UPF Month End Report

This has been a challenging month for the United People’s Front, to say the least, but after some housecleaning we are back on track and united more than ever before on the mission of restoring people sovereignty and laying the foundation of we the people’s vision of an alternative society by, for and of the people.

Keep in mind that everything done is on a voluntary basis and we will not get funding from any organizations within the system. So, we need volunteers for all the various committees to address every aspect of direct self-governance. And, donations are most welcome; without your help we are limited in what we can do; kindly email sajuralassembly@gmail.com for SA Reboot donation account details.

The South African Sovereign People’s Movement was launched in May by Advocate Thekiso and already gaining much support; education of people sovereignty over state sovereignty is most important. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to peacefully change the world.

The ZAR Boervolk will soon be issuing Foreign States Diplomatic Immunity Cards for their people. With enough volunteers to manage a UPF Committee we too will be able to launch SAR cards for the general public and educate them on how and when to use them as a defence against foreign agents from RSA Inc., UN, WHO and others.

June month is Freedom Declaration month; on 25 of June we will be gathering in Kliptown, Joburg to affirm the first interim SA People’s Freedom Declaration. This will either be a historical event if we the people win; otherwise we will be written out of history if the New World Order wins… it’s all up to you the people. Ask yourself: How much does freedom mean to me?

We invited as many people as we could to give input and to make contributions over the last month. Changes to the 2022 Interim Freedom Declaration will be made with all acceptable lawful proposals. Every year a review will be made of the Declaration until everyone is happy with it. It must be by, for and of the people.

This is a most important document because it is a principle of common law that the decree of the sovereign makes law – this is the first common law document by, for and of the people. We hope to see you in Kliptown Park on the 25th of June.

We are going to spend half the day cleaning up the park so bring gloves, overalls,  rubbish bags, rakes, food, water, picnic blankets and so forth; we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

The people shall soon govern!

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