They Stole Your Name. Now, They’ve Stolen Your DNA

By Anna Von Reitz

And you gave it to them — voluntarily.

If you were injected, you also committed suicide — voluntarily.

You also waived your right to know what was in those injections — voluntarily.

You forfeited your identity as a human being — voluntarily.

You became a Genetically Modified Organism — voluntarily.

You lost all your Natural Rights and Human Rights and Civil Rights — voluntarily.

You are now, supposedly, owned as property under patent by corporations — voluntarily.

They have life insurance policies on you so that they profit when you die as a result of the injections — voluntarily.

Meantime, any private life insurance policy you bought for your family is voided because you took the shot — voluntarily.

Just like you paid federal income taxes — voluntarily.

Just like you waived your estate and birthright as an American — voluntarily.

Just like you accepted a foreign title to your land — voluntarily.

Just like you gave it all to the Queen and the Pope — voluntarily.

There’s just no end to the stupid stuff you’ve done to yourself and your family and your community and your country and your world, and purportedly, you did all this voluntarily.

And because you are standing there like a dumb cow and not protesting and not saying anything different and not recording your objections to this on the public record, there’s no proof in the world that it isn’t all voluntary, either.

We Tin Hats saw this coming, and we claimed our DNA forever on the public record, and we got organized and we pulled our State Assemblies together and we established a Public Law against corporate claims to own people via genetic alterations, too.

It may be a bit late in the day for you, but at least you could do something for future generations by declaring your political status and claiming your DNA on the public record and making it clear that, no, this was not “voluntary” and was not “fully disclosed”.


See this article and over 3500 others on Anna’s website here:

SA Jural Assembly Comment: the DNA claim is in the SA Emancipation documents:

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