The Message Isn’t Getting Through

By Anna Von Reitz

Numerous times and in various contexts I have warned everyone to guard yourselves from distraction — the magician’s trick of sidetracking you and ensnaring your attention, so that you place your attention where he wants it, instead of where you need it to be.

We are not here to study Federal Code nor to understand the procedures and rules of foreign courts. Our mission is to rapidly learn our own American Common Law and stand up our own courts, so that the foreign courts can be peaceably ousted.

This does not imply that the foreign courts will cease to exist; there will always be a need for courts to adjudicate issues that arise at sea and issues that result in the realm of commerce. The difference is, once we lift up our own courts, they will no longer be able to misaddress us.

We will have our own courts and those courts will be competent to address living people.

That is the goal. This is how we can shut down these predatory foreign courts and put an end to their pillaging and plundering. The sooner the better.

So it’s our job to learn American Common Law and we have several very viable courses and means to do this.

Seen from this perspective it is clear that spending time and effort learning foreign law — is a distraction. It takes our attention and our resources away from what we actually need to do to solve the problem.

Studying Federal Codes and State-of-State statutes and foreign Supreme Court rulings only enmeshes us deeper in their law and does nothing toward uplifting and enforcing and enjoying the benefits of our own.

We have our own Supreme Court rulings to study, our own traditions and rules and procedures. And the sooner we bear down and stand up our own courts, the sooner we are done dealing with these foreign courts.

So, please — cease and desist from following after the magicians and get your attention centered back on what you need to do for yourselves.


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2 thoughts on “The Message Isn’t Getting Through

  1. Hi bt what are we to do in the meantime, as our courts are not up as yet. when we get to their courts we need to know their statues to protect ourselves? ??

    1. Hi Desiree, firstly we must avoid their courts at all costs; however, if they try drag us there then we have the right to arbitration and section 34 of the Bill of Rights; and, justify it by making a simple declaration that SA Courts are no longer affordable, credible or legitimate; hope this helps;

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