Warm  welcome to the first people’s court of Southern Africa for over 100 years since the Boer and Zulu Wars when the colonials finally enforced their draconian laws of the sea on we, the people;

In 1955 the people rejected the current apartheid laws again and responded with the Defiance Campaign and the 1955 Freedom Charter which led to a regime change in 1994;  however, we know now it was a sell-out from whistle-blowers such as Ronnie Kasrils and Terror Lekota; 21 Years later and now every country in the world knows that something is seriously amiss…

Sign the freedom Charter

time to take action… enter the Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa, aka Unified Grand Jury ZA, hereinafter UZA first people’ courts, forums and tribunals on the land at natural law where all are equal and accountable, since 1910; 

Affirmed as the Southern Africa Chapter of the committee in support of the ITNJ:


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“To the Peoples in and of the World and To All Those to Whom these Presents shall come, be It Known and Declared that:

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is hereby established by this Proclamation, and by Mandate of the People having ratified the ITNJ Treaty, on this the 14th Day of February 2015, in memory of St Valentine who died defending the natural rights of the people this day over 1700 years past.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice shall exist and function according to the Constitution of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice pursuant to the ultimate purpose of realising equal rights and dignity for each member of the human family – restoring truth and reason to the delivery of justice in the world.”


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  1. Bro T, I plan to serve the banks where they will have to prove that I owe them. Must I then continue to pay the accounts or wait for a reply or failure of reply after the 20 day period?

    1. Brother Joseph, follow your own counsel. However, when questions arise as to the nature of the contract and non-disclosure you do have the right to withhold payment until your questions have been answered. For a valid contract to have been entered into, there are 8 elements:

      “At contract law, these eight elements are essential to the creation of a contract:
      1) Offer,
      2) Acceptance,
      3) Intention,
      4) Sufficient and equal consideration,
      5) Mental and lawful capacity to contract,
      6) Legality of purpose,
      7) Gave genuine consent (knowingly, willingly and voluntarily)
      8) Certainty of terms and conditions.”

      AND if the other party knows something that you don’t know AND he knows that you don’t know AND he fails to disclose it to you, it constitutes fraud.
      Download our ‘Nomocracy’ on the Manuals page for more definitions as the following:

      VOIDABLE CONTRACT. One which is void as to wrongdoer but not void as to wronged party, unless he elects to so treat it. Depner v. Joseph Zukin Blouses, 13 Cal.App.2d 124, 56 P.2d 574, 575. See, also, Void.

      ACTIONABLE FRAUD. Deception practiced in order to induce another to part with property or surrender some legal right; a false representation made with an intention to deceive; may be committed by stating what is known to be false or by professing knowledge of the truth of a statement which is false, but in either case, the essential
      ingredient is a falsehood uttered with intent to deceive. Sawyer v. Prickett, 19 Wall. 146, 22 L. Ed. 105.

      To constitute “actionable fraud,” it must appear that defendant made a material representation; that it was false; that when he made it he knew it was false,- or made it recklessly without any knowledge of its truth and as a positive assertion ; that he made it with intention that it should be acted on by plaintiff ; that plaintiff acted in reliance on it; and that plaintiff thereby suffered injury. Blair v. McCool, 136 Or. 139, 295 P. 950, 952.
      Essential elements are representation, falsity, scienter, .deception, and injury. Cobb v. Cobb, 211 N.C. 146, 189 S.E. 479, 482.

  2. I propose a setup of volunteers who can assist people with all these things suggested e.g. remove blacklistings and debt. Unlike what is said (that a lawyer is needed), this is not true. I personally filed rescissions of judgements- 10 of them succesfully at various courts. Didn’t even spend a R200. With minor contributions it can be done. I just don’t know if it will be wise to flood courts with all this matters. Let’s act!

    I am willing to do this full-time even.

  3. wil the ITNJ be effective in enforcing natural law in this vastly admiralty dominated world, considering that the current system may ignore the ITNJ rulings. peoples court does not have the army, police force, sherrifs as admiralty courts do, to enforce the rulin?

    1. Hi Simphiwe, excellent question and a very good assessment; ITNJ is establishing a commission which is to be made up of Interpol and other global enforcement agencies;

      Local military and police heads will be invited to attend the court case and to act on the final judgement; we are setting up our own private peacemakers, all ex-vets; be blessed

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your support; this collection of researched was sponsored by the people who believe that common law and natural justice is the remedy to the current un-sustainable system; please email us at commonlawsa@gmail.com to add you to our mailing list for updates on what is unfolding and how to get involved; in peace

    1. Goeie dag, Jeanne
      dis net jammer dat die res van die wereld nie Afrikaans verstaan nie, ne? Ek het skool vakansies in die Vrystaat op ons familie plaas deur gemaak; toe ek ses was, het ek n gedig by Totius se gedenkbeeld opening gedoen in Potchefstroom; hierdie informasie is vir almal. Op die ‘Common Law Manuals’ bladsy is Volksverraad deur Adv. P.J. Pretorius; Dit sal jou n goeie inleiding gee van ons ware geskiednis 🙂
      geniet, broeder thomas

    2. To learn more about the current legal system in South Africa, i suggest you join Legal Talk South Africa on facebook. Free advice & discussions with attorneys. Most informative!!

      1. Nomzwakazi,
        without prejudice to the living; lawyers are sharks who have no licence to practice law and who use the laws of the sea on our land;

        The law of the land and the law of the sea are oil and water; they do not mix;

        Either you are a living people like us, above the law of the sea; or,
        you are a “citizen” or “person” which are legal fictions.

        The word legal is defined as: “THE UNDOING OF GOD’S LAW”

        That is why the Bible says:
        ¶¶ THE GOSPEL ACCORDING to S. Matthew XXIII: 11 But hee that is greatest among you, shall be your seruant. 12 And whosoeuer shall exalt himselfe, shall be abased: and he that shall humble himselfe, shall be exalted. 13 But woe vnto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; for yee shut vp the kingdom of heauen against men: For yee neither goe in your selues, neither suffer ye them that are entring, to goe in. 14 Woe vnto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; for yee deuoure widowes houses, and for a pretence make long prayer; therefore ye shall receiue the greater damnation. 15 Woe vnto you Scribes and Pharises, hypocrites; for yee compasse Sea and land to make one Proselyte, and when hee is made, yee make him two fold more the childe of hell then your selues. 16 Woe vnto you, yee blind guides, which say, Whosoeuer shall sweare by the Temple, it is nothing: but whosoeuer shal sweare by the gold of the Temple, he is a debter. 17 Ye fooles and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the Temple that sanctifieth the gold? 18 And whosoeuer shall sweare by the Altar, it is nothing: but whosoeuer sweareth by the gift that is vpon it, he is guiltie. 19 Ye fooles and blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the Altar that sanctifieth the gift? 20 Who so therefore shall sweare by the Altar, sweareth by it, and by all things thereon. 21 And who so shall sweare by the Temple, sweareth by it, and by him that dwelleth therein. 22 And he that shall sweare by heauen, sweareth by the throne of God, and by him that sitteth thereon. 23 Woe vnto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; for yee pay tithe of mint, and annise, and cummine, and haue omitted the weightier matters of the Law, iudgement, mercie and faith: these ought ye to haue done, and not to leaue the other vndone. 24 Ye blind guides, which straine at a gnat, and swallow a camel. 25 Woe vnto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; for yee make cleane the outside of the cup, and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excesse.
        26 Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may bee cleane also. 27 Woe vnto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for yee are like vnto whited sepulchres, which indeed appeare beautifull outward, but are within full of dead mens bones, and of all vncleannesse. 28 Euen so, yee also outwardly appeare righteous vnto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisie and iniquitie. 29 Woe vnto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because ye build the tombes of the Prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, 30 And say, If wee had beene in the dayes of our fathers, wee would not haue bene partakers with them in the blood of the Prophets. 31 Wherefore ye bee witnesses vnto your selues, that yee are the children of them which killed the Prophets. 32 Fil ye vp then the measure of your fathers. 33 Yee serpents, yee generation of vipers, How can yee escape the damnation of hell? 34 Wherefore behold, I send vnto you Prophets, and wisemen, and Scribes, and some of them yee shall kill and crucifie, and some of them shall yee scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from citie to citie: 35 That vpon you may come all the righteous blood shed vpon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel, vnto the blood of Zacharias, sonne of Barachias, whom yee slew betweene the temple and the altar. 36 Uerily I say vnto you, All these things shal come vpon this generation. 37 O Hierusalem, Hierusalem, thou that killest the Prophets, and stonest them which are sent vnto thee, how often would I haue gathered thy children together, euen as a hen gathereth her chickens vnder her wings, and yee would not? 38 Behold, your house is left vnto you desolate. 39 For I say vnto you, yee shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that commeth in the Name of the Lord.

        In these uncertain times we would be careful of the company we keep; in peace, be blessed, brother-thomas

  4. Hello Bro Thomas, your are correct when you say education will liberate us from the current status quo. I have been educating myself through your web pages and have read all you have provided. Your are doing sterling work. I have completed am ready to file all the documents found on your website w.r.t. renouncing citizenship, peace declaration and registering the Trust (including the creation of own Family Flag) etc.

    I would like to share what happened to me yesterday in the Kuilsriver District of Cape Town. I really need your assistance because I do not fully understand the legal technicalities. Whilst driving my vehicle at about 14H30 on a public road two traffic officers pulled me over and wanted to confiscate my cell phone because, according to them, I was driving with my cell phone in my right hand. I was not calling anyone or texting. I merely looked at the phone to check if there was an incoming call. I was then presented with a “CAPE TOWN TRAFFIC SERVICES Impound Receipt” to the value of R1100.00 as well as a “CITY OF CAPE TOWN NOTICE TO APPEAR IN COURT” the value of R500.00 for a traffic violation of driving with a cell in my right hand’. The question I ask myself is …What’s the difference between driving with a tin of cold drink or with cigarette in my hand as opposed to driving with a cell phone in my hand??? Go figure!

    This incident with traffic officers has now given me a reason to fast-track the process of filing my documentation. Please, I would like your help in this matter because I want to do it in the correct manner. I would like to forward the documents to you via email for your perusal so I can be sure that I have completed them correctly. Kindly provide your current email please.

    For the past two years I have also been mobilising our community of about seven hundred houses in the complex to challenge our Home Owners Associations Constitution in court. Some residents have already stopped paying their levies but they have been hounded by the Sheriff who has repossessed their property. We have bound ourselves to it at the time of signing the offers to purchase. About two years ago I was elected, by our concerned neighbours, as one of the six community elected committee members for our informal home owners association because we do not have representation in the form of trustees . We the people are bound by an unjust constitution which was drafted by the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC). The residents do not have a voice in the daily running of the complex because it is stated in the constitution that only when the last home is sold will we the people in the complex be invited to join the Formally Registered Home Owners Association as co-trustees. The problem is that Developer has retained some of the units with the intention of renting them out indefinitely. This means that we the people will never have a say the last property will never be sold.

    We have regular meetings and in our last meeting I have been mandated to seek legal council to remedy the situation; which is why I am now posting this reply to you to request your assistance.

    My intention is to introduce my community to all I have learnt from you so they can file all their documentation to renounce citizenship at the same time for maximum effect. We can then start our own Common Law Court which will serve the people and not be enslaved by the courts of the current system.

    The developers are planning a phase 2 development (about another 700) who will be bound by the same unjust constitution. In addition there is another fully established development of another 1000 houses in a secure complex two roads away from us whom I would like to introduce to your ideas too.

    Eventually I would like to have the all the communities in our area to join the fight for sovereignty (i.e. Blackheath, Blue Downs, Eersteriver and Kuilsriver).

    You could also send me an email so we can discuss the donation arrangements. In our next meeting I would like to establish how much the residents per household are prepared to donate to your cause and for your simultaneous assistance.
    My email is hdi100.projects@Gmail.com

    Thanking you in anticipation, peace and truth.

    Craig of the Family Petersen

  5. Shalom to all,

    This is all hearsay until legitimate proof can be put forward.


    Our Republic has been deceptively hijacked by a foreign corporation; …Proof please…

    Since 1994, RSA is a company registered in New York and trading on the Luxemborg stock exchange and we are not the shareholders; …Proof please…

    The shareholders of RSA are the descendants of the colonial slave masters; …Proof please…

    Our ID’s are now registered as assets and trading on the stock markets; …Proof please…

    Every I.D is an account; trading with huge value, but we are denied access; …Proof please…


    Legally and lawfully there is no debt, it’s all pre-paid; …Proof please…
    The world and it’s money is controlled by a global elite; …Proof please…
    Our banks are still owned by the same colonial slave merchant families; …Proof please…

    Kind regards and in peace,

    1. Brother,

      without prejudice, but what you are asking me to do is re-write all our investigations which is on these pages; you will have to educate yourself and then challenge what is written; i suggest you start with the common law manuals page; Read Giftoftruth – SA guide to sovereignty & commerce and the other manuals all relate to the proof you seek; You can also search for a topic in the few thousand posts made over the last 2 years regarding the federal reserve bank ponzi scheme and banking fraud; this will take you a while; no spoon feeding here; in peace

      1. Shalom BT,

        I do not request that you re-write anything, only to include sources and or links when making these statements. I do not question your work at all and appreciate what you do, but a claim without a credible source is a theory.

        Just received your latest mail and will look through it.

        PS. I hate email cause we can come across as tempered when that is far from the emotion I want to convey.

        Kind regards


      2. Hi,

        no problem; i suppose links will help, but every manual on the common law manuals page deals with different aspects of this global agenda and answer your questions; However, all signs are indicating that right now the system is busy collapsing as we speak and therefore i advise you to rather spend your time with loved ones and engage in basic prepping; 2015 is going to be the year of truth when everything comes to a head; from finances to the weather; our bank runs will happen shortly; strengthen your faith, you will need it; i pray that i am wrong; in peace

    2. David,

      here is proof of RSA (PTY) LTD:


      0001193125-12-006763.txt : 20120109
      0001193125-12-006763.hdr.sgml : 20120109
      ACCESSION NUMBER: 0001193125-12-006763
      FILED AS OF DATE: 20120109
      DATE AS OF CHANGE: 20120109


      CENTRAL INDEX KEY: 0000932419
      IRS NUMBER: 000000000
      FISCAL YEAR END: 1231

      SEC ACT: 1934 Act
      SEC FILE NUMBER: 333-163821
      FILM NUMBER: 12518295

      STATE: DC
      ZIP: 20008
      BUSINESS PHONE: 021 464 6100

      STATE: T3
      ZIP: 0001

      FILED BY:

      CENTRAL INDEX KEY: 0000932419
      IRS NUMBER: 000000000
      FISCAL YEAR END: 1231


      STATE: DC
      ZIP: 20008
      BUSINESS PHONE: 021 464 6100

      STATE: T3
      ZIP: 0001

      Filed Pursuant to Rule 433
      Registration No. 333-163821
      January 9, 2012
      Final Term Sheet

      Final Terms and Conditions
      Republic of South Africa
      US$1,500,000,000 Fixed Rate Twelve Year Notes

      Issuer: Republic of South Africa

      Securities: Global Notes

      Settlement Date: January 17, 2012 (T+5)

      Expected ratings: A3 (Moody’s) / BBB+ (S&P) / BBB+ (Fitch)

      Size: US$1,500,000,000

      Format: SEC Registered Global (No. 333-163821)

      Ranking: Unsecured

      Maturity Date: January 17, 2024

      Interest Payment Dates: January 17 and July 17, beginning July 17, 2012

      Redemption: Not redeemable by the Issuer prior to maturity

      Coupon: 4.665% per annum (payable semi-annually, 30 / 360)

      Re-offer price: 100%

      Re-offer yield: 4.665%

      Benchmark bond: UST 2.00% due November 2021

      Benchmark cash price*: 100-10

      Benchmark yield*: 1.965%

      Re-offer spread over Benchmark: + 270 bps

      Listing: Luxembourg Stock Exchange

      Minimum denominations: US$100,000 and integral multiples of US$1,000 in
      excess thereof

      CUSIP: 836205AQ7

      ISIN: US836205AQ75

      Governing Law: New York

      Joint Lead Managers: Barclays Capital, Citigroup

      Co-Managers: Nedbank Capital, Rand Merchant Bank

      B&D: Citigroup
      * Market data as of pricing
      Note: A securities rating is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities and may be subject to revision or withdrawal at any time.
      The issuer has filed a registration statement (including a prospectus) with the SEC for the offering to which this communication relates. Before you invest, you should read the prospectus in that registration statement and other documents the issuer has filed with the SEC for more complete information about the issuer and this offering. You may get these documents for free by visiting EDGAR on the SEC’s website at http://www.sec.gov. A prospectus supplement of the Republic of South Africa (which includes the prospectus) accompanies the free-writing prospectus supplement and is available from the SEC’s website at: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/932419/000119312512005862/d267756d424b3.htm.
      Alternatively, the issuer, any underwriter or any dealer participating in the offering will arrange to send you the prospectus if you request it by calling Barclays Capital Inc. at +1 (800) 438-3242; or Citigroup Global Markets Inc. at +1 (877) 858-5407.

  6. Really guys, you ‘threw me off’ with ur pentagram & all the new-age enlightenment horse manure. I mean come on…A pentagram? Why go there? It has NOTHING to do with offering people much needed help with the current dilemma we all are facing & will in fact only cause you to lose credibility as a viable technical solution especially with the low numbers u have in terms of support for the grand jury.

    1. Most people see symbols and figures and have no idea what they are and what they stand for not to speak of their origin! We are simply sharing information to raise the level of awareness about how we give expression to ourselves to comprehend who and what we are. When you read and watch the video it will make more sense to have a deeper understanding. This information has been withheld from the people with the effect that it is either rejected as new-age because it makes them feel uncomfortable (see welcome page about cognitive dissonance) or through indoctrination as being antichrist like, therefore the low level of awareness and ignorance. However with out comprehension of who and what we as humans are, we stand little chance to defend ourselves. The elite cabal know these things to the T and use it to their advantage and by simply keeping people in ignorance, ignorance is one of their best weapons, because their game is up when we start to comprehend their strategies for controlling the masses and that is why it has everything to do about offering People much needed help. If we don’t know where we are it does not matter where we want to go, if we don’t know the “enemy” we don’t know how to attack or defend. We see this even in sports, the opponent is studied deeply, whether they like, dislike, approve or disapprove of the opponent’s strategy matters not. Only then can counter measures be created and taken. Each one is at a different level of awareness and therefore we will have criticism and accept it as that and still hold no grudge over anyone. You are free to express your views and we encourage it, that is how we learn. All things happen I divine order we are not here to fix a broken system, we are here to stake our claim just as the elite cabal did and which no one rebutted, so they took tacit agreement by default and that is why we have the problems in the world we have with the system today. The system will change when we change (cause and effect), we will not sit around and wait for the system change before we change. The problems we face today started with our ignorance to the things the cabal already knew and use against us. The elite cabal will always attempt to be one step ahead of the masses and thus stay in command. They know very well that the ignorance of the people will cause the people to argue and thus divide them and neutralise their power, they have become masters of the game few people are even aware of or the rules of the game they play. While we are compartmentalized through ignorance in the matrix everyone for himself, the cabal don’t need to be many to defeat the masses! Willemm I invite you to watch the video and to leave another comment, please? Then I think you will have a new insight in to what you may now term new-age horse manure LOL!

      It is good never to just accept things but to question them, however it is also good to investigate things properly and then question it.

      In loving Peace!

      bb (brother ben)

      1. Thanks for the response Ben, I’ll definitely watch the links you gave me…BUT, my point was mainly that its a ‘technical instrument’ that’s being developed & has no concrete link to the philosophy being presented. If there is a debt obligation to the government through the CQV trust then there is a liability on our part to respond & there must be a technical solution to the situation. We unwittingly take part in this trust relationship & its a legal thing not philosophical.

    1. Yes it is so sad and sickening to see that our county has this element in it. The problem is that there is only recourse after such event and that is too late because then the damage is already done! Wish I knew the answer to this problem besides the recourse of criminal pursuit.

  7. mind=blown!!! Thanks for the awesome content. I am so pissed off right now. Was voluntarily sequestrated a good few years ago. The estate was settled & the banks got paid out recently now all i need to do is apply to the courts to be ‘rehabilitated’. Is there anything I can do to rectify my status – not sure what I am asking but would like to avoid having to hire an ‘attorney’. Had i known back then what i know now things would be very different indeed. Is there anything I can do to exact some kind of restitution from them? How does on access the ‘trust account’ represented by the ‘birth certificate’? Does my ‘bankruptcy’ affect the available balance available for use?

    Again, thanks a million!

    1. Educate, educate, educate is the key, become an adult in the eyes of the law and they will stop to treat you like an ill-minded child of the state (ward of the court) Understand that the trust created by your BC (birth certificate) is not your possession. You have absolutely no say over it, it belongs to the government and the reserve bank. If I create a trust without your knowledge that I used your name as the name of the trust it is my trust irrespective of whether I used your name or not and you have no say in it at all because it is my trust, well the same for the trust that was created with your BC. However there is a twist to it because you are the beneficiary to the BC created trust and just as in an deceased estate where you are the beneficiary you can give the trustee an order to pay out of the trust (if it has any funds available – which the BC create trust does have) the liabilities of the beneficiary. One single entity can only hold two of the three positions (grantor, trustee, beneficiary) in a trust so the choice is yours and if you don’t make it the government will make it for you to your detriment. What they do in the court is to make themselves the beneficiary and keep you as trustee liable for the liability. If you have been sequestrated it only means that at that specific time you did not have enough money to fulfil your role as trustee and have no effect on the trust funds what so ever, there is more than enough to go around. Remember you are a living breathing, flesh and blood being and if you should die how much money can I bring to get you back? Not all the money in the world will bring you back! So you are worth an infinite amount of money when push comes to shove and also the reason the worlds money supply just seem to grow infinitely (seven and a half billion infinite beings on earth multiplied by infinite worth is a mighty amount of money!) Just as they used your BC to fund their account you can create your own trust in which you (the living breathing, flesh and blood being) John Doe (Capitis Diminutio minima) is the grantor and trustee and your BC name (Capitis Diminutio maxima) JOHN DOE (legal fiction) is the beneficiary and fund your account. Now your trust and their trust share a common denominator the BC name and now you are behind a trust too and can set-off any amount thrown your way! Again educate, educate, learn how to do this the correct way or you will be burnt! All of the best in your effort to learn!

      In Peace!

  8. I have read and downloaded some of your documents they are amazing. This is what I have been looking for .Please find some time to respond i have several questions. Thank you in advance. Kim pollard (609) 312 2624

    1. Apologies, incredibly busy and do my best to get to everyone. Strive to give the best information however we are far from perfect and there is always room for improvement thank you Me. Pollard. You are welcome to make suggestions and hope you find something of value in every piece. If you are from the states you may be interested in the wonderful work done by the National Liberty Alliance. Feel free to ask questions too we all learn each time.

      In Peace!

  9. What happens after survng a notices of understanding intent and claim of right ive norresponse from any parties?

    1. Hi Anthony,

      the claim of right and intent is merely stating what jurisdiction you are in; in any court they gain jurisdiction by plea of guilty, not guilty or silence. They will continue their charade and still judge against you. The best now is to offer to settle it. Go to the Legal Defence page and the Bills of Exchange page on how to use money of exchange and not cash money. Follow the guidelines on the front page of each document you download. If you have any questions then, please ask them at the bottom of the relevant page.

      In Peace

  10. I served the courts a notice of understanding intent and claim of right for seatbelt trial what should I expect when I go to trial

  11. Hello I wanted to know what happens after serving the notices of understanding intent and claim of right? I served the courts for a seatbelt ticket before trial

  12. The end of the apartheid capitalist government
    On Monday morning 10 March a fire destroyed the home of the Sylvester family living at 103 Manenberg Avenue leaving 16 people destitute. Residents gathered and assisted the family through this ordeal. Residents moved the rubble out of the house and onto the sidewalk. For the last four days the City has failed to remove the rubble.
    Today the 14 March a group of residents decided to dumb the rubble at the doors of the City housing office. The City undertook to have the rubble removed however later in the day they informed us that: “We are unable to remove the rubble because this is a private residence and the owner must hire people and move it themselves”. This confirms the point we have been making all along. The government is a business, its purpose is to make money from its “citizens”. Its purpose is not to pick up rubble.
    A group of residents them revisited the City’s housing office to inform them that: “as the City of Cape Town is a bank we are terminating our contract with you as the people of Manenberg. We will come together on Monday 17 March in the spirit of peace and friendship to take back what belongs to us. We call on the people of Manenberg to come and join the African celebration. The Buffalo Soldier, dreadlock Rasta, is back on African soil.
    To – Patricia de Lille, Helen zille and Jacob zuma, please report to the Manenberg housing office at 8am on Monday 17 March. We witnessed staff locking themselves up in offices, extremely scared and are living in fear because you have abandoned them. We told them we mean them no harm, those are our brothers and sisters, it’s time to unite as one.
    (“could you be love, don’t let them change you or rearrange you, you got a life to live, only the fittest of the fittest shall survive, stay alive”)

    1. Hi,

      we are setting the same up with etolls. the original invoice can be indorsed for settlement as payment for money. No problem. We busy tracking down exactly where the original invoices are being printed so that we can send them a notice. somewhere in dept of transport… you can help if you want.

  13. So let me try and understand this plan of action. The People are calling for a Constitutional Referendum based on common law, in other words there is no basis for this constitutional referendum as laid out in the constitution. So it is a question of the Peoples will to exert their influence over the current status quo (to implement / formalise common law) and to do this we the people need to mobilise sign the petition and be on the streets or at constitution hill to express our desire for change. Typically a referendum is a yes or no answer ~ what is the question the referendum will be addressing

    1. Hi Nic,

      this action is similar to the actions around the 1955 Freedom Charter, the only People’s declaration. We are doing it again. Government cannot change the status quo, they only administrate the law. It’s up to the People to create precedent. The more we use this, the more common it will become. Read the Your Rights page.

      This all started, as you know, when various groups of people were made aware and started investigating and finding more evidence as more and more whistle-blowers are coming forward. A group of people started a forum to discuss common natural law based on original jurisdiction. We have been following groups such as the unified grand jury system of America (www.nationallibertyalliance.com), documentation and dictionaries from http://www.1215.org;
      The British are doing similar work with their British Constitutional group of Roger Hayes. We have subsequently decreed a grand jury for south africa. Read the Grand Jury manual on the Common Law Manuals page. Tomorrow we will load the Grand Jury Authority manual.
      Furthermore, we have filed a case against the judges of the constitutional court on the 3rd of February. We have twice been on constitutional hill where we have decreed a common law hearing. The courts have a duty to promote and develop the law of the land as per the Bill of Rights 39(2) and (3). This is in public interest and as to the promotion of administrative justice act, the glue that holds the constitution together. By this act, if they fail to respond, the people can take an administrative action which is a common law rule.
      The constitutional court has been invited to develop the common law by making an order for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry. This commission needs to be established with the involvement of we, the people. We have evidence and we have remedies. We have expert witnesses who can verify the facts. The outcome of this will determine the nature of the referendum. If the court fails in its duties, we will go ahead with the People’s Convention on constitutional hill where the people will hear the truth; will bring the names of all the people who have made a vote of no confidence. We will update the Common Law Grand Jury page. In the meantime, download and read the Public Notice on the Legal Action page. Hope this answers your questions.

  14. like assistance wit constitutional accomodatio first nation status for the khoi khoi get land create khoi village assistancce with bussiness plan

    1. The paramount chief of the Khoi Khoi people representing the nomadic oral tradition of the land, is supporting a Constitutional Referendum. We, the Grand Jury are filing a Bill of Plaint from this nation.

      In Peace, Brother Thomas.

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