Kindly take notice that website is now merely an archive of educational material so as to understand the system of modern day slavery we live in and what must be done in order to free ourselves from it.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to bring about change.

And, to develop an alternative society that is more ethical and moral, fair, free, just and lawful; one, wherein the people are actively involved in their own direct self-governance as it was meant to be since 1994 for South Africa. The people shall govern. (read the Constitutional page)

It is not our vision or process; this is the continuation of the works of the common law pioneers of our time; for South Africa it was the late Johan Joubert, Nick Milaris and Stephen Goodson.

Our SA processes are very much in line with Anna Von Reitz and the American States Assemblies;   

Do a word or topic search in the search bar; there are a few thousand educational posts stretching over the last 10 years;

Begin reading Your Rights and What is Law then Voter De-registration and Emancipation.

For further educational video material go to the Gift of Truth Bitchute Channel:

Join the Gift of Truth Telegram Group:

Go to the new website:

Volunteer and get involved or request to get added to the mailing list for online Zoom education classes:   

Sincere gratitude to all the people who have supported this processes over the last 10 years; you know who you are.

A special thanks to the SA Jural Committee volunteers taking this process forward.

In peace.

1 thought on “Archives

  1. my name is mabona, i am do greatful for the voluntary work you have been doing. I do feel you went extra miles by giving additional lessons because the website on its own is ample for anyone to start the journey. All the links, YouTubes etc are really enough.

    I believe SA Jural Assembly and all associated partners may only assist with clarity seeking questions. I think people should understand that sovereignty is not democracy, if not fit and researching to DIY they they should remain followers and modern Slaves. Mental strength, knowledge and bravery according to me are some of the fundamental requirements to break free and claim one’s sovereignty.

    i am really thankful about the rich and awakening information your selflessly provided & containing to provide

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