Until the New Bank Comes….

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172a3-judge2banna Judge Anna von Reitz

What can you do to help get through the transition safely and not have everything at risk in corporate banks?

1. There are IRA/401K options that allow you to buy gold and keep it at home or wherever else you like in your own keeping. Consider transferring your IRA/401K into physical gold and simply keeping it in a home safe.

2. Remember— always—- that Postal Money Orders are backed by gold and are easily exchanged for any form of currency on the planet. A Postal Money Order is like the “cash of all cashes”.

Unlike physical gold, a PMO is as easy to transport as any paper currency. And although it is totally fungible like a currency, you can — if you wish — restrict who can use it similar to a check, simply by filling out the information sections or not.

I have always liked…

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1 thought on “Until the New Bank Comes….

  1. Here in New Zealand, we have started a network of savings pools to enable our members access to loans without having to go through a bank. Thus far we have helped a member finance a second hand electric car and a salt water solar battery (as well as numerous smaller loans for dental work, to pay off credit cards, tuition bills, etc) for their PVC system. We have also joined together with other savings pools to finance 5 mortgages – something we’re particularly proud of.

    See http://le.org.nz/savings-pools

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