SA UPF Peacekeepers Report

On the 23rd of October 2021 on behalf of the SA United People’s Front the SA Jural Assembly emailed a Cease & Desist Order to the United Nations Incorporated that we regard their presence here on our soil as an invasion at the original law of nations; and, therefore to enter into peaceful negotiations for their unconditional withdrawal from South Africa; and, failing in which they give us licence to confiscate their equipment and use it to defend ourselves against them; that is, if our Peacekeeping Generals recommend we declare a state of self-defence AND it is unanimously Ordered so by a UPF people’s court; we are not quite there yet;

The UN Cease & Desist Order was also hand delivered to the UN Offices in Pretoria Central; unrebutted these Orders now stand as accepted by silence and as a default judgement and can be used as evidence in a court of law, be it national or international; we now have a licence to defend ourselves, should the need arise; self-defence is a God-given natural right; we have set them up in order to set them down; the tables have been turned;

Also, Notices & Orders were served by hand on the SA Army, SANDF and SAPS Generals whereby we deputized them to stand under we the people and to serve and protect we the sovereign people and not the corporations;

Yesterday, we enquired from the UPF Peacekeeping Generals regarding the status of UN and other foreign troops in Southern Africa; the response what that even though it is a grave and serious concern for we the people and our Republic, we have assurances from the Defence Force that in a state of self-defence the sovereign people and our Republic will be defended;

Nevertheless, in 2021 the sales of bullets increased sevenfold as compared to previous years; we the people are well-armed; and we have over half a million highly decorated and skilled ex-war veterans and a few good Generals;

Small businesses are urged to donate for training of youth in our Peacekeeping and Self-Defence Units for your and public safety in general; feel free to contact us for details;

Also, note that this top heavy system was designed to collapse and implode dear people so that the New World Order can step in as “saviours” because they are hoping we will be too lazy to sort it out ourselves – “you will own nothing and be happy”;

While we are building our vision of an alternative society the existing corporate, banking, communications, energy supply and municipal system is crumbling; infrastructure has not been maintained and all public funds have been looted; it is bankrupt and only liquidation and foreclosure of RSA Inc. can save us; so let your voice be heard; take part in the SA People’s National Referendum; in two months we already have over 200 000 priority claimants for their credit share of the Republic; go to:

We cannot rely on the existing system; we have to become self-reliant as quickly as possible; we are in a very bad situation; so, it is the duty and obligation of every community to make civil defence and food security plans to feed the people in a crisis;

Also, join the UPF Committees as a matter of urgency and bring your skills in banking, agriculture, food security, funding, IT, peacekeeping, education and every other aspect of direct self-governance; the people shall govern.

In peace, SAJurA – UPF

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2 thoughts on “SA UPF Peacekeepers Report

  1. I’m so glad to see these updates.
    We are facing critical times, hard to deal with..
    Prayers for you all at G O T.

    1. Thank you Mitch, yes we are; however, “It is a law of life that problems arise when there are conditions for their solution.” – Walter Sisulu.
      So, chin up and keep the faith;

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