The Following Secrets Will Change Your World Forever: Mark-kishon: Christopher

SA Jural Assembly Comment: Very educational; however, this is only one method to free oneself; however, one does not have to sack a corporation fronting as government; especially if it is bankrupt; merely, foreclose the bankrupt dummy corporation, thereby voiding all international contracts and treaties as well as the UPU; all that remains is the original law of nations;

Before you do this, FIRST establish your people’s government, beginning with the people’s courts; from that flows your committees or states assemblies;

South Africa does not follow English Common Law; all Crown and Vatican contracts and treaties from 1302 are null and void for semantic deceit under colour of law;

Maxim – Nothing is so natural as to dissolve anything in the way in which it was bound together; therefore the obligation of words is taken away by words; the obligation of mere consent is dissolved by the contrary consent.

The process for Allodial Africa at Customary Law is very different;

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