The US government wants journalists and protesters in prison

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Last week, a federal prosecutor told a jury that a journalist’s knowledge of terms like “black bloc” and police “kettling” was cause for suspicion. Photojournalist Alexei Wood faced 50 years in prison for getting swept up in a mass arrest during the inaugural protests. He was acquitted Thursday, but 188 others who were arrested during the J20 protests still face 50-60 years each, accused of conspiracy for merely attending.

While perpetrating a massive redistribution of wealth, the US government isn’t simply trying to stifle protest, it is attempting to criminalize our ability to discuss protest. In the face of such fascistic repression, front line movement coverage has never been so crucial.

At Truthout, we have laid the groundwork to fight on our front: to defend the greatly reduced landscape of independent news. We cannot allow the only narratives about this political moment to be molded by corporate forces. We…

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