Common Law Truth – Santos Bonacci

This video may be old but, what santos is saying is 100% true and correct. When one considers the implications that ALL bills are prepaid and that governments are double-dipping by coercing you with trespass by force and fraud to pay again for the same bill from your pocket when they have already claimed it from your STRAWMAN using the Bills of Exchange Act and UCC – Uniform Commercial Code.

And, because governments are not following the simplicity and geometrically perfect Bills of Exchange system, it is in fact the main cause for the massive bubble of global debt that is going to burst shortly. If, we settled bills properly then it would begin contracting the bubble of debt and reduce inflation. However, it is still a global ponzi scheme so we need to create alternative baskets of barter, trade, exchange and money not linked to any commercial banking system.

This is clear and simple proof that governments are purposefully trying to sink their own countries… For South Africa we are going to escalate this matter all the way to the Constitutional Court for one last time. And, if they do not provide remedy then we the people will. The people shall govern.

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