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Publicanism Explained

We have been “re-public-ed” from the land into the sea; from the living to the dead; from reality into fiction;

The restoral of our lawful Republics in these times is the end to the 2000 year battle between the Roman Empire and it’s global imperialist system and the free Republics which was finally subverted about 44 BC with the assassination of Julius Ceasar;

So, during the time of the Nazarene and the Apostles the restoral of the Republic and the rights of the freemen and libertarians was still fresh in the minds of the Publicans; hence we find:

Corinthians 7:22 For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lords free man: likewise also he that is called being free, is Christs servant. 23 You are bought with a price, be not you the servants of men.

John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.

It is no coincidence that Matthew was a publican and is also the first Book in the New Testament:

Matthew 10:2 Now the names of the twelve Apostles are these: The first, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother, James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother: 3 Philip, and Bartholomew, Thomas, and Matthew the Publican, James the son of Alpheus, and Lebbeus, whose surname was Thaddeus: 4 Simon the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him.

The word “Publican” appears 32 times in the KJV:

Matthew 5:46 For if you love them which love you, what reward have you? Do not even the Publicans do the same? 47 And if you salute your brethren only, what do you more than others? Do not even the Publicans so?

Matthew 9:10 And it came to pass, as Jesus sat at meat in the house, behold, many publicans and sinners, came and sat down with him and his Disciples. 11 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to his disciples, Why eats your master with publicans & sinners. 12 But when Jesus heard that, he said to them, They that be whole need not a Physician, but they that are sick.

Matthew 21:32 For John came to you in the way of righteousness, and you believed him not: but the Publicans and the harlots believed him. And you when you had seen it, repented not afterward, that you might believe him.

Luke 3:12 Then came also Publicans to be baptized, and said to him, Master, what shall we do? 13 And he said to them, Exact no more than that which is appointed you.

Luke 5:27 And after these things he went forth, and saw a Publican, named Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he said to him, Follow me. 28 And he left all, rose up, and followed him. 29 And Levi made him a great feast in his own house: and there was a great company of Publicans, and of others that sat down with them.

So, there were very learned people amongst the disciples who understood how the system works; and, it is also no coincidence that the Nazarene overturned the tables of the moneylenders and rebuked the lawyers, scribes and Pharisees;

And, Jesus was a revolutionary:

Luke 1: 51 Suppose you that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, No, but rather division.

Today, our story is no different; after 2000 years under the yoke of the same system that crucified the Nazarene, we the (re)public are finally going to restore the Republic and defeat the evil Empire; get rid of the false weights and measures of the satanic money lenders and unbind the evils of the lawyers, scribes and Pharisees once and for all; and bind in our vision of an alternative, free, fair and just society;

The people shall govern;

SA UPF Peacekeepers Report

On the 23rd of October 2021 on behalf of the SA United People’s Front the SA Jural Assembly emailed a Cease & Desist Order to the United Nations Incorporated that we regard their presence here on our soil as an invasion at the original law of nations; and, therefore to enter into peaceful negotiations for their unconditional withdrawal from South Africa; and, failing in which they give us licence to confiscate their equipment and use it to defend ourselves against them; that is, if our Peacekeeping Generals recommend we declare a state of self-defence AND it is unanimously Ordered so by a UPF people’s court; we are not quite there yet;

The UN Cease & Desist Order was also hand delivered to the UN Offices in Pretoria Central; unrebutted these Orders now stand as accepted by silence and as a default judgement and can be used as evidence in a court of law, be it national or international; we now have a licence to defend ourselves, should the need arise; self-defence is a God-given natural right; we have set them up in order to set them down; the tables have been turned;

Also, Notices & Orders were served by hand on the SA Army, SANDF and SAPS Generals whereby we deputized them to stand under we the people and to serve and protect we the sovereign people and not the corporations;

Yesterday, we enquired from the UPF Peacekeeping Generals regarding the status of UN and other foreign troops in Southern Africa; the response what that even though it is a grave and serious concern for we the people and our Republic, we have assurances from the Defence Force that in a state of self-defence the sovereign people and our Republic will be defended;

Nevertheless, in 2021 the sales of bullets increased sevenfold as compared to previous years; we the people are well-armed; and we have over half a million highly decorated and skilled ex-war veterans and a few good Generals;

Small businesses are urged to donate for training of youth in our Peacekeeping and Self-Defence Units for your and public safety in general; feel free to contact us for details;

Also, note that this top heavy system was designed to collapse and implode dear people so that the New World Order can step in as “saviours” because they are hoping we will be too lazy to sort it out ourselves – “you will own nothing and be happy”;

While we are building our vision of an alternative society the existing corporate, banking, communications, energy supply and municipal system is crumbling; infrastructure has not been maintained and all public funds have been looted; it is bankrupt and only liquidation and foreclosure of RSA Inc. can save us; so let your voice be heard; take part in the SA People’s National Referendum; in two months we already have over 200 000 priority claimants for their credit share of the Republic; go to:

We cannot rely on the existing system; we have to become self-reliant as quickly as possible; we are in a very bad situation; so, it is the duty and obligation of every community to make civil defence and food security plans to feed the people in a crisis;

Also, join the UPF Committees as a matter of urgency and bring your skills in banking, agriculture, food security, funding, IT, peacekeeping, education and every other aspect of direct self-governance; the people shall govern.

In peace, SAJurA – UPF

For enquiries contact  

Draft SA People’s Freedom Declaration

Comment: It is said that history repeats itself; the 2022 Freedom Declaration is based on the 1955 Freedom Charter; and, is a unique document in that for the second time, we the Southern African people, are actively involved in formulating our own vision of an alternative society; the increasing prevalent New World Order of Corporate State oppression and exploitation since 1995 is hereby totally rejected.

Freedom “Declaration” is used instead of “Charter” or “Manifesto” which are both shipping law-of-the-sea terms to keep it a lawful and binding law-of-the-land decree by, for and of the people; the idea of a new SA People’s Freedom Declaration was suggested and agreed upon by the first United People’s Front coalitions in 2021.

“The essence of sovereignty is that the decree of the sovereign makes law.”

The SA United People’s Front is a non-political people’s government made up of different coalitions, kingdoms and states enlisting volunteers and committees  to lay the foundations for an alternative society of direct self-governance based on the will of all the people and beginning with the SA People’s National Referendum;

Thus the people will again meet on the 25th and 26th of June 2022 as some of our forefathers did for the 1955 Freedom Charter, and again it will represent a crucial historical moment in establishing a new order based on the will of we the people; the public have until then to make amendments or changes to this draft declaration;  

The Freedom Charter proclaims that “the people shall govern” and ”Southern Africa belongs to all who live on it” and that “all shall be equal before the law”. It pledges to continue the United People’s Front change campaign and fulfillment of the new 2022 Reconstruction & Development Programme Policy Framework until a new lawful people’s order of direct self-governance by, for and of the people is in place.

Hence, the Charter is a significant document because it embodies the hopes and aspirations of all the different Southern African peoples; united in their diversity; the Rainbow Nation; the people now do govern.

The 2022 Freedom Declaration is to be recorded in the UPF National Recording Office and is to remain un-enacted as a lawful and binding document at common law, customary law, natural law and in all other jurisdictions and is binding on all present and future organs of state.

by: brother-thomas

SA Jural Assembly – a people’s court of common opinion;

common opinion is good authority in law;

kindly email any suggested amendments to

Draft SA People’s Freedom Declaration 2022

We, the Southern African people, declare for all our country and the world to know:

That Southern Africa belongs to all who live on it, black, brown and white, and that no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the people;

That our people have been robbed of their birthright to land, freedom and peace by a form of government founded on injustice and inequality;

That our country will never be prosperous or free until all our people live in brotherhood, enjoying equal rights and opportunities;

That only a (re)publican state, based on the will of all the people, can secure to all their birthright without distinction of colour, race, sex or belief;

And therefore we, the Southern African people, black, brown and white together – equals, countrymen, brothers and sisters – affirm this Freedom Declaration. And we pledge ourselves to strive together, sparing neither strength nor courage, until the changes here set out have been won.


Every man and woman has the right and duty to take their turn in the decision-making of people’s assemblies, committees and courts of direct self-governance;

And, to sit as a jurist in a people’s common law or customary law courts, tribal authority or other people’s forum which make laws;

All people are entitled to take part in the direct self-administration of their local community or national self-governing state or the organic South African Republic;

The rights of the people are the same, regardless of belief, colour, nationality, race, or sex;

All corporate bodies of minority rule, advisory boards, councils and authorities shall be replaced by people’s committees and public organs of direct self-governance;

Local and national referendums must be held on all decisions affecting the people;


State autonomy, independence and sovereignty is the original law of nations;

South Africa is a Republic – in a republican form of government sovereignty is vested in the people for whom the government exists and acts; and,

Every self-determining state has the right to autonomy and self-determination within the Republic while sharing equally in Southern Africa’s national wealth;

All states are to enter into mutual compacts, peace and trade treaties to uphold and maintain the indivisibility of the South African Republic;

All states have equal right to develop their own common or customary laws, courts, banks and governance; to use their own languages, folk culture and customs;

Every state shall be protected by treaty law against insults to their people and state;

Every state will elect a statesman to sit on a national executive council and other offices deemed necessary to represent the South African Republic internationally.


The national wealth of our country, the heritage of all South Africans, shall be restored to the people;

The mineral wealth beneath the soil, the banks and the monopoly industry shall be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole;

All other industry and trade shall be controlled by oversight committees authorised by people’s courts to assist the well-being of the people;

Anti-trust laws are to be instituted against multinational corporations to capture illicit capital flows from Southern Africa into offshore tax havens for SA development;

All people have the right to trade where they choose, to manufacture and to enter all crafts, trades and professions unless regulated by a people’s court.


The land is allodial; feudal tenure is abolished and all Title Deeds are null & void for semantic deceit under colour of law, fraud and for lack of subject matter jurisdiction;

Land Patents will be recorded in a Land Recording Office approved by the people’s assemblies, committees or courts;

All people have the natural right of use and custodianship of a piece of land without having to pay for it other than basic admin costs;

All municipal and state controlled farms and land shall be re-divided, by the relevant tribal authority or people’s land committee, amongst those who wish to work it to ensure food security and banish famine and land hunger;

The state, if possible, shall help the people with equipment, implements, tools and training in eco-friendly, organic, nature farming and sustainable techniques;

All prior commons, communal and un-used public land will be restored back to the local community and administrated by a local people’s land committee;


The power of lawmaking must be restored to the people where it lawfully belongs;

Cases involving people and private businesses and trusts, must be transferred to a people’s court for arbitration; and, failing remedy, a jury, tribal authority or forum;

A people’s court is a customary law tribal authority or a common law jury court or arbitrator approved by, for and of the people assembled;

Only people’s courts have jurisdiction over people, their rights, property, land, minerals, resources, soil, air, fresh water, coastal waters and anything tangible;

And, the local common law or customary law of the place applies;

Legal COURTS OF SOUTH AFRICA only have jurisdiction over contracts between corporate legal fiction entities and must restrict themselves to such business;

The order of things is confounded if every one preserves not his jurisdiction;

Members of the BAR legal system and attorneys are prohibited from taking part in the proceedings of people’s courts, assemblies, committees and or governance;  

Principles of Restorative Justice must be applied by people’s courts in all cases;

Imprisonment does not rehabilitate; prisons must be re-purposed into rehabilitation centres; in a more equitable, fair and just society crime will be greatly reduced;

The police force and army and sheriffs are the helpers and protectors of the people and are obligated to act upon the orders of the people’s courts;


The law guarantees to all their inherent, pre-existing, natural inalienable rights;

Some of the rights of the people are set out in the SA People’s Bill of Rights;

The people have no accountability to the state except before a jury of their peers in a people’s common law court or before a tribal authority in a customary law court;

All are equally accountable before a people’s court no matter their office, title or status; be it corporate or state, public or private;

Where truth is, fiction of law does not exist;

The privacy of the house from police and other raids and shall be protected by law;

All shall be free to travel without restriction within Southern Africa and abroad;

Passes, permits and all other rules restricting these freedoms shall be abolished;

Restrictions can only be ordered by the unanimous ruling of a people’s court;


Poverty, like slavery is man-made and can be undone by the actions of the people;

In a fair society we can immediately end un-employment and a basic income for all;

Every state shall recognise the right and duty of all to work and contribute to society,

There shall be a forty-hour working-week, a better national minimum wage, paid annual leave, sick leave for all workers, and maternity leave for all working mothers;

All who work shall be free to form trade unions, to elect their officers and to make wage agreements with their employers;

Men and women of all races shall receive equal pay for equal work;

Employment must be on a basis of merit; affirmative action is counter-productive, un-economical and places a financial burden on society as a whole;

Free tertiary education and or bursaries is key for skills development;

Civil servants, domestic workers, farm workers and mineworkers have the same rights as all others who work;


Every community shall discover, develop and encourage national talent for the enhancement of their cultural life;

All the cultural treasures of mankind shall be open to all, by free exchange of books, ideas and contact with other lands;

The aim of education shall be to teach the youth the truth, their rights, self-governance, to love their culture, to honour their neighbours, freedom and peace;

Education shall be alternative, free, voluntary and equal for all children;

Higher education and technical training shall be opened to all by means of state trust allowances and scholarships awarded on the basis of merit;

Adult illiteracy and indoctrination shall be ended by a mass state educational plan;

Teachers have all the same rights as all other people equally;


All people shall have the right to live where they choose, to be decently and sustainably housed and to bring up their families in comfort and security;

Unused farming and housing space shall be made available to the people;

Rent and prices shall be lowered; food plentiful and no one shall go hungry;

A natural health scheme shall be run by the state trust;

Free natural health care and hospitalization shall be provided for all, with special care for mothers and young children;

Slums shall be demolished, and new sustainable suburbs built where all have transport, roads, lighting, playing fields, day care and social centres;

The aged, the orphans, the disabled and the sick shall be cared for by the state trust;

Rest, leisure and recreation is the right of all;


South Africa is a fully independent state of sovereign people, which respects the rights and sovereignty of all other nations;

South Africa will strive to maintain world peace and the settlement of all international disputes by peaceful negotiation – not war;

Peace and friendship amongst all our people shall be secured by upholding equal rights, opportunities and status for all;

The self-determining communities, kingdoms, republics and states are free to decide for themselves their own future;

The right of the peoples of Africa to independence and self-government shall be recognised and shall be the basis of close co-operation.


All harmful chemical, farming, industrial, manufacturing, packaging and toxic processes must be phased out for environmentally-friendly and people-friendly ones;

All harmful un-natural processes and technologies must be banned;   

Environmental cleanup, rehabilitation and proper re-cycling of waste is a priority to save the environment from collapse while creating jobs for all;      

Let all who love their people and their country now say, as we say here:

‘These freedoms we will peace for, side by side,

Throughout our lives,

Until we have won all our freedoms.’

The final draft to be affirmed by the people at Kliptown, Joburg, 25 to 26 June, 2022.

SA Aboriginal Summit Report 3 – 5 March

A Southern African Aboriginal Summit was held on the 3rd to the 5th of March 2022 in Citrusdal and was arranged by King Pietie and Prins Johan Muller of the Ixam.

A number of Nama and other Clans attended the Summit from as far afield as Karas and Warmbad in Namibia as well as from Pella in the Northern Cape and the Western Cape;

The aim of the Summit is to discuss and identify a way forward to the autonomy of the Aboriginal Peoples and First Nations for Southern Africa.

Of course, Mr Fanie Fondse had “promised to fund” the event and his failure to do so almost railroaded it; we did, however, warn the organizers beforehand that this would be the case and alternative plans were made; beware of false money prophets that come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves, dear people; you will know them by their fruits…

brother-thomas was invited to speak on autonomy, self-determination, self-governance, emancipation and jurisdiction; in summary:

The late Economics Professor Sampie Terreblanche says in his book, Western Empires, that ‘we cannot understand the challenges of our time without understanding the ways in which 500 years of Western empire building, often with the complicity of the elites of the Restern (rest of the world) world, have shaped our world into the deeply unequal and gratuitously unjust place that it is today’.

Firstly, since 1995 we do not have a lawful government, RSA Inc. is a foreign privately-owned corporation, a “sub-division” of United Nations Incorporated, no different to KFC or Wimpy; controlled by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and merchant banksters; and, their sea rules only apply to corporate legal fictions – bankrupt dummy corporations:

“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.” S.C.R. 1795, (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54)

So, there is clearly a reality of fact versus fiction; this is the law of the sea versus the law of the land; also known as jurisdiction; in fact, only customary law, common law or natural law is the law of the land; and with jurisdiction over reality: that is: land, minerals, water, people and their inherent natural rights;

Now, we have inherent, pre-existing, natural, God-given inalienable rights, some of which are supposedly enshrined in the Bill of Rights;

The theory of the government is that we have surrendered some of our rights to the government so that the government protects the rights that we have not surrendered to the government;

The government derives its powers from the consent of the governed;

The fiction is that we have consented to the surrender of our rights; the reality is that our rights have been stolen from us because the corporation fronting as government monopolises force; it’s a sad and terrible reality;

And, just because we have only listed some rights, it does not mean that there are not others;

And, just because we have given some powers to the limited government, it does not mean we have kept the rest for ourselves, we have;

That’s the concept of limited government; the government must stop when it wants to touch our natural rights, whatever we think our natural rights are;

Because these are the things that we all yearn as people to do; to be free from interference by the government;

If they belong to me as my fingers do then they cannot be taken away by majority vote; they cannot be taken away by legislation; they cannot be taken away by command of the executive; they can only be taken away if I give them up myself;

Such as when committing a crime such as robbing a bank; I rob the bank violate the rights of the depositors; one can then be prosecuted and have my freedom of movement taken away;

So, we can voluntarily surrender our own natural rights but, one cannot surrender someone else’s rights because natural rights are owned by we, the people;

That is the theory of the founding fathers of a republican form of government; read more at:

RSA Inc. departments are merely corporate services providers and the RSA Inc. Constitution is merely a sea charter on how they must act when providing we the people with services; the Constitution is NOT the law of the land – it is an ACT; ACT 108 of 1996, a creature of statute; and a statute is not a law:

“All codes, rules, and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process of Law..”(Rodriques v. Ray Donavan, U.S. Department of Labor, 769 F.2d 1344, 1348 (1985)); …lacking due process of law, in that they are ‘void for ambiguity’ in their failure to specify the statutes’ applicability to ‘natural persons,’ otherwise depriving the same of fair notice, as their construction by definition of terms aptly identifies the applicability of such statutes to “artificial or fictional corporate entities or ‘persons’, creatures of statute, or those by contract employed as agents or representatives, departmental subdivisions, offices, officers, and property of the government, but not the ‘Natural Person’ or American citizen Immune from such jurisdiction of legalism.”

“A “Statute’ is not a Law,” (Flournoy v. First Nat. Bank of Shreveport, 197 La. 1067, 3 So.2d 244, 248),

“A “Code’ is not a Law,” (In Re Self v Rhay Wn 2d 261), in point of fact in Law).”

Therefore, it is the law of the sea and it only has jurisdiction over “corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.”

Read more at:

The Interpretation Act of 1957 and amendments defines ‘person’ as follows:

‘person’ includes-

(a) any divisional council, municipal council, village management board, or like authority;

(b) a company, close corporation or co-operative incorporated or registered in terms of legislation whether in the Republic or elsewhere;

(c) a body of persons corporate or unincorporated;

(d) an estate of a deceased or insolvent person; or

(e) a partnership, trust or trust fund,

but excludes an organ of state unless section 27 applies;

And the inclusion of the above means the exclusion of all else;

Note: we are not persons, we are people; it is “we the people” not “we the persons”; a person is a legal fiction entity that exists only on paper;

Romans 2:11 For, there is no respect of persons with God.

It is through false words used by Courts of SA known as semantic deceit under colour of law that we the people get converted from living creditors into legal fiction debtor “persons”, “chattel” (cattle), “property” and “deceased estates”…

read more at:

Luke: 11:45 Then answered one of the Lawyers, and said to him, Master, so saying, you reproach us also. 46 And he said, Woe to you also you lawyers: for you laid men with burdens grievous to be born, and you your selves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.

Even if RSA was lawful, then officials are merely administrators of what already belongs to the indigenous and Southern African people together equally; the 1955 Freedom Charter declares: “that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white, and that no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the people;”  

Government is our hired help; their only job is to provide we the people with services; and their main job is protection of the people and the Republic; however, by means of trespass with force and fraud we the people and our Republic are being pirated and plundered by foreign corporate privateers working for the global elites, the New World Order cabal, for at least the last 150 years using their foreign banks, corporations, courts, government puppets, politics and mercenaries while employing semantic deceit under colour of law via the BAR legal system to foment and achieve the theft and bankruptcy of South Africa and all other African countries; genoeg is genoeg; it is time for complete de-colonization; read more at:

Now, the indigenous people get “divided, conquered and ruled” by cabal foreign agencies when the one House gets recognized and benefits while the other does not;

RSA Inc. fronting as “government” has no authority to decide who the lawful and rightful kings, chiefs, captains or elders are; they are way in over-reach of their limited sea jurisdiction on customary lands; the land and sea are two separate and distinct jurisdictions and like oil and water cannot mix;

Maxim – The order of things is confounded if every one preserves not his jurisdiction.

The indigenous peoples wishing autonomy and self-determination themselves must declare and establish their own customary courts; and from that their government flows;

Formulate the procedures and rules of your tribal authorities and people’s courts;

Develop the customary law and update it with a Bill of Rights:

Declare your independence;

Re-claim allodial land and title and abandon feudal tenure;

Operate as land express trusts under customary law and not as “sea companies” under international law;

Give recognition to all other Southern African Kingdoms, Chieftains, Tribal Authorities and the like; and, to other international sovereign self-determining indigenous peoples;

Make treaties of mutual barter, trade and exchange and equal share in the national wealth from resources;

Sign a Peace Proclamation;

Elect a wise elder to sit as a Justice for the supreme land court: the Southern African Tribunal for Natural Justice, each nation state electing one wise elder as Justice so as to deliberate on customary issues and to agree with one voice; rulings are binding on all organs of state;

A council of historians ought to be elected by the SATNJ Tribunal and draw up basic guidelines as to how to decide who is lawful and who is not; of course, according to customary law the community must be consulted on all major decisions; and leaders must naturally be approved by the community;

The important thing now is to unite in our diversity to bring about change quickly and then iron out the finer details afterwards, which could take years;

Further, when indigenous peoples “register” any entities then control, ownership and jurisdiction is given to the cabal; therefore, a land recording office is being established where all lawful land records will be kept;

Further, all federal reserve bank currency is fiat currency – it is merely debt “money” loaned into existence by a non-permanent banking system that was meant to be ended and liquidated in 1933 already by the Chicago Plan and Glass Steagal Acts;

Read more at: and

So, the global elite get to confiscate your mineral wealth and give you an overdraft of debt on which you must pay interest when they should be paying you; then with hyperinflation formulas and runaway debt that you can NEVER pay back, they get to keep the loot; this is a simple switch and bait scam to ensure they eventually own and control everything;        

Whenever you make any agreements with these corporate devil’s you always give up way more than what you get in return; therefore, establish your own express trusts not companies and run all operations yourself; with a sound business plan done in phases, one can get private funding to kick-start your own projects;


We are being robbed blind by fake banks and fake courts and fake governments using fake rules; to enslave us and convert us from living creditors into legal fiction debtors;

II Peter 2:3 And through covetousness will they with feigned words, make merchandise of you, whose judgement now of a long time lingers not, and their damnation slumbers not.

It is a well-established principle of law that: Fraud vitiates a contract.

It’s all null and void; it’s time to start afresh; liquidate and foreclose the bankrupt dummy corporation and lay the foundations for an alternative society; restore the natural order of things; restore the authority of customary law and common law;

SA Jural Assembly is assisting the first Southern African kingdoms with the necessary paperwork and process for their autonomy, self-determination and self-governance; we invite the Ixam, Khoi, San and other indigenous peoples to take part; to remain independent but give recognition and unite with other kingdom states;

It’s all about recognition; when we are the majority then we win; so, focus on what unites us now and settle the differences later;  

The essence of sovereignty is that the decree of the sovereign makes law!!!


To expatriate your Community, Kingdom, or State from RSA Inc. download the following templates and change them accordingly:

SAR Declaration of Independence – 2021.10

SAR Bill of Rights – 2021.10

SAR Settlement Covenant – 2021.10

SAR Sovereign Letters Patent – 2020.10

International Peace Proclamation – 2021.10

For a good example of this process see:

Make your Declaration! Take part in the SA People’s National Referendum:

Encourage your Kingdom, Republic or State to unite and join the United People’s Front:

Education is the most powerful weapon the people can use to bring about change; follow the UPF Bitchute Channel for all recordings at:

Read the Giftoftruth pages and follow it for all the latest posts and recordings at:

Gift of Truth telegram Channel has now been set up:

The people shall govern;

In peace, brother-thomas

SA Jural Assembly

A people’s court of conscience

The people are far stronger than the globalists

The tyrants are terrified of the mass awakening taking place now.

Global tyrants like Trudeau are terrified of the mass awakening that’s accelerating. The more coercion, violence and outright terrorism that governments unleash against their own citizens — such as Canada stealing bank funds from innocent, peaceful protesters — the more quickly the realization spreads that governments are now the terrorists of the world.

The most dangerous institution in the country in which you live is probably your own government. This is true whether you live in America, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and so on. They have all turned to terrorism and tyranny to try to crush dissent and achieve mass extermination milestones directed by depopulation globalists.

On the positive side, once the critical mass of awakening is achieved, the globalist cabal will be outnumbered 1000 to 1 by informed, courageous, pro-liberty citizens of the world who will dismantle the global prison planet grid and remove the tyrants from power.

Once that happens, amazing things will take place such as the release of suppressed technology that has kept humanity enslaved for centuries. (Free energy tech, for example, and advanced medical / healing technologies.)

The future of the human race is a future without centralized governments, fiat currencies, Big Pharma monopolies and corrupt government enforcers such as the FBI or RCMP. It’s a future of local, grassroots power combined with the decentralization of everything: Food, money, medicine, government, knowledge, tech and more.

We the People no longer need centralized governments to “rule” over us. They are obsolete. And they are dangerous to us all.

To try to trap humanity in chaos and despair, the globalists are right now planning on unleashing false flag cyber attacks against the US financial infrastructure, power grid and telecommunications systems. This was just confirmed earlier today by America’s top Homeland Security official, Mayorkas. He warned these attacks would come from Russia, but we know they are actually set to be unleashed by the black hat deep state actors, acting as domestic terrorists in order to crush America while blaming Russia for the emergency.

This is a time to be prepared for anything, but don’t lose sight of the fact that these acts of deep state desperation are signs of weakness, not strength. The global deep state cabal is going to be disassembled and eradicated from planet Earth. It’s just a question of how much death and suffering humanity will have to endure along the path to that outcome.

LIVE: Southern Africa Jural Assembly: the common law people’s court of conscience | Michelle Mountain and Brother Thomas

By Loving Life 26 Feb 2022

8 PM (CAT) on Saturday 26 February 2022

Tonight we have Miss South Africa (1989) Michelle Mountain and Brother Thomas joining us to discuss the objectives and need for a Southern Africa Jural Assembly. A new legal system that separates us from the illegal and secret corporation called Republic of South Africa (SEC CIK #0000932419) under which we currently unknowingly serve.


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Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion

Day 2 – Historical Background

A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices” who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

Through showing a complete picture of what we are facing, including the geopolitical and historical backdrop – the proceeding is meant to create awareness about
the factual collapse of the current, hijacked system and its institutions, and, as a consequence
the necessity for the people themselves retaking their sovereignty, and
the necessity to first stop this plandemic´s measures by refusing to comply, and
the necessity to jump-start their own new system of health care, education, economics and judiciary, so that democracy and the rule of law on the basis of our constitutions will be reestablished.

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SA People’s Referendum Committee Volunteers required

The South African People’s National Referendum is underway and online for only a few days, but there are already 15 000 people who made the Declaration and claim as a beneficiary and shareholder of the South African Republic Trust (c); gratitude to the Yes Movement for driving the Referendum along with the other UPF coalitions;

All coalitions, communities and states are uniting as United People’s Front – UPF SA – to achieve our vision of an alternative society; out with the old, in with the new;

Direct self-governance; no-one gets left out; everyone gets to their way;

SA Jural Assembly is monitoring the Referendum to ensure it is free and fair; no sell-outs;

Volunteers for the Referendum Committee with basic admin skills are invited to contact;

Read more about the United People’s Front at:

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Feel free to invite your coalition to join the United People’s Front;

The people shall (soon) govern! The faster you take action, the faster it will happen;

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