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SAJurA Year End Report for 2022

We are ending this year early and putting up the “Gone Bikepacking” sign on Thursday; but starting up again early in January; next year is going to be the turning of the tide;

This year has been another brutal year for most people and getting worse on some levels; we are seeing a “controlled” demolition of society by un-controlled egomaniacs sinking their own ship and killing off their cash cows; but, their plans are backfiring thanks to peoples actions; and, there are remedies to protect yourself and your property.

Ours has also been a rocky year on the common law front but one learns from weathering the storm and not when it’s calm; nevertheless our year is ending on a very good note;

We have suspended all national actions until further notice for numerous reasons which are given in previous reports; no harping required there; the kingdoms know what to do; it’s now up to them to grow a pair and grab life by the apples  

We now have a solid group of volunteers in the SA Jural Committee; many are professionals in their own fields; and our focus has been on educating them and others; we can’t build an alternative without a team – each with dedicated tasks who knows what to do and how to do it; much gratitude for all their sacrifice and selfless efforts and support on this journey to finally removing the shackles of modern day slavery going back for thousands of years.

Thanks to Karen and Marius we have now finalised the entire property emancipation process;

The legal system and private-for-profit corporate services providers fronting as government make certain legal assumptions and presumptions about you and the contracts that you have entered into with them;

Simply put, that you are incompetent and therefore a ward of the state and then they can do what they want with you and your property; and every time you register anything you give them that right VOLUNTARILY!!!. They employ semantic deceit under colour of law to garner semblances of implied consent but NEVER express informed consent.

Then of course all the bounty hunters and private-for-profit corporate services providers fronting as government exploit and fleece the ignorant and compliant ones; the plandemic is a perfect example; thankfully it failed even though it will be the worst holocaust in history; pray for the victims please;

Now, all of their inland piracy is done under the law of the sea; so, we need to move everything back to the land where the pirates and sharks can’t get to it;

Maxim – The law does not protect him who slumbers on his rights.

Download and learn the main legalese words that entrap you and their common law equivalents to rather use:

Download Principles of Common Law you can use in your defence and when dealing with RSA INC. agents:

Learning a maxim a day keeps the pirates at bay; check monthly for updated versions;

Voter De-registration

And Emancipation

are the first steps to self-determination and correcting your status and thereby rebutting their assumptions and presumptions; and, removing their paternal hold over you;

The next step is to protect your assets and property; the best land vehicle for this is an Express Trust at common law-

And to update your Last Will & Testament so as to bring it in line with your Trust;

If, you own property and or land to file a Counter Deed and reconvey everything back to the land; your existing title is defective and places you as a feudal tenant not an allodial owner; this needs to be corrected.

And, also to file a Warranty Deed with the Municipality;

And, an Indemnity Bond gets filed with the Minister of Finance who is your commercial banker so that you can discharge any claims from corporate services providers fronting as government in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act;

You will use the Indemnity Bond number in your indorsement when discharging bills issued by service providers; SA Jural Committee will file one for South Africa in mid-January; read further at:

Also, to place a Public Notice in the Legal Notices Section of a Provincial Newspaper; this is the common law way of “Gazetting” without granting jurisdiction;

We do help people with the completion of documents and filing for donations; however, we do not want to spoon feed you; this is the path to sovereignty; and sovereignty lies in the duty of serving yourself and then others; by learning how to self-govern and administer your own affairs; and, no third party interlopers; that is how you get fleeced; an hour a day keeps the pirates at bay.

We can only assist people in the Cape with filing of trusts and counterdeeds; hopefully by next year we will have people trained to do it in other parts of the country;

Also, we recommend that you attend the SA Jural Committee educational zoom classes covering the practical aspects of all of this and to ask any questions you may have;

Take note that if you are struggling financially then let us know and we will make a plan;

Also, we can give you the templates free and you can complete it and even file it all yourself; and maybe let us check it all for you before you file it for a donation;

The common law classes on Saturdays and during the week have been a success with up to 70 people attending at a time; next year there will be beginners and advanced classes; you will learn practical hands on remedy and defence against the dark arts.

If, you are interested in joining the educational zoom classes or wanting to volunteer then kindly email the SA Jural Committee at  to put you on the mailing list.

In closing, do take time out this December from virtual reality and rather spend quality time with family and friends and in (re)ality and in nature; life is precious; we are unplugging for a month because the road is long with many a winding trail…

Peace be unto you; brother-thomas; SA Jural Assembly

Noticeboard: – Final Common Law Class 07 for 2022 – Court Appearances & Processes

Hullo friends and fellow South Africans! 🕊

The end of the year is on the horizon!

As we speed down the waves, surfing the tides of change … we hope you have been thoroughly enjoying the different zoom sessions and Common Law Classes. 

It is so wonderful to share all this info with you; it really is the Gift of Truth! 

And remember the saying … the truth shall set you free! 

We are very excited to announce that the final COMMON LAW CLASS 07 for 2022 is being held this coming Saturday 26th November 2022 at 2:30pm. (Please note the start time of 2:30pm)

brother-thomas, founder of Gift of Truth, and Southern Africa’s Common Law expert, will be sharing his knowledge and teaching. 


Court Appearances and Processes will cover: ‘What to say and do when summonsed to appear in the Crown Admiralty Sea Courts of South Africa still on our land.’

This will be invaluable knowledge! Do not miss this, and please share it far & wide!


Saturday:   26th November at 2:30pm to 4pm

Subject:     Common Law Class 07 – Court Appearances and Processes

Gifting of:    R 150 ea (one hundred and fifty Rand)

Where:        on zoom

Booking is essential for these classes, and a R150 gift is requested per attendee.

To confirm your space, please make an EFT of the R150 gift to the following account & send through the email with gift confirmation and your name. 

NB: please email donation confirmation to:   

Closing time to confirm attendance on this class is Friday 25th November at 12 noon. 

Donations Account Details

Bank Name:     Mercantile Bank

Account Name:           GLOBAL REBOOT NPC

Account Type:             Current

Account Number:        1051095603

Branch Name:             George

Branch Code:              450105

Reference:     SAJA_Class & Your Name please

Please note that in the event of inclement weather, or there being less than 5 people attending, the class will be carried over to the following session. Thank you for your kindness in this regard!

Invite as many people as you can to join this session; TOGETHER we are co-creating our bright & abundant future!

With peace & gratitude!

we the people


A Right Versus a Privilege – The Trap of Incorporation

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are having a hard time recognizing the difference between a right and a privilege, and many corporations are having this same problem, because they abuse their “privileges” as employers to such an outrageous and criminal extent.  

The roots of the problem go back to the foreign, for-profit, governmental services corporations that the Brits and the Roman Catholic Church have been running on our shores for so long that many people have mistaken these Subcontractors for our lawful government. 

These foreign Principals and their corporations — both British Crown and Municipal —  that owe us “good faith and service” have contrived to turn the tables not only around, but upside down.  

First, they had their Undeclared Foreign Agents, the Bar Attorneys, advise everyone to incorporate everything.  I don’t care if you were running a dog grooming business able to groom two dogs per day, their advice was always the same: incorporate, incorporate, incorporate. This was a purposeful, self-interested campaign. 

These same Undeclared Foreign Agents explained the benefits of bankruptcy protection at public expense, they just forgot to explain that you were the “public” that would be paying for it.  And that you probably didn’t need bankruptcy protection because you were already indemnified. 

You were already underwriting them and all their businesses, so why would you need them to underwrite you?  Think about it.  

And they forgot to explain that by registering your business as a corporation your business was being “enfranchised” and you were voluntarily giving up your business assets and ownership control, for free, to these undisclosed foreign parent corporations. 

 All the rights that an independent unincorporated business enjoys were sacrificed “in the bargain” these Flim Flam Men offered, and those rights were unlawfully converted into privileges. 

This is how they propose to take over and run every aspect of your life using corporation franchises.  If they can’t claim that you are incorporated yourself, they will claim the existence of a corporation named after you that is incorporated as one of their franchises. 

If that fails, they will target any incorporated employer or “servicer” to do their Dirty Work — “withhold” your earnings (otherwise called theft on possession), turn over your bank accounts (they aren’t yours so far as they are concerned), and tax you for foreign taxes you don’t owe. 

Note the Federal Income Tax Laws as an example.  Who is the actual target?  The Employer.  They make the Employers responsible for collecting the tax for them (peonage) and because the Employers are all presumed to be corporations in their scheme, they have unbridled regulatory power over their franchises.  

They can fine and tax and harass and liquidate “their” franchises to wring money out of them, and that is exactly what they do.  They can jail the unfortunate (former owner) for not doing whatever they demand.

Millions of independent American businesses have unwittingly lost control of their own destiny and fundamental rights and have subjected themselves to foreign regulatory powers — sold the farm — and didn’t even realize they were selling it. 

They did the same thing with “Civil Rights” which are privileges.  Not rights. 

Yes, they pulled a fast one on the whole Civil Rights Movement, because “equal Civil Rights” are in fact privileges and they can never be equal to Natural and Unalienable Rights, because civil rights can be taken away upon the whim of the government granting such “rights”.  All the Federal Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States are suffering the loss of their “equal” Civil Rights right now.  Trump took them away and Biden hasn’t restored them. 

So as it stands, millions of people have had their basic rights “suspended” by the captains of ships made of paper.  And the whole thing is bunko from Day One.  

How else does a man like Joe Biden gain the authority to “suspend the Constitution” or steal 30% of your earnings, or deny habeas corpus, or “suspend civil rights”?  How else does he get to charge off his corporation’s debts to you as “mortgages” held against your home and your land and your businesses? 

The Perpetrators will stand there and claim that you gave them permission to do this.  These Fascists will steal your farm via non-disclosed contracts and leave you to bleed, work you to death and tax away all the profits you earn, until you are in your grave still wondering what went wrong?  And they will say that they didn’t force you to incorporate your business.  You did that all on your own.  It was your decision.  

Ask yourself — how could you make a good decision in your own self-interest, when the pertinent information about the pros and cons of incorporation were not disclosed to you, and the professionals you relied on (and paid) to help you, had a secret undisclosed agenda to entrap you and steal an inequitable “free” ownership interest in your business?  

Ever wonder why Territorial Income Taxes are described as Gift and Estate Taxes?  Because according to them, you voluntarily waived your birthright estate and donated it as a gift to them.  They’ve been profiting handsomely off your estate, but you haven’t seen a dime of it. And you never knew that you “gifted” it to them, either. 

Ever wonder why Municipal Income Tax is collected as a Capital Gains Tax on corporate income, when you don’t have or operate a corporation?  Much less a foreign corporation?  

You were cheated. You have been the victim of lies by omission. And chances are, even if you asked point-blank about the downsides of incorporating your unincorporated business, you never got an answer.  I have gone into the offices of numerous attorneys and inquired about this exact subject, and never gotten a straight answer from any of them.  Just a lot of worried looks. 

They should be worried, because what they have done is highly unethical and insupportable inducement.  They’ve encouraged millions of Americans to take an action that was (and is) directly detrimental to the victims’ interests and beneficial for the attorneys and their bosses.

This is more than a passive conflict of interest.  This is a raw, brazen, in-your-face undeclared direct conflict of interest.

Your “agreement” to incorporate your business, like your “agreement” to waive your birthright estate, and your “agreement” to pay Federal Income Tax even though you probably don’t have a dollars-worth of Federal Income, and your “agreement” to pay property taxes and accept their “title” to your land (which they ginned up by driving past your house and assigning a name and street number to it) — it’s all  self-interested bunko on their parts, and the benefit they claim is all predicated on adhesion contracts.  

Adhesion contracts are both unlawful and illegal, but they have the force of law until and unless they are exposed for what they are.

At this point, you are probably wondering — object to whom?  Who is left to object to?  All the Authorities are in on the scheme. Even the U.S. Military is dirty as a pig.  It’s like saying no to the Dukes of Hazzard. Or so it seems. 

Say no just the same.  Say it often, with gusto.  You can un-incorporate your business and you can simplify your life and protect your assets — it’s called cancelling the registration, and in most states you can do it by yourself— without the “assistance” of an attorney. 


See this article and over 3800 others on Anna’s website here:

Comment: in SA if one merely stops paying the DTI or CPIC their subscription fees they automatically de-register you; however, it is best to do it in writing too;

NOTICEBOARD: TONIGHT at 7pm – EXPRESS TRUSTS – Operations and Benefits!

Hullo dearest friends & fellow South Africans!


How are you? 

Are you finding your groove whilst embarking on this truly exciting journey of co-creating a new and wonderful life; a way of being and doing that we have never experienced before!

There is so much to learn, whilst at the same time courageously letting go of the ‘false security’ of the old, and stepping boldly into the great unknown ….. just know that we are all here with you, going through the same thing, nervous and excited all at once! Please join us this evening for a wonderfully informative zoom session with karen; talking about the OPERATIONS & BENEFITS of Express Trusts!

There is a massive movement across the world of people setting up their Express Trusts, join in, and start creating your sovereign life!  

Invite family, friends & colleagues to this session! 

Topic: EXPRESS TRUSTS – Operations & Benefits

Time:  Thursday Nov 3, 2022 07:00 PM Jhbg

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 859 6414 5465

Passcode: 102057

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

With peace & gratitudewe the people


New SA Jural Assembly Seal

Kindly take notice that the SA Jural Assembly seal has been updated under advisement of the Sa Jural Committee;

There are 5 Requirements to be a Court of Record:

1. Keeps Record of proceedings according to the common-law;

2. Acts and judicial proceedings are enrolled or recorded for a perpetual memory and testimony;

3. A judicial tribunal having attributes and exercising functions independently of the person of the magistrate designated generally to hold it;

4. Power to find or imprison for contempt;

5. Court Seal;

From Black’s Law 4th Edition:

Courts of record and courts not of record. The former being those whose acts and judicial proceedings are enrolled, or recorded, for a perpetual memory and testimony, and which have power to fine or imprison for contempt. Error lies to their judgments, and they generally possess a seal.
Courts not of record are those of inferior dignity, which have no power to fine or imprison, and in which the proceedings are not enrolled or recorded. 3 Bl. Comm. 24; 3 Steph. Comm. 383; The Thomas Fletcher, C.C.Ga., 24 F. 481; Ex parte Thistleton, 52 Cal. 225; Erwin v. U. S., D.C.Ga.,
37 F. 488, 2 L.R.A. 229; Heininger v. Davis, 96 Ohio St. 205, 117 N.E. 229, 231.

A “court of record” is a judicial tribunal having attributes and exercising functions independently of the person of the magistrate designated generally to hold it, and proceeding according to the course of common law, its acts and proceedings being enrolled for a perpetual memorial. Jones v. Jones, 188 Mo.App. 220, 175 S.W. 227, 229; Ex parte Gladhill, 8 Metc., Mass., 171, per Shaw, C. J. See, also, Ledwith v. Rosalsky, 244 N.Y. 406, 155 N.E. 688, 689.

Courts may be at the same time of record for some purposes and not of record for others. Lester v. Redmond, 6 Hill, N.Y., 590; Ex parte Gladhill, 8 Metc., Mass., 168.

“Seals” serve as an authentication of an instrument and also as the badge of a specialty. Caruthers V. Peninsular Life Ins. Co., 150 Fla. 467, 7 So.2d 841, 842.

Seals such as on counter-deeds are also used to invalidate, destroy or alter public ones.

Sincerely, SAJurA

Common Law Class Sat 22 – Express Trusts

Dearest friends & fellow South Africans! 🕊

The Common Law Classes have been a resounding success with so much valuable information being shared and the knowledge getting ‘out there’, and most importantly, being put into action in daily lives!

We are delighted to announce the next COMMON LAW CLASS will be held this coming Saturday the 22nd October 2022 at 2pm on Zoom.

brother-thomas, founder of Gift of Truth, and Southern Africa’s Common Law expert, will be sharing his knowledge and teaching. Common Law Class 04 will be covering: EXPRESS TRUSTS


Saturday: 22nd October at 2pm to 3:30pm

Duration:  1 and a half hours

Subject: Express Trusts

Gifting of: R 150 ea (One hundred and fifty Rand)

Where: on zoom

Booking is essential for these classes, and a R150 gift is requested per attendee.To confirm your space, please make an EFT of the R150 gift to the following account, and send through the email with gift confirmation and your nameThe zoom link will be supplied shortly thereafter.

Closing time to confirm attendance on this class is Friday 21st October at 12 noon. NB: please email confirmation to:

Donations Account Details

Bank Name:     Mercantile Bank

Account Name:           GLOBAL REBOOT NPC

Account Type:             Current

Account Number:      1051095603

Branch Name:            George

Branch Code:       450105

Reference:     SAJA_Class & your name please

Please note that in the event of inclement weather, or there being less than 5 people attending, the class will be carried over to the following session. Thank you for your kindness in this regard!
In the meantime please have a look at the following link on Express Trusts, for knowledge in advance of the class. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Common Law Classes!

With peace & gratitude!

we the people


Message to King Charles III and King Charles of Scotland

By Anna Von Reitz

It has not escaped our Notice that the Parliament now acting and the Judiciary now operating has taken its Oath of Allegiance to King Charles of Scotland and that the Bank of England is scrambling to remain solvent and will not be able to stop the hemorrhage of pension fund assets, and the collapse of much of the real estate market and the stock market. 

We realize that there are multiple Crowns involved in your system of Government affecting the different realms and jurisdictions, and most particularly, of current concern, the Crown of Scotland and the Chair of the Estates. 

We wish both Monarchs to know that we are not bound by the words, deeds, or debts of our Federal Subcontractors which usurp upon the sovereign powers of our States or which strain against the limits of our delegated powers via the assertion of so-called Emergency Powers. 

We did not provide for any such “extra” authorities appended to our constitutional contracts with Westminster or the British Monarchy and object to the presumption of such powers both generally and specifically. 

None of the “wars” engaged in by your respective Territorial Governments from 1860 to today have been wars; they have all been Mercenary Conflicts by definition —- undisclosed illegal and unlawful Mercenary Conflicts, and to this day, these activities remain both illegal and unlawful, whereupon we call upon you in the sight of the Living God and all nations to Cease and Desist these activities. 

You may make your money from war and destruction and the promotion of death and injustice; we cannot dictate your material interests or your moral sense in terms of your investments—- but we can observe that the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864 does not apply to us, our people, our assets, our land, or our American Government. 

We may also observe that the Trading With the Enemy Act, the Buck Act, and numerous other affronts to our Public Law, are offenses against our Constitutions, which have been promoted by your foreign Territorial Governments and misapplied to our populace. 

These and other Acts referencing your own citizenry have been misapplied to members of our General Public and illegal confiscation of American assets has been rife for six generations as your private corporation tribunals and foreign Admiralty Courts have illegally, unlawfully, and immorally “latched upon” average Americans who are not Federal Employees or Dependents, and have impersonated your American Employers, have seized upon them and their private estates as collateral for your debts, and in the case of Scotland, have even gone so far as to impersonate our Federation of States and have done business “in our name” fraudulently in order to access our credit—- exactly like any credit card hacker impersonates their victim and illegally accesses their credit via pretense and crimes of personage. 

We are aware that these same practices have been promoted throughout much of the world as well as America, but the fraud, personage crimes, strong-arm racketeering, and misapplication of law and violation of service contracts remains just as repugnant in each and every case. 

Your Governments have pretended to be the primary Creditors of your Employers, while in fact, all  of your activities have been paid for by your victims and your Governments are the actual Debtors overall.  

We may owe you for stipulated services, but in fact, all expenses including the salaries and pensions  of your officers and dependents have been paid for, all the equipment, all the materials, and everything else, has been paid for via the use and abuse of our fraudulently purloined credit. 

These are not the actions or activities of honest men or honest governments.  These are the actions of white collar inland pirates engaged in activities including press-ganging and enslavement which have been outlawed worldwide since 1821 and 1926, respectively. 

Whereupon we call upon both Monarchs to Cease and Desist in these repugnant practices and pretenses. 

We also note that any “carbon tax” should in fact be applied to oxygen reducers, and specifically to those industries whose activities have resulted in the decrease of atmospheric oxygen.  Funds should be allocated to clean up the oceans and plant new forests, not spent on cow diapers, in our opinion. 

Finally, we are aware of the part that both your Governments have played in the development and promotion of the entire C-19 Fiasco and attempts to claim that recipients of this phony “vaccine” are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms, and are therefore owned  as property under patent by the Perpetrators. 

Our actual American Government took action to prevent any such repugnant commercial claim and for your information, it is our Public Law that no such commercial claims can be made against living people. 

It is not our desire to harm anyone or any Government.  We are, however, determined that these criminal practices, abuses of commercial privileges and public service contracts, and other repugnant activities must come to a stop. 

We hope that common sense and self-interest will prevail, and that the Crowns of Great Britain will be used appropriately to end these and other criminal activities and to prevent ill-conceived and destructive commercial hoaxes such as the C-19 GMO claims and carbon taxes. 

Issued By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States 


See this article and over 3800 others on Anna’s website here:

How common law protects your property

By Peter O’Halloran

Unless explicitly removed by statute, common law rights remain in force, and any rule that seeks to limit existing rights must be interpreted very narrowly.

How common law protects your property

According to Black’s Law Dictionary (10th edition, 2014), ‘common law’ is “the body of law derived from judicial decisions, rather than from statutes or constitutions”.

It is ‘case law’ based on precedent, as opposed to the ‘statutory laws’ enacted by a legislature.

The latter tend to take away from common law rights. For example, in South Africa, the state long ago expropriated the land’s mineral rights. A farmer who discovers gold on his or her farm would benefit little from the discovery.

Now, ownership of the land itself is being threatened. Yet, unless explicitly removed by statute, common law rights remain in force, starting with the fact that title at the registry of deeds is solid proof of ownership, valid against all comers.

Difficult to dislodge
If government wants to take away all rights to property, the set of statutes it would need to draft to achieve this would have to be very well considered indeed. If its ‘expropriation laws’ are carelessly drafted, a property owner might be deprived of only some rights in and to the property.

Furthermore, there is a presumption under common law that any statute that limits existing rights must be very narrowly interpreted. The contra fiscum rule is an example of this; if a statute serves to tax a person, any ambiguity must be interpreted in such a way that the least tax is paid.

Common law presumptions are rooted in centuries of case authority, making them difficult to dislodge. People in certain quarters believe that South Africa’s electorate has the power to alter the Constitution at will, to its benefit.

But they forget (or don’t care) that:

  • The Constitution exists, in part, to protect minority interests and uphold the rule of law;
  • Should a government, merely by virtue of being ‘democratically elected’, manage to change the Constitution, common law will remain;
  • The rule of law, which serves to uphold common law, remains as a bulwark behind the Constitution, as changeable as the Constitution appears to some people.

An offence against the rule of law
A rule (statute) whereby property is taken away with no compensation would not be supported by common law and would offend against the rule of law.

Its implementation would be an economic disaster. The government’s rumblings about expropriation have already had a major negative economic effect.

Advocate Peter O’Halloran is a tax specialist.

SA Common Law CLASS 03 … Saturday 8th Oct at 2pm! – Emancipation

Dearest friends & fellow South Africans! 🕊

Happy middle of the week to all! Hope that every thing is going well and you are moving along with gusto & enthusiasm on your journey to sovereignty & an abundant life!

We are delighted to announce the next COMMON LAW CLASS, number 3, being held this coming Saturday the 8th October 2022 at 2pm.

brother-thomas, founder of Gift of Truth, and Southern Africa’s Common Law expert, will be sharing his knowledge and teaching. Common Law Class 03 will be covering: EMANCIPATION


Saturday: 8th October at 2pm to 3:30pm

Duration:  1 and a half hours

Subject: Emancipation

Gifting of: R 150 ea (One hundred and fifty Rand)

Where: on zoom

Booking is essential for these classes, and a R150 gift is requested per attendee.To confirm your space, please make an EFT of the R150 gift to the following account, and send through the email with gift confirmation and your nameThe zoom link will be supplied shortly thereafter.

Closing time to confirm attendance on this class is Friday 7th October at 12 noon. NB: please email confirmation to:

Donations Account Details

Bank Name:     Mercantile Bank

Account Name:           GLOBAL REBOOT NPC

Account Type:              Current

Account Number:       1051095603

Branch Name:             George

Branch Code:       450105

Reference:     SAJA_Class & Your Name please

Please note that in the event of inclement weather, or there being less than 5 people attending, the class will be carried over to the following session. 

Thank you for your kindness in this regard!

We look forward to welcoming you to Common Law Class!

With peace & gratitude!

we the people


A Message to All State Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

People who have been deeply indoctrinated into a foreign political system are trying to restore the American Government we are owed; unfortunately, many of them cannot recognize it when they lapse backward into the old “system” and they react by acting upon the old political power paradigm they were taught.  

As a result, there are three key bottlenecks that these people attack and attach to and try to control in the Assemblies.  

The first bottleneck opportunity that they swarm to is the Vetting and Oversight Committees.  They assume, based on their past experience, that these committees can be used to promote their individual agendas for the group, either by limiting the choice of candidates to those who meet their own personal approval (Vetting Committee) or by removing officers who don’t perform to their personal satisfaction (Oversight Committee).  

What everyone is missing is that we don’t have political parties and neither of these Committees have the authorities and functions that some people assume that they do, 

The Vetting Committee is supposed to check three things: (1) basic eligibility for the job in question; (2) past criminal history that might affect job performance; (3) substantial conflicts of interest.  

Finding no significant evidence of impairment, the Vetting Committee must let the candidate apply for and/or run for office and let the Electors elect whomever they judge to be the best candidate. 

In no case can the Vetting Committee base any of their  “Pass/Fail” decisions on their collective personal feelings or prejudices. To do so would be to put themselves in the position of Electors PRIOR to an election, and thereby put them in position to bounce out candidates BEFORE they have a chance to present themselves to the General Electorate. 

The job of the Vetting Committee is simple.  Check to be sure that the candidate is properly recorded as a member of the Assembly, check to be sure that they have no criminal record that would prejudice or impair their job performance; check to be sure that the candidate has no substantial conflict of interest, such as having significant income from foreign sources. 

Yes or no?  

It is not the Vetting Committee’s job to judge whether the candidate is “personable” or pretty or enforce any judgements related to a person’s religion, appearance, age, race, or former political persuasion.  

Similarly, regarding the Second Potential Bottleneck, it is not the Oversight Committee’s job to nit-pick and harass anyone.  They exist so that any perceived serious breach of trust or improper activity can be brought forward and addressed.  Examples of breach of trust include misrepresentation of the Assembly, abuse of or misrepresentation of office or authority, and violation or evasion or prejudicial exercise of service obligations.  Examples of improper activity include nepotism, adultery with subordinates, petty theft and the like. 

In no case can the Oversight Committee lapse into witch hunts or complaints based on nebulous unfounded suspicions. Complaints must be based on facts.  It is the Oversight Committee’s job to inquire into the actions and operations of The Assembly to ensure that everything is above board and running properly. 

Any conflicts need to be brought to the Ombudsman.  If the Oversight Committee finds that the Treasurer made an improper payment, for example, and they can’t get correction from the Treasurer, it’s their right to bring the matter forward to the Ombudsman’s Office.  If the Ombudsman’s Office can’t solve the problem to everyone’s satisfaction, it can be taken to the General Assembly for a vote. 

All offices and positions in a State Assembly are subject to recall by vote of the General Assembly, either for cause or for lack of confidence. 

The third and final bottleneck is the Marshal-at-Arms Office. In a traditional State Assembly, the members are engaged in face to fact meetings.  The Marshal-at-Arms is charged with ensuring the physical safety of the Assembly and its members during meetings and events. Today, that duty can extend to maintaining simple decorum in meetings and enforcing the Agenda and limits which the Assembly may adopt on the length of time that individuals may speak.  It is important to note that these limits must be imposed by vote of the Assembly and must be applied impartially, so as not to censor dissent or curtail free discussion. 

In Assemblies with a lot of members and especially a lot of talkative members (California, for example) it is advisable for the Assembly to set up a process by which topics can be added to the Agenda prior to scheduled meetings and to also set up a limit as to how long an individual speaker may speak.  These are actions that help expedite the flow of business and discussion, and are not meant to prohibit or prevent action or censor anyone unduly.  Each Agenda item should be limited in proportion to the other Agenda items and if an Agenda is too packed to get through in one meeting, the topic gets held over to the top of the list at the next meeting. 

Rules of Basic Decorum may also be adopted.  People come into Assemblies flat-footed and often they are angry with “government” in general.  Some people may also come in drunk or under the influence of other drugs, and start raging and shouting and causing inappropriate disruption, at which point it is the duty of the Marshal-at-Arms to terminate the disturbance. 

In this manner, everyone knows the rules beforehand and there are no surprises.  Keep your cool, have your say within the time limit established for individual speakers, and behave politely. That is not too much to expect from our members. 

I should also say that if elections are properly conducted in the first place, the results of elections are permanent for the term of the office and may only be overturned by recall and/or impeachment for cause.  

Everyone who is a member of an Assembly is an adult and expected to act like an adult. 

Name-calling, threats, outbursts of rage, unfounded accusations, drunken speech, and similar activities are to be discouraged and curtailed for the sake of the Assembly-at-Large. We have work to do and can’t let it be sidelined by a lot of nonsensical drama.  The Marshal-at-Arms must exercise discretion and let people have their say within the limits set by the Assembly and may not abuse their position for purposes of censorship — but if anyone is being disruptive, impolite, or threatening, overstaying their turn at the podium, or otherwise imposing upon the other members, it is entirely proper for the Marshal-at-Arms to hit the mute button. 

Assemblies are here to conduct business for their membership and their State and maintaining a calm and business-like atmosphere is important.  There are many other places for people to vent outside the forum provided during General Assembly meetings.  

Keep the ideas of “appropriateness” and “reasoned debate” uppermost in your mind when it comes to General Assembly business.  Is your concern better addressed by a Committee –or best addressed by a Committee, before you bring it to the Assembly?  Is your issue personal or does it impact everyone?  How important is your issue, really?  If it involves debate, should that debate be scheduled as a Special Event with time allocated for a prolonged discussion?  

Creating a safe space for reasoned discussion is the job of the Marshal-at-Arms.  Setting the rules to provide that safe space is the business of the Assembly-at-Large.  If everyone understands the goal — which is calm and productive business meetings — there should be no great deal of controversy about how we arrive at our chosen destination and put an end to grandstanding and political rhetoric and irresponsible accusations.  

As members of your State Assembly, you should be aware of and sensitive to the functions of these Committees and the office of the Marshal-at-Arms, so as to make sure that practical level-headed people are drafted to serve in these positions.  


See this article and over 3800 others on Anna’s website here:

Update on Internal Investigation

By Anna Von Reitz

I know that I just reported the status of the investigation into the attack on the LRS but from the responses I am receiving there are still a lot of clueless people who don’t now and never did understand what I meant when I said—- repeatedly—- that the LRS was always intended to be an international recording service. 

They equally didn’t connect the dots when I said that people all over the world have been the victims of the exact same fraud. 

So let me get a frozen slab of halibut out of my freezer and see if I can knock some sense into these people. 

About five years ago, Land Recording Offices started closing for no apparent reason—- all over the world. 

In Great Britain there is exactly one land recording office left—- and it is in the Inner City of London, for the convenience of the British Monarch. 

The British People have always held their land as Free Holds—- meaning that they have unalienable rights with respect to land parcels they occupy, even though the King holds land assets in a National Land Trust.  

Even if these people have been hoodwinked and abused by the Incorporated Government (just as we have) they have “reversionary Trust interests” that they can claim just as we do. 

They are also owed a ton of actual physical assets and the credit resulting from the use of these assets as collateral backing the public debts of the Incorporated Government—- aka, the Imperial Crown Corporation. 

Every time a Brit or an American claims back their Free Hold the government loses assets backing its debts and the credit secured from those assets has to be accounted for. 

This is true in America, the United Kingdom, the former Commonwealth, Germany, Japan, and elsewhere wherever the Vermin have set up shop. 

The asset loss and responsibility aforementioned is what the rats are attempting to evade by closing the land recording offices and making it nearly impossible for average people to record their claims and exercise their reversionary trust interests. 

We have more than 330 million Americans, most of whom have valid claims.  Billions of others worldwide have valid claims — and this miserable cartel at the top is preventing everyone from recording their political status and securing their reversionary trust interest by closing the land recording offices. 

Enter the LRS—- to help the BILLIONS of people who desperately need the same service we do and which we are providing to ourselves. 

And don’t forget the American Service Members and all the other Americans who are posted overseas for one reason or another. 

The LRS was also the first service to come to the rescue of Americans living in States where access to Land Offices was being restricted and our “public servants” were refusing to record their claims. 

The LRS was the wedge in the door making sure that everyone, everywhere, including Americans in bad circumstances, could have access to recording services. 

No matter what. 

The LRO was developed later to replace the local Land Recording Offices that were being closed down or misdirected not to record our claims.  

Thus, we had two land recording services—- the LRO moving into place to provide local service to Americans and the LRS in international jurisdiction standing available to Americans in foreign countries, Americans in this country who didn’t have access, and everyone else worldwide struggling with the same problems 

“Thanks” to the unflagging and pernicious insubordination of certain Assembly and Federation officers all those Americans and innocent people all over the world no longer have a way forward.  They are being prevented from bringing forward their claims, because the LRS is no longer functioning. 

These mean-spirited and wrong-headed individuals acted out of fear and jealousy and greed —- and a desire to control everything—

to slander the LRS effort. And they directly continued their “assault” in the face of my direct instruction to cut it out. 

Like the Mockingbird Media they just continued misrepresenting the LRS and undermining its mission until they finally got what they wanted, 

“Thanks” to them, the LRS was dealt a fatal blow from within by the very people and organizations that should have been cheering the LRS effort on. 

“Thanks” to these boneheaded and insubordinate miscreants we now have 22,000 people including Americans facing an upward struggle and we are left without the means to deliver relief to them. 

We can no longer just push a button and give people all over the world a safe international trade bank account.  We can’t deliver the money and credit they are owed.  And it is all because a few people acted out of fear and ignorance and selfishness. 

Welcome to the story of the whole human race. 

The “few” who spoil everything for the many. 

Despite this setback we are not deterred.  We will preserve the records of the LRS.  We will re-launch an international Land Recording Service.  We will not fail in our will and our mission to bring abundance and peace to the world. 

When I catch up to those who have done this dreadful thing, they are going to have their noses rubbed in the delays and the misery that they have caused with their “Hate LRS” campaign, and face up to the situation they have caused me and 22,000 innocent people worldwide who had already signed up on the LRS and who were ready to receive relief through auto-assigned Trade Bank accounts. 

The same opportunities would have been available to the LRO if the Perpetrators had just followed my instructions and waited another week.  

Instead we have yet another self-generated debacle to sort out and more time wasted. 

Shame on them forever. 

But the very worst of this are the billions of people left without a rescue “boat” to ferry them home again. People will starve and freeze because a few miscreants couldn’t exercise their brain cells.  Those deaths will be their legacy and karma because they would not listen to me. 

They thought they were smarter, more experienced, and better judges.  They thought they “knew better” and didn’t even pause to ask themselves who built the ark they are sailing on?  

They went off on their pity potty tangent without the slightest idea of the far larger mission the rest of us had already embarked upon. 

So here we are, momentarily stuck dead in the water, and it is all because of self-centered lying and ignorance. 

The people who made all these chargebacks had cause to know that they themselves had entered the data and paid the fees for publication on the LRS.  To issue the chargeback they HAD TO LIE and say that they hadn’t done the data entry, hadn’t paid for the service, and by inference, claim that the LRS was at fault. 

Once again, we are being tripped up by Liars — people lacking the basic moral compass to realize that what they were doing was wrong. 

As we struggle to rebirth and restore our heritage we need to cast out the Devil in ourselves. 

Lying is one of the surest signs that a person is in league with The Father of All Lies.  

The people who did this probably thought they were protecting themselves and protecting their interests by doing this evil.  Maybe they even thought that they were protecting me by ignoring me and my instructions to them. 

Most people who lie are deluded and depend on ego to justify what they do. 

They also think they won’t get caught. 


See this article and over 3800 others on Anna’s website here:

SA Common Law CLASS 02! … Saturday 24th Sept at 2pm!

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Hope your Friday has been wonderful!  A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the first Common Law Class, it was a fantastic success with plenty positive feedback! 

We are delighted to announce the next COMMON LAW CLASS will be held on Saturday the 24th September 2022 at 2pm.

brother-thomas, founder of Gift of Truth, and Southern Africa’s Common Law expert, will be sharing his knowledge and teaching. Common Law Class 02 will be covering:

Jurisdiction and Your Rights


Saturday: 24th September at 2pm to 3:30pm

Duration:  1 and a half hours

Subject: Jurisdiction and Your Rights

Gifting of: R 150 ea (One hundred and fifty Rand)

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We look forward to welcoming you to Common Law Classes!

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we the people


Your States and Their States of States

By Anna Von Reitz

Of all the conundrums we have to sort out (and there are many) none is more pernicious than the confusion caused by referring to State of State business organizations as “States” 

States of States, like the (Territorial) State of Wyoming, are not States. 

States are all physically defined, have landmarks and borders and populations of living people. 

States of States are businesses.  They may be unincorporated businesses owned and run by Lawful Persons or they may be incorporated or enfranchised corporations owned and operated by Legal Persons, but such businesses obviously exist on paper and are not physically defined—- and are not “States”. 

The confusion began with the Confederation formed by the original American States of States.  

The actual States had their Federation of States. 

So the States of States formed their Confederation hoping to unite their business interests. 

In the process the American States of States like The State of Georgia and The State of New York started calling themselves “Confederate States”.  

This lapsed further into calling these entities  “States” — when they are not States — and contributing to the overall confusion that people suffer with to this day. 

Businesses are not States.  Such organizations  may conduct business for a State, but that does not make them a State.  

And it must be remembered that each State is perfectly able to conduct business for itself.  The States are not obligated to form or utilize State of State business organizations. 

These “Confederate States” were created and hired to provide routine Government services when the State Assemblies are not in Session, much as you might hire a housekeeper while you go on vacation. 

And just as your housekeeper is not you and does not enjoy the same rights and material interests and powers as you, the States of States do not have the powers and prerogatives of States. 

Our current situation is exacerbated because the States of States we are now dealing with are foreign entities overseen by foreign powers— but the fact remains that a State always stands above a State of State. 

As an actual State Assembly Member you operate in an entirely different capacity and occupy a separate foreign jurisdiction set apart from any jurisdiction inhabited by a State of State business entity.  

Your position as a State Assembly Member once thoroughly understood is far more important and carries more rights and responsibilities than any position in State of State “Government”. 

The Employer stands over the employees.

The Landlord stands over the tenant.

The House Owner stands over the Housekeeper. 

It turns out that knowing the difference between a State and a State of State is absolutely crucial. 

It’s what keeps the world from being turned upside down, and keeps employees from bossing around their employers. 

If you have had enough of the confusion that ensues when States of States are mistaken for States—- go to:


See this article and over 3800 others on Anna’s website here:

SA common law class Saturday

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We are delighted to announce that COMMON LAW CLASSES will begin this coming Saturday.

brother-thomas, founder of Gift of Truth, and Southern Africa’s Common Law expert, will be sharing his knowledge and teaching. 

This Saturday’s class will be a general overview of the various laws and their hierarchy, jurisdiction and your rights. 


This Saturday 10th September at 11am to 12:30pm

Duration: 1 and a half hours

Subject: General overview various laws, hierarchy, jurisdiction, your rights

Gifting of: R 150 ea (one hundred and fifty Rand)

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Land vs “Property” Rights

Thanks to K for sharing this very important education as to LAND and PROPERTY rights and the  EXTREME difference in these words that we have been indoctrinated to thinking is the same thing so that we can all realize that to dive too deep right now is not necessary. SEE BELOW.

1. When you have read the dictionary and Wiki definitions of “Color of Title”, (below) would you then agree that all Registered titles in S.A. are in fact a “color of Title” to PROPERTY and not LAND?  

2. Now read Thomas Sowel below as to the ACCURATE LEGAL description of “property” in BAR “sea” courts.

3. Now read the Dictionary description of LAND. (below)

4. Assess the differences of the two descriptions 

5. Now read the “color of Law” as Government as an Artificial Fiction. (below)

6. Put all of these together and SEE what is actually going on.

I would assess that ALL registered titles in SA are “color of Titles”, which are “DEFECTIVE TITLES) including your car, children, houses, cats and dogs etc. Would you agree that the Government only has rights to the DESCRIPTION of the THING???  

When Gov became a corporation, registered in the SEA, this is the “remedy” they used for themselves to maintain CONTROL and DECEIVE us successfully till now? This is why Gov ‘COPYRIGHTS the DEEDS to the land under the common Law. This is why I have been saying to use the COPYRIGHT seal on all your Titles, Deeds and Documents. 

When the Fiat system was brought in, Law had been SUBJECT and they then changed it to FORM of Law (color of Law) SO: LAND = SUBJECT. And   TITLE DEED =  FORM

I PRAY THIS ALL MAKES YOU UNDERSTAND THE POWER SEAT WE ARE ACTUALLY IN IF YOU MAKE YOUR CLAIMS IN EVERY ASPECT. JUST THINK ABOUT IT, EVEN YOUR SLAVERY IS A FICTION. I would also say that once you are Emancipated, all the “color titles” can be claimed into the express Trust as it is a LAND TRUST and a SUBJECT of LAW and automatically a LAWFUL Title Deed to EVERYTHING contained therein, overpowering the Gov false claims.

THE GOV OWNS THE ‘PAPER’ AND NOTHING ELSE. DO NOT FORGET THIS EVER!!! In Fact this Government has no JURISDICTION over anything other than by committing fraud or getting our SORRY DUMB ASSES to believe all of this NONSENSE, which we have done. No more ACTING Dumb???

Last but not least, All Government AGENCIES (not departments) are agencies of the UN as in NEMA (National Environmental Management “ACT”) and these are the Agencies that will take over the LAND on behalf of the UN if we let them.  The Expropriation Bill without Compensation is an act of WAR and ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL but in truth if everyone knew their rights they can only EXPROPRIATE the PAPERWORK describing the Property as this is the only thing they have a hold on through FRAUD.

Color of Title

The appearance of a legally enforceable right of possession or ownership. A written instrument that purports to transfer ownership of property but, due to some defect, does not have that effect. A document purporting to pass title to land, such as a deed that is defective due to a lack of title in the grantor, passes only color of title to the grantee.

It has been held that in order to pass color of title, the instrument appearing to pass title must be in good form, duly executed, and profess to pass good title.

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law,edition 2. Cop

The “color” in this phrase is reference to another legal term, “color of law,” meaning “appearance of law.” Someone with color of title has documentation that is designed to prove ownership of a piece of property, but this documentation is flawed in some way. For example, a deed may show conveyance from someone who never legally owned the property, some of the documentation may be forged, or there may be other problems.

Color of title

“Color of title”, in property law, refers to a claim to title that appears valid but may be legally defective. Color of title may arise if there is evidence, such as a writing, suggesting valid legal title. The courts have ruled that deeds are mere color of title; the actual title to land is secured with an irrefutable instrument, like a land patent. When that land is subsequently conveyed to another owner by a deed, the deed colors the title to show the new owner. Thus, the chain of title from the land patent to the present may include many deeds. The actual title remains with the land patent and lawful deeds show the chain of title to the present landowner. Because the ownership in land is a very specific thing, requiring precise and proper transfers of ownership, it used to be that people always required a certified abstract be provided with a deed to ensure the deed was not merely a color of title fiction. Today, title companies offer title insurance to secure such documents. Still, only a proper and lawful title, like the land patent, provides actual title to land; and only a proper and lawful chain of title (deeds, etc.) from such a patent to the present can secure land rights to the landowner.

However, even with land secured by patent, the proper grant of title can be implied by adverse possession, which is the basis for claims exemplified in Torrens title. The Torrens system operates on the principle of “title by registration” in which the act of registering an interest in land in a state-operated registry creates an indefeasible title in the registrant, which, like the land patent, can be challenged only in very limited circumstances.

Neither ‘property’ nor the value of property is a physical thing.

Property is a set of defined options . . .It is that set of options

which has economic value . . .It is the options, and not the physical things, which are the ‘property’ – economically as well as legally . . .But because the public tends to think of property as tangible, physical things, this opens the way politically for government confiscation of property by forcibly taking away options while leaving the physical objects untouched.”

Thomas Sowell

LAND. This term comprehends any found, soil or earth whatsoever, as meadows, pastures, woods, waters,marshes, furze and heath. It has an indefinite extent upwards as well as downwards; therefore land, legally includes all houses and other buildings standing or built on it; and whatever is in a direct line between the surface and the centre of the earth, such as mines of metals and fossils. 1 Inst. 4 a; Wood’s Inst. 120; 2B1. Com. 18

Color of Law 

“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” (S.C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54)) And, therefore statutory law is not law per se but, merely the rules of contract between corporate artificial persons and neither applies to real living people nor has any jurisdiction over them, in fact only people’s courts do.

The key word they use is “RE-PRESENT” – TO PRESENT SOMETHING THAT IS not;

in this regard, the following is their favorite maxim:

Fiction is against the truth, but it is to have truth.

whereas our maxim to counteract it would be:

Where truth is, fiction of law does not exist.

Black’s Law 4th Ed. defines “represent as:

REPRESENT. To appear in the character of; personate;

this is personation on a grand scale; sleight of hand; occult conjuring things out of thin air; like currency etc.

We live in a cult of personality, dear people; time to awaken to the truth;

Educate and inform yourself;

A Fiduciary Duty Fulfilled

By Anna Von Reitz

Among living people it sometimes happens that we are called upon to serve in a fiduciary capacity for others.  This can happen even if we don’t volunteer for the job. We can simply be standing there at a given time, faced with a particular circumstance, and boom!  

There you are, staring up at the sky, wondering — WT….? 

That’s what happened to me, so you had better believe that it can happen to you, too, and that in some regards, it has already happened to you.

Certain Public Duties “devolve” upon you, simply because of your political status and identity as — for example — an American or a Frenchman. 

Americans have a Public Duty to uphold the Public Law of this country, and in particular, to uphold the Federal Constitutions and enforce them.  We have a Public Duty to oppose crimes, such as genocide and murder, and to report them to the responsible authorities.  

In the case of some crimes, like treason, failure to report them to the responsible authorities (the President, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor,  or Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court) can have very dire consequences for one’s self — up to and including capital punishment. 

Public Duty is not something to be taken lightly, and while members of the General Public in this country do not owe the obligations of citizenship, we do owe the obligations of Public Duty. 

Fiduciary Duty, elected or unelected, is part of that Public Duty which we owe to ourselves and our countrymen.  

In 2011, an alarmed friend sent me a copy of a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing made by a man named Everton Rochas from San Jose, California. 

This fellow, Rochas, was claiming what appeared to be himself –but which were in fact, foreign commercial corporations named after him– and he was explicitly explaining which “Everton Rochas” was the creditor by describing himself in terms of having hands and feet. 

I read it, I thought about it — I was thirteen years into the Due Process that began in 1998, and halfway through the International Notice process.  I realized that what Mr. Rochas was doing was correct enough for himself, assuming that he had a non-statutory trust to dump the assets into like a purse, and the correct legal standing to do it. 

He had done something monumental.  He had correctly identified the incorporated debtors and claimed back his property assets and remedies and exemptions owed to him — and had done it using the Uniform Commercial Code process.  

It was at that moment that my Fiduciary Duty landed on my head. 

Oh, I could follow suit and do what Rochas had done, and save my own assets out of the bankruptcy slush piles resulting from the Federal Reserve System bankruptcy in 2009, but then, what about my countrymen?  

They’d be left disinherited, unrecognizable as Creditors, claimants without claims.  Their State Trusts would be vacated.  The other creditors of the Federal Reserve System could come in and pillage us for the debts of the “US, INC.” and “USA, Inc.” to their heart’s delight, while the actual “preferential creditors” would be mysteriously “absent”, “presumed lost at sea”.  

So I created and recorded a non-statutory trust agreement between me, myself, and I — a purse where I could deposit the assets as the “Authorized Representative” — and I claimed everything back for all Americans with hands and feet.  And I rolled it all over into the Public Trust of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and as a further firewall, into my private non-statutory trust. 

Shortly thereafter I published and recorded my Irrevocable Will so that nobody could claim that I died intestate and “offer” to administer my estate — including my non-statutory trust —  “for” me. 

All the claims that I subsequently entered on the UCC record automatically attached to my name and rolled into my non-statutory trust and into the Public Trust maintained by the Federation of States, where they remain whether or not the specific UCC claims expire.  The UCC claims were just a conduit delivering the cargo to its rightful and final resting place, back home in America. 

And then, I came home myself.  I claimed my Given Name, “Anna Maria Riezinger” back from the Third Judicial Court in Palmer, Alaska, and made my non-Municipal status official.  

Then, I re-conveyed my recouped Proper Name to the land and soil jurisdiction and recorded this action via the Territorial State of Alaska Land Recording Office in Palmer, Alaska — making my return to the land and soil official. 

I followed up by delivering a certified copy back to the Third Judicial Court, having copies date-stamped by the Clerk, and leaving a copy for inclusion with the court record of my name change from ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER to Anna Maria Riezinger. 

There is and can be no doubt that I returned myself to the land and soil of this country and that I was last seen headed due East with a horrible fixed grin and look of relief on my face.  

Neither the Pope nor the Queen nor the Lord Mayor can claim that I voluntarily adopted any citizenship obligation of theirs nor that I voluntarily chose to remain in any foreign jurisdiction under their control.  I am officially, on the Public Record of their own institutions, neither a Municipal citizen of the United States nor a Territorial U.S. Citizen. 

This conclusion is doubly guaranteed, because what appears to be my surname, “Riezinger” is in fact an international trademark and the intellectual property of my Great-Grandfather, established in 1855, well-before the entire boondoggle of the American Civil War.  No European Monarch has any claim on it. It is internationally recognized private property and anyone who uses it in vain is trespassing. 

In this, and in all other circumstances, I have been blessed by fate and fortune to be in the position I was in, to know the people and facts I have known, and to do the things I have done in the time frame and sequence that all these things have been accomplished, so that I could act freely and with lawful standing throughout, to accomplish the recoupment of American assets for Americans who would have otherwise lost not only their identities, but their inheritance.

There are those who say that these same Americans deserved to lose their intellectual and property assets, because they weren’t taking care of them and were not vigilantly guarding them and doing the work of self-governance.  

What can you say about people who sit on their rumps and don’t bring their own government into Session for over 150 years?  

You can begin by saying that they are the sovereigns of this country and if they wanted to take a very long nap, it’s their business and nobody else’s.  

And we can follow up by saying that the vast majority of Americans were deliberately and self-interestedly deceived in Breach of Trust by their own public employees, who have been misdirected by foreign Principals acting in Gross Breach of Trust, breach of international treaties, and breach of commercial service contracts, seeking to evade their contractual obligations and pillage their Employers for their own unjust enrichment. 

The road that I have traveled to get home again — and drag all the assets owed to this country and my countrymen with me — has been long and often veiled in impenetrable darkness.  There have been many times when I have wondered what to do and how to do it.  Each time, I have knocked on the door of Heaven, and been answered. 

On numerous occasions, I have tried to explain this whole circumstance to my countrymen — “Hey, brother, you were robbed, but it’s okay, I derailed the train and brought your stuff home.  All you have to do is claim it.” — and they stare at me, stunned.  

What?  I’ve been robbed?  My identity has been stolen?  By my own public employees?  Say what?  I have to declare what?  I have to record what?  

And I have had to struggle with the aftermath and develop the processes and means for millions of Americans to come home and claim back the assets they are heir to. 

All the groundwork has already been laid, all the processes worked out, and all anyone has to do, is come home. Declare and record your native birthright political status and thereby reclaim your inheritance.  

Go to: to learn more. 

In the process of straightening out our own mess, we discovered that much of the rest of the world is in the same exact circumstance, all victims of a planetary scale fraud scheme designed to establish a system of Corporate Feudalism  —by which a few enslave the many, just as they did during Colonialism. 

Putting an end to these world-mongering fraud schemes perpetuated by commercial corporations in the business of providing “governmental services” is a Public Duty of all people worldwide. 

The employees cannot be allowed to rule over the employers. 

Standing here on my flat little Great-Grandma feet facing the beginning of September 2022, I can safely say that I have done my Public Duty, including my unsought duty as Fiduciary for our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America.

As things stand, the American claims have been preserved, and the claims of many other nations are being brought forward.

Isn’t it time that you joined in and did your bit, too?  

Imagine a pile of mittens, and your mittens are in that pile somewhere.  You have to go dig around and find them and claim them as yours. That’s part of this process that I can’t do for you — something that only you can do for yourself. 

Go to and get started. 

I don’t know how much longer I will be here with you, so it is a matter of some urgency that you all learn the facts and pass on what I have shared with you this morning.  Everything I have referenced is a matter of record, preserved by the State of Alaska Land Recording Office, the State of Alaska UCC Unit, the State of Alaska Third Judicial Court at Palmer, Alaska, and the Winnebago County, Illinois, Recorder’s Office.   

My non-statutory trust will last until 2066; at some point between now and then, my Irrevocable Will will come into effect, in addition to the actions that are undertaken now, during my lifetime, to secure and distribute the assets in accordance with that Will— returning to each American all that naturally belongs to that American — this represents my grant to each and every one of you.   

By the time my non-statutory trust expires you must all return to the land and soil to claim and preserve your own property assets, including your intellectual property assets — your Good Names, your nationality, and your lawful government. You have forty-four years to take advantage of what I have done for you and your children.  The clock is ticking. 

Don’t take it for granted. It was the hand of God that put me in place, that inspired me to discern the patterns of the ensnaring web, and that allowed me to act in your favor.  You can’t expect that a competent Fiduciary will just appear out of nowhere again (Big Lake, Alaska, is pretty close to nowhere) to pull your chestnuts out of the fire.  

You must each take responsibility and exercise the rights and prerogatives you are heir to.  You must each learn how to defend and justify your position as the Lawful Inheritors of this great country. And you must self-govern.  

None of these things are easy.  All of them require attention and hard work.  

Just as the Public Duty to act as Fiduciary for The United States of America descended on me, your own share of that responsibility now rests upon you— the responsibility to reclaim and take charge of your own assets, both public and private—- and preserve those assets for future generations of Americans.

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Public International Notice Regarding Dual Citizenship / David Straight Process

By Anna Von Reitz

As an American, your States are your Nations.

As an American, you have an identity as a New Yorker, Washingtonian, Texan, or, like me, as a Wisconsinite.

Each American State is the equivalent of a small country, with all the rights and prerogatives of a small country.

These inherent sovereign rights of our States were somewhat changed early on in our country’s history because the Founders realized the value of working together to provide a mutual defense system, a common currency and postal service, and, in the end, eighteen enumerated services and functions that were identified and delegated to our Federal Subcontractors.

The “powers” of each of the individual states related to these functions were relinquished and combined and entrusted to the Federal Government.

That Government consisted of three separate Service Providers, one American, one British Territorial, and one Holy Roman Empire provider. As the American Subcontractor was never reconstructed after the Civil War, there are only two Federal Subcontractors still functioning.

In the absence of the American Subcontractor or any other Federal Subcontractor, the Delegation of Powers reverts to the Delegator — our Federation of States.

Absolutely all of the “enumerated powers” granted to the Federal Subcontractors exist in international and global jurisdictions that are foreign to the national jurisdiction of our States.

Thus, the Federal Government operates in and provides services in a foreign capacity, and Federal Employees, be they Americans or anyone else, are obligated to work in these foreign jurisdictions and obey the foreign laws that apply to them.

This presented a problem. How can Americans work in and under the demands of a foreign jurisdiction and be subject to its foreign laws and governments —-and still be protected under the Constitutions that apply to Americans?

Dual Federal Citizenship was born.

This political status allows a Federal Employee to claim citizenship or nationality from two (2) governments at the same time. And they get to choose which governments.

Thus, as a Federal Employee or Dependent, you could choose to adopt a Dual Citizenship that recognized you as a Texan and as a U.S. Citizen (British Territorial). Your status as a Texan would then enable you to claim the protections and guarantees of the Federal Constitution, and at the same time, obligate you to act as a faithful Subject of the Queen.

This is exactly the political status that David Straight is promoting. If you adopt Dual Federal Citizenship you can act as both an American State National (a Texan, for example) and as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen. This protects your constitutional guarantees as a Texan and also allows you to function as a British Subject, with whatever benefits that may imply.

There is just one problem with this. If everyone does it, there is nobody home running the State Government of Texas, and without Texas, the Constitutions are “vacated” and you are reduced to being a Territorial Subject of the Queen —- right back where we all were when the Colonists first took up arms.

Some of us have to bear the honor and the burden of being Americans and nothing but Americans. We have to protect and defend the Constitutions against all enemies both foreign and domestic by standing as Americans and upholding our end of the contract. Some of us have to renounce all other obligations to any other government and run our States of the Union as State Citizens, or the Constitutions collapse and are no longer contractually enforceable.

If one Party to a contract dies or otherwise is missing, the contract itself is subject to the remaining Party or Parties. This is called “The Last Man Standing Rule”. Thus, for the last 160 years while our American Government has been out of Session, our British and Municipal (Holy See) Subcontractors have been interpreting things however they liked.

You see the result.

Our public employees and their political parties have been doing whatever they like with the public assets and have contrived to lodge false claims of ownership and custodial interest against their employers and our assets, too.

Things began to unravel in 1998, when we appeared as The Last Man Standing on the American side of things.

We served Notice that the unincorporated Federation of States, our “Ship of State” in international affairs, is alive and well. Like Robinson Crusoe, we turned up at a most inconvenient moment in history and used the same “Last Man Standing Rule” to enforce the Federal Constitution for ourselves and our countrymen.

At the start, we had only two known verifiable native state citizens in each State of the Union standing with us. Less than 200 Americans reported for duty to serve the Federation in 1998, but those few had established proper lineage and standing and right to act in their capacity as State Electors.

Today, there are thousands of Americans standing as Americans on their land and soil, as the true inheritors of this country, operating their State Assemblies in original jurisdiction — and because they are doing this difficult job, millions of other Americans are still protected under the Federal Constitutions.

So when people ask me about David Straight and his process, all based on Federal Code found at 8 USC 1101 (21) (a), I have to go back through all of this and explain Federal Dual Citizenship, and explain the “legal terms” being used in this snippet of Federal Code:

Here is it, term by term:

8 USC 1101 (21) (a):

The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.

The links shown within the current 8 USC 1101 (21) above as found at Cornell University Law website define the terms:


(21) The term “national” means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.


(3) The term “person” means an individual or an organization.


(31) The term “permanent” means a relationship of continuing or lasting nature, as distinguished from temporary, but a relationship may be permanent even though it is one that may be dissolved eventually at the instance either of the United States or of the individual, in accordance with law.


(36) The term “State” includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

For those familiar with Federal-Speak the meaning of 8 USC 1101 (21) (a) is now perfectly clear. For others, not so much. So let’s go deeper —

The very fact that this citation is found in Federal Code means that it is meant to apply to Federal Persons, not Americans operating as members of the General Public. That is a given.

Second, throughout Federal Code, the word “person” is defined as a corporation whether an individual corporation or an organization like General Motors Company. Again, this applies only to such Federal “persons” and not to living people.

Third, the general representation of the word “state” can mean any kind of state — so we have to look at the specific meaning of “state” attached to this legislation and we find that, as expected, it applies to the unauthorized Territorial “States” —- all 57 of them, which are in fact Confederate States-of-States, none of which have standing as actual States.

Remember when President Obama referred to “all fifty-seven States” and people were aghast?

This is part of the confusion and deception that arises when the Federal Employees refer to “States-of-States” as [Confederate] “States” and count their [Confederate} “State” franchise corporations as if they were actual States of the Union.

So now you can see that David Straight’s process and this definition apply to Federal Persons, not to the American People, and that those following his advice do not recoup their birthright political status. They adopt a Dual political status as American State Nationals – U.S. Citizens instead.

There is nothing “wrong” with that status, but it is what it is, and people choosing it deserve to know what the pros and cons of such a political status are.

Yes, as American State Nationals, you do recoup your Constitutional protections, as long as the rest of us hold the line and populate the States and run the actual State Governments for you, but on the downside, you are also presumed to be loyal British Subjects and to serve as collateral for the Queen’s Government and to be obligated to obey the Queen’s laws and pay the Queen’s taxes.

In other words, you place yourself right back under the British Thumb when you follow David Straight’s process. You can do that, and nobody has any right to object — but you should at least know that up front and not believe that you are recouping your unencumbered birthright, instead.

Dual political status provisions, meant to allow Americans to serve in the Federal Government without loss of their Constitutional protections, have been so far warped and exploited that many members of the U.S. Congress now claim to be Dual Citizens of entirely different countries, subjecting themselves, for example, as citizens of Greece and Ireland, while serving as U.S. Congressmen.

This is obviously not why Federal Dual Citizenship exists and should not be allowed.

Dual political status invites conflicts of interest. No man can serve two Masters. Thus those who serve in the Federal Government, be it as a Territorial (military) or Municipal (civil service) employee, are forever caught between two worlds, or even possibly, three worlds, and obligated to serve all comers.

Our public employees have been famously referred to as “political whores” because they are under this unintended and unnatural obligation, and most of them do not know that in the absence of declaring and recording their chosen political status, they are presumed to be acting as both British Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States — and as such, have no Constitutional guarantees at all.

Seen from the perspective of many Federal Employees, David Straight’s process is a great improvement, as it restores their Constitutional Guarantees, but for Joe American it falls far short of providing his birthright guarantees, freedoms, and property rights.

This Notice is being issued as an International Notice because each and every State of the Union is being addressed along with all foreign Confederate States-of-States and all foreign governments worldwide.

This Notice provides information regarding continuing mischief by Officers of the Queen’s Government and those serving as elected officers of British Crown Corporations involved in this overall fraud scheme — all designed to trick Americans into accepting Federal Dual Citizenship or Federal Dual Political Status without full disclosure of the resulting contractual obligations.

We are informed that “millions” of Americans have “signed up” and adopted the Dual Political Status of American State National – U.S. Citizen, without full disclosure, and that under this circumstance, a protest must be lodged with the international community.

There is exactly one unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776, and that Federation representing the physically-defined States of the Union, is calling upon all Governments and Nations to recognize the predatory activities of commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, seeking to defraud people and unjustly enrich themselves by promoting undisclosed contracts, misrepresenting themselves and exercising unauthorized powers under color of law.

We specifically protest the practice of “conferring” or presuming citizenship obligations on people, issuing Executive Orders pertaining to corporate service providers as if they applied to the General Public, usurping upon the responsibilities allocated to our American Federal Service Provider by unauthorized Federal Personnel and their Agency Subcontractors, deceptive contracting processes, and misrepresenting the limitations of the powers entrusted to our Federal Subcontractors overall.

Notice issued by:

The United States of America (Unincorporated)

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

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 By Anna Von Reitz

I have explained several times that the name “America” is an English bastardization of the name of the “Armoricans”— a French Celtic tribe that has lived on the Southwestern Coast of Normandy since time forgot.  

They live there still. 

Renown sailors and adventurers, they have been pillars of the French Navy and Merchant Fleet from the beginning of modern history— and that means since French developed as a language. 

They are the ones with the Continental ties to The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and yes, the German Merchant Lords of Wettin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and of course, the French Lords of Normandy itself. 

The Armoricans are the ones that established the fur trade and lumber trade with the Native American tribes at a time in prehistory when population pressure was denuding most of Europe and decimating Europe’s population of fur-bearing animals. 

This all began thousands, not hundreds of years ago, in Megalithic times.  

As a result, Europeans called the raw and distant land where these trade goods came from “Armorica” after the “Armoricans” who traded there in a market protected by treaties that only the Armoricans had. 

You can see their name echoed in a different way in the name of the Native American tribe, the Mohicans, as in The Last of the Mohicans. 

These “Native Americans” occasionally had children as white-skinned as any maid of Flanders, and their bloodlines still run deep into the Northern States and across Southern Canada. 

The Armorican Treaties with the Native tribes were cemented by marriage, thus giving the Kingdom of Normandy its basis for a claim to North America.  

This is also the basis of the famous French Fur Trade they glance over in English history books and which was also contested during the French and Indian War just prior to The American Revolution (1756). 

Can anyone find an official Treaty of Versailles ending The French and Indian War?  There’s a good research project left unassigned. 

If not, this would serve to “negatively substantiate” my surmise that what we call “The French and Indian War” was another Mercenary Conflict separate from the actual wars then-ongoing with Frederick the Great and later, Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe. 

I am reiterating this to show you how the history of France and Continental European nations have been connected to this country far more extensively and intimately than the current generations of Americans have been led to believe. 

Investments of blood and money have tied America and Europe together for centuries before full scale colonization began— and we must understand that the English and Dutch colonial activities violated marital “sacred” treaties that the French, especially the Normans, had with the Native tribes for centuries before 1492. 

And, yes, there is a reason that America is called America. 

The Roman practice of creating a war, then enslaving and indoctrinating their victims through “education” so that they forget who they are and where they came from, has been going on here for a very long time.  Such a rootless and clueless group of people can much more easily be conquered and integrated into the Fourth Roman Empire —- otherwise known as the Fourth Reich. Or “the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.  

That sounds so much better than “Insane Asylum Four”.  

We have reached the point in this process where most of the people reading this have never seen two separate volumes, one entitled “American History” and the other entitled “United States History”—— clearly demonstrating that these are two separate subjects. 

But it is crucial to our survival as a country and to the survival of many other countries that we all wake up and remember who we are and our whole national history— not just whatever the would-be Slave Masters pay to put in front of our noses in “schools for the public”. 

Wake up, now. Don’t wait another hour. 

On September 20th the Federal Reserve will make a Fatal Decision, by September 30th, the Pope will have his wagons circled and all liquid forms of wealth will be collected into the Vatican Bank, by mid-October the stock market will shudder, stall, and then cease to function as a stock market, all commerce and trade will be impacted, supply lines cut, sources of basic commodities shut down, factories idled, and the last surpluses sold out. 

Massive unemployment will be the result at the same time as inflation skyrockets to unimaginable heights. Think of Weimar Germany.  That is what “they” have planned for us. 

If these monsters succeed, millions will be “sacrificed” to their Money God. 

But instead of standing around listening to their BS and excuses, and instead of accepting their new version of Hitler, I suggest that all the people of the world put a stop to it before it gets going again. 

Arrest Jerome Powell and the members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors before September 20th.  Follow up by arresting all the Board Members of all Central Banks and the Board Members of all the corporations that are members of the World Economic Forum. 

Issue new National Currencies that cannot be subject to surveillance and which are the property of nations, not governments. 

Go Icelandic and pay for everything with cash. 

They will try to confiscate or invalidate cash because those Federal Reserve Notes  are physical evidence of their gross debt to you.  Instead, hold them accountable and never be silent again.  

Save yourselves, save your countries, and put these insane people  away where they can’t hurt themselves or harm anyone else again. And if they try to sell you any Hitler-like “Savior” —- learn from the past. 

You must be your own saviors and not believe anything these wretched liars tell you. 

Just remember that these same people told you that America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian mapmaker. 


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SA people’s right to referendums

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why we do not have referendums in South Africa?

Would referendums not be a way to overturn unjust laws such as the Health Act Amendment?

Is the common law not the moral sentiment of the community?

So, how then do we determine the common law if not by jury or referendum?

1. WHAT is a referendum?

Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition defines a referendum as:

REFERENDUM. In international law. A communication sent by a diplomatic representative to his home government, in regard to matters presented to him which he is unable or unwilling to decide without further instructions.

In the modern constitutional law of Switzerland and elsewhere, a method of submitting an important legislative measure to a direct vote of the whole people. Pacific States Telephone & Telegraph Co. v. Oregon, 32 S.Ct. 224, 223 U.S.

118, 56 L.Ed. 377; Kiernan v. Portland, 32 Sup.Ct. 231, 223 U.S. 151, 56 L.Ed. 386;

Plebiscite; Initiative. Right reserved to the people to adopt or reject any act or measure which has been passed by a legislative body, and which, in most cases, would without action on the part of the electors become a law. Whitmore v. Carr, 2 Cal. App.2d 590, 38 P.2d 802, 803. City of Litchfield v. Hart, 306 Ill.App. 621, 29 N.E.2d 678, 679.

2. How does a referendum work?

Usually, the people draw up a petition to force government to hold a referendum on a particular legislative measure.

3. WHY are you people doing a referendum? Why is it important?

History repeats itself; the 1955 Freedom Charter paved the way for the 1994 Reconstruction &Development Programme Policy Framework which was the vision of an alternative society; but, we fell asleep at the wheel and slumbered on our right to referendums; now we are lost and without remedy.

Maxim – The law does not protect him who slumbers on his rights.

On referendums the RDP clearly states:

5.2.6 Democracy for ordinary citizens must not end with formal rights and periodic one-person, one-vote elections. Without undermining the authority and responsibilities of elected representative bodies (the national assembly, provincial legislatures, local government), the democratic order we envisage must foster a wide range of institutions of participatory democracy in partnership with civil society on the basis of informed and empowered citizens (e.g. the various sectoral forums like the National Economic Forum) and facilitate direct democracy (people’s forums, referenda where appropriate, and other consultation processes).

[emphasis added]

5.3.2 The Constitution must recognise the fundamental equality of men and women in marriage, employment and in society.

There should be a continuous review of all legislation to ensure that this clause in the Constitution is not undermined. These principles must override customary law. Consideration should be given to the implementation of a constitutional provision for the calling of a referendum in order to overturn unpopular laws, and to ensure that certain laws get passed.

[emphasis added]


The Constitution only allows the President, Parliament and Premiers to hold referendums. So they have the power to do what they want and the people have none. And, as we all know by now that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is why we are in the mess we are in.

The Constitution mentions “referendums” 3 times:

84 Powers and functions of President

(2) The President is responsible for—

(g) calling a national referendum in terms of an Act of Parliament;

127 Powers and functions of Premiers

(2) The Premier of a province is responsible for—

(f) calling a referendum in the province in accordance with national legislation.

Annexure B

1. Section 84 of the new Constitution is deemed to contain the following additional subsection:

(3) The President must consult the Executive Deputy Presidents—

(f) before calling a referendum; and

4. WHO is driving this referendum campaign? Under which banner /

team / organisation?

If, you can answer this question correctly you can win a Ferrari J

We can call it the People’s Referendum Initiative for example to keep it neutral. The Swiss called their referendum campaign the Sovereign Money Initiative. Read further on.

5. What is the issue being decided upon through this referendum?

So, our first referendum is to establish the right for the people to hold future referendums and in this way hold government accountable.

6. Does a referendum have to include a central specific question to

be put to participants? – If so what is the question?

Yes, each referendum is topic specific. Our first question is:

Is government based on the will of the people?

This echo’s the 1955 Freedom Charter: “…no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the people;”

7. Can you outline the sequential steps involved in the process?

Once we have enough people who signed the Referendum (500 000) then this will give us the authority to act; then we will take the matter to the Constitutional Court;

8. WHO is eligible to vote in this referendum?

Everyone who is a South African and eligible to vote. So, you must be sane and 21 years or older.

9. WHEN will there be enough submissions to submit? – is it a certain number of participants or a certain percentage of the population?

The Swiss had 110 00 participants in 2016 to unpeg the Swiss Franc from the U.S. Dollar so 500 000 seems a fair number for South Africa.

10. To whom / which body / organisation will you be submitting the referendum?

We are not submitting; we are commanding, declaring, and wishing; we are not taking no for an answer.

11. Are you working on any timeline / deadline?

No, because it could take 100 years for the people to wake up. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to bring about change.

12. In our referendum strategy.. what checks and balances are we putting it to place to ensure the integrity and to prove the integrity of the process?

Screening volunteers, making Agreements such as Codes of Conduct and Rules of Behaviour.

13. Can a referendum effect real change?

Of course; if, we had established the right of referendum in 1994 already we could easily prevent unlawful acts such as the draconian 2022 National Health Act Amendment we are now facing.

14. Are there any examples of such referendums bringing about real change?

Yes, in 2016 the Swiss Federal Chancellery was sent a petition with 110,955 Swiss signatures, demanding another national referendum. That referendum was spearheaded by activists from the Sovereign Money Initiative. The goal of the referendum is to ban the creation of money by private commercial banks and force a return to the use of actual, tangible money.

15. Is the government obliged to acknowledge and accept such a referendum?

Well, if they don’t then we must occupy constitutional hill and kick up a big stink because if the Swiss have the right as a constitutional democracy then so do we; this ought to drive people to take action then.

16. I heard that the SA govt does not have a clearly stipulated process in place to ensure that the stipulations of a successful people’s referendum are actually acted upon. Is this true? And if it is, do we have any strategy to address this / compel them to do so / drive the desired outcome stipulated by the referendum?

Yes you are right, they don’t but the way has already been paved for us leading up to 1994 and it is our duty to re-establish it properly.

17. Is a referendum in itself sufficient to bring about the desired change? if not, what are the other necessary elements?

If, the Constitutional Court won’t hear us then we assemble a customary law court of wise elders to compel the Constitutional Court Justices; we have already put the Concourt Justices on trial and they are waiting for us to appear with our Justices. It’s the people that need to wake up now and take action.

18. Do we foresee any loopholes or weak points in this referendum strategy that could possibly be exploited by those who would seek to nullify the referendum? And how can we mitigate such scenarios?

No, it’s impossible if we keep it neutral.

Ask yourself, how can anyone try to debunk the right of referendum?

There can be no hidden agenda behind it.

The referendum will be re-launched shortly to unite the people and let their voice be heard.

Persons and Personage:

By Anna Von Reitz

This is a wonderful little excerpt about “persons” and “personage” — a crime of impersonating living people that was forwarded by a Reader and originally published here: as (Reader Post) Thinker2: Decoding the
Deception of the Capitalized Name.

Here is a succinct and complete list of all the common categories of “persons” there are.
This is handy when you are reading “chapter and verse” to a Court in rebuttal of their
presumptions—- “Let the record show that I am not a…..”
1. Corpse (a dead body / Grave Markers are capitalized—involuntary condition, servitude to
Death) aka “Natural Person”.
2. Convicted Criminal (involuntary servitude under force, peonage)
3. Prisoner of War (POW) (political involuntary servitude under force)
4. Slave (involuntary servitude under force) includes Wards of States, Paupers, Mental Incompetents and Minors not of age; please note that in the Territorial United States, Convicted Criminals are Slaves.
5. Armed Forces (Military / LEO Police)
6. Public Servant (Government Employees other than Military or Police.)
7. Corporation (a fictional Person in colorable law—Legal Persons as opposed to Lawful Persons, doing-business-as “John’s Autobody and Repair”, for example, —-could also be a Lawful Person standing under the Common Law mistaken for a Legal Person; this is how they got the Great Fraud started, by “mistaking” one for the other.)
8. Colorable Person (A person in legal fiction / colorable law, for example, “Aunt Jemima” or “Colonel Saunders” or “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, a “character” like “Atticus Finch” or nom de guerre like “Ishmael” or “Sneaky Pete” or a titled entity such as “Mister” or “Lord” or “Missus” or “President” or a Sign/Trademark like “JOHN DOE” or a Patented Invention Person like “Gumby” or “Bumblebee” or “The Terminator” or a Design Patent Person like “Diana von Furstenburg” or “Gloria Vanderbilt” or “Coco Chanel”.)
9. Commercial Licensee (Voluntary Surrendering Sovereignty for License)
10. Corporate Employee or Dependent (Voluntary Surrendering Sovereignty for Corporate Paycheck) for example, Marketing Manager, Public Relations Specialist, Editorial Consultant, Welfare Benefits Recipient, etc.
I will add:
11. Incorporated Persons — Franchises, Franchisees, Voters, Members and Officials of Religious and Fraternal Organizations and Political Parties, etc.When living men and women are “masked” as “Persons”, they are acting in “unnatural capacities” — except when they are acting as Lawful Persons engaged in trade.

If you look at the list you will see that several of these capacities as “Persons” are involuntary and therefore, “Legal” because the “Subject” is not able to choose otherwise: Corpses/Natural Persons (dead bodies), Convicted Criminals, Prisoners of War, and the various kinds of Slaves are not responsible for their actions.

Now that you see how these monsters have colluded to reduce all of us to the status of incompetent “Legal Persons” for their own enrichment and to exercise oppressive power over us, let’s examine a few examples:

Our young men subjected to the Draft during Vietnam are all innocent of any crimes they may have committed because their actions were “involuntary” by definition—but the members of the Draft Boards conscripting them were voluntary, so the Draft Boards are fully liable.
So are the corporations and the corporate officials behind the Draft Boards—fully liable for press-ganging, kidnapping, enslavement, murder, and a host of other loathsome crimes. LBJ should have been taken out and hung without a trial, just like any common cattle rustler in the Old West.

That’s a hard fact for most Americans to swallow, but it is nonetheless true.
Let’s look at another example:
All the military and police involved in the siege of the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas, are innocent because they were all “legally incompetent” and their actions were involuntary as a result; however, Janet Reno was fully liable every step of the way. So was the President. So was the Congress.

There are obviously terrible things hidden under the rug in Washington, DC, horrible pervasive
criminality, hypocrisy, and lawlessness cloaked under “color of law”. And 90% of it hinges on one white collar crime: personage taking place in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
Who is responsible? The Queen is fundamentally responsible as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waters. This crime occurs in her jurisdiction first and foremost and represents a fundamental crime of Breach of Trust resulting in crimes of State.

The Pope is also responsible as the Global Trustee and as the Roman Pontiff; these crimes have
occurred secondarily in the global jurisdiction of the air and in the Municipal Jurisdiction of Rome.

That is, the crimes of personage didn’t stop with the crimes occurring in the international jurisdiction of the sea; the Municipality of Washington, DC, and its government joined right in and nobody in the Catholic Hierarchy did jack-diddly to stop it until Benedict XVI.

So here we are, ten years later, and the Circle J Ranchero routine continues with everyone trying to avoid liability and gloss things over and keep attention focused on ridiculous inanities like Robert Mueller.
Who gives a fine flying one? Can I see a show of hands?
Personage is the Name of the Game.

Seating a new Emperor in Japan won’t stop it. Another US Election Boondoggle won’t change it. Boorish Sedwill won’t alter it and neither will Ms. May. Nothing political will change this
circumstance, because this is not a matter of politics.
This is crime. And all the lawyers reading this know it, too.

The only thing that will change this is millions of people waking up and taking action to save
themselves and their countries; a wholesale and mammoth push by the military and law
enforcement would help, some politicians with spines would help, but at the end of the day, it comes down to you and me, Jaimie.

It’s either get out and push, or the stockyards and ear tags. Your choice.
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