Hello and a warm welcome and love to you.

 Human rights, sovereignty, common law, natural law is common sense living and interaction between people based on goodwill and fair play; simple principles which are very uncommon in today’s world.

Among other things the Gift of Truth United is dedicated to exposing you to the history and science which you have never been exposed to in mainstream education institutions, in which is pushed the curriculum decided upon by the cabal. They made the rules of what is being taught to our children and what we were taught at school, with the result that there is a lot of this most important history which is omitted or twisted beyond recognition, thus most people don’t know the full and true history and science. It means we were only given history and science that suit their cause and agenda and not told all of the truth. Not presenting someone with all the facts yet not telling an outright lie is called lying by omission. Educational institutions also teach Newtonian science and Darwinian biology which has been sculptured to their agenda and which is all part of their deception to make people believe that they are free. People who oppose this mainstream Darwinian biology with new discoveries and proof like the biological pioneer  D.r Bruce Lipton with over 30 years of research knowledge are ridiculed until people accept it as a better and more true science. The mainstream cabal doctrine has over time become well established and the norm with the result that people no longer question the validity of what we learn by simply accepting it as the truth.

 No matter what you believe in and no matter whom you believe you are; we are all one people. Most belief systems, if not all, agree that before the fall of mankind, we were one people and that everything was held to be sacred which includes everything above, around and below.

 The information provided has this vision in mind at all times.

In Peace.

The more we know about our history and the deeper we look into the past the more and the better we can see in the future“- Unknown

 NEW!!! Common Sense Community

 Keep a look out for new common sense community pages which will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

The aim is to create a library of common sense living information (the poor word “sustainable” has been corporatized; therefore “sustainable” = “common sense” by our meaning). Feel free to contribute relevant information according to our guidelines, handy tips, easy remedies etc. and info at the bottom of the relevant page thanks. Remember to keep checking for new updates. We are busy on the ground and cannot correspond as it takes us away from living; respectfully so do not expect a response please. This site is mostly un-manned, but we will post your contribution if it makes common sense. 


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Banking, Commerce, Law


We have spent a few thousand hours collating information for the people regarding Banking, Commerce, Law and how it conflicts with natural law and natural justice, your in-a-lien-able rights, sovereignty and discovered how the 99% of almost every community, tribe, nation, nearly all people on earth are controlled and manipulated by a global elite shadow government which is now being exposed by growing numbers of people as you may already know. If you are interested, we have compiled some truths which are relevant to comprehend and which impacts on your daily life; most importantly, where your hard-earned sweat and blood is really going.  Go to http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/corporate-whistleblowers/

 The manuals at http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/common-law-manuals/ uncover the story of the greatest deception of all time perpetuated on the earth and its inhabitants in detail. The 2013 Giftoftruth – SA guide to sovereignty and commerce is specifically for the people of South Africa.

 Hopefully you will find your gift of truth on these pages, be inspired, contribute, take action or at the very least get educated.

 Nelson Mandela         


 The following statements are very important to keep in mind at all times:






 And the harder to accept ones:









 (comment by BT: “the worst act most people perform daily as a simple example is probably urinating and defecating into water, that which gives us life. In Southern African tribal societies, until recently, you were severely punished by the community if you were caught doing so, in some tribes you were banished. The truth is that we have allowed it to come to this and only we can be the change through education and taking action where our interest lies.”)

Common Law

People often ask “what is common law?” This is a loaded question which could be as simple as common sense: http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/common-law/  or as complex as the philosophy of natural law: http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/natural-law-hierarchy/

 Your Rights

Know your rights when it comes to what you consider to be a breach of your values; be it as a people or as a community. There are a lot of misconceptions and we have done a full investigation for you: http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/your rights/

 South Africa

We have been engaged in the courts of South Africa to seek justice for all the people against the banksters. The unified common law grand jury of southern Africa was convened in 2013 for this purpose: http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/unified-grand-jury-za/ and we, the people started asking the courts, public servants, peace officers and members of the BAR questions regarding unlawful foreclosures, evictions, rates & taxes and other levies placed on the people, about banking and currency and where the intrinsic value comes from.

 The high courts were unable to and in all instances refused to provide remedy in the law Furthermore, we have first-hand affidavits by the people who were present in various courts that the judges are biased and in contravention of natural justice while protecting the banksters and running the court system for profit while the foreclosures continue.

 To know more about legal issues of SA law which are in dispute in legal circles then go to http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/sa-law/.

 Constitutional Court SA

We, the people on the land took the matter to the constitutional court of south africa who simply told us: “no hope of success…” This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the legal system is biased when we have the right to ask questions and to have them answered and when all are supposed to be equal before the law and no-one is supposed to be above the law. Documents and court filings are at http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/constitutional-court/. We are demanding an independent commission of inquiry into the financial system and to discuss remedies with the full involvement of any interested people: http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/tribunal-commission/

 Legal Defence

The only successes that we are having in the courts are of setting precedent. Common sense and common law have become un-common and the people first need a re-education. When we made our declaration on constitutional hill there were only 30 odd people present.

We are having some success with pre-emptive defensive action to keep the hounds at bay. We have suspended the legal defence page as to date there is no remedy  until we have updated the documents. If your need is urgent, rather go the legal route as you will not be adequately equipped to defend yourself. But do not hold your breathe, the world is not going to change until we, the people do something about it. And that does not mean passing info to someone else or spending more time on the internet.

 The most effective remedy anywhere in the world is to take pre-emptive action. The best form of pre-emptive action is to file a declaration and what is commonly known as a ‘redemption’ process. In most countries the court will accept trust filings as long as they are in the format that the court accepts. Note, all commerce is regulated by maritime/admiralty law so they comprehend constitutions, flags and jurisdiction: http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/common-law-express-trusts/

 What do we do now that the courts won’t hear us?

 Conscientious Objection

In order for this corporate old/new world order to continue, it needs our signatures, the foundation of all commerce. Without signatures there will be no commerce. Zip, zero.

 Stop paying your rates, taxes, e-tolls until our questions are answered. It is your in-a-lien-able right to ask questions and to have those questions answered otherwise contracts and the law of contract has no meaning.

The e-toll fiasco is a perfect example of conscientious objection where only 1 600 odd people registered out of millions and they cannot jail a few million people.

 One you have educated yourself and the veil has lifted then you will know that the value lies in you: not money or gold or your property. Once you realize this, you will think twice about taking out the next credit card. Be a conscientious objector and stop feeding the beast. Every soda you buy creates a currency chain in a fractional reserve banking system  and the shadow government that owns most corporations use their illusion of wealth and power to foment their insidious plots of war, famine, genocide against we, the people with this fiat currency.


We have gone back to the drawing board and are currently launching fund-raisers so as to educate the people regarding a people’s declaration. More on the people’s vote of no confidence campaign on southern africa and the people’s referendum: http://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/vote-of-no-confidence/


We need to start doing and being. It is time to make action and open-source information and experiences. We have changed gear  and will be posting more information on practical applications of self-sustainable living to the benefit of the earth and all that dwell on it in the coming weeks and who to link up with. Unfortunately, we are busy doing and being and do not email or respond to requests, but will share our research with a focus on what people of south africa are doing to empower themselves and what you can do to empower yourself. We are one.

Community Education

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free

Time is here to choose …

Freedom or slavery, good or evil, Lawful or legal

To be Free or to be a wage slave.

There is a growing global of awareness and consciousness in recent times, and more people are questioning the authority of the government rule and seeking the truth.

When and how did the public servant become the public master?

How did the government created by the people of the people become so tyrannical?

How can it be possible that we as a people have become A PRODUCT ON A FARM. Did it perhaps happen because of our consent to it?

Judgement or the distinction between good and evil, more correctly positive and negative is a faculty of the mind used from ancient times to ensure the survival of the body to live for yet another day. The lion is bad and mother is good – the former is negative and the latter is positive and so the body move towards the positive. Evolution, also a change in environment because of technological development made it almost obsolete to still use this faculty in such a primitive way – run away from the dangerous lion to mother where I am safe and loved. In the life of today we face other factors such as speeding motor vehicles on a free/high way that needs to be avoided or the body can be destroyed and life snuffed out. The unfortunate thing is that because we as human beings have become so accustomed to the body and its survival that we now use this faculty of judgement for a purpose for which it is not intended, spiritual growth and emotional development.

The result is we judge not only ourselves but those around us, we judge the highest form of God’s creation we know off, our fellow human beings and the entire creation of God. Most people in their ignorance label certain parts of God creation as Bad/Evil and other parts as Good. Do we as the created have the knowledge, insight and authority to judge that which the Creator in His wisdom creates and find it to be good.

We read about the end times, after thousands of years of humans enslaving other humans by the workings of the negative forces of greed and domination, psychopaths and so called “holy men”/priests, self-enriching attorneys and bankers, crooked judges and politicians it is time to Lawfully and with divine justice hold those persons accountable and to prevent their negative and destructive results which they accomplish by deceiving and tricking the people. People perish because of their ignorance (lack of knowledge) which is the direct result of the deception.

This is not a religious sermon, the fact is we can all be spiritual without being religious, and we are all spiritual beings dwelling in physical bodies with that spirit which dwell in the physical body originate from the same source. Sad thing is that religion forms the basis from where people are convinced that there is an invisible man like creature living in the sky who, every minute of every day watch everything you do. An invisible man who has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do and if you do any of these ten things he has a special place for you. A place full of fire and smoke, burning and torture and anger and pain where he will send you to live and suffer, choke and scream and cry for ever and ever until the end of time. But he loves you?! You are his beloved children, he loves you? He loves you and he needs money! He always needs money. He is all powerful, all knowing and all wise yet somehow just can’t handle money.

Religion takes in billions and billions, pays no taxes and they always need a little more. It is through and with religion that those greedy power hungry, dominating, crooked psychopaths has kept people in ignorance causing most people to bend to their will without the people really knowing what is happening. Yes I hear you say “not me!” Keep reading and it will become very clear how their deception has brain washed us to unknowingly believe them and fall right into their trap of consent.

The Monkey Experiment


The experiment involves 5 monkeys, a cage, a banana, a ladder and, crucially, a water hose. The 5 monkeys would be locked in a cage, after which a banana was hung from the ceiling with, fortunately for the monkeys (or so it seemed…), a ladder placed right underneath it.

Of course, immediately, one of the monkeys would race towards the ladder, intending to climb it and grab the banana. However, as soon as he would start to climb, the sadist (euphemistically called “scientist”) would spray the monkey with ice-cold water. In addition, however, he would also spray the other four monkeys…

When a second monkey was about to climb the ladder, the sadist would, again, spray the monkey with ice-cold water, and apply the same treatment to its four fellow inmates; likewise for the third climber and, if they were particularly persistent (or dumb), the fourth one. Then they would have learned their lesson: they were not going to climb the ladder again – banana or no banana.

 In order to prolong the experiment and to see the effects, the sadist outside the cage would then replace one of the monkeys with a new one. As can be expected, the new guy would spot the banana, think “why don’t these idiots go get it?!” and start climbing the ladder. Then, however, things got very interesting: the other four monkeys, familiar with the cold-water treatment, would run towards the new guy – and beat him up. The new guy, blissfully unaware of the cold-water history, would get the message: no climbing up the ladder in this cage – banana or no banana.

When the sadist outside the cage would replace a second monkey with a new one, the events would repeat themselves – monkey runs towards the ladder; other monkeys beat him up; new monkey does not attempt to climb again – with one notable detail: the first new monkey, who had never received the cold-water treatment himself (and didn’t even know anything about it), would, with equal vigour and enthusiasm, join in the beating of the new guy on the block. When the researcher replaced a third monkey, the same thing happened; likewise for the fourth until, eventually, all the monkeys had been replaced and none of the ones in the cage had any experience or knowledge of the cold-water treatment.

Then, a new monkey was introduced into the cage. It ran toward the ladder only to get beaten up by the others. Yet, this monkey turned around and asked “why do you beat me up when I try to get the banana?” The other four monkeys stopped, looked at each other slightly puzzled and, finally, shrugged their shoulders: “Don’t know. But that’s the way we do things around here”…

Does this not remind you of quite a few if not all the organisations you have seen. Over the years, all corporations develop routines, habits and practices, which we call the corporation’s “organisational culture”. As I am sure you know, these cultures can be remarkably different, in terms of what sort of behaviour they value and what they don’t like to see, and what they punish. Always, these habits and conventions have been developed over the course of many years. Very often, nobody actually remembers why they were started in the first place… Quite possibly, the guy with the water hose has long gone. This behavior of pulling those who don’t conform to the doctrine or status quo down is exactly what has been instilled in most people and so the guy with the water hose no longer need to spend energy and time in making sure no one climb the ladder because instead they will keep themselves in check. 

Don’t just beat up the new monkey – whether it is a NEW employee, a recent acquisition, a partner or this website; their questioning of “the way we do things round here” may actually be quite a valid one. Don’t be the one who just pull people down who question and who want to escape the status quo. The conditioning we have gone through from birth has become presuppositions, these pre “supposed to be like that” thinking is what runs our way of thinking. Presuppositions have become the filter or test to which we subject all information to and which shapes our behaviour.

Presupposition – a thing tacitly assumed beforehand at the beginning of a line of argument or course of action. Presuppositions are sort of programs that runs in the background, in the back of our minds and which is part of the decision making process which will first subject or test the information to evaluate if something is true or false, right or wrong, according to the current belief system and a form of judgement. However to evaluate something it can only be done against the information/knowledge already at hand and so something may be found to be false/not true according to the current information or belief system. A not true/false evaluation/judgement can be over turned to be true when you are supplied with additional information.

Cognitive dissonance – In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values. More about cognitive dissonance here.


There is evidence suggesting that the more the anterior cingulate cortex signals conflict, the more dissonance a person experiences and the more their attitudes may change.

You are requested to do something we all do when we go into a movie theater and that is to suspend your disbelief. Just suspend your disbelief for now, like you would do when reading a novel and allow this information to bring a new perspective to your view of the world. You can always go back to your old ways – nothing here is forced upon any one. People are each on different levels of awareness and so what may makes sense for one may not make sense for the other. For more information about the level of awareness you may have follow this link.

  No Disclaimer: There is no disclaimer on these pages because the reader will learn and know that each and every perception and interpretation of anything and everything we as People experience, is unique. The responsibility is our own on how we use what we are learning and becoming. Anyone reading these pages is wise enough to follow their own counsel and therefore acknowledges this by the act of reading further. The choice is yours and yours alone.

Please note our new e-mail address – giftoftruthunited@gmail.com

21 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. like assistance wit constitutional accomodatio first nation status for the khoi khoi get land create khoi village assistancce with bussiness plan

    1. The paramount chief of the Khoi Khoi people representing the nomadic oral tradition of the land, is supporting a Constitutional Referendum. We, the Grand Jury are filing a Bill of Plaint from this nation.

      In Peace, Brother Thomas.

  2. So let me try and understand this plan of action. The People are calling for a Constitutional Referendum based on common law, in other words there is no basis for this constitutional referendum as laid out in the constitution. So it is a question of the Peoples will to exert their influence over the current status quo (to implement / formalise common law) and to do this we the people need to mobilise sign the petition and be on the streets or at constitution hill to express our desire for change. Typically a referendum is a yes or no answer ~ what is the question the referendum will be addressing

    1. Hi Nic,

      this action is similar to the actions around the 1955 Freedom Charter, the only People’s declaration. We are doing it again. Government cannot change the status quo, they only administrate the law. It’s up to the People to create precedent. The more we use this, the more common it will become. Read the Your Rights page.

      This all started, as you know, when various groups of people were made aware and started investigating and finding more evidence as more and more whistle-blowers are coming forward. A group of people started a forum to discuss common natural law based on original jurisdiction. We have been following groups such as the unified grand jury system of America (www.nationallibertyalliance.com), documentation and dictionaries from http://www.1215.org;
      The British are doing similar work with their British Constitutional group of Roger Hayes. We have subsequently decreed a grand jury for south africa. Read the Grand Jury manual on the Common Law Manuals page. Tomorrow we will load the Grand Jury Authority manual.
      Furthermore, we have filed a case against the judges of the constitutional court on the 3rd of February. We have twice been on constitutional hill where we have decreed a common law hearing. The courts have a duty to promote and develop the law of the land as per the Bill of Rights 39(2) and (3). This is in public interest and as to the promotion of administrative justice act, the glue that holds the constitution together. By this act, if they fail to respond, the people can take an administrative action which is a common law rule.
      The constitutional court has been invited to develop the common law by making an order for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry. This commission needs to be established with the involvement of we, the people. We have evidence and we have remedies. We have expert witnesses who can verify the facts. The outcome of this will determine the nature of the referendum. If the court fails in its duties, we will go ahead with the People’s Convention on constitutional hill where the people will hear the truth; will bring the names of all the people who have made a vote of no confidence. We will update the Common Law Grand Jury page. In the meantime, download and read the Public Notice on the Legal Action page. Hope this answers your questions.

    1. Hi,

      we are setting the same up with etolls. the original invoice can be indorsed for settlement as payment for money. No problem. We busy tracking down exactly where the original invoices are being printed so that we can send them a notice. somewhere in dept of transport… you can help if you want.

  3. The end of the apartheid capitalist government
    On Monday morning 10 March a fire destroyed the home of the Sylvester family living at 103 Manenberg Avenue leaving 16 people destitute. Residents gathered and assisted the family through this ordeal. Residents moved the rubble out of the house and onto the sidewalk. For the last four days the City has failed to remove the rubble.
    Today the 14 March a group of residents decided to dumb the rubble at the doors of the City housing office. The City undertook to have the rubble removed however later in the day they informed us that: “We are unable to remove the rubble because this is a private residence and the owner must hire people and move it themselves”. This confirms the point we have been making all along. The government is a business, its purpose is to make money from its “citizens”. Its purpose is not to pick up rubble.
    A group of residents them revisited the City’s housing office to inform them that: “as the City of Cape Town is a bank we are terminating our contract with you as the people of Manenberg. We will come together on Monday 17 March in the spirit of peace and friendship to take back what belongs to us. We call on the people of Manenberg to come and join the African celebration. The Buffalo Soldier, dreadlock Rasta, is back on African soil.
    To – Patricia de Lille, Helen zille and Jacob zuma, please report to the Manenberg housing office at 8am on Monday 17 March. We witnessed staff locking themselves up in offices, extremely scared and are living in fear because you have abandoned them. We told them we mean them no harm, those are our brothers and sisters, it’s time to unite as one.
    (“could you be love, don’t let them change you or rearrange you, you got a life to live, only the fittest of the fittest shall survive, stay alive”)

  4. Hello I wanted to know what happens after serving the notices of understanding intent and claim of right? I served the courts for a seatbelt ticket before trial

  5. I served the courts a notice of understanding intent and claim of right for seatbelt trial what should I expect when I go to trial

  6. What happens after survng a notices of understanding intent and claim of right ive norresponse from any parties?

    1. Hi Anthony,

      the claim of right and intent is merely stating what jurisdiction you are in; in any court they gain jurisdiction by plea of guilty, not guilty or silence. They will continue their charade and still judge against you. The best now is to offer to settle it. Go to the Legal Defence page and the Bills of Exchange page on how to use money of exchange and not cash money. Follow the guidelines on the front page of each document you download. If you have any questions then, please ask them at the bottom of the relevant page.

      In Peace

  7. I have read and downloaded some of your documents they are amazing. This is what I have been looking for .Please find some time to respond i have several questions. Thank you in advance. Kim pollard (609) 312 2624

    1. Apologies, incredibly busy and do my best to get to everyone. Strive to give the best information however we are far from perfect and there is always room for improvement thank you Me. Pollard. You are welcome to make suggestions and hope you find something of value in every piece. If you are from the states you may be interested in the wonderful work done by the National Liberty Alliance. Feel free to ask questions too we all learn each time.

      In Peace!

  8. mind=blown!!! Thanks for the awesome content. I am so pissed off right now. Was voluntarily sequestrated a good few years ago. The estate was settled & the banks got paid out recently now all i need to do is apply to the courts to be ‘rehabilitated’. Is there anything I can do to rectify my status – not sure what I am asking but would like to avoid having to hire an ‘attorney’. Had i known back then what i know now things would be very different indeed. Is there anything I can do to exact some kind of restitution from them? How does on access the ‘trust account’ represented by the ‘birth certificate’? Does my ‘bankruptcy’ affect the available balance available for use?

    Again, thanks a million!

    1. Educate, educate, educate is the key, become an adult in the eyes of the law and they will stop to treat you like an ill-minded child of the state (ward of the court) Understand that the trust created by your BC (birth certificate) is not your possession. You have absolutely no say over it, it belongs to the government and the reserve bank. If I create a trust without your knowledge that I used your name as the name of the trust it is my trust irrespective of whether I used your name or not and you have no say in it at all because it is my trust, well the same for the trust that was created with your BC. However there is a twist to it because you are the beneficiary to the BC created trust and just as in an deceased estate where you are the beneficiary you can give the trustee an order to pay out of the trust (if it has any funds available – which the BC create trust does have) the liabilities of the beneficiary. One single entity can only hold two of the three positions (grantor, trustee, beneficiary) in a trust so the choice is yours and if you don’t make it the government will make it for you to your detriment. What they do in the court is to make themselves the beneficiary and keep you as trustee liable for the liability. If you have been sequestrated it only means that at that specific time you did not have enough money to fulfil your role as trustee and have no effect on the trust funds what so ever, there is more than enough to go around. Remember you are a living breathing, flesh and blood being and if you should die how much money can I bring to get you back? Not all the money in the world will bring you back! So you are worth an infinite amount of money when push comes to shove and also the reason the worlds money supply just seem to grow infinitely (seven and a half billion infinite beings on earth multiplied by infinite worth is a mighty amount of money!) Just as they used your BC to fund their account you can create your own trust in which you (the living breathing, flesh and blood being) John Doe (Capitis Diminutio minima) is the grantor and trustee and your BC name (Capitis Diminutio maxima) JOHN DOE (legal fiction) is the beneficiary and fund your account. Now your trust and their trust share a common denominator the BC name and now you are behind a trust too and can set-off any amount thrown your way! Again educate, educate, learn how to do this the correct way or you will be burnt! All of the best in your effort to learn!

      In Peace!

    1. Yes it is so sad and sickening to see that our county has this element in it. The problem is that there is only recourse after such event and that is too late because then the damage is already done! Wish I knew the answer to this problem besides the recourse of criminal pursuit.

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