We The People Party

This is an idea; we invite you as one of we, the people to add to, amend and or comment on this idea; this is to feel where people are currently at; and, to see if this idea is worth the effort; the first question we ask:

Is the current system of governance based on the will of we, the people?

Is your answer “No!!!”? then this is for you;


Does the political party system serve we, the people? The 99%? Or, only the 1%?

Does it serve churches and religious communities?

Does it serve credit clubs and stockvels?

Does it serve tribal kingdoms?

Does it serve indigenous peoples?

Does it serve communities that want to govern themselves?

Is the purpose of government not to serve we, the people? To protect our rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights? The supreme law of the land? To protect our freedoms, our peace, our prosperity, our private property and our sovereignty? To provide us with services? Do they?

Statistics SA reports that in the five-year period 2011 to 2015, the rand weakened from around R6,90/$ (Jan-2011) to around R15/$ (Dec-2015). http://www.statssa.gov.za/?p=6142

This is not an accident, people; this is an all-out attack by a global oligarchy of mega-rich families that control our banks, corporations, our judiciary and our government; and, we, the people are being robbed blind until we end up with nothing;

If you do not believe us then read some of our 5 year research for yourself at: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/faqs/

Nelson Mandela left us a clue when he said:




By voting for We, The People Party in the 2018 elections we can un-vote the current system and vote for a new, equitable and fair system; one that only concerns itself with serving we, the people; the 99%; and, not the 1%;

An open, resource-based economy and full participatory government of ALL the people, by ALL the people, for ALL the people; wherein ALL get a chance to serve their community on a rotating basis in revolving committees; there are no leaders; the people get to decide in open public hearings and referendums; we now know that giving leaders positions of absolute power only corrupts them absolutely;


People sovereignty and not government [STATE] sovereignty;

In a Republic, we, the people and local communities are sovereign, not the STATE;

They self-govern through municipalities in ‘Town’ form of government as opposed to “CITY OF…”; and, abide by their own banks, constitutions, courts, rules, trusts without interference from outside as long as they nationally uphold the Bill of Rights;

We, the people shall govern!


Community Courts:

Do COURTS OF SOUTH AFRICA uphold the Bill of Rights? Protect the rights of we, the people the 99% against the 1%?

Do Law Societies and BAR associations serve we, the people?

Or, do they work for the same and profit off of us?

Do we have community courts yet as per the 1994 RDP?

Justice: Does the retributive system of justice serve the people? No; True justice is seeking reconciliation and NOT retribution; section 34 of the bill of rights confirms the right to community courts: 34. Access to courts – Everyone has the right to have any dispute that can be resolved by the application of law decided in a fair public hearing before a court or, where appropriate, another independent and impartial tribunal or forum.

In local and national community courts:

Public hearing, tribunals or forums are open to all people with an interest in the dispute;

All are equal as peers according to the law of the land;

No longer can others hide behind corporations causing harm or loss; a remedy to pierce the corporate veil;

Cases are heard wherein people claim rights infringements;

The divided bar is removed;

Lay officials are trained as court officials;

Judges are only arbitrators; they do not judge; they only ensure a fair trial;

local community are invited to serve as jury members on a rotational basis;

We, the people hear and judge disputes after hearing the substantive facts [not statutory laws];

Rulings are unanimous; constitutionally valid; and, according to principles of restorative justice;

True justice is seeking reconciliation and not retribution;

The retributive colonial bar system is un-dignified; it breaks down society; prisons do not rehabilitate; they are a financial burden on society;

Community courts have jurisdiction and standing to overturn unjust laws;

We, the people shall govern!




Community Banks:

Do BANKS serve we, the people? Or, do they profit off of us?

Are evictions and foreclosures just and lawful? And, in the interest of we, the people?


Public Protection:

Is the SAPS or Defence Force able to uphold the Bill of Rights and able to protect we, the people from an unjust system?

Once they know that it is in fact we, the people that pay their salaries they will serve us; constitutionally valid community court orders to protect the people from unjust laws is the remedy;



Have we had a Referendum by, for and of the people since 1994?

Not political party voting; referendums are to be on issues that serve we, the people;



Does the political party system serve we, the people? No, the political party system was designed by colonial imperialists to only serve the 1%;

Sir Denison- this truth

What did the oligarchs plan? To steal our natural resources through international mega-banks and corporations; and, a bar system working for as well as writing laws in their favour of the 1%;

We cannot use the same system to find remedy that caused the problems in the first place; we must establish a new system that makes the old one obsolete;

Not capitalism, not socialism, but resource-based economy; and, local community autonomy and self-governance;


Local Self-governance:

No-one wants to be ruled by anyone else; local communities or tribes or provinces also known as ‘States’ are sovereign and work towards governing themselves without interference from bar associations, law societies or national government; their duty is to assist local communities in achieving their aims;


International Law:

Resolution 61/295. United Nations Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [UNDRP] confirms the obligation of governments to assist indigenous peoples in self-governance and to provide budgets for implementation; these rights belong to any self-determining community declaring themselves as such;


National RSA Law:

the RSA Constitution states in section 235: Self-determination

The right of the South African people as a whole to self-determination, as manifested in this Constitution, does not preclude, within the framework of this right, recognition of the right of self-determination of any community sharing a common cultural and language heritage, within a territorial entity in the Republic or in any other way, determined by national legislation.



We, the people are the equal shareholders of Southern Africa;

Not capitalism, not socialism, but resource-based economy:

Every sovereign ‘state’ directly manages their own equal per capita share of the national budget;




What Do We Propose?

These are only proposals; the people will have to first be educated in order to make an informed vote by referendum on this; and, every community gets to make their own decisions;


Debt Jubilee:

setting off of all RSA international and national debts; start afresh

Zero V.A.T to the people;

Zero ‘citizen’s’ taxes on the people;

Zero income taxes levied on the people;

Free primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education;

Zero un-employment: R5 000 basic income for every adult; R1 000; those who were un-employed can join local community clean-up crews;

30 minutes free talktime daily; 25 sms’s free daily;

Land for all;



We, the people have the right to a clean environment; look around you; the environment and public areas are filthy, our rivers polluted; and, our health depends on a clean environment; we are destroying the environment; there is enough money to fund complete environmental rehabilitation;


Where will the money come from?

There is no shortage of money; here is why;

 Finance: A full investigation in the form of a Truth & Reconciliation Commission into the financial system will reveal a global fraudulent ponzi scheme; and, that there was never any debt; and, that we, the people are in fact the creditors not the debtors; see: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/banking/

Fraud vitiates everything; meaning full debt-forgiveness on ALL debts; in other words a debt jubilee; see http://www.jubileeusa.org/

 Evictions & foreclosures: We will be required to return to ethical banking;

Moratoriums on evictions, foreclosures and repossessions;

And, to overturn unjust laws;

Abolishing the Bretton-Woods system;

And, implementing the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932 and 1933;

And, amendments to banking laws;

Illicit Capital Flows: Tackling illicit capital flows of corporations from Southern Africa that are registered in tax havens which is estimated to be around 70%; see https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/reports/

Even Thabo Mbeki is active and vocal on this issue; he did his homework;

Natural Resources: Nationalising and protecting our natural resources;



With enough support from churches, indigenous peoples, credit clubs and stockvels we have the numbers!!! We can easily UN-VOTE the political party system by voting for We, The People Party!!!

Feel free to email us at commonlawsa@gmail.com

This is exactly what the Maori people of Aotearoa [New Zealand] are doing in their 2017 elections to place the power back in the hands of the people;


a government by all the people, for all the people, of all the people;

we, the people shall govern!!!