We The People South Africa

How are we going to be the change we wish to see?


Brief RSA History

We, the people of Southern Africa overthrew the previous apartheid regime starting with the 1948 – 1952 Defiance Campaign ; and,  the people united with one voice in the 1955 Freedom Charter ; and, during a bloody and violent revolution, united as a non-political movement in the United Democratic Front ; and, thus was the final will  and intent of we, the people cemented in the 1994 RDP Policy Framework ;

HOWEVER, since 1994, instead of taking the road straight on to freedom and justice and fulfilling the Charter and RDP, South Africa took a short left via the Washington Consensus; and, our people were sold down the river, again… this time, we ended up with a system of economic apartheid…


A 110 page Affidavit of Probable Cause on How Southern Africa and it’s people were and are still being sold down the river; and, what we can do to change it;


The truth is we have no lawful government! REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA INC. is a foreign, privately-owned federal corporate services provider FRONTING as “lawful government”; for further background info on RSA Inc. read: RSA INC.




We, the people were asleep at the wheel; and, the same thing happened to each and every country with a central bank; enslaved by an evil global system known as the new world order; it is up to we, the people to re-claim our authority and sovereignty and to restore the law of the land, our lawful Republic and our lawful public offices;


WTPSA - Referendum



We The People SA – Referendum 2018 – 2019

Referendums are the way to direct representation; by voting in political elections we are in truth giving ALL our rights to a few “representatives” the 1% who then sell the 99% down the river for their lords and masters, the 0, 1% global elite; the old world/new world order; 

Take back your power!!! Take Action!

Go to: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/referendum/

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WTPSA - United we stand or fall apart


Together we stand or fall apart

A big part of our problem has been that we, the people have not been able to unite on important issues in mass movements across political and other self-made borders; that, together can confront and defeat an evil system; now, the elite have no problem in standing united; this is why they have been able to hang on to power even after generations of failures;


WTPSA - The very meaning of sovereignty is 

Your Rights

To re-claim one’s authority, rights and sovereignty, it is good to know the basics on the what law is; and, your rights – knowledge is power; 

Sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts;


The following is adapted for Southern Africa from the writings of Judge Anna Von Reitz from Big Lake, Alaska who is an expert on jurisdiction, sovereignty and republicanism: http://www.paulstramer.net/2017/04/your-mission-jim-if-you-decide-to.html

The Mission

We ask you to stop a moment and focus on this one thought: what you have thought of all your life as your government; is not your government.

Now say: It’s not my government! It’s not a government! It’s money bill collecting agencies fronting as government! Say it over and over and over. Write it down if you need to. Really, truly, think about this fact and what it means: it’s not your government.

We are not a Democracy! We are a Republic! The RSA INC. Washington Consensus is a democracy; the Freedom Charter and RDP is written for people sovereignty and republican form of government; even the 1996 RSA INC. Constitution agrees;

Now, Southern Africa’s republican government has been dormant, left on a shelf since 1993; repeat as many times as necessary; this was accomplished via fraud and deceit and illegal usurpation; as a result, you have a chance to restore your lawful and actual government.

To restore your lawful republican government you have to decide to function as a Southern African state national, for example: a Capetonian, or Manenberger, not as a “South African citizen”.

You need to inform the federal authorities of your decision and retire from any presumption of federal service; 

There are already many Southern African communities defining their “states” – working on their own constitutions, bill of rights, freedom charters, RDP, express trusts etc.

Also, an agreement to unite all communities of people in one action is underway;

The next step is to form your local unincorporated jural assemblies.

Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa [UZA] has been working on the law-of-the-land and the development of community courts for  the last 5 years]

The jural assemblies or customary law councils of each self-determining community then declare what their law of the land is; then restore  their local unincorporated land jurisdiction government as well as their community courts.

The communities then form your lawful land jurisdiction state.

The states then send delegates to a Continental Congress, and whatever changes need to be made, get made.

This is the mission. All other missions are subordinate to and depend on this one.

This is a lot of work, but not impossible. In the process of doing this work you will rediscover your history, restore your courts, fill your vacated public offices, and resume operation of your own lawful government.

Because every community and state is unique and has its own history, this isn’t a cookie-cutter proposition.

The good news is that others have blazed the trail for us; we must just adapt the remedies and connect the dots;



We no longer have the luxury of choice; the necessity of self-preservation obligates us to speak out and to take action; even against our will; such is the urgency of the hour;

Dear people, the time is already standing at 30 Seconds to Midnight…




An evil system will not fund freedom from slavery; we are going to have to do this without funding and on a volunteer basis; we have had endless promises from credit clubs, churches and so forth, but no ka-ching; sorry; at least you know we are honest;



WTPM weekly online Zoom meetings Thursdays at 7:00 pm SAST [GMT +2 hours]

Download the zoom app beforehand from http://zoom.us/

email us at commonlawsa@gmail.com to add you to the mailing list


We sincerely hope wish that WTPSA is taken up  by the whole Africa and even across the Earth;

Together we stand or fall apart;

WTPSA - United we stand or fall apart