 163, 164 (2nd Cir. 1907). “…a citizen has the right to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon…” State vs. Johnson, 243 P. 1073; Cummins vs. Homes, 155 P. 171; Packard vs. Banton, 44 S.Ct. 256; Hadfield vs. Lundin, 98 Wash 516, Willis vs. Buck, 263 P. l 982;

Barney vs. Board of Railroad Commissioners, 17 P.2d 82 “The use of the highways for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common and fundamental Right of which the public and the individual cannot be rightfully deprived.”

Chicago Motor Coach vs. Chicago, 169 NE 22; Ligare vs. Chicago, 28 NE 934; Boon vs. Clark, 214 SSW 607; 25 Am.Jur. (1st) Highways Sect.163 “the right of the Citizen to travel upon the highway and to transport his property thereon in the ordinary course of life and business… is the usual and ordinary right of the Citizen, a right common to all.” –

Ex Parte Dickey, (Dickey vs. Davis), 85 SE 781 “Every Citizen has an unalienable RIGHT to make use of the public highways of the state; every Citizen has full freedom to travel from place to place in the enjoyment of life and liberty.” People v. Nothaus, 147 Colo. 210. “No State government entity has the power to allow or deny passage on the highways, byways, nor waterways… transporting his vehicles and personal property for either recreation or business, but by being subject only to local regulation i.e., safety, caution, traffic lights, speed limits, etc. Travel is not a privilege requiring licensing, vehicle registration, or forced insurances.”

Chicago Coach Co. v. City of Chicago, 337 Ill. 200, 169 N.E. 22. “Traffic infractions are not a crime.” People v. Battle “Persons faced with an unconstitutional licensing law which purports to require a license as a prerequisite to exercise of right… may ignore the law and engage with impunity in exercise of such right.”

Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham 394 U.S. 147 (1969). U.S. Supreme Court says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Highways/Streets No License Is Necessary Copy and Share Freely 3 “The word ‘operator’ shall not include any person who solely transports his own property and who transports no persons or property for hire or compensation.”

Statutes at Large California Chapter 412 p.83 “Highways are for the use of the traveling public, and all have the right to use them in a reasonable and proper manner; the use thereof is an inalienable right of every citizen.” Escobedo v. State 35 C2d 870 in 8 Cal Jur 3d p.27 “RIGHT — A legal RIGHT, a constitutional RIGHT means a RIGHT protected by the law, by the constitution, but government does not create the idea of RIGHT or original RIGHTS; it acknowledges them. . . “ Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1914, p. 2961. “Those who have the right to do something cannot be licensed for what they already have right to do as such license would be meaningless.”

City of Chicago v Collins 51 NE 907, 910. “A license means leave to do a thing which the licensor could prevent.” Blatz Brewing Co. v. Collins, 160 P.2d 37, 39; 69 Cal. A. 2d 639. “The object of a license is to confer a right or power, which does not exist without it.”

Payne v. Massey (19__) 196 SW 2nd 493, 145 Tex 273. “The court makes it clear that a license relates to qualifications to engage in profession, business, trade or calling; thus, when merely traveling without compensation or profit, outside of business enterprise or adventure with the corporate state, no license is required of the natural individual traveling for personal business, pleasure and transportation.”

Wingfield v. Fielder 2d Ca. 3d 213 (1972). “If [state] officials construe a vague statute unconstitutionally, the citizen may take them at their word, and act on the assumption that the statute is void.” –

Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham 394 U.S. 147 (1969). “With regard particularly to the U.S. Constitution, it is elementary that a Right secured or protected by that document cannot be overthrown or impaired by any state police authority.” Donnolly vs. Union Sewer Pipe Co., 184 US 540; Lafarier vs. Grand Trunk R.R. Co., 24 A. 848; O’Neil vs. Providence Amusement Co., 108 A. 887. “The right to travel (called the right of free ingress to other states, and egress from them) is so fundamental that it appears in the Articles of Confederation, which governed our society before the Constitution.”

(Paul v. Virginia). “[T]he right to travel freely from State to State … is a right broadly assertable against private interference as well as governmental action. Like the right of association, it is a virtually unconditional personal right, guaranteed by the Constitution to us all.” (U.S. Supreme Court,

Shapiro v. Thompson). EDGERTON, Chief Judge: “Iron curtains have no place in a free world. …’Undoubtedly the right of locomotion, the right to remove from one place to another according to inclination, is an attribute of personal liberty, and the right, ordinarily, of free transit from or through the territory of any State is a right secured by the Constitution.’

Williams v. Fears, 179 U.S. 270, 274, 21 S.Ct. 128, 45 L.Ed. 186. “Our nation has thrived on the principle that, outside areas of plainly harmful conduct, every American is left to shape his own life as he thinks best, do what he pleases, go where he pleases.” Id., at 197.

Kent vs. Dulles see Vestal, Freedom of Movement, 41 Iowa L.Rev. 6, 13—14. “The validity of restrictions on the freedom of movement of particular individuals, both substantively and procedurally, is precisely the sort of matter that is the peculiar domain of the courts.” Comment, 61 Yale L.J. at page 187. “a person detained for an investigatory stop can be questioned but is “not obliged to answer, answers may not be compelled, and refusal to answer furnishes no basis for an arrest.”Justice White, Hiibel “Automobiles have the right to use the highways of the State on an equal footing with other vehicles.”

Cumberland Telephone. & Telegraph Co. v Yeiser 141 Kentucy 15. “Each citizen has the absolute right to choose for himself the mode of conveyance he desires, whether it be by wagon or carriage, by horse, motor or electric car, or by bicycle, or astride of a horse, subject to the sole condition that he will observe all those requirements that are known as the law of the road.”

Swift v City of Topeka, 43 U.S. Supreme Court says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Highways/Streets No License Is Necessary Copy and Share Freely 4 Kansas 671, 674. The Supreme Court said in U.S. v Mersky (1960) 361 U.S. 431: An administrative regulation, of course, is not a “statute.” A traveler on foot has the same right to use of the public highway as an automobile or any other vehicle.

Cecchi v. Lindsay, 75 Atl. 376, 377, 1 Boyce (Del.) 185. Automotive vehicles are lawful means of conveyance and have equal rights upon the streets with horses and carriages.

Chicago Coach Co. v. City of Chicago, 337 Ill. 200, 205; See also: Christy v. Elliot, 216 Ill. 31; Ward v. Meredith, 202 Ill. 66; Shinkle v. McCullough, 116 Ky. 960; Butler v. Cabe, 116 Ark. 26, 28-29. …automobiles are lawful vehicles and have equal rights on the highways with horses and carriages. Daily v. Maxwell, 133 S.W. 351, 354.

Matson v. Dawson, 178 N.W. 2d 588, 591. A farmer has the same right to the use of the highways of the state, whether on foot or in a motor vehicle, as any other citizen.

Draffin v. Massey, 92 S.E.2d 38, 42. Persons may lawfully ride in automobiles, as they may lawfully ride on bicycles. Doherty v. Ayer, 83 N.E. 677, 197 Mass. 241, 246;

Molway v. City of Chicago, 88 N.E. 485, 486, 239 Ill. 486; Smiley v. East St. Louis Ry. Co., 100 N.E. 157, 158. “A soldier’s personal automobile is part of his ‘household goods[.]’

U.S. v Bomar, C.A.5(Tex.), 8 F.3d 226, 235” 19A Words and Phrases – Permanent Edition (West) pocket part 94. “[I]t is a jury question whether … an automobile … is a motor vehicle[.]”

United States v Johnson, 718 F.2d 1317, 1324 (5th Cir. 1983). Other right to use an automobile cases: –


TWINING VS NEW JERSEY, 211 U.S. 78 – WILLIAMS VS. FEARS, 179 U.S. 270, AT 274 – CRANDALL VS. NEVADA, 6 WALL. 35, AT 43-44 – THE PASSENGER CASES, 7 HOWARD 287, AT 492 – U.S. VS. GUEST, 383 U.S. 745, AT 757-758 (1966) –

GRIFFIN VS. BRECKENRIDGE, 403 U.S. 88, AT 105-106 (1971) – CALIFANO VS. TORRES, 435 U.S. 1, AT 4, note 6 –

SHAPIRO VS. THOMPSON, 394 U.S. 618 (1969) – CALIFANO VS. AZNAVORIAN, 439 U.S. 170, AT 176 (1978) Look the above citations up in American Jurisprudence. Some citations may be paraphrased.


And there you have it, as nice a listing of appropriate court decisions as you could ask for.  Now all you have to do is start educating the politicians and the police and claiming your Regulation Z exemptions, so that the “license plates” serve notice that you are not subject to licensing.  

And, as always, be aware that the British Territorial Persons named after you and the Municipal citizens of the United States named after you as UNITED STATES CITIZENS are all subject to all the codes, rules, regulations and statutes.

You’re not, but they are.

So while you are educating the politicians and police, be sure to draw the distinction between you and these “hue-men” persons that have been created using your Good Name and Trademarks without your knowledge or agreement.


See this article and over 3700 others on Anna’s website here:

Notice: Warning About Legalities — and “Human” Rights

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s unlawful and illegal to own living people as slaves, right?  Right. 

We gave that up ages ago, didn’t we?  Yes, we did.  

Amendment XIII “Abolished slavery” and by 1926, the League of Nations succeeded in banning both slavery and peonage worldwide.  

But look at how the Balrog’s tail snagged a new lease on life and allowed — indeed, institutionalized, slavery for “some” people…. the Fourteenth Amendment defined criminals as slaves and failed to define “criminals” except to inform us that “citizens of the United States” are criminals by definition.   

And, going into the Great Depression, men like Franklin Delano Roosevelt pulled another Fast One by selling all the Municipal “citizens of the United States” into slavery.  Read over FDR’s First Inaugural Address and his references to “consecration” and “clearinghouse certificates”.  

In order to do these evils, FDR and his Buddies had to relabel and redefine the victims as “humans” — that is, not really people, not men and women, but something “else” that the Perpetrators could pass off as something other-than-men-and-women with Natural and Unalienable Rights. 

Think of it this way: “man” versus “hue-man” or translate it another way, and you get “man” versus “color of man” or “colored man”.   Many of the victims of FDR’s slave sale were actually and factually colored people.  So then, we had the whole effort to dig out of the insanity of the Buck Act of 1940, and the Civil Rights Movement for Hue-Mans and The United Nations’ Hue-man Rights Declaration —- and all of this is very helpful and nice, but never addressed the actual issue —- which is slave ownership glossed over (literally) and peonage, too, which were outlawed in 1926. 

So, do you want to be classified, legally but not lawfully, as a “human”?  No, you definitely don’t. And you don’t want “Human Rights”, either, because whatever those rights may be, it’s still “legal” to kill humans, still “legal” to enslave humans, and still “legal” to steal from humans under force. 

It’s not lawful or legal to do any of these things to men and women.  

So you want to be a man or you want to be a woman and you want to be on your toes ready to disavow any claim that you are a thing, a Mister, a Missus, a Miss, or any other “Person” or “PERSON” that they can classify as a “Hue-man” and victimize using this pernicious fraud and evasion of the actual Public Law which has forbidden both slavery and peonage since 1926. 

Obviously, the cat is finally out of the bag and people are waking up to this maladept use of “legality” to evade the Public Law and abuse innocent people by mischaracterizing and impersonating them as things.  

So what do the criminal cretins do?  Well, they gin up another scheme, only worse, that allows them to do the same thing — use “legalities” to evade the Public Law.  

The U.S. Supreme Court made a bad error and allowed corporations involved in genetic engineering to patent bits and pieces of DNA and mRNA and inject these into plants and animals that they then classify — and own — as “Genetically Modified Organisms”.

Sound oddly familiar?  Redefining and relabeling?  Owning the newly redefined  “things” as slaves?  Being able to impose peonage?  Being able to kill and imprison and enslave, only this time based on patents?  

Are we to endure another round of this gratuitous fraud and crime against humanity —- which includes men and women and also “male” and “female” hue-mans?   Crowds of people marching around demanding “GMO Rights!”? 

I don’t think so.  

This time, it’s the turn of the screw in the opposite direction.  

Our country has already passed a Public Law forbidding all claims attempting to define living people as Genetically Modified Organisms, whether or not they have voluntarily accepted patented DNA or RNA altering vaccinations. 

And if the recipients of DNA or RNA altering vaccinations die, we recognize no claims of interest in their estates by any corporation whatsoever. 

We are going after the criminal masterminds behind all this crap.  We know what they did in the past and we know what they are trying to do right now and enough is enough.  Before we are done, we will have cleaned up every Board Room from here to Bangkok, and God enlighten anyone who stands in the way, because they will be defending the authors of their own demise.  

All you bankers, all you Party Boys, all you “governmental officials” — take heed.  The Herd isn’t the Herd anymore— and you are all at the end of your ropes.  

We outlawed slavery in 1865 and we outlawed it again, and peonage, too, in 1926, and with God as our Witness, enslavement by redefinition and relabeling of people as “humans” or “GMOs” or anything else —- and evasion of the Public Law via the use of such “legalities” —- is at an end in 2022.  


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Will “Human Sense of Community” and “Spirit of Responsibility” Overcome “Greed for Power and Violence”?

Community spirit – unshakable logic of human coexistence

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

Global Research, June 28, 2022

The events of the last two months and years – the doom of arbitrary state measures, mass terror, dictatorship and war – have once again given us a thorough visual lesson in the historical significance of violence. Although progress in the development of civilization is undeniable, we seem to be still entirely at the beginnings of humanization as far as the taming of violence is concerned.  We wage war, but no one – no mother, no father, no professor – tells youth not to go to war: “Don’t go!”

What has been true for humanity since time immemorial remains valid in the present “times of upheaval”: the human sense of community and the spirit of responsibility will put an end to this indescribable violence. If our ancestors had not made the sense of community and the feeling of togetherness the guiding principle of their actions, humanity would no longer exist. This idea must also penetrate to the youth.

Will it be possible to master violence?

Read further at:

Ancient History That Matters Now

By Anna Von Reitz

Circa 2,800 years ago, King Priam of Troy married Princess Hecuba of Phrygia.  Priam met his beautiful wife when he went to the military aid of her Father, the then-King of Phrygia, a vast arid and mountainous land to the west of Galatia in central Anatolia. 

So what, you say?  Trojans?  What do they have to do with anything today?  And who cares about the ancient Kingdom of Phrygia?  Heck, even their spoken language disappeared circa 600 A.D. —–what possible importance could any of this have today?  In America?  In Western Europe?  


It has to do with everything, including the Pope’s red shoes.  

Phrygian warlords and soldiers wore red shoes into battle.  

Phrygian priests adorn Constantine’s Triumphal Arch in Rome. 

The Trojan-Phrygian Alliance was allied with the Macedonians in Greece and the Iranians to the East, and all the way to the Balkan States, they were allied with the Dacians and Romanians and the Romanians built Rome.  

Alexander of Macedonia conquered the known world.  And Rome finally conquered Achaean Greece.  As with the Norman Conquest, the storytellers of history try to ignore the enormous practical consequences of these simple statements of fact.  

But you can’t brush over any of it and have any understanding of the world you have inherited. 

The Phrygians were renowned astrologers and magicians.  They brought us King Midas, the Gordian Knot, and the Red Cap of Liberty.  They worshiped the Goddess Cybele, their own version of Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Semiramis, Columbia….. and it was by becoming enslaved to Rome in the Second Century BCE, that they eventually became the Talismen of Republican Governments two millenia later.  

The presence of nine Phrygian priests on Constantine’s Victory Arch, built many years after his supposed conversion to Christianity, tells the tale of early Roman Catholicism. 

The enslaved Phrygians earned back their freedom and wore their soft, conical, red felt caps with their tips bent over,  as a recognizable symbol of their Free Man status in Rome.  The Roman Republic was bulwarked by these Free Men of Phrygia, who could adopt Roman citizenship or not, along with the Free Men of Rome, who wore the similar Roman pileus cap as a token of their Free Man status. 

The take home message?  Republican Governments are the governments of Free Men.  

At first glance this may seem inconsequential, another “So what?” moment., but look again. 

Where does the whole concept of “Free Men” come from?  Phrygia,  And where does the concept of “republican” government come from?  Phrygia.  And from Phrygia to Rome and from Rome to us — and what do the Federal Constitutions guarantee along with our right to assemble?   They guarantee our right to a “republican form of government”. 

They admitted, once and for all, that we, Americans, are Free Men.  

We are guaranteed our own “republican” government as a result.  And like the ancient Phrygians who became Free Men in Rome, and who could adopt Roman Citizenship or not, as they chose, we, too, have the option of adopting “U.S. Citizenship” or not.  

We now know with certainty that the Goddess worshiped by Constantine was Cybele, and it was this ancient religion from central Asia Minor that has piggybacked into modern history on the back of the Roman Catholic Church.  

We also know that the Trojan-Phrygian concept of Free Men and the Republican Governments of Free Men have a far more archaic, different, and more substantial history than the Monarchists have cared to admit.  

Standing on the wild and arid dome of Central Anatolia, men learned to be free.  They learned to structure republican governments. And it is from them that we inherit our republican form of government in these United States, as Free Men and Free Women.  

This tradition didn’t come to us from Britain, or even from Rome, which are both traditionally slave states, built on slavery.   It came to us from Phrygia and the Trojan-Phrygian Alliance that began when King Priam saw Princess Hecuba standing alone in a shaft of brilliant sunlight.  


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How to Make a Judge Understand You

By Anna Von Reitz

You have been summoned to a hearing and charges have been brought against your estate or some derivative corporation thereof.  They will call your name. 

You answer:  John Michael is my Given Name.  McShay is a Family Name. 

The Prosecutor or Prosecuting Attorney gives their spiel.  Then it’s your turn. 

You say: “The Prosecutor has failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.”   — This is the equivalent of a demurrer in their system.  It challenges their jurisdiction and any presumptions they are making. 

You say, “I am a man (or woman) in the common sense of the word, speaking to you as a man.”  — This denies any fanciful interpretation of what a “man” is and takes the judge out of office and makes him liable for what he does. 

You say, “I am an American requiring pass through service.”  This makes it clear who you are and makes it more obvious what your business with the court is. 

You say, “I am a claimant, not a complainant.”  That is telling the judge that you are not acting as the “Defendant” or “DEFENDANT” in any controversy, and removes the substance of the case out of the jurisdiction of the Municipal COURT. 

You say, “I am claiming my property and my credit, both, here and now.”  This leaves them no wiggle room.  Especially in mortgage cases, this tells them that you are claiming all the credit generated by your signature — usually ten times the entire amount of the purported “loan”, plus the house you already paid for.  

You say, “I am making you and the Clerk my Assigns to negotiate the through-traffic, settle all liens and charges, and return the remainder to me via Cashier’s Check.”

If they ask for a mailing address (another trick), you reply: “Send it in care of my Mailbox —- Number 97899, in Salem, Oregon, 96756.” 

This just made the Judge and the Clerk responsible for doing for you, what they’ve been doing for themselves and the banks.  They have to pay off the mortgage, deduct their fees, and return the remainder to you.  

And if they don’t and the action goes to appeal, they will lose their jobs. 

Now, doesn’t that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling all over?  No need to write anything.  No need to suffer over making motions or writing briefs or any of the rest of it.  Just take control of the situation, establish your position, tell them who you are (and aren’t) and what your business with the court is, give them their task to do and authorize them to do it for you according to your instructions.

It works just as well for civil cases as criminal cases.  The only difference is that you are facing a “Prosecutor” in a criminal case and a “Prosecuting Attorney” in a civil case, so in your opening Demurrer you would say, “The Prosecutor has failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted” for a criminal charge, or “The Prosecuting Attorney failed to…. ”  

Depending on when “your” mortgage was generated, you will walk out with several times the total mortgage amount worth of credit — that your signature generated, minus reasonable and customary fees.  

The bank and/or servicing company goes home with a blue nose and black eye — for once.  

The Judge sits there with an odd look on his face, staring at the Prosecuting Attorney who now has to pay the court the bid bond and performance bond on the case out of his or her own pocket.  Or, have the whole action tossed out, with prejudice, so that they can never go after you again regarding that mortgage or whatever other issue. 

There is always a silver lining.  This is it. Learn who you are.  Learn who they are.  


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Public and International Notice of Trespass and Breach of Trust

By Anna Von Reitz

Public and International Notice of Breach of Trust and Trespass

I am a woman speaking to the members of the High Courts and Government and Government Contractors today as men and women. I lay claim as a woman owed the official and permanent return of my Lawful Person, which has been human trafficked, impersonated, and misrepresented under conditions of fraud by my own employees. I claim that I am a Wisconsinite by birth and that I have never waived my birthright estate. I claim that I am owed all treaties and constitutional guarantees that I am naturally heir to.

I bring evidence of crime practiced against me and against my nation. I bring my claim before you and say that I have been injured and suffered harm at the hands of men and women owing me good faith and service.

1.a: I claim that these people seized upon my Proper Name, also known as my Lawful Person, while I was still a baby in my cradle. They made False Claims to the effect that I was abandoned on a battlefield by an unwed Mother. They claimed that I was of unknown provenance. They claimed that I was their dependent. They claimed that I was a Subject of their Queen Elizabeth II. They created a fictitious British Person — a Foreign Situs Trust that they later converted into an Infant Decedent Estate named after me — and they operated this British Person named after me in the international jurisdiction of the sea for their own benefit without my knowledge or agreement.

1.a: I claim that the only battlefield pertaining to me, and my Lawful Person exists as a result of administrative malfeasance and incompetence on paper. I claim that my correct address in Wisconsin and in other States of the Union has always been known and my provenance in Wisconsin has been established before the so-called American Civil War.

1.a: I claim that their actions were undisclosed and non-consensual. According to our American Law and Custom, it is not possible to contract with a baby and it is not possible for a Third Party to remove our birthrights from us. Citizenship obligations do not attach to us at birth. Personhood does not attach to us.

1.a: I claim that I have been deliberately misrepresented and that I have been injured and harmed by this misrepresentation. As an American I am owed substantial contractual guarantees and protections which are not available to British Persons. I also enjoy substantial property rights that are not available to British Persons. Their claims to the effect that I was ever a British Territorial U.S. Citizen are not credible as I would have no reason to adopt their citizenship and would gain no equitable compensation for doing so.

The evidence of this Trespass against me appears before you in the form of a Birth Certificate issued by their franchise doing business as the State of Wisconsin. As this certificate shows, I was born into this physical plane on the sixth of June 1956 which is also the birthday of my Lawful Person — an American Person.

The identically-named British Legal Person was created on the 24th of June, which is its birthdate, eighteen days later. The purported infant decedent estate allegedly belonging to the British Person named after me was seized upon by the Queen’s Creditors at the Vatican some years later and a second BIRTH CERTIFICATE was issued in my name by the Vatican’s franchise operator doing business as the STATE OF WISCONSIN. This foreign PERSON named after me was a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust and was considered a Municipal citizen of the United States. This PERSON, too, was operated for the benefit of the foreign Vatican Government without my knowledge.

I was misrepresented first as a British Person and then the British Person was converted into a Municipal United States PERSON. None of these actions were disclosed to me. None of these actions were consensual. None of the associated claims are true. No explanation or process for remedy was ever given to me.

Now the Creditors of the Vatican Government are landing on my doorstep thinking that I am their Debtor, when in fact none of this has anything to do with me. The American contracts with the British Crown and the Holy See were last updated in 1858 and those contracts clearly say that I am not responsible for knowing foreign law and am not subject to it.

Much of this non-consensual misadministration seems to revolve around the idea that our government was in an unexplained interregnum.

2.a: I claim that our government has been present continuously, simply not in Session. Our American government was never designed to be in constant Session. It has been widely known for many decades that the sovereignty of our government is vested in the living people of this country. As such, it isn’t possible for our American Government to disappear or be abandoned. Our government has maintained our same General Delivery address from 1732 to today. It still maintains active Post Masters and Postmasters throughout our country. Our American Government is exactly where it should be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where it has been at peace since 1814.

2.a: I claim that when I called for Americans to populate the government and provide their provenance and eligibility to perform in office, the response was immediate and broad spread and in very little time, less than two weeks, all the States of the Union responded and had State Citizens in place who had proven provenance extending back before the Civil War. This is not a government in interregnum. Since that time the ranks of the State Assemblies have continued to swell and be bulwarked by more qualified Americans. Our government may be a bit rusty for lack of being in Session, but it still exists, and it is now in Session in all fifty states, as it has been for the last three years.

I require you, men and women, to overturn any presumption otherwise.

3.a: I claim that a pernicious system of perpetual war has been allowed and engendered by people seeking unjust enrichment and practicing malfeasance in office. I found that the accounts related to the American Civil War were still open and still being charged for expenses 157 years after the Armistice ending hostilities. I found that no official peace treaties were ever issued to end the conflict and that in fact no such treaties could be enacted by the Persons involved, because The American Civil War wasn’t a war. It was an illegal and unlawful Mercenary Conflict.

3.a: I claim that not only was The American Civil War never ended, but the guilty politicians continued to milk the situation to make claims of non-existent emergency powers and continued to declare so-called wars on nebulous things like drugs and poverty, to justify a constant state of war throughout our country and ultimately throughout the world.

3.a: I claim that not only was The American Civil War never ended until 1 October 2021 when our States ratified their International Peace Treaty ending it on our shores, but all the other major conflicts since that time have similarly and deliberately been left unresolved, with the accounts related to these conflicts left open in apparent perpetuity.

3 a: I claim that the First World War is still active and only a land treaty, a Treaty of Versailles, purports to end it; I claim that the Second World War is still active and absent sensible action by people now, it is likely to stay officially active forever, because of United Nations demands that require that all Parties to the War agree to the Peace Treaty ending it, and some of those Parties no longer exist. Thanks to bungling up of the peace process ending the First World, some Parties to the Second World War, like the Kingdom of Prussia, technically still exist, but are not organized to participate in a General Amnesty or Peace Accord. As a result of these impractical measures and requirements imposed by members of the United Nations, the Second World War has been silently raging on since 1945 — at least in some demented circles — a full seventy-five years after surrender agreements ended armed hostilities. Also, because of this misadministration, most of Europe and the Far East remains, to a greater or lesser extent, under armed occupation by the Allied Forces.

3. a: I claim that these and other intolerable circumstances serving to unjustly enrich warmongers must be dealt with and that the accounts related to these conflicts must be closed and the peace settlement of these endless wars must be addressed in all jurisdictions to ensure their final end.

I require each one of you to reject the idea that perpetual war exists simply because official paperwork and formal peace proclamations and treaties were not completed.

I require that each one of you take appropriate action to bring about the long overdue settlement of these issues and force public recognition of this necessity.

I require that each of you do all in your power to identify unscrupulous corporate contractors that have profited themselves from this oversight.

When my experience and the harm done to me and to my reputation and to my property interests is multiplied across the span of several generations and millions of Americans who have been injured in exactly the same way by this secretive scheme to steal our identity, access our credit, and leave us indebted — as a whole nation — the awesome magnitude and scope of the injury done to me and to my country and to my nation is apparent.

When you then wake up and realize that most of the rest of the world, not just Americans and not just America, has been misaddressed and disserved in exactly this same way, the folly and injustice of what has been perpetuated here and the true enormity of the Trespass snaps into focus.

4.a: I claim that this Trespass against me and my country has resulted in the proliferation of crime on a worldwide basis and has contributed to a situation in which men routinely break the Law to enforce Legalities, where foreign militaries maintain endless occupations of other countries, where civilian governments are crippled by military coercion, and all of this has served to create a world in which white collar piracy has been gradually interjected, institutionalized, and unconsciously accepted.

4.a: I claim that the Perpetrators of this Trespass have gone so far as to securitize and monetize living flesh.

4.a: I claim that while both slavery and peonage have been outlawed worldwide since 1926 and while press-ganging has been outlawed for 200 years and while inland piracy has been outlawed for centuries more, the Perpetrators of this Trespass have gone so far as to securitize and monetize my living flesh via proxy, calculating the estimated lifetime earnings of the British Person named after me and using that as an asset for the British Crown to borrow against, creating a contract for peonage which appears to be against a British Territorial Person, but which is collected from an American of the same exact name.

4.a: I claim that I have been injured by this identity substitution swindle and that my assets have been unlawfully and illegally taxed and plundered under color of law and armed force because of it and I affirm that this is true.

4.a: I further claim that the British Person named after me was assumed to have a Life Cycle though it is in fact dead upon conception, and I claim that the Perpetrators of this scheme engaged in speculation amounting to insurance fraud by asserting that these fictitious British Persons have assets called Life Force which generate Life Force Value Annuities.

4.a: I claim that this is another example in which the parasitic and unauthorized British Person is used to place a false claim against assets actually belonging to the American, me, that it is named after.

4.a: I claim that this same profitable identity theft and substitution scheme resulted in Prince Philip receiving $950 Trillion Dollars-worth of Life Force Value Annuities in April 2017 and none of the bank authorities and other responsible authorities informed about this substitution swindle against my assets did anything about it.

4.a: I claim that this practice of peonage by proxy has been extended to abject slavery in the case of the Municipal PERSONS named after me.

4a: I claim that the Holy See allowed the Vatican City Government franchise doing business as the Municipality of Washington, DC, to create a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust and attached my name to it and certificated it as: ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER.

4.a: I claim that the Perpetrators pretended that this Cestui Que Vie Trust pertained to me and my assets, when in fact, it was named after the British Person that was also named after me, and I claim that this same British Person is a fictitious legal fiction entity having no assets of its own and no reason to exist, apart from its use as a device to promote illegal latching onto my assets, and therefore the Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust named after me is also empty and naturally devoid of any assets or valid purpose apart from implementing the same identity substitution scheme.

4.a: Likewise, I claim that all the Municipal CORPORATIONS derived from this original Cestui Que Vie Trust are empty and naturally devoid of any assets of their own, no matter how many of these so-called derivatives there may be, and I claim that in effect these empty trusts, empty special purpose vehicles denoted as SPVs, empty Public Transmitting Utilities, and other Municipal CORPORATIONS that have all been named after some variation of my name, are shelf corporations that appear to have been used for purposes of money laundering — all constructed and utilized without my knowledge or agreement.

4.a: I claim that these Municipal CORPORATIONS were the subject of labor contracts established by the Perpetrators under the Miller Act and were also the subject of the ownership claims made via the Buck Act, but again, I was mistaken accidentally-on-purpose for the entity named after me and attacked and prosecuted and maligned and subjected to racketeering under color of law and have been injured by these THINGS being used as unauthorized proxies to enslave me and extract the value of my labor and skills

4.a: I claim that the banking functions associated with these THINGS have been equally corrupt and unaccountable and steeped in deceit and identity theft and credit theft schemes and substitution schemes of the same kinds.

4.a: I claim that I have had unknown Third Parties issue unauthorized credit cards in the NAMES of these THINGS, and I claim that I have been injured and harmed by False Claims in Commerce associated with charges made in my name.

4.a: I claim that I have been forced to pay for commodities and services that I never agreed to receive, and often in fact did not receive, because of these Municipal entities and British Persons named after me.

4.a: I claim that I have been taxed via the extortionate misuse of these CORPORATIONS named after me, to bring charges against my living self in foreign jurisdictions of law intended to address corporations, and I claim that I have been derided and subjected to ridicule when I have observed that I am not the same as a Municipal CORPORATION some lunatic named after me for purposes of fraud and extortion under armed force.

4.a: I claim that I have been injured by the False Presumption that mortgage debts that are actually owed by these foreign corporations named after me, were owed by me.

4.a: I claim that I am the actual source of all credit involved in any mortgage transaction connected to my name. I claim that these dishonest banks have pretended to loan me money, when in fact they have loaned me my own credit and then charged me five times the entire cost of the transaction as a mortgage which is in fact owed by foreign corporations named after me — and these banks never disclosed any of this to me.

4.a: I claim that these facts about so-called mortgage loans were disclosed in a single county court case in Minnesota in 1968, called First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly, and it remains the controlling law applicable to me and millions of other Americans, who are being misrepresented as British Persons and foreign Municipal Corporations.

4.a: I claim that no American owes these banks for any asset purchase based on their own credit.

4.a: I claim that I have been defrauded out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit and property assets because of this identity substitution fraud perpetuated by commercial banks and lending institutions that owe me pass through service and disclosure.

I require you to recognize that no claim of war based on petty paper promises justifies criminality against living people.

I require you to acknowledge that war does not excuse crime and is often the only means to end crime.

I require you to return all mortgage payments plus interest plus treble damages to everyone worldwide who has been impacted by this scheme and forced to pay mortgages they don’t owe for the benefit of guilty corporations.

I require you to return all land and soil and other property assets seized under these conditions of deliberate self-interested deceit to the most recent American owners of record.

I require you to establish a Victim’s Fund to pay compensation to the victims of felonious forced evictions and seizures based on alleged debts owed by fictitious British Persons and fictitious Municipal CORPORATIONS. I require this Victim’s Fund to stand open for a hundred years and for all reasonable and customary claims brought to be charged against the British Crown and the Holy See with prejudice, such that the claims cannot be charged-back against the victims or otherwise ameliorated as mutual credit exchange off-sets.

5.a: I claim that I have been harmed and defrauded by federal income tax claims and assessments against these same foreign shelf corporations merely named after me.

5.a: I claim that I have never had a single dollar’s worth of federal income yet have been endlessly harassed and had insane tax assessments made by Third Parties having absolutely no knowledge about me or my earnings or the source of my earnings.

5.a: I claim that these criminal racketeers have brought their claims and liens against the phony foreign shelf corporations named after me and when bluntly told the truth and told to get packing down the road, I have been attacked, called names, and accused of mental instability.

I require you to address this situation and liquidate the Internal Revenue Service and IRS organizations and their equivalents worldwide.

6.a: I claim that the Perpetrators of these crimes against humanity have operated out of US Insular Possessions including Puerto Rico and the Mariana Islands, where they could access the Spanish Law of the Inquisition and apply it to the Municipal shelf corporations named after me.

6.a: I claim that this is a pattern of operations has been purposefully used to bring the Inquisition forward into the present day and that it is being used by a venal theocracy promoted by the Holy See to advance False Claims against Municipal Corporations and fictitious British Persons.

6.a: I claim that I have been derided as a tax cheat for refusing to pay taxes owed by foreign Municipal Corporations merely named after me without my knowledge or agreement, and I claim that this harm to my reputation has caused me to suffer business losses, loss of time and energy, mental anguish, fear, and loathing.

6.a: I claim that neither the Internal Revenue Service nor the IRS has any right or reason to address peaceable Americans like myself who are not knowingly adopting any federal citizenship and who are not employees or dependents of foreign governments.

6.a: I claim that the Internal Revenue Service and IRS have functioned as organized racketeers acting under color of law and I claim that I have been defrauded under force and non-disclosure out of hundreds of thousands of dollars of credit and property assets.

6.a: I claim that the so-called Sixteenth Amendment to both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America was never ratified by any State of the Union and therefore could only imply a contract between the federal corporations and their own employees amounting to the imposition of an employment tax as a condition of that employment.

6.a: I claim that the contracts now being misrepresented to the American Public as our Constitutions are not our Constitutions but are misleadingly similar British Territorial and Municipal Corporation charters and any so-called Amendment to these charters are in fact only By-Law Amendments having nothing to do with our actual Constitutions. I claim that this circumstance deliberately promotes misunderstanding and seeks to invoke powers that these so-called corporation constitutions lack for purposes of fraud and coercion.

6.a: I claim that millions of Americans have allowed themselves to be mischaracterized as Taxpayers or TAXPAYERS because of the afore-described substitution of a corporate charter misrepresenting our actual Constitutions and I am one of them.

6.a: I claim that I and these other Americans had reasonable cause to believe that the so-called Sixteenth Amendment applied to them and their Constitutional obligations, when in fact it could only apply to federal employees operating under a look-alike, sound-alike corporate charter which was deliberately misrepresented to the American Public.

6.a: I claim that these millions of deliberately deceived and defrauded law-abiding Americans, including me, have been injured by felony level theft under color of law and have suffered the loss of trillions of dollars’ worth of their own labor, credit assets, and physical property assets by armed gangs of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agents and deputized IRS Agents acting under color of law to illegally assess and allege tax debts owed by British Persons and Municipal PERSONS named after the American victims of this institutionalized fraud scheme.

6.a: I claim that the American victims who have been injured, including myself, have been traumatized by being jailed, evicted, threatened under force, and coerced under these False Presumptions of war and the practice of misaddressing Americans as British Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS named after them. I claim that I and every American who has been misaddressed by either the Internal Revenue Service or IRS is owed compensation from the British Crown and the Holy See.

I require you to put these corporations out of business permanently and place their operators in jail, regardless of any excuses based on their businesses being chartered or headquartered in United States Insular Possessions.

I require you to establish a Victim’s Fund to pay claims brought against the Holy See and the British Crown for these offenses against the people they are supposed to be serving in good faith.

I require you to maintain the Victim’s Fund for at least one hundred years and make sure that charges to be paid out of this Fund are collected from the British Crown and the Holy See with prejudice, such that these costs can never be accounted as expenses charged-back against the victims or otherwise ameliorated as mutual credit exchanges.

I require you to remove all and any confusion about Amendments made to our Constitutions versus the By-Law Amendments made to corporation charters aping our Constitutions.

I require you to clearly identify all corporation By-Law Amendments that have not been ratified by the States of the Union to avoid any further confusion.

I require you to admit to the General Public and publish the fact that these corporation charters and By-Law Amendments never ratified by our States, do not apply to and are not enforceable against Americans. This includes all By-Law Amendments beginning with the Fourteenth Amendment to the corporation’s Constitution of the United States of America adopted in 1868.

I require you to return all the income tax payments that have been paid by or assessed against Americans and American businesses in error, plus interest.

I require you, insomuch as is possible, to return the physical land and soil assets that have been purloined from the victims of these organized racketeering operations: businesses, patents, copyrights, family farms, homesteads, homes mischaracterized as real estate, and I require you to repair or replace all damaged property assets belonging to the victims who have been injured by this infamous fraud.

I require you to release all Americans who have been incarcerated as income tax cheats who have in fact been misaddressed as British Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS.

I require you to pay the American victims of this deliberate fraud against our Constitutions and against each one of them a hundred dollars per hour of time spent in federal jails for crimes of alleged income tax evasion and I require you to charge the Holy See and the Government of Westminster for this entire amount with prejudice and without recourse.

I require you to exonerate all the American people who have been incarcerated for the crime of not paying income taxes they never owed and I require you to erase all public records related to these convictions that have been attached to their names.

7.a: I claim that the Seventeenth Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style on page 665 explains what is actually going on here, as does Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, under the heading, “Dog Latin” —- and I claim that the use of either Dog-Latin or American Sign Language to misrepresent my name as a foreign gloss results in gibberish and is owed no enforcement against me based on the false supposition and assumption that these signals and signs have anything to do with me and my assets at all.

7.a: I claim that our American Government has published the fact that our official language is English for over two hundred years and that I, an American, should have no reason or need to belabor, repeat, or further publish that fact. Even a British Person merely presumed to exist via a False Registration process should not have to inform the Municipality of Washington or District of Columbia — or the Vatican, either — that English is the official language of this country.

7.a: I claim that the use of such a foreign language convention and the history that attaches to the use of such glosses is further evidence that this is a well-thought out and secretive fraud scheme pursued under False Presumptions of war and illegal mercenary conflicts, executed on an unimaginable scale, and fully intended to deceive and denigrate innocent people so as to subjugate and in fact enslave the ignorant.

7.a: I claim that these pernicious breaches of trust and acts of Trespass have resulted in the promotion of a modern-day slave trade almost a hundred years after both enslavement and peonage have been outlawed. I claim that those Perpetrators responsible for this have deliberately removed themselves to the international jurisdiction of the sea in order to evade the Public Law and excuse this continuance of war, slavery and peonage, press-ganging, kidnapping, inland piracy, personage, identity theft, racketeering, extortion, and a plethora of other crimes including genocide.

I require you to bring an end to these Trespasses against the living people of this planet, and an end to this abuse of Justice by pirates and slave traders and other criminals taking refuge in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

I require you to put a permanent end to the use of glosses as a secret code used to arbitrarily diminish and denigrate the political and economic status of living people to the level of foreign shelf corporations merely named after them.

8.a: I claim that a similar ruse has been used to promote False Claims against American land and soil assets and to promote a similar process of fraudulent misrepresentation and identity substitution via the application of foreign British titles to American land and soil assets, aimed at transferring debt owed by the British Persons named after Americans onto the backs of the actual American land owners.

8.a: I claim that this deceptive process is based on substituting land descriptions for actual cadastral surveys and landmarks, copyrighting these descriptive names for property belonging to others, and pretending that this gives the Perpetrators an equitable ownership in the property. I claim that the Perpetrators send their employees around to assign arbitrary names and numbers to American homesteads, farms, and businesses and then use these to attach false claims of contract, ownership interest, and foreign titles to these estates naturally and factually belonging to Americans and American businesses. I claim that the offending foreign commercial corporations responsible for this Trespass against basic property rights owed to the American victims of this identity substitution scheme have also imposed fraudulent property tax claims against American landlords, causing people who are confused by this con game to pay debts that they don’t owe for services they didn’t ask for and often don’t receive.

I require you to charge back and return all property taxes unlawfully extracted from Americans in this way, plus interest since 1934, and I call the debt owed by the British Persons and British Crown Corporations responsible for this gross Trespass against American property rights.

I require you to charge back and return all property taxes unlawfully extracted from American in this way, plus interest since 1934, and I call the debt owed by the Municipal Corporations responsible for this gross Trespass against American property rights.

9a: I claim that I have been misaddressed, threatened and coerced to pay property taxes on property that I own outright based on nothing more than someone giving my homestead a new name. I claim that when I objected to this practice and the presumption that I was some species of Federal citizen, I was attacked, derided, and accused of being a tax cheat. threatened with armed force and eviction. I claim that I have been harmed and that my reputation has been harmed for defending myself and my property from these incursions and false claims instigated by organized foreign commercial corporations acting under color of law.

9.a: I claim that in some areas multiple commercial corporations involved in this same criminal activity have applied as many as six layers of different copyrighted property descriptions to the same piece of land, and then proceeded to present so-called tax bills to the landlord for services that the landlord never agreed to receive and often didn’t receive. I claim that these same foreign commercial corporations have invested nothing more than a new description of the property and the cost of a copyright, yet often demands thousands of dollars in property taxes that the Americans don’t owe. In concert with the entirety of the rest of the scheme, the Americans are misaddressed as British Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS named after them.

I require you to end these acts of Trespass against Americans and American property rights and require you to liquidate the offending organizations as organized crime syndicates engaged in racketeering, armed extortion, and fraud executed under color of law.

9.a: I claim that I have been harmed by having my Good Name attached, attacked, misrepresented as a British Person and secondarily misrepresented as a variety of Municipal Corporations named after me, all of which have been employed to extract unjust enrichment for the Perpetrators, to deprive me of my natural estate, my rights, my property, my freedom, and the Guarantees of the Constitutions,

I require you to restore all of these to me and to officially recognize the fraud and impersonation for what it is, admitting that this whole scheme has been deployed to transfer foreign debt burdens to the actual Preferential Creditors.

10.a: I claim that all these means and devices are calculated to promote the illusion that this non-consensual trafficking of my name into foreign jurisdictions was voluntary and undertaken without duress, when it clearly is not voluntary on the part of an infant, and when I have been given no Notice, no Disclosure, and no Remedy as an adult.

10a: I claim my birthright, my identity and nature, my name, my estate, my inheritance, my Law, my country, and my freedom. I claim remedy on the land and cure and maintenance on the sea and agreement that nothing stands between me and Divinity. I claim the return of all land and soil that have ever been held under title or patent or claimed by me or my family and my kind, no matter how these parcels have been measured, described, or held in the past. I claim the land and soil and all that is therein, for I came from the dust and to the dust I return; the Earth is my kingdom, my grave, and my home.

10a: I claim my Good Name and my jurisdiction on air and land and sea. I claim that my intent and action is settled, cured, and is non-controversial. I claim that I have published and recorded my claims and property interests upon the records of three Territorial States and the records of the Uniform Commercial Code.

10a: I claim that I brought my claims before Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 in the Person of James Thomas McBride and that I subsequently autographed The Postal Treaty of the Americas in 2010 as a lawful fiduciary of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776 and that my provenance and standing as an Inheritor-Donor of The Saint Germain Family Trust was examined by the Holy See and admitted with the release of The Seal of Saint Peter, and proclamation of the first Double Golden Jubilee in Eight Hundred Years.

10a: I claim that I am who I am, and Demetrius Julius Shiva is who he is, and that together we are the lawful and only Possessors at this time of The Saint Germain Family Trust and The D’Avila Family Trust. I claim that we are agreed and determined to stand together as the Possessors of a major part of the world asset wealth to do all that must be done to honor the trust indentures of our Forefathers and finally break the chains of ignorance and poverty that have crippled and enslaved Mankind. I claim that I have been injured and delayed by all these false claims of Personhood and citizenship obligations, all misaddressed to me by the Perpetrators of these afore-described identity theft, personage, and substitution fraud schemes.

I require you to clear my Good Name and acknowledge my true nature and identity. I require you to clear the way for me and assist in helping me accomplish my mission upon the Earth.

I require each of you to recognize the difference between what is real and what is fiction, and to accord me the honorable estate that has been mine since the Unknown Time when my physical incarnation first began. I require you to settle all confusion and all controversy regarding my political status as an American who is not a citizen of any kind, and instruct all your employees that there millions of other Americans just like me, who have been unjustly defrauded, misaddressed, and misidentified as British Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS that have been named after these Americans and used as devices to pass the debts of these foreign corporations off onto the American victims of this fraud scheme.

11.a: I claim that I am an Underwriter of the Federal Reserve and that our forefathers provided the Federal Reserve Bank with 6,000 tons of gold. I claim that they similarly provided the World Bank and International Bank of Reconstruction with deposits jointly amounting to 14,000 tons of gold, which was all fully admitted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Transfer Agent, and recorded on movie film and by signed transcript shortly before his death. I claim that the World Bank and IBRD and Federal Reserve have tried to pretend that I don’t exist, because of the afore-described identity substitution scheme. They pretend that I don’t have standing in the matter, because fictional British Persons and equally fictional Municipal Corporations have no standing, but I claim the fact that I am. I claim that this is merely an attempt to avoid paying their debts and avoid even honoring the existence of these substantial debts owed to me and the American people.

I require you to take prompt and appropriate action to credit these deposits and return control of these physical assets to me to be administered by our Fiduciary Deputies in the days to come.

12a: I claim that I am the natural and familial heir of The Saint Germain Family Trust, which is an American Common Law Trust established in perpetuity and not to be confused with any statutory trust seeking to substitute itself and make claims in foreign jurisdictions against The Saint German Family Trust assets via the use of similar names deceits and credit fraud as already described. I claim that I have been hindered and harmed and that free trade has been obstructed for decades as a result of the personage practiced against me and against billions of other people throughout the world by commercial interests.

I require you to acknowledge the harm and the injury this has done, not only to me, but to the whole world and its economy, for the sake of a few arrogant, greedy, unscrupulous men, and I require you to move swiftly and with determination to bring Justice back to the living planet.

13a: I claim that the 1913 Federal Reserve Act was a fraud scheme intended to force Americans to trade their silver for paper I.O.U.s called Federal Reserve Notes and that this was done under the coercive force of unlawful Legal Tender Laws misapplied to Americans who were not part of any Federal citizenry at all.

13a: I claim that this exchange of silver for paper I.O.U.s was done under color of law and was a deliberate imposition against the American people amounting to inequitable acquisition by men seeking unjust enrichment and control. I claim that I have been injured throughout my life by the loss of substance and loss of value of Federal Reserve Notes which has amounted to a silent and debilitating tax against all Americans.

I require you to order the return of the American Silver assets and the value plus interest that is owed to me and to the American States and Nations. I require you to act as the Transfer Agents for my Fiduciary Account to be used to underwrite our own American Blue Dot Bank System, which is designed to serve people and small unincorporated businesses. I require recoupment action against the commercial banks and the Federal Reserve that benefited themselves at the expense of the American people.

14.a: I claim that the Federal Reserve and the Commercial Merchant Banks seized upon the silver assets and American Silver Dollars belonging to the American people and used them to underwrite their banks, and I claim that the silent theft of the value of our money by inflation has continued unabated for a hundred and eighteen years.

14.a: I claim that I am being injured at this moment by hyperinflation that further reduces the value of the fiat Federal Reserve Notes.

14.a: The credit afforded to the people constantly diminishes at the same time that the value of their purloined silver increases and they are not able to access the relief owed to them, because the Federal Reserve and the Commercial Banks pretend not to know who the American people are —-and they continue to present their False Legal Presumption that the identity of the American people is hidden by the artifice of empty shelf corporations named after them.

I require you to reject this self-serving attempt to avoid the debt and these unscrupulous pretensions being used to evade reality.

15.a: I claim that under the provisions of the 1934 Emergency Banking Act an exchange rate of one American Silver Dollar for one Federal Reserve Note dollar was established and that the Federal Reserve and the Commercial Banks enforced this exchange rate on the American people under color of law and the False Pretense that they were part of the Federal citizenry— and therefore obligated to accept Legal Tender Laws. This results in a debt of one ounce of fine silver owed for every Federal Reserve Note dollar issued against our credit since 1934. This is an insurmountable physical asset debt, and I am calling it in to foreclose and restructure the Federal Reserve and the Commercial Banks that have benefited themselves at the expense of innocent working people.

15.a: I claim that this obligation of the Principals responsible for these corporations and their employees taking these actions is not altered by time or the repeated bankruptcies of these corporations.

I require you to enforce the immediate Involuntary Chapter 7 Bankruptcy of all British Crown Corporations and Municipal CORPORATIONS worldwide, an action allowing the actual American Government and Trust Donors to take charge of the situation.

I require you to turn over the Federal Reserve and the commercial banks to the control and administration of the actual Underwriters — whose silver underpins their operations and who have suffered the loss of their wealth via inflation that has benefited these banks at the expense of the whole country — and the world.

16.a: I claim that the debt described above imposes an insurmountable physical asset debt levied against all commercial banks worldwide, not just the Federal Reserve and the US Commercial Banks. I claim that this abuse of the Reserve Currency combined with rampant counterfeiting promoted by the Obama Administration on a worldwide basis has exceeded the current world supplies of silver by a factor of 1100 times available resources. Even if gold supplies are factored in and exchanged for silver, the Americans are owed silver — specifically. I claim that there is no way to meet the call on physical silver and that the present call on gold by those claiming to have ownership — but not possession — of the Spiritual White Boy accounts, is sufficient to destroy the world economy.

16.a: I claim that mismanagement, ignorance and greed, the promotion of False Grievances based on long past injuries suffered by distant ancestors, game playing by politicians, dishonest bankers, bought and paid for media, and many other social and economic ills have been caused by middlemen who have failed to honor their Public Duty and bypassed explicit directions given to them by successive generations of Trust Donors. I claim that by 1942 all the Central Banks were fully funded and able to pay for all government services without the need to tax people at all.

16.a: I claim that these Middlemen were instructed to phase out and gradually reduce the tax burdens on families and put the extra funds generated by taxes during the transition into parks and education and health initiatives.

16.a: I claim that instead of honoring this directive, middlemen and politicians and bankers conspired to levy heavier and harsher taxes, using the excuse of war damages and increasing post-war populations to justify their double dipping.

16.a: I claim that I have been injured by these deceitful practices opposing the will of the Donors and harming the people that these Governments are supposed to help and protect. I claim that the Spiritual White Boy, ASBLP, ASVLP, Alpha and Omega, and numerous other trust assets currently being fought over were entrusted to the World Bank to provide ample government services worldwide and ample infrastructure resources, too. I claim that the World Bank failed its appointed task and sank into corrupt schemes to profit from Pandemic Bonds and similar speculative racketeering that have served to cheat the bond investors and harm the people we set out to help and uplift.

I require you to remove the middlemen that have fomented war and increased the burdens of the poor, while being in receipt of ample funds intended to provide tax relief and support for Government services and infrastructure.

17.a: I claim that instead of providing relief to the people worldwide and instead of cleaning up the pollution and engaging in the other worthy goals the Donors envisioned when they created the World Bank, the governments only became more corrupt and spent the money on military and technological advancements and secret space programs and other things that never seem to do any good for the living people and only tend toward war instead.

17.a: I claim that the whole carbon dioxide panic is just another fraud scheme aimed at scaring the scientifically ignorant population into accepting another coercive tax scheme. I claim that this venal profit motive keeps us from recognizing and solving the very real problem of atmospheric oxygen depletion.

17.a: I claim that hundreds of thousands of medical doctors and scientists have been paid off to promote political agendas and skew scientific data to fit dangerous political narratives. I claim that thousands of journalists and media outlets have been corrupted in the same way by corporate and political coercion. And I claim that funds skimmed, slush-funded, and embezzled from our Donor Trusts were used to do this.

17. a: I claim that a deliberate effort has been made by specific political administrations and related organizations in The United States to ruin our educational system and reduce the amount, kind, and quality of instruction that is available, to selectively edit out American History, to reduce mathematics and science and even basic reading requirements, to turn our colleges into politicized diploma factories, and methodically reduce the American IQ and test performance. Even our Law Schools have been reduced to a study of rules, policies, and procedures devoid of any understanding of Law.

17. a: I claim that this drive to destroy and debase our educational system has been combined with coercive and unlawful licensing of professions and occupations of common right, and that a payola system has been long-established throughout the government and educational and medical systems, guaranteeing grants and favors and financial rewards to those who bow down and serve commercial interests.

I require you to stop the double dipping and coercive taxation and licensing and payola schemes.

I require you to apply the funds as the Donors have directed and return control of the World Bank Accounts to the Donors’ direct administration.

18.a: I claim that the Bretton Woods Accords were built on impractical and even loony premises that were bound to fail.

I require you to dismantle the illegal commodity rigging funds and coercive control mechanisms that have been used to enforce artificial outcomes for some countries and used to harm others.

18.a: I claim that the Federal Reserve System has failed and that the men behind it said one thing and did another, so that the Federal Reserve System has not delivered stability or security. Instead, they constructed a system of currency run on blood money — the life energy and labor and time of living people

I require you to admit the self-evident failure and dismantle this atrocity constructed to capture the value of our labor and our time on Earth.

18.a: I claim that the change to the Double Accrual Accounting in 1946 was another terrible and obvious mistake that has resulted in endless embezzlement, slush funding, political corruption, and public disservice.

18. a: I claim that by splitting income streams into budgeted and non-budgeted accounts, the Public has no idea how much money is coming in from government operations and that this failure of disclosure has promoted endless manipulation of the Public and Public Opinion based on false assumptions promoted by omission of critical financial information.

I require you to return the Public Accounting System to traditional Carriage Accounting.

I require you to bring the public employee pension funds and so-called externally managed investment funds back under Public Administration.

I require you to produce simple and honest economic and fiscal reports that the Public can rely on.

I require you to establish reasonable standards of accountability and disinterested Third Party oversight protocols.

19.a: I claim that none of this sleazy corruption would be possible without enforcement provided by members of the Bar Associations. The bankers and the Bar Members have colluded to make this Trespass possible, and they are both

held under the direction of the same Principals who owe us “Good Faith and Service” — the Holy See, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London.

19.a: I claim that members of the Bar have used discretion never granted to them to deny the actual political status American State claimants who entered their courts seeking pass-through service and exemptions that the American State Nationals and American State Citizens are owed. By this means they have avoided paying debts that their Masters, the Holy See and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, owe to the victims of this massive National Identity Theft Fraud, Trespass, and Breach of Trust.

I require you to take Notice and Warning and act swiftly to remove the Bar Associations and end their reign of terror which has been decimating national economies and ruining lives for many decades.

I require you to fully inform all members of your Global, International, and National Services of the threat this Trespass, Breach of Trust, and Fraud poses to everyone on Earth.

I require you to perform research and discovery concerning the undisclosed registration and certification processes that were used to implement the Trespass of the Sea against the Land, this conspiracy to defraud and to evade the obligations that these Principals owe to the State Citizens of this country under their respective constitutions.

I require you to exercise your offices to obtain justice for the living people of this country and this planet.

I require you to remove the Bar Associations from our sight and to restore the Constitutional Law we are owed.

I require you to recognize that the living people own these corporations, the corporations do not own the living people.

I require you to recognize me, a living woman, a non-citizen native of Wisconsin, an unincorporated State of the Union.

I require you to return my property assets, including my Good Name, gold and silver and land and earnings that are mine, exemptions that are mine, pass-through services that are mine, rents, fees, leases, compensations and allocations that are mine, freedoms, guarantees, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and restore all my public and private interests without further obfuscation or delay.

I require you to return all that has been stolen from me by means of deceit, false legal presumptions, forced undisclosed registrations, and illegal conspiratorial evasion of our Constitutions.

I require you to alert and instruct all probate, military, district, and penal courts concerning this situation and make it clear that Americans are presumed to be Americans and to be standing in their native capacity unless they are currently and voluntarily employed by the Federal Government.

As the foregoing makes explicit, there are several major categories of offense.

They broadly encompass:

(1) Self-serving and unjustifiable assumptions about states of war.

(2) Fraud to evade payment of debt and performance of constitutional obligations.

(3) Trespass against the Land Jurisdiction and the people of this country by the Sea Jurisdiction and Persons hired to serve the people.

(4) Breach of Trust promoted via impersonation of the victims and Barratry to put a nice face on theft and pillaging.

I require you to put a prompt end to all the above Fraud Schemes, Payment Evasion Schemes, Identity Thefts and Misrepresentations, Trespasses and Breach of Trust activities —and I require you to make a good faith effort to fully inform all police, all military, and all courts worldwide and within the borders of The United States.

I require you to provide me and our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776 total global immunity from all and any charges or legal presumptions arising from these schemes.

I require you to hold me and all other Americans who have been the victims of this attempted National Identity Theft harmless.

I require your assistance and service as people employed under our Constitutional Agreements and Treaties to provide the exemptions, pass-through services, and protections that Americans and their property assets are owed.

I am in fact your Employer, the Underwriter of your banks and financial systems, and The Value – the only Source that gives you credit, an office, work to do, and an economic system that works.

I have heard that people inured to the false reality engendered by the various fraud schemes detailed above, and limited to living on credit as eternal debtors, think that they can use their credit to overturn the value of assets; this is not possible. Not even a tornado overcomes a mountain.

Credit is credit and exists in the realm of persons, not people.

20.a: I claim that all credit is also owed to the asset owners, the people, who created and backed the credit for the persons. I claim that when the credit of the Lawful Persons is applied against the debts of the proxy Legal Persons, there is hardly any justifiable residual at all.

20.a: I claim that simply doing the bookkeeping correctly, using the credit owed to the Lawful Persons to offset the debts of the Legal Persons, and dismissing all the usury as Odious Debt, will solve the economic problems.

20.a: I claim that the non-contractual usury attached to all public and private transactions is Odious Debt because it was created by artificial and undisclosed manipulation of the accounts and the identities of the account holders, thereby preventing prompt settlement of debts that should have been offset daily and should have accumulated little or no interest.

I require you to do the accounting and balance the books, both for credit accounts and physical asset accounts.

I require you to write-off all Odious Debt and return all remaindered pre-paid credit to the living people to whom it is owed, via special credit accounts made available and accessible to all.

If you require additional information, I may be contacted here:

Anna Maria Riezinger

In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

*** Notice to you as a man or woman makes you absolutely liable for your actions and inactions. ***

Ginned Up Fictional Versions of You

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s all about slavery and peonage and ginned up fictional versions of you.  

So, make use of your own imagination.  

Is it possible that you could have been born in Puerto Rico?  Anything is possible, isn’t it?  And other than the testimony of relatives, if you are lucky, and a piece of paper belonging to a foreign business organization claiming that you voluntarily gave them your estate—- where is your evidence of provenance?  Do you even know your own name?  Do you have a name?  Think about it…. WTH…. 

So dream on…. can I imagine a fat, dumb, and happy British version of myself?  Born in the Commonwealth back in the day?   Sure, I can.  I can see myself wearing tweeds and drinking tea and all the rest of it, even though that isn’t me.  It could be.  I admit, it could be…. 

Is it even possible that I could be a Catholic business woman born and raised in Washington, DC…..?

Why not?  Other people fit that description.  What’s so impossibly different about me? 

Can anyone just look at me and tell who I am?  What citizenship obligations I have inherited or not inherited?  Can you just glance at me and say, no, she’s not an indentured servant?  And if this were a hundred and sixty years ago, could you say with certainty, no, she’s not a slave?  

There were black and brown and white slaves, so there would be no telling, except perhaps for bad teeth and shabby clothing.  

And if someone had an ax to grind and some self-interest, a big monetary gain in view — how hard would it be to claim that you were someone or even some thing else?  

That’s what it all boils down to.  

You, American Joe, have been impersonated.  And that is what the “secret” Internal Revenue Masterfile is all about.  It details the history and occupation and associations and earnings profile and all sorts of other things about a fictional version of you.  This fictional version is a British Territorial “Person”, a loyal subject of the Queen, owing her permanent allegiance.  And its all Bushwah.  

My British Territorial doppelganger is the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados.  She’s almost the same age — except that I have a birthday on June 6th, 1956 and she has a birthdate on June 24th, 1956.  I am an American and have never been a federal citizen of any kind, while she was born into the obligations of British Territorial U.S. Citizenship.  When I work, I bring home earnings and compensation; she brings home income.  

In this way, the Perps can create a gigantic money laundering operation and “feed off” my name without me having the least little idea what’s actually going on.  I get charged for “her” income taxes, even though I have no federal income at all.  

The Municipal United States Government does the same exact thing, only they name commercial CORPORATIONS after me and pretend that the income those CORPORATIONS  receive is my income, instead.  

I have work to do, while my phony British doppelganger who doesn’t really exist, is engaged in employment—- she’s an indentured servant.  And the Municipal CORPORATIONS named after me are slaves.  Whatever income they have is presumed to be my income, but of course, I never see any of that.  

Other people in other countries are feeding off all that, and I am left to pay their income taxes and mortgages for them. 

Wake up from this bad dream, folks.  It’s nothing but bunko.  Fiction.  Lies.  And those practicing in these deceits deserve to be in jail, not occupying positions of trust and respect.  They’ve long ago breached their trust and lost their minds, until all they have left is desperation and denial. 


See this article and over 3700 others on Anna’s website here:

A Brief Explanation to the World – The Donors, the Middlemen, and You

By Anna Von Reitz

The vast stores of gold, silver, other precious metals, land, minerals, water aquifers, and so on, are actually owned by only two major Family Trusts and 5,000 smaller family and institutional trusts.

The D’Avila Family Trust has been underwriting the governments for centuries, and The Saint Germain Family Trust has served the same purpose for The United States of America.

The actual Donors of these giant trusts are good people. They don’t live high on the hog. They place no great importance on money, other than as a tool to accomplish things. We, the Donors, agree that money should be a tool that everyone has access to, that usury is evil and unnecessary doing business man-to-man, that the health of the Earth and of people and animals is paramount. The Donors know how much actual money and gold, silver and other precious metals there are in the world, and know there is more than enough to go around.

But, we — like you — trusted the Experts, the Bureaucrats, the Government Big-Wigs, until we smelled a Rat. A very Big Rat, as it turns out.

This Rat is not a man, not even human. This Rat is called by various names, but it all ends up the same — Wall Street and Securitization. The temptation to claim the value of living people as “assets” was just too strong for these arrogant reprobates.

So they came up with a scheme to create a world in which there were no living people, just corporations and estates that could be abused and plundered at will, with no regard for people at all. They copyrighted your name, mischaracterized its meaning, trafficked your identity into foreign legal jurisdictions, saddled you down with unpaid citizenship obligations, and hired gangs of thugs to enforce their “rule” under color of law.

You have seen the results in millions of heartless evictions in which the actual creditors have been “mistaken” as tenants of their own property. You have seen it in courts that deliver injustice. You have experienced it as police brutality.

And you have seen it in wars for profit and endless criminality of all kinds being promoted on your television sets and in a culture that has been based on lies, lies, and more lies — and for what? Profit.

Securitization of living people results in a form of peonage and/or enslavement which is implemented by impersonating a living man as a corporation.

Securitization of living people is both illegal and unlawful, but the Vermin responsible have been getting away with this by acting in secrecy and under color of law.

In 2005, the governments of the world were supposed to settle their differences with The D’Avila Family Trust — and didn’t; a three-year extension was provided, but in 2008 there was no extension. They have been running wild ever since, not paying their bills, illegally creating credit out of thin air, making illegal and unlawful claims on the D’Avila Trust assets.

Yet, all these “governments” are not actually governments, either. In order to “transition” to their scheme of creating an unreal world populated only by corporations, the various governments all had to step down from their lawful status and enjoyment of State Immunity, to being nothing but glorified commercial corporations like JS STEAMWAY or McDonalds, Inc.

So when Joe Biden tells you that you have to get a vaccination as a condition of employment, he’d better be the one signing your paycheck. And if Donald Trump wants to act as Commander-in-Chief, he’d better think twice about what he is “Commander-in-Chief” of.

Seeing money — actual money, our gold and silver — used to oppress and lie to and impoverish people made the Donors sick and angry, but we didn’t immediately catch on and then, we didn’t know what to do. What do you do when Public Employees go rogue, and the ability to give them a Pink Slip is in the hands of Middlemen who don’t answer directly to you?

The Middlemen are the ones creating the problems, not the Donors. Our Will has been explicit and has been expressed by our trust indentures for centuries. And our trust indentures declare one thing — that the funds be used to free humanity, that they be used for good, and not for evil. Not for peonage. Not for ignorance. Not for enslavement.

Thus you see the actual evil is not at the top or at the bottom — it’s in the middle, where men and women who have been given positions of Public Trust have failed that trust and served themselves instead.

We don’t live in a world of corporations. We live in a world populated by living men and women who have family names, not “last names”. We live in a world where slavery and peonage are forbidden. And where securitization of living people is both illegal and unlawful. Our homes are estates, not real estates.

Now the out of control employees are trying to steal the Family Trust funds by making false claims and trying to impersonate the Donors, pretending that we knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily adopted the inferior status of things — corporations — instead of living our natural lives as people.

We ask, why would anyone adopt such an inferior status, if they were not paid well to do so?

We ask, how does anyone without a drop of D’Avila or Saint Germain blood in their veins attempt to steal The D’Avila Family Trust and The Saint Germain Family Trust and thousands of other family trusts, too?

The Bar Association Members under the direction of the Inner City of London have engineered and enforced this entire scheme since its inception. They have preyed upon the innocent by creating a fictitious world and entrapping others in it, using all manner of deceit — “legal terms and descriptions”, “titles” and “codes”. Our ancestors called them “Masters of Deceit” and refused to let them live in their communities.

Has it come to that, again? Apparently so. The members of the Bar Associations have cause to know the difference between Law and Statute.

We have all been horribly impacted by this outrageous criminality and it must come to an end. Those who have betrayed the Public Trust must be stopped and punished. They must be exposed for what they are: criminals acting in Breach of Trust and Service Contract.

The trusts must be collapsed and returned to the Donors— not to persons claiming to “represent” the Donors. It’s time for the unique, beautiful, free people of this planet to be set free to thrive, no longer treated like livestock or worse, by men unworthy of the name.

With love, with faith, with fortitude — join us to make a new world and put an end to institutions that exist merely to prey upon us, misrepresent us, use us, and abuse us.

Go to:


See this article and over 3700 others on Anna’s website here:

A True Treasure

By Anna Von Reitz

I am often asked to give direction finding resources to study the American Common Law and I have only recommended Brent Winter’s books and courses, which is more about the history and structures of Common Law, instead of the nitty-gritty, and I know that doesn’t fill all the needs people have, but I have been at a loss. 

There are good resources out there, but most of them are very expensive “pay for play” organizations that average people can’t afford or sinister private membership associations that have convoluted and potentially dangerous contracts aimed at fleecing the members.  I just have not found a simple, honest, reasonable, effective study course that I could recommend — until now. 

Go to: The Sovereign’s 

I checked out their contracts and they are safe and pristine.  Their fees are affordable.  They are spot on.  And they tell it like it is in simple terms anyone can understand.  I was so grateful to find this website and their instruction course — thankful because they are there doing this, and because they are doing it right, and grateful that so many people can now have the support they need to learn what they need to learn to defend themselves. 

You can learn at your own rate.  You can go back and repeat lectures if you need to.  The exhibits are easy to read — no tiny blurry print— and they leave the definitions and other information up long enough to take notes!  Wahoo!  Jump up, it’s the Jubilee!   

Speaking as a now-66 year-old woman, who has sat through decades of lectures and videos about these subjects, I am in love.  This is the “Dutch Uncle” course I have been dreaming about, the one I can recommend whole-heartedly and to everyone of every age without reservations about the presenter’s motives or fear that it will cause more confusion. 

What a birthday present! —for all of us, worldwide  -and especially me, because I can cross the need for an effective Common Law Course off my list.

God is good. 

Everyone who is currently engaged in any kind of “legal” conundrum, please run (don’t walk!) and get started learning how to defend yourself and put your claims before the court instead of letting yourself be misidentified and railroaded. 

Learn your Law and learn to use it.  And start winning.  


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Notice of Conflict at Law

 By Anna Von Reitz

From: Anna von Reitz
Date: Fri, Jun 3, 2022 at 5:26 PM

Attention: H.E. Cardinal Dominique Mamberti, H.E. Chief Justice Joan E. Donoughue, H.E. Kiril Gevgorian, Lord High Steward Ivan Talbot, and Other Interested Parties:  

Notice of Conflict at Law 

We have served Notice that our General Public in both the national and international jurisdictions is not subject to any legal system.  

Here is the portion of British Law which completely varies from American Common Law and which has been misapplied to Americans under the False Legal Presumption that these Americans are or ever were British Persons / Foreign Situs Trusts.   

We are born as Free Men and Free Women that are owed every jot of the Treaties and Constitutional Guarantees; our Lawful Persons are then deliberately mischaracterized as British Territorial Legal Persons and impersonated.  Here’s how and why this must be corrected.  

The British convention holds that citizenship obligations attach to all Subjects of the Queen at birth.  The American way is to hold all living people harmless from citizenship obligations to the governments.  Later, upon reaching the age of majority, our people may or may not elect to serve the government as Citizens.

We do not incorporate or enfranchise our people as citizens at birth.  

The British Territorial U.S. Citizens that Lincoln purportedly left in charge naturally presumed that the same citizenship obligations attached to Americans — but they don’t. 

The only valid contract that the States have with the British Governments are implemented by The Constitution of the United States of America and the terms and conditions of that contract are self-evident in not including any reference to land and soil jurisdiction assets or powers. 

Our Government was never actually absent or in interregnum; it was never designed to be in continuous Session.  

Our people have never knowingly, willingly, or voluntarily adopted British Territorial Citizenship absent full disclosure and reasonable motivation — and no such citizenship obligations can be conferred on them or motivation implied by any advantage such Citizenship could provide —–absent a very generous paycheck.  

The British Admiralty definition 1909 and discussion follow: 
Page 77. Section 4. Every corporation should have a name (2) by which it is to sue and be sued, and do all legal acts. The name of incorporation, says Sir Edward Coke, is a proper name, or name of baptism; and therefore, when a private founder gives his college or hospital a name, he does it only as a godfather; and by that same name the king baptizes the corporation. (3) But though the name of a corporate body is compared to the Christian
name of a natural person, yet the comparison is not in all respects perfectly correct. A Christian name consists, in general, but of a single word, as Oliver, or Robert, in which the alteration or omission of a single letter may make a material alteration in the name. In all grants by or to a corporation, though expressed to show that there is such an artificial being, and to distinguish it from all others, the body is well named, though there is a variation in words and
syllables. (4) The name of a corporation frequently consists of several words, and the transposition, interpolation, omission, or alteration of some of them may make no essential difference of their sense, (5) The Supreme Court of New Hampshire say, that there is this difference between the alteration of a letter, or the transposition of a word between naming a natural person and naming a corporate body. It makes entirely another name of the person in
the one case, while the name of a corporation frequently consists of several descriptive words, and the transposition of them, or an interpolation, or omission of some of them, may make no essential difference in their sense. (1) In some devise to a corporation, if the words (though the name be entirely mistaken) show that the testator could only mean a particular corporation, it
is sufficient, as for instance, a devise to John Biship of Norwich, when his name is George. (2) So, it was held in Massachusetts, that a devise to “The Inhabitants of the South Parish,” may be enjoyed by “The Inhabitants of the First Parish.” (3) For a corporation to attempt to set aside its own grant, by reason of its misnomer, was severely censured, and in a great measure repressed, as early as the time of Lord Coke. (4)Where the name of a corporate grantor is
mistaken, as where John Abbott of N. Granted common of pasture to J. S. By the name of William Abbot of N. The grant is still good. (5) The name of a corporation, it seems, may be implied; as if the inhabitants of Dale should be incorporated with power to choose a mayor annually; though no name be expressed, yet it is a good corporation by the name of “Mayor
and Commonalty.” (1) And a corporation may have one name, by which it may take and grant, and another, by which it may plead and be impleaded. Thus it may purchase and grant by the name of “Master, Wardens, and Brothers,” and be empowered to plead and be impleaded by the name of “Wardens” alone. (2) But in this respect a distinction has been made between the case of a corporation by prescription, and that of a corporation by charter; the former may have several names to the same purpose; and a scire facias will lie in
one of the names on a judgment obtained in the other. (3) But a corporation by charter, it is said, though it may , either by charter, or by act of Parliament, be empowered to grant and purchase by one name, and sue and be sued by another, yet cannot have two names to the same purpose. (4) Mr. Kyd says, “This may be true with respect to a grant by charter,” but adds “There seems to be no reason why an act of Parliament might not empower a
corporation by charter to use two names of the same purpose.” (5) It has been held in Massachusetts, that a parish may be known by several corporate names; and the court say, “We know not why a corporation may not be known in its public proceedings by several names, as well as individuals.” (6) A corporation which has been dissolved, (or more correctly, suspended,) by the loss of the governing members, may be revived either by the old,
or by a name different from that by which it was formerly known, still preserving its identity and ancient rights. (7) For the purpose of preserving regularity in legal proceedings, a slighter variation of name may be sufficient to sustain a plea in abatement, than that which would be held necessary for the purpose of allowing a grant or other act to be avoided by the party, who In order to
Sue or be sued there must be some agreement which is a contract to which a person can be sued over.”

No living American has ever had any citizenship obligation under the Constitutional form of government our Forefathers designed; but, they do have Constitutional Guarantees which the British Government and the Governments of Westminster and Ghent owe to each one of them.  

Whereupon we are summoning the High Courts to enforce our customs and traditions and our treaty rights and contractual exemptions in this matter, and to hold all American people and members of the General Public and Government of our country harmless, bearing no responsibility for the crimes of personage which have been promoted against them under the False Presumptions of Admiralty Law practiced in secrecy against them by foreign Governments owing them Good Faith and Service. 

Our Lawful Persons are not Legal Persons though they may appear to be identical in Name.  It is therefore necessary to include the consideration of voluntary political association with regard to all people born on American soil; neither British Territorial nor Municipal citizenship can be conferred on those who object and publish otherwise, neither can acceptance of British Personhood be inferred from any non-disclosed act, Third Party representation, or adhesion contract — unilateral, implied, or otherwise. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

                            Notice served by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                                               The United States of America

                                                In care of: Box 520994

                                                Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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The Message Isn’t Getting Through

By Anna Von Reitz

Numerous times and in various contexts I have warned everyone to guard yourselves from distraction — the magician’s trick of sidetracking you and ensnaring your attention, so that you place your attention where he wants it, instead of where you need it to be.

We are not here to study Federal Code nor to understand the procedures and rules of foreign courts. Our mission is to rapidly learn our own American Common Law and stand up our own courts, so that the foreign courts can be peaceably ousted.

This does not imply that the foreign courts will cease to exist; there will always be a need for courts to adjudicate issues that arise at sea and issues that result in the realm of commerce. The difference is, once we lift up our own courts, they will no longer be able to misaddress us.

We will have our own courts and those courts will be competent to address living people.

That is the goal. This is how we can shut down these predatory foreign courts and put an end to their pillaging and plundering. The sooner the better.

So it’s our job to learn American Common Law and we have several very viable courses and means to do this.

Seen from this perspective it is clear that spending time and effort learning foreign law — is a distraction. It takes our attention and our resources away from what we actually need to do to solve the problem.

Studying Federal Codes and State-of-State statutes and foreign Supreme Court rulings only enmeshes us deeper in their law and does nothing toward uplifting and enforcing and enjoying the benefits of our own.

We have our own Supreme Court rulings to study, our own traditions and rules and procedures. And the sooner we bear down and stand up our own courts, the sooner we are done dealing with these foreign courts.

So, please — cease and desist from following after the magicians and get your attention centered back on what you need to do for yourselves.


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They Are Not Our Courts

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever see anyone “frustrated to tears”?   They make fists and pound them against walls, their faces turn blue as their facial muscles clench, their hair stands on end?  

Well, almost. 

That’s me.  I recently had cause to remind Mike McKibben — hey, Dumbo, they aren’t our courts.  They aren’t in the business of justice.   

They are in the business of collecting war reparations for the British King and that’s all they do, day in and day out, collect, collect, collect…. 

And they get a cut of what they collect, so whichever side represents the biggest collection, wins. 

Guaranteed.  Every time. 

Now, why would anyone expect such a British Court to rule against a British Commercial Corporation in the name of the Queen?   How does that work, Jethro? 

It’s not going to happen, is it?  No matter what.  No matter how much you have been abused.  No matter what the facts are.  It’s simply never going to go your way, because they aren’t really a court.  They are a glorified collections agency acting under color of law, representing the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London.  

They are supposed to be collecting against Municipal United States citizens, and they will conveniently label you one.  

Not only that, if you are misaddressed by a Municipal COURT, they will happily label you as a Municipal citizen of the United States, too.  Why?  

The Territorial Court has a job assignment to collect from Municipal United States citizens and the more Municipal United States citizens there are, the more they can collect. 

And the Municipal COURT wants there to be more Municipal United States CITIZENS so that the burden of the debt is spread out.  

Let me put it to you all point-blank and leave the Repeat Play Button On: these things are not our courts.  They aren’t now.  They never have been.  They are supposed to be “courts of strictly limited jurisdiction” and it’s your fault that they are not being forced to observe their limitations. 

If you get up off your couches and start paying attention, you can restore your own courts and enforce the actual Law and provide yourselves with both protection and justice, simply by declaring your birthright political status, joining your State Assembly, and building your own properly organized American Common Law Court.  

There’s already a Supreme Court decision saying that when we do this, the foreign courts have to stand down: Ex Parte Milligan (1866). 

It’s a matter of rule yourselves, or be ruled. 

Provide your own courts, or leave them to assume that they are in charge of you.  And your assets.  


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