Why 20 Million People Are on Brink of Famine in a ‘World of Plenty’

“Poverty is not an accident; like slavery and apartheid it is man-made and can be undone by the actions of human beings.” – Mandela

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–  Nigerians displaced by Boko Haram insurgents last February at Dikwa camp in northeastern Nigeria. The United Nations raised the alarm on Wednesday about the risk of famine in northern Nigeria.

In a world filled with excess food, 20 million people are on the brink of famine, including 1.4 million children at imminent risk of death. In the face of such grim numbers, a stark question confronts the world’s most powerful: Why in 2017 can’t they avert such a seemingly archaic and preventable catastrophe?

Secretary General António Guterres of the United Nations raised the alarm Wednesday afternoon about the risk of famine in northern Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen. And this week, the United Nations declared famine in a patch of South Sudan.

“In our world of plenty there is no excuse for inaction or indifference,”Mr. Guterres said at a news conference, flanked by the heads of his…

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As we said before, what we are writing this without prejudice to the living; everything we are talking about is in fact a fiction; a story; every day we all put on our masks of personality in this cult-of-personality and we spend our days acting as pieces of paper [persons] while chasing other valueless pieces of paper  [money]  while writing paper rules that dictate how some pieces of paper [governments] can claim ownership over other pieces of paper [citizens]; and, with the stroke of a pen does a piece of paper [corporation] decide what lives or dies, what stays or goes, what has value or not; we live like the pieces in a monopoly game and we have forgotten that we are living breathing  souls with unalienable natural rights; and, the ‘created’ now claims to be the ‘creator’; alas, before we preach another sermon on the mount, lets continue with the story;

In Part I we explained exactly what CONSTITUTION OF RSA INC. is; in Part II we discussed the company registered as RSA INC. and its relationship to the U.S. In this part we will briefly discuss the role of Rome; as the saying goes: All roads lead to Rome… because all roads are from Rome; Rome influences our every waking moment, as one will discover along the way; the following are a few key events that are directly responsible for the current sad state of world affairs and the ongoing yoke of bondage over the 99%;


A Brief History

What most people do not know is that on the 15th of May, 1213 King John of England granted CON-session of England and Ireland to the Vatican; since 1213 this effectively made England and all of England’s possessions the “property” of the Vatican; this also means Southern Africa belongs to the Vatican; and, just to make double sure, the Vatican laid claim to the earth and everything; In 1302, Pope Boniface established the world’s first and largest Express Trust called the Unum Sanctum Trust;

In this document, he claimed that his office was that of Trustee for the whole earth and everything on it. That is, he claimed to own the air, the sea, the land, the earth and all its creatures; and, all people, their property and all structures; he claimed to own it all and to be Christ’s Trustee, VICAR OF CHRIST; notice that it is again in ALL CAPITAL letters, denoting a “VESSEL”, a ship in commerce; so, the HOLY SEA set out to organize the entire world and over the next few centuries created three jurisdictions: air, land, and sea.

The air jurisdiction is global and covers angels, deities, demons, air and sound waves, and more; the CURIA kept this one as a “cure for souls” making sin their business; Sin was the ancient Sumerian male moon-god; but, more on this later;

The sea jurisdiction was granted to the England Monarchy debts are made in the jurisdiction of the sea; that’s why everything must be REGIS-tered – ownership to the CROWN;

The land jurisdiction was granted to the Portuguese/Spanish Monarchy; losses occur under jurisdiction of the land; it was Alfonso X who killed 5 Moorish kings and took the title deeds and seals for Portugal/Spain; upon which the west built its fake financial dominion; this is why Morocco wants Ceute, the financial seat of authority, back; this story takes one to the kings square and the house of dragons;

And this has basically been the way the world is run since the 1400s;

A comment in defence of Jesus the Nazarene – hoarding is against the teachings of Jesus:

Luke 18: 25 For it is easier for a camel to go through a needles eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

So, if the Pope is the wealthiest man on earth then surely he cannot be going to Heaven? And, if he is not going to Heaven then where is he going? And, who or what is he worshipping? Surely then he cannot claim to be “VICAR OF CHRIST”?

Luke 16: 10 He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least, is unjust also in much. 11 If therefore you have not been faithful in the unrighteous Mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? 12 And if you have not been faithful in that which is another mans, who shall give you that which is your own? 13 No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one, and love the other: or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other: you cannot serve God and Mammon.

Just asking; on second thoughts, NO; let’s quickly lance one of the biggest festering lies and squeeze the ugly stuff out so that the balm of truth can bring the much needed healing in these times;

In 1853 Rev. A. Hislop, a minister of the Free Church of Scotland known as the ‘Wee Frees’, published a pamphlet which become a book by 1858 called The Two Babylons: Papal worship Proved to be the worship of Nimrod and His wife.

He states: “I have said that the Pope became the representative of Janus, who, it is evident, was none other than the Babylonian Messiah. If the reader only considers the blasphemous assumptions of the Papacy, he will see how exactly it has copied from its original. In the countries where the Babylonian system was most thoroughly developed, we find the Sovereign Pontiff of the Babylonian god invested with the very attributes now ascribed to the Pope. Is the Pope called “God upon earth,” the “Vice-God,” and “Vicar of Jesus Christ”? The King in Egypt, who was Sovereign Pontiff, * was, says Wilkinson, regarded with the highest reverence as “THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE DIVINITY ON EARTH.”

Do yourself a favour, take a good look at the ceremonial altars, maces, mitres, obelisks, sceptres, staffs, statutes and symbols in and around the Vatican and research their origins for yourself… we rest our case your honour…


Age of Discovery

In 1455, Romanus Pontifex authorized the Portuguese monarchy to carry on the slave trade in Africa, the Americas and beyond. In 1493, Inter Caetera, divided up these lands, allowing European monarchs to take them, displacing indigenous peoples and causing untold suffering throughout the infamous “Age of Discovery”; ask yourself, how can anyone claim to “discover” what was already “discovered” and home to peoples before them? Talk about racial discrimination; in our corner of the earth we call it good old-fashioned “apartheid” – racial discrimination;

These papal baals divided peoples into Roman Catholics and heathens – the former to rule over the latter because they were declared homo animales, a lower form of man. Today, these orders are declared a monument to racial discrimination and equality; yet, still continues to drive policies worldwide.

Bartolomeu Diaz was a catholic knight of the Order of Christ, a Jesuit society, and in 1488 erected the first of a few stone crosses, inscribed with the coat of arms of Portugal, at Kwaaihoek as part of on-going land claims of Africa and the Americas under the Holy See during the Portuguese Age of Discovery.

The two trading companies of East and West, the Dutch East India Company incorporated in 1602, and the Dutch West India Company incorporated in 1621, carried the Roman-Dutch Law into their settlements; Roman-Dutch mercantile law is founded on the Octrooi to the East India Company of January 10, 1661, the Political Ordinance of 1580 and the Interpretation thereof of 1594.

With the first British occupation of the Cape (1795-1803), the rule of the VOC came to an end; the admiralty law-of-the-sea of England had arrived on the land of Southern Africa and Roman-Dutch mercantile law remained; after all, all the European royal families are “famiglia”; THE real mafia, if there ever was one;

Since the 1400s have the European kings, merchants and papacy waxed rich from this piracy and slavery upon which they rapidly expanded their feudal imperial empires of capital; so much so, that today they claim to own and rule the world, using the U.N. as their mouth-piece, claiming to “lend” to nations from what was taken in the first place; The bloodlines of kings, merchants and papacy over time all became related and inter-married; today, they form the core of the New World Order; but, the freemason money-merchants rule the roost; he who controls the money controls the world;

Even the United Nations (UN) Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has declared the Holy See legally responsible and accountable to Indigenous Peoples for the effects and legacy of racist colonial papal bulls [“baals”] and doctrines; since the 1970s, have the petitions of Indigenous Peoples to Rome fallen on deaf ears. To date there has been no acknowledgement; no Truth and Reconciliation Commission, no apology, no remorse, no restoral or restitution of what was unlawfully taken; and, the divisions of the past have yet to be healed.

The LongMarchToRome was supposed to be the change, but nearly all Indigenous Elders withdrew from that and Ariki Te Wairemana Zlamala is now the driving force behind the all new Peoples Earth Council to ensure the necessary changes are met by the CROWN, HOLY SEE, U.S. and their agencies.


Papal Rome

The bloody history of Papal Rome is well documented; in 1940, French statesman Baron DePonnat stated : “Roman Catholicism was born in blood, has wallowed in blood, and has quenched its thirst in blood, and it is in letters of blood that its true history is written.” Indeed, the history of papal Rome has been one of brutal torture, slaughter, and mass murder.

While there are good, decent Christians within the ranks of Catholicism (most are at the low levels), Catholicism is dominated at the top by men from secret societies who are not Christian by any stretch of the imagination. Very wicked men often held the highest positions within the Roman Catholic Church, to include the office of pope itself! These wicked men directed crusades against Jews, Moslems, and fellow Christians! These wicked men organized the terrifying ‘holy’ Inquisition, which regularly used the most brutal tortures mankind has ever seen. Here are three definitions from Black’s Law Dictionary 4th edition:

DEVIL ON THE NECK. An instrument of torture, formerly used to extort confessions, etc. It was made of several irons, which were fastened to the neck and legs, and wrenched together so as to break the back. Cowell.

QUESTION. A method of criminal examination heretofore in use in some of the countries of continental Europe, consisting of the application of torture to the supposed criminal, by means of the rack or other engines, in order to extort from him, as the condition of his release from the torture, a confession of his own guilt or the names of his accomplices.

RACK. An engine of torture anciently used in the inquisitorial method of examining persons charged with crime, the office of which was to break the limbs or dislocate the joints.

Diabolical, to say the least;


Feudal Law

The New World Order is in truth an “old world order” – a transliteration of ancient empires, their pagan pantheons, commerce and governance; a feudal system – a caste system with 0, 1% masters, 1% subjects and 99% slaves; Aristocracies, BAR legal system, Corporations, Federal “governments”, Kingships, Monarchies, Oligarchies, Papacy, Politics, Representative Democracies and even the United Nations are all feudal systems; and, so is “globalization”.

They all claim “divine right of kings” and that it comes from “God”, however none of them truly clarify which of the thousands of gods they are claiming this right from? If they did,  do you think their flocks would scatter?

It is easy to control a feudal system: one only need a few “handlers” in key positions in the very top echelons of society; these systems use a tool of imperial capite-lism known as “politics” to divide we, the people; and, attracts the greedy and power-hungry 1%; then grants them “licence” under false authority to exploit the 99% for short-term greed; however, the long term losses at all levels of society are catastrophic;


The Bar

Let’s take a brief look at the BAR; in 1307, the papacy arrested the Knights Templar and confiscated their immense wealth and the Templar Church of London known for centuries as the “Crown”, “Crown Temple” or “Crown Templar” which serves both the Inner and Middle Temples; this Temple “Church” is outside any canonical jurisdiction.

Today, the elite Bankers and Attorneys from the Four Inns of Court are the CROWN TEMPLE. And, the BAR legal system (judiciary) of the west is controlled by the CROWN TEMPLE from the independent and sovereign CITY OF LONDON.

All licensed Bar Attorneys – Attorners owe their allegiance and give their solemn oath in pledge to the CROWN TEMPLE, realizing this or not; All Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the international Bar Association located at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple, although they deny it.

BAR stands for British Accreditation Regency; the four Inns of Court were meant for young British monarchs to study the law before becoming rulers; but, as wealth and power grew, so did imperial attention focus shift to plunder; the inns were then eventually taken over by the freemason merchant bankers;

Today, the Crown Temple uses the Banking and Judicial system of CITY OF LONDON – a sovereign and independent territory which is not a part of Great Britain – to defraud, coerce, and manipulate the western world.

JEFFERSON - the germ of destruction lies

The private Federal Reserve System, which issues fiat U.S. Federal Reserve Notes, is financially owned and controlled by the Crown from Switzerland, the home and legal origin for the charters of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and most importantly, the Bank of International Settlements.


Motu Proprio

Just as the British Monarch as no control over the CROWN TEMPLE, so too does Pope Francis have no power over the secret societies that rule the Vatican corporation from the catacombs and crypts of Rome;

However, Francis did make an attempt in July, 2013 when Vatican Radio announced that:

“Pope Francis has issued a Motu Proprio on criminal law matters and administrative sanctions within Vatican City State and the Holy See. In a statement by the Holy See’s Press Office, it was announced that on this same date, the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State has adopted the following laws:

Law No. VIII containing Supplementary Norms on Criminal Law Matters; Law No. IX containing Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code; Law No. X containing General Provisions on Administrative Sanctions.”

The Motu Proprio is the highest legal instrument a Pope can issue; what this one basically says is that all corporations and governments have 3 years to clean up their act, starting 1 September, 2013;

The deadline has come and gone, while the corruption, greed and tyranny of predatory capite-lism marches humanity and the earth to extinction;


UZA – Preliminary Conclusion

Pope Francis’ Motu Proprio was filed onto record on behalf of we, the people in the CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA on the 31st of July, 2013 within two weeks from when it was issued by Francis; AND, THE CON-COURT REMAINED SILENT…

Maxim – He who is silent is considered as assenting, when his interest is at stake. 9 Mod. 38.

Now, there is no statute of limitations on fraud; and, the 99% are neither legally, nor lawfully bound by or to any contracts that are based on fraud;

Maxim – The partner of my partner is not my partner.


Maxims on Fraud

Deceit and fraud shall excuse or benefit no man. Yearb. 14 Hen. VIII. 8; Best, Ev. p. 469, § 428; 1 Story, Eq. Jur. § 395. 570

Even though several causes of action are time barred, fraud never expires.

Fraud and deceit should defend or excuse no man. 3 Coke, 78; Fleta, lib. 1, c. 13, § 15; Id. lib. 6, c. 6, § 5.

Gross negligence is equivalent to fraud.

He is not deceived who knows himself to be deceived.

He who does not prevent what he can, seems to commit the thing.

He who does not prevent what he can prevent, is viewed as assenting.

He who does not forbid what he can forbid, seems to assent.

He who does not forbid, when he might forbid, commands.

He who does not repel a wrong when he can, induces it.

It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.

Law is the safest helmet; under the shield of the law no one is deceived. 2 Inst. 56.

Once a fraud, always a fraud.

Out of fraud no action arises. Cowper, 343; Broom’s Max. 349.

Right and fraud never dwell together. 10 Coke, 45a. Applied to the title of a statute. Id.; Best, Ev. p. 250, § 205.

That which has been invalid from the beginning cannot be validated by fraud.

Those sinning secretly are punished more severely than those sinning openly. 8 Coke, 127.

What otherwise is good and just, if it be sought by force and fraud, becomes bad and unjust.


Look out for Part IV coming up soon;

Sincerely, administrator UZA

Imminent Starvation Resulting from US Led Wars: UN Officials Warn of Worst Famine Crisis Since World War II

Counter Information

Global Research, March 14, 2017

More than 20 million people face imminent starvation in four countries, United Nations officials warned over the weekend, the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II. All four countries—Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, and Nigeria—are wracked by civil wars in which the US government is implicated in funding and arming one of the contending sides.

UN emergency relief coordinator Stephen O’Brien gave a report to the UN Security Council Friday detailing the conditions in the four countries, and the UN issued published further materials on the crisis Saturday, seeking to raise $4.4 billion in contributions for emergency relief before the end of March. So far, according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, only $90 million has been pledged, barely two percent of the total needed.

As outlined by UN officials, the populations most…

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Truth Is Rare and Hard to Find 


Source: Paul Craig Roberts

Recent developments show how important and necessary websites such as paulcraigroberts.org are. The latest Wikileaks release of CIA documents code-named Vault 7 reveal that the CIA has the capability and the intent to mask the cyber-attacks it commits by making them seem as if they originated from another source.

This capability destroys the concept of evidence. The CIA can carry out a cyber attack or steal information and leave a fingerprint, so to speak, of the country or person it wants blamed. If the CIA can leave the fingerprint of an innocent party, we must assume the CIA can also put secret documents or child pornography on a person’s computer. Because of the CIA’s capability, henceforth we cannot know if any evidence presented in any trial against any defendant is real of faked.http://www.globalresearch.ca/wikileaks-reveals-cias-umbrage-allows-agency-to-carry-out-false-flag-cyber-attacks/5578786 and

Maria Zakharova points out another reason that sites such as…

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The Nature of My Work with the Vatican

Maine Republic Email Alert

12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

There are a lot of irresponsible, ignorant, whack-job comments being made by Michael R. Hamilton and others of his ilk trying to paint me as an “agent of the Vatican”—- when I have been one of those on the forefront of exposing the worldwide fraud, demanding an end to it, and bringing Notice and Due Process against the perpetrators.

This afternoon I got yet another heartfelt— “I like you, but what are you doing with the Vatican?” note.

In the first place, it’s not “the Vatican” that I have ever been involved with. My complaints were taken straight to the Pope. Forget his property management firm.

Here below is my reply—

Once I realized that there was an immense fraud going on, I tracked it back to corporations, and then realizing that corporations are all created by the Roman Curia it was a no-brainer to…

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In Part I we started un-packing the closet of the CONSTITUTION of REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA; we strongly recommend one reads Part I of this story first;

We will return to the CON-stitution, but before we do that, we are going to take a sneak peak at some of the dirty laundry of RSA INC. first; so, here goes:


RSA INC. Truth

The real truth is that we no longer have a lawful “government”; REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is a privately-owned, foreign corporation FRONTING as “government”; the same applies to almost every country that is part of the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme;

In fact, Southern Africa has NEVER had a lawful government; this is now the fourth attempt and they have all failed dismally because all governments were imposed on the 99% without their consent; the Boer Afrikaners came close, but they made the same mistake the imperial colonials did: exclude the Indigenous Peoples; and, imposing the Dutch Reformed Church as the only lawful religion; today, less than 2% of the SA population are members thereof;

We believe that it is very easy to put S.A. on the track it was meant to be on; more on that later;

Back to the U.S. of S.A….

On doing a company search for RSA on the U.S. SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION webpage http://www.sec.gov/ we find REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is listed as a company:

RSA Company number: 0000932419

e.g. http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0000932419&type=&dateb=&owner=include&start=40&count=40

And, the “managers” are named as Barclays Capital, Citigroup, Nedbank Capital, Rand Merchant Bank and Citigroup; and, the governing law is ‘New York’; jurisdiction Delaware; this means RSA INC. is governed by federal laws.

Ask yourself, does this not place our country at the mercy of foreign banks with foreign interests?

Now, here is the crux of the matter; according to legal definition a corporation can be classified as an “inhabitant”; HOWEVER,

A corporation can be an inhabitant only in the state of its incorporation. Sperry Products v. Association of American Railroads, C.C.A.N.Y., 132 F.2d 408, 411; Vogel v. Crown Cork & Seal Co., D.C.Md., 36 F.Supp. 74, 75; International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers v. Tennessee Copper Co., D.C.Tenn., 31 F.Supp. 1015, 1017; Deutsch v. Times Pub. Corporation, D.C.N.Y., 33 F.Supp. 957, 958.

Therefore, by legal definition is RSA INC. NOT an inhabitant of continental Southern Africa, BUT THE U.S.; this then also means that RSA INC. is a “foreigner”;

Ask yourself, how can a “foreigner” then be ruling over us?



Definitely not for the Real Re-public, the 99%



But, that’s not all; since the 1910 Union of South Africa was it then fraudulently placed under insolvency as a means to steal our gold and valuable resources; starting with Insolvency Act, 1916; we will discuss the culprits later on;

And, after 45 years in 1961 were we “re-venued” into another insolvent entity, namely Republic of South Africa; the purpose was to avoid the foreclosure of this Ponzi scheme;

And, after 43 years were we again “re-venued” into another insolvent, this time REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA INC. so as to again avoid another foreclosure;

Since the 1910 Union of South Africa, we have no less than 17 insolvency related acts; and, for the first 7 years the Union was administrated by the Crown; and, the laws of the Union are still held in the British archives; a clue that we are still under “administration”; in fact, the 1993 interim constitution carries all laws of the colonies over into the post ‘94 CON-situational era;

Did you notice that both name changes were under 50 years? Well, it is because the Holy Bible and the Laws of Moses are the common law of western nations; and, according to the Laws of Moses:

Leviticus 25:10 And you shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land, unto al the inhabitants thereof: It shall be a Jubilee unto you, and you shall return every man unto his possession, and you shall return every man unto his family.

If, they allow the Ponzi to continue for longer than 50 years then they will have to declare a debt jubilee; to bypass Mosaic Laws they simply change the name…


Is it not time to investigate these insolvent entities? For restoral and restitution of what was fraudulently taken? And, start afresh?


RSA listed in the U.S.

Manta.com – On doing a company search using the word ‘parliament’ at http://www.manta.com/ one will discover no less than 5 privately-owned companies are trading as “Parliament of South Africa” in the U.S.

 Download text: parliament-of-sa-manta-com

Ask yourself, where are parliamentary decisions then being made? In the U.S.? Or, in Cape Town?

Is this perhaps why parliament is nothing more than a circus? A theatre? Is it not time to abolish parliament? Were we not supposed to abolish parliament in 1994?

After all, the 1993 Interim Constitution does state, enigmatically: Schedule 4 – XXXIII

The Constitution shall provide that, unless Parliament is dissolved on account of its passing a vote of no-confidence in the Cabinet, no national election shall be held before 30 April 1999.

Also notice that Schedule 4 ends with XXXIII – 33, the 33rd Degree of freemasonry; everywhere we look we find the mark of the beast; “X” marks the spot…

Rhodes, Milner, Oppenheimer were all Freemasons, but let’s leave this rabbit hole for later;

Will access to information such as tax record history not indicate that there is business being conducted for private gain that was meant for the Republic? For we, the people?

Next, we go to another company search website;

Dunn & Bradstreet.com – On doing a company search using the words “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” at http://creditreports.dnb.com/

Under USA in the COUNTRY listing; And, then under NEW YORK in the CITY listing; one finds ‘REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA’;


 It clearly states that each entity is a “private company”;

 Download text: parliament-of-sa-dnb

 Source: http://creditreports.dnb.com/


Not only us, but other researchers have also noticed that since before the 2008 crisis, the first part of every entity name is dropped; for example, STATE OF OHIO instead of OHIO;

Was this done to save the U.S. “assets” in case it went belly up? It surely was;



It states: county – New York; jurisdiction – DELAWARE; this is where virtually all corporations are registered; under the CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY OF AMERICA 1907 in Delaware;

Download text: corporation-trust-company-of-america-1907

There is most likely a corporation for every entity we can think of; we even find CONSTITUTION OF SOUTH AFRICA listed as “The Constitution”;

Ask yourself, if RSA INC. and its CON-stitution is privately-owned and you are not an employee then are you liable to its rules? Of course not;



Definition of MAXIM. An established principle or proposition. A principle of law universally admitted, as being just and consonant. They are principles and authorities, and part of the general customs or common law of the land; and are of the same strength as acts of parliament. Maxims of the law are holden for law, and all other cases that may be applied to them shall be taken for granted. The alterations of any of the maxims of the common law are dangerous.

Coke defines a maxim to be “conclusion of reason” Co.Litt. 11a.

He says elsewhere:

“A maxime is a proposition to be of all men confessed and granted without proofe, argument, or discourse.” Id. 67a.


Maxims on Deceit

A deceiver deals in generals.

A concealed fault is equal to a deceit.

Deceit is an artifice, since it pretends one thing and does another. Lane, 47.

It is safer to be deceived than to deceive.

Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.


Look out for Part III coming up soon;

Sincerely, administrator UZA


Without prejudice to the living whatsoever,

This story is about legal fictions, imaginations and those ACTing as things that in reality do not exist; and, it is our duty to inform the public of the truth; after all, it is the “that without which not” of any dispute;

We, the well-intentioned, but ill-informed Southern Africans, like other nations, have also been lied to; and, have also been deliberately confused, especially the last 24 years; so much so, that those who are supposedly educated in law, don’t even know which end is up; and, everyone is even more confused because we cannot read the differences between: legalese and plain language; the law-of-the-sea and law-of-the-land; and, the boundaries and limits of their jurisdiction; we are truly lost at sea;

The following is critical in order to grasp the What and Why and When and How and Where and Who of how the UNITED STATES OF SOUTH AFRICA came about;


1955 Freedom Charter and the 1994 RDP policy framework

The 1955 Freedom Charter and the 1994 RDP policy framework established the last lawful intent and will of we, the people ON [not “in”] the land of Southern Africa;

Both called for direct democracy, meaning THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN!!!

And, ALL the people, not just a few; absolute power corrupts absolutely;

Instead, in the words of Ronnie Kasrils [from his book “Armed & Dangerous”], “our people were sold down the river” for representative democracy; meaning, a greedy and power-hungry 1% get to rule over the 99% for the benefit of the 0, 1% foreign elite; in some circles it is called neo-liberalism; in truth it is nothing more than feudal occultism of secret societies;

It was the final push by the United Democratic Front that paved the way for our liberation; the UDF was a non-political assembly of grass roots movements from across Southern Africa; our biggest mistake was not to continue with the UDF systems of local self-governance; instead, the ANC elite, who were groomed by the “illuminati” into secret societies while in luxurious “exile”, took over the reins and diverted our course from the Freedom Charter to the Washington Consensus.

Now, the two main evils are the privately-owned Rothschild/Rockefeller federal reserve banking system, a global ponzi scheme; and, the BAR legal system, a non-entity that cannot be sued; both operating out of City of London, also a privately-owned foreign corporation, outside any canonical jurisdiction;

The European Monarchies, the Vatican and Secret Societies of Freemasons are the beneficiaries of this global fraud; together they hide behind the masks of corporations; today this is no such thing as lawful government – not for any country in the West; today, all “governments” are all merely corporations fronting as governments; and, departments are merely private franchises; all they do is collect our valuable signatures on money bills and trade them for huge profits to the elite through the fractional reserve banking, multiply-it-by-ten-as-you-trade-it-up scheme; operating under revolving rehabilitation bankruptcy maritime salvage rules;

The truth is our Republican government by, for and of the people has been left vacant, but the first educated and informed sovereign people have started filling the first positions as living people by the living law-of-the-land;

According to the 1994 RDP, to break the hold of the Freemasons, Southern Africa is supposed to have developed:

  • community banks run by the people;
  • community courts free from the divided BAR;
  • oversight committees in SARB and an open board of directors;
  • referendums;
  • local self-governance;

With the power of banking and creating interest-free value-backed currency back in the hands of the people; and, community courts wherein all are equal before the law and bankers can be held accountable; in this way will the people truly govern; and, in this way will customary law and common law be restored; the law-of-the-land will be restored; and, this is what the cabal fear most;


Republic versus DEMO[NO]CRACY

We never hear RSA being referred to as a “Republic”; we always hear “democracy, democracy, democracy” as part of the indoctrination propaganda;

According to international legal citation our political system is: Republic; in a Republic the people are sovereign; in a Democracy THE STATE, a legal fiction, is “sovereign”;

“The words “sovereign state” are cabalistic words, not understood by the disciple of liberty, who has been instructed in our constitutional schools. It is our appropriate phrase when applied to an absolute despotism. The idea of sovereign power in the government of a republic is incompatible with the existence and foundation of civil liberty and the rights of property.” Gaines v. Buford, 31 Ky. (1 Dana) 481, 501.

The CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, 1996 states in CHAPTER 1 – FOUNDING PROVISIONS – 1 Republic of South Africa – The Republic of South Africa is one, sovereign, democratic state…

It is NOT what we voted for; this means the CON-stitution and RSA INC. is an absolute despotism, as we will further explain;



Before we continue, it is key to grasp the difference between Republic of South Africa and REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

Black’s Law Dictionary — Revised 4th Edition 1968, provides a more comprehensive definition as follows…

Capitis Diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status through the use of capitalization) In Roman law. A diminishing or abridgment of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man’s status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications.

Capitis Diminutio Minima (meaning a minimum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John Doe) – The lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man’s family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation [pride] of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) [of his own right, not under any legal disability] or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas. [Parental authority] It left the rights of liberty and citizenship unaltered. See Inst. 1, 16, pr.; 1, 2, 3; Dig. 4, 5, 11; Mackeld. Rom.Law, 144.

Capitis Diminutio Media (meaning a medium loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. John DOE) – A lessor or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man loses his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights.

Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) – The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.

Diminutio. Lat. In civil law. Diminution; a taking away; loss or depravation.

CAPITE. Lat. By the head.

Tenure in capite was an ancient feudal tenure, whereby a man held lands of the king immediately. It was of two sorts,—the one, principal and general, or of the king as the source of all tenure ; the other, special and subaltern, or of a particular subject. It is now abolished. Jacob. As to distribution per capita, see Capita, per.

We say that feudalism is alive and well in the 21st century; and, hiding behind its many masks: capite-lism, colonialism, communism, corporatism, demo[no]cracy, federalism, imperialism, politics etc.;

So, when you see ALL CAPITAL LETTERS you know it is commerce under admiralty/maritime/roman/dutch mercantile law-of-the-sea for corporations and ships;



Now, if one downloads the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa pdf from the Constitutional Court page, the first line on the first page reads:




(Unless otherwise indicated — see also s. 243(5))

(English text signed by the President)

as amended by

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996


Here we find the first deception:


Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996

So, the ALL CAPITALS CONSTITUTION, a CORPORATE charter was amended by ANOTHER Constitution? A law-of-the-land Constitution? Are there two Constitutions?

Well, let’s not forget that the Constitution is formally entitled the “Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996.” It was previously also numbered as if it were an Act of Parliament—Act No. 108 of 1996—but, since the passage of the Citation of Constitutional Laws Act, neither it nor the acts amending it are allocated act numbers.

This does not necessarily mean that Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act No. 108 of 1996 is no longer in use; when we discover the extent of the fraud it more than likely is being used as a shell company for other nefarious activities; only access to information will determine the true extent of the fraud; and here SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICES will be our best ally in exposing the rats; just follow the tax filings and the money;

Further, not only is there a company registered as REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, but also as SOUTH AFRICA; doing an online company search indicates that RSA is a U.S. federal-owned entity while SA is a U.N.-owned entity;

And, the Constitutional Court is known as “Constitutional Court of South Africa”;

Should it not be “Constitutional Court of the Republic of South Africa”?

And, on CON-COURT legal documents they refer to themselves as CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA;


ACTing Justices

Firstly, those ACTing as Justices are BAR members; the highest ranking Justices are oathed to the TEMPLE CROWN of CITY OF LONDON; they swear an oath to never reveal their secrets and to keep them to their death-beds; so, their allegiance is to a foreign feudal system; the masters and lords are the 0, 1% and the ACTing Justices are the ranking knights, the “agents” of the “principal”, the “subjects”, the servants;


6 Oath or solemn affirmation of Judicial Officers

(1) Each judge or acting judge, before the Chief Justice or another judge designated by the Chief Justice, must swear or affirm as follows:

I, A.B., swear/solemnly affirm that, as a Judge of the Constitutional Court/Supreme Court of Appeal/High Court/ E.F. Court, I will be faithful to the Republic of South Africa, will uphold and protect the Constitution and the human rights entrenched in it, and will administer justice to all persons alike without fear, favour or prejudice, in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

(In the case of an oath: So help me God.)

Now, in a Republican form of government the people are sovereign; in a feudal system the Pope is the head of Church and State; these are two contradistinct systems; no man can serve two masters:

Luke 16: 13 No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one, and love the other: or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other: you cannot serve God and Mammon.

This, amongst other things, brings their very legitimacy into question; and, has been echoed by others as revealed by the Mail Guardian:

JSC conflict laid bare by inconsistency

12 Apr 2013 08:14 Niren Tolsi – “Plasket had said it was “very healthy for a body such as [the commission] to be introspective and try to examine issues around its legitimacy. It can only do its job properly if it is legitimate.” This appeared to be interpreted by people like Justice Minister Jeff Radebe as a questioning of the very legitimacy of the current commission itself.

Minister of Justice Jeff Radebe un-successfully tried to pass the Legal Practice Bill, 2012 through Parliament. It is the biggest single threat to an independent legal profession, and so to the courts, in South Africa’s legal history.


UZA – Preliminary Conclusion

By legal definition those ACTing as Justices of CON-court have no apparent authority, merely an assumed and presumed authority; in truth UZA has filed no less than 10 Constitutional Court cases against the ACT-ing CON-court Justices themselves; and, they gave us a no-hope-of-remedy verdict, giving no reasons, nor rebuttals; they have remained silent; he who leaves the battlefield first loses by default;

Maxim – He who is silent is supposed to consent. The silence of a party implies his consent. Jenk. Cent. p. 32, case 64; Broom, Max. 138, 787.

Between 2013-2015, UZA has had no less than four hearings on Constitutional Hill without permit and without paying; the protectors of Constitutional Hill, SAPS Hillbrow 1IC and 2IC were notified beforehand to protect UZA in doing their duty; they took leave of absence and shirked their duties;

The ACTing Justices were summoned to appear and re-oath themselves to we, the people the 99%; and, on all four occasions they failed to appear; and, because so few people were unaware of our actions there were only ever between 20 and 50 people present;

We had a few meetings with the then Registrar and she took retirement because she knew we are S-E-R-I-O-U-S; and, fully in our lawful right; we want our court back; we want our hill back; and, we want to institute Justices who serve us; they pose a threat to the safety of the Republic;


For two years now the Constitutional court has been coasting along WITHOUT A REGISTRAR!!! THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBER OF THE COURT!!! WITHOUT WHICH RULINGS ARE NULL AND VOID;

Further, since 2013 we have demanded a TRC into the banking system and since then the Rand has halved; meaning, half of ALL our value was eroded; gone; this is a threat to the peace, prosperity and sovereignty of the Republic of South Africa; we have the full and lawful right to peacefully perform a citizen’s arrest and institute lawful Justices;

The necessity of the self-preservation of the 99% is now at stake;



law of necessity is the law of the time; that is, of the instant, or present moment. Hob. 159.

Necessity is the law of time and of place. 1 Hale, P. C. 54.

Necessity excuses or extenuates a delinquency in capital cases, which has not the same operation in civil cases. Bac. Max.

Necessity makes that lawful which otherwise is not lawful. 10 Coke, 61.

Nothing is more just than that which is necessary. Da y.Ir.K.B. 12; Branch, Princ.

Bac. Max. 25. Necessity gives a privilege with reference to private rights. The necessity involved in this maxim is of three kinds, viz.:

(1) Necessity of self-preservation;

(2) of obedience; and

(3) necessity resulting from the act of God, or of a stranger. Noy, Max. 32.

Necessity has no law. Plowd. 18a. “Necessity shall be a good excuse in our law, and in every other law.” Id.

Necessity is not restrained by law; since what otherwise is not lawful necessity makes lawful. 2 Inst. 326.

Necessity overrules the law. Hob. 144; Cooley, Const. Lim. 4th Ed. 747.

Necessity overcomes law; it derides the fetters of laws. Hob. 144.

That is necessary which cannot be otherwise.


Look out for Part II coming up soon;

Sincerely, administrator UZA

OILIGARGHY: Neocolonial ‘Modus Operandi’, The End of Anglo-American Hegemony – By Dean Henderson


Source – hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

– Not long ago, Chocolate Oligarchs and their fascist gendarmes seized Ukraine’s fertile wheat and barley fields, whilst bankster-funded Islamist rebels took Mosul & the adjacent Kirkuk oilfield – one of the world’s largest – for Exxon Mobil.

BRIC nations saw imperial over-reach and, led by Putin, busied themselves preparing for the slow-motion unraveling of the Anglo-American financial empire.

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Message from Ariki Te Wairemana Zlamala

Peoples Earth Council

“I ask everyone that is reading this today that we are a free people; do not let the crown and any governments enslave us any longer; or, we cannot walk freely as we should; the days of control and enslavement by the Crown must come to an end so our spirits can walk free, how it ought to do; our Mother Earth must breath again freely; and, the people of the world and our ancestors. I ask all people to take clear note of what has been said because we as a people globally must ensure that we put the freedom in place now, so that our children and grandchildren can be totally free of any restraints from any law and government that strangles our breath of Life.”

Ariki Te Wairemana Zlamala

Chief Councillor of the World Hereditary Council

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Washington’s Benevolent Mask Is Disintegrating

Counter Information

By Paul Craig Roberts

March 08, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –  The few weeks of Trump’s presidency suffice to make clear that there will be no change this time either. Normal relations with Russia are on the back burner, if not off the stove. The material needs of the military/security complex for an enemy in order to justify its budget and police state powers, and the ideological needs of the neoconservatives for US world hegemony, are deemed to be more important than trust between thermo-nuclear powers. As for the liberal/progressive/left, they regard working to preserve life on earth as merely a pretext for being soft on Russians and those who commit treason by favoring friendly relations with Russia.

The American working class has discovered that it has among Trump’s government no larger a constituency than have the Russians. Having been told by corporations, which are spending billions of…

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Anna Goes Queen for a Day

Maine Republic Email Alert

172a3-judge2banna  Anna von Reitz

Someone got down on me for exposing all the fraud and crappola without appearing to have any answers or Go Forward Plan. Hmmmm…. well, let’s see….. I thought I had one somewhere around here, maybe not written down as so many talking points, but liberally scattered throughout all my writings…. sigh.

There is always one in the crowd….

So pretend that Anna is Queen for a Day….. what would I do with this country and its moribund economy, failing institutions, and ancient infrastructure?

1. Repudiate fraudulent and odious debt, so the people of this country don’t get socked with it AGAIN.

2. Go back to the history and repudiate similar actions that have been ongoing since the Civil War and which have been used to fund wars for profit and illegal police actions throughout the world—- and put an end to these abuses.

3. Draw a…

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What We Know About “YOU”

Maine Republic Email Alert

12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Here is what we know so far— the “UNITED STATES” subrogated our NAMES under an insurance policy. This was required because they are still operating under the Reconstruction Acts and trying to pretend that we are “unknown” babies “found” on a “battlefield” by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE which is obligated to then issue an insurance indemnity receipt under the provisions of the Lieber Code. The Birth Certificate is an insurance indemnity receipt and it identifies YOU as being a ward of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, in their custody.

But what is “YOU”—?

It’s an ACCOUNT, as in bank ACCOUNT set up in your name….. first of all. And from that meager beginning, they have spun off an array of “associated” names and accounts—- until in 1976 they had to redefine “YOU” as an “International Organization”. That same year, they…

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NEW UNCOVERED INFORMATION: Why Central Banks Were Forced To Rig The Gold Market 


Source: SRSrocco Report

According to newly uncovered information in the gold market, it provides additional evidence of why the Fed, Central Banks and the IMF were forced to RIG the gold market.  Not only was the dropping of the Gold-Dollar peg going to release a great deal of pressure on the manipulated gold price, but forecasts of a massive increase in gold demand was going to totally overwhelm supply.

Thus, this new information provides clear evidence that the gold market was being assaulted on “two fronts.”  Not only was the gold market suffering from a decades of price suppression schemes via the Fed and Central Banks, but also that surging gold demand in the jewelry and industrial sectors was going to lead to severe shortages in the gold market.

Which means, the gold market was experiencing a great deal more stress than complications stemming from the debasement of the U.S…

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This is Worse than Before the Last Three Crashes 


Source: Wolf Street, by Wolf Richter

This chart shows “multiple compression” is coming.

How long can this surge in stocks go on? That’s what everyone wants to know. Projections range from “forever” – these projections have become increasingly common – to “it’s already finished.” That’s a fairly wide range.

Everyone has their own reasons for their boundless optimism or their doom-and-gloom outlooks. But there are some factors – boundless optimists should push them aside assiduously – that, from a historical point of view, would trigger tsunami sirens. Because in the end, it’s not different this time. And the cycle of “multiple expansion” and “multiple compression” is one of those factors.

For example, a stock trades at a price that gives it a P/E ratio of 20 (stock price is 20 times earnings per share). When earnings per share remain flat over time, but the stock price rises, then the P/E…

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A Sense of Propriety

The Rio Norte Line

“We blush for the impudence and rudeness of another, though he himself appears to have no sense of the impropriety of his own behaviour; because we cannot help feeling with what confusion we ourselves should be covered, had we behaved in so absurd a manner.”

~ Adam Smith, “Of the Sense of Propriety” (1759)

“These are the times that try men’s souls” wrote Thomas Paine in December of 1776.

It certainly seems our souls are being tried in these times. Not a day passes without the opportunity to be disappointed in almost everything. About forty percent of America is disappointed that their authoritarian socialist messiah was deposed by a nasty little document called the Constitution, another forty percent is disappointed their new authoritarian populist messiah is being hamstrung by both the actions the old messiah took before leaving office and those his loyalists are taking today and the remaining…

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Affidavit of Probable Cause – UZA – 2017.03.07

Without prejudice to the living,

This presentment is by Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa, hereinafter UZA – a peoples’ court of conscience at law-of-the-land jurisdiction; 1

This summary Affidavit of Probable Cause is based on 5 years of full-time, ongoing investigation and research; it is our duty to inform the public regarding the truth, especially when it directly or indirectly threatens world peace and the self-preservation of society;

Maxim – Necessity gives a privilege with reference to private rights. Bac. Max. 25.

The necessity involved in this maxim is of three kinds, viz.: (1) Necessity of self-preservation;

Necessity even obligates us to speak out, against our will; such is the urgency of the hour; the time is already standing at 30 Seconds to Midnight 2

Maxim – Necessity makes that lawful which otherwise is not lawful. 10 Coke, 61.


The New World Order:

The New World Order is in truth a front for an Old World Order; and, nothing under the sun is new; all roads lead to Rome and from Rome; it all points to one origin and one beginning – the Crown Temple, the Temple Church circa 1200, today known as the BAR legal system; 3

The papacy created the Order of the Temple Knights [the Grand Wizards of deception] and established their mighty Temple Church in the sovereign City of London; it is the Vatican and it’s Roman Capitols who control the world through the BAR using international feudal law, the law-of-the-sea; even within sovereign nations and upon their lands under an assumed and presumed authority;

The BAR legal system works hand in glove with the banking cartel from the same Office Row to fleece the people, their communities and their countries; when, in fact all national debt, all evictions, all foreclosures and all repossessions is odious, unlawful and illegitimate; any judge not towing the status quo is removed; all courts are muzzled because the banks pay their wages and makes them huge profits;

In 1302, the earth, its nations and peoples were unknowingly placed into a Global Estate Trust by papal bull and others issued afterwards; 4

Further, in 1492 another papal bull declared Indigenous Peoples to be lower animals which gave Catholic monarchies and secret societies the ‘licence’ to justify the “Age of Discovery”, an age of tyranny; 5

The monarchies, merchants and priesthood benefitting from this global feudal system, waxed rich from this plunder and piracy over the last 500 years; and, today claim to be lending to developing nations what was unlawfully taken in the first place;

The elite banking merchants are a cartel, a cabal of secret societies; 6 the cabal is set on destroying all world agencies, governments, monarchies, religion and the Vatican; the very people who are benefitting from their plunder; and, instituting a New World Order in its place, a one world government with 0, 1% ruling and the 99, 9% being debt slaves of an evil system; 7

Today, all citizens of every country are being converted into bondservants in what is known as ‘personage’; we live in a cult of personality; 8 briefly explained:

Upon the registration of birth, a legal entity, a paper copy of the child is created using the child’s name; only, it is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS; and, in a foreign jurisdiction;

This legal entity is known as a ‘person’: a corporation; a ship in international waters;

The ‘person’ is then traded on stock-markets as an ‘asset’ for huge profits to the 0, 1% cabal elite ; meanwhile, another set of books declares the ‘person’ as a STATE ASSET, an ‘insolvent debtor’; and the people are then held as sureties to the so-called ‘loans’ our insolvent countries 9 are press-ganged into by deceit and fraud;

These situs trusts were meant to pay for services provided by the fiction called government; instead, the people are being converted from living creditors into legal fiction debtors; from law-of-the-land into law-of-the-sea; from the living to the dead; from shareholders to debtors; from sovereigns having unalienable rights 10, converted to proverbial cargo with no rights, only duties and obligations;

Further, over the last 150 years a private corporation took over the U.S. government without telling the people; the power of banking and of creating money was taken away from the people and centralised by the global banking cartel into the Federal Reserve banking system; 11

This cartel creates world instability by funding both sides of all wars; taking control of other nation’s gold and collateral through artificial insolvencies; removing the gold standard, thereby turning value-backed currency into debt instruments, aka fiat currency; and, with fractional reserve banking was an honest banking system turned into nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme; 12

Today, the world is dominated by the U.S. Dollar hegemony which is also showing all the hallmarks of a global financial collapse; 13

And, the cabal is relying on a World War III to revive the Ponzi;

Further, not only were people turned into corporations, but so too were their countries; all were first re-venued into corporate U.S.A and then into corporate U. N. to complete the cabal’s globalization agenda; 9

The League of Nations outlived its usefulness during the Hitler regime. After the War, the League was replaced by the United Nations. Now the United Nations has outlived its usefulness and must be replaced with a new international body, one comprised solely of sovereign nations respecting the sovereignty of their people, devoted to direct democracy, equality, and peaceful relations throughout the world. 14

Today, there is no more government, merely privately-owned corporate franchises fronting as ‘government’; 15 instead of lawful government departments operating as trusts and providing not-for-profit services, these privately-owned corporate franchises are now exploiting the 99% in numerous actionable frauds such as usury; when, in truth, public services belong to the people;


Does politics serve the 1% or the 99%?

Then why are the people voting for politics? The cabal also now control politics because they control the money; and, politics is an imperial tool to keep the people divided and distracted while their resources and lands are being plundered behind their backs; the cabal pull the strings of all governments from the shadows; and, the 0, 1 % cabal use the 1% greedy and power hungry from among us to plunder the 99%; what the greedy do not realise is that they are selling their own children and their futures down the river for peanuts; not only is the cabal intent on destroying all good systems, but they are actively engaged in a de-population agenda;


What Do We Do Now? What are the Remedies?

The people are sovereign and not subject to their creation, namely ‘government’:

“Sovereignty itself is… not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law… while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts.” Justice Thomas Stanley Matthews in Yick Wo v. Hopkins [p. 370]:

If, government does not serve the people, they have the right to alter or abolish it; and replace it with one that does;

The 1776 Declaration of Independence of 13 united States of America declares:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Ask yourself: Is there any real purpose for national government?

What does national government do that the people cannot do themselves?


How do we then go about changing the form of government that serves us?

The very meaning of ‘sovereignty’ is that the decree of the sovereign makes law. American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co., 29 S.Ct. 511, 513, 213 U.S. 347, 53 L.Ed. 826, 19 Ann.Cas. 1047. 

A Referendum is a decree, a declaration; a NON-POLITICAL Referendum by, for and of the people IS THE ONLY REMEDY!  


1. Peoples Referendum:


Referendums are the most powerful tools that people can use to bring change; with 100 000 votes one can amend constitutions; with a million one can self-govern;

Download Referendum Template: 2017 REFERENDUM doc template


Q: What will my vote be used for?

A: The people shall govern – A NON-POLITICAL direct democracy system;

  • TRCs – Truth & Reconciliation Commissions by, for and of the people;
  • Investigation & TRC into the Banking system and the BAR legal system;


  • Debt Jubilee end all debts, evictions, foreclosures, repossessions;
  • Community banks restore power of banking back to the people;
  • Resource Based Economy – development of alternatives: e.g. barter, exchanges, trade, stokvels, Savings and Credit Co-Operatives;
  • Community courts – trial by jury, public hearing, tribunal or TRC; remove the divided BAR; fulfill 1955 Freedom Charter & 1994 RDP; the people shall govern;
  • Overturn unjust laws – restore the un-enacted law-of-the-land: peoples’ law;
  • Restorative Justice true justice is seeking reconciliation and not retribution;
  • End Poverty – people are equal shareholders, not corporations or government;
  • Restoral & Restitution of what was taken from sovereign nations since 1302; forensic audits into gold, resources and heritage taken; everything;
  • Pierce the corporate veil – all people are only accountable to their peers before juries or hearings, no matter their title; be they a chief justice or president;
  • Self-determination – every self-identifying community governs themselves, manage % capita share of national GDP in municipal, town, local governance;
  • End un-employment – fund environmental and social rehabilitation;
  • We, the People Party – your voice for the above remedies;
  • Referendum to be actively promoted:
  • Door to door; events, street corners,
  • By activist groups, agencies of change, civic associations, jural assemblies, civic associations, etc.
  • By all religious groups, no matter their faith; at every gathering; at every service;
  • Across the land;


2. Self-determination:


“However, as it is impossible for the whole race of mankind to be united in one great society, they must necessarily divide into many; and form separate states, commonwealths, and nations, entirely independent of each other, and yet liable to a mutual intercourse. Hence arises a third kind of law to regulate this mutual intercourse, called ” the law of nations:” which, as none of these states will acknowledge a superiority in the other, cannot be dictated by any ; but depends entirely upon the rules of natural law, or upon mutual compacts, treaties, leagues, and agreements between these several communities : in the construction also of which compacts, we have no other rule to resort to, but the law of nature ; being the only one to which all the communities are equally subject : and, therefore, the civil law very justly observes, that quod naturalis ratio inter omnes homines constituity vacatur Jus gentium.” 17


3. Declarations:


Declarations are necessary for self-determination:

  • Notice & Demand to existing government;
  • Declaration of Independence;
  • Freedom Charter;
  • Bill of Rights;
  • Bill of Values;
  • Constitution;
  • Express Trust as transmitting utility and Revenue Fund; 18


4. Education:


The people are living under a huge deception; Nelson Mandela said: – “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

  • DVDs;
  • Power Point Presentations;
  • Pamphlets in all languages;
  • educate our public servants and get them on our side – against the common enemy: the 0, 1% foreign elite cabal – to save our people and our countries;


5. Money:


Today, mankind is worshipping the very tool that was created to enslave them; this is the ONLY HOLD the 0, 1% cabal has over EVERYBODY; if, everyone had free access to their value the cabal would have NO HOLD ON ANYONE! society would change immediately for the better; the real truth is:

  • poverty, like apartheid and slavery, is man-made by the 0, 1% and can be undone;
  • money has no value – the only value lies in natural resources and labour;
  • governments have no money – they are bankrupt;
  • all money is borrowed from the IMF; and is added to the national debt;
  • with runaway interest, we can never pay these ‘loans’ back; it has imploded;
  • The entire Western financial system has been legally foreclosed in 2012; 16


6. Funding:

The cabal controls all international funding; and, will not fund self-determination;

  • Communities will be required to find themselves with income generators;
  • Develop alternative creative models of ‘banking’: barter, exchange, trade, savings and credit clubs; 18 

Unless, the majority in each country un-votes the evil system by Referendum;


UZA Conclusion:

The entire system is broken; an evil system is intent on destroying all Life and our hope of a natural future; no-one is coming to save us; only we can save ourselves;

We are running out of time fast; if, we do not take this evil system head-on and do it peacefully – right here, right now – then we must expect the worst: the total collapse of civilization; every family and community will end up fending for themselves;

II Peter 3: 13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens, and a new earth, wherein dwells righteousness. [KJV 1611]





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Change of Heart By HopeGirl

I wanted to share with my readers some of the changes that I’ve undergone in the last few months.  Recently I published a personal testimony about  my spiritual journey “from new age to Jesus Christ”.  Since the time of publishing this I was fortunate enough to have a very well established Youtuber “The Vigilant Christian” re-post my video to his audience. This has caused a total of 15,000 people to hear my very personal spiritual story. Since this time, I been receiving some of the most beautiful comments and letters from people who were touched by my story.

Change of Heart By HopeGirl









I am so grateful for this. My relationship with my creator has been shifting me in the last few months. Believe me there have been some intense moments! I’ve had revelations and downloads flying into my spirit with lightning speed. I know some people talk about “being awake”, and I thought I had gone through this already back in 2012 when I learned about things like the New World Order, etc. But for me the last few months was like waking up from a dream WITHIN a dream. If you’ve seen the movie “Inception” you’ll know what I mean.

For me it was a culmination of global events. First, I learned about the truths uncovered in the Wikileaks emails, and that’s when I saw things like spirit cooking and satanic sacrifice on such a global scale. Then I watched as Trump was elected president to everyone’s absolute shock. Then I learned about Soros paying thousands of mob organizations to riot and manipulate the public. I watched in horror as people in my home country started vandalizing and acting like maniacs for all the world to see.  This coupled with transgender agendas being forced upon the public to everyone’s discomfort. All the while, Pizzagate, the biggest most horrific story ever in our modern-day history starts coming out in full force.  This stuff shocked me to my core. It woke me up. It was my tipping point, and it changed everything for me.

I’ve been at a bit of a loss of what to say or write to my readers during this time, which is why I had to take a bit of a respite from writing for the last few months. I know that a lot of people who read my blog come from many different backgrounds and belief systems. I just want you all to know, and I really mean this with all my heart, I wish to be loving and compassionate towards everyone’s path towards spirituality, even if it is not the same as my own.  I know that we as humans are seeking the answers to those deep questions. Questions like “Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?” etc.

The news that has happened in the world in the last several months is exposing the core of evil. The only way I know to fight evil is with good, and with something more powerful. I turned back to God, had a pretty heavy encounter with Jesus Christ, and it changed me. I love Jesus and I’m not ashamed to say it. Jesus loved everyone first, which is one of his teachings that I am trying to follow. It is Jesus and his teachings that is helping me learn how to be a spiritual warrior to fight and combat the evil that is consuming our world.  This is my own journey as I go forward daily, seeking out the face of my creator.

As soon as I “went public” with my testimony. I immediately came under attack. A full blown, openly Satanic group started pumping out daily Youtube videos about me calling me a “fake Christian” amongst many other things.  And some friends just went full blown ballistic on me accusing me of judging them, when I had in fact said nothing other than “I love Jesus”.  Those were just a few things, but I’ve been under attack since this time just because I uttered his name. If anything, being involved in free energy for the last few years has given me a lot of practice with fighting off attacks. It’s just now the battle has moved into higher dimensions. After all it’s really always been a battle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.

Even if you don’t believe in any God, the important thing to understand is that some of the most powerful people in the world believe in and worship Satan and his legion of demons. They perform ritual sacrifice to try to gain power and influence from a demonic realm. All of these awful rituals were being done in the name of Satan and the evidence of them is being revealed for the world to see.  The new age movement doesn’t like to talk about demons and evil, but the Bible does, as does the book of Enoch. I started studying and digging for the answers on how to fight such evil in our trying times… and I’ve been battling and fighting the good fight ever since.

Like I said, this experience changed me. I am not the person I once was. In many ways I feel re-born.  I’ve gone through my old content and deleted a lot of old posts that I felt did not reflect the new direction my spirit was leading me towards.  I don’t feel comfortable promoting certain kinds of content anymore. I’m not supportive of the new age dogma’s. I don’t think aliens created us, nor are they benevolent beings that we should be worshiping. (I think there’s a lot more to them than what most think) I don’t condone channeled messages at all anymore, and I’ve learned that A LOT of the new age dogma that’s being bantered about is coming from channeled messages.

I’ve pulled all the Exposes I’ve done, because they were thankless and brought me nothing but attacks and made me a target. Quite honestly, it’s just not worth it.  I figure now that if people can’t see through the massive deception of some of these things on their own then perhaps it’s part of their destiny to be fooled and figure it out on their own without my “help”.  I’ve always been a very caring, kind and generous person. It’s because of this that I’ve been taken advantage of by a lot of people.  I’d like to think I’ve earned my stripes with these sorts of learning lessons and will be walking forward with a much wiser and smarter head on my shoulders. I am not the same woman I was.

Several months ago I got a message from God that told me to cast aside all things that might be “ego” related in my life. This was a fascinating experience. I humbled myself and put my head down in work. It was almost instantly that I began seeing the out of control ego wars that seem to occur on FB and Youtube.  This is a big problem online that doesn’t help anyone and I want no part in it. To this day my prayer is to “make me less and make God more” in all that I think and do.

God has been removing people and topics out of my life.  Old relationships that were no longer serving a greater purpose just seemed to fall away. My focus has completely shifted towards a completely different horizon. All the while new relationships with the right kind of people have started to form. It’s been lovely actually and I am so much happier now than I’ve ever been.  And I think what’s on the horizon for me is something much better than ever before. I would love for my readers to come along for this journey with me.

I’ve got plans for creating new content, BIG PLANS. There is so much stuff I want to express on my blog and on Youtube.  Tivon and I are planning to launch a new show in a couple of weeks. (watch this space!) This show will feature current events that I felt I was “censored” from discussing when I was working with some other networks in the past. I’m letting all that go and moving forward WITH GUSTO!  Tivon and I think it’s going to be extremely relevant stuff that a lot of people will appreciate.

So it’s been quite a transition for me. I’m actually quite excited about some of the things I want to bring forward in the near future. And I just wanted to let my readers know that I really appreciate you all, each and every one of you, no matter who you are or if we come from different backgrounds or beliefs. I think we can all learn from each other’s experiences, each one of you has taught me so much in my journey and for this I am so grateful.   It’s been quite a ride over the last few years for all of us, I’m just so glad we can ride this wave together.  God bless you all -Hope

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Clarification —– Exactly What Is the “Fourth Branch of Government” Justice Antonin Scalia Referenced?

Maine Republic Email Alert

172a3-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Heads up, Grand Jury Movement, but first….

Justice Edwards of Illinois and I have talked about the Continental Marshals and the proper role of the Grand Juries and the limits of the State Superior Court Justice office. We are fully in accord. Please stop giving him H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. He is on track to the extent that he ever left it.

As for “Marshal Edwards” I am afraid that “he” is a fabrication of my pen and miscommunication of information. I thought there was a Marshal Edwards as well as a Justice Edwards. There isn’t. My bad.

The object of all the work I have done and that so many, many others have done is to restore the American Government and see it functioning properly again.

It is not an effort aimed at further undermining the structures of our government or redefining the offices…

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